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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  September 16, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> good evening. thanks for joining us. we begin with breaking news tonight at 6 o'clock police responding to a shooting on highway 24 near the call to cut tunnel. >> right during the peak of the evening commute it is not exactly clear where along the freeway that shooting happened. but we do know the crime scene itself is in a red though, which is just east of the caldecott tunnel. the right war of the tunnel was closed for about an hour. and as you might imagine, that caused major traffic backup into oakland. we also learned that a concerned driver called 911, by the time i hung up the phone shots had been fired at their car. fortunately, nobody was injured of course, this is causing some big delays in the east bay and drivers being asked to avoid the area. >> this is a live traffic view of the conditions from our traffic tracker since all of the lanes just reopened within the last 15 minutes or so. traffic should be starting to pick up slowly. but you can still see all that red
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northbound highway 13 along the oakland hills where it meets up with highway 24 both of those are all backed up. you can see a highway 24 even head back down, toward the macarthur the eastbound direction also backed up that way. but hopefully it will start clearing up soon. we have a crew headed to the scene. we'll bring you more information as soon as it comes into our newsroom. >> also on the east bay police boost patrols at livermore high school today. this after a student, there was arrested for allegedly threatening to harm someone on campus today, kron four's maureen kelly tells us that word of the threat was brought to the attention of authorities by some of the suspects fellow classmates. >> because the suspect is a high school student and under 18. a lot of the details are being kept under wraps here at the livermore police department. the school district superintendent tells me this all came to a head on wednesday evening when 3 other students at livermore high school came forward with some disturbing information may came to a few students attention. >> that one of their classmates as making time
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alarming comments, possibly threatening about hurting someone at school. and so they did exactly what they've been trained in coach to do, which is what a caring adult know. if you're concerned when you hear something that could be a problem that parent told the school who in turn brought in the livermore police department school resource officers who made the arrest wednesday evening. police have not released the exact charges that student is facing. >> that alleged threat of harm was supposed to happen today, which is why police have boosted their presence so kids can feel like this is the safest place to be today. they're also extra counselors available and the superintendent was asked by the students to bring her labrador who has had some training in being a therapy dog. the students have been through a lot here lately 6 of their classmates were involved in a car wreck last month, killing one and putting 3 more in the hospital. it's been an emotional train news been.
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>> you know, it's emotional and we still have students from the first tragedy who are recovering in the hospital. and you know, there's services this week for the other >> you know, it's just his home in this latest incident, both the police and the school district are investigating at this point. we still do not know the exact nature of the alleged threat. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> the bay area's top federal prosecutor announced a sweeping array of indictments targeting in a tory us prison gang acting u.s. attorney stephanie hinds joined a federal, state and local law enforcement officials in issuing 55 arrest warrants targeting the new westra familia gang. the 5 year investigation targeted gang activity from humboldt county all the way to kern county to the indictments are centered on games in san jose. >> the indictments provide a chilling description, a violent criminal networks leadership already. it is incarcerated. by disrupting
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game leadership. we've reduced violence on our streets. by removing violent actors in crime drivers from our streets. we make our neighborhoods safer. >> according to the u.s. attorney's office 36 of the defendants named in the indictments were already in state prison and have been moved to federal holding facilities who was not immediately disclosed. how many of the 19 remaining defendants were arrested in this law enforcement sweep, the sweeps, rather, that occurred this week. >> in the south bay a 15 year-old boy has been arrested on suspicion of fatally shooting a member of his family outside of a liquor store in ian jose this morning. investigators were taking evidence from the scene at tropicana liquor on story road where a woman was shot and later died from her injuries. police tell us the shooting happened just before 8 o'clock last night. the suspect has been booked into juvenile hall on charges dealing with manslaughter, his
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identity and exact location and the relationship to the woman involved have not been disclosed, but anyone with information is asked to contact san jose police kron 4 is your local election headquarters and with the recall election behind him. governor gavin newsom is back to work. hundreds of bills. now await his signature or veto with the deadline fast approaching our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has more. >> about 700 bills. sit on governor gavin newsom's desk proposals that piled up as he faced a recall with an october 10th deadline. newsome has about 3 weeks to sign or veto the legislation part of the push to have the recall date as soon as possible was in part to prevent governor gavin newsome from having these policy debates with the democratic majority legislature during the special election. tonight. i'm humble with his victory speech over newsome signed legislation that could boost housing production. which state leaders have said california desperately needs in single
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family home neighborhoods. sb 9 will allow homeowners to build 2 houses or a duplex per one house is currently allowed. he also signed sb 10, which allows local governments to rezone single family areas to allow more units for those in urban areas and those near public transportation, other legislation waiting on his signature a series of police accountability measures, including allowing the public greater access to police use of force records. >> and prohibiting officer use of rubber bullets and other less lethal weapons protests news and will also decide of his signature will land on sb to the bill that would remove badges from law enforcement officers accused of wrongdoing. >> other bills awaiting the governor include efforts to address covid labor the environment, education and much more in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> story only on kron 4 republican larry elder now sounds like he's not necessarily going to challenge gavin newsom again. he's talking about newsom's landslide defeat of the recall effort this week. elder was the front runner among the republicans challenging the
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governor. he talked to inside california politics and admits another run would be daunting. >> it's hard for me to see how the outcome would be any different. west was able to raise at least as much money as he has that. but even then the thing is daunting. when you look at the registration democrat versus republican when gray davis was recalled. it wasn't as nearly as lopsided as it right now. now independents outnumber republicans. so it's hard for me to see that. were i to have a rematch, the outcome would be a whole lot different. but i may change my mind over the next coming days. >> it is somethpng of a change of tune for elder on election night. for example, he said that while he had lost the battle. he was confident that he would win the war. the kind of talk that had many people assuming he was ready for another run tune into inside california politics this weekend for that full interview as well as a post election roundtable with some of the top political reporters from across the state inside california politics runs saturday at 06:30pm and again sunday morning at 6.30 right
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here on kron. 4. >> another big story we're following tonight. it seems that we're getting closer to finding out whether the united states will authorize booster shots in the fight against covid-19 an fda panel is expected to make recommendations tomorrow. but even if authorized there are a lot of questions that remain how old you need to be to be able to get it. >> and how many months after you got your second shot. kron four's. dan kerman is live in san francisco tonight. he has more on all of this. dan. >> that's right. we've been talking a medical experts and part of the reason that there's so much differing opinion on all of this is because the of the data, the problem is, is that this data is ongoing and yet we still have not collected enough of it to be certain about several things. >> is it necessary for those who've received 2 doses of pfizer's covid-19 vaccine to get a booster shot. that's the question coming before an fda panel on friday. pfizer makes
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the case that while its vaccine still protects against severe disease immunity wanes against mild infections after 6 to 8 months. recommend that. >> all the individuals over 60 should be offered of lucerne. i'd recommend that you come rise in the video still continues to get their additional shots. >> ucsf infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin-hong says that recommendation is based on data from israel. however, he says that research still doesn't indicate how long those boosters will last. i would like to know how long these uses will actually last. >> because that helps me the chairmen tradeoffs in terms of. is it really with while setting up this revolving door, many, many blue serious. if overall. my protection is going to be relatively stable over time and all i'm trying
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to do is prevents. infection, most of which is miles in the vaccinated. chin-hong says the current lack of convincing data. >> is what's keeping him from recommending a booster for those under 60 in my own experience being. >> inpatient wards last 2 weeks. the only vaccinated people i've seen personally who come into the hospital and those they're like what was 70 and those me a compromise, but more than 90% were unvaccinated. chin-hong says in addition to just more data, he hopes it will come from us studies because unlike israel, which is highly vaccinated. >> close to 80 million people in the u.s. remain unvaccinated. >> addition to the fda. the cdc will also be holding meetings next week. they will be looking at the age range of those who possibly could get a boost live in san francisco.
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dan kerman kron 4 news stand. thank you. covid vaccines might soon be required for students at 2 east bay school district. >> a resolution requiring all eligible students and staff to be vaccinated will be brought up at a west contra costa school district meeting next week. the district says 93% of its staff is already vaccinated. the measure would give students until october 3rd to get their first shot. oakland is considering a similar proposal. los angeles unified the largest state school district approved a vaccine mandate earlier this month. >> well, of course, the fda has not yet approved vaccines for children under the age of 12. but marin county teachers are already laying out a plan. if the fda approval comes as expected on october the 15th marin county is planning to open clinics on october. the 23rd the county goal is to get 75% of children between 5.11 years old. a covid shot within the first month of eligibility.
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>> to have a series of 3 weekends saturday, sunday, saturday, sunday saturday, sunday for the first doses and, know, be a week off probably around thanksgiving and then another series of to really get our for the second doses. >> while the county is going to urge children to get vaccinated. so far. there have been no discussions to issue a mandate that children be vaccinated in order to go to marin county schools. time now for the 4 zone forecast as we go to the tent camp and the marine layer moving in over the bay area that marine layer already feeling it to ken and our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here with the cooler temperatures. yeah. kind of a change in the season. has guys talking about vaccination. i'm recommending the flu shot just had a bout with and yeah, there are a lot of the bugs out there. so yeah, get out there and your shot get. we've definitely seen a change in the weather or see the cooler temperatures
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outside right now. the fog moving in overhead right now. we're going to see a little more that along the coast. >> and maybe just inside the bay, maybe more impressively, as we've actually got a storm developing in the gulf of alaska early for this time of the season. but there it is. most that energy. it's going to head up the pacific northwest. but the trailing edge of that likely to move in the bay area over the weekend. right now. it's quiet out there. just that patchy fog out near the coastline. we'll see a thin layer that again by tomorrow morning the temperatures going stay down in most spots. watch what happens here long-range computer model. you see as we head through the night tonight, fog gathering along the coastline is tomorrow morning and then as we head through the day on saturday. the clouds roll in and by sunday morning. there you go. cold front working its way across the bay area bringing with it a few scattered showers. not going to be huge rainmaker but pretty impressive coming through this time of year. so that being said, enjoy the day tomorrow should be a nice fall feel to it as we head toward the last weekend of summer 80's inland, lots of 70's, a few 80's around the bay. plus some 60's, some patchy fog at the coast. thank you are still
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ahead on kron 4 news at 6. the parents of a missing new york woman. >> ask for cooperation from her fiance as police in utah released body cam video of their encounter with a couple last month. plus, president biden outlined his administration's goal of raising taxes on the wealthy, he says is designed to strengthen the middle class and boost the economy. details ahead in a live report. >> be careful, don't open the door and the she expecting somebody and later, a warning from police about who's knocking on your front door.
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or online at >> today, president joe biden delivered a speech to the american people or he aggressively pitched his plan to tax the wealthy and corporations as the president says his new tax provisions are key to accomplishing his economic agenda our washington, dc correspondent raquel martin joins us live. so cal, give us some details on what the president had to say today. >> good evening. will president biden is pitching his plan to raise taxes on the wealthy and corporations as a way to even the playing field for the middle class. he says if accomplished it would be pivotal part of american history and now calling on congress to make it happen. >> this is our moment to deal working people back into the economy. thursday. president joe biden made his case to raise taxes on wealthy americans and large corporations. >> the fund his economic agenda.
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>> your fair share. >> president biden said it's unacceptable for 55 with the most profitable corporations in the country to think 0 in taxes. >> how is it possible for millionaires and billionaires. i can pay a lower rate of tax and teachers. firefighters are law enforcement officers. >> right now. he's pressuring congress to not just raise taxes on corporations and americans making more than $400,000 per year, but also give the irs billions to crack down on tax evasion. it's long overdue. >> so not to punish anyone. i'm a capitalist. >> but republicans like missouri senator josh hawley called the president's plan outright socialism does basically. >> woke left take over the country and they want to remake our entire society economist mark hamrick says the issue is that wealthy people or corporations. it's the tax code. tax system is in need of much more reform. >> then just some sort
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essentially a policing mechanism. he says the president may be miss representing the problem. i do feel like there's a little bit of political haze here in the sense of it's easy to attack. >> successful corporations. >> right now democrats are fine tuning the wording in president biden's economi% plan and today speech wasn't just target to the american people but to moderate democrats in the senate who have already said they weren't interested in his big spending plan for now in washington, raquel martin, back to you. rick allen, thank you for that. >> while in washington, a plume of smoke was seen behind the u.s. capitol building this morning. our dc correspondent reshad hudson tweeted out the picture saying the smoke was coming from a construction site. firefighters say the fire broke out on a rooftop that was under construction. also noticeable in the picture. security fencing is going back up around the capitol building. this is ahead of a rally planned for this weekend that authorities are worried might possibly
6:20 pm
turn violent, missouri senator roy blunt and senate republican leader mitch mcconnell say they're confident capitol police will keep the peace during the rally. >> test of how quickly it gets up and gets down. maybe a better thing to look at them to continue to talk about. >> a permanent, then i believe that there well, equipped handle what what may or may not occur. >> when protesters gather on the west side of the capitol will be closely watched by surveillance cameras providing a 360 degree view of the area last law enforcement is expecting roughly 700 people to attend that rally. >> a biplrtisan bill has been introduced into the u.s. senate that seeks to provide a pathway to citizenship for the nation's 200,000 dreamers. the america's children act would provide protections which lock in a child's age on the date. they file for a green card. it would also provide work
6:21 pm
authorization for documented dreamers who are 16 years old and older while their green card applications are pending. california's democratic senator alex padilla and republican senator rand paul of kentucky co authored this bill. >> today's mexican independence day last night in mexico city, crowds gathered to celebrate what's called el grito, which means they yell mexico's president delivered a speech marking the country's independence from spain back in 1810, san jose is hosting a celebration tonight for mexican independence day. mayor sam liccardo number of city council members will be there. it started about a half hour ago at city hall, kron four's taylor sack is on our way there and should have a full report on the celebration tonight and our primetime newscast starting at 9 o'clock. all right. let's get another check of our 4 zone forecast says we take a live look outside at downtown san francisco and lawrence is standing by with more details on how much colder is to played have want to know what
6:22 pm
i want touch cooling down but use it. >> hey, what does that mean? you're going get. i'm getting a new haha. no, no, no. no. those temperatures drop around the bay area today coming off of quite a bit. the onshore flow continuing the fog moving in right along the coastline right now. we're going to see come or patches of fog, which is very patchy out there temperatures today only 60 degrees. >> it's have just go. that is well below the average for this time of year. 68 now it for a high in oakland. 78 in san jose 78 all they can do a little more today. that is well below the average 75 degrees in concord and 70 degrees in santa rosa outside. right now we're cooling off in a hurry, got some 50's co side. some 60's around the bay. so warm inland with a lot of 70 showing up in some of the valleys. but big changes in the forecast. we finally have another cold front developing out there and this coming a little bit early for this time of year. it's a pretty rain event in the pacific northwest northern california, significant rain event. and that's really
6:23 pm
important the fires are burning that can really help things out as we head in toward tomorrow afternoon that front begins to drop a little bit closer. bring some rain up in the pacific northwest for us, mostly sunny skies still. but that storm system dropping in as we head in towards saturday night and sunday. that will be probably the kickers rolls on by and the rainfall. yeah. could be pretty significant, especially in far northern california. his latest models in the forecast that eureka over an inch of rain. we get anything like that in and around some of those fires in northern california. that is really going to help out the firefighters a in toward the dixie fire expecting maybe a quarter, maybe half an inch of rain there. you can see the bay area lighter amounts maybe 700 into san francisco light amounts. by the time you make when the santa cruz mountains. but all around looking good. so enjoy the day tomorrow will be a dry day for tomorrow. that change coming overnight saturday night into sunday temperatures tomorrow going to be warm in mid 80's in the hot spots around the bay area. thank you, lawrence plans for a new casino in the north bay have been unveiled. what we know about the future resort
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here in the bay area. also some mosquitoes with west nile virus have been detected in the bay area. we'll tell you where spray tomorrow night to try to keep everybody safe. [swords clashing] - had enough? - no... arthritis. here. new aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme.
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county that coy nation announced it plans to build a resort and casino on east shiloh road. that's just north of santa rosa and just east of windsor. in addition to this becoming the tribes. new land base resort and casino include thousands of gaming machines and tables. a 200 room hotel 6 restaurants, a meeting center and its paw. the coronation says resort tenants construction will create hundreds of jobs for local workers allowing their tribe to become financially independent in the south bay mosquitoes with west nile virus has been detected looking at a map of where santa clara county's vector control district will be out tomorrow night spraying parts of palo alto and mountain view affected areas include neighborhoods near west middlefield road and san antonio road. the treatment will start around 10:00pm and will last about 3 hours. the vector control district says residents do not need to relocate. this is not the first time this year. the west nile virus has been detected in mosquitoes in santa clara county. the district detective
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cases untreated areas of santa clara and sunnyvale at the end of august. so far this year. california has seen 35 human cases of west nile virus. but none in santa clara county, specifically. >> coming up next, a dramatic day in the case of gabby potato. we see some police body camera footage showing an altercation between her and her fiance on the same day that her family is making an emotional plea to that beyonce and his family. plus a deadly police shooting in the east bay today. officers releasing video of the moments led up to the shots being fired and the former minneapolis police officer convicted in the murder and the death of george floyd back in court today the latest on an alleged civil rights violation against derek chauvin. let us take you to a place you've been craving. where the aroma of authenticity turns into the scent of home. and the warmth of friends and family is in every bite.
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