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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  September 16, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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but you wouldn't bundle just anything. like, say... a porcupine in a balloon factory. no. that'd be a mess. i mean for starters, porcupines are famously no good in a team setting. geico. save even more when bundle home and car insurance. >> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at know. you want to be part of it. >> and the best way to keep our schools open is to prevent outbreaks. >> now at 9 to east bay school districts are considering whether to mandate vaccinations for covid for all staff and students 12 years of age and older. good evening, everybody. thanks for being with us. i'm grant lotus and vicki liviakis. those school districts are west contra costa unified and oakland unified our coffers. amanda hari talk with people from both communities for their reactions to a possible mandate.
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>> the people i spoke to had mixed opinions on whether or not school board should be in charge of mandating whether or not staff and students over the age of 12. get vaccinated against covid-19, but they all agreed it was good. we're talking about the topic. >> west contra, costa unified school district was supposed to be the first bay area district to address possibly mandating vaccines for all staff and students, 12 and older. but the superintendent canceled a meeting for tuesday. there's no date yet to reschedule president of united teachers of richmond. marissa glidden says their union members are for a mandate it but we survey and 90% of our members. >> we're in favor of vaccine mandate force all eligible students and staff. she says they believe in addition to the mandate the district should take on the responsibility of clinics and education on the vaccine in
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oakland, the school board will begin discussing a vaccine mandate on wednesday. there's a lot of questions about implementation. >> timelines. what exceptions we need to have vice president of the oakland unified school district board. sam davis introduced the proposal. he says more than 70% of students 12 through 18 years old are already vaccinated. but that's not enough. well, i really want to see our students in school. he thinks this mandate will help keep them in school. but oakland unified school board director of district 5 mike hutchinson says he's not for the mandate, but there is a real difference between improving access in education as opposed to dictating something as mandatory. >> he says he believes this is a statewide issue and shouldn't be left to individual school board's action needs to come from the state legislature. and i just know for myself as a citizen in california. i don't want local school boards making the
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decision around what to require vaccination and what's not like you heard west contra, costa county canceled their meeting. >> they haven't reschedule that yet. oakland will be having their meeting on wednesday. they'll just be discussing the topic of mandating covid vaccines, but it may not be voted on just yet. and harry kron, 4 news. >> thank you, amanda millbrae city council will not move forward with the covid vaccine mandate for certain businesses in the city. the idea for proof of vaccination for indoor and outdoor dining fitness centers and certain entertainment venue citywide was shot down council members cited several reasons, such as the need to support businesses by that adding further restrictions. one council member said if they were to consider vaccine mandates. they should start with city employees in millbrae 95% of residents are vaccinated. >> it seems we are getting closer to finding out whether
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the u.s. will authorize covid booster shots. an fda panel is expected to make recommendations tomorrow. pfizer argues that well, its vaccine still protect against severe disease immunity wanes against mild infections after 6, 2, 8 months. >> everyone agrees that it was some may be helpful. the real disagreement is in the timing and what really all segments of the population benefit the same way. i think we haven't had to those questions yet. >> ucsf infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin. hong says data from israel suggests that a booster might be helpful for older people, but he says what's not known is how long that booster will last nor is it clear whether those under the age of 16 need to get it at all. in addition to the fda and cdc panel is going to meet next week in hopes of narrowing the range of those eligible to get a booster shot. >> new tonight at 9 stanford
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doctors took questions about vaccine concerns today, doctor yvonne maldonado was on social media for this discussion. one topic of interest, whether the covid vaccines affect fertility. >> american college of obstetrics and gynecology itself in conjunction with the american academy of pediatrics is said that there is no evidence that these vaccines cause infertility, that they cause stillbirths or miscarriages that data has been vetted very carefully and has been published. the in misinformation that comes out is based on from different groups around the world and this is very common to hear. >> they come right out and say it. but that question came right after rapper nicki minaj this week tweeted out baseless claims about the covid vaccine alleging it can affect a man's ability to procreate. >> to get the facts. stay with kron 4 for continuing covid-19
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coverage to scan this qr code with your mobile device and you'll be directed to the special section of our website where you can find the latest on masking and vaccinations. that's all on kron. 4 dot com. >> i wait 24 near the call to cut title is back open tonight after a shooting late today turned the highway into a crime scene while backing of rush hour traffic for seem like more than an hour. yeah, really scary the crime scene that was in orinda just east of the tunnel. now it's not clear exactly where on the freeway that shooting actually happened. the right more of the tunnel. it was closed for about an hour, causing traffic to back well into oakland, a driver saw what appeared to be a road rage incident. so they called 911, to report it by the time they got the phone shots have been fired. got
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fired. >> and ran ear that i got had call it. >> good news here. nobody was hurt in that an investigation is ongoing and we'll bring you the details as soon as made available. we're getting first-hand look now at what happened last month in fremont when police shot and killed a man. >> body camera video of that shooting was released today. the incident happened. august 25th officers were responding to reports of a shooting at the southlake mobile home park when they showed up, they say one person had been shot already a short time later. the suspect was spotted walking along nearby auto mall, parkway shirtless carrying a baby stroller. police say a gun can be seen
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falling from the stroller. they say the man then falls to the ground. they say picks up the gun and points it at an officer. this is when the officer opened fire. shot and killed the suspect based on the video 3 months acting police chief believes the officer acted properly. >> it's still under investigation. but as you can see in the video. i'm confident that the officers acted in accordance with the law in our policy. so. yeah, i think this is pretty clear cut that this was a justifiable shooting. >> suspect has since been identified as 22 year-old, kevin johnson of hayward. he had an extensive criminal record, an outstanding warrants for his arrest on charges carjacking, possession of controlled substances and being a felon in possession of a gun so far. investigators have not determined a motive for the initial shooting. but do say the suspect and victim knew one another. >> in national news tonight, an urgent search across multiple states to find gabby
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petito. she is the 22 year-old who went missing while on a cross country road trip with her boyfriend. the boyfriend has been named a person of interest in this investigation. but he's not been charged or arrested for stanley joins us now live in the studio with the latest on this investigation. >> yeah. youtube star videos all over the place of the 2 and a really peculiar interaction with law enforcement that we just learned about today that attractive young couple lots of questions. very, very few answers at this point. today. police in utah. >> some body camera video of when they pulled over the couple's van after was apparently seen speeding and hit a curb near the entrance of a national park moab national park gabby the missing woman told investigators at the time that she and her boyfriend. brian lau laundry had gotten into an emotional argument. >> but you guys yeah. be, brian, ok, going on
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>> and say. >> that body cam video was taken about 2 weeks before she was last heard from in the end, police decided not to file any charges. instead they just separated the couple. but what happened after that is the big mystery and gabby's father says he wants answers. this is what matters. anything else comes second to this. i'm asking for help from everyone here. >> i'm asking for help. everyone at home. i'm asking for help from the parents of brian and i'm asking for help of the family members and friends of the laundry family
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as well. >> here in the bay area. one parent says he knows all too well the anguish gabby's family is going our classes. only daughter polly was the victim of a horrendous kidnapping from her home in petaluma. >> her father saying that the absolute only thing that matters is finding gabby was a reflection of the kinds of things that i was saying when my daughter was missing. but i believe that the family has to keep doing exactly what they're doing and work towards this singular goal of bringing gabby home and whether that's putting pressure on his family on they're doing very effectively, particularly with the letter that they wrote. >> police say ryan laundry drove the ford transit van back to florida on september. first alone potatoes, family filed a missing persons report last saturday with police in suffolk county, new york. laundries attorney says the laundry families hoping for potato safe return. but he's
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also asked that family not to talk with police. live in the studio. ken wayne kron 4 news. thank you. can on the peninsula. the driver who died when his car flew off double slide has been identified as a san francisco resident. this stretch of highway one in pacifica is known to be very dangerous. >> our first gayle ong reports on the latest fatal crash in what's being done to make the highway safer. >> the car is still at the beach and crews are working to recover the vehicle. investigators say once they do, it could lead to more clues in this fatal crash. the california highway patrol is investigating what caused the driver of this car to steer off to the opposite lane. then off a cliff wednesday afternoon the san mateo county coroner's office has identified the driver killed as 73 year-old anthony colonies junior chp says he was heading north on highway one towards the tom lantos tunnel before ultimately landing on the beach near double slide chemical be fixed with the vehicle.
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>> that also play a role an event like this. we have not been able to recover this vehicle yet. so we haven't had a chance to be inspected and take a look to see you that possibly was a factor and the specific lesion. >> this kirby section of highway one heading towards half moon bay is known to be dangerous in recent years. there were at least 3 fatal crashes in august 2020, this car went off a cliff just south of double slide. the driver later died at the hospital in november 2020, a motorcyclist died after riding over a cliff near the same area in december 2019 video shows an suv going over a cliff near gray will cove state beach where woman died. all these crashes are under investigation. officer mark andrews with chp. francisco says issues on any roadway can be caused by distracted driving and speeding. looking at the so-called >> looking down towards your radio or controls any anything that takes your eyes away from the the moment when people are
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traveling too fast and they don't just their speech for the courage tours of the roadway that they the very severe consequences in wednesday's incident. the man was alone in the vehicle. investigators are waiting for the autopsy that may determine what caused the crash. >> in december 2020 caltrans install temporary concrete barriers and enhanced her warning signs a permanent project is scheduled for the year 20 24 reporting in pacifica gayle ong kron 4 news. >> thank you. gayle people. a local neighborhood are fed up. they say they want changes to what they're calling it dangerous stretch of road along the peninsula. speeding drivers and several crashes, including a car that recently went into a house, have residents along the low road in redwood city concerned about safety. but first, dan thorn, a talk with people in the neighborhood about this problem. he joins us now live. >> and redwood city tonight with more. what do they have any ideas.
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>> well, big game grand there hoping that the city will install some speed bumps. but so far it's only been stop signs. neighbors telling us tonight that they were thankful that this driver was not killed, but they also tell us that there was a lot of damage that was left behind and that this has happened in the area several times before. now they're calling on the city to step in and help them out. it's scenes like this that have haunted people living along the low road in redwood city, a speeding driver, losing control and smashing their car through several fences before striking a house. >> this neighborhood says they've had enough. >> it's stressful at times having kids. so any. and my efforts kicks are having nightmares about getting our my daughter being hit right there. >> kelly, good intel is the property manager of this heavily damaged home. she says she's complained before to the city about dangerous drivers along followed a road and has even asked for speed bumps to
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be installed. the city did put in stop signs. but drivers are still blowing through. added her own sign to help curb the problem. as you can see it's not really working. other neighbors say the road may have gotten worse and sunday morning's crash was unsettling. it's a little scary. i it's a little unnerving, especially at night. >> even yesterday i heard a car not on this role, but i could hear them revving their engine. and i was just thinking, well, i hope it's not going to hit somebody else's house or something like that. the splintered fencing in the home which has been deemed unsafe to be inside of. >> has been a nightmare scenario for ghetto. she's hoping there is not a next time. this is getting just keeps accidents were stunned. well, the family that's living in that damaged home is actually been displaced in tow is hoping that the city will. >> rethink adding speed bumps in this area as well as adding some other safety measures to prevent these kinds of accidents from happening
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reporting live in redwood city. dan thorn kron 4 news, thank you, dan. >> the san francisco fbi helped take down the heads of ruthless northern california gangs in one of its largest busts in history. our ella sogomonian live with us now to explain how this could very well help a lot of local police departments communities, desperate for more resources well, grant the fbi has described this mission as taking aim at the head of the snake. >> this is being called the most significant disruption of gang activity in decades targeting leadership and influential control thousands of members across the state. >> the 5 year long investigation by the feds targeted violent criminal gangs and their senior members who are behind bars throughout 6 california prisons. dozens of alleged members from west familia along with to san jose based not then you're street gangs have been charged with crimes that could keep most of them in prison for life. the physical movement of this
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leadership. >> was restricted by prison walls. the indictment alleges that their power and influence. we're not so constrained. >> operation. quiet storm targeted gang leaders from as far north as humboldt county down to kern county. the defendants are accused of a wide range of criminal activity tied to robberies, attempted murder and drug trafficking. the arrests made yesterday. >> most significantly the arrests of the noise a familiar leadership will severely the ability of this criminal enterprise to continue to facilitate crimes and communities throughout our state and help break a decades old cycle of violence. some of the defendants who are already in state prison. >> have been moved to federal facilities. >> attorney for northern california has said all though, it's hard to say. the exact impact from this operation. they're confident the disrupting these games will curb crime in our south bay streets live in the newsroom. ella sogomonian kron
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4 news. >> let's hope so. thank you, ellen. and now we get a check on the 4 zone forecast live look over the san mateo bridge and let's hope so. when it comes to weekend rate first chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now with a look at what to expect. rain. yeah. a little early in the season. but hey, would that be something if we can get. i think we've got a very good chance. not going to be tumbled likely to see some scattered showers, at least around the bay area maybe more importantly a significant rain event. northern california where we're looking at some of those fires that continue to burn out there tonight. we've got some patchy fog out there as we get ready for the friday and the weekend ahead. looks like some big changes coming our way we started to feel some of those changes kind of undergoing already is a numbers begin to drop temperature wise all around the bay area. good 5 to 8 degrees cooler in many spots inland. so numbers today low, the average 60 degrees in san francisco. 68 in oakland, 78 degrees in both san jose and live worldly 75 10 degrees below the average in concord today and 70 degrees in santa
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rosa. well, you can see it there. we've got the patch fog along the coastline. but up in the pacific northwest things are starting to get active and that is a good sign. would like to see that. that storm system is going to be part of the system. the rolls in to california over the weekend and maybe bring some showers. the bay area outside right now. we've got a mixed bag temperatures 59 degrees in hayward 56 and cooling off now in the napa valley. certainly felt these cooler numbers around the bay area. these a nighttime hours on the overnight lows dropping off in the 40's tonight. it's going stay mostly clear inland. then that patchy fog that's going to creep in along the coastline and just inside the bay, mostly sunny warm again tomorrow by the afternoon. still some mid 80's inland. but then as we get the weekend, much cooler temperatures and the chance of showers coming late saturday night in the sunday you're going to see right here overnight tonight. still some patchy fog along the coastline in the middle of the day tomorrow as we get into saturday. a few more clouds begin to roll in and then you can see the cold front already making its way into northern california by saturday afternoon and then overnight
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saturday and into sunday. here comes rolling into the bay area. not a huge storm but a chance of showers out there enough to get things wet and maybe upwards of an inch of rain in parts of northern california that could really help out bring and then to some of the fires in northern california that will help out those firefighters for sure. here in the bay area, maybe about 700 the weather spots. so not a huge storm system for us. but hey, any rain at all. yet of 10 would be something to see right now. so keep our fingers crossed that would be just wonderful. yeah. all right. thanks a a heated confrontation during a pro-recall demonstration gets caught on camera. one person ends up. >> badly hurt. what police are saying about the attacker. plus a new resort and casino could be coming to sonoma county. the boost this project would bring to the local workforce.
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>> a historic native american tribe wants to build a new casino on some land in sonoma county will zoom in. you see the plot of land right here. the coin nation announced it plans to build a resort and casino on east shiloh road right here. that is north of santa rosa, just east of windsor not far from healdsburg. in addition to this becoming the tribes new land base. the resort and casino would include thousands of gaming machines and tables. a 200 room hotel. 6 restaurants, a meeting center, a spa. the coronation says the resort and its construction
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would create hundreds of jobs for local workers while allowing they're trying to become financially independent. we'll keep you posted. there. well, nobody matched all 6 numbers for the powerball last night. but tickets sold in compton hit 5 of the numbers except the powerball and it's worth about 2 and a half million bucks. how about that the mega millions jackpot is estimated at 405 million. the powerball 457 million lottery. experts say if you do get the winning ticket only share the news with a few trusted people be cool about it. don't rush to claim the prize before finding a team of financial experts best of luck. i good advice. coming up. >> high school students in the east bay. they're being called heroes today after alerting police to a threat of violence at their school. we have details on the student who is now behind bars. plus the alameda county sheriff's department releasing new details about a spike in covid
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cases at the santa rita jail last week where cases stand tonight after that new report and the los angeles fire department taking legal action against that city over a vaccine m
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>> the state police increased patrols at livermore high school today after a student there was arrested for allegedly threatening to harm someone on campus today, kron maureen kelly reports that word of the threat was brought
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to the attention of authorities by. >> some of the suspects fellow classmates. >> because the suspect is a high school student and under 18. a lot of the details are being kept under wraps here at the livermore police department. the school district superintendent tells me this all came to a head on wednesday evening when 3 other students at livermore high school came forward with some disturbing information may came to a few students attention. >> that one of their classmates as making time alarming comments, possibly threatening about hurting someone school. and so they did exactly what they've been trained in coach to do, which is what a caring adult know. if you're concerned when you hear something that could be a problem that parent told the school who in turn brought in the livermore police department school resource officers who made the arrest wednesday evening. police have not released the exact charges that student is facing. >> that alleged threat of harm was supposed to happen today, which is why police have
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boosted their presence so kids can feel like this is the safest place to be today. they're also extra counselors available and the superintendent was asked by the students to bring her labrador who has had some training and being a therapy dog. the students have been through a lot here lately 6 of their classmates were involved in a car wreck last month, killing one and putting 3 more in the hospital. it's been an emotional news been. >> emotional and we still have students from the first tragedy who are recovering in the hospital. and you know, there's services this week for the other >> you know, it's just his home in this latest incident, both the police and the school district are investigating at this point. we still do not know the exact nature of the alleged threat. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> sandra fell police have released video of the man who they believe injured somebody on a pedestrian walkway over highway one. oh, one on sunday. it's a little fuzzy,
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but a group of recall demonstrators say this guy approached them started slashing and cutting down their signs and banners when one of the demonstrators tried to stop him. he was attacked. the victim suffering a fractured skull broken jaw. the video does not show the assault, but police say it shows the attacker arriving and leaving in this vehicle. a black ford ranger pickup. he's described only as a 25 to 35 year-old man. no race given they say is about 6 feet tall with wavy reddish blond hair. anybody with information as you see him here is asked to call sandra fell police. meanwhile in the east bay, the alameda county sheriff's department reported a spike of 46 covid cases at the santa rita jail last week. but new tonight officials say there doing better currently down to on the front lines during the coronavirus. they're joining a fight.
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>> against the city's vaccine mandate. first responders say the mandate violates their constitutional rights reporter jean king has details now from hollywood. >> john knox, a hero on many levels to save children from burning homes and even helps during 9.11 now you go from everyone. thanking you one day for doing your job in coming and helping them in their time of need throughout this pandemic to where now all of a sudden you're a >> in his 21 years as an la city firefighter and paramedic. this is a first for this father. what you want to accomplish. >> well, organization because we feel our rights are being violated. >> knocks. one of nearly 500 la city. firefighters suing the city over the new mandate for every employee to get covid vaccinations last. there's a religious or medical reason not to their attorney. kevin mcbride says this violates their constitutional right to privacy and what they
9:33 pm
choose to put into their bodies fires were not sitting home. they're out on the front lines to this is a fight for freedom choice free will. >> this is a fight surety la fire captain christian green ucci under internal investigation after last month's youtube rant against vaccine mandates while in uniform. >> the one make bride will file a motion in state court tomorrow. a restraining order to block the vaccine mandate. for now until there's a hearing it is. >> it's pretty embarrassing that people would go to these lengths not to do what is fundamentally in the best interest of themselves and their families and the communities in the workforce was they are mcbride says if they lose in court. >> the firefighters won't quit their jobs will show up to work. >> but then the city could face backfire. >> as gene kang reporting for us tonight. and here locally.
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san jose firefighter and police unions. they pushed back on the plan to mandate covid vaccinations for city employees by the end of the month. the president of san jose firefighters local to 30 making the announcement in a statement that reads in part. well, we strongly encourage all of our members to be vaccinated. we are against a vaccine mandate. we do not believe anyone should be terminated over the vaccine. >> another big story tonight with the recall behind tim governor newsome is getting back to work chipping away at all. those propose laws that the legislature has been sending to his desk hundreds of bills. now awaiting signature or his with this deadline fast approaching our kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. >> about 700 bills. sit on governor gavin newsom's desk proposals that piled up as he faced a recall with an october 10th deadline. newsome has about 3 weeks to sign or veto the legislation part of the push to have the recall date as soon as possible was in
9:35 pm
part to prevent governor gavin newsome from having these policy debates with the democratic majority legislature during the special election but with his victory speech over newsome signed legislation that could boost housing production. which state leaders have said california desperately needs in single family home neighborhoods. sb 9 will allow homeowners to build 2 houses or a duplex per one house is currently allowed. he also signed sb 10, which allows local governments to rezone single family areas to allow more units for those in urban areas and those near public transportation, other legislation waiting on his signature a series of police accountability measures, including allowing the public greater access to police use of force records. >> and prohibiting officer use of rubber bullets and other less lethal weapons protests. newsone will also decide of his signature will land on sb to the bill that would remove badges from law enforcement officers accused of wrongdoing. >> other bills awaiting the governor include efforts to address covid labor the environment, education and
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much more in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> still ahead tonight, the south carolina lawyer at the center of an insurance scheme surrenders to police. what we know about this bizarre case. >> can you believe it this weekend. the last weekend of summer but maybe feel a little bit more like fall. we'll talk about that forecast coming up. just a ridiculous monday. thursday night football game. we have highlights of that. and the giants just can't seem to shake the dodgers in the standings. kylen mills says. >> highlights from the ballpark. the rubber match today with the padres. coming up.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> a lace up your running shoes giants fans because the race to the national league west title is on san francisco trying to hold off the dodgers say started the day. just a game and a half up on la in the division. the giants needed a win over the padres at oracle park this afternoon to get 2 games up. haha when the truth is stranger than fiction. you might see a giraffe in mccovey cove. stay weird us f. all right. top a 3rd giants downer on fernando junior that was out of here. the solo shots. what's the padres up by 2 top of the 8th 5, 2 padres now bases loaded for manny machado that loop falls right in the center. 2 runs come around to score san diego extends the lead to 7, 2, the giants to put up a fight, though. but it wasn't
9:40 pm
enough. bottom of the 9th brandon belt. that's a foul tip for strike 3 and that would do it giants fall 7 for they split the series with the padres sf now only a game up in the nl west over the idle dodgers. this is going to be a stressful couple of weeks. meanwhile, the a's trying to stay alive in the american league wild card race finishing their series in kansas city today in the 3rd chad pender lines, one of the shortstop in the leg for a single mark hannah and josh harrison score 4 to 8 at this point. harrison had himself a day, too, by the way, 9th inning 5 to this point. he drives one to right center center. it goes off the u.s. bank wall. the hof tony kemp comes around to score 4 hits 2 rbi day for harrison 6 to oakland at that point that the a's go on to win 7 to they are now 3 games back of the idle blue jays red sox for the second wild-card spot and the yankees lost. so they slipped to a half-game back of the final playoff berth. now
9:41 pm
thursday night football giants of the washington football team. this was a fun one. fpsurprisingly 4th quarter. taylor heinike back shoulder. ricky seals jones. the td puts washington up 27 to 26 this was a barn burner. they're celebrating, but no giants. take the lead back on a field goal. now with 4 seconds left, dustin hopkins field goal attempt to win it. is wide, right. it looks like a crushing defeat for dc. but the giants get called for offsides a 5 yard penalty gives them new life. the second round goes in hopkins comes through this time. just sneaking inside the upright for the win. now they're celebrating 30 29 washington in a crazy finish to that thursday night football game. now the forty-niners injury list keeps growing. we've learned linebacker greenlaw, miss 68 weeks because of a groin injury. he's expected to
9:42 pm
have surgery today or tomorrow. the forty-niners will also be without where he most are in jason for at when they face the eagles on sunday. the niners defense will have their work cut out for them. the philadelphia offense put up some impressive numbers in their 32 to 6 rout of the falcons running for 173 yards and second-year qb jalen hurts threw for 3 touchdowns passer rating of one 26 thanks in large part to some impressive accuracy. nick bosa was asked about comparing her the quarterbacks. he goes up against in the nfc west like big man, russell wilson and kyler murray. this guy is the thing. different thing. >> and different than russell. it's a game plan thing it's a game plan guys like that. and just be disappointed if the game she just getting his feet and feet with early in the really looking to cozy looking around and i think you want to get rid of the ball he has a chance take it.
9:43 pm
>> hertz definitely has a lot of potential. this will be a fun matchup on sunday. our own jason dumas will be there grant. you'll be back here cheering from the studios right. that will be a fun one right. that will be a fun one attention, california. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more people pay for health insurance — no matter what your income. how much is yours? julie and bob are paying $700 less, every month. dee got comprehensive coverage for only $1 a month. and the navarros are paying less than $100 a month. check to see your new, lower price. the sooner you sign up the more you save. only at covered california. this way to health insurance.
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>> a prominent lawyer in south carolina is accused of hiring someone to kill him as part of a life insurance scam, wild story here. and today he made his first court appearance.
9:46 pm
yeah, very curious, 53 year-old alex he was given $20,000 bond released on his own recognizance. and reconnaissance rather. prosecutors wanted a higher bond and gps monitoring murdaugh allegedly asked a former client to shoot him in the head. so his remaining son could receive a 10 million dollar life insurance payout. but the bullet only grazed him the defense says, yeah, he was deeply depressed with that drug addiction made worse by the unsolved murders of his wife and other son back in june. >> had a tremendous opioid death of his wife that addiction. >> the defense says that murdaugh needed to return to his out of state rehab center before the end of today to keep his bed. the attorney promised to contact investigators when the rehab stay was over. >> and now they're also looking at what was supposedly an accidental death of the housekeeper at that home a few years ago. we'll keep you
9:47 pm
posted. convicted murderer derek chauvin was back in court today. this time he's accused of violating the rights of a black teenager during a 2017 arrest. he's pleaded not guilty. the indictment claims chauvin hit the teenager in the head held him by his throat. pinned him to the ground, put his knee on his neck. they're straight similar to the one which ultimately killed george floyd chauvin is also charged in federal court with violating floyd's civil rights. all right. we're going to light it up and get a check on the 4 zone forecast and a beautiful shot here of the night sky in san francisco. isn't it, though. and with little fog that appears out in the distance their coffers. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now with a look, guys. yeah, bring some good news by have been able to have much for you almost all summer long. we've been talking smoke and fires and fires and smoke and heat and well. >> it's been a long summer. now things are beginning to change. we may see some of that rain. finally making return even a little bit early to the bay area. usually we're
9:48 pm
talking about maybe the 3rd week in october. before we get that first rain, but we could see some rain out there. not tonight. some patchy fog right now. the whole about to shift gears. we've got this storm system develop in the gulf of alaska by tomorrow. it's going to start to edge its way a little bit closer start to carve out that trough along the west coast. that's important. mostly energy will head up to 7 northwest. they're going to get all whole lot of rain out of this storm system even northern california getting some significant rain. we're going to see a few scattered showers around the bay area. but his latest forecast overnight tonight, patchy fog beginning to make its way along the coastline that will be in place even tomorrow afternoon. but start to break up late in the day and then on saturday will notice the changes more clouds on the way. become partly cloudy around the bay area. but the rain still hung up in northern california and then overnight saturday night into sunday. there you go. that storm system looking a little more substantial with the latest model runs as we head into 3 o'clock in the morning or so on sunday morning, a chance of rain return to the bay area. would that be nice to finally get those showers making returns.
9:49 pm
so temperatures going to be much cooler to it's going to feel like fall on this last weekend of summer. but it is going to be back to some summer like heat on monday and tuesday. back in the 90's in parts of the area and more of a need for the rain. it's going to a little bit of an offshore wind, too. so yeah, you get that rain. >> all right. >> today september 16 is a very significant day in mexican history. it's a holiday that celebrates when mexico declared its independence from spain in 18 10 by 1821 mexico is no longer under spanish rule. >> there are celebrations across the bay area, including a large event at san jose city hall crowd for sacking reports. >> city leaders community groups activists and residents all came together on thursday in san jose celebrate the 2 100th anniversary of mexican celebrations at city hall in san jose on thursday to mark mexican independence day on september 16th in 18. can.
9:50 pm
>> it a calling from beginning that we could be. yeah. to it makes it can to case to the and with this being a low 100 bolonia is the consul general of mexico in san jose. >> many other city and community leaders who spoke at the many happy to be together once >> after the pandemic caused some larger celebrations last year, put >> we get back to may turn out something that fits benitez of san jose doesn't take for granted. bush have the to get vaccine. >> because our families in they are suffer because many of our families say car died. >> so we hear it is very easy
9:51 pm
to get a vaccine in the and not effect it like here, the city continued its push to get even more residents vaccinated with a mobile vaccination pop-up on say jennifer brown who is immunocompromised came to get a booster shot and that it's our responsibility as citizens. so all get vaccinated. >> to help protect ourselves. in our community in addition, san jose's event displayed several live performances and artists in the community like to tell the immigrant and under. >> part of myself and the struggles that we under as immigrants into this country. >> i immigrated from the people at the age of 5. so i kept a lot of. internal feelings. and so my visual work, it's pretty a lot of emotions. site. cree are to tell our him again story. >> through his work. pedro re best lopez says he hopes to tell stories of the past and future, especially on this special day. celebrating
9:52 pm
mexican independence. that's just continue the legacy is that of so many revolutionaries, women and men that have fought hard for us to even be here today. at's also important to note that mexican independence day and cinco de mayo are 2 distinct holidays because some confuse the 2. >> cinco de mile represents the celebration of defeating france in 1862 decades after mexico establish his independence in san jose to live the psac ii kron 4 news. >> it'll to cope. she probably the oldest lobster catcher in the world. how this 101 year-old is still working on the ship. no plans to start.
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
>> this is the best story you'll see today. new england area lobster woman has basically never stopped still hard at work. 90 years after she first started, virginia, oliver. is 101. wow. so what you 11 look at her and now she sure lapeer ce. and she it faithfully tends to her 200 or so traps off the coast of maine with her son who is a spry 77 well, it's a tough job, but she started catching lobsters. you know, it's just a little hobby which is 8 years old but. >> apparently it's always been her passion. she once worked at a factory. but quit that job too. boring. to, you know,
9:56 pm
catch lobsters full time with her husband. >> i was in morning followed by. but mary, the mask. and we came on and i have the full call. went to i think for off of the poignant here. >> virginia all over says she has no plans of stopping any time soon. and i was of it. heads up. you know what? i bet those lobsters are scared. her. i was working at a frantic place. know when you can you can. plus think of the great dinners. well, butter and of it go. that wraps up kron 4 news at 9, 1, 101 and no slowing down. you guys want to work till. >> absolutely. right 50 years from now the standard. yeah. but, you know, work with watchers here. you work with
9:57 pm
let me that's 51. and then do the that story just made me hungry. in addition to being very excited about this woman. she married lady. >> all right, guys, what's up at 10? all right. we're going to tell you. all coming up tonight at 10 o'clock with us apart. >> passes through this into a home in redwood city we told you this story. but neighbors say this wasn't the first time they have had to deal with dangerous drivers. >> what they want done to prevent any more crashes and a san jose police officer will not be charged for shooting and killing 31 year-old demetrius stanley. >> why the district attorney has ruled that
9:58 pm
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> now at 10, the battle over booster shots coming to a head as the fda prepares to make its official recommendation on whether you will need a 3rd dose of the covid vaccine. thank you for joining us tonight on kron 4 news at 10. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne, the companies pfizer and moderna both argue that while their vaccine still protect against severe disease. >> the immunity does wane against infections anywhere from 6 to 12 months. infectious disease. experts say there is some data from israel to suggest


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