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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  September 16, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading >> now. a new video tonight of gabby petito's run-in with police after an emotional fight with her boyfriend. the florida woman went missing in utah just a couple of weeks later and now police from several states are searching for clues as to her whereabouts. could a vaccine mandate be in the works for bay area students to east bay school district suspected talk about that idea. we have details on when that will be. >> it's hard for me to see how the outcome would be any different. >> plus days after failing to unseat governor gavin newsome,
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one of his top opponents might be tipping his hand about his plans on running in 2022. good evening. thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 8. i'm ken wayne. and i'm pam moore. we begin tonight in the east bay where highway 24 near the caldecott tunnel is now back open. >> hours earlier, though, a very different setting, a shooting and turned that highway into a crime scene. well, backing up traffic during rush hour. the crime scene is actually in all renda, just east of the tunnel. it is not exactly clear where the shooting itself happened right bore of the tunnel was closed for about an hour during rush hour causing traffic to back up into oakland. a driver saw what happened to and it did appear to be a road rage incident so that driver called 911. to report it by the time they got off the phone. shots had been fired. >> want
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>> got fired. >> hear that got had call it. >> fortunately nobody was hurt in this incident. according to authorities, and investigation is ongoing and we will bring you details when they're made available. >> an urgent search is on tonight across is number of states to try to find this woman. gabby petito. she's a 22 year-old went missing while on a cross country road trip with her boyfriend that boyfriend. brian laundry has been named a person of interest in the investigation but has not been arrested or even charged today. police in utah released new body camera
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video when they pulled over the couple's van after see it was seen speeding and hit a curb near the entrance of moab national park. this is about 2 weeks before she was last heard from. >> learned was rising in started it. and going >> it says it's worked out. >> as the reason behind well, this i >> police separated the couple after this encounter. but what happened after that is a mystery police in north north port florida where the couple lived say laundry is still not talking about gammy's disappearance. her family wrote brian's family, a letter begging for help. it reads in
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part, quote, you're both so happy that brian, again, we got engaged and were planning to spend their lives together. please. if you or your family has any decency left. police tell us if we are even looking in the right place. gabby stepfather is currently in wyoming with other family members still searching for gabby as the investigation cranks up here locally. one parent tells kron 4 news he knows all too well. the anguish said gabby's family is going through as kronsfour's terisa stasio tells us he also shares his insight on the investigation and what is happening behind the scenes. this girl right here. this is what matters. i'm asking for help. everyone at home. >> missing gabby potatoes, father making a heart wrenching plea for his daughter's return and one that triggers an excruciating memory for another father. her father saying that the absolute only thing that matters is finding gabby. >> was a reflection of the kinds of things that i was
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saying when my daughter was missing and the fact that the thing they admit they aren't sleeping. they are takes me back a very difficult time. probably the most difficult time of my life and i feel terribly for our classes only daughter polly a victim of a horrendous kidnapping from her front yard in petaluma. >> class now helping families when they undergo the trauma of a missing child with his class. kids foundation last year answering a 179 calls for assistance from 19 states. as for gammy's case class as the family is laser-focused on the right path. >> i believe that the family has to keep doing exactly what they're doing and work towards this singular goal of bringing gabby home and whether that's putting pressure on his family on se. they're doing very effectively, particularly with the letter that they wrote class talking about the potato families letter sent to gabby's fiance. brian who saw
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her last who isn't talking and has since hired an attorney. we. always expect our children to be there. and for some inexplicable reason. there are no longer there. it it it takes you to probably the darkest place you could possibly goal psychologically and it becomes imperative that you you. you worked incessantly to try to uncover the mystery or to solve the mystery and intel that happens. nothing changes you're you're going to be in that dark place. kron 4 news. >> another big story tonight, 2 east bay school districts are considering whether or not to mandate vaccinations against covid-19 for all staff and students 12 years and older west contra. costa unified and oakland unified.
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well, for some. and a harry talks with people from both communities for their reactions to that possible mandate. amanda >> good evening. all the people i spoke to had some mixed opinions on whether or not this should be happening. but they did all agree it's good we're talking about possibly mandating vaccines. >> our priority should always be keeping people healthy and keeping people safe and keeping our schools open in a safe way. west contra costa unified school district was supposed to be the first bay area district to address possibly mandating vaccines. >> for all staff and students, 12 and older. but the superintindent canceled a meeting for tuesday. there's no date yet to reschedule president of united teachers of richmond. marissa glidden says their union members are for a mandate. we bear a survey and 90% of our members. we're in favor of of vaccine mandate force. all eligible
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students and staff. she says they believe in addition to the mandate, the district should take on the responsibility of clinics and education on the vaccine in oakland, the school board will begin discussing a vaccine mandate on wednesday. there's a lot of questions about implementation. >> timelines. what exceptions we need to have vice president of the oakland unified school district board. sam davis introduced the proposal. he says more than 70% of students 12 through 18 years old are already vaccinated. but that's not enough. >> well, i really want to see our students in school. he thinks this mandate will help keep them in school. but oakland unified school board director of district 5 mike hutchinson says he's not for the mandate will focus educational campaign about the importance of getting vaccinated. >> but i think once we make the move to make them it's problematic in in a couple of
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fronts. he says some students could have issues with accessibility. >> he believes this is a statewide issue. and shouldn't be left to individual school board's action needs to come from the state legislature. and i just know for myself as a citizen in california. i don't want local school boards making the decision around what to require vaccination and what's not. >> like you heard west contra costa county canceled that meeting. it hasn't been rescheduled just yet. oakland's meeting will be happening on wednesday. they will discuss the mandate. but they may not vote on it live. amanda hari kron 4 news. so amanda, did the people you talked with from either district say what will happen to the students who choose not to get vaccinated. >> the people that i spoke with from the oakland school district told me those students may be forced to go to distance learning. >> but they're not sure yet. and that's one of the things they have to discuss at
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wednesday's meeting alright amanda hari reporting live for us tonight. thank you. >> looks like we are getting closer to finding out whether or not the united states will authorize covid booster shots. an fda panel is expected to make recommendations tomorrow. pfizer making the case that while its vaccine still protect against severe defeats disease, immunity wanes against mild infections after 6 to 8 months. >> everyone agrees that it was some may be helpful. the real disagreement is in the timing and would really all segments of the population benefit the same way. i think we have not to this questions yet. >> ucsf infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin-hong says data from israel suggests. >> a booster might be helpful for older people, but he says what's not known is how long that booster will last nor. >> is it clear whether those under the age of 60 need to get it at all. in addition to the fda, a cdc panel will meet
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next week in hopes of narrowing down the range of those eligible to get a booster. the city council in millbrae will not move forward with a covid vaccine mandate for certain businesses in the city. the idea for proof of vaccination for indoor and outdoor dining fitness centers and entertainment venue. citywide was shut down yesterday. >> council members cited several reasons such as the need to support businesses by adding further and strict restrictions. one council member says that if they were to consider vaccine mandates. they should start with city employees in millbrae. officials say 95% of the residents are vaccinated. stay with kron 4 for continuing covid coverage just scan the qr code on your screen with your mobile device and you will be directed to a special section on our website where you can find the latest on mass gain and on vaccinations. that's all at kron. 4 dot com. >> coming up on kron 4 news today. the body cam footage
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has been released showing a a police officer shooting and killing a man with a video reveals about this fatal encounter. >> plus says larry planning on the long game. well, after strongly suggesting he would battle governor newsom again next fall when he told inside california politics today in a revealing exclusive interview. and a new resorts and casinos could become innocent on the county to boost the project would bring to the local workforce. >> and we've got a lot of clouds moving over san francisco in parts of the bay area. now maybe a little rain
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>> a talk radio host larry elder did concede his fight to become california's next governor during the recall election earlier this week he indicated at the time that his first campaign might not be his last but in an exclusive interview with inside california politics. it appears it elder may be changing his tune grant lotus is here with details. >> pretty revealing interview today and he was was candid or at least seem to open up about. yes, some of the practical hurdles that he could be facing. >> were he to run. i mean, you know, he got blown out and the quote of the night from larry elder on tuesday. we may have lost the battle, but we're going to win the war. that is what the republican recall contender told the crowd of supporters tuesday night after conceding the recall election to governor newsom but only 2 days later today on inside
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california politics. it sure sounded like elder was reversing course on whether he would enter next year's regularly scheduled governor's race. >> it's hard for me to see how the outcome would be any different. west was able to raise at least as much money as he has that. but even then the thing is daunting. when you look at the registration democrat versus republican when gray davis was recalled. it wasn't as nearly as lopsided as it right now. now independents outnumber republicans. so it's hard for me to see that were right to have a rematch. the outcome would be a whole lot different, but i may change my mind over the next coming days. >> so the door has been left open. but it sure sounds like his kind of realized that he got blown out and the outcome next time is likely not to be all that different. here's a list of the gubernatorial replacement candidates. the people who ran against new elder way up top with 47 percent of the vote about 3 quarters of the votes have been counted and he is way
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ahead of the 45 other candidates who are trying to replace him. the next republican kevin faulconer, former san diego governor just 8% of the vote. so the 69 year-old elder who is a lawyer and author. talk show host he would have become the state's first black governor were he to have beaten newsome, but. today, at least it seems like he is not leaning towards running next year. but as former president trump whose politics closely aligned with elders was so fond of saying we'll see what happens live in the studio. grant lotus kron 4 news grant, thank you for that. you can catch the entire interview this weekend on inside california politics. >> it airs saturday night at 6.30 and again on sunday morning. also at 6.30. you can watch it right here on kron 4 and on kron on. well, with the recall behind him. governor newsom is getting right back to work. hundreds of bills await his signature or his veto with the deadline fast
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approaching our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has more. >> about 700 bills. sit on governor gavin newsom's desk proposals that piled up as he faced a recall with an october 10th deadline. newsome has about 3 weeks to sign or veto the legislation part of the push to have the rscall date as soon as possible was in part to prevent governor gavin newsome from having these policy debates with the democratic majority legislature during the special election but with his victory speech over newsome signed legislation that could boost housing production. which state leaders have said california desperately needs in single family home neighborhoods. sb 9 will allow homeowners to build 2 houses or a duplex per one house is currently allowed. he also signed sb 10, which allows local governments to rezone single family areas to allow more units for those in urban areas and those near public transportation, other legislation waiting on his signature a series of police accountability measures, including allowing the public greater access to police use of force records.
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>> and prohibiting officer use of rubber bullets and other less lethal weapons protests. newsone will also decide of his signature will land on sb to the bill that would remove badges from law enforcement officers accused of wrongdoing. >> other bills awaiting the governor include efforts to address covid labor the environment, education and much more in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> turning now to wildfire coverage. cal fire is focusing its resources on 3 major incidents. the dixie fire burning northeast of the town of paradise. outside of chico that has grown to 960,000 acres containment is up to 86%. the caldor fire near south lake tahoe has grown to 219,000 acres and is 71% contained and the hopkins fire in mendocino county is 257 acres. it's destroyed a number of homes there it is. 95 1% contained meantime, more firefighting resources were brought in today to battle to farce fires that have shut
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down california's sequoia national park and threatening its ancient trees. the colony and paradise fires are being managed collectively as the k n p complex. >> the colony fire is nearing the giant farce of grove about 2000 sic. why is because the crews are unable to 5 from the ground. they performed extensive aerial water and retardant drops on both of these fires. the park's historic wooden sign at the entrance dating back to 1935. was covered in fire retardant wrapping and hoses were in place at the headquarters area for structure protection as well. all right. turning now to our 4 zone forecast as we give you a live look. that's really something the way the fog and the marine layer is lit up. >> out there at night. but that's the view from the top of mount tam a pious is the amazing picture. meantime, an air quality advisory for wildfire. smoke was in effect today. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here to take us through the weekend. yeah. been a long, hot fire season. seems like nothing but bad news. but finally we may
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have a little bit of good news. we've got a chance. some rain coming and maybe some significant rain over the fires in northern california. that would be a big boost for the firefighters that have been working on those fires for so long. almost all summer. >> out there tonight. that fog is moving in offshore right now begins to move back into the bay and all of a sudden we've got a cold front developing in the pacific northwest. you can see it right here. all those clouds just beginning to put themselves together. most that energy actually going to head up in the pacific northwest. they are going to see significant rainfall. but i think some of that's going to even trailed down into parts of northern california right now kind of quiet out there. we've got some patchy fog along the coastline. no rain for us today. no rain tomorrow and no rain probably on saturday. but late saturday night into early sunday morning. that's when everything begins to change all of a sudden we start to see this front begin to drop in and that rain gets a little bit closer tomorrow. they're going to start to see some of that moving up in the pacific northwest. but we've got to wait a little bit longer for that to move into northern california and finally into
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the bay area. but when it does models start to pick up on significant rain. how about this over an inch of rain in eureka the fire zones in that area. also up toward the dixie fire, maybe a quarter, maybe a half an inch of rain that is some fantastic news. not as much by the time it gets here, maybe 7. 100's of an inch of rain in san francisco. if we're lucky, but overall it is great news to see that we're going to get a chance. some rain moving back in the bay area on the backside of that we get to the off side and we get to sunday night into monday, we start talking about offshore winds will be elevated. fire conditions. but if you get a nice rain like that, especially northern california that will go a long way to bringing an end to fires really it badly. i want to thank you, lawrence. well, still ahead at 8 plans for a new casino have been revealed. what we know about the future resort in the bay area.
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>> in the north bay. a historic native american tribe plans to build a new casino on land in sonoma county. the coin nation announced plans to build a resort and casino on east shiloh road. that's just north of santa rosa and just east of windsor. in addition to this becoming the tribes noon land base resort and casino will include thousands of gaming machines and tables. a 200 room hotel. 6 restaurants, a meeting center and a spa. the coronation says resort and its construction will create hundreds of jobs for local workers while
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allowing the tribe to become financially independent. >> next. today the new view of what led to a fatal police shooting in fremont. why police say they were forced to fire plus cause for concern in the south bay where officials say a different virus may be spreading and what police in a california city say a man used to try to smuggle drugs into
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emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents.
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here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency. but it will help you and your family stay safe the east bay. we are getting a
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first look at what happened last month in fremont when police shot and killed a man. >> this video of the shooting was released today and kron four's charles clifford gives us a closer look. well, here in fremont on thursday, the police department released new details on an incident last month in which an officer fatally wounded the suspect. >> according to the fremont police department around 5.19 on august 25th officers responded to reports of a shooting here at the southlake mobile home park upon arrival. they found one person suffering from a gunshot wound that victim was transported to the hospital. officers. also quickly identified a possible suspect in the case. he was spotted on surveillance video in a nearby backyard. you may have also stolen this car a short time later, the suspect was spotted by an officer walking along nearby auto mall parkway shirtless and carrying a baby stroller. this is dash cam video of the encounter when the officer confronted the suspect, the man began fumbling with the stroller and a shirt. a gun can be seen falling from the stroller. the man then falls to the ground picks up the weapon and points it at the officer. this is
8:30 pm
when the officer opened fire and fatally wounded the suspect based on the video freeman acting police chief believes the officer acted well, it's still under investigation. but as you can see in the video. >> i'm confident that the officers acted in accordance with the law in our policy. so. yeah, i think this is pretty clear cut that this was a justifiable shooting. >> the suspect has since been identified as 22 year-old, kevin johnson of hayward. he had an extensive criminal record and outstanding warrants for his arrest on charges of carjacking possession of controlled substances and felon in possession of a firearm so far investigators have not determined a motive for the initial shooting, but they do say that the suspect and the victim knew each other. we know that they're all associated. we all know that they. >> have hung out in the past. we don't know exactly what led to the altercation which led to the shooting. and we don't even know because everyone's not forthcoming on the exact details of how the car was stolen and how we ended up in mister johnson's possession. >> at last check. the victim who was transported to the
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hospital remains there in critical condition with life threatening injuries in fremont. charles clifford kron. 4 news. >> also in the east bay police force to patrols at livermore high school today after a student allegedly threatened to harm somebody on campus. the school district superintendent says yesterday 3 students came forward with some disturbing information. >> came to a few students attention that one of their classmates as making term alarming comments, possibly threatening about hurting someone at school. and so they did exactly what they've been trained in coach to do, which is what a caring adult know. if you're concerned when you hear something that could be a problem. >> the school brought in the livermore police department school resource officers. they arrested the suspect a student yesterday. police have not released the charges that student is facing last month. 6 students at livermore high were involved in a car wreck. one of them died extra
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counselors were made available to students there today as well as a therapy labrador. >> other news tonight with ski tows with west nile virus have been detected in parts of mountain view and palo alto are looking at a map of where santa clara county's vector control district will be out tomorrow night. spring affected areas include neighborhoods near west middlefield road and san antonio road. the treatment will last about 3 hours starting around 10:00pm the vector control district says residents do not need to relocate. this isn't the first time this year. the west nile virus has been detected in mosquitoes in santa clara county. the district found cases untreated areas of santa clara and sunnyvale at the end of august. so far this year. california has seen 35 human cases of west nile virus. but none in santa clara county, specifically. >> have you seen this puppy. this is rambo mountain view. police say the 2 month old husky was taken on monday night from his home as on sqa avenue. police say the suspect
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was driving a blue or gray nissan sedan. if you have any information on rambo is whereabouts. you are asked to contact police in the north bay center fell police released video of a man they believe her someone on a pedestrian walkway above highway one. oh, one on sunday. >> a group of pro recall demonstrators say a man approached them and began slashing and cutting down their signs and their banners. when one of the demonstrators tried to stop him. the demonstrator was attacked. the victim suffered a fractured skull and broken jaw. the video does not show the actual assault, but police say it does show the attacker arriving and leaving in that black ford ranger, pickup. he is described as 25 to 35 years old, about 6 feet tall with wavy reddish blond hair. anyone with information is asked to contact sandra fell police. >> and take a look at what was collected during a bust in napa county. sheriff's deputies say this is a picture of heroin. 8500 $1 in cash and
8:34 pm
a loaded, a ar 15 rifle. they made the discovery yesterday after responding to a suspicious car blocking the creek launch ramp the car's owner was on a jet ski with the rifle at the time. he has been identified as 69 year-old. john doran from fairfield meanwhile, costa mesa man in southern california has been arrested for trying to use a drone. >> to smuggle drugs into a jail in the city of orange police say the drone landed in an outdoor recreation area of the jail and was carrying heroin methamphetamine, xanax pills and muscle relaxers investigation led detectives to the suspect's home where they found illegal guns fentanyl and a controller for the drone that was being used. the man was charged with suspicion of a number of felony drug and firearms charges. our 4 zone forecast as we give you a live look outside at a rather quiet bay bridge toll plaza. and we've got something in the forecast.
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we haven't seen or heard about in quite a while can serve some rain. when that be nice. yes, early-season rain. after all the talk of fires. and it's just been a long time been able to see anything like this. not going to be a huge event. >> there's a chance we could see some rain rolling in and that is certainly some good news that some cloudy skies up toward the golden gate bridge right now. overnight tonight. you can see more fog on the way gather along the coastline for noon tomorrow. still some patchy fog out of the beaches. you'll be clear in the bay in the valley should be a very nice friday around most of the bay area on saturday. the clouds start to thicken up a little bit by noon. you can already see some of the moisture moving into far northern california, then overnight saturday night into early on sunday morning. here comes not going to be huge event. you can see kind of fall apart as it comes through. but there is a chance of scattered showers around the bay area. any moisture we get on the ground now. that is certainly beneficial. all the problems we've had with all the fires around the bay area and the high country this year out there on the some of models kind of oppressive over 10th an inch is the forecast
8:36 pm
for rainfall in oakland. i think it might be a little bit less than that. i think just a few hundreds around much of the bay area. maybe a little bit more in the north bay. but the high country certainly going to see a whole lot. so that is some good news will keep our fingers crossed for that behind that the cia's cooler temperatures throughout the weekend to a very fall feel the last weekend of summer and then that chance of rain early on sunday morning, sunny and breezy offshore winds, much warmer temperatures monday and tuesday of next week. all right, lauren, thank you. it looks a little bit like us little sea turtle is waving goodbye there. the young loggerhead was released into the gulf of mexico yesterday along with another turtle. they were named ethel and lucy by a conservation group called head star. there they go. >> the group's aim is to help increase the wild sea turtle population since only one in 600 of them survived the first few years of life good luck >> well, still ahead tonight at a words of warning for
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people using dating apps to look for love after a media turned into an alarming attack and just a reminder. september is hunger action month kron four's partnering with feeding america to help end food insecurity. scan the qr code on your screen for information on how to donate to local food charities here in the bay area. you can watch all month long as we highlight local organizations making a d
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>> it is a crime that can happen anywhere and now the las vegas metropolitan police department is issuing a warning criminals are using dating apps to isolate and target victims these romantic meet ups often end in violence. david charns has some advice on how you can protect yourself. >> but you never know who's on the other end of that computer screen on the other side of the screen, a sweetheart a swipe away an app that many people use for normal dating type scenarios. but metro lieutenant william says that date didn't go as planned here at caesar's palace. investigators say a man met 25 year-old april lean sablon on plenty of fish. the popular dating app. she invited him upstairs and about a minute later, 35 year-old callous are was also they're all of a sudden he was isolated and trapped. i'm in a very dangerous situation. police say callous are punched the victim. the pair demanding
8:41 pm
hundreds dollars, but he wouldn't give in to police say the duo then turned to facebook making their victim and dress in live streaming. the video the incident ending when police say the 2 took their victim to an atm any ran for help. i think that a lot of people in the public sometimes are naive as to what they're getting themselves into match go says criminals ating apps to lauren suspecting lovers. people with good intentions falling right into their trap. you may go out there and meet your dream partner. you may need your future husband or wife and you could live happily ever after. you can put yourself. >> in a situation like this, gentleman when you become a victim of a serious violent crime in many of those crimes are going unreported. the best advice meet in public and don't isolate yourself. you never know who's really on the other side. the worst thing that can happen is it the point where it becomes too late. >> that was david charns reporting from las vegas.
8:42 pm
>> next in sports. they are red hot right now. but the giants just cannot seem to shake the dodgers kylen mills has highlights of san francisco series rubber mat
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8:44 pm
>> but acting u.s. attorney stephanie hinds joint federal, state and local law enforcement officials today. >> in issuing 55 arrests in connection to 17 different indictments. it is all part of a huge prison gang take down
8:45 pm
the 5 year investigation targeting gang activity from humboldt county all the way to kern county. 2 of the indictments are actually centered in the bay area with in san jose. >> in that mix provide a chilling description. a violent criminal networks leadership already. it is incarcerated. by disrupting game leadership. we've reduced violence on our streets. by removing violent actors in crime drivers from our streets. we make our neighborhoods safer. >> craig fehr, the head of the fbi, san francisco bay area division says this is considered one of the biggest gang busts in the division's history. >> president biden is notifying governors and state refugee coordinators just how many afghan evacuees will be have having resettle in their states. california set to take in more than 5200 people. that's more than any other state. michael shure reports from los angeles with more on
8:46 pm
the vetting process. first, there were the airlift from afghanistan the 2 week long u.s. led operation to evacuate 10's of thousands of afghans and now there's the process of relocating those evacuees the biden administration wants to provide them. >> with the same benefits. the refugees get. that includes access to public benefits of money individuals here in the united states will help them to integrate a light in this country. andrew arthur of the center for immigration studies says that this type of humanitarian parole as it is called, is unprecedented the the biden administration is using a very narrow authority in the immigration laws call parole release those individuals into the united states. the next step in that process. again is rather unknown. what is known is that the administration has been working with state governors on resettlement plans. the first of which were presented wednesday. california will be
8:47 pm
receiving just over 5200, the largest number of afghan evacuees from the first group of 37,000 to be resettled. texas will get nearly 4500 while states like alabama and mississippi. >> are due to receive just 10 afghan immigrants each. with states like west virginia and wyoming receiving none. as of now the afghans are mostly housten military bases scattered throughout the country from fort bliss in texas where the largest number are to fort mccoy in wisconsin where conditions are being criticized but democratic representatives gwen moore of wisconsin and ilhan omar of minnesota as congress maintains oversight authority over these bases. another issue facing authorities as the vetting process for these afghans, which is taking place abroad. but has spurred concern. many of the people who had been. >> airlifted out of afghanistan had either minimal or i think it's certain cases. no documents all verify who they work the next step in the u.s. pull out from afghanistan integrating these new residents into the country.
8:48 pm
>> may in fact be the most uncertain. michael shure news nation. again, that was michael shure reporting. >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> we have just 15 games left in the regular mlb season. so giants fans, get ready for a couple of very stressful weeks. the national league west competition isn't getting any easier. san francisco started the day just to have a game and a half rather up on the dodgers and the padres haven't thrown in the towel yet either the giants hosting san diego today for the final game of that series when the truth is stranger than fiction. yes, that's a giraffe blow up. it looks like in mccovey cove who would've thought top a 3rd giants out around fernando tatis junior sent 20 people left out of here. the solo shot puts the padres up by 2 top the 8th 5, 2 padres now faces loaded for
8:49 pm
manny machado. that blue falls into center. 2 runs come in to score san diego extends the lead to 7 to the giants to put up a fight. but it wasn't enough. bottom of the 9th brandon belt. that is called a foul tip for strike. 3. and that would do it giants fall 74 they split the series with the padres. as now, only a game up in the nl west over the idle dodgers after the game gave kepler talked about not being able to execute these last couple of dates. >> i think we can chalk it up to kind of running into the best version of them. that are on our side. obviously when were going up against nn offense that's performing that well, we need to we need to match it or or exceeded. and we just wanted to do that. >> meanwhile, the a's finishing their series in kansas city today. we'll trying to keep their playoff hopes alive. bottom of the first salvador perez taxes. paul akron pitch to left center. there she goes gone for a 2 run blast his 45th
8:50 pm
homer of the season to zip royals. but settled down from there in the 3rd chad pender lines, one of the shortstop good for a single to left marc cannon. josh harrison score for 2 a's at this point. 9th inning. a sub 5 to 2 harrison back. alright there had himself a day here. drives one to right center off the u.s. bank sign bounces tony kemp scores for hit 2 rbi day for harrison 6, 2, a's to oakland would go on to win 7 to their now 3 games. back of the idle blue jays and red sox for the second wild-card spot and also the yankees they slipped to a games back of that final playoff berth. so keep an eye out once the forty-niners injury list just keeps growing. we've learned linebacker drake greenlaw will miss 6 to 8 weeks because of a groin injury. he's expected to have surgery today or tomorrow. hopefully that goes well, the forty-niners will
8:51 pm
also be without where he most are in jason for at when they face the eagles on sunday. the niners defense will have their work cut out for them. the philadelphia offense put up impressive numbers in their 32 to 6 rout of the falcons running for a 173 yards and second year qb jalen hurts threw for 3 touchdowns he had a passer rating of one. 26 thanks in large part to some impressive accuracy. nick bosa was asked about comparing hurts to 2 quarterbacks. he goes up against often in the nfc west. russell wilson and kyler murray discuss the thing different thing. >> and different than russell. it's a game plan thing if the game plan guys like that. and just they do it again. she just getting his feet and feet with lee in the senate. really looking around cozy looking around and i think you want to get rid of all he has a chance take it. >> and you guys, we just had a crazy finish to the thursday night football game. did you
8:52 pm
get to see any that at the end. no. all right. well, i'm going to leave a surprise 9 o'clock sports. one point it was it was a one-point difference that's my tease for you. all tune coming up. >> are getting ready to throw at taco party for his entire town. how the feast was actually inspired
8:53 pm
8:54 pm
>> i'm erin. texas is getting ready to throw a citywide taco party for hispanic heritage
8:55 pm
month. it was inspired by a racist facebook post to mayor decided to use that post as a way of bringing his city together. and as pj green reports, that includes tacos for everybody. >> i asked individual, you know, did you call me a taco winner. he said i sure did. that's what one wichita falls man referred to mayor steven south. the ana asked on facebook on wednesday the day before mexican independence day. >> put a post out there that think it's a badge of honor. i didn't think that post game, a lot of traction baseless. and if i get 1000 hands raised, we'll throw citywide party not sanctioned by the city but, you know, i think i guess people behind it. >> one of something on his favorite sayings is positivity rates positivity. that's why when he saw the comment, he decided to turn it into a positive by raising more than $1000 force of allah hispanic cultural initiative. a nonprofit that promotes education and culture while empowering the spanish community. you get a lot comments when you're in office. >> i had to pick my heritage.
8:56 pm
i was like, well, the seat back in. you know, make something positive about this and so far in less than 24 hours. we go live hundreds of people are meyer tend of and help with the demanded money. i think it's >> it's important for us realize culture and ethnicity and diversity embrace it and the inclusive and using his language on someone. >> grades at and some sort bigotry way or races way. what a better way to combat it. then turned into a positive right pass a spending karishma begins. both men say they don't let any comments like this one get to them if they use this special month to spread their heritage and promote positive inclusive energy of all as a hispanic organization that really promotes education and culture and leadership. and so those off 3 align with what we do and what we want to promote the community. and so things like really help us. promote that and pushed our mission pushing hispanic culture in the face of hatred during a very special time of the year.
8:57 pm
>> that was pj green reporting. if there's anything that can bring people together is yeah. who doesn't like mexican that wraps up kron 4 news tonight at 8, vicki and grant are here, though, to tell us about the been can good to see if you can see both. thanks very much. as what's next at 9 talking about. >> vaccine mandates the possibility that students could have to get the vaccine that says that a pair of the space school districts when the oakland unified board is expected to take up the issue. >> plus a shooting on highway 24 it shut down traffic in the middle rush hour today and tonight we're hearing the 911. dispatch calls breaking down exactly what happened. those stories
8:58 pm
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but you wouldn't bundle just anything. like, say... a porcupine in a balloon factory. no. that'd be a mess. i mean for starters, porcupines are famously no good in a team setting. geico. save even more when bundle home and car insurance. >> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at know. you want to be part of it. >> and the best way to keep our schools open is to prevent outbreaks. >> now at 9 to east bay school districts are considering whether to mandate vaccinations for covid for all staff and students 12 years of age and older. good evening, everybody. thanks for being with us. i'm grant lotus and vicki liviakis. those school districts are west contra costa unified and oakland unified our coffers. amanda hari talk with people from both communities for their reactions to a possible mandate.


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