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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  September 13, 2021 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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days because james is off this week against taking a little break. and i'm here to fill and i'm really excited, though. it's nice to be here. now this is 07:00am is a okay. more normal time for me to wake up. so you're ok, so get before this, you are sleeping have brain didn't have actual fog on the bridge clear clear and looking at heat today, right. johnny are so enjoy the cool morning while we've got it is actually a gorgeous start to this morning ahead of what will be the heat this afternoon that we're all talking about. >> today and tomorrow are really our only hot days of this forecast, though, after that, we are good to go smooth sailing with cooler temperatures through the rest of the week. look at this view outside of berkeley this morning. gorgeous little glow over the east bay. nice little shadow cast by the east bay hills on the city of berkeley down below but really nice way to start things out. as i mentioned, visibility is fine. we have some low lying cloud cover near the coast. but it hasn't resulted in any widespread issues.
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>> 50's and 60's for your current temperatures, at least for most of us. look at some of our north bay city starting to get a little cooler. get nevado in santa rosa down in the 40's when you do have a dry air mass like we have in place. plus those a longer evenings now that days are starting to get shorter. you will start to see some of our morning temperatures getting a little cooler. >> reyna. tom, thank you for that. things are busy out there. we have a hot spot to tell you about. this one in richmond. 5.80, eastbound east of central avenue. you have one lane is currently blocked there. and as you can see, we're starting to see traffic slowdown. their bit. san pablo avenue is always a good way to try to get around that. another new one just popping up in the city to 80 north bound north of cambridge street. and as you can see, we have a slight delay along 2.80 not seen much along one oh, one heading into the city. a little under 17 minutes of traffic is picking up there. moving along nicely. the san mateo bridge as you head across towards the peninsula a little under 14 minutes. and if you're in the south bay, we do have a traffic collision and a gas leak. 300 block of blue star avenue, right near
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east. julia street avoid the area, if you can. they're asking people who are in that exact area to shelter in place. they're only going evacuate. if police come to your door and tell you to do so. a good alternate east saint james street to one o one, noel and aria. back to you. >> they train at 7. oh, one com for your local election headquarters tomorrow is d-day to decide whether governor newsome stays governor or he's recalled. yeah. this morning. we do have an exclusive inside california pollard politics. >> emerson college poll. it shows newsom's in a good position as we head into tomorrow's recall election. let's take a look. we asked voters if they'll vote to recall governor newsom, 60% say they will vote to keep him 40% want him removed and we also asked which candidate if you remove them, would you like to take over the seat and republican talk show host larry elder is the top choice by a long shot. you can see that he's got 30% of the vote, which is way more than anybody else. they're all in single
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digits. falconer drape half are after all, far below you can see elder and the undecided, though, are still the wall covered that 20% on the polling. it would be way outside any margin there. so if the governor is recalled to be the biggest pulling fail today will be the final day that the governor and the republican candidates who want to can get the message out. they have been campaigning all over the state over the weekend. the governor singled out republican candidate larry elder and elder not going down without a fight. kron 4, sarah stinson live in the new to newsroom with the very latest morning. sarah. well, daria campaign efforts have become more intense in the last couple of weeks with the governor trying to hold on to his job and other candidates looking to. >> take it from him and with less than 24 hours until election day. these efforts continue to intensify. governor newsom was in oakland on saturday and he's in southern california today. the
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strategy for newsom has been to gain major democratic support with leaders like former president barack obama and us senator elizabeth warren pushing the same message about the recall being republican backed newsome has been nonstop campaigning across the state as we know, he had vice president kamala harris with him rallying last week. and then we also are going to see president biden by his side today out of the dozens of other candidates looking to replace newsom talk show radio host larry elder is still in the lead in the polls. you just saw it yourself. well, there was also in los angeles yesterday campaigning making last minute jobs at the governor and the governor was doing the right. so exact same thing back. it's clear he said it's clear voters need to vote no on the recall. >> i have to do is you know, your mailbox just vote no and go. don't you consider the other 46 choices. all right, larry elders, extreme even by extremes to this man, gavin newsome has been able to.
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>> switch the saying from a referendum on his behavior, his governance into republican takeover. as if that has anything to do with crime. is anything to homelessness is if that has anything to do with the outrageous cost of living. >> if you haven't turned in your ballot yet. you can still mail it in with no stamp needed, although it must be postmarked by tomorrow to be counted. other options include dropping it off in an official ballot box or polling place by 08:00pm tomorrow. or you can vote in person. you want to make sure your vote counts for now reporting live in the newsroom. sara stinson back to you. all right, sarah, thank you for that live report. >> now. we are kind of encouraging all to go ahead and put those ballots in the mail this is second time in state history. californians will vote in a recall election. but political experts say the circumstances are very, very different this time around. has the story.
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>> you will be asked 2 questions. one, do you want to recall, governor gavin newsome. number 2, if the governor is recalled. who do you want to replace somewhat. this will be the second time california will vote on a recall election. the first time back in 2003 when then governor gray davis was recalled and replaced by ben actor arnold portion, acre whirlwind. i mean, it's a lot different in 2003 democratic strategist steve maviglio would know he was davis is press secretary. he says he is surprised the governor kept a major democratic candidate out of the race. also circumstances are a lot different. then they were in 2003 there, so many more democrats or republicans are twice as many. >> and back in 2000, 3 was almost gray davis had a billion dollar budget deficit. gavin newsom has a multi billion dollar budget surplus. so when you can play santa claus giving away money for basically the entire year during this budget season as opposed to cutting the budgets of just about everyone. >> it makes a big, big difference. another thing that could be different republican candidate larry elder has
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added it add to his website for voters to report election incident and a petition to demand a special legislative session to investigate what he calls, quote, that was the result of the 2021 special election california's top election official telling fox 40. >> they plan to have a safe and fair election. i asked person. if you happen to win. we still continue with the best issues. do you believe one by fraud. >> no one wants to answer that question because only applies if they lose. so, you know, it's those kinds of things. i never lawsuits that guard spots on the fox 40 news. polls show most latino voters are against a voting. the governor out of office, some political strategists say the governor newsom. >> shouldn't take the latino vote for granted, however, recent campaign stops in heavily hispanic populated areas show that winning the latino vote is key for either party because california is home to 15 million latinos making up about 40% of the
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state's population. one poll from using berkeley has 56% of likely latino voters keeping governor newsome in office. >> but latino vote is consequential to whether or not governor gavin newsome stays in the governor's mansion. one of the things that is going to determine how vote is whether or not they will vote. and so again, this is going to be about investing in turn out to drive turnout. >> but some former democrats who voted to put newsom in office almost 3 years ago now say they are voting to kick him out. pedro glasgow says that he has that feeling because he thinks that newsome is hypocritical. >> he didn't use the mask. many sitting down at the french laundry restaurant and he anticipates everybody else. the kind of like going do it. but we're not leading by example and especially with that. a crisis like this requires leadership. >> alaska says that small businesses like the one his parents owned a his parents, they've the business was really impacted by the lockdown because of the pandemic and republicans think
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that's part of the reason that some hispanics are swaying their way. today. president biden is on his way to california. he's going to be campaigning with the governor. that's right. the president will begin his visit in california in sacramento karma dickerson live this morning with more. >> on the president's visit. good morning. karma. >> good morning to you. the president set to talk fires policy and of course politics as he makes its way to the golden state. right now is actually headed to idaho when he touches down there. he's going to be talking national fire threat. fire response and he's going to continue that conversation. when he makes a cure to sacramento touching down either airfield. first he's going to yes, and you're an update on how wildfires have ravaged california and that ongoing threat. then he takes to the skies again, this time surveilling the aftermath of the caldor fire. getting a look with his own eyes. what that fire has done to eldorado county coming. oh, so close to south lake tahoe in causing so much destruction in the wake.
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then as he comes back here, he's going to talk about not just what he's seen, what he plans to do about it. talking about his infrastructure bill. also and his plans for climate expect to hear all of that tied into california fire crises. then we talk about the politics heading south to long beach. and this is going to be about 06:45pm tonight. by the time he makes it down to long beach. so we're talking about a pretty long night. then he's going to be holding that campaign rally with governor gavin newsome out on the trail. we know many prominent democrats have come out in favor of the governor. but this time it's the biggest heaviest hitter is out here asking californians to vote no on the recall making the case that this isn't just a local issue or state issue. but who the governor of california is could end up having national implications reporting from either. i'm karma dickerson. thanks karma. >> we're going to have full team coverage on election night starting at 05:00pm. our crews will be all over the
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state as results come in. we'll also have a special edition of inside bay area politics with our panel of political experts. be sure to look for live reports from candidate headquarters all over this state. again, that's tomorrow night kron 4 election night tuesday, september 14 stick with us. we'll be right back.
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>> 7.13 right now. and we're checking out the weather. it looks like scum in our hot one. yes, sun has come up this morning. a very hot day today.
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>> cools off later this week, though, john, to the cool down is going to be something to look forward to today is going to be the hottest of the forecast tomorrow right behind it. but after that this short lived cool down out of the picture. and we actually enjoy what will be a very pleasant risk. your forecast now, as far as we're concerned this morning, most of us are clear that's not necessarily true. all across the bay area, though, as you can see outside from your seat or to our view right here. we do have some low cloud cover that is pushed in above the golden gate bridge and right over parts of san francisco. now radar is going to show dry skies throughout the day today. we are in the midst of a high pressure ridge that is going to stay with us today into tomorrow. resulting in some moderate air quality out there. but once that high pressure is nudged out by descending low and a cooler air mass behind it. we will be in for a long-term cool down for the remainder of the week. so today is one of her hotter ones. little bit of haze on the horizon oakland as well as portions of the east bay down into fremont and san jose. all looking moderate air quality this morning. excuse me. now,
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as far as temperatures go for san francisco 60's and 70's will be your daytime highs. today will be 60's right along the coastline and then some 70's to 80's along the bayshore. san carlos in redwood city each at 81 degrees. south bay temperatures back into the low mid to upper 80's at least mostly sunny bill, you're holding on to the upper 70's today. union city through oakland all the way to richmond all 70's while pleasanton livermore as well as danville. the concord over the antioch. all 90's and we have one obvious standout as far as temperatures. that's vacaville at 101 degrees by far the warmest no one else even getting close to triple digits today. so if you are in vacaville, just had a little bit closer towards play home and you will get a cool down now tomorrow still hot after that, though, look at this rest of this forecast highs only in the 80's inland and 60's and 70's right along the bay from that point forward. so we really do have a nice forecast. all in all, just get through the inland heat that we've got today. great job. thank you for that. so we have
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a lot going on out there. hot spots in some areas you need to avoid. >> this one. the 300 block of wooster avenue. this is in san jose east. julian street is right where that's adjacent to you have a traffic collision and a gas leak were actually on scene. so that's what this looks like right now. we just showed you the year and san jose, they're asking you if you live here near wooster street. this 300 block to shelter in place because of this gas leak that's going on if you need to leave your home. they're gonna knock on your door and tell you to do so right now you can see the traffic guard the air helping traffic get through there safely. police have been there for. i say the last hour and a half trying to get this under control and again, we're going to be there on scene. but if you are in the area, we're going to show you another street that you can get to try to get around that. let's go ahead. go back to the map. east saint james street is just adjacent to one on one. and you go in and topple 1, 1, ia seems to slight delay along one o one because of that.
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again, 300 block of worcester avenue. the hot spot. this is in richmond. eastbound east of central avenue. the left lane there blocked a good alternate would be san pablo to try to get around. you can see the delay were seen there and in san francisco, another accident. 2.80 northbound north of cambridge street. let's quickly show you the bay bridge as you're heading into the city, a little under 20 minutes. so things are busy. we have a disabled vehicle near 8880. so that's adding to the delay just a slight bit. we'll keep a close eye on that hot spot and that gas leak down in san jose. but for now the well and daria i'll send it over to you both. thanks 7.17 for your money this morning. the nation's largest grocer says food prices are about to go up. >> and over 20 billion dollars is expected to be wagered on football in 2021 jane king is live at the nasdaq with those stories and more. hi, jane. >> the high darya good so that's about 3 times more than what was spent wagering on sports last year. so this 20 billion dollar figure. and
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that's according to play of this is nfl and college football. so they say that so many states have approved legalize sports betting that is adding to this. and just the general enthusiasm about college sports being back again. well, kroger says food prices will rise 2 to 3% this year. it's a little bit more than what they expected. the big problem here each prices of beef and pork and poultry all way up. up 14% compared to last year. now kroger executives did say organized crime is leading to stealing of items were law enforcement is lax where the criminals steal the things we'll sell it online for a profit and that is leading to bigger losses than expected to swell. will sugar prices shot up to a four-year high after a frost in brazil. so that cut the crop, their brazil is the world's biggest producer of sugar sugar prices up 10% in the past month. and are you ready to trade in your child's car seat will target has brought back there. a car seat
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trade in program that they pas last year. so going on through september 25th. you can take an old car seat in it can be expired. you can even be damaged. target will recycle it for you. and they'll also give you 20% off coupon for some other child or baby related item in the store live from the nasdaq market site. i'm jane king. back to daria. thanks a lot, jane. >> kron 4 news exclusive pet food express is removing a certain brand of dog toys from their shelves after a couple in the east bay says they found a needle in their pets. brand new toy kron four's. gayle ong talk to that couple. she has their story. >> this is the middle. he was all over and want to oversell it. >> israel says saito says he found the needle as he was playing with his dog over at their concrete homes. that is so light. >> with an aide to get the squeaky i'm made this weekend because a little crazy over it and then i to myself really my fingers and i was like, out
7:20 am
the heart. that's when he said he found the sewing needle coming out from inside the toy is was pretty scary for especially because all over. >> full of or he is. we love all over. and i got so worried that he could. >> the toy was purchased at a pet food express store in concord. saito and his spouse immediately contacted the store manager and they say the manager contacted the manufacturer. >> a spokesperson for pet food express sent a statement to kron 4 that reads in part, quote, we are so grateful that no pet was hurt. while we have never had an incident with this manufacturer. we are directing our stores to remove the product from their shelves until we can be certain that the product is safe. a statement to kron 4 from the manufacturer patchwork pet reads in part, quote, safety is our number one priority never in our 13 years of business. have we edcountered a safety related issue like this require procedure is that all toys must go through metal detection prior to packaging. the quality control team is investigating and will make
7:21 am
any necessary corrections no, think will for the full response from both companies and just wants to spread awareness to other pet owners. >> that means always checking toys for all of her before play time in concord. gayle ong kron 4 news. >> in san jose. a showdown between the police officers union the firefighters union against the city of san jose. and this showdown could have police officers and firefighters fired from their jobs all explain why coming up in a live report.
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>> in 7.23 and a big stories coming out of the south bay san jose's firefighter and police unions are pushing back on a plan that all city employees would have to be vaccinated against covid. yeah. they've been pretty upset about this and they don't have much time, though, to push back because city workers are required to get their shots by the end of this month. kron four's will tran joins us live from san jose with the latest details. well. >> right now about 90% of san jose employees city employees are vaccinated that police union for the police officers as well as the firefighters there saying the majority of their members have already been vaccinated, but they don't want to take the chance that some of those who don't want to get vaccinated could walk off the job or even get fired. and the bottom line is that means they're losing man
7:25 am
power at a department that they say the police department already understaffed. and for the fire department. they have to take care. obviously the virus within the city. but a lot of those firefighters are also sent to deal with wildfires so they can not lose any bodies because of the vaccine mandate. now, according to the city, you can still show up to work and do this weekly covid-19 tests to prove that you're negative but come september 30th. you will have to be fully vaccinated. we reached out to the union over the weekend for the firefighters and they say that they encourage their members to get vaccinated, but they are against the vaccine mandate and they do not believe that anybody should be terminated over the vaccine. they hope to continue negotiating with the city as far as what's going on that possibly to continue. but the covid-19 weekly tests because there are some firefighters who might have other reasons
7:26 am
outside of religious believes are medical reasons on why they don't want to get vaccinated. the city says they are willing to listen. but as it stands right now, they are going to terminate employees who are not vaccinated but they are willing to listen to possibly have them suspended, but to do nothing to those employees. according to the city that does not seem to be an option at this particular time. we will have to see what happens. they still have more than 2 weeks to hammer something out. but right now there is a showdown in sometimes the showdown between police officers happened between them with a criminal. but in this particular case, it is too heavy hitters. we're talking about the city of san jose and 2 unions representing about 1800 employees the firefighters and the police officers back to you. all right. well, thank you for that live report. 7.26 of the timing coming up next, the recall election is tomorrow. we have an exclusive new poll.
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>> to break down where everybody stands. and we're going hear from our political analysts about
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it's a delusion right but are we going to see the sun today. yeah, we're definitely going to see a lot of sunshine may be too much of it because today is going to be such a hot one. >> but yeah, those clouds near the coastline sitting right above as staff, the golden gate bridge not resulting in too many visibility issues but is making for little bit of a great view close to the coast. you got sunshine over berkeley. this morning. look at this beautiful view, the shadow of the east bay hill still cast on u c berkeley. but that he's faced shoreline already sitting under the sunshine broadcast shows no visibility issues. really. unless you're in some of our mountains right along highway 9092 on the peninsula or in some of her upper elevations right along the coast in the north bay 50's to 60's for current temperatures brentwood in pittsburgh each at 65 while san francisco in dublin right now sitting at a cool 57 talking the heat of the afternoon in the rest of your forecast. first, though, let's go over to we've got a couple of issues this morning. what's the latest on tom, why finally have an update for you on this gas leak that we have 300
7:31 am
block. >> of worcester avenue and east julian street. we go ahead and show you that scene right now. thankfully. they have the gas leak secure or so. the gas is no longer leaking. they were able to get that gas leak secure. in addition to that, that shelter in place is no longer in effect. so originally they were asking people to stay in their less. they were knocking on your door and tell you to leave. you can see chp there. guiding traffic on some a key role. that's how you're gonna be able to get through there. you can see that house that chp is at currently they have the area blocked off. >> so again, update for this gas leaks. gas is no longer leaking originally. this was an accident, a vehicle that crashed into business there. and that's whers the gas was coming from. so the key role because again, 3 and a lot looser avenue. east lane street, as you can see, still currently blocked off. >> they're going to be opening all that back up shortly. our hot spots still enrichment. 5.80, eastbound east of central avenue. one lane they're currently closed san
7:32 am
pablo avenue. always a good bet to try to get around that. you can also see 5.80 starting to slow down as well. on the westbound side. >> heading into the city this morning. we had a disabled vehicle just adjacent to 8.80, up to 23 minutes as you're heading there. we'll have more on your traffic. coming up, the daria noel, back to you. thanks, brianna. >> is your local election headquarters and tomorrow the polls will be open for the recall and kron 4 has a new poll. also today. >> the president is in california campaigning against the recall. joining us to talk about all the latest is our political analyst michael yaki. hi, michael. low. let's start with our poll because we've got a new poll kron 4 showing sure that it looks like the governor is on solid ground more and more so and this would have to be outside of any margin of error. i mean. 60% say they'll keep mom 40% vote to recall. so if it doesn't go this way, it would be the biggest bust of polls ever. i think in history,
7:33 am
wouldn't it. >> it would it would it would rank pretty much up there except except for perhaps truop's internal polls in 2020 that showed him winning a landslide. but the fact is that newsom has done what he needed to do. he needed to put together the biden coalition and he's and he's done that. he's reversed. the law says that he had and the latinx he shored up with with white voters. he's done a very good job of doing this and part of it is. is can't his opponent. did it for you. i think that if larry elder had come in and all the oxygen out of the other opponent potential replacements for the governor and turning into another referendum. trump, it might be a different story. but heat for reasons political scientist analysts will well delve into later on why he chose to go turn hard and is
7:34 am
something that just boggles the imagination because that exactly the wrong way to win an election in california today. >> well, in in this poll, obviously we had 2 different questions here. you going to vote to keep gavin or not. and then when it comes to whether or not voters who else voters would want no one is the highest percentage that we saw. 34 1% are saying they don't want anybody 30% for larry elder. pretty surprising. >> that's not too surprising. the democratic strategy was to have that number be larger than any of the other candidates. in other words, to vote no on the recall and then leave it blank. but in all. but it also shows one other thing, which is how old are has completely consolidated his support amongst the the sort of the trumpian part of the california republican party. that's something i think they did not want to see it has occurred so, you know,
7:35 am
you make it a lot of confidence. and i'm number one give him any comfort that when the when the ballots start being counted tabulated and released begin tomorrow night, as you can watch live on yeah. i it's really helps that or noose elders come out. so. >> strong, right. so newsome can say is that and newsom's going further. he saying this is between life and death. this is between right. california doing well in covid and california doing horrible and covid and everybody knows it. covid was like certainly inspiration for the recall. the first place. >> yeah, exactly. and you can look at the other thing they've done is they've turned this around in 2, almost a national referendum on own republican governors in general. you know, do you want to see was the chaos in florida with all the icu beds being capacity because of
7:36 am
covid same with mississippi sandwich, texas. do you want npto see that in california. an i think people here you have for better or for worse in. and we talked to we've done a very good job of at least getting knowledge out there about the impact of covid about the delta variant. what we need to do. putting masks that need to keep social distancing. etcetera and larry elder for reasons i can i don't know why has sort of gone hard in the other direction and that that's country to where people want to be and the safety people and b, they may not be entirely happy with gavin newsom. we might not be happy with the way he's doing his job. but the fact is that he's turned this into election of how bad it will be if you do get rid of it. >> obviously we've got these polls that we've been doing. but none of it really matters unless people get to the polls ahead and cast their ballots. are you surprised at where we are with turnout right now. do you think enough people will actually turn out in this recall. >> i think that if you look at the mail in ballots, the democrats have done
7:37 am
extraordinary job. so keeping pace now between 20 that was just amazing. but 2018 and even that is going to be should be enough to keep got him in the job. barring sort of in a turnout of every disaffected independent republican election day tomorrow that would create a dramatic redshift in the county as the county goes on during the night. it's going to be hard to see that because so many democratic ballots have come in. and so little republicans have come in and at the same time, i think people who might be inclined not to vote for gavin may not be voting. and also when you focus it down on motivated. now motivated democrats and moderate republicans. it's going to be it's going to be hard to see. that a surge of of blue ballots that have already been arriving in are now being counted by the registrars of being overtaken by what happens. but you never know. you never know. that's
7:38 am
why we have elections because polls polls mean nothing in tow except for what happens at the end and way at the end. i mean, we're getting towards the end coming down to the wire and the president waiting until now. >> to visit california. so is this visit more about him helping new summer is the visit about helping biden. will it. >> well, look, couple to its want. if newsom. we're in trouble real trouble. the president will not be here and the president will not risk his political capital and are failing campaign. that's sort of a maximum politics of the fact that he is here is an indication that they feel confident and is going to win that enables them. therefore to use the opportunity in helping newsome to help themselves to talk about to talk about the vaccine mandate that agenda. talk about build back better infrastructure, the 3.5 trillion human human infrastructure bill that the trying to pull through over joe manchin's objections. this
7:39 am
is his way to get out there and use the bully pulpit for his own purposes as well as well as the health gap, but he would not be here if they do not think gathering had a very, very good chance beating the recall ok. thanks a lot and we will talk to you, as we said, is the votes unfold and they're being counted as well. >> we'll have our full team coverage. thank you, michael. on election night starting at 05:00pm crews all over the state as the results come in and a special edition of inside bay area politics with our panel of political experts. >> look for live reports as well from candidate headquarters all over the state. join us for that tomorrow. and today will be back with more in a few minutes.
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>> in the south bay vta light rail service has expanded to include the entire blue line. that's from baypoint to santa teresa. the green line is currently operating from the old iron sides to the jury on. that's expected to be back in full operation soon but not quite yet. free fares for the light rail continue through the end of the month. and what about the cable cars in san francisco they're not in service because of an electrical issue at the barn where they cable cars have been replaced with limited bus service on all the lines until further notice and the market district street cars from castor officials with those you can get. they're operating up, but we have no word on when the cable cars at large will be back in service
7:43 am
thinking that meeting. they named an in and out of frame and ending right. i'm actually still never been on all the i know it's something got to do coming up ahead on the proper morning news forty-niners they escaped their first game with a win after almost blowing a pretty big lead. we'll have highlights from that game
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>> 7.45 right now. and now the sun is out. it's going to be
7:46 am
heating things up. i guess we were going to nice and hot but we're going to cool down at some point just kind of got to get through today. hot on today and tomorrow. last of the hot ones. and then we see that dip on into the middle of the week. rest f the forecast after that looks absolutely beautiful. now you're nor cal the weather center forecast this morning is showing a blanket of cloud cover almost than inviting. look down here from sutro tower, looking at the city. we've got just a little bit of cloud cover sitting right above the bay itself. so we haven't seen a whole lot of visibility issues. but it is making some of our coastal areas on the gray side. the rest of us are already sitting under abundant sunshine with a high pressure ridge in place today. that's why we are looking at some of our hottest of weather to start the week just to our north and west. you see right above that high, that cold front. that is what's going help to nudge out that high pressure by the middle of the week and helping temperatures to fall a little bit. that will take us back into the 80's that our warmest as soon as wednesday. now, as far as air quality goes, most of us are still in a good range this morning courtesy of that high, though we will be looking at
7:47 am
some moderate air quality as we do see some still sinking air across the bay. so some pollutants going to get trapped out there if you do have some respiratory sensitivities. you may notice some haze along the horizon line 60's and 70's for your highs in san francisco today. it will be 60's right along the coastline and then daytime highs for bayshore cities anywhere from the 70's to 80's. for the most part, san carlos in redwood city, each 81 for your daytime highs. well, looking at 70's 80's across the south bay san jose 84 degrees. well, temperatures in the east bay mostly a range of 70's 80's to 90's union city on up through oakland to richmond all 70's. beautiful way to spend the afternoon. you head further inland and maybe not so comfortable anymore with a lot of 90's and in the case to vacaville even a triple digit. the only spot today that will reach the triple digits tomorrow's temperatures still warm. but look at what happens after that we settle into some 80's inland 60's 70's by the bay. and hey, that's where we're going to be staying for the rest of the weekend into the weekend, an overall pretty
7:48 am
calm forecast to we are remaining dry which keeps fire danger in play but no major wind events and certainly no major heat waves either. reyna. tom, thank you for that. so i have an update for you on that gas leak. here's the good news. >> so we have 300 block of wooster avenue at east. julian street. they have the gas leak now completely secure. they finally just open up the lanes there. so they no longer have the 300 block of avenue blocked off. no more shelter in again, you can go ahead and take that as you normally would along eastern avenue. also, you're starting to see we are seeing delays along one. oh, one, the hot spot we have here in richmond. one lane currently blocked 5 eastbound east a central avenue again, a good alternate would be some pablo avenue that runs adjacent to that. and you can see we're seeing the delay there all through berkeley as you're traveling. also traffic collision. another one just popping up this one along highway 24 westbound east of happy valley road in lafayette, another traffic hazard along jerry
7:49 am
road. and again, we're seeing delays along 6.80 highway for pretty slow at this hour as well about 22 minutes as you're heading into the city there. a little under 25 so again, traffic is building. we had a stalled vehicle there earlier headed across the words of an insulin. now you're up to about 17 minutes. we're starting to see slowing along one-on-one and 92 and here in richmond across the richmond. sandra fell bridge up to about 16 minutes for your drive times. so things are a little slow on this monday morning. we've got some accidents, but we're going to continue to follow that for now. noel and daria, back to you. thank 7.49 and football season is in full swing now the forty-niners escape detroit. >> it was too close with a win over the lions. let's go to the highlights. g got the start but rookie trey lance got to make his debut to. this is his first pass. >> and that gave the niners the lead, but lance only came out just a handful of times. this was games and in the 3rd quarter, jimmy hits deebo samuel down the sideline for an 89 yard touchdown pass.
7:50 am
jimmy g finished the game with 314 yards passing and that touchdown gave the niners a 28 point lead. you're going to say. how did the score end up to be what it was. they had 28 point lead and the niners ended up winning it was down 8 point lead the end of the game. the niners defense got the stop is lucky san francisco goes on to win it. but look at 41 to 33. that's too close. here's head coach shannon. >> i know i came became too concerned with protecting our guys as as opposed doing whatever you take. got to do to win. but you got to do to win his play. every single down. lisa, last time. the whole men got a little caught up and then we lost jv. but i'm fortunate report out. if get out >> obviously not the way we want to finish it. but offense for a little bit. there. and now we've got a pretty good move. cars and plays it was on fire and all pretty good. so
7:51 am
official better. but at the end of the day went away. >> in the end of the day, jimmy looks like that. i mean, think about cleans up nice next week. the niners will channel a philly take on the eagles and kick off with at 10:00am. how about the raiders las vegas raiders beginning the season. tonight they're going to be hosting the baltimore ravens for monday night football. >> it is the first regular season game with fans at allegiant stadium and kickoff is 5.15 in >> with football season. now in full swing bay area bars. they're hoping to see an uptick in business here. keys are pub in san francisco. they've been struggling to stay afloat during the pandemic. the bar's manager says a boost in business could not come soon enough. >> people fight it. before you say that you've got some good people causing all of the area kemper the because that is a part of the forty-niners back to normal since covid just ruin everyone's lives in.
7:52 am
>> really tough. just excited to get back out and have some plot. >> they look like they had a pretty good turnout. but other bar owners tell us business was still a bit slow yesterday. they're hoping it will all pick up as we get further into the football season. >> we're still in the baseball season, though, and the giants are doing great. they have a chance tonight to clinch a playoff spot for the first time to 2016 and that's if they beat the padres tonight, then they'll be guaranteed. at least one of the 2 wild-card spots yesterday the giants completed their sweep of the chicago cubs. the giants have now won 7 games in a and they're sitting still 2 and half games over the dodgers in the nl west. first pitch tonight against padres by. >> the oakland a's taking on the texas rangers in texas jumped out to an early lead for this one and never looked back. there's no him looking not so good. >> texas wins this one 43 and oakland is now 3 games back in the american league wildcard race. the a's are off today
7:53 am
than they go to kansas city for a royal series that starts tomorrow. we do want to remind you september is hunger action month kron four's partnering with feed america. we're trying to help and food insecurity here scan the qr code that see on your screen for more information on how you can help as well donate to local food charities here in the bay area. >> you can watch all month long to are highlighting local organizations and people across our community who are making a difference. stick with us. kron 00:00am morning news continues after the break. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
7:54 am
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>> 7.55 and uss tripoli is in san francisco ahead of fleet week as fleet week is happening this year. now that ship brings with it. 1100 sailors to the bay area. so you might see a few. the uss tripoli is the navy's newest amphibious assault ship. and this week the crews can participate in the annual defense support of civil authorities exercise. it highlights the humanitarian aid disaster relief capabilities of the warship and normally they would do that exercise during fleet week. but they're doing it early because it accommodate so many agencies. handle that this week and then fleet week is set for october force through the 11th. can't wait for fleet week. love it. >> coming up here in the next hour, the gubernatorial recall election just one day away. we have an exclusive new poll showing how californians plan to vote will break it all down
7:57 am
for you. >> plus, a vaccine mandate soon going into effect in one south bay city. but first responders say they're against it. we'll have a live report. all that and much more coming up after the break.
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning >> what took you so long 8 o'clock, that would the
8:00 am
wake-up times the normal my alarm clock. is with us this week for most of the week. a letter is off. so thanks for senator shoes to fill, we love james and i'm glad he's getting your feet are russians are going well, it's all over the handles with his jorts and the birkenstock story, james in fashion. in short, it would be good today, though, should be hot. yes, i'm sure james is at home wearing the jorts let the free just go free today because it's going to be hot enough for the flip-flops and the jorts. it is going to warmest one of the week. tomorrow. still going to be hot. but after that will cool things down. honestly, this is a pretty steady forecast this week. nothing unsettled like we saw last week. >> just dry calm and at least more comfortable come wednesday looking outside this morning. we do have plenty of sunshine across the east bay. little bit of low cloud cover closer to the coastline. but that hasn't even resulted in any visibility issues


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