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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  September 16, 2021 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. i'm reyna harvey. the time for you now. 04:30am. and if you're awake with us, that means she got some sleep last night. >> and the weather probably helped with all of that job. the start of the week as rough getting into bed falling asleep at multiple fans on last night got a chance to at least turn one of those fans off. so next couple of days.
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the weekend is looking at your forecast looks really good. actually. a seat arena. not i don't have visited. that's fine because we don't >> we are cooling down at least so you can probably get one of the fans off tonight because temperatures will be cool enough. that that's going to be nice and comfortable to open up that window. just let that breeze and feel that cool air that's pushing into the bay area. today. we are in for quite the treat. for those of you that were really into the heat that we saw, especially earlier this week. your view outside at our berkeley hills. cam looking a whole lot clearer than it did yesterday. cloud covers. just getting a little bit higher up. and that means that visibility is good to go across the region. 50's and 60's is where we're sitting right now with temperatures oakland year right at 60 degrees while alameda conquered at 58 san francisco berkeley at fairfield and pittsburgh egypt 56 degrees later on today. this is what i'm talking about right here. highs barely in the low 80's that our warmest
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most of our coastal in bayside areas only in the 60's. so that's mother nature providing the fan for you right there. right now. >> but i like that. thank you for that. john. all right. we're looking at your traffic this morning. we do have a hot spot. this is out in the les hill highway. 37 eastbound, west of skaggs island road. the off-ramp there is impacted by that accident. but looking at the bay bridge. no major issues or delays heading from the east. a little under 10 minutes heading across towards the peninsula. you can make that drive under 13 not seen any accidents or hazard slowing us down the richmond sandra fell commute. as you head at a richmond. a little under 9 minutes. things are looking great day. we'll have more on your traffic and your weather. coming up. but for now, let's talk about our top stories. governor gavin newsom is back to business after winning his recall election. he visited students at melrose leadership academy in oakland during his visit. newsome talked about his administration's covid-19 and school safety protocols. kron four's dan kerman has that story for us. what's going on.
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>> fresh ofi a big victory in the california recall election. democratic governor gavin newsome visited with schoolchildren wednesday had no rose leadership academy in in addition to wowing the young crowd with his basketball skills. newsome took the opportunity to point out that his administration's covid-19 policies that are responsible for getting kids safely back in the classroom. we led with mask wearing the first. >> school system in the united states. the state level to require masking they are kids safely back in school. we follow that up a number of weeks ago becoming the first state in america to require that there be vaccine verifications and or testing for all our school staff, not just teachers paraprofessionals all the folks that really make this school system work. we're proud of that. the governor said at this time there's no plan for a statewide vaccine mandate for students. >> but he did say california's approach based on science has created increase safety and
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it's why so few california schools have had to close due to outbreaks. we're proving. >> that we can sustainably keep the system's open. i'm not naive. it's it's one thing you learn this pandemic, as you know, you know. you don't know when you don't. so we've got to maintain our vigilance. anybody else know what a special election >> the governor also reflected on his victory in the recall calling his job as governor a gift. i feel. >> in live and i feel more energized and i feel deep sense of responsibility. >> the governor also said the recall is giving him a renewed sense of urgency to get things done. >> it's sharpens your focus about time. and things that you may have looked at the rise and said over the next 2, 3, years from want to get this done. you start looking very differently and say what's possible in the next 2 to 3 months. >> so for the governor know reveling in his huge recall victory. instead, he says he's committed to getting back to work in meeting the challenges ahead. in oakland. dan kerman
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kron 4 news. >> some california lawmakers are now launching an effort to reform the recall process. the announcement was just made hours after governor newsom victory speech there will be a series of hearings beginning this fall. now, one big fix supporters want to see is a change that would mean a candidate can be elected unless they get a majority of the votes. >> high jinx. it creates a damage to the potentially a democratically city creates. so while i don't want to be specific about exactly how i personally would like to change imminently that a more objective minds >> someone that's the current incumbent governor. i think the recall process has been weaponized happy to discuss any ideas. i would be surprised. >> it's something like removing the recall ended up being a part of the final solution. >> no details on changes are being announced just yet. the upcoming hearings will help lawmakers put together a
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proposal for the 2022 legislative session. any changes. >> are going to require voter approval. tom hall is in recovery mode after the tourism industry took a big hit because of the recent wildfires officials had to as visitors stay away to allow crews to focus on the fires. now visitors are being encouraged to come back force. theresa has the details. there. >> you could almost feel the joy in the air this was the same as south lake tahoe. residents applauded fire crews. >> for helping save so many lives and homes as the caldor fire came dangerously close to dropping down into town. >> those great. it's been a long, long going through crisis like this. draining emotionally on staff, first responders and our community. feel like we're turning page here and i'm really grateful for that. a lot of that. our community sharing to our first
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responders and it feels good. that is south lake tahoe city manager. he says burned out areas of highway 50 still. >> have that roadway closed to visitors but says with better air quality and relieved businesses now is a good time for tourists to come we are, you know, getting the message out that we are reopened after this short closure. it was tough to miss labor day welcoming back visitors big for north light towers. well. >> andy chapman with the incline village. tourism bureau says. >> covid coupled with the counter fire and bad air quality from the dixie fire has really hurt. but the cool fall breeze is he says back ins and hopes the call to celebrate the season brings tourists falls an important time for us. it's a it's a great time to be things ceos. the pace of things slow down a little bit. you don't have the curry miss of the summer season. >> you know, a little less crowded for sure. trails are been he also adds it's important to remember crews continue to work and
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residents. >> who lost their homes continue to struggle to clean up and figure out how to pick up their lives. >> he adds and just be ready for a great time and we have a great mix of the great resource and go town north dot com. there's a wildfire resource pages and know before you go document that kind of gives you some great updated information about what's happening our region. >> we have all of that information for you on our website at kron 4 dot com. theresa kron 4 news. >> in national news. there was a tearful testimony on capitol hill has 4 top us gymnast including simone biles detail. the turmoil, the indoor when the fbi failed to properly investigate abuse by former usa gymnastics doctor larry nassar. police have bolton has details on that hearing to be clear, i blame larry nassar. i also an entire system. that and a book and. perpetrated
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his views through tearful testimony olympic gold medalist, simone biles reveals the depth of her assault. she mckayla maroney alley raisman and maggie nichols spoke before lawmakers in a congressional hearing. it's a probe into a failed fbi investigation that covered up the abuse of larry nassar. raisman says it took more than 14 months for agents to contact her. it was like serving innocent children up to a pedophile. >> on a silver platter. a july inspector general report shows agents erroneous information and later falsified her testimony fbi u.s. o c and u.s. a g sat idly by as dozens of girls and women continued to be molested by larry nassar. nassar is accused of sexually assaulting hundreds of gymnasts for decades. he's now behind bars convicted on multiple charges. according to a doj report, fbi agents assigned to the case failed to properly investigate made false statements and didn't
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handle the case with urgency and at least 40 girls and women say they were molested after the fbi was aware of allegations against nassar and 2000, 15 my entire senior leadership team are going to make sure everybody at the fbi remembers what happened here. >> in heartbreaking detail now lawmakers are focused in on the feds and how they can hold them accountable. if you have the i did so little in the investigation involving a. world class athletes. what hope can an average american have. what faith can they have in the system. some may be tempted to minimize this misconduct is a form of a few bad apples. >> make no mistake agree. just been it was like this one do not arise out of nowhere. >> i needed that fbi director christopher wray says the specific agents responsible for the failure were fired. and another retired. he says the fbi is now adopting new policies. the department of justice was invited to testify
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at the hearing. but declined. and still to come, on the kron 4 morning news supply shortages continue and that is causing prices to rise for shoppers. >> now experts say the prices may not start going down for quite a while.
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>> space. x has made history again this time by launching 4 civilians into space. it's all a part of an effort to raise money for charity. amanda holly has the details. >> the crew dragon capsule will orbit 350 miles above earth dubbed inspiration 4 to represent the for private citizens whose main mission over the next 3 days is to inspire and raise money for saint jude's children's research hospital at the time. inspiration for was created and knowing that this was this was going to be a first and there's a lot of responsibility that comes with >> you know, we had to send a message that they're real real problems and real obligations. we have to pay attention to here on earth in order in the right to make progress for tomorrow. jared isaacman, the commander who funded this mission. >> picked haley arson out for the hope seat. having survived
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childhood cancer herself. the other 2 crew doctor syon proctor and chris sembroski were picked from separate contests held earlier this year. all 4 astronauts will not only be a 100 miles higher than the iss. but we'll also have an even better view when we get that will reveal the coop a lot for the first time will be a really big moment. i think. >> because that view, you know, we're all excited about it. the only thing different on this crew dragon is a coupe de la instead of a docking adapter to the iss. >> it is now the largest continuous window to ever has been in space. the crew while excited about the trip of a lifetime and abuse of a lifetime from the coop. a lot. >> truly do hope this flight inspires people to pledge and give back to saint jude reporting from cape canaveral. amanda holly back to you. >> it's on every time i see the space stories. it makes me feel like i'm missing now. i need to get on somebodys aircraft you know, i was
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talking to a lot of my friends and they were saying, well, you know, we know for certain we won't be astronauts. that's one thing for us or but i don't know. now. now on the way things are progressing might be astronauts. just a couple more months will >> it seems like there's a lot of these spacecrafts taking off. it's cool to see the saint jude's connection there we're looking outside this morning at some conditions that are a little bit cloudy overhead. you can see quite hour right here sitting under that cloud cover. here's some good news for your thursday morning cloud cover is city even higher in the horizon than it was yesterday. so we're not encountering any fog. but as the sun comes up, you will notice some gray out there right across the bay as well as the coast itself, inland areas. on the other hand, are going to have a nice clear start to your morning and we are going to be looking at our most comfortable day of the week. so far. we are in the midst of a in the jet stream right here. this is our first of 2 dips in this one kind anyone. it's a brief appetizer of what we really have in store this weekend, which is even cooler
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conditions coming along with some rainfall this weekend. this storm system settling into the west coast early saturday morning offering up some good rainfall for areas like the pacific northwest in oregon and washington. a little bit further southward. this front swings by the afternoon not will bring areas of rainfall from the oregon border down the redwood coast line and further south come saturday night into sunday morning. that's when we'll start to see some showers across the north bay. the big question mark is will anywhere south of the golden gate tap into this rain because the system still looks to be fizzling out, right as it reaches the bay area north bay anticipate those sunday showers. as for everyone else in the bay area do not be surprised one bit. if you have a brief shower yourself far as air quality goes, we do have another air quality advisory today. it's not bad enough for the spare. the air alert to go
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right along the coastline. again, it's going to stay pretty socked in at the coast while elsewhere. we've got abundant sunshine highs mostly in the 70's right along the bayshore really, really beautiful weather out here. santa clara at 76 san jose at 78 70's to 80's for most of the east bay with no 90's, even close to 90's on the map, oakland up to richmond your spots in the 60's for the east bay while the lay how at 70 antioch pittsburgh vacaville barely make in the 80's and 70 solidly from santa rosa through center fell. this is your look ahead at those next 7 days. today, tomorrow and saturday. each in the 80's for your average inland highs sunday with those scattered showers looking even cooler yet with highs that are very warmest only in the upper 70's. we reversed course and start to warm things up by tuesday and wednesday of next week. fire danger is expected to increase into the middle of next week as drier warmer weather will be paired with some windy conditions. reyna
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tom, they've of that. so we're starting with a look at your traffic. we do have a hot spot. unfortunately. >> a fatality up and delay hill highway. 37 eastbound just west of skaggs island road. now again, the state route 37 is closed at state route. one 21 because of that traffic collision. so you will not be able to get through the air because of that will keep a close eye on that as the morning progresses. let's get a look at your bridges, though, heading from the east bay into the city a little under 11 minutes. the golden gate bridge. clear skies. and so that means in nice ride for you. about 20 as you're heading into the city looking at the richmond, sandra fell commute as you head out of richmond still pretty light at this hour. a little under 10 minutes. we'll have more on your traffic and weather coming up. but let's talk about your money this morning. supply problems continue to cause problems for shoppers as prices continue to just rise and rise and rise. these rising prices could last at least another year nancy loo has the details for us.
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>> whatever the beverage it now costs a bit global aluminum shortage is impacted. the production of cans. there's also a shortage of glass and bottles. it's just been one thing after another whether it's furniture, whether it's electronics for automobiles and now glass bottles. i have clients who literally scouring the world for. >> rubber for tires caught in the fabric to make clothing. a picket pick a category other than maybe pharmaceuticals almost every other industries impacted supply chain. experts believe the global system will remain disrupted for at least another year. so consumers should expect higher prices and shortages to drag on notice that there's a lot of shortages in meat products specifically things like turkey and chicken which we need a lot of in our house. there's also less inventory of all types of clothing and paper products that do to the lumber situation and a doubling in the price of wood
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pulp. they can't get zippers for 10's thousands of tents ready to be shipped. >> lots of orders for them because of people camping getting outdoors because of covid and they can't finish. >> gibson says supply issues of even trickle down to a shortage of twist ties for bagging bread. well, it many construction sites not hearing here. coils. >> switch plate covers. hate. >> the list of endangered items is growing for home builders as well. we can really guarantee longer than like 60 to 90 days because of the increase in all the different prices that have been going on over the years. >> and just a reminder. as you take your phone out to scan this qr code on your screen. september's hunger action month. kron 4 is partnering with feed america to help in food insecurities going scan that qr code on your screen for more information on how you can donate to local food charities right here in the bay area. we'll be highlighting different charities all month long. we'll right back after the break.
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>> bay area football the san francisco forty-niners are in west virginia this morning getting ready to take on the philadelphia eagles. they flew straight there from detroit because they didn't want to
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avoid and unnecessary trip back here back home all the way back there across the country the night is going to have their hands full with philadelphia this sunday. the eagles are coming off a big win against the atlanta falcons kyle shanahan and jimmy g. now this weekend is going to be a challenge. this is an eagles team that's coming off of a season opening thumping of the atlanta falcons and they're going to be playing in front of their 4 home crowd for the first time since they get back in 2019. >> it starts and effectiveness. you still see fletcher students and staff granting same. stephanie, what is new is right up to their level. so i'm watching last week. i think there's going to light injuries in this league and and we definitely challenge this week. a little bit of a different within the coaches and things like that. the fronts, the same. >> latona there towns is as fast as they get. so be a good test for us. in the back and i guess in town to, you know, the new cars and everything. >> kickoff against eagles is set for 10 o'clock this
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sunday. now to bay area baseball ago and all good things unfortunately have to come to an end, including the giants 9 game win streak for the giants, taking on the padres at oracle park and the padres scored 5 in the first 2 innings and despite their best efforts. the giants could not quite come back. the padres win by a final of 96. and unfortunately the dodgers won last night, the giants taking kids born them right now leading the national league west is down to just a game and a half for them. >> over to the a's in kansas city. they're taking on the boils. matt olson hit the 35th all run of the season they gave a 4 run lead o'flynn goes on to thankfully. >> my final 12 to 10 the 2 teams play again later this morning. first pitch is going to early. set your for 1110. coming up, the next hour, we're following breaking news from overnight. police on the scene of a shooting in the south bay will have the details on that in a live report.
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>> plus, firefighters on the scene of a fire at a 2 story house in the east bay. we'll have the latest coming up on that in a live report.
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>> a happy thursday the we let her out of the traffic center 5 o'clock this morning. this is amazing on the feels good to be here. it's good to have you actually double duty today okay. very good. you some news. a little traffic, right. all that good stuff. okay. get your traffic in a minute. first, let's take a look at whether up i guess i'm the mini me. here's the bigger. me were twins today with our outfits. hi, john. if you thought the purple last week. this was an intentional baby blues. what's the theme we're looking outside this morning than are pretty nice. we are seeing a lot of fog out there. in fact, not really any visibility issues because any sort of low cloud cover that we're seeing is sitting well above the bay area this morning. >> you can see that out here in your view from the berkeley hills. you can actually see down into the east bay that cloud cover is sitting well above us. so we are good as far as you're driving to work goes, at least as far as that is concerned, 50's and 60's for current temperatures really only one 60 on the map. it's oakland here. mostd


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