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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  September 16, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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eah),♪ ♪you, you,♪ ♪yeah, baby♪ >> now it's 3 high school students in the east. bay are being called heroes today after alerting police to the threat of violence at a school who police now have behind bars. also a deadly police shooting in the east bay and today officers released new video of the moments that led up to the shots being fired will go through it with you. plus, the fake vaccine cards market is apparently booming. but if you buy one, you're risking a lot more than just your health. from the area's local news station. >> this is kron. 4 news at 3. >> 3 m here has come forward
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to share their concern and make sure that everybody was safe today. >> livermore police boosted patrols at livermore high school today after a student, there was arrested for allegedly threatening to harm someone on campus today. and thank you so much for joining us right here on kron. 4 news at 3 o'clock. i'm justine waltman. the young person arrested has now been booked into juvenile detention and kron four's. maureen kelly has the latest now from the livermore police departments. >> they came to a few students attention that one of their classmates as making term alarming comments, possibly threatening about hurting someone school. and so they did exactly what they've been trained in coach to do, which is what a caring adult know. if you're concerned when you hear something that could be a problem that parent told the school who in turn brought in the livermore police department school resource officers who made the arrest
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wednesday evening. police have not released the exact charges that student is facing. >> that alleged threat of harm was supposed to happen today, which is why police have boosted their presence so kids can feel like this is the safest place to be today. they're also extra counselors available and the superintendent was asked by the students to bring her labrador who has had some training in being a therapy dog. the students have been through a lot here lately 6 of their classmates were involved in a car wreck last month, killing one and putting 3 more in the hospital has been an emotional news been. >> you know, it's emotional and we still have students from the first tragedy who are recovering in the hospital. and you know, there's services this week for the other you know, it's it just hits home. it's it's real. and we want, you know, or use to be cherished and have wonderful great futures. and so that's what working on. >> so in terms of this latest incident because the accused is a child and they're still
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an active investigation. a lot of the details are still under wraps. for instance, we do not know the exact nature of this alleged threat. but we do know that the suspect is in custody at juvenile hall charges are pending, reporting live from little more and more kelly kron 4 news. thank you so much. morning. and now to a developing story on the south bay. a 15 year-old boy is in custody accused of a deadly shooting in san jose kron four's sarah stinson has the latest. >> a woman was rushed to the hospital after being shot in east san jose outside of a liquor store. the sad update that we got. is she died later from her injuries. now we're waiting to hear more information. that's why we're here at the san jose police department. and we just got an update. a 15 year-old boy was arrested at the scene. >> and that team is related to the victim. police believe this 15 year-old shot and killed his own relative. this
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goes along with what we heard at the scene and what we've been reporting on a man approached our crew out of nowhere. he looked like he was in a complete state of shock. he came up to us and said my brother shot our sister. and now we know that this is true. however, police have not confirmed if the victim and the suspect are brother and sister. they only said they're related this shooting took place right before 8 o'clock last night at the intersection of story road and colm our drive at tropicana liquor store. police say the motive is still unknown. they're trying to figure out how and why this all happened at the scene was quite a for over an hour after investigators left a man and a hazmat suit was seen cleaning up the parking lot where the shooting happened. we do know this is the 27th person to be killed on the streets of san jose. >> a staggering in grim.
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number showing the violence that's been occurring in this city for now reporting in san jose. sarah stinson back to you. >> now to the east bay where we're getting a first look at what led to last month's deadly police shooting in fremont. and this morning, freeman police release video of the incident. and right now kron four's charles clifford is going join us live with details on the investigation and also walk us through this new video. good afternoon to charles. >> oh, yes. so this morning the fremont police department, all the pre a press conference here at their headquarters. basically releasing that video and discussing what happened late last month when this officer fatally wounded the suspect. according to the fremont police department around 5.19 on august 25th officers responded to reports of a shooting here at the southlake mobile home park upon arrival. they found one person suffering from a gunshot wound that victim was transported to the hospital. officers. also quickly identified a possible suspect in the case. he was spotted on surveillance video and a
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nearby backyard. you may have also stolen this car a short time later, the suspect was spotted by an officer walking along nearby auto mall parkway shirtless and carrying a baby stroller. this is dash cam video of the encounter when the officer confronted the suspect, the man began fumbling with the stroller and a shirt. a gun can be seen falling from the stroller. the man then falls to the ground picks up the weapon and points it at the officer. this is when the officer opened fire and fatally wounded the suspect based on the video freeman's acting police chief believes the officer acted well, it's still under investigation. but as you can see in the video. >> i'm confident that the officers acted in accordance with the law in our policy. so. yeah, i think this is pretty clear cut that this was a justifiable shooting. >> the suspect has since been identified as 22 year-old, kevin johnson of hayward. he had an extensive criminal record and outstanding warrants for his arrest on charges of carjacking possession of controlled substances and felon in possession of a firearm so far investigators have not determined a motive for the
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initial shooting, but they do say that the suspect and the victim knew each other. we know that they're all associated. we all know that they. >> have hung out in the past. we don't know exactly what led to the altercation which led to the shooting. and we don't even know because everyone is not forthcoming on the exact details of how the car was stolen and how it ended up in mister johnson's possession. >> all right. back live now. the victim who was initially transported to hospital remains in the hospital in critical condition with life threatening injuries. but for now in the south bay, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> and now to the peninsula. thank you, charles. where crews are working to remove a car that went flying off a cliff in pacifica and landed on the beach. this happened yesterday and the 7 year-old driver was killed. he was heading north on highway one towards the tom lantos tunnel. and for some reason he's steered off the opposite lane and then drove off the cliff. that was 450 foot drop with no beach access to the car. so
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cal fire chp and a towing company are working to remove the car as soon as possible. but it's not clear how long that's going to take. and we're still waiting for some identification on the driver. we'll switch it up now and talk about our weather forecast as we take a live look outside here in san francisco. here's a nice view of coit tower cloudy and foggy out there. it's feeling like fall and our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now and she is tracking wait for it. some rain is that the storm door you're opening and its crack in just a little bit. that's happened and it's a little jar, right. so let's take a look at what we can expect as we track this storm hour by ours. let's take a look at our radar for. >> we are seeing this storm developing out in the pacific northwest and it's going to ride this weekend. bring us upwards of about a quarter of an inch of rain far north bay valleys, a 3rd of an inch of rain for local coastal mountains. so every drop certainly helps, especially with these extreme to exceptional drought
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conditions. let's track this storm hour by hour because it is going to arrive for the 2nd half of your weekend. staying dry all day saturday. but by sunday morning, we're going to start to wake up to some light scattered showers for those of you in the north bay still dry for everyone else in the bay area. but then by early afternoon, it's going to start to shift southward. but as you can see, most of the east bay and south bay going to remain dry for the 2nd half of the weekend and it's going to quickly exit just as quic%ly as it arrived because we're going to notice by sunday afternoon and sunday evening. all dry clear skies. so we are tracking measurable amounts of rain finally. and we are going to see that this is certainly going to help us at least slow down our fire season, not going to be a big drought buster by all measures because by early this upcoming week winds going to ship with those diablo mountain breezes, very warm, dry warming up temperatures monday to
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tuesday. increasing our fire danger concerns. so enjoy the cooler and wetter conditions this weekend while they last more. my full forecast in just a few minutes. just think. back to you. >> thank you so much. and a reminder that september is hunger action month and kron four's partnering with feed america to help end food insecurity. scan the qr code your screen for information and how to donate to local -ood charities right here in the bay area. you can watch all month long as we highlight local organizations making a difference in our community. we have much more ahead right here on kron. 4 news at 3 with more places now requiring covid-19 vaccines the buying and selling a fake vaccine cards. >> is on the rise, but why getting one could put your personal information at risk. also a case that is now gaining national attention of 22 year-old youtube star has gone missing after a cross country trip with her boyfeiend and today police released new video that's creating more questions than answers in her disappearance.
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i think you can too. trust aag for the best reverse mortgage solutions. call now so you can... retire better >> and just now in to the kron 4 on the story we just talked about moments ago. we have now learned the name of the driver of this car that went flying off a cliff in pacifica yesterday. we've just heard
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from investigators that the driver was 73 year-old anthony columnist junior of san francisco and investigators say that he was heading north on highway one towards the tunnel there. and for some reason he stared off into the opposite lane and then the cliff. was right there and he drove the car right over the cliff and landed on the beach and crews are still trying to lift the car this afternoon. but that's the breaking news now. we just got into our newsroom. they've identified now the driver. and for your health this afternoon. mosquito season is proving to be deadly in some parts of california central valley woman has died from west nile virus after being bit by a mosquito reporter kristen mitchell has her story. >> standing outside the chowchilla market with her friend of 35 years used to work as just a deep loss to so suddenly danya rambo still can't believe a mosquito bite led to her friend's death. she was found. she had a flu or something. she had a bad fever. >> and then ended up having a
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stroke. >> danya wants to keep her friend's name private but says she was 62 years old, healthy and didn't know where or when she was shortly after testing positive for west nile virus. she passed away at the hospitals. according to the cdc, there is no treatment for west nile while 80% of people won't have any symptoms of those who develop severe illness. one in 10 will die. certainly with covid heading towards flu people with flu like symptoms might have any of a number of different viruses. that's why madera county public health director sara bosse says to get tested since 2003. the state has reported more than 7,000 human cases of west nile and more than 300 deaths so far this year. they've reported at least 35 human cases across 15 counties mosquitoes don't need a lot of water to breed just enough to fit in a bottle cap. that's why it's important to drain any standing water and
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protect yourself from mosquitoes, especially during dawn and dusk and you can do that by first of all, just avoiding outdoors during those times wearing long sleeves and of course, fda approved to mosquito repellents. i just don't want another family to lose one so fast in. >> people that think that this has gone away. that's kristen mitchell reporting and health departments are urging health providers to test and educate their patients about west nile virus and in the south bay mosquitoes with west nile virus have now been detected. you're looking at a map of where santa clara county vector control district will be out tomorrow night spraying parts of palo alto and mountain view the affected areas include neighborhoods near west middlefield road and san antonio road. the treatment is going to start around 10 o'clock at night. and last about 3 hours. doctor control is saying residents do not need to relocate. but this is not the first time this year. the west nile virus has been detected in mosquitoes in santa clara county. the
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district detective cases untreated areas of santa clara and sunnyvale at the end of august. so far this year. california has seen 35 human cases of west nile virus. but none in santa clara county, specifically. berkeley man is recovering after a shooting in north oakland right near emeryville. police say it happened last night in los angeles street near 57th street officers say the city's gunshot detection system recorded the sounds of gunshots and now they're asking anyone with information to call oakland police. a redwood city man is in police custody right now accused of sexually assaulting a 13 year-old girl. investigators say 47 year-old rosa sluggo sexually assaulted his 13 year-old step daughter and this allegedly started when she was 7 years old. the girl's mother reportedly had no knowledge of the abuse. the man's bail has been set at $350,000. one person did have
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to escape a house fire overnight in lafayette and firefighters say the fire started around 1 o'clock this morning. the home is right near the intersection of golden gate way and second street and crews say that falling debris inside the home, prevented them from getting inside in order to fight the fire. no one was injured and it's not clear yet what started the fire. but we can see the crews there working hard to try to get the situation under control. switching it up now on this thursday as we take a live look outside here at san francisco international airport. you see the fog there starting to move in much cooler along the coast. but friday is looking a little bit warmer and our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez. it's getting us ready for the weekend. yeah. we're going to notice a nice warm-up for the end of your workweek forecast. but from now until then. >> very gloomy start. in fact stubborn marine layer. but they said that strong sea breeze noticing improved air pa particles along the coast and most of the south bay. but a few pockets of moderate air particles. for those of you in
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the east bay. but overall improved air quality today for your thursday. afternoon. futurecast for though, going to show slightly less of that marine layer tomorrow during the overnight hours and into your friday morning. and thanks to that. we're going to notice a nice bump in temperatures for your friday afternoon. forecast the temperatures out there right now in the low 60's for downtown san francisco and berkeley mid 70's for san jose livermore, 77 degrees and widespread 60's and 70's. for those of you in the north bay. so we're about 5 to 10 degrees below average right now this afternoon with nap at 68 degrees. but novato getting some northerly winds in the mid 70's. but still well below average even for what soon to be false standards. temperatures out there right now. upwards of 9 degrees cooler. the biggest cooldown. for those of you in concord. thanks to that strong sea breeze out there in the bay area. but we are tracking overnight lows tonight. going to be cooler for those of you in the north bay, low 50's and
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even some upper 40's for napa. but mid 40's for santa rosa. so make sure to bundle up there. everyone else in the mid-fifties but very seasonal weather as you make your way inland for your friday afternoon forecast cancun, a little more in the mid 80's with low 70's for oakland. so about 5 degrees below average there about 3 degrees below normal for downtown san francisco. only warming up into the mid 60's. but taking a look ahead at your next 7 day outlook, even cooler temperatures saturday, especially into sunday before we start to warm up high fire danger monday and tuesday of this upcoming week. so this upcoming storm, even if it's on the lighter side just seen cpcould not have come at a better time, especially leading up to this potentially dangerous fire warning monday and tuesday. back to you. cool it down for the weekend. thanks for >> and now to national news and convicted murderer derek chauvin was back in court today. this time he's accused of violating the rights of a black teenager during a 2017 arrest.
3:21 pm
>> chauvin pleaded not guilty in the indictment claims show been hit the teenager in the head held in by his throat and pinned him down by putting his knee on his neck. the restraint similar to the one which ultimately killed george floyd chauvin is also charged in federal court violating floyd's civil rights. still ahead here during kron 4 news at 3. all eyes are now on a date for vaccines for children under 12 the plans now in the works by one bay area county to vaccinate this age group. >> before halloween. and up next, why if you buy a fake vaccine cards, you're putting yourself at risk, even beyond committing fraud. for your
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money this afternoon. sales of fake vaccine cards have exploded and experts are saying it's easier than ever to get one. >> but as steve so gracious its suggest us during this investigation, if you buy one of those cards, you're taking a lot more than just a health risk. >> at the dock webb was prime to poyer a fake vaccine cards, but it's hard to get to and you need special tools to access the dark web now, fake card sellers have migrated from the dark web to an easily accessible social media platform known as telegram which already has hundreds of millions of users the blatantly and brazenly are. >> these fake, fake vaccine
3:25 pm
cards now on the plane internet tv, my phone number. and when the president announced his employer vaccine mandate, fake cards selling exploded on telegram which has groups like this where people can meet to buy and sell. we saw a 10 x jump. >> in the number of sellers in a 5 x jump in the number of people that are congregating in these groups on average about 85,000 people per group, which is actually quite disturbing check point research says sellers vary from lodge organized criminal groups all the way down to single entrepreneurs who are trying to cash in. they're demanding payment in crypto because it's untraceable. but buying a fake vaccine card is more than a health opening yourself up to identity theft. >> absolutely. so here's typically what would happen. but what you've ended his surrendered some or all of your personal information to them. they're going then likely take that data and try to resell it again for their own profit because telegram is that chat platform and not an
3:26 pm
e-commerce site. there's no way for officials to regulate the sale of fake cards unless telegram itself tried to somehow control users. >> and that gets into free speech. maybe they could do something about to my knowledge. they are not. it be very difficult for them to do that. >> that was steve sabree show reporting for us this afternoon. and up next, it's back to work for governor gavin newsome after the recall election. the controversial bills that are on his desk that now need to be signed in less than a month. >> and in our coronavirus coverage to east bay school districts could mandate covid-19 vaccines for students. we'll tell you where and how soon these vaccine mandates for kids could go into place. and also there's debate in washington, dc head of president biden scheduled rollout of the booster shots. why millions of americans may have to wait to roll up their sleeves for that 3rd shot.
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>> 2 big story. we're watching a 3.30 today. the white house plans to start rolling out covid-19 vaccine booster shots on monday. but the fda and the cdc are meeting tomorrow to debate. if there is enough proof that a booster shot is safe, effective and necessary. our washington correspondent anna wiernicki has details. >> president joe biden says the white house is ready to start rolling out covid-19 vaccine shots next week we bought enough boosters stir
3:30 pm
shots. >> and the distribution system is ready to administer. but white house press secretary jen psaki says that won't happen until the fda and cdc give the green might and based on the rent next recommendation. >> we're prepared to operation allies are plant. the 2 agencies are scheduled to meet friday to consider a request by pfizer to approve a 3rd dose of the vaccine 6 months after the second dose. but doing data submitted ahead of the meeting suggest that not everyone is on the same page in a committee brief fda staff say they have yet to verify some data to support the need of a 3rd shot saying, quote, there are known and unknown by says that can affect their reliability to public health crisis everywhere in our country. but ohio democratic senator sherrod brown says the top priority right now needs to be convincing many americans to get the first dose. i think the effort aimed for everybody needs to be. >> whatever we can do to get people vaccinated still the
3:31 pm
white house says they're ready to activate their booster plan as promised. it's our job to be prepared in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. >> the big story we're following is how soon kids h 5 to 11 will be able to get a covid vaccine in when adults will start getting those boosters. the fda has not approved vaccines for kids under 12 just yet. but rain county teachers are ready. putting plans together if the fda approval comes as expected on october 15th. we're in county is planning to open clinics for kids by october 23rd the goal there is to get 75% of children between the ages of 5.11. a covid shot within the first month of eligibility. >> we'll have a series of 3 weekends saturday, sunday saturday, sunday, saturday, sunday for the first doses and, know, be a week probably around thanksgiving and then another series of to really for the second doses.
3:32 pm
>> and while they're going to urge kids get vaccinated. so far there have been no discussions about issuing a mandate that children have to be mac vaccinated to go to school in marin county. and covid vaccines may soon be required over students at 2 east bay school districts. a resolution requiring all eligible students and staff to be vaccinated will be brought up at west contra, costa school district meeting next week. the district says 93% of its staff are already vaccinated. the measure would give students until october. 3rd to get their first dose. they must be talking about kids who are eligible over 12 oakland is also considering a similar proposal. los angeles unified, which is the largest state school district here has approved a vaccine mandate for kids who are eligible that happened earlier this month. so there is some precedent there. let's talk politics. and with the recall election behind him. governor gavin newsom back at work, hundreds of bills are awaiting his signature or veto with
3:33 pm
deadlines fast approaching our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has details. >> about 700 bills. sit on governor gavin newsom's desk proposals that piled up as he faced a recall with an october 10th deadline. newsome has about 3 weeks to sign or veto the legislation part of the push to have the recall date as soon as possible was in part to prevent governor gavin newsome from having these policy debates with the democratic majority legislature during the special election but with his victory speech over bills on housing and police accountability await him some of those higher profile proposals include legislation that could increase housing which state leaders have said california desperately needs and single family home neighborhoods. sb 9 would allow homeowners to build 2 houses or a duplex where one house is currently allowed also sb 10 would allow local governments to rezone single family areas to allow more units for those in urban areas and those near public
3:34 pm
transportation. the governor will also have to decide on a series of police accountability measures, including allowing the public greater access to police use of force records and prohibiting officer use of rubber bullets and other less lethal weapons at protests. newsone will also decide of his signature will land on sb to the bill that would remove badges from law enforcement officers accused of wrongdoing, other bills awaiting the governor include efforts to address covid labor the environment, education and much more in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news. now. the north bay. a nevada city council member amy peel has now stepped down from her position. she announced her resignation at last night's city council meeting and she is blaming. >> the mental health strain of serving as a local elected official during the pandemic. she also referred to what she described as constant name calling shaming and toxic comments from emails and community members. the bottles. mayor think feel for her work instead, she'll be publicly recognized for her service at a later meeting.
3:35 pm
the council will discuss options to fill this vacancy later on this month. and now let's talk about our weather forecast as we take a live look outside here across the bay bridge toll plaza looking out towards the east bay. the weekend weather is going for us a little bit of a curve ball. so our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is joining us here now is what we should expect and i'm i'm trying to get in the fall feel for you agree some this back. getting some comments about pumpkin spice. cindy brady. >> going to fall sweater, whatever it is. i'm just ready for the cooler temperatures. you know what, if there was ever a sweater. >> that exemplified fall. it would totally be you and that's whether so shout out to just seen and that sweater. she is winning the ball game right now. very fall-like weather out there. so perfect weather game today justine. we're noticing that gloomy weather out there right now. mainly for those of you along the coast at half moon bay
3:36 pm
downtown san francisco in the mid 60's as is the marina really jealous. i'm not wearing that sweater right now. maybe we can like switch during the break or something. but half moon bay and daly city 64 degrees. going to track winds out of the south-southwest 20 miles per hour or less. so not going to see much of that marine layer and temperatures warming up just a bit. check out san bruno in the low 70's mid 70's for san carlos and san mateo with paulo alto in the low 70's and mid 70's for those of you at san jose santa clara 10 degrees warmer at 87 degrees. so very seasonal weather as you make your way inland in the east bay valleys with livermore in the mid 80's there mid 70's for san leandro orinda and moraga upper 70's to low 80's but walnut creek and concord 85 degrees. so not a bad way to wrap up your workweek forecast after today's chilly weather. but napa in the mid 70's. and for those of you in santa rosa, 80 degrees with sandra fell in the mid 70's in mill valley in
3:37 pm
the mid 60's. so we are going to get a nice bump in temperatures out there for your friday until we cool down again, 5 to 10 degrees below average by this weekend. inland valleys not even going to reach the 80's. in fact, we're going to see widespread 60's along the coast and east bay shoreline and also some light rain sunday could bring us about a 10th of an inch of rnin or less for most of the bay area. but those of you in the north bay could pick up about a quarter of an inch of rain and shout out to one of our viewers just seen. she's a huge fan of our 3 o'clock newscast wants to do. whether hopefully one day when she grows up ariana or vyvianna ansari of a short-term memory like it's the worst. but her dad told me that she's a huge fan. so have to get her shot out tonight and i love it. thanks to all right. well, coming up. >> get ready for some new slots and place your bets as we take a look at the new renderings for a new casino that's in the works in sonoma county. plus, the search is on for a suspect who left a bag
3:38 pm
of drugs on school grounds. how the suspect allegedly got them. there. and after the break, the search is continuing for a missing 22 year-old youtuber. first we'll take a look at this newly released police video that was taken weeks before her disap
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>> police in utah have now released this new body camera video of missing 22 year-old gabby petito. the video was shot following an alleged physical altercation between her and her boyfriend. brian laundry just weeks before she disappeared. a witness made the call and reported seeing a male had been observed to have assaulted a female and after stopping the van. officers say they noticed that he to crying uncontrollably. she continued crying throughout their conversation and said that she was struggling with her mental health. police say her boyfriend was also the last person to be around turn police are also saying he has not been cooperative with their investigation into her disappearance. there are a lot of details here. we're following it for you right here on kron 4. we have a lot of information on our website. kron 4 dot com about this rather bizarre story.
3:42 pm
lawrenceville, virginia are looking for the person who made a drug delivery at a school by using a drone. the package contained marijuana tobacco and a couple of cell phones. authorities believe that the suspect miss took the school for a nearby correctional facility where the drop was supposed to have been going down. a school employee saw the drone land on school grounds monday morning before flying back to the operator and that person then drove away. what's. what happening with that one. all right. still ahead, get ready for a casino night. we'll take a look at the new plans for a casino that could be coming to sonoma county.
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>> free money right now. new casino is coming to the north bay. the coin nations planning to build a resort and casino. >> on land in unincorporated sonoma county. the qc know will be built on east shiloh road between santa rosa and windsor. the coronation says the resort and its construction will create hundreds of jobs for local workers while allowing the tribe to become financially independents. no word exactly on when an opening date has been planned for. but keep you posted. also for money today, supply shortages continue to cause problems for shoppers as prices continue to rise and those rising prices could last at least another year reporter
3:46 pm
nancy loo has details. >> whatever the beverage. it now costs a bit global aluminum shortage is impacted. the production of cans. there's also a shortage of glass and bottles. it's just been one thing after another whether it's furniture, whether it's electronics for automobiles and now glass bottles. i have clients who literally scouring the world for. >> rubber for tires to make clothing. a picket pick a category other than maybe pharmaceuticals almost every other industries impacted supply chain. experts believe the global system will remain disrupted for at least another year. so consumers should expect higher prices and shortages to drag on notice that there's a lot of shortages in meat products specifically things like turkey and chicken which we need a lot of in our house. there's also less inventory of all types of clothing and paper products that do to the
3:47 pm
lumber situation and a doubling in the price of wood pulp. >> they can't get zippers for 10's thousands of tents ready to be shipped. lots of orders for them because of people camping getting outdoors because of covid and they can't finish. >> gibson says supply issues of even trickle down to a shortage of twist ties for bagging bread. well, it many construction sites not here to hear coils. >> switch plate covers. hate. >> the list of endangered items is growing for home builders as well. we can really guarantee longer than like 60 to 90 days because of the increase in all the different prices that have been going on over the year. >> has nancy loo reporting and also for your health today. a new study is finding workplace kitchens can play a role in your weight loss. that's because off the snack tables are often decorated the sweets from well-meaning co-workers will vending machines are also pretty full of highly
3:48 pm
processed chips, candies cookies ready to beat sandwiches and sugar packed goods researchers in the uk say employers can help by offering fewer unhealthy options. they found that making relatively simple changes in workplace break rooms could make an important contribution to tackling obesity. happening right now. it is mexican independence day and last night in mexico city. as we told you crowds were going to gather to celebrate what is called el grito which translates to the yellow mexico's president delivered a speech marking the country's independence from spain in 18. so it's not cinco de mayo. it's actually today just for the record. and just in time for hispanic heritage month barbie has introduced to. >> a new one of a kind role model dolls sue cruz and julia alvarez. cruz was a cuban american singer and one of the most popular popular latin artists of the 20th century.
3:49 pm
cruz died in 2003 after a battle with brain cancer. but her legacy is living on right here through barbie. alvarez is a dominican american poet novelist and activist and she is regarded as one of the most successful and significant latino writers of her time. she has written novels collection of poems and numerous books for young readers. let's talk about our weather forecast brown as we take a live look outside right now from our camera on top of mount tam. it is much cooler along the coast and the weekend is what we want to be watching right now. our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez not only has a little bump up and temperatures for friday. but saturday and sunday there's a good chance of rain coming our way this weekend yes, specifically sunday that some are going to notice early morning through sunday afternoon. >> could see about a 10th of an inch of rain for most of the bay area upwards of about a quarter of an inch of rain for the north bay valleys. so, hey, we'll take any drop we can get during these drought conditions live look outside
3:50 pm
woke up to some patchy coastal drizzle. they said that deepening marine layer still hanging tight. for those of you along golden gate bridge stormtracker 4 right now tracking better clearing as you make your way in london. we're going to notice less cloud cover more sun friday. and with that warmer temperatures and great weekend forecast ahead to this year and now that everything's up and running in back open following that caldor fire. we are noticing more containment. they're great video earlier this week with everyone in this pretty celebrating and thanking all the firefighters thanks to all the firefighters kuz they are the best. let's take a look, though. temperatures for those of you at south lake tahoe in truckee in the 70's cooling down into the 60's by saturday and sunday in the upper 50's. but right now we are tracking widespread 60's and 70's for most of the bay area temper on though, a little bit cooler 59 degrees, getting that marine layer influence and also that cool sea breeze. but tomorrow's daytime highs like
3:51 pm
just the mention. we're going to notice seasonal temperatures for most of our inland valleys specifically in the east bay 3 to 5 degrees below average. even with tomorrow's warm-up but still very pleasant. nonetheless, mid 60's for those of you in downtown san francisco and half moon bay mid 70's for napa and low 70's for hayward with mountain view. also in the mid 70's. but then even cooler temperatures this weekend with the approaching storm light showers giving way to plenty of sunshine and better clearing by sunday afternoon. just seen. back to you. thank you so much. up next. >> see you later. alligator. how a paddle boarder kept herself safe from this gator and the gator was not very happy about it. bay area homeowners, learn how you can eliminate monthly mortgage payments and improve your cashflow. look, this isn't my first rodeo and let me tell you something, i wouldn't be here if i thought reverse mortgages took advantage of any american senior,
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♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ >> what are you doing? >> get away from me. get away from me. oh, my god. >> the alligator. they're making some noise and did not like getting shoved away from a paddle boarder in a river in florida in curiously swam up to the woman who was on the board. she was trying to talk to him to go away. apparently doesn't speak english. and the only thing that you could think to do to defend herself was to use in order to push it away. and the gator give a little his fair but seemed to get the hint because after that it didn't cause any more trouble. and check this out. the van gogh museum in
3:55 pm
amsterdam is displaying what they believed to be a drawing. you have never seen before by van gogh. the 1882 painting titled study for worn out has been part of a dutch private collection and has never been seen before. publicly on display. the owner asked the museum to determine if the unsigned drawing is by van gogh. and so far the museum. which is the van gogh museum believes that that is the case. wonder what that is worth it. it's time now to check in newsnation to see what they're working on for tonight. >> tonight on the donlon report, president biden's approval rating is taking america finds itself in the middle of several big issues and crises what the president can do now that the honeymoon phase is over and new issues start to creep up. now here's leland vittert with a preview of on balance. thanks, joe. tonight, how social media manipulates our psychology. >> and new reporting on how facebook exploits it. the life threatening to facts. it's having on the younger
3:56 pm
generation and what you need to do to protect your children. that's coming up on bounce night followed by news nation prime. >> and you can find newsnation on the channels listed right here. more details are on our website. kron 4 dot com. and we have time right now for one final check of the forecast with recent. we are very excited about seeing some green on the radar. let's track the system. yeah. we're tracking some very light scattered showers just seen mainly impacting the 2nd half of your weekend. we are going to notice some light rain early sunday morning. but giving way to plenty of sunshine drier and clear conditions by sunday afternoon as that storm completely exits to our east by sunday night rain totals about a 10th of an inch of rain or less and hate. we will take it because we're certainly going to need every drop we can get, especially with next week's offshore winds, warm dry mountain breezes set to arrive by monday and tuesday of this upcoming week could being bring us some high fire danger concerns. but from now until then, temperatures out there
3:57 pm
right now on that cooler side feeling and looking a lot like fall. widespread 60's and 70's as you head out the door. but tomorrow very seasonable few degrees below average along the coast and east bay shoreline but warming up into the 80's for most of our inland valleys. back to justine. thank a breeze. and here is what's coming up at 4 on kron-on. they think they will have a special appearance. >> by sparky the fire dog so just scan this qr codes, you can watch that and so much more. but thank you so much for joining us. right here on kron. 4 news at 3 o'clock today. i'm justine waldman. so appreciate your time and i'll see you tonight on 3 news at 5 o'clock.
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