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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  September 13, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> kron 4. is your local election headquarters a visit from president biden today to help governor newson fend off a recall. it's been getting a lot of buzz. but do these high-profile visits from political bigwigs actually change things. much prefers. catherine heenan is here with some thoughts from our political analysts. catherine,
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what's the verdict the president is here. of course, the vice president visited last week. >> but yeah, the question is are these game changing appearances. i mean, after all, president biden has had a. >> pretty rough time recently between afghanistan and covid. are people going to go diving for their ballots when he shows up our political analyst david mckeown says it's all about the long game. >> that's a very good question because look, gavin newsom for 5 weeks ago was fighting from behind. he was under water by all indications and he certainly has turn this race around and is positioned are poised to have a strong victory tomorrow and every democratic politician wants to be on the stage or be part and parcel still say they've contributed to that reverse right or that kind of river road reviving of him as a as a candidate and governor and joe biden's had a couple of weeks here that have been very difficult afghanistan the delta variant about the weather and what's happened in terms a tragedy of a hurricane. all of these types of things have been going on. it might be a different story.
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if we were talking about south lake tahoe burning. but that hasn't happened so that the fact that these politicians show up our barack obama is on the air on behalf of gavin newsom. everyone wants to be part of the winning circle that only abandoned you when you lose and it looks like gavin newsom will be a winner. that gives them some momentum headed into the rest of september for the biden agenda. and if you will next year for the midterms when they're going to need all hands on deck to prevent a midterm loss to lose the house of representatives. >> mckeown says that he's going to be watching any margin of victory for new, some very closely tomorrow night saying a margin over 14 points would be a solid landslide and if it's even bigger than that, it could boost new sums national standing. but again, mcewen is reminding us. the polls are not always on target. >> thank you, catherine. don't we know that the official deadline isn't until tomorrow. but it's already been a busy day in cocoa county. the registrar of voters prepare count all the ballots from across the county. as of
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midday today. 45 1% of the outstanding ballots have been returned the election office had extra staff on hand over the weekend. just making sure that all the ballots. we're live jets. they were checking signatures and checking to make sure that everything was going ok and they hope to have working through the night to to make sure that this election goes off without a hitch. >> we have a lot of moving parts today. we are preparing ballots for tabulation. we have voting available across the street. we have people out sorting ballots and extracting about sun getting everything ready for our 8 o'clock posting on tomorrow night. >> and if you still haven't turned your ballot in wealth. no fear mail in ballots were sent out to all previously registered voters. and if you are planning to mail in your ballot. you need to make sure it is submitted and postmarked by tomorrow. you can also submit your mail in ballot at any in-person voting location
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tomorrow or put it in a secure drop box by tomorrow. all ballots must be in by 8 o'clock tomorrow night. and if you did not receive a ballot in the mail that could mean you're not registered to vote. california, same day voter registration is available. you can sign up at your county elections office or your local polling location to find your polling location. you can go to the website on your screen once there just enter your address and you'll find the spot closest to you. polls open at 7 tomorrow morning. they will stay open again until 8 o'clock tomorrow night. if you're in line at 8 o'clock when the polls close to stay in line. you will be able to cast your ballot. >> all right. a lot to sort through. you can find all this information on our website. kron 4 dot coms to get your phone point camera at the screen there. this qr code will take you straight to our recall election. frequently asked questions web page. and there you can find how to track your ballot. additional information about turning in your ballot and how to find your in-person voting location
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and we're going to full team coverage on election night starting at 05:00pm. our crews will be all over the state as the results come rolling in. we will also have a special edition of inside bay area politics with our panel of political experts and look for live reports from candidate headquarters all over the state. as we said, to make sure tune in tomorrow. kron 4. take a live look right now from our san francisco centro tower. >> beautiful weekend here in the bay not to smoky the fire still burning. it's kind of like a sick juxtaposition. sick joke this time of year. you know, we we would die for some rain. other parts of the country just yet. can't turn the faucet off and it's it's it's here. we get we go. we're right here at the peak of hurricane season. and we got nicholas. not a hurricane but a tropical storm system that is rotating out there right now. look at all that rain. it is bringing on shore.
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>> into texas right now all the way up in the houston looking at tremendous amounts, maybe 4, maybe 8 inches of rain someplace, maybe isolated, 10 inches of rain in that area. so going to be watching for some flooding in some flash flooding across parts of texas, not only there but louisiana too. this is not going to be a major wind maker. although right now sustained winds of 70 miles per hour. so is coming up fairly strong. in fact, you could see maybe a 3, maybe 5 foot storm surge near galveston as the storm system kind of wanders along the coastline here is very latest just to kind of scoot along moving on shore but not moving very fast. so that makes very dangerous type of system. not from the winds but from all of that rain, the potential for more flash flooding. all right. let's get you back out west and we've got nice clear skies out over san francisco looking good. little breeze out there. kicking up in the afternoon. temperatures still hot inland 94 degrees and live more 91 in antioch one degrees right now in san jose and 66 degrees in san francisco as we
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head through the night tonight skies are going to stay mostly clear away from the coastline. some patchy fog out there. up toward the beaches and that will be kind of right at the surface to watch out for that mostly sunny and warm for tomorrow. and then we're going to see a cooling trend kick in as we head toward the latter part of this next week. and there's a slight chance just a slight chance we could be talking about some showers as we look toward next weekend. right now. high pressure sitting off the coastline that ridge is going to start to slowly roll in here for tomorrow. that's going allow the temperatures to warm up just a little bit. but after that ridge is going to start to weaken replaced by a trough before. you know, we're talking much cooler temperatures. so yeah, big changes coming our way that way. and overnight tonight the marine layer starting to thin out a bit. we're going to see more of that. just a real thin marine layer, less fog, more sunshine. you know, this time of year gets very nice around much of the bay area. guys. sure does. thank you, lawrence. what's been several days now since the iconic san francisco cable cars were grounded to a halt after an electrical incident at the cable car barn. well, tonight
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we're learning more about that incident and how long it's going to take for the cars to come back into service. >> but first, as a has the latest. >> that familiar sound of bells ringing as cable cars pass by is still missing after multiple days of being out of service in san francisco. according to this recent tweet from sfmta due to an electrical issue at the bar and cable cars have been replaced with limited bus service on all lines until further notice. according to an sfmta representative, the eli trickle issue happened last thursday and not only disrupted power to the cable car but it also caused outage to the entire system fortunately no employees or customers were injured and sfmta officials say although the power was lost. no lasting damage was done to the system. however, the repairs are ongoing while they wait for the parts to arrive from out of state. in the meantime, the transportation agency
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recommends riders use the sfmta twitter page for information regarding alternate lines for service like the f market. 8 bayshore and the 30 stockton. they also recommend logging onto sfmta dot com forward slash trip hyphen planner for additional options. the sfmta twitter pages. also the location to find the latest information on when the cable car service will resume which at this time remains unknown. has it made you kron. 4 news. >> coming up, another rally at the capitol, the new security concerns as hundreds are preparing to gather in the nation's capital this weekend. >> and if you're planning ahead for the holidays. it might be time to get your travel plans in order. why experts say now is the time to purchase tickets.
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monitor, check and lock down you money with security from chase. control feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. >> doctor fauci now weighing in on vaccine gin travel saying in an interview that he supports a vaccine requirement for air travel fauci the president biden's chief medical adviser says that if someone gets on a plane to travel with other people. they should be vaccinated. fauci is backing of a trial vaccine mandate comes after representative don beyer introduced a bill last week that calls on all airline and train passengers in the u.s. to show proof a vaccination or. present a negative covid test in order to travel a federal mask mandate is already in place for all airline bus and train travelers and it's going to
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remain in effect until at least january 18th of 2022. and just a short time ago, the u.s. travel association came out and said vaccines should not be mandated in that air travel is safe, especially with the usage of masks. >> for your money tonight. if you plan to take a trip over the holidays. you might want to buy your tickets this week booking booking sites like hopper say domestic flights will be the lowest prices of the season. this week, the average plane ticket is expected to be about 10% cheaper than normal and airlines have been forced to drop fall prices as business travelers are still working from home. still ahead tonight, new security concerns at the u.s. capitol. police are preparing for a weekend rally. >> opposing the arrest of people who storms that building back in january.
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>> a man from southern california is in custody tonight after he was arrested outside the democratic national committee headquarters in washington, dc near the u.s. cap capital with a machete and a bayonet. >> yikes. the man is from oceanside to san diego county actually jacobs has been digging into his past and has more details. >> 44 year-old donald craig and has a lengthy criminal history. i do know. >> we issued him a ticket or earlier this year. as a trance and don't know what the ticket was for. but i do know it was a transcendent.
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>> at that time. oceanside police tell me craighead has had run-ins with multiple agencies, including carlsbad in san diego pd. he also has several felony charges stemming from arrests made by the sheriff's department, including robbery. the majority of those arrests happening in east county and then there's the most recent arrest happening outside the dnc headquarters in washington, dc capitol police say a patrol officer noticed a dodge dakota truck with a swastika and other white bulls painted on it in the early morning hours monday officers say craig had told them he was, quote, on patrol and began talking about white-supremacist ideology meantime here in oceanside. police say they're ready to keep all voters safe during the recall election which comes to an end tuesday. we have are just starting our standards staff in the fields. >> they're aware of the polling places. so they'll be visiting there, you know, as best they can with their other activities in the field.
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>> meantime, nation's capital is preparing for a rally called justice for j 6 on saturday protesting her expected protesters rather expected to gather in dc to rally against the arrest of those who stormed the capitol back in january. top congressional lawmakers on capitol hill were briefed today about how capitol police are preparing for the weekend protest. the capital. a police chief tom managers says that they are taking several precautions to prevent a repeat of january 6. >> intelligence information that we're aware of that and a little bit about our operational plan that will go off a day or 2 before. and and if everything goes well the good out that come very soon after. >> capitol police say that there will also be emergency declaration in effect on saturday. allowing the department to use the help of outside law enforcement agencies right now. organizers say they are expecting around 700 people to attend that rally.
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>> the uss tripoli is in san francisco ahead of fleet week. the ship brings about 1100 sailors to the area. the uss tripoli is the navy's newest amphibious assault ship this week. the ship and her crew will participate in the annual defense support of civil authorities exercise. it will highlight the unique humanitarian aid and disaster relief capabilities of the worship. usually the exercise happens during the actual fleet week. but they're doing it early this year, too. accommodate all agencies. they say fleet week by the way, is set for october 4th through october. 11th and the weather is usually picture perfect that time of year, maybe a little fog. but similar to to today. you know, just warm and beautiful around the bay. this is a live look from mount tam a pious. always a beautiful shot there chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here talking about project so far sleet week that's mentioned usually the weather is very nice that time of year. a surprise to
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see that aircraft carrier when i will came into the today. yeah, i think just looking ominous. >> out over the bay right there. you might want to check that out. a nice clear skies out toward the golden gate bridge right now. this that time of year we start to the low clouds and fog start to disappear out of the coast and you get those a beautiful shots out toward the beaches temperatures today right at the average in san francisco, 69 degrees oakland checking in at 75 a warm 84 degrees in san jose that we've got hot inland 95 degrees in livermore 95 and conquer in 91 degrees in santa rosa. the pattern going to start to change a thing for lease today. high pressure will build in overhead. of course. well, to the north now keeping us dry but not going to be that way as we head toward the weekend that will start to dip a little bit back into the bay area. and that's when things could get a little interesting this weekend temperatures for tomorrow. 70 degrees in the mission about 69 downtown san francisco in mild 67 in daly city about 65 degrees in half moon bay about 6 to 7 if a warmer over the hill 79 degrees in san bruno, 78 in millbrae then you head
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further south. you got to make sure some 70's and some 80's. and as you head in the south bay tomorrow should be a nice day, sunny all day long upper 80's in the campbell 85 in san jose about 88 in milpitas those temperatures the 90's again inland. i think we're talking hot weather as you head toward the interior valleys once again about 93 in brentwood, 97 in pittsburgh, 91 in fairfield about 58 degrees much cooler stinson beach and the next few days after tomorrow. but watch as temperatures start to cool off below average as we head toward friday and over the weekend, of our first true cold front of the season. we'll see if it holds together but could bring a slight chance of showers saturday night and into sunday like the sound of that. if you like santa this to brad pitt. brad lee cooper him leonardo dicaprio are. so what brings all the stars together in new york. the last coming u
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my name is on the front. but... i am more proud of the back. siggis: 40% less sugar, and more protein than the leading greek yogurt.
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>> us open was full of thrills and excitement both on and off the court together almost too pretty a list stars to count and entertainment. tonight's kevin frazier all kevin. vicki grant new york was the place to be this weekend is hollywood descended on the u.s. open. >> and give with a meeting of the brat. >> greatness understands greatness. so get pat bradley cooper. you know, these 2 have been longtime friends. remember pitcher gave cooper credit for helping him with his sobriety. brett squared. she had a row with rami malik and his bohemian rhapsody costar joseph trying to play it cool savannah guthrie who
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sat next to putin posted this photo on twitter. >> with the caption. this happened. they all attentively watch. neil medvedev beat novak djokovich who broke down this man in the crowd was always making >> so just yet so much emotion tears leonardo dicaprio witnessed it all from a box with his girlfriend cammy marone. >> not far away. newly engaged kate hudson shared with her fiance. danny future and gayle king who was there all weekend must the swap seats because she was also spotted next to mariska hargitay star-studded residents alec baldwin, ben stiller and who's >> lupita. got in the tennis spirit wearing a bright yellow tracksuit. of course it wouldn't be a new york sporting event without a spike lee sighting. and the stars are still in new york fashion's biggest night. the met gala will have our preview tonight on bet plus, britney's engagement are vma backstage exclusive. it's our season
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premiere from our new stage and it is jam-packed. don't miss it for entertainment tonight. i'm kevin frazier. >> stage and in staff are at the met gala. well, for the bottom works out right photo come for the met catch-all tennis the day before when where you and that wraps up kron 4 news at 5. thanks for being with us this hour. appreciate that. but stick and a lot more news is coming up next on kron, 4 news at 6 happy monday. pam and ken. all right. grant vicki, thanks to you both. can and i coming right up and at 6 o'clock tonight as covid continues to spread in the economy remains open. get ready to show proof of covid vaccination in more situations. >> the new rules going into effect at chase center and why a negative covid test will not be accepted for those eligible to get a shot crucial campaigning across california on the eve of the recall election is down to the wire for those looking to unseat. >> governor gavin newsome as he teams up with president biden for a rally tonight in southern california. i'm ken
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wayne. i'm pam moore. the news at 6 is next.
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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron 4 news at 6.
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>> indoors is a perfect place for a super spreading event to occur. >> chase center is the latest venue to change its requirements for employees and guests entering the venue in an attempt to keep people safe. but how are the people they're trying to protect responding. >> so much is at stake californians have reached their tipping point for whirlwind. i mean, it's a lot different in 2003. >> and we're a little over 12 hours away from polls opening across the state in the recall election. we have team coverage all night long. good evening and welcome to kron. 4 news at 6 i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne, that's not all are also heading to sacramento or president biden surveyed the destruction left behind by the caldor fire. but we begin with our covid coverage. the city of san francisco's vaccination requirements for mega events. those of a 1000 people or more. >> been in place for almost a month. there have been some exceptions to those rules. but that all goes away this week. wound force tanker men live at the chase center with the details.


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