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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  September 14, 2021 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> celebrating in the bay. the san francisco giants heading back to the playoffs for the first time in 5 years. we're going to show you how they got there. >> the eyes of nation on californian. because a decision you're about to make. it's going to reverberate around the nation. >> president biden talking california decides to keep governor newsome. that is the question voters are answering today. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 9. >> a clinches. the giants
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clinched. we'll see if governor newsom we dropped the ball. you know, we should have one orange and black today we should have to celebrate eye and say seem to do celebrating. >> we'll show you that in a little right now, though, we want to get a peek at the weather and traffic is going to warm up today, john. it is the last of the 90 degree days before we start our dip down into the 80's where we're going to spend the rest of the forecast after this point as for today, though, if you like the heat enjoy every minute of it. if you didn't like the heat. well, you heard what i said, it's about to get a lot cooler. >> we are looking at conditions this morning. gray right there at the surface. you can see the low gray that's still hovering right above berkeley. obviously beautiful, sunny skies right above that. and that's what we're going to be tapping into this afternoon. fog cast shows good visibility. so any sort of marine layer that we're seeing is really thin. and for the most part hanging out right above the bay itself. we're back into the 50's and 60's and temperatures are indeed climbing brentwood pittsburgh, fairfield, conquered livermore and dublin
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well into the 60's. now, even oakland right at 63 degrees. reyna. tom, thanks for that. we're starting with the san mateo bridge because we do have a stalled vehicle. >> right there on the eastbound side of 92. but as you can see, traffic is still moving along pretty nicely. a little under 16 minutes as you're heading across towards the peninsula earlier. we have some delays of about 22 minutes, things are looking better. a little under 60 minutes heading into the city. once you finally do reach the maze to that fremont street exit. so again, it's earlier problems that things are starting to return back to normal a little under 11 as you leave out of richmond heading across towards sandra fell and let's head to the south bay to check on things here. we've had accidents and some hazards here about 15 minutes as a traveling towards menlo park along one o one, noel and aria. back to you. thanks a lot of rain. i know. is your local election headquarters in today's a big day. >> the polls opened 2 hours ago and the recall election is on. governor newsom's job on the line as people are heading there to cast their ballots.
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kron four's will tran live the elections office in contra, costa county. he's taking a look at how things are going out there. hey, well. >> it is off to a slow start meeting. a lot of people going to the polling places. a lot of people already have their ballots and they're just dropping off. so this in essence is a little bit more popular than the traditional polling places, right down the street. but you have so many options today. the bottom line is the clock is ticking on you. if you are voting today, if you are going to drop it off. you have until 8 o'clock tonight at the polling to one simply too late for that. you can mail in your ballot make sure that it is postmarked. you can't drop it off in the mailbox because if they receive it and it's not postmarked. it will be disqualified. keep in mind, you still can register to vote today. but you have to go to a polling place on elections office. give them your information and you can go ahead and vote as well. if you
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have any questions, the state has already set up a hotline for you to. get your questions answered. the phone number is 1. 800, 3, 4, 5, >> 8, 6, 8, 3, >> election. this is a very big deal. a lot of people are deciding to go ahead and vote by mail. but here's alina you are stopping by. you're saying you don't trust the system. i don't trust the system. i would prefer to bring my ballot right here to the election office as though. >> the further away you get from the election you don't know what's happening with your ballot. so. yeah, that's why i'm here with a the struggle for you to decide are, you know exactly what you're doing as far as yes or no. >> know what i'm doing. yes. >> okay. very good. we want to ask you that. that's your business between you and your ballot box. a lot of people showing up. go ahead alina. and do that. she was kind enough to. way for us to be to interview her a lot of people are doing that as well. keep
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in mind, the clock is ticking on you again 8 o'clock. tonight is your deadline if you're doino this. no problems, you don't have to get postmarked. alaina had to one of the workers are. can i borrow your pants or do not forget to sign the back of your ballot, whether you drop it off at the mailbox. or at the ballot box. and then on the other side of that fence, you can also drive up and drop off your ballot box, but you need your john hancock. >> back to. all right. they certainly make it easy. i thought, well, lots of options continue our team coverage. president biden did help governor newsom make that last minute push to get people. >> to vote no while he was here in california, the big guns on the eve of the big vote and front runner. larry elder was holding his own rally. meantime, to try to get votes. sarah stinson is live in the newsroom with more on the race. hi, sara. >> that today is the day we've been talking about after weeks of political ads nonstop crowley's. it's really come down to a battle. >> between governor newsome and republican front runner
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larry elder now the 2 spent the final hours before election day in different parts of southern california trying to win over these voters. the people who haven't cast their ballot if their ballots yet. now the governor got support from president joe biden talk about big support in president biden's first presidential visit to california at a rally in long beach. you can see right there on the stage together the president said the entire nation has eyes on this election so far, every poll that has come out so far shows majority of voters do not want to recall governor newsom even so he is not taking any chances on stage. the president and new some drew comparisons between elder larry elder, the top republican candidate and the trump adiinistration. >> all of you know, the last year i got to run against the real donald trump. this year.
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this year, lady republican running for governor. is the closest thing. to trump. cologne that i've ever seen in your really mean it. he's leading the other team. he's a clone. of donald trump. can you imagine and being governor of the state trumpism is still on the ballot in california. and that's why it's so important. >> not just for all of us here. 40 million americans strong in the nation's largest and most populous state, but also to send a statement all across the united states of america. that trumpism has no place here and trumpism will be defeated all across the united states of america. >> because we're better than that.
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>> larry elder also held last minute rallies in southern california and he seemed very confident in winning this recall election. if he does win the republican would be the state's first black governor elder has focused most of his campaign on criticize him criticizing newsom's job handling the pandemic. >> so there's no front where i could think about where this man has done a good job. schools now home says no way. he shut down this state to a point where we've only recovered half a great job. pandemic has voted to theres national average. so please vote to recall this vote yes on the recall. >> elder is one of 46 candidates vying for the governor's seat. newsome is the 4th governor in u.s. history and second in california to face a recall. but tonight we will see for ourselves if this recall fails or succeeds. so get out there in vote. you still have time
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either. if you mailed in your ballot, you get a sticker for going get a sticker, make sure you drop it off and wear it proudly for now reporting live in the newsroom. sara stinson back to you. all right. thanks a lot, sarah. house speaker nancy pelosi was joined by san francisco. mayor london breed at manny's in the mission district last night. they thanked volunteers who have been working at a phone bank to try and get support for a no vote in the recall race during her stop in san francisco. pelosi said newsome has been a leader in climate change in education and programs for small businesses and has led the state during this pandemic. pelosi also discussed. >> claims made by some republicans about possible irregularities with the election. meanwhile, mayor breed talked about how the millions that were spent on this recall could have been put to better use by helping communities recover from the pandemic. >> the it they always like to project and bad things. they would do onto others as they
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have been a party of shenanigans that have been very dangerous to our country, to our democracy. so the only projecting their own bedding tensions on to others. this we didn't put the recall on the ballot. they didn't. >> and sadly this recall has been a distraction. it has been a expensive distraction. when you think of over 200 million, almost 300 million dollars spent on a recall effort, which could go to invest in our small businesses in our need for housing in our kids and all the things that we need to do this is unbelievable. but you know what, the have that hasn't stopped this governor. >> both the speaker and the mayor called the recall election a referendum on liberties and choices available to californians now they said removing governor newsome would jeopardize progress made so far. of course, we're going to continue to have full team coverage all day long. but our
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election night coverage starts at 05:00pm tonight. crews are going to be all over the state as the results come in. we'll have a special edition of inside bay area, politics as well with our panel of political experts. be sure to look for our live reports from candidate headquarters all across the state tonight at kron 4. >> giants. clinched. get ready for another orange october. the san francisco giants back in the playoffs and here they are celebrating on the field after beating the san diego padres last night and getting their playoff t shirts. they are the first team in the mlb to clinch playoff spot this year and afterwards they gathered for a photo on the field. so excited for what is next. the giants have won 94 games. they are just 18 games that they have left to play.
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so they're guaranteed to win at least one of the 2 nl wild card spots. but course they want to win. well, of course, want to beat the dodgers. still 2 and a half games up on that now to win the division. let's go to the highlights. bottom of the first evan longoria with a three-run home run. this gave the giants a 5 one lead. >> wait. there's support that brandon belt hits his 24th home run of the season and that ups the lead and by the time they were done. the giants of run up the score 9 to one and they've now won 8 straight. they are heading back to the playoffs for the first time since 2016. >> and boy, are they happy they got a little carried away in the locker room. as you can see here. >> let the champagne and the beer flow. >> instead of drinking it. they were bathing in it. so is kyle mills, our reporter who actually went in the locker room. i cannot even imagine going in there without goggles and right and flip-flops. by the way, a locker room sort of
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safety precautions look like fun, though, congrats to them. >> if you want watch some basketball. >> to prove you're vaccinated. we're talking about the new rules at chase center next.
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>> 9.15 the time right now. and we are looking at a nice day. another hot one on tap and that the cooldown, our final hot been sitting in the heat for quite some time now. i think the cooldown is going to go in, be really nice for
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us later this week. it's going to like almost to the 80's at some john. yeah, some low 80's for those hot inland areas, a little taste of fall. it feels like i mean, this is the last weekend of summer. >> so i guess it would make sense that we tould start a little transition process out of the season looking out here at the embarcadero. this morning. we do have some sunshine, a little bit of haze noticeable on the horizon line too much like yesterday the high pressure ridge. that's in place is going to keep conditions out there. little on the hazy side now we will remain dry today. and that's actually the case throughout the remainder of your work week. but a dip in the jet stream situated to our north will eventually drop our direction. the potential for some isolated north bay sprinkles by late saturday. you see this energy pushing into the pacific northwest early saturday into northern california resulting in some showers for northern neighbors, losing a little steam as it reaches us. but keep your fingers crossed that we tap into at least a sprinkle or 2 north of the golden gate as far as their quality goes, it's good to moderate across the board. more and more yellow popping up as we work our way through
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the morning and you're going to see a little more moderate into the afternoon. 60's 70's, 80's 90's and not on this map. triple digit in vacaville later on today at one. '03. we'll be looking at daytime highs cooling into the 80's as soon as tomorrow. and even further cooler on into thursday, friday saturday and sunday perfect timing for the weekend. you'll get some good sunshine on friday and a nice way to start the weekend. reyna sounding so that another accident popping up this time and conquer southbound north of willow pass road. so we're seeing a delay along starting to see a lot of improvement. >> along highway 4. let's go to the south bay and check on things. there. 35 minutes as you're heading towards the middle part 2 8085 2.37 starting to clear up from earlier delays and accidents that we had down there heading into the city, little under 16 minutes now things are looking nice. moving a lot quicker along the overpass there. 5, 1880, not seen as many delays. same story for the san mateo bridge up to about 22 minutes earlier. we're seeing a lot of
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slowing along one a one 92 now a little under 14 as you're making your way there. the richmond sandra fell commute a little und%r 10 as you head out of richmond. and let's check on your commute if you're traveling crockett down to the maze. a solid 19 minutes now. well under back to you. winners and losers with our financial expert. rob black. and rob, i know you're going to. >> talk about stocks slipping. >> and you can talk about that. but then what about this hiring frenzy. i mean, i between kohl's and amazon and it's like if you want a job, i guess you can get one pretty easy right now. >> yes, technically, that's called the job openings. and there's a lot of them, especially the restaurant and hotel industry. but stocks are slipping today based on little bit inflation pressure. but like you mentioned, some that inflation pressure, maybe tie towards wages down the road. we have to hire people. amazon's going to hire 125,000 workers for christmas pay $18 an hour. but like you said, albertsons and every local restaurant i run into. they seem to be having hiring
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issues. it's good to be jay z. and it's good to be jeff bezos. they're looking to buy the denver broncos for a cool 4 billion dollars. and i think you'll like this story as new company out strike on to give the craps make biologically or ecologically friendly put paper for instead of bamboo and said about pope from trees that doesn't sound very soft. haha. >> probably better for your pipes, which, you know my kids only get pasco, one fly or and plug in there. >> so that happens, is it just a catchy name or is a really good product. >> you know, it really is. it's millennials care. they give companies and get 50% profits to dirty parts of the world that are unsanitary. so try to put more toilets, more clean water and it's like a warby warby parker gives way prepared loss to be under proposed of the world. every time you buy a pair of losses. and it's it's it's about your daughters. my kids sent and
9:20 am
what they will purchase from. this is a smart business. should have sherman scared way to vent are you sure this is a new company who gives a craft. >> because yes. okay. >> because i remember looking for toilet. paper is a gift. don't ask me why. >> anyway, years ago and they came out with this fun different kinds of toilet. paper was wrapped like things. looked like things and no, not. >> different company. >> make sure you're not remembering something funny. this is it's an austrian company in u.s. history and the venture capital perspective. so it okay. and it's kind of a little thing. >> yeah. well, let's let's go lower than millennials. what what's going on with teens and facebook instagram which facebook owns. i just took a deep dive into this whole thing. you're going to talk about. i was like horrified that facebook knows that instagram is basically making, especially teenage girls want to kill themselves.
9:21 am
>> it's a pretty alarming to wall street journal piece. that was a very long read. i hope we got to read through it basically for facebook as internal documents that say instagram is toxic for teenagers. 13% british teen 6% of us said they feel more suicidal tied towards instagram. 32% of girls have body issues that are made worse because of instagram of course. what does facebook want to do. they want to start scam for people under the age of 13 because 40% of their audience on instagram is 22 years or younger say constantly have to be feed that pipeline of people getting used to it as a father. this is it feels like it's not in my home. but i don't know apparently it is, it is. and if in less you're telling your kids that they're not allowed to use. it. is your home. >> i i get it's just something i've never run across. maybe i'm just a naive this is
9:22 am
facebook is congress is going to report like this and they're going to take action. and i i wanted to do something i can do nothing about it. i was rage when i read. okay. i also is very excited to create taco bell. has this new deal. so how many tacos can you eat now with the new deal ticket subscription you pay by the month cast say something tells me james is on his way to arizona because taco bell has unleashed if you well, the taco lovers pass at 5 for $5. it's just a trial. and arizona right now. but you get the country, the spicy potato soft soft crunchy supreme. is like a security talker supreme you can get one taco a day. it has to be done through their apps. you can't really cheap. it's $5 a month. >> but it's part of the subscription economy, daryn, like we've got subscriptions to amazon for delivery. we have netflix for tv and content. we've got subscriptions for music with spotify wall street loves a good business model. it's tied towards subscription panera dead, $9 a month for one cup of coffee a day. massive
9:23 am
success. she portrays got 20 million. subscribers to bonus perks. it's just you have to have a subscription model at this point in time and or big rewards program to get people coming back on a regular basis. well, i would go back 5 bucks. amini dollars tacos is worth a lot more. >> and then i could to the gym, you know, subscription to lose all the way. >> thank you so much it like to has brought a question about a story or you want him to do a story go to an e-mail that rob black or you can him on facebook or twitter will be right back. 9.25 right now.
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and if you want to go into the chase center for words game or any other big event. turns out now you're going to have to be fully starting tomorrow. the city health department no longer allowing vaccination exemptions for events with 1000 or more spectators at the chase center for this tremendo. you could have a negative covid test, but they're not going to accept those anymore. you have to be fully vaccinated and infectious disease. experts say it's a smart decision considering the delta variant is circulating. >> it would have been important any time during this pandemic. but then you're talking about delta. twice as transmissible as anything we've dealt with. so i guess we could say that it's doubly important. there are no exemptions or exceptions to this rule based on the latest guidance, the san francisco
9:27 am
public health department has issued so. >> again, all guests who are 12 and over will be required to provide proof of full vaccination and you might be thinking what about the kids? well, as you know, right now, kids that are 12 and under the can't get vaccinated. yet. maybe the end of october, but for for big events to get in. they still have to show a negative covid test. >> that has to be 72 hours ahead of start time. all right. coming up next here on the cover of morning news votes are being counted and governor newsom's recall election. we're going to talk to a local political science professor about what we can expect. stick with
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>> 9.30 right now and there's the sunshine and quite i'd like to just know it's there. makes me feel still there. a little bit of wind. i can see in the corner there that tree is kin of blow in just a tad in the win, but it's cleared up pretty good from earlier this morning. not to be heating up, john, it is cleared that that's the way it works. that sun really beams out in full force. you know, it's going to be a hot day ahead. >> we did see a very thin veil of marine layer this morning. that was going to take no time to burn off. and that was certainly the case. you can see outside from your berkeley hills cam, a very similar view that burn off is occurring. you're getting a view of
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berkeley down below. and just that very thin marine layer sitting right above parts of the bay area visibility is just fine and temperatures. they are on the rise. brett, what you're at 73 now pittsburgh right at 70 degrees in fairfield at 72. it's not going to take long for some 80's 90's and for vacaville anyways, the triple digits, a pop up, a little more comfortable towards the coast in the bay as you'd expect and then a whole lot more comfortable for all of us and the rest of your forecast after today. reyna john, thanks for that. let's get a look at your tuesday morning commute. we have an accident up in concord. >> 6 city southbound north of willow pass road. so we're seeing some delays highway 4 looking much better at this time. it was at the start of the day, a little under 60 minutes traveling into the city from the maze 2 that fremont street exit. so again, we're up to about 22 minutes. no major delays there. no major issues along the san mateo bridge a little under 14 as you're traveling across towards the peninsula. the richmond sandra fell bridge a little under 9 for your drive time and the golden gate bridge. a lot of fog definitely want to take your time. were little slow about
9:32 am
28 minutes heading into the city. well, and are back to you. thanks right. >> is your local election headquarters and polls are open now and will stay open until 8 o'clock tonight for the recall voters are deciding whether or not to keep governor newsom and officer replace him. and joining us now to talk more about this process doctor dan healy, a political science professor at csu east bay. good morning. good morning. how are you? will live great. but it seems like the system is a little whacked can you explain to how and why. >> this works, where a sitting governor needs more than 50% to win, but a challenger to its like nothing. i mean, you know, 6% or whatever. doesn't that. >> it is a very confusing process and it is one of the stalwarts of a california democracy where we allow voters to have a recall election and this is something that the democrat party has really been looking into is
9:33 am
too try to reform the we the recall process. it is too easy to remove the governor from office. you do. you do not need a reason at all. so that's one of the changes that they are proposing to make another one is that the winner needs a majority rather than a plurality to win. so those are some changes that may be on the horizon after this recall election. his we called this is the 6 6 time that governor governor newsome has been. have has had a recall against him. so it is much too easy of a process and it is something that we are looking to. the democratic party is looking to reform in the future. it's much too easy to get there. and then also once you do get here, the ballot. a lot of people having questions about do i have to answer that second question. if i vote no on the recall. do i have to answer that second question or not. you don't have to write. >> you do not have to your
9:34 am
vote. still matters, but there are 2 questions that people should be aware of on the ballot. the first one is do you want governor newsom to be recalled and that's a yes or no question. the second. the second the second question is who to vote for. and you put that ballot over and there's going to be a list of names. and if you're unclear on who to vote for. it might be a good idea. to vote for to have a write in candidate governor alaina, a lock who has already been voted in california. so that is an option. also it is to do a write in candidate, but if you do not answer that second question your vote still counts because we need more candidates. >> look now what it what it comes to. i mean, there's really only one candidate that stands out. >> who is a contender of any kind. as larry elder. >> so i want to ask you about his what he's putting forward before the election even has
9:35 am
happened and he's hinting that there could be fraught. he's already taken a, you know, a play out of donald trump's book and he say he just pointed yesterday he said i think it was shenanigans with the last election. i think the same thing could happen here. so why would he say that. you call into question a process that he's hoping to win. >> i think that he is setting himself up for a lost art by himself up. but he has already said that he is planning on filing lawsuits. if election is close, then we can definitely count on having a boat. we count and lawsuits happening. so i think he is setting the stage up for that, that this is voter fraud. i also think that this the claims of voter fraud are some is something that the republican party has used to try to mobilize their base. another option is that because of the pandemic we have been able to mail in ballots and
9:36 am
that has been something that republicans have said has hurt them again, plan to avert a fraud. so. in doing and calling about and calling election fraud. he's really setting the stage up or lawsuits boat. we count and just drawing out this recall election more than is necessary. i got to tell you, though, they're not kidding when it comes to mail in ballots. they right. because my son, you know, young people when you first learn to sign your name. you might do one way. >> and then he sent in the bell and they kicked it back. i got a last are done at this as future did not match. so they they do have a system in place. would you consider this a safe and legal and good election in california. what we've got going on. >> oh, absolutely. as you they do check this signature ballot. they checked. the signature on the ballot against one they are really
9:37 am
scrutinizing like the way that ballots are counted and the register's office has done an excellent job and there hasn't really been any ballot claims of voter fraud. >> you are saying if larry elder does go ahead and try and challenge all of this. it would kind of extended the the point at which we can say, ok peers who are governor is. do you think we'll have enough of a definitive answer tonight to know. that is it. >> and that's what question and it's really hard to tell mail in ballots and that is expected to be a surge in people who are going to vote in person and then there's also provisional if your sitting at home right now. oh, shoot, i forgot register to vote. you can still there are places that you have same day can build in a provisional ballot. so all of that kind of puts into play of like how long is this process going to happen. it it needs to be certified by october 22nd. so that's the latest state. and we'll just have to with its
9:38 am
called as far as what the margins are. a bit in the meantime, so newsom's the governor. i mean, right. i guess, larry elder shelves doesn't really matter, doesn't change anything because it will be like, well, on the governor and police say i'm not. so then the year runs out news. the governor versus let's say elder one and newsome filed the lawsuit that what would happen. >> then would he stay in while they're figuring that out or would elder suddenly step up. and what happened there. oh, that's a great question. also and i that i can't even give you a definitive answer because that is that system or not going to lined out. stay tuned. we'll all be learning along to get the bank you so much, doctor dan healy, csu east bay. appreciate it. this is a work in progress. so that's why you got to watch the kron 4 news. yeah. i starting at 5 o'clock. we had our special coverage crews all over the state giving a live shots from political experts to the candidates and at their
9:39 am
headquarters everything else you can count on us. and we have a special inside very of politics. a look with experts. >> as well. so we'll have our bay area angle on this too. start watching kron 4 at 5 o'clock tonight. ♪ ♪ fall together with lowe's. to find great values this season. lowe's. home to any budget. home to any possibility.
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>> 9.41 on this tuesday morning in local hospitals are gearing up to administer booster shots when the time comes officials at santa clara valley medical center say the booster program there is
9:42 am
likely going to follow the initial vaccine rollout with first priority given to the elderly, the high-risk individuals and our healthcare workers. everyone else eligibility is likely going to be 6 to 8 months from when you got your last shot. doctors say fully vaccinated. people still have strong immunity. >> as i've told my own parents, no need to get your blood pressure up about getting it exactly to the day. >> it's not worth going standing in line all day in the hot sun there will eventually be enough appointments for everyone. >> there's going to be new clinics open specifically to administer these booster shots. but officials say all those big mass vaccination sites that we have seen from the early stages of vaccine rollout. those will not be returning. stay with us. cover morning news continues after the break. 45 we're just about
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done with the finest hour it's going to be a pretty fine day. i would say john. >> yeah, the wise. yes. if you liked yesterday, they will be very fine. but if you didn't like yesterday, that is going for tomorrow. and that's when the cooler temperatures get here. >> it is a beautiful sunny one out there of love. this view from san jose throughout the course of the morning you nor cal the weather center. forecast is going to show of this into the afternoon. so
9:46 am
maybe catch some sun. and if you don't mind the 90's, get out there and enjoy it. but stay hydrated you some sunscreen looking out in the distance is pretty easy to spot that right along the horizon line. it is going to be yet another hazy, one high pressure is in place and that's going to keep a lot of the pollutants that we put up during our morning commute right here in the bay area. high pressure is going to sit with us today. but weakening into tomorrow. and after that further exiting the region as a cold front presses in this means temperatures are going to continue to drop for the rest of the week. we actually see along with it a chance of some rainfall that it's going to be very heavy across the pacific northwest starting to lose to steam as it crosses into california line of showers moving into northern tier of the state on into saturday evening and then nothing more than some spots of sprinkles, really in the north bay. by the time we reach late saturday night into early sunday morning. it is nice to see that potential though any sort of rainfall potential late saturday night will stay north of the golden gate as for today, air
9:47 am
mentioned it being a little hazy. good to moderate for now more and more of that moderate into the latter part of the day. 60's 70's for san francisco today. 60's right along the coastline and then 70's 80's along the bay shore burlingame 81 degrees. san carlos redwood city each 84 south bay temperatures in the low mid to upper 80's for your highs. east bay numbers will vary pretty widely from the 70's in areas like oakland to the 90's and the tri valley on up through conquered. so if you are in oakland, i just want to stay in your backyard today because you've got some of the best weather in the bay vacaville at one o 3. our hottest spot today while santa rosa down through center fell each in the 80's. here's your look ahead at the next 7 days in the cooler temperatures that i'm talking about from the 90's at our hottest today to the 80's tomorrow and then those really cool 80's come thursday friday, saturday and sunday and that slight chance of showers late saturday into sunday morning for the north bay reyna. john, thank you for that. we're seeing a lot of
9:48 am
improvement, but we still have some issues out there like out in petaluma. >> you have an accident. northbound one. oh, one north of east washington street slowing things down a bit. you also have a traffic hazard along with the spill eastbound highway 12 out and kelly road in napa. so again, things are pretty slow there as you're heading into the city right now. little under 17 not incredibly light, not what you hit the may's it will take you just a little under 18 to make that drive under 13 minutes as you head across towards the peninsula there. so we are much lower up to about 22 minutes. we had delays along 92 the richmond sandra fell commute. as you travel out of richmond down to under 8 minutes. and let's look at the golden gate bridge as you're heading into the city. now at 24 so fog. see. want to take your time as you're driving noel and aria. back to you. i'm want to give you the latest on the wildfires, the caldor fire in el dorado county near south lake tahoe has destroyed now more than a 1000. >> homes and other buildings since it sparked about a month ago. more than 219,000 acres
9:49 am
total have burned so far containment is at 68% and the dixie fire, which is now closer to a million acres. it's 960,000 acres. 75% contained. it has burned more than 1300 homes and other structures. and this is the one that set burning outside of chico. the weather humidity are helping a little bit so they're doing what they can to make progress on that fire. >> meanwhile, a pg, any worker actually spent 2 hours in federal court fielding questions about whether the utility could have turned off the electricity sooner on a power line suspected of sparking the dixie fire. the questioning all happened on monday before a federal judge who's also overseeing pg, e's criminal probation after the utilities gas lines blew up a part of a san bruno neighborhood back in 2010, the judge is going to decide whether or not he should impose more stringent conditions on pg any before
9:50 am
his authority expires in january. the utility says it does share the judges concern for safety. and in response to wildfires in california. the president is pushing congress to pass more. >> initiatives to try to combat climate change. that's right. president biden was in sacramento yesterday. he got an update on the fires here in our state. raquel martin has a little bit more on that. >> president biden is visiting both states not only to assess the damage by these fires, but also deliver a message he says given recent natural disasters not only in the west there across the country. it's clear congress needs to take action and pass climate initiatives. >> 5.4 million acres that's larger than the entire state of new jersey. president joe biden says it's time to take bold action to address the climate change contributing to increasingly aggressive wildfires in the west reality is we have you get worse.
9:51 am
monday, president biden met at the national interagency fire center to survey some of the damage caused 22 fires currently burning in idaho and explained how his build back better plan could help 14 billion dollars for disaster could be 9 billion dollars for communities hit. >> while fire and drought have passed the bill also aims to cut greenhouse emissions in half by 2030. but back on capitol hill, republicans are still reeling again to the massive spending should be called build more inflation act at a hearing monday. republicans argue the plan costs too much and includes a harmful policies. this is a big introduction of the renewed deal kansas republican senator roger marshall calls the package a trojan horse. it will create social injustices will double the price of utilities home. but senate majority leader chuck schumer says the country must address the growing crisis after yet
9:52 am
another summer marked by hurricanes floods and wildfires. we cannot hold off on taking action any longer. and after his visit to california, we know president biden is next heading to denver to continue to pitch his plan. >> for now in washington. raquel martin, back to you. >> we do want to remind you september is hunger action month and kron 4 is partnering with feed america to help end food insecurity. scan the qr code that see on your screen. you have more information there on how to donate to local food charities right here. >> in the bay area. we're going continue to highlight local organizations. all month long. stick with us morning news continues after the break.
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>> couple morning news almost over, but they never stop on kron-on. theresa stasi is in the newsroom with a preview. hi, theresa high darya. good morning, everyone. it's election day here in california. by tonight, governor gavin newsome could find out if he stays in office or yes to go away. we'll have team coverage all day long. is about coming in. plus apple is holding a live event in cupertino unveiling a list of new products at 4 this afternoon. i'll be speaking with seen at sea unsure about the upgrades that you might want to consider to say that and that interview and follow us all day long to get real time updates on local and national headlines. grab your phone scan, this qr code and we'll take you that will take you straight to our app store so you can download kron-on for free guy. thanks teresa.
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the vegas raiders kicked off their big season with a big win on monday night football. check out all the fans. their plan, the baltimore ravens and is the first time that fans got to go. it went to overtime. and as for the raiders, defense came up huge force that lamar jackson fumble and then watch this next possession. derek carr finds zay jones. and that is the game winning touchdown raiders win 33 to 27 messed. up next up to go to pittsburgh to play the steelers on sunday kickoff i didn't like seeing the million 2000. some fans. would you guys go. if so, i give you free tickets right now. that's the promise. not enough. you got to have a free hotel room and and >> so as weather going to be today. cooler the see better than vague better. the still warm, still some 90's out
9:57 am
there, but only for one more day guys. look at the rest of the forecast 80's that our warmest and especially cool this weekend. >> great weekend to enjoy and maybe even a couple sprinkles in the north bay on saturday night years always forget. so that will be rain. if i hear something yeah. water falling from the sky. right. that's a fallacy the wendy's new big bacon cheddar is here. because to make new flavors, you have to go above and beyond. unlike some places. wendy's put cheddar on the bun. what do we got? sesame seeds! yeah! seeds! duh! try wendy's new big bacon cheddar today.
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