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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  September 12, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> the bay area's local news station. you now with breaking news. >> the breaking news happening right now in mendocino county. a large wildfire has burned a number of homes and has prompted evacuations. good evening. i'm jonathan mccall and i'm just involved in this fire is being called the hopkins fire. it started just. >> this afternoon north of ukiah. we do have a live look now in the area from the alert wildlife camera networks. we can see the smoke from the area right now. cal fire says this fire so far has burned 275 acres since it started earlier today. it is just 10%
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contained. we are working to get information for you as well. right now about all the evacuations and the areas in which those are in place right now. i believe we have a list we can put up on the screen letting people know where the evacuation orders are that are in place right now. you can read them all here. this is all according to the mendocino sheriff's department. this is where they have put up evacuations in the area and there are some evacuation shelters that have been opened up as well. these are the orders. if you live in this area you know, anyone that is in that spot being told to leave immediately. now, here's a spot of where the evacuation warnings are. these are places where you need to be ready to go at a moment's notice. the fire could be heading in that direction and crews say that though winds are obviously helping to fuel this and which are causing causing the flames to spread. >> also real as we mentioned, justine shelters have been set up there in mendocino county specifically in new chi or intel image. the human shelter
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they're saying is that the mendocino county office of education on old river road in ukiah. also, there is a shelter set up for animals at the ukiah fairgrounds as well. >> and we do have some information about a fire that's burning right now in the bay area. we're getting information that there is a fire that's burning right now in sausalito. the latest information that's coming to us from the southern marin fire department is that there's no threat right now to or in city. but this fire is burning just north of hawk. hill. >> lots of information that is coming in tonight. we're going to continue to follow all of these fires for you right here on kron 4 and bring you updates as they become available. but we do want to turn now to our 4 zone forecast to talk a little bit about exactly what is fueling these fires right now. >> meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is in the weather center. good evening to you. hey there, jonathan. just adl. let's take a look at current conditions out there right now in ukiah where that hopkins fire is burning still in the mid 80's out there as we take a look at the current
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conditions map, you're going to see wind speeds. fortunately in the single digits. but still getting more of that northerly flow net foes warm dry offshore breezes. and that's dropping the relative humidity right now to just 24%. so extremely dry and warm out there. even at this 8 o clock hour. in fact, it was a very hot day inland, especially for our innermost valleys in the east bay warming up into the mid 90's for those of you in santa rosa forwarding with 90's at 89 degrees. so that's just an indicator of just how hot it got in our inland valleys today in northern california taking a live look outside right now at koin tower. we're noticing some of that marine layer mixed in with that smoke and haze. so was a little bit hazy are out there today and we are tracking moderate to poor air particles right now. this evening, futurecast for though, is going to show us a little bit of a break in the weather department. but unfortunately that won't arrive until next weekend. we
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actually have a slight chance of showers arriving. primarily for those of you in the north bay and for most of the bay area coastline by early saturday morning, but then we're going to dry out by saturday afternoon. really just tracking traces amount of rain is any but temperatures out there right now. widespread 50's and 60's still warm for those of you in the east bay valleys in the low 80's with downtown san francisco at 60 degrees. so we are tracking a 20 degree difference out there right now between our coolest coastal cities and our warmest inland valleys getting more of that northerly flow specifically for those of you in nevado and even downtown san francisco near where that cell salido fire is burning but temperatures tonight going to cool down into the mid-fifties and we're tracking very similar conditions tomorrow like what we saw today. upper 60's along the coast mid 70's for the east bay shoreline with low 90's for conquered in livermore in san jose 82 degrees, mid 80's for those of
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you in santa rosa. so very seasonal temperatures until we peak on tuesday. cooler weather next weekend with that approaching storm system dropping us 5 to 10 degrees below average 70's for most of our innermost valleys just seen in. jonathan, back to you. marissa, thank you. >> for your local election headquarters. our other big story this sunday night. will he stay or will he go. we're just days away from californians deciding the fate of governor gavin newsome tonight kron 4, getting you ready for tuesday's big decision. the rally by supporters who are pushing for him to keep his job happening as his challengers making one final push in the campaign trail. >> we'll get the latest now from reporter megan, take us. >> we will defeat this republican >> the newsom campaign to the talk show radio host larry elders. >> he is the better candidate has the better man. the campaign trail coming to an end candidates taking last minute jams in asking for. >> californians vote. this
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man, gavin newsome has been able to. >> switch the saying from a referendum on his behavior, his governance into a, quote, republican takeover. as if that has anything to do with crime. is anything to homelessness is if that has anything to do with the outrageous cost of living. >> then this the elder campaign calling it a bombshell rose mcallen, former actress now activists says prior to coming forward that harvey weinstein allegedly raped her that the first lady newsom's wife called her and asked her to be silent. a gallon now campaigning alongside elder asking for your support. >> take away the republican word take away the democrat word, ok. who do you want. to govern. you. >> elder is furious saying this and many other stories haven't been recognized by the mainstream media because he's republican candidate. >> that's all you got to be talking about. if the allegations were made about me or my significant other.
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>> meanwhile, when asked today newsome denies mug allen's claims. >> those allegations are outrageous and false says everything you know about his campaign rallying down to the wire in sun valley nuisance speaking to a crowd of supporters says he's the man for the job. >> and to vote no on tuesday. >> we have to do is you know, your mailbox just vote no and go. don't you consider the other 46 choices. all right, larry elders, extreme even by extreme stunt. >> that was megan tales reporting for us tonight. and tomorrow president biden will be campaigning with governor newsom on the final day before election day. he will not be making an appearance in the bay area. but he will be joining newsome for an event in long beach. the president is just one of several big name democrats like former president barack obama and vice president kamala harris to campaign for the governor to keep his job. >> about this time tuesday night. we will be getting our first wave of returns from the
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recall race. but before then, if you have not voted already. here are a few things that you should do to keep in mind if you plan to mail in your ballot. it has to be postmarked by tuesday september 14th. if you plan to vote in person. you can cast your ballot at any one of the vote centers from 07:00am until 08:00pm the polls will close tuesday night at 08:00pm and joining us live right now to talk about all that is at stake on tuesday night as san jose state political lectured on a crane. donna, thank you for joining us here on prime time tonight. >> thanks for having me. so let's get your take now on what's happening here in this gubernatorial recall election. the last poll that came out found that a whopping 60% of likely voters plan to vote. no meeting. governor newsom would keep his job with only 40% who plan to say yes. do you think that number will stick going into tuesday or the next 2 days for the pulse us to open and people can remember. oh, yeah, i have my ballot at home. i should do that. will this change dramatically
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before the polls close on tuesday. >> i think that number likely going to stick. i think we might see a little shift in it because republicans do tend to vote more in-person and by mail. but i do think we're starting to see democrats come home to the no position. and republicans are just not getting the turnout that they really need to shift that number at all. so very early on we did a poll here at nexstar media inside california politics. just about a month ago where the margin of error very close. what how is the governor able to separate himself in that month to get more support. >> i think a couple things first of all, i think ballots being mailed to people. trump did a lot of them to be returned, right. it's just a simple as that. and because democrats enjoy a 2 to one majority margin in california. it's just sort of simple math. i think the other thing is that the new some campaign has very effectively branded this recall effort as he's he's
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telling people effectively don't measure me measure me as compared to who else you might get and the that's a really strong winning message in a state like california and so is larry elder, the person who we could get as governor if enough people vote to recall governor gavin newsom that enough people vote yes. >> is larry elder really the front runner in that camp that list of candidates looks like 40 something long. >> you know, front runner is a funny term to use, right because he's he's only she holding a sliver of the vote the preference. i suppose we should say we don't know what the vote is yet, but all you have to do is beat everybody else and that was to 46. so you actually the more people who file to be governor. the the better chance he has of winning. so yeah, he's his numbers are staying pretty steady and climbing a little bit with the more attention he's getting. but it's still a significant minority of about ok, so let's say the governor
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pulls this off he's going to stay in office obviously attention turns to. >> next november 2022 when he's going to have to run again to stay in office or any other political aspirations he may have. if republicans want to take this momentum that they're trying to build right now from this. how do they do that in order to secure a victory next november or >> that happens in a couple different ways. so first of all, a lot of people who are running to succeed him right now, even though there's very little chance to win. they're doing it to improve their own chances for a challenge next year. right. so that's what something the candidates doing. but the right in general, the gop and the conservative wing of the gop is also using this effort even though they admit now it's probably not going to succeed. they're using it to build their own numbers. so there are a couple of different events that none of that's a organizing strategies happening behind this recall effort. all right. can you take us back to. >> the very beginning here of
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this recall with actually how people should vote because only 30% of registered californians i believe is the number at tonight have voted already. so if you have your ballot, it's essentially 2 questions. yes or no. do you want the governor to be recalled and you could say no and then not fill out the second part of the question. but you can fill out the second part of the question. correct commute. just if people are still confused about how to vote. can you try to make it a little simple for us. >> exactly right. you got it right it couldn't be simpler. i did it. it took me 30 we're probably so daunted by normal california ballots. that's not what this one looks like. it's literally 2 questions and you don't have to answer both. if you don't want to. the first question is should the current governor be recalled. and if you answer yes, obviously you can call the view that, you know, you don't think you should be. you can call it a day and mail it then if you want or you can answer the second question which is if he
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is recalled of the 46. who would you like to replace up to 62. >> lots of information coming our way. tuesday night definitely is going to be busy. we will be tracking everything between now and then. less than 72 hours. and once again, we will be learning whether or not governor gavin newsome will stay in office. donna crane with san jose state. we always appreciate the time and knowledge here on kron. 4 news today. thank you. thank you. kron 4. also your local election headquarters. be sure to join us tuesday night for life. complete team coverage of the recall race. our crews will be stationed across california getting reaction from the candidates as the results pour in. we'll also have a special edition of inside bay area politics with our political expert panel, our coverage kicks off tuesday night at 05:00pm right here on kron. 4 news. there is much more to come tonight here on kron. 4 news at 8 o'clock. he was one of america's most notorious terrorist. >> still to come, we'll show you the impact one bay area family is still feeling years
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after ted kaczynski's body arrived at their home.
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♪ shaka-laka! shaka! scoop!. ♪ ♪ choco-laka! choco-laka!...♪ geico. switch today and see all the ways you could save. ♪ sprinkles! ♪ >> we're following a developing story through tonight right here on kron 4. a fire is burning right now in the north bay. this is a vegetation fire in the golden gate. national recreation area, right above sausalito and marine city, we're told from the fire departments that there is no threat to those communities at this time. but
8:17 pm
the fire has grown. it's about 5 acres right now. crews are on scene. we're looking at a map of where this fire is and people who live near this area may smell smoke, but police don't want to give them a call unless actively see flames. there are no evacuation orders at this time. we're being asked ask you to please avoid the area. again, this is a 45 acre fire that's burning in sausalito right now. we will keep you updated on this developing story right here on kron. 4 news tonight in prime time. and now 26 years ago this month, the manifesto of the unabomber was published in the new york times and the washington post. it was an unconventional move that was authorized by the fbi in their attempts to capture the domestic terrorists would killed 3 people and maimed more than 2 dozen others starting in the late 1970's ted kaczynski tonight remains in a federal supermax prison serving life without the possibility of parole. >> several of those bombings took place right here in the
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bay area. kron four's, maureen kelly talked to the son of one of his victims. >> this is the face of the man, the fbi describes as a twisted genius before ted kaczynski was unmasked. he alluded a multi-agency task force known only as the unabomber over the course of 17 years starting in 1978 he mailed or delivered homemade bombs. many exploding at universities across the country in the 80's to separate bombs detonated at u c berkeley. we're kaczynski had previously been a math. professor some of his other mail bombs went off a computer stores and airlines. the devices themselves. untraceable his reign of terror seem to stop in the late 80's but started up again with 2 back to back attacks in june of 93 one at yale. the other going off in the home of ucsf geneticist doctor charles epstein. the package came in the mail to epstein is temper on home carried in by his
8:19 pm
daughter when he opened it. the force of the blast blew out the kitchen windows and severely injured. the married father of 4. a lot of interior organ damage and tore into him. he lost. >> fingers on both hands. >> damage. his hearing it was just, you know, was a big. masks are required many, many, many surgeries, particularly hand surgery is over. a long period of time to get, you know, much of his function back. >> doctor epstein son jonathan says the attack was the whole family, especially since there was no reason for the scientists to be >> mistakenly believed he was involved in genetic engineering of some sort and you never touch anything like that is really. focused on the biochemistry syndrome and. and helping nurture their children with down syndrome. so it had nothing to do with that. you kaczynski was not same man.
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>> finally, 2 years later, a break in the case kaczynski said his 35,000 word manifesto against the evils of technology to the new york times and washington post saying that they published it, the bombings would stop. at first the answer is no not to give in to a terrorist. but then the u.s. attorney general and the head of the fbi at the time gave their authorization and that decision paid off the bombers. own brother recognized the writings and tip the fbi. the unabomber was captured at his remote montana cabin kaczynski's campaign of terror ultimately took 3 lives and left 29 injured taking a plea deal in order to avoid the death penalty. he was sentenced to 4 life sentences. plus 30 years without the possibility of parole. now all of these years later, doctor epstein son feels that kaczynski's crimes continue to reverberate in the present day. it was a harbinger in some ways of the trends that have surfaced among us in terms of people being anti
8:21 pm
science. >> and acting out in ways that are inappropriate fine to not believe in but this was strong example of that and you know, the good news out of his that ultimately science has, you know, march star and and my father's work has lived but i think it's a warning for our times and we need to keep an eye making sure people are properly aware of the benefits of science. afraid of it. >> almost 60 at the time of the attack. jonathan's father did not let his injury stop him. he was able to continue his work into 70's and was even able to continue playing his beloved cello. the special modified bo doctor charles epstein died of cancer in 2011 at the age of 77 maureen kelly kron, 4 news. new tonight, a day. kron 4 staying in contact with the california highway patrol to learn more details about an early morning freeway shooting in concord. >> this happened just before 7 o'clock this morning on highway 2.42 just north of i 6 ad. there's no word right now. if anyone was hurt or a
8:22 pm
possible motive in the shooting, but we will have the latest updates as soon as they become available. we'll bring him to right here and confidence in prime time and always on kron 4 dot com. an argument over one car crash ends with both drivers killed in another car accident. definitely a wild scene. this happened overnight in berkeley on the east lanes of i 80 near university avenue. >> chp says the 2 men involved in the first crash got out of their cars right in the middle of traffic in started arguing the driver of a 3rd car swerve to avoid hitting those cars. but instead hit the 2 men both died at the scene so far their names have not yet been released. investigators say they did not believe that drugs or alcohol played a factor in the crash. >> still ahead here on kron, 4 news tonight. a new tool is helping doctors learn more about the brain when it comes to a number of different diseases. we'll show you how it works in tonight's tech. smart. there's a new m-dical
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device that's giving doctors some real-time insight into the brain as they look for signs of stroke. >> parkins disease and so much more rich demuro shows us how it all works in tonight's tech. smart. >> x-ray mri cte scan common
8:26 pm
procedures at medical centers everywhere. but when it comes to a stroke diagnosis can be a bit less scientific. you'll be asked to raise your hands will be asked to speak to see if there's slurring will be asked if there's tingling. >> and through that very subject to and they're going to decide whether or not having struck these are the robotic pods. he said the transducers a startup named nova signal wants to change that. i think this is really a fundamental shift in how brain health will be managed. robert hamilton is founder and inventor of the technology is just using alter sounds as eu might think of general ultrasound to look at how the blood flows moving in different parts of the brain are just have have a seat here on the want to start this up really quick. these tell the robot where it is allowed to go. and have you lay down with your head in the crater here. the machine uses artificial intelligence and robotics to find and lock onto a small window in the skull. >> where can read blood movement in the brain. on the right side. i'm actually
8:27 pm
listening to a smaller blood ve sel. >> towards the back of the head. it's not invasive and doesn't hurt when the protests are searching for the veins. almost follicle temple massage real-time imagery shows the speed and force of blood tell tell shapes and the presence of clocks or air bubbles factors that could lead to stroke parkinson's alzheimer's or indicate an injury. the velocities of the speed of the blood is normal for each russell perhaps most importantly, nova signals tech allows anyone to be trained to administer it. results can be streamed in real time to a doctor anywhere gives them the doctors, another tool in their tool box to assess a blood flow to help guide treatment quickly and more accurately. >> there's still much more to come right here on kron. 4 news at 8 o'clock tonight, people who are forced to evacuate the caldor fire get to return home. now and get their first look at the damage pfizer making a push to get younger kids vaccinated will
8:28 pm
break down the timeline on just how quickly that could happen. also president biden's push to get more americans vaccinated is getting some pushback from republicans. the next move. the gop says it plans to make. you're watching kron 4 news and we will be right back.
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emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe.
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know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency. >> as part of an effort to get more americans vaccinated
8:31 pm
against covid-19 last week president joe biden issued an executive order requiring covid-19 vaccinations for all federal workers, health care workers and teachers that some republicans are threatening now to sue the biden administration over this new vaccine requirement. >> reporter anna wiernicki has more now from washington, dc. >> president joe biden has a message for anyone who wants to challenge his lead. us vaccine requirements on thursday president biden laid out a new plan to require more americans to be vaccinated under president biden's plan all said or a workers will be required to get the covid-19 vaccine and employees of large companies must also get vaccinated or undergo regular testing. >> all employers about a 100 employees. the need to get vaccinated or tested a minimum of once per week white house covid response coordinator jeff zients supports the president's tough approach to reduce the spread of the virus to protect workers and the american people and.
8:32 pm
>> accelerate our path out of this pandemic. but the president's plan immediately drew criticism from republicans, including kansas senator roger marshall. this is violating our constitutional rights. marshall says any vaccine mandate should be up to individual states to decide not the president. this should be a 10th amendment issue the state's power supersedes the federal go
8:33 pm
for the shots. emergency use authorization requires companies to submit 2 months of safety data on trials versus 6 months required for full approval by the fda federal regulators could approve pfizer's request by the end of october. kron 4 for continuing covid-19 coverage. use your mobile device to scan the qr code on your screen and you'll be directed to our covid section on our website where you can find the latest masking in vaccination guidelines right now at kron 4 dot com. >> and tonight we're continuing to monitor the hawk fire that's burning in the north bay. this is the fire that we've been talking about in sausalito. we're just now getting some new images now from the marin county sheriff's department tweeted out this photo of the fire. we can see the flames here and the smoke. again, this is in sausalito. it's a vegetation fire burning in the golden gate. national recreation area, right above sausalito and marine city. it's about 45
8:34 pm
acres. that was the last update that we got. but at this time there is no threat to the communities because of this fire. crews are on scene, but we'll keep you updated on this breaking news story. again, the hawk fire that's burning in sausalito right now. i will keep you updated right here on kron. 4 news. stay on top of wildfire coverage. the sunday night, the dixie fire continuing to burn in parts of 5 northern california counties. >> 2 months after it started so far this fire has charred 960,000 acres. it is 65% contained. more than 1300 buildings have been destroyed while more than 1600 are still being threat tonight. cal fire says that overnight weather and humidity helped moderate moderate the fire as crews continue to make progress while also strengthening containment lines. >> and flames from the caldor fire had charred nearly 219,000 acres. it is 65% contained. more than 1000 buildings have been destroyed
8:35 pm
in this fire and another 24,000 remain threatened tonight, tomorrow president joe biden will be visiting the area to take a look at the damage from all the wildfires that have been burning in northern california. and today some people got to go back to the area for the first time and see the damage from the caldor fire. as long as they had a permit to go with it for when the was there and followed one family back to the grizzly flats to discover what's left. >> know it was still standing for the fire was on the other side of the that's all i know at this point is why i'm here. >> ation orders remained in effect in grizzly flats, the el dorado county sheriff's office handed out permits to residents to see their property or what was left of >> i'm just going to see if anything made it and wait till they allow me to go start doing my clean after nearly a
8:36 pm
month many people came back. i handful of homes survived. but many like michelle's realize there was no home to come back to. >> can now see michelle gardner and her 7 year-old daughter layla felt complete devastation where their home once stood there is a fire to a fire hydrant every 500 feet here. >> i moved here. they reassured me that. oh, yeah, we've got to fire departments. there's a fire hydrant. every 500 so i just don't know why keep reading every excuse under the as to why they just watched it melted garage doors. blanketed the spot where the cars once part. >> the living room kitchen bathroom and bedroom speak one large area of broken glass bird shards of wood and mounds of rubble. of these where is here better
8:37 pm
>> in 7 months of each share. >> and she took it all in. michelle remembered, her home with her family as a place where they were happy for my flags were the whole >> matt >> freight is michelle's neighbor across the street was grateful to come back to find the family home still standing. >> it's surely i really feel like it's more of an act of god. like my brother is sitting on top of the house and save my house or something. like i have no clue. >> and your brothers with yes. that was rowena shaddox reporting for us tonight talk about our 4 zone forecast this
8:38 pm
sunday night our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is looking at the conditions outside right now, especially when it comes to the fire in sausalito. we want to know a little bit about what the air quality is like the wind direction. if that's going to be helping or hurting a firefighting efforts tonight. but we're still tracking some breezy winds out there justine and jonathan out of the north. so it's that warm dry offshore flow. >> that we are expecting to see throughout tonight. peaking 30 miles per hour or less. this evening dropping relative humidity, though, just a bit. fortunately temperatures in that area cooling down in the low 60's with relative humidity right now at 80%, but it really is those breezy winds from the north. that's actually going to start to move smoke and ash from fires. well to our north into the bay area starting tonight and even continuing all the way through tuesday. so we are going to notice poor air quality already having an impact around that area right now we are tracking poor air
8:39 pm
quality right around the bay area shoreline and even in south toledo where that fire is burning with moderate air quality everywhere else and also an increase in that marine layer. so we are going to notice, though, temperatures and conditions for us in the bay area holding steady, same for this year. a mostly sunny skies south lake tahoe in the mid 70's with trucking in the low 80's and then peaking on tuesday with widespread low to mid and upper 80's until we start to notice a cool down by the middle of this upcoming week. your full bay area microclimate monday outlook coming up in just a few minutes after the break. back to jonathan just in. thank you so much. a brace. and here is what's still ahead tonight during kron 4 news at 8 o'clock. the 12th annual san francisco giant race kicked off today was held virtually last year. >> but this year, thousands of people got a chance to run together and changes that were meant to keep people safe. and also why they're doing
8:40 pm
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>> people decked out in giants care made their way to oracle park this morning, but it was not for baseball game was was for the 12th annual san francisco giant rates in the run is normally a 10 k but organizers scaled that back a little bit this year. kron four's clean. the barcode tells us many people came with motivation and left feeling inspired. >> it was a home run for the 2021 giant race in san
8:43 pm
francisco. 2000 people ran to the finish line at oracle park sunday morning judge everyone. what you got, josh, what chavez had his eyes on the prize and his dad, matthew pace themselves during the annual san francisco giant race try to keep up with his own man. getting going wrap yeah. the event is an annual tradition for the 2. >> and was held virtually last year. but this year, thousands, including the chavis is ran together through oracle park and bark of their own despite a few changes every back track. and it's good to have everyone running even for mask up social distance or not. organizers hosted only an in-person 5 k redid the course and created a staggered start line for runners. if you back to nic rouse like sardines bryan and moises for reading say these races push everyone forward. this whole race was motivation like with everything that's going on. the dl sherman says the pandemic placed a renewed focus on exercise. i started running because i was cooked
8:44 pm
up at home. now here she is participating in her first in-person 5 k people or pass bills like don't underestimate the old organizers say it's the first traditional 5 k in the city since the pandemic started this was to go all about, you know, the people, the atmosphere, the giants, each runner received their medals at home plate. but the real prize came after the race for the chop. this going in and out to get protein found regulars. that's what's going down in san francisco. camila barco kron 4 news. >> next in sports. the forty-niners kicking off their season in the motor city. but the wheels almost come off in detroit sports director jason dumas, highlight still. still to come tonight.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> this truly feels like it's been the longest forty-niners offseason of all time. the nfl draft feels like 2 years ago and the rookie qb made his debut today. but not in the spot. many had hoped jimmy g number one in kyle shanahan's heart. for now at least. but i must say he bawled out. let's head out to detroit. kyle shanahan in company look pretty good for about 3 and a half quarters in the motor city. but then the wheels fell off their model t 3rd quarter 31 to 10 niners. and below his
8:48 pm
deebo samuel right down the sideline. great adjustment on the ball makes a move 89 yards later. it's a touchdown evil with 9 catches one 89 through the air drop threw for 314 yards. and this was his only touchdown. but midway through the pay to see that. jason the forty-niners best cover guy tears. his acl on the play. you see the rightly get stuffed on the cut. he left the game. clearly upset. the niners cornerback were terrible after that for the touchdown pass. here's the last played a game. they could have tied it. gary got does not hit his and guess what, the forty-niners hang on to win this one. 41 to 33. all righty. the giants in chicago looking to sweep the cubs top
8:49 pm
of the john's up by run one on for wilmer flores. well, guess what? crush is that one fights it off. that left field flores went 3 for 3 with 3 rbi bottom of the 9th giants lead cut to one cubs with the tying run at 3rd in happ grounds. that the floor is that first and that'll do it. hang on to win 6 to 5 a the cubbies they've won 7 in a come back home which they have a series with the padres big fears. >> all right. the a's looking to take 2 out of 3 from the rangers. capital for rangers up 3 to nothing. one off early ot to there has he drives one into right center. chad pender couldn't get a hold of that won. the run comes into score various in the 3rd with a triple aid. look close would get close. but. get any closer. they fall 43 this
8:50 pm
season. was slowly slowly sinking dave. >> been playing bad ball as of late. but back to football the niners. it was keep a positive i mean, it was a lot of emotions was a roller coaster of a game. but at the end of the day, a win is a win. they all count the same. you don't get style points in sports. hey, you know, now they're staying on the east coast there. well, the truth the east coast per se. but instead of coming back their flight west virginia and they'll be in west virginia all week before they play the philadelphia eagles on sunday to not going to come back to san francisco then fly across country again. >> because you and kate break it all down on sports night live coming up back we will have much more here from caution and the gang. >> after that game, right. and to get ready for the raiders tomorrow as well. monday night football. all right, jason, thank you. it >> in san francisco at a local bar seeing some big business after a rather slow year
8:51 pm
because the pandemic, as we mentioned today is the first day of the nfl regular season kron four's gayle ong spend some time here in the city talking with folks getting ready. >> are pub in san francisco sunday football is back, everybody. football is the best time of on now. and so is that it's back niners all the way. i love them. so that they want becoming of a 10 years. he's you could just feel the energy in this the bar has been struggling to stay afloat during the pandemic. like many businesses dealing with constant changing of the health guidelines. it's a big job of the fed and that is people get excited because that is the some they out their and managers sanchez. she says the boost in business could not come soon enough people having it. >> before you say that you've got some good people causing all of the area kemper the because that is a part of the forty-niners has back to normal since covid. it just grew and everyone's lives in.
8:52 pm
>> really tough. just excited to get back out and have some clients phenomenal. we've been waiting a long time for this is a beautiful thing. >> and i spoke with another bar manager that also. host the forty-niners fans and they say they've had a slow start 10 fl sunday so far and just hoping it will pick up throughout the season reporting from san francisco. gayle ong kron 4 news. >> and now it's time to talk about our 4 zone forecast get eeady for the start of your new work week in as the kids head back to school has called for meteorologist marisa rodriguez with a look at what's on the way. yeah, let's take a quick check at your microclimate monday outlook because if you love today's forecast, your in store for rinse and repeat pattern tomorrow. we're going to hold steady in downtown san francisco. >> very seasonal temperatures continuing in the upper 60's 69 degrees. exactly where we should be for this time of year mission district also flirting with 70's with mid 60's and peace for those of you at half moon bay in daly
8:53 pm
city winds out of the west-southwest. so we're going to see more of that cool sea breeze influence to start out your work week. monday, 20 miles per hour. less with millbrae and burlingame in the mid 70's as our san mateo and san carlos. but those of you in redwood city, 82 degrees with near average temperatures for san jose in the south bay 82 degrees as well. going to start out with some marine layer. but giving way to plenty of sunshine livermore few degrees cooler out of the mid 90's and in the low 90's, same with walnut creek and concord richmond 78 degrees. and in the north bay mid 80's for valais and napa. some pretty seasonal temperatures there. but a little bit toasty for santa rosa upper 80's with nevada, even hotter than that in the low 90's just jonathan, back to you. >> thank you so much. and the nfl's regular season season kicked off today. what you need to know if you want to go to vegas and watch the raiders at allegiant stadium and there's some pushback about. asking fans to do. that's when we come back.
8:54 pm
8:55 pm
8:56 pm
>> well, monday night, the raiders will have their first regular season home opener at allegiant stadium and to get into the game in las vegas. you have to be fully vaccinated. >> but to make things easier for fans on game day. the raiders have set up what they call alternate vaccine screenings. madison kimbro explains. >> excitement is brewing for las vegas raiders fans have
8:57 pm
been a raider fan since i was 9 years old. i've been to many, many raider games home and away covid-19 vaccines are required in order to get into the game 400, 10% the alternate screening area is for those who are partially vaccinated. those whose vaccine is not supported by the app. those were unable to upload their vaccine card or for those bringing a 12 to 13 year-old. that is unable to be added to the it's fast. it's wonderful. they did a great job that's what happens when you be early. 30 seconds was done. id proof in and out. glenn simpson with community ambulance as the more people that are cleared ahead of time. the shorter, the lines will be tomorrow. anything we can do to get them in the gate quickly and more to rangers fans from across the nation utilize the alternate screening area saying they'll do what they need to in order to watch their favorite team in person tomorrow. that's what i call the raider nation because we're one big family. >> that does it for us here on kron 4 news at 8. there's more
8:58 pm
news at 9 just moments away.
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