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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  September 15, 2021 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> yeah. hopefully we are going to be cool enough. whether that you won't have to. that's personal preference as far as those 80's go, it's going to be feeling cooler. but you still might want to turn that fan on just a little bit because it's going to be it's not near as warm as we have been, which is a nice change of pace for sure working our way in the right direction. now looking outside this morning. we do have a little bit of low cloud cover out there change from the past couple of mornings when it was crystal clear for a whole lot of the bay area around this point. can't see any of your view of berkeley down below. and we do have some areas of fog, especially for the north bay right along the coastline and in the east bay hills. so want you to know that before you venture out this morning may take it just a econd longer and your commute. if you do encounter one of these lower visibility areas. now 50's and 60's our current temperatures. it is a crew will slightly more mild start to the morning. even though it is a cooler afternoon just around the corner. so a nice way to kick off this morning and look at where we're heading as far as temperatures
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go, as i mentioned, we're still warm. we've got some of our inland areas still reaching into the upper 80's, which is warm enough that you might want to get to the sea for just a little bit. but hey, we're not talking nears many 90's as we were and we'vo got even cooler weather just around the corner, which i'm talking about the rest of your forecast you for that. let's go ahead and head over to the bay bridge. look at traffic there a little under 9 minutes at this hour. >> as you're heading from the east bay into the city. 5, moving along nicely as well. the san mateo bridge across towards the peninsula little under 13 minutes for your drive time. the golden gate bridge where we had fog of the start of the week. look at this clear skies, about 20 minutes as you're making into the city and the richmond sandra fell commute a little under 9 minutes. we'll have more on your weather and traffic. but for now, let's get to our top story. >> to 40 million americans 40 million californians and thank you for rejecting this recall
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>> governor gavin newsome will remain in office as voters overwhelmingly rejected the effort to recall him. it is landslide victory for governor gavin newsome. here are the latest numbers on your screen. you can see voters say no to the recall by about 2 to one margin. and the governor spoke shortly after the race was called and he talked about preserving democracy in california as well as across the country. and i think about just in the last. >> you know, few days and. the former president. saying this election was rigged. democracy is not a football. you know, throwing around. it's more like a i don't know. antique vase. you can drop it and smashed in a million different pieces. it. and that's what we're capable of doing. if we don't stand up to meet the moment and pushed back. i said
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this many, many times on the campaign trail. >> we may have defeated trump. suppression efforts that are happening all across this country. what's happening the u.s. all to fundamental rights constitutionally protected rights of women and girls. >> now leading republican candidate larry elder was the top choice to replace newsom. if he had lost after the race was called for governor newsome elder spoke to supporters to concede the race. but he continued to criticize newsome. >> as you know. my opponent, governor gavin newsome. let's be gracious to be gracious in defeat. we may have lost the war, the battle. but we are going to win the war. notice
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that all these people, whether barack obama or war and sanders all of commercial for. >> gavin newsome notice they never set the following words. gavin newsome has a done a good job for the people of california. >> now, our recall coverage continues over on our website. kron 4 dot com glenn and take out your phone and scan this qr code. it's going to take you straight over to that recall election place where you can find more information on the results and also our inside bay area politics exit polls. senate democrats are making another push to pass voting reforms on capitol hill. lawmakers reached a deal on a new voting rights measure. but as our washington correspondent kellie meyer reports republicans already say they're not going to support that bill. >> our democracy is on the line on tuesday. a group of senators joined voting rights
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advocates as they introduced a new voting rights measure. they hope can avoid the republican bloc that doomed earlier versions. the bill sets standards for voter registration mail in voting and bans partisan gerrymandering while also making election day, a public holiday basic national standards that make sure that all americans can vote the legislation build off a framework proposed by west virginia democrat joe manchin who opposed the previous measure mansion along with 7 other senators, including organs. jeff merkley are pushing for a vote in the next few weeks before the end of october. >> but it isn't just a matter of getting senators like joe mansion on board. democrats will need at least 10 republicans to pass the legislation and senate minority leader mitch mcconnell is already shooting down the revised bill. there is no. >> reason for the federal government. the takeover, how we conduct elections. several red states have enacted their own voting laws which they say
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will make elections more secure. but democrats believe the measures will make it harder for people, especially minority groups to vote and that's why they want the federal government to step in. time is of the essence senate majority leader chuck schumer says he hopes to hold a vote as early as next week. that vote is likely to fail a less. some republicans changed their minds. >> reporting in washington. i'm kelly meyer. >> now to a story you're only going to see on kron 4 this morning. armed robbers point, their guns at a 10 year-old boy and his mother outside of their home in a quiet east bay city kron four's haaziq madyun has that story for us. >> they pointed the gun at my son in town to trump, the back or through washington. >> you're looking at video of that mother and her 10 year-old son being robbed at gunpoint in front of their home and clinton avenue in the city of alameda. it happened last friday just before 04:00pm husband and father of the victims who asked not to reveal his identity says his wife ran towards the sun when
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suddenly the suspect pointed a gun at her and tell her to stop. >> hes probably think that she's run running toward the so it it helped that or to stop and they will shoot. >> he says before the incident happened in his wife just picked up their son from school and stopped at the south shore center. bank of america to deposit some checks that she was carrying in the trunk of the car. i'm pretty sure to watch, sir, for south. sure. >> at the back. as followed her because from i sort of it seems like this all over future. he talked about the lingering impact this experience is having on us mostly its place. so traumatized. she wakes up had to go to the scream or cry guns being pointed at children. yes, that's absolutely out of the norm.
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>> any person that points a gun at a 10 year-old child is a coward. >> alameda police chief. the shot. joshi says there is limited information on the 2 suspects other than what you see here. >> and this is a type of crime that. >> calls for all resources to be focused on and we're not going to stop until we locate the people that are responsible and ensure that they're held accountable anyone with information is asked to contact the alameda police department. >> kron 4 news. >> on the peninsula. south san francisco. police are looking for 2 men in connection to an armed robbery case from earlier this month. officers say on september 9th at around 09:20pm, 2 men entered a business on grand avenue just west of one. oh, one ran off with the cash register. there. police say an employee chased the suspects to the pedestrian walkway that connects grant avenue. the employee got into a physical struggle with the suspects before they got away. take a close look at your
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screen really close here. richmond police looking for this white honda accord in connection to a deadly shooting reported back in june. police say the shooting happened on june 3rd at around one 40 pm on kelsey street near the shields. rick community center. they say the suspect fired multiple rounds, killing one person and injuring another. the car is described as a white honda sports between model 2018 2020. if you have any information call richmond police. vallejo police say a man suspected of shooting and killing a 15 year-old boy has been arrested in las vegas that shooting happened on july 14th on main street just east of mare island way. police say the teen was not been identified, was pronounced dead at the scene. the suspect, 28 year-old in mark bernstein was arrested friday outside of an apartment complex in las vegas with the help of the u.s. marshals service fugitive task force. police say he will soon be extradited to solano county.
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we're getting a closer look at video of the couple wannacry police say tried skipping out on a checked, then fired a gun. >> this all took place outside of modern china restaurant on september 5th police say a restaurant employee confronted the couple went they tried to step out on their bill. the employee says the male suspect paid him in cash before reaching into his car and pulling out a gun. he reportedly fired 3 shots out of the car's window as the 2 drove away. the car is described as a black kia optima with limo, tinted windows and damage to the passenger side door panels. coming up next on the kron 00:00am morning news. >> apple is unveiling its new products and features what they're going to look like and the upgrades you will be able to experience. i
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will. welcome back to the kron 00:00am morning news reyna harvey the time for you now for 43, am. >> as you're hitting the roadways today and also the weather, me, john, we had a really big tuesday. we have the recall election. as you know, we're going to have some updates on that. we're actually still tracking that will have some political experts in this morning to talk about that recall election. and again, the governor able to keep his job this morning. also back here
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at home, the weather is really get a permit for a lot of you to get out and hopefully enjoy yourselves. i got a chance to go to lake merritt yesterday as a little warm little hot, but today's going to be different story, right, john. yeah. so i know you like your like it on the 90 degree days or do you prefer it on the cooler ones. you know what i enjoy being now getting some sun wilson bathe in wilson 10 in there. >> i would say because it's by the lake. and so you have like all of the air you know, in the water. it doesn't get too, too hot by the lake. that's the secret there. i know there's a spot here in in the city where you go, what's not as hot because of that. you heard from radar. that's that that's the place to be. you know what, in the city you just got to take it day by because you don't know and it's going to be, you know, a little bit cold over in the brain and stuff. >> you can always count on the mission district, though. that's the roles they're always going to be a little sunny out there. but yes, we are looking at conditions today that are going to be a little bit more comfortable
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than where we had been because we certainly have been pretty warm to start the week so far you're north calhoun. the weather center forecast this morning is showing some of the relatively clear conditions inland but not so much near the coast and near the bay. we are starting off this morning with some persistent cloud cover and fog even at the coastline. and this gray at the coast. it's not going to loosen its grip on our coastal spots. even into the afternoon. so if you are at the coastline today jack. it's going to be necessary. bayside areas. you're going to be in for that. perfect weather. some good lake merritt and mission district staff and then further inland. you're going to be looking at still some warm temperatures warm enough to keep the fan on but not as hot as yesterday and in some cases even 10 degrees cooler than where we were yesterday. high pressure ridge certainly still sits in place so air quality is not going to be necessarily the best. still a hazy view for inland areas. but we are in the midst of a pattern change. now that is officially starting to nudge out at least weekend. this high-pressure ridge allowing
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this weekend. this to our next storm system. that is taking side at the pacific northwest. this is resulting in some good rainfall starting on friday night into saturday morning for areas like washington and oregon pushing into the very northern tier of california come evening hours on saturday and could actually result in some pretty good rainfall right along the north coast from del norte county into humboldt county further and further south, it will spread and resulting in some showers likely during our overnight hours for areas north of the golden gate bridge up into the north bay where we will see some brief albi. it's helpful rainfall leading into early sunday morning. it looks like shower activity really diminishes and quite fast before reaching other spots in the bay like the peninsula in the east bay may see a sprinkle or 2 during those overnight hours. but it's really not looking likely as the system just loses steam as it pushes right into the bay air quality as of right now. good to moderate very similar to where we have been. we still do have this high pressure influence in us. we
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still do have some lingering haze temperatures today much cooler. notably so 50's 60's for san francisco cloudy out towards golden gate park and sunset district and staying pretty socked in right along the coastline where highs will mostly be in the 60's for bayside areas. some of our most comfortable numbers millbrae 75 lots of sunshine for you. redwood city and san carlos in the low 80's also going to enjoy some good sunshine and low 80's continue for most of the south bay san jose in cupertino we to 82 campbell right at 84 degrees. fremont's through hayward eventually up to oakland all in the 70's. nice along the east bay shoreline while still toasty inland pleasanton, livermore 87 certainly beats the 90's that we had walnut creek at 85 warm enough, but not as hot as we had been vacaville is our only 90 degrees spot left on the map. in the meantime, nap and allay only mid 70's. same for you in santa rosa at 76 for your comfortable daytime high today tomorrow's cool temperatures cool even further and friday saturday and sunday are going
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to keep that cooler step around. we do see temperatures on the rise come monday and tuesday of next week, though, and fire danger actually does look to be of concern come the middle of next week. but none of that is before a nice cool down these next few days. something i know we're all going to be enjoying a little bit reyna. tom, thank you for that. all right. let's get an update on your traffic heading from the east bay into the city, not tracking any delays. >> it will to get a little under 9 minutes people head off to work this morning. the san mateo bridge and across towards the peninsula. little under 13 minutes. things are looking great, especially as soon as you hit the peninsula. no issues along one o one 92 the golden gate bridge traveling into the city a little under 21 minutes for your drive time there. and the richmond, sandra fell commute a little under 9 minutes as you had a richmond. we're going to have more all your traffic and weather coming up. but for now, let's talk about for your money. apple has unveiled its newest iphone as well as upgrades to the apple watch and ipad rich demuro shows us what's new. at
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apple's latest virtual event. the company unveiled updates to a wide range of products, including the iphone, the apple watch and the ipad. >> this time around. it's all about better pictures, better video and longer battery life across the board. >> apple began its latest virtual event by saying it is proud to call california home california has always been a place for people with big ambitions and big dreams. a place where people are fueled with optimism to make things better to make things that can change the world. the company started by showing off updates to the ipad. the mini gets a bigger screen. a usb-c connection better speakers and apple pencil support those changes come with a $100 price increase ipad, mini. now starts at $499. i am so inspired by the impact we've had on people's lives and we
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continue to push the boundaries of what apple watch can do at watch is now up to series 7. the screen is bigger, but the overall size stays the same apple says its watch is now better at tracking bike workouts both standard and e bikes. plus, there's fall detection for bike accidents. watch battery life stays the same. but charging is now a 3rd faster with our best ever durability. you can take series 7. >> anywhere you want to go. and when it comes to iphone 13 new colors, including pink. the cameras are better at taking low light pictures and a new cinematic mode lets you capture hollywood-style videos where the focus changes it's remarkable. and so easy to use iphone 13 pro now does macro photography shots from less than an inch away. finally battery life is improved across the board. thanks to software smarts and bigger batteries users will get to use their phones up to 2 and a half hours more before charging.
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>> if you're always running out of storage like the sound of this apple doubled the base storage on the iphone 13 to 128 gigabytes with no price increase. the new iphone 13 models launch on september 24th starting at $699. if you have a previous iphone model. you'll get that free software update to ios 15 starting on september 20th, as always. more information on my website rich on tech dot tv. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. >> well, apple is urging users to download the latest security update to fix a huge security flaw. a watchdog organization found a bug lets hackers in effect an iphone or another device to the eye message at even without a single click the spyware can access your camera, your microphone your calls or texts and more without even having knowledge for as long as 6 months. the news updated
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version. 14.8 apple's also adding more security features to another update coming later this year. and just a reminder september is hunger action month kron four's partner with feed america to help in food insecurity go. it is good you're on your screen information how to donate to local charities right here in the bay area can watch all month long. >> and the highlight local charities will be right back. w
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baseball ago the san francisco giants taking on the padres in the first inning buster posey hit his 18th home run of the season to give the giants the leave that in the 7th inning, their wealth hits the rbi double to extend the giants lead. san francisco goes on to win by final 61. >> the giants have now won 9 straight games in a look to make it 10 in a row when they take on the padres again tonight. first pitch is set for 6 meanwhile, the oakland a's are on the road in kansas city taking on the royals yesterday. a's got a six-run lead the top of the 3rd. any got the wheels came off in the bottom of the 3rd inning with the royals say surgery back again we run homer. >> from the royals in the 6 put the nail in the coffin and a's lose to the world, the final score in the 7th. >> and the a's will try again tonight with the first pick story. 5.10. >> the forty-niners are getting ready to play the eagles on sunday. but already
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have to make adjustments in the back fields star running back where he's most of us out for the season after he got a injury during the game against the lions. almost art announced he will undergo knee surgery luckily the niners have a few other talented running backs. it can rely on including rookie running back straight >> we have a doctor. you're here where we haven't started that we or different that than hour and we do it. is of lights come into play a high level keep getting better. nobody really drop. we got a lot the tunnel. oh, help us all of right now. >> the niners play on the road against the philadelphia eagles on sunday kickoff is at 10:00am. coming up in the next hour, governor gavin newsome defeat the recall election. >> and a landslide. we're going to break down the numbers from the polls. and an accident at a bart station turns deadly with happened before a woman fell onto the
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tracks. you will need to show that you're vaccinated when going to chase center, how that is going to impact you when a events at the arena. i'm so glad you're ok, sgt. houston.
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this is sam with usaa. do you see the tow truck? yes, thank you, that was fast. sgt. houston never expected this to happen. or that her grandpa's dog tags would be left behind. but that one call got her a tow and rental... ...paid her claim... ...and we even pulled a few strings. making it easy to make things right: that's what we're made for. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. get a quote today.
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♪ ♪ usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. ♪ the world was on fire and no one could save me but you ♪ ♪ it's strange what desire will make foolish people do ♪ ♪ i long for yogurt with chunks of fruit that i can chew ♪ ♪ forkable yogurt with fruit chunks and nice texture too ♪ ♪ nooooo i!!!!!! ♪ >> to 40 million americans, 40 million californians and thank you for rejecting this
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governor says thank you for let me keep my jobs voters overwhelmingly reject the effort to recall him. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning >> good morning. the morning after the big vote is wednesday, september 15th i'm darya folsom. and i'm noelle bellow filling in for james fletcher. the results are in for the recall election. pretty much a landslide victory for governor gavin newsom. absolutely hears a look at the numbers as you can the numbers overwhelmingly in his favor at this 0. 64 1% supporting the governor. and we're going on from there because we're still counting the ballots, which is pretty incredible. let's go now for more on this to karma dickerson. she has the very latest this morning. good morning. >> good morning. coming to you from the capitol in sacramento


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