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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  September 14, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> now it's 6 voting is under way on this recall election day as californians decide the political fate of governor gavin newsom. the governor is fighting to keep his job as his leading political opponent is he did enough to take it away. good evening, everybody. thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 6. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus panic and will be here later tonight. >> voters have been flooding into the polls all day today making sure their votes are counted and experts say it's going to all come down to turnout. governor newsom is leading in the most recent polls. the latest inside california politics emerson college poll shows 60% of likely voters astor against removing him from office voters were also asked if he is recalled who should replace the governor, conservative radio talk show host larry elder is way out in front when it comes to governor newsom's challengers. he's getting about 30% of those surveyed saying they would pick him and he's followed by john drake. kevin paffrath, kevin faulk there and kevin kiley.
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>> we have live team coverage all across california tonight from the state capitol to the central valley and all the way down to san diego. kron 4 is your local election headquarters. so stay with us all night long as we provide you with all the latest results. so first let's go and pick up our team coverage with proffers dan thorn who is live for us in sacramento tonight where governor newsom is also spending the evening as he awaits the results. dan. what's the latest? >> well, vicki, the newsome camp is probably feeling pretty good considering those recent polling numbers that you mentioned. but of course this race is not over yet. the biggest threat to getting the governor out of working out of the state capitol here in sacramento would be the conservative talk show host larry elder. and because of that threat, democrats have been asking people to get out and to vote because of all of this that's been happening. the big reasons for this recall election has been how
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the governor has a responded to the covid-19 pandemic under newsome. the state has had the highly restrictive pandemic policies, something that elder has been against these 2 candidates some have been trading barbs over the past couple of days leading up to today to today. newsom saying that elder is a climate in iran against women's rights. well, elder says that newsome can't defend his record on anything from crime to homelessness to the high cost of living here in california. the governor today saying that he was disgusted with some republicans that are already claiming that the election results in this recall election will be rigged. embarrassing to respond to that because it's on us. they're making stuff up. it's hurting our country. forget this election guys like me come and go. we're dime a dozen politicians quite literally a dime, a dozen. it's about our institutions about this nation. it's about trust and confidence. i 's about who we are. it's about citizens feeling empowered and that their voice matters.
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well, the governor's strategy has been suggesting voters to simply vote no on the recall and leave the rest of the ballot blank registered voters for democrats largely outnumber republicans in the state but polling has shown that conservatives have really been vote of 8 id to vote in this recall. as we mentioned at the top of the show. the governor is expected to be here in sacramento tonight as those election results roll in. but we have not been given any information as to whether or not he will be making any sort of public appearances. that's the list here live at the state capitol in sacramento, dan thorn kron 4 thank you, dan and our team coverage continues now in the south bay, the registrar's office continues to receive ballots and. >> welcome last minute voters. their security is also a big priority at the registrar's office. >> our kron four's, rob fladeboe joins us now live fire in santa clara county with more on how volunteers are keeping those ballots. a big, big issue, at least for some people, right. rob.
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>> train felt we talk a little bit about election security this time around. you heard the governor there talking earlier and also in the last few days about a lot of loose. talk about election most of it without in fact, almost all of it without evidence. you have to wonder if maybe some of this is having a bit of an impact on people with regard maybe not trusting the process. maybe it's just human nature. i don't know. but as i've been the folks here drop off their ballots. take a look at the video here of noticed the phenomenon here that a lot of people actually want to witness that ballot going into the slot themselves. in fact, number of people are parking their cars and physically walking the belly up to the ballot box. in fact, a few people don't even want the volunteers here handling the ballot is the same inside a lot of people a sensitive about being photographed as they are voting and they don't want me watched them. put the ballot in the box. but in any case, we don't know exactly what's going on there. whether
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this has an impact on things or not or affect voter turnout. only time will tell. but i did have a chance to talk to the register voters about this and she insists that there is no fraud going on. let's hear more now from the registrar. shannon was shay. >> we have so many security features processes steps involved, even going back before someone boat before we even conduct the elections, we test every single piece of voting machine for accuracy. and we do a logic and accuracy testing of all the so we're already starting security steps way before a voter actually boats. we never leave ballots with one person and you must have 2 people with ballots at all times. they're physically secured at night or staff go online the line of great. we you know, it's locked room. we have cameras on our voting equipment and processing area. so i have no evidence in santa clara county of any widespread voter fight.
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>> now, the registrar also points out that none of the machines involved in the counting of ballots are connected to the internet she says the possibility of a hacking virtually impossible security is very tight in here. there are sheriff's deputies on patrol inside even more security outside. every a box said you see arriving here under lock and key and back out here live. as i said earlier, people dropping off their ballots here. many of very sensitive about this. they want to actually see the ballot go into the box if maybe they are not this mistrustful of the process or just want to make sure that everything is going the way they would like to see it. so that's the latest here from vicki. we'll have more for you coming up throughout the evening. back to you. >> all right. sounds good. thank you, rob. well, maybe still haven't turned in your ballot. it is not too late. mail in ballots were sent out to all previously registered voters got him in the mail. if you are still planning to mail your ballot. back in. you need
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to make sure you to it today. it submitted and postmarked by today. you can also submit your mail in ballot at any in-person voting location or you can put it in one of those secure drop boxes. all ballots have to be in, though, by 8 o'clock tonight. if you did not receive a ballot in the mail. that could mean you're not registered to vote in california. same day voter registration is available. you can sign up at your county elections office or at your polling location to find your polling location. you can go to the website there on your screen once they're just enter your address and you'll find the spot. polls will be open until 8 o'clock tonight. and if you're in line at 7.59 at 8 o'clock when the polls do technically close stay in line by long. you will still be able to cast your ballot. >> kron 4 has you covered this recall election day. stay tuned for analysis from political science professor bruce cain as well as continuing coverage on the results our crews are going to be all over the state as a results roll in. we'll also have a special edition of inside bay area, politics with
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our panel of political experts and look for live reports from candidate headquarters all over the state. stay with kron 4 all night long. >> now to a story you'll only see here on kron 4 armed robbers point, their guns at a 10 year-old boy and his mom right outside their home in a quiet east bay cities. he was recorded there on video. police are asking now for the community's help. they're trying to catch these guys come 4 says he quit. gives us a closer look. >> they pointed the gun at my son truck that back or they were shooting. >> you're looking at video of that mother and her 10 year-old son being robbed at gunpoint in front of their home and clinton avenue in the city of alameda. it happened last friday just before 04:00pm husband and father of the victims who asked not to reveal his identity says his wife ran towards the sun when suddenly the suspect pointed a gun at her tell her to stop. >> hes probably think that she's toward the so it helped
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that or to stop and to watch it. >> he says before the incident happened in his wife just picked up their son from school and stopped at the south shore center. bank of america to deposit some checks that she was carrying in the trunk of the car. i'm pretty sure pay watch, sir, for south shore. >> at the bank. as followed her because from i sort of it seems like the fall of or they shoot her. he talked about the lingering impact this experience is having on us mostly it's a so traumatized. she wakes up i kind of go kind of scream or cry guns being pointed at children. yes, that's absolutely out of the norm. >> any person that point a gun at a 10 year-old child is a coward. >> alameda police chief. the shot. joshi says there is limited information on the 2 suspects other than what you see here. >> and this is a type of crime that.
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>> calls for all resources to be focused on and we're not going to stop until we locate the people that are responsible. >> and ensure that they're held accountable anyone with information is asked to contact the alameda police department. >> madyun kron 4 news. >> all right. now to our 4 zone forecast as we get a live look outside from our camera atop mount camel pious a bunch of beautiful bill. we clouds. yeah. it's a gorgeous sight. if the fog wasn't there, you be able to see. >> the bay in san francisco. but the fog is most definitely there. kron four's. erica caturay joins us now with the 4 zone forecast. >> temperatures today for inland areas were above normal. we saw a lot of 90's of the normal for livermore. this time of year is about 86 degrees. san francisco around 70. we're pretty close to our normal lot oakland today as well as for our winds looking pretty similar to what we saw 24 hours ago air quality. also
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the same. we've been seeing good to moderate levels throughout the bay area all day today we have high pressure in our region that is keeping us dry and giving us those high temperatures for inland areas. here's a look at our overnight lows. we will see patchy fog developing. and then in the morning we will notice it will be cloudy out there along the coast in some parts of the city. we will see an increase in that clouds for the inland areas as well. in the morning. it should be mostly sunny, though, by the afternoon. so here's a look at those temperatures by 11 o'clock will be into the 70's for inland area. >> all right. appreciate that, erica. still ahead on kron four's, a recall election coverage tonight, candidates are holding watch parties up and down the state after the break. we'll have a live report from republican candidate kevin kiley is watch party in placer county. >> and later, the forty-niners lose their star running back just one week into the season. what this means for the team moving forward and why some are questioning the coaching
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>> good evening to you. yes, we are about an hour out for this watch party to begin he says seeing supporters of assemblyman, kevin kiley already to get has already started to gather and wait out those election results. we're here at all. overs in lincoln, california, which is northeast of sacramento a part of district 6. the area, the kiley represents, we're told he'll be making an appearance in this room and around 07:30pm, tonight to join his supporters before the polls close at 8 kiley is one of 46 challengers hoping to unseat governor gavin newsome. our cameras were there as the lawyer and former educator turned in his ballot this morning. like his fellow republicans hoping to unseat governor newsom. kylie is asking voters to vote yes on the recall and then select him as the replacement if he's elected. he says he will focus on the basics paving roads maintaining our power grid managing our forests and funding the police kiley has been a vocal critic of
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governor newsome while campaigning for this recall election. >> but he has stopped short of attacking other republicans vying for the job. take a listen. california. >> it's are crying out for change. this recall is presenting an opportunity to effect that change. and this opportunity has come to us and not because of anything that politicians like we have done is because of what ordinary calif rnians citizens in their communities have done have taken matters into their own hands are saying enough is enough and are saying, you know, we are still a government of by and for the people our voices still matter. >> and as we come back out here live. you see a lot of messages of support for kevin kiley. you see those signs in the background. the says yes to the recall and other supportive messages that we're seeing off the boat. gavin newsom out here and you see more people trickling out all in support of highly. we have a big screen over here where they'll be waiting and watching election results come
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in once polls close at 8 and kylie's message is this. you know, it is anyone's game right now based on the turnout that they're seeing and his camp just feel hopeful that they are still in this based on the enthusiasm and energy from supporters as they are seen on the ground reporting live tonight in lincoln, bridgette bjorlo fox 40 news a bridge and a kylie obviously hasn't been polling near larry elder. but have you talked to folks there who think he has a real shot at this, even if it is a long shot. >> mean, as you know, larry elder is more conservative than kiley who is seen as more of a moderate here. and that's very appealing to supporters here in lake in california and they think if anyone should unseat governor gavin newsome. kiley is a man for the job busiest assemblyman since 2016, he's an attorney and also a former educators. you can bring up a >> respective to the job if he were to have that 5 i thank
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you very much. bridgette bjorlo reporting live from lincoln just outside sacramento. >> good evening. now, if still haven't voted polling centers. they are open for another hour and a half that time to go. the has long as you're in line by 8 o'clock, you'll be able to vote. want to check in with kron four's dan kerman. >> who is live at san francisco's city hall. dan, what's the scene like there. >> well, right here you have various set up throughout city hall where people are continuing to drive up and drop off their ballots. we've seen a steady stream throughout the day. also people just walking up and dropping it off at lot of feel like they wanted to put it in the mail. they want to do it themselves. strong voter turnout here in san francisco among voters who think this is not an election. they can sit out. a steady stream of cars has been stopping by city hall throughout the day. tuesday. >> to drop off their recall ballots. >> voting no on the recall. i think it's only fair to
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governor newsome to continue his term. others walked up directly and put their own ballot in the box for many. >> this is not an election. they want to sit out. >> as we told like everyone today to vote and make sure that they cast their ballot. and because i just think like with our current situation. so in the pandemic also in the middle of a lot of like racial violence. still a lot of past things that we've got in the last year and a half haven't necessarily gone away. and i think that there's no one else who can be doing a better job then gavin newsome in terms of turnout san francisco election officials say they've received over 267,000 ballots already. >> by election morning. >> that's a turnout of 53% of all registered voters and san francisco, which is really, really, really good for an election, especially when considering the this first percent turnout mostly vote by mail that 53% turnout by election morning is considerable when you realize. >> for the presidential election last november.
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turnout was just slightly higher at 60%. >> the presidential was different that we have a lot of in-person voting occurring at are putting center, which is actually outdoors at the bill graham auditorium and then also at the at the drop-off sites we had out outside of city hall that also located throughout the or isil district. so right now we're only 7% behind the presidential election, which was really the biggest election. the city's history. so this is a really strong turnout. this election. san francisco. >> of course, we don't know what those turnout numbers will finally be once this is all said and done. but again, still plenty of time to come off and drop off your ballot. if you didn't get a chance to put it in the mail live in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. all right. appreciate that, dan. >> a lot of civic mindedness there. thank you, dan. we'll be back to you. and right now on our website, we have everything you need to know about the gubernatorial recall election. you can read more about governor newsom's campaign as well as the agendas of all the other candidates. stick around. our
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political analysts will be joining us just minutes to break down the recall election process. turning our attention to national news now. check this out. some of the damage left along the texas coast where nicholas made landfall as a hurricane and dumped more than a foot of rain overnight. >> this is the same general area swamped by hurricane harvey back in 2017. nicholas has since been downgraded to a tropical storm. more than 400,000 homes and businesses were without power as of a little earlier today, kron four's. erica caturay has more. >> while it's been dry in the bay area. other parts of the country did get some rain. a tropical depression nicholas, i changed the name verses earlier when we said it was a tropical storm because the winds have actually gone down to below 40 miles per hour. and here's where it's currently situated out in texas bringing a lot of rain, too. a louisiana and southern mississippi that will continue for the next few days. in case you're traveling out there
6:22 pm
flooding in its path. as for temperatures across the country years. what we're expected to see for tomorrow. if you have any plans to get out of the bay area out in monterey looking at mid 60's southern california going to be dry. 83 out in anaheim. and here's a look at our temperatures across the state tomorrow fresno is looking at 98 degrees honore as i close to 70. 71 here in san francisco. we don't expect to see any rain at all. tomorrow. >> coming up, apple fans don't have to wait any longer. the company unveils the newest iphonew we're going to tell you what we know.
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>> so a lot of county supervisors have voted to approve an indoor mask mandate before this afternoon, solano county was the only bay area county without an indoor mask mandate. the vote this afternoon came after city leaders and the and benicia in stated their own mask mandates which defied the county's masking in the east bay coach custer county zeroing in on health orders. county officials say the county will now require proof of vaccination or a negative covid test to enter select indoor businesses. the call follows similar health orders currently issued in cities like san francisco and berkeley patrons at restaurants gyms and other
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indoor businesses will need to provide proof that they're fully vaccinated or results from a negative covid test within the past few days. officials say the new health order is an attempt to limit the spread of covid throughout the community. this after seeing a peak in cases over the summer with delta the new order. we'll go into effect next week on september 22nd for your money tonight. apple introduced new products this morning during its streaming event. the iphone 13 while it has a flack. >> aluminum frame, as you can see, they're bigger screen with the smaller notch and a faster chip. it also features improved cameras. there's also a pro version. if you're interested comes in 5 colors. apple also unveiled a new ipad, an upgraded ipad mini. both have improved cameras that can support that center stage feature found previously only on the ipad pro the apple watch series 7. that was just introduced and it features a bigger screen, better durability and faster. charging. next kron 4 news at
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6. we continue to follow the recall election that is happening as we speak across the state. we have a. >> live discussion coming up right after the break. but first, we're going to check in with our 2 reporters in san diego will hear from republican candidates kevin faulconer and john in our next half hour. [swords clashing] - had enough? - no... arthritis. here. new aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ don't thank them too soon. ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music)
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>> and 4. is your local election headquarters. welcome back, everybody. that it is recall election date is and to
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the candidates to governor newsom will be in san diego as the results come rolling in tonight show you have local businessman john and his bare and former san diego mayor kevin faulk. they're they're both in the running. should the governor be recalled. jamie chambers has more from san diego county. but the campaign. >> here in rancho santa fe, where with the john campaign. he was the leading republican in 2018 loss to gavin newsom. but then jump back into this recall election bringing a bear out to get his name out there. well, so many people were also running for governor. we spoke to john just a few moments ago. this is what he had to say. i was leading the polls in june all the way i think i had built up some level of support from. >> 2018. but you know, peopla wanted to come out with a new shiny the media personality and, you know, larry is a good he's right on the issues are for the most


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