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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  September 14, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> patients began. the san francisco giants heading back to the playoffs for the first time in 5 years. we're going to show you how they got there. >> the eyes nation on californian. because a decision you're about to make. going to reverberate around the nation. >> the ballots are being cast as governor newsom's job is on the line in the recall election today we have live team coverage with everything you need to know. >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 6. >> so the giants clinched the question is will the governor. >> and that's see california voters are deciding today. i'm darya folsom. i'm noelle bellow in for james fletcher this morning. want to start off with a check of your weather and traffic nice and clear morning today, clear and just kind of get through another kind of hot one today. john. yeah, the last one and then we're smooth sailing for the rest of the forecast as
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far as temperatures go with that nice cool down, setting up across the bay area and outside. look this morning does show some clear conditions out there. your view of the coit tower. it's certainly nice and fog free this morning. there's some cloud cover right up above us at the coast and then right around san jose we've also seen some lower visibility pockets for some fog. most of us, though, are good to go as far as visibility goes. >> 50's 60's for a lot of the bay area right now. a few 40's in the north bay for petaluma and santa rosa specially cool for you. i've got the rest of your forecast on this hot afternoon and the cool rest of your week. still ahead, tom, thank you for that. well, the last hour the issue was on the richmond. sandra fell bridge. now it's on the bay ridge. we do have an accident. >> right near the tolls. westbound. so again, we're looking at the drive times. but you can see they have turned the mirror lights on because of that accident on the bay bridge. now we'll keep a close eye to see those drive times go up for you right now. it's a little under 12 minutes. the san mateo bridge across towards the peninsula. no issues all morning. a
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little under 13 for you to make that drive. we have a stalled vehicle on the richmond. sandra fell bridge took us up to about 11 minutes slow traffic down just a tad bit. they were able to move that car off of the bridge. now we're back down other 9 and check on the south bay for you along one o one of traveling towards middle park about 30 minutes. noel and daria, back to you. >> thanks a to and from 4. is your local election headquarters in today's a big day. >> polls open an hour from now in the recall election. governor newsom's job on the line as people are casting their ballots. kron four's will tran joining us live now from the elections office in contra, costa county with a little bit more detail. good morning. well. >> well, you can see there's a worker heading in right now. so even before the polls open in less than an hour from now. there are people mobilizing because for all intents purpose is for them. this feels like the presidential election. same process. they have to count the ballots. they have to verify lots going on and there's a ballot box
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right behind me. in fact, we saw a couple of people already drive up and drop off their ballots as opposed to mailing it. a few weeks ago. i can tell you i mailed mine about 3 weeks ago walked around with the i voted stickers. so my job is done for a lot of people. their jobs are still today, which is why those polling places are open filled with workers unfilled, with ballot boxes waiting for you to go up there and make your vote be known as far as what's going on. if you do want to vote in person. here's what you need to know. they open up at 7 o'clock this morning and they will not shut down until 8 o'clock tonight. you can mail your ballot, but you have to make sure that it is postmarked. you have to literally stand in line. you can drop it off at the mailbox. you have to stand in line. have the worker stamp it with today's date because if it does not have today's date. it will not be counted. make sure that you go to places
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that are certified as far as the polling places that you can register. if you have not done that already. you want to drop it off. if you do want to go to this polling places and drop off your ballot, but make sure you do it before. 8 o'clock at night. they will not accept your ballot at 8. '01, 8. '02, no excuses, 8 o'clock is your cut off time if you don't want to go to the post office and if you have any problems, the state stepped up and they have a hotline in place for you just in case there are some last minute questions that you need answered the phone numbers right on your screen. and that's 1 800, 3, 4, 5, 8, 6, 8, 3, as far as the polling places they are available we will be there in one hour from now to talk to some of the workers. keep in mind that you have a few choices for democrats. it's either yes or no. as far as recall of governor gavin newsom. and if you're against it, obviously
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you have so many choices. and from what i understand, noel and urrea the choices range from a hairdresser to a pet groomer to an accountant to larry elder. he's the front runner as far as the republicans are concerned. so you have dozens of choices, not a boring day in california and believe me, the entire country is watching this because they want to see what happens. so the governor is saying this. it's a national election where larry elder is saying this is a statewide election. i love covering this very excited to see the results. and of course kron 4 will have you covered throughout the day. >> back to you. all right. thanks a lot. well. >> continuing. our team coverage this morning. president biden, of course, helped governor newsom make that last minute push to get people to vote no here in the state. and while that was happening in republican front runner. larry elder was holding his own rally to get out. the message. sarah stinson is live in the newsroom. >> with more. hi, sara. that was right. it's not going to
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be a slow day in california after weeks of political ads and rallies from both. >> governor newsome and republican front runner. larry elder. today's the day. the 2 spent the final hours before election day in different parts of southern california trying to win over voters. president joe biden came to california yesterday to rally behind the governor. you can see the 2 standing on stage together side by side at a rally in beach. so far, every poll that has come out shows majority of voters do not want to recall governor newsom even so, he's not taking any chances. we've seen that the last couple of weeks on stage, the president by there's biden and the and the governor newsome. they were drawing comparisons between elder and the trump administration. >> we says his solution to is
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more oil drilling off the >> this year. lady republican running for governor. is the closest thing. to trump. cologne that i've ever seen in years not really he's leading the other team. he's a clone. of donald trump. can you imagine and being governor of the state. >> larry elder also held last minute rallies in southern california and he seemed very confident in winning this recall election. if he does win the republican who could be the state's first black
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governor elder criticize newsom's job as governor and also brought up the topic of climate change. so we've got rising crime. >> rising homelessness and outrage is rising cost of living declining public school standards. we now have 5 seasons here in california. the 5th one is the fire season. and that's because of the poor management of our force. given this was a lame duck like change, climate change from what i can do is really do with it. >> elder is one of 46 candidates looking to take governor newsom's job. newsome is the 4th governor in u.s. history and second in california history to face a recall. but tonight we will see if this recall fails or not. so get out there and cast your vote if you haven't done so already, get one of the stickers that says i voted and do it proudly for now reporting live in the newsroom. sara stinson. >> back to you. all right. thanks a lot, sarah.
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>> house speaker nancy pelosi was joined by san francisco. mayor london breed at manny's and the mission district last night. they thanked volunteers who have been working at a phone bank to get support for a no vote in the recall race during her stop in san francisco. pelosi said newsom has been a leader in climate change education programs for small businesses and led the state during the pandemic. pelosi. also discussed claims made by republicans about possible irregularities with the election. meanwhile, mayor breed says millions spent on the recall could be put to better use in helping communities recover from the pandemic. >> the it they always like to project and bad things. they would do onto others as they have been a party of shenanigans that have been very dangerous to our country, to our democracy. so the only projecting their own bedding tensions on to others. this we didn't put the recall on the ballot. they didn't.
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>> sadly this recall has been a distraction. it has been a expensive distraction. when you think of over 200 million, almost 300 million dollars spent on a recall effort which could go to invest in our small businesses in our need for housing in our kids and all the things that we need to do this is unbelievable. but you know what the have that hasn't stopped this governor. >> speaker both the speaker and mayor called the recall election a referendum on liberties and choices available to californians. now they said removing governor newsom from office would jeopardize progress made so far. of course, we're going to continue to have full team coverage. this election night. it all starts at 05:00pm goes until 1130 this evening. our crews are going to be all over the state. we'll also have a special edition of inside bay area politics with our panel of political experts. be sure to look for our live reports
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from candidate headquarters all across california. again. that's all starts tonight at 05:00pm. >> saw a sign clinch get ready for another orange october. the san francisco giants back in the playoffs. the giants celebrating on the field there. >> after they defeated the san diego padres last night at oracle and there they don, their playoff t shirts. they are the first team to clinch a playoff spot this year and i feel like i dropped the ball. here's the team photo when everybody proud and wearing their champagne goggles will get to the locker room in a minute. the giants now have 94 winds with 18 games left to play and they're guaranteed to win at least one of the 2 national league wild card spots. but of course, we want more. we want more were still 2 and a half up on the dodgers
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and hoping to win. let's get the highlights now of this game that put us there. bottom of the first evan longoria with a three-run homer to give the giants a 5 run lead and the crowd goes wild. and that was just the beginning for thing. brandon belt hit his 24th home run of the season and the lead is even bigger. and by the time the done, the giants easily win 9 to one and they've now won 8 in a row. they are headed back to the playoffs for the first time since 2016. all right. now let's go to the locker room and check out the party here's video four's kylen mills got in there and i'm sure that she was sprayed by some of the champagne and beer that was flying as the guys were jumping for joy. champagne shower. all right. hey, still ahead, if you want to watch some basketball, you're going to need to prove your vaccinated. we're talking about the new rules at the chase center. >> coming up next. plus, there's a new police chief in
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walnut creek care about the issues he plans to address in issues he plans to address in the coming months ♪ ♪ ♪ issues he plans to address in the coming months ♪ ♪ ♪ deposit, plan and pay with easy tools from chase. simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours.
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>> 6.50, right now and we're checking out the weather. did you make 3 yesterday ok as far as the heat goes, i did i actually sat out and kind of tried to get a little bit more sun because i feel like, you know, it is san francisco summer at this point. joy is lying to get all of the heat that we can we cool down squeeze out every bit of the warm weather before the winter
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it comes and last. we didn't have a we have any rain. i'm open, >> you know what, if we get an early winter this year. i'd be ok with that. sacrifice the sunshine for it because we certainly do need it. we're looking outside of some conditions this morning that are going to offer up a lot more that sun. so maybe squeeze a little bit more of that out, noel, because it is going to be another gorgeous one with that sunshine in full force. maybe a little too much full force for those inland spots as daytime highs will rise into the 90's. you outside this morning. there's your berkeley hills view. you can see san francisco in the distance. we have a blanket of low lying clouds hasn't resulted in low visibility, though visible visibility spots in the south bay. but elsewhere across the bay area. you're doing just fine as that goes. let's see the big picture set up here. we're still in the midst of this high-pressure ridge. but we're about to see a dip in the jet stream working its way. our direction come the weekend, especially this is already going to result in a cool down into tomorrow, but a further cool down after that point by
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the time we reach friday areas like the pacific northwest tapping into some rainfall on into early saturday. this line of showers moves into the northern part of the state. this is super good news for any wildfires burning in the north coast and the southern cascades as this is a little bit of rainfall. that's just going to help that situation out. unfortunately, it really does look to lose steam before it reaches much of the bay area. but you could see a few isolated sprinkles late in the day on saturday into early sunday. let's hope we just get some energy from this that makes its way to the bay and actually does give us a good dose of much needed moisture again, that saturday night into sunday morning. as for air quality today is going to be another hazy. one blame the high pressure for that. keeping pollutants trapped here in the bay. that's going to be a lot of moderate air quality come the afternoon 60's 70's for sf today. 60's at the coastline and then looking at a range of 70's to 80's right along the bayshore sound familiar because it is it was the same yesterday. we're even a little bit warmer for a couple of spots like along the east bay shoreline.
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we're fremont on up to castro valley in the 80's. we've got solid 90's from the tri valley through concord oakland at 75 today and your same spot in the triple digits this afternoon that will be vacaville at one. '03. santa rosa down through center fell each in the 80's. a look ahead next 7 days looking so much better after today. temperatures fall into the 80's on average inland tomorrow and further fall into the low 80's by thursday through sunday. really nice finish the week. again, i want to note that slight chance of north bay showers on into the latter part of the day on saturday. reyna tom, thank you for that. so you have an accident here on the bay bridge right near the toll. so 80 westbound. it looks like they might be doing a good job. >> again that removed from the bridge, although they had to turn the meteor lights on for that. in addition, that traffic has been building but still a little under 13 minutes for your drive time and drive times. not gone up significantly in the last 25 minutes since that accident has been there heading across
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towards the peninsula. little under 14 minutes, no accidents or track. we started our morning off with a traffic hazard along 5.80 westbound here on the richmond. sandra fell bridge that slows down a bit. they were able to move that vehicle. now we're back down to under 8. so things are moving along nicely. look at that. still in the green along one. oh, one, about 30 minutes traveling towards menlo park. 2 8085 to all looking nice at this hour to 37 as well. we'll have more on that coming up. the noel and aria. back to you. thanks a lot. right. 6.19 in the east. a more violence police in oakland when to the scenes of 3 shootings that left at least 2 people dead. the first one was around 3 o'clock in the afternoon yesterday on 68th avenue in east oakland. police found 2 victims there who had been shot. they died at the scene. then shortly after that 3.30, the u.s. marshals task force was serving a criminal arrest warrant on fruitvale avenue. and there was a shooting that broke out at least one officer was involved. and there was a
6:20 am
3rd shooting around 5 o'clock in the evening on east 12th street. that's just a few blocks away from the fruitvale bart station. officers say there were 3 victims in that shooting and one is in critical condition. we do not know if there are any parallels are connections between any of these shootings. a recent rise in crime led to some new policies in walnut creek meanwhile, and people now have the chance to meet the city's new police chief face to face kron four's. dan thorn was there. he explains what? >> chief jaime knocks hopes to accomplish. >> there's a new top cop in walnut creek chief jaime knox has been on the job for just 6 weeks and the city is already keeping him busy. recent nightlife related crimes such as the shooting downtown have forced his department to beef up patrols and he wants residents to know that safety is a top priority some to be said about a high visibility policing and we want our residents to feel safe. but we also want people to know that are coming into the city from the outside that we're not going to tolerate crime in our
6:21 am
city. knox also plans to make community outreach and diversity. a big part of the department's approach to policing monday night. meet and greet allowed people in the community to talk to the chief and some of the other men and women behind the badge. i the police department should do this. and i'd like to see walnut creek may be a yearly said like to see more people get out really interact with their office. the walnut creek police department has had some issues over the last few years. >> one such issue was the killing of miles hall in 2019. the 23 year-old was shot to death by officers while suffering a mental health crisis officers say they feared for their lives when hall approached them with a gardening tool. the city later paid the family. 4 million dollars in a settlement. but the officers were not charged by the district attorney chief knox wants his department to learn from these tragic cases. it was a tragedy for sure. for everybody involved and my heart goes out to my hope miles hole's family. >> and my hope is that something like that never happens again. you know what
6:22 am
we're we're trying to do is learn from every incident that we can and just do a better job. >> for knox doing a better job. also involves changing with the times policing has evolved over the last a decade. for the but there's still a lot of work to do. my commitment right now is just to build those relationships. >> and to make sure that we can keep moving forward as a progressive police department reporting in walnut creek. dan thorn. >> kron 4 news. >> the apps that can solve complex math problems just by snapping a picture and even explain the process. i'm rich demuro that's coming up in tech. smart.
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>> i can use >> up next to the kron 4 morning news the votes are being counted and governor newsom's recall election. what to look for tonight as those results come rolling in.
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>> 6.29 right now. and take a look at the puffy clouds and there was a beautiful sunrise up top. we like it. very nice. yeah. beautiful drive in for folks there on the bay bridge this morning. and we're going to have another hot day. if
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you like the heat. i think it's the last one, john says this is the last hot one before gave the face down. you give have a working outdoors working out outdoors type of the day. do you actually enjoyed it yesterday. i wasn't working out. all right. work out in day. it's a if you don't move. it's ok, right. exactly. just like the sun beating down on wedding. start no good i agree it was a little toasty yesterday. if you're chilling in the sunshine, it does feel pretty good for a few minutes before you head back into in ac. well, excuse me. we are looking at conditions at coit tower on the cloudy side this thankfully made it through that we are going to be looking at some low gray hanging out near the coastline through the course of your morning. but that is not going to last and you will have some good sunshine come the afternoon as for temperatures right now. it's nice and comfortable 50's and 60's
6:31 am
oakland berkeley and san francisco each right at 55 degrees. brentwood and pittsburgh. some of our warmer spots at 63 note, the north bay pretty chilly up there actually, to get the morning started nevado petaluma and santa rosa beach in the 40's. you're going to see more and more of those 40's especially for inland areas as we get later in the year, those evenings get longer. >> i'm talking that cool down that we're all talking about. still to come, the rest of your forecast. john, thanks for that. so if you are taking bart, we have a note for you. bart trains are not stopping at pleasant. he'll do to a pg and e. >> power outage. so that's the know they have. we have no undetermined amount of time when they're going to get that back up and running and the trains are going to be stopping. but as of right now, bart trains are not stopping at the pleasant hill station. we had an earlier accident on the bay bridge right near the tolls. and again, they were able to get that cleared. but you can see they have to turn the meteor lights on because of that. so traffic while looks like we're seeing delays it's still under 13 minutes. what you do finally reach the
6:32 am
maze headed across towards the peninsula. little under 14 minutes, no major issues. the of the richmond, sandra fell commute looking nice and light for us a little under 9 minutes in the south bay not tracking any major issues about 30 minutes as you're heading in the park and highway 4 for you, a little under 40 minutes as you're traveling to conquer to 42 well and daria, back to you. >> 6.32 and is your local election headquarters and the whole country has its eyes on california where just 30 minutes away from the polls opening for the recall election to see if governor newsom keeps his job, john fidelio takes a look everything we need to know as we await the election results. >> california's recall election boils down to 2 simple questions shall the governor be recalled yes or no. wants to you to vote no. the recall proponents want you to vote yes. >> then you ask the second question, if the recall
6:33 am
succeeds who would you like to see as governor. and there you have 46 names efforts to recall governor newsome began shortly after he took office. his opponents have long targeted his policies on crime homelessness and immigration just to name a few. >> but once the pandemic hit i'm a small business owner. and over the last year i was considered non essential. a shutdown worries. other states. i could have been operating. so i was. excited for the recall and i did a vote to recall newsome implemented. the nation's first statewide stay at home order shuttering businesses and schools all in an effort to combat the spread of covid-19. then after pleading with californians not to travel or gather in groups a maskless governor newsome attended a dinner party at the french laundry with a dozen people from several different households. >> opponents seized on the moment and gathered more than the one 0.5 million signatures needed to force a recall vote, but not all voters want newsome gone.
6:34 am
>> i came out here today because i want california to not have this republican takeover happened. i am disgusted by some of the republican candidates and what's happening our country. so i want to support gavin newsome and i voted no. >> what's going to really determine the fate of the governor is what happens on election day. republicans have become same day voters whereas democrats have become mail in voters. i have no doubt when the first week turns are reported right after 8 o'clock that means some will be way ahead. but you will see as and then drop as more and more elections come he's got to be over 60% in those counts that we first we see. >> continuing our team coverage of the recall this morning. getting a look at the voting process in the bay area. that's will tran is live at the elections office in contra, costa county. he's got a little bit more detail on this. well, what's going on? >> i'm trying to get people to
6:35 am
interview, but they are dropping off their ballots and they're rushing back into their cars and heading into work. so we are already seeing the box is doing what they're supposed to do. get the ballots on day of. so this is an option for you. if you want to do this, a lot of people have already done it by mail. there are workers inside the office right now and they do not officially start until 7 o'clock this morning. they might have received all those ballots, but they do not start counting in till day of his. well, here's what you need to know if you are voting today and you did not drop off in the mail like i did 3 weeks ago. kind of humble brag. but i did it 3 weeks ago when i mailed it off and. well. i agree with you over the weekend. you actually got a text that they received your ballot. but if you want to do it, the traditional way. this is how yet do it. yeah. it's the polling places open up at 7 o'clock in the morning and then they close at 8 o'clock at night. if you are going to the post office. make sure you just don't drop it off in the mailbox that you need a worker
6:36 am
to post market if it's not post market will not be counted as an official ballot. it will be discarded if you are going to a polling place and drop it off. you have to do it. no. later. then 8 o to one that will be disqualified as well. keep in mind that you can register go to a polling place or a political office like that one. right right next to me there. and then register and then you can vote today as well. they will get your information. of course, if you have any questions, you have a hotline at your disposal. and the number is right there on your screen. 1, 800, 3, 4, 5, 8, 6, 8, 3, they've been talking about this. obviously for months. there's a lot of as far as the candidates as far as the democrats. you have one premier choice that one that they are pushing and that is to keep governor gavin newsome in office. it's a no vote on the recall. if you want to keep him in office. and if you want the other candidates, it
6:37 am
ranges from larry elder who is a radio talk show host. you have a pet groomer. you have a hair stylist. you have an accountant. i cover this you around as well. in 2003. i remember the list of candidates including gary coleman at that particular time. so the recall election. not like a presidential election. you can get your name on the ballot quite interesting. kron 4 will have the complete coverage throughout the day and hopefully we won't have to wait a long time to see the results. i'm an impatient guy. hopefully before we go to bed noel and area that will know yes or no on the re. i kind of saying that like a regular election, more like a circus. haha. >> it does feel that way. all right. thanks a lot. we'll and let's continue our team coverage. >> we want to steer you to what's happening tonight at 5 o'clock. our crews all over the state will be live as the results come in. we have a
6:38 am
special edition of inside bay area politics with political experts talking about what's going on. and our live reports from candidate headquarters all over the state. make sure to tune in to kron 00:00am tonight. happening today. solano county supervisors are expected to vote on establishing an indoor mask mandate. solano county is the only bay area without one right now the vote comes after city leaders and delay how and benicia reinstated their own mask mandates which defied the county's mask guidance will see what they vote on today. local hospitals, meanwhile, are gearing up to administer booster shots when the time comes officials at santa clara valley medical center say the booster program will likely follow the initial vaccine rollout. but first priority given to the elderly high-risk individuals and health care workers for everyone else. eligibility will likely be 6 or 8 months from your last shot. doctors say fully vaccinated people still have strong immunity. >> as i've told my own parents, no need to get your blood pressure up about
6:39 am
getting it exactly to the day. >> it's not worth going standing in line all day in the hot sun there will eventually be enough appointments for everyone. there will be new clinics that will open specifically to administer these booster shots. but officials say the mass vaccination sites that we had seen in the early stages of the rollout. >> well, not be returning. >> if you go to the chase center, you want to see a warriors game or something you're going to have to have proof of vaccination. the city health department no longer saying that there's an exemption in the arena by exemption mean you can't test negative and get out of vaccinate coverage kerman has the details. >> beginning wednesday, those attending events at the chase center or other indoor san francisco venues with a 1000 or more spectators must show proof of vaccination to enter. >> there are no exemptions or exceptions to this rule based on the latest guidance. the san francisco public health department has issued so again, all guests who are 12
6:40 am
and over will be required to provide proof of full vaccination city health officials allowed those who had purchased tickets before august 12th to provide proof of negative testing as an alternative to proof of vaccination. >> but that ends this wednesday, an infectious disease. experts say having all fans indoors vaccinated is a smart decision especially with the delta variant circulating. it would have been important any time during this pandemic. >> but then you're talking about delta. twice as transmissible as anything we've dealt with. so i guess we can say that it's doubly important. >> well, the warriors don't return to the chase center until october 6th for a preseason game against the denver nuggets. there are several concerts and other events prior to then beginning with tame impala. this wednesday. well, a photo id along with a photo of the cdc vaxx or state of california qr code will be accepted. the chase center prefers you use the clear health pass.
6:41 am
>> folks can either stand or physical vaccination card directly into the mobile app on clear health pass actually integrate their qr code through the state's registry program and directly into clear and that will make the process for fans entering the building as seamless as possible. you'll show your phone that already has identified identification verification and that should get you straight to the door. those attending mega events who are under 12 and so far can't be vaccinated must provide proof of a negative test given within 72 hours of the event start time. but doctors think allowing unvaccinated youngsters to go to indoor mega events is too risky at this point. the first thing to do is to really think about how critical is it that. >> a child less than 12 can't be vaccine is really partaking in that event. >> so again, beginning wednesday, if you're going to an indoor mega event in san francisco either here at the chase center or another venue.
6:42 am
make sure to bring that proof of vaccination in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> still ahead here, the las vegas raiders playing in front of fans for the first time at their new stadium and they did not disappoint. we have the highlights coming from the raiders reeling victory. and after the break, a bay area food bank in desperate need of volunteers. we've got some details on how you can help and a bit of a grey start, especially closer to the coastline. you can see those low clouds hanging out in some fog hanging out there. >> right around san bruno right now after this morning, a spotty fog skies clear out really nicely, maybe a little too much as we see another hot afternoon ahead of us with highs climbing into the 90's. our last of our hot days in your forecast. >> and we were tracking some issues bar. looks like things are now returning back to normal. we're going to look at our drive times after an earlier accident on the bay bridge slowed us down just a bit. we'll have a look at that once we get back
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>> it's 6.45. and as our parent company next, star's feeding america initiative is part of that here in the bay area kron 4. we're focusing on the good work being done by the alameda county community food bank. that's right. people have relied on its services during the pandemic. but as kron four's phillipe djegal reports. >> the food bank is actually experiencing a shortage of volunteers. there's some concerns, too, that this could
6:46 am
lead to disruptions in food distribution. >> for several months now on every tuesday. this group 17 volunteers donate their time and efforts to the alameda county community food bank in oakland, sorting and packaging. food for more than 400,000 county residents were food and secure and depend on the organizations services. it just make sure soul. bill light and happy. audrey curbow has been showing up since november. you can wake up every day and know that you're doing something that's giving back and helping. >> somebody in problem is the food bank needs more people like archery and liz leads a great place you need to fit. >> 50 people in here and still have plenty room and 50 volunteers would be considered a full shift. but in recent months food bank spokesperson fest says as people have returned to work while their kids have gone back to school volunteer shifts have consistently drawn less than
6:47 am
half of what is needed to keep the operation running smoothly. we're very concerned and without volunteer support the work slows down. we can't get food out the door as fast as we need to. and this group likes to keep things light before break to catch them dancing and having a good time and doing so safely. >> it's understandable some people may be concerned for their health during the pandemic. that offense as protocols are in place to keep everyone healthy. the last thing we want to do >> any issues here. we might have to shut down. so. sanitation distancing it's all been a very stringent part of our operation. i hope we get more volunteers i'm surprised we have so few. hopefully help is on the way in oakland phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> do us a favor right now and scan this qr code that you see on your screen. it will take you straight to our web page where you can get more information on how to donate to the food bank in alameda county. also watch us all month long. we're going to be
6:48 am
highlighting different local organizations making a difference in our community. >> time now 6.47, and we want to take a look at the weather. we have another warm day on tap, but that cool down is coming on at least is >> believe it is going to happen. it's going to happen. today is the last day of the heat tomorrow temperatures cool into the 80's at our warmest for inland areas. and guess what, that's where they're going to stay only getting cooler into the upcoming weekend. so a lot to look forward to in this forecast. even a chance of some light sprinkles for the north bay come the weekend now as far as today goes. yeah, we're still in the midst of the heat. your north calhoun, the weather center forecast is showing some sunshine up above. but there's your low gray that's hanging out across the east bay. this is your berkeley hills for you. a lot of us across the bay are seeing just a thin marine layer. and for san jose has resulted in a few spots of low visibility. same for you around a san bruno out towards daly city to. so just watch a couple of those spots near the coastline. high pressure is still built up across the region. but right behind it,
6:49 am
we eventually do have a descending dip in the jet stream that is going to bring us quiet. the cool down tomorrow. we're already going to see this weakening high and by friday we'll start to see the evidence of the school system pushing in friday night. you'll start to see heavy rainfall across the pacific northwest into early saturday morning. this dips on into the very northern tier of the state. this is great news for our northern neighbors up in areas like humble del norte a siskiyou to hama counties. these areas right here are going to see some valuable rainfall into early hours on saturday. really helping out the dry conditions and fire situation up there. now it does look like the system is going to lose. steam was a little bit of its energy by the time it reaches the north bay a few sprinkles sprinkles possible late in the day on saturday i'd say just keep your fingers crossed that we do see a good push of moisture on into the bay. we'd certainly love to see that although it is looking like just a slight chance of a few showers for north bay neighbors. as for air quality right now. a lot of us are in the green indicating good, but with high pressure in place
6:50 am
sinking still air does mean it's going to be another hazy one. a lot like yesterday was daytime highs today, 60's and 70's for san francisco 60's right along the coastline and then we've got 70's 80's longer bayshore cities foster city right at 80 degrees. same for you in palo alto. mountain view 82 and then you've got sonny bill also 82 little closer to the 90's but still sticking with the 80's and san jose morgan hill. los gatos in saratoga freeman threw castro valley in the 80's while the tri valley through conquered in the 90's san leandro, oakland, berkeley and richmond to really comfortable range of 70's for you 86 and vacaville yet again today are lone spot in the triple digits. much as you were yesterday, tomorrow's highs farther fall into the upper 80's and by thursday, friday and saturday and sunday. it's the low 80's that our warmest again, that slight chance of north bay sprinkles on saturday into early sunday morning aside from tha it's a dry calm and increasingly cool forecast reyna thank you for that. well, good news barred is back to normal. we
6:51 am
were not stopping. >> at the pleasant hill station because there was a pg outage. they've been able to get back get bart back on track. and so now they are going to be stopping at that pleasant hill station. if you're hopping on bar today. >> also heading into the city. der 14 minutes for your drive time right now. we had an earlier accident at the tolls slowed us down just a little bit. they've been able to clear that accident off of the bridge. 5, 1880, moving along pretty nicely as well. the 7 tail bridge heading across towards the peninsula. little under 60 minutes, not seen any hazards this morning here along the richmond, sandra fell bridge. we had a stalled vehicle about 2 hours ago. the air took us up to about 8 minutes now looking wet 13 things are moving along. but again, you've got more traffic starting to bill. and let's leave you with a look at the south bay here about 34 minutes heading towards menlo park to 1885 at 82. no major issues noel and daria, back to you. thanks a lot for a 6.51 and the las vegas raiders kicked off their
6:52 am
season with a big win in front of all their fans on monday night football. >> they were taken on the baltimore ravens and check out the fans for the first time getting to be inside allegiant stadium. the big palace in vegas for the first time. look at that black hole. that's black-white game went to overtime and that's where the raiders defense came up. huge. >> first a lamar jackson fumble. and then the next position. derek carr finds a jones. that's the game winning touchdown. raiders win 33 to 27. here's coach jon gruden. >> they love football. they play for each other. and i think the fans witness at tonight. we've got a lot of young guys really stepped up. but i'm really proud that character. the show. we're down 14 nothing to the ravens and didn't look pretty. didn't look good. but when you can come back and find a way to win against a team like that. that's saying something that's impressive impressive victory like they say here just win, baby. >> the raiders now go to pittsburgh to take on the
6:53 am
steelers on sunday kickoff for that game is 10:00am. 6.52. that game is 10:00am. 6.52. and we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ that game is 10:00am. 6.52. and we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ monitor, check and lock down you money with security from chase. control feels good. chase. make more of what's yours.
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fall together with lowe's. to find great values this season. lowe's. home to any budget. home to any possibility. >> welcome back. 6.55 on this tuesday morning. and the met gala was held last night. i'm always surprised when these events happen. i'm like, oh, i didn't know that was happening probably cause. i wasn't it's too rich for our and alexandria cortez. see made a
6:56 am
statement with her the rich and the poor check it out. she turns around and it says. >> tax the rich. yes, the dress that she wore to an event that was $30,000 a ticket. it's but ironic, but where something like that. well, the point was and i'll give the quote. she says we talk about supporting working families. >> and about having a fair tax code. oftentimes the conversation is happening among working and middle class people on the senate floor. so the idea is she's bringing this message to the rich. but my question is, did she pay for a ticket or did she get excited and was, you know, tonight. i think regardless she's like, look, you know what, i'm going to go to where you are rich people and we're all going to talk about this together. i that was her point. you who was there representing the bay area. steph and curry, steph looking sharp. you should dripping in some jewels there. they were
6:57 am
matching and official dress code this year. was american independence which left plenty of wiggle room. obviously for some interpretation from the guests. it is considered, of course, fashion's biggest night here at the met gala. there couple of fresh faces out there as well. i had to go ahead and give yard shahidi a little spot like there and oh, what you just saw the serena lm step daughter. the idea is you're supposed to be hello and lacking is uk bryant. there's this is her first visit. she was wearing something that anna wintour specifically told her to earth. definitely a piece of art. >> there. if i were worried that i'd say this is >> in the next hour, the kron 4 morning news governor newsom's job. it is on the line today. voters are heading to the polls they open in about 3 minutes. we'll have
6:58 am
full team coverage with everything you need to know before the votes are counted. plus celebrating in san francisco giants. they're headed back to the playoffs for the first time in my name is on the front. but... i am more proud of the back. siggis: 40% less sugar, and more protein than the leading greek yogurt.
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 7.


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