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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  September 13, 2021 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> welcome back to the kron morning news the time for you now 04:30am. and as you're waking up starting your week. hope you have a good day today. and john trimble has been actively tracking the weather for us. and i think we have the weather to go along
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with a good day that you're going to have. good morning, john. hey, there are a night. yeah. a little bit warmer out there today, but nothing exceptionally hot. we don't have any advisories or anything like that across the bay area. >> just returned to the 90's. pretty solidly for some of our inland areas. a very short lived return of that heat before. we cool things back down by the middle of this upcoming week looking outside at your center tower cam this morning. love this clear view looking down at the city. the east bay and the bay bridge in between the 2. just a nice way to kick things off for a brand new work week. as for radar. it should come as no surprise that conditions out there, nice and calm and clear. we're in the 50's and 60's for most of the bay area. we do have brentwood sitting at 70 degrees in pittsburgh just below that. in the meantime, oakland and berkeley in the upper 50's alameda in dublin right at 60 degrees right now. here's a look ahead. a pretty calm morning. partly cloudy at times. but most of us actually pretty clear to start by the time we reach the afternoon. we've got some 60's at the coast 70's and 80's along the bay. and we do have that return of 90's inland, as i mentioned today will be one of the hottest of the week before
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we cool things down by wednesday. reyna john, thank you for that. all right. checking your traffic today to see a traffic collision here is aaron siskel. 80 westbound. >> at 4th street. there. it looks like the off-ramp is impacted by that. but as you're driving what you do, hit the may's into the city to the fremont street exit still a little under 9 minutes. so traffic is not been impacted by that. let's head over look at the san mateo bridge. no issues there. little under 13 for you. but there's another accident this is along a 6.80 northbound north of author road in martinez. doesn't look like that's causing much of a delay at all. let's head over look at the richmond. sandra fell. it as you're heading out of richmond, a little under 9 minutes. it looks there is a accident on the down barton bridge for eastbound. so that's not the commuter site. so traffic is not impacted greatly there. and let's get a look at the golden gate bridge, about 20 minutes into the city because look, clear skies, no fog to slow you down. our top story this
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morning are just one day away. >> from the recall election of governor gavin newsome garage. paul tsongas takes a look at what you need to know to get ready for the election. >> you will be asked 2 questions. one, do you want to recall, governor gavin newsome. number 2, if the governor is recalled. who do you want to replace somewhat. this will be the second time california will vote on a recall election. the first time back in 2003 when then governor gray davis was recalled and replaced by ben actor arnold portion, acre whirl. and i mean, it's a lot different in 2000, 3 democratic strategist steve maviglio would know he was davis is press secretary. he says he's surprised. the governor kept a major democratic candidate out of the race. also circumstances are a lot different. then they were in 2003 there, so many more democrats or republicans are twice as many. >> and back in 2000, 3 was almost gray davis had a billion dollar budget deficit. gavin newsom has a multi
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billion dollar budget surplus. so when you can play santa claus giving away money for basically the entire year during this budget season as opposed to cutting the budgets of just about everyone. >> it makes a big, big difference. another thing that could be different republican candidate larry elder has added that have to his website for voters to report election incident and a petition to demand a special legislative session to investigate what he calls, quote, that was the result of the 2021 special election california's top election official telling fox 40. >> they plan to have a safe and fair election. i asked person. if you happen to win. we still continue with the best issue. do you believe one back by fraud. >> no one wants to answer that question because only applies if they lose. so you know, it's those kinds of things. i never gurajpal sangha fox 40 news. now to kron 4 news exclusive pet food express is removing a certain brand of dog toys. >> from their shelves after a couple in the east bay says they found a needle in their
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pets. brand new toy kron four's, gayle ong talk to the couple brings us that story. >> this is the middle. he was all over and one israel says saito says he found the needle as he was playing with his dog oliver at concord homes. that is so light. >> with an aide to get the squeaky i'm made this weekend because all of us crazy over it and then i to myself really my fingers and was like housing for the hurt. that's when he said he found the sewing needle coming out from inside the toy is was pretty scary for especially because all over. >> full of or he is. we love all over. and i got so worried that he could. >> the toy was purchased at a pet food express store in concord. saito and his spouse immediately contacted the store manager and they say the manager contacted the manufacturer, a spokesperson for pet food express sent a statement to kron 4 that reads in part, quote, we are so
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grateful that no pet was hurt. while we have never had an incident with this manufacturer. we are directing our stores to remove the product from their shelves until we can be certain that the product is safe. a statement to kron 4 from the manufacturer patchwork pet reads in part, quote. >> safety is our number one priority never in our 13 years of business. have we encountered a safety related issue like this require procedure is that all toys must go through metal detection prior to packaging. the quality control team is investigating and will make any necessary corrections no, think will for the full response from both companies and just wants to spread awareness to other pet owners that means always checking toys for all of her before play time. >> in concord. gayle ong kron 4 news. >> 26 years ago this month. the manifesto of the unabomber was published in the new york times also in the washington post. it was an unconventional move authorized by the fbi in their attempts to capture the domestic terrorists who had killed 3 people more than 2
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dozen other starting in the late 70's. ted kaczynski remains in a federal supermax prison serving life without the possibility of parole. several of those bombings happened right here in the bay area four's maureen kelly, talk to the son of one of his victims. >> this is the face of the man, the fbi describes as a twisted genius before ted kaczynski was unmasked. he alluded a multi-agency task force known only as the unabomber over the course of 17 years starting in 1978 he mailed or delivered homemade bombs. many exploding at universities across the country in the 80's to separate bombs detonated at u c berkeley. we're kaczynski had previously been a math. professor some of his other mail bombs went off a computer stores and airlines. the devices themselves. untraceable his reign of terror seem to stop in the late 80's but started up again with 2 back to back attacks in june of 93 1 at yale. the
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other going off in the home of ucsf geneticist doctor charles epstein. the package came in the mail to epstein is temper on home carried in by his daughter when he opened it. the force of the blast blew out the kitchen windows and severely injured. the married father of 4. a lot of interior organ damage and tore into him. he lost. >> fingers on both hands. >> his hearing. it was just, you know, was a big. masks are required many, many, many surgeries, particularly hand surgery is over. a long period of time to get, you know, much of his fortune back. >> doctor epstein son, jonathan says the attack was the whole family, especially since there was no reason for the scientists to be >> mistakenly believed he was involved in genetic engineering of some sort and you never touch anything like that is really. focused the biochemistry of syndrome and
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and helping nurture their children with down syndrome. so it had nothing to do with that. you kaczynski was not same man. >> finally, 2 years later, a break in the case kaczynski said his 35,000 word manifesto against the evils of technology to the new york times and washington post saying that they published it, the bombings would stop. at first the answer is no not to give in to a terrorist. but then the u.s. attorney general and the head of the fbi at the time gave their authorization and that decision paid off the bombers. own brother recognize the writings and tip the fbi. the unabomber was captured at his remote montana cabin kaczynski's campaign of terror ultimately took 3 lives and left 29 injured taking a plea deal in order to avoid the death penalty. he was sentenced to 4 life sentences. plus 30 years without the possibility of parole. now all of these years later, doctor epstein son feels that kaczynski's crimes continue to
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reverberate in the present day. it was a harbinger in some ways of the trends that have surfaced among us in terms of people being anti science. >> in acting out in ways that are inappropriate fine to not believe in but this was strong example of that and you know, the good news out of his that ultimately science has, you know, march star and and my father's work has but i think it's a warning for our times and we need to keep an eye making sure people are properly aware of the benefits of science and not afraid of it. >> almost 60 at the time of the attack. jonathan's father did not let his injury stop him. he was able to continue his work into 70's and was even able to continue playing his beloved cello. the special modified bo doctor charles epstein died of cancer in 2011 at the age of 77 maureen kelly kron, 4 news. police arrested a man for arson after lighting a fire behind the bay village shopping center in santa rosa.
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>> it happened saturday at around 11:00am this is what it looked like after that fire was set. witnesses told police the suspect jc steve in love with lit an object on fire dropped in on dry grass behind the shopping center and fanned the flames. firefighters were able to quickly extinguish that fire. in the north bay. the city of vacaville came together this weekend to raise money for a local marine who's fighting for his life after being critically injured during last month's bombing in kabul. well, us marine sergeant allergist in vargas, andrews is being treated at walter reed medical center in d c he's had 13 surgeries so far with even more scheduled over the weekend fund raising efforts in vacaville raise nearly $10,000 for his recovery. an organization that helps veterans and first responders hosted that event volunteers tied yellow ribbons and held a lunch benefit organizers say every seat and even the vacaville mayor came out to the ravens.
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>> we wanted to help raise some money to make sure that any needs that arise from his care and moving forward are taking care of that. the community takes care of those needs and mission up and find force today. >> sergeant andrew grew up in vacaville before moving to full sun. the yellow ribbons will be put up around the area as a sign of hope for those in the community. >> coming up next to the kron 4 morning news football season is back in full swing at the forty-niners pick up their first win. we have the highlights after the break. wel
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the kron 4 morning news. it's happening now. 04:44am. with a beautiful weekend. >> a nice start to this week. of an peak and john troubles forecast. everything looks great. i mean, it's completely different from all the heat that we at we before still a little warm. but for the most part, really nice. yeah. definitely looking at a forecast that is a little warm. as reyna said, we're starting the week back into the 90's and only one triple digit on the map today. >> after that, we do begin to cool things down. gradually for the rest of the week as for conditions this morning in your north. cal how the weather center forecast. we do have some really clear skies out there. partly cloudy conditions. but you're not seeing any fog in this view over san francisco this morning. nice way to kick things off for your morning hours now skies, as i mentioned, are really clear. we have this high pressure ridge that is briefly bill. back in. this is going to keep us on the warmer side. some
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hot inland temperatures for sure. so you may notice that change from over the weekend right behind me. there's a cold front that will eventually slide in helping to nudge out that high pressure enough. that's what's going to result in the cool down that we're in store for starting in the middle of the week. now, as far as temperatures go, we are nice nice and comfortable near the coast in the bay. our inland areas are going to be hot and they're also going to be a touch on the hazy side with some moderate air quality making its return. most of us, though, will continue to enjoy that good air quality and that paired with 60's 70's in san francisco and then 70's and 80's along the bay shore is certainly not a bad combination. now, if you are inland today, you will notice that the heat does build back in. so quite the tale of a wide range of weather in the bay area from the cool 60's at the coast to the 90's over towards pleasanton and livermore as well as on up into danville walnut creek and concord. some of our most comfortable spots today. oakland and san leandro, mid 70's for you. got to love that. well, the 85 vacaville
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at one o one. the obvious standout no one else even getting close to the triple digits today. even with those fair share of 90's inland. now tomorrow's temperatures right around the same as today is a little cool down. but the real cool down really kicks into gear on wednesday that takes us into the upcoming weekend with highs at or warmest only in the low 80's. >> great job. thank you for that. all right. let's get a look at your traffic right now. heading from the east bay into the city a little under 11 minutes at this time. no major hot seen a couple of accidents out there. but and in causing any major problems at this hour. let's head over and get a look at the golden gate bridge. you're looking at clear skies right now. so about 20 minutes as you're heading into the city and let's look at the richmond. sandra balcony, a little under 9 minutes as you head at a richmond. we'll have more on your traffic and weather coming up. but for now, let's talk about football season. it's in full swing and the san francisco forty-niners escaping detroit with a win against the lions. let's get to the highlights. >> well, jimmy g got the start. but in the 1st quarter,
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rookie trey lance making his debut his first pass in the nfl is a touchdown that gave the niners the lead. well, only came in again for a handful of plays throughout the game. the rest of the game was handled by jimmy g. and the 3rd quarter. jimmy hits deebo samuel down the sideline for an 89 yard touchdown pass. jimmy g finished the game with 314 yards passing and this touchdown gave the niners a 28 point lead. but then the lions began their comeback eventually cut the niners lead just 8 of the last play of the game. the niners defense gets the stop san francisco goes on to win by final 41 to 33 here's head coach kyle shanahan after the game. >> i know i came became too concerned with protecting our guys as is as opposed doing whatever you take. got to do to win. but you got to do to win his play. every single down. lisa, last time. the whole men got a little caught up and then we lost a b. but i'm fortunate report out. if get out
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>> obviously not the way we want to finish it. but was offense for a little bit there and that we've got a pretty good move. cars and plays. there's a fire and all pretty good. so official better. but at the end of the day, winds of one. >> well, next with the niners will travel to philadelphia to take on the eagles kickoff is set for 10:00am. the raiders will start their season tonight against the baltimore ravens. it will be the first home game with fans allowed in the stands of the raiders. new stadium in las vegas and for the fans going to the game. they have to show proof of vaccination madison kimbro has more for us. >> it's the first home game. but it's also the first since the raiders announced their vaccine mandate for fans may have ring through all of that is a concern, as is parking the key plan ahead and leave early as for the mandatory vaccination requirement raiders president dan didn't really is proud to be implementing this plan and feels that monday will have a safer atmosphere because of
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it. >> we think the environment's going to be safe and friendly. and we think that everybody will enjoy what they've missed for a year. the ability to come to the game celebrate with their friends feel safe, not only for themselves but the person sitting next to them. then trailing also added that as for those who aren't vaccinated. the option is their dad allegiant to get the shot along with on game day. and for those who get their first shot. they will be allowed entry into the game with a mask >> that was madison kimbro reporting. now kickoff for monday night football between the raiders and the ravens. it's going to be a 05:15pm. and the football season now in full swing bay area bars are hoping to see an uptick in business because our pub in san francisco has been struggling to stay afloat during the pandemic and the bar's manager says a boost in business could not come soon enough. people having it. >> before you say that you've got some good people causing all of the area kemper the
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because that is a part of the forty-niners back to normal since covid. it just grew and everyone's lives in. >> really tough. just excited to get back out and have some plot. >> that was at the keys are pa the other bar owners tell prom for the business was still slow yesterday, but they're hoping that it's going to start to pick up as we get further and further into football season and just a reminder september is hunger action month kron four's partner with feed america to help in food security to go ahead, take out your phone scan that qr code on your screen for more information on how you can donate to local food charities right here in the bay area. >> you can watch all month long. we'll be highlighting local organizations that are here making a difference.
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>> now to baseball. the san francisco giants have a chance tonight to clinch a playoff spot for the first time since 2016, if the giants beat the padres tonight. they're going to be guaranteed at least one of the 2 wild card spots yesterday. the giants completed the sweep of the chicago cubs, the giants and now one 7 games in a row. it's still have a 2 and a half game lead over the dodgers in the nl west first pitch tonight against the padres is set for 6.45 at oracle park. meanwhile, the oakland a's taking on the texas rangers, texas jumped out to an early lead and never looked back. texas plains. my final 4 to 3
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oakland is now in 3 games back in the american league wild card race. the a's are all today before traveling to kansas city for a series with the royal starting tomorrow. coming up in the next hour, the gubernatorial recall election is one day away the latest campaign efforts to get voters to the polls. >> plus a vaccine mandate will soon go in effect in one south bay city. but some first responders say they're against it. lawmakers are not a green on biden's humanitarian infrastructure plan. why senators a negotiation should be put on hold.
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning >> thanks for waking up with us. i'm darya falso man. >> this is it's bellow. yes,
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hi use next couple of days. looking forward to it. and we're all the same. but well, you're all the same boat because noel's get used to this morning thing, right. yes, well, i've been doing it on the weekends. you know, the last several months. and so this is my first time here. >> with all of you wonderful people here on the weekday. yeah. so it's a little earlier yeah, but the commute wasn't benefit to 2 or 03:00am wake-up call all right. people talk about traffic in the bay ever see on the golden gate bridge this morning. there was no fog when i went very clear morning. it started as bubble. i don't but best thing about getting up at 02:30am no traffic and a lot of times we do see that fog. can any of that this morning either though. so you're not seeing any of either at this moment. >> a really clear view outside at our berkeley hills cam. you can see out there from right above the east bay just house clear skies are this morning.
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definitely a good morning for a jog before things do heat up later on today. as you can see and fog cast visibility is just fine radar showing us dry skies and like we had last week, we have those thunderstorms and morning showers, which they were certainly welcome seeing those showers that's not going to be the case this upcoming week 50's and 60's for our current temperatures before our warm afternoon. i'll be talking about just how hot it will get this afternoon. still ahead, your forecast. first, though, it is still pretty early on. so at least i'm not anticipating any travel issues but do we have any you know what, we don't have any major issues. i know there is an accident in san francisco. 80 westbound near 4th street. but we're not seeing any major delays as a result of that accident. >> at this hour. so that's the good news. as you're heading from the east bay into the city a little under 8 minutes for your drive. time to make it to that fremont street exit. let's get a look at the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula a little under 14. so things are looking great. there. the richmond sandra fell commute as you head out


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