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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  September 17, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news, 4. >> good morning and thanks for joining us for the kron 4 morning news. it is friday, september 17th. all harvey, thank you for joining us this morning. so we're off to a great start. we can officially say it's in the building. director matt comes in every morning goes happy even on a monday and just play with the met. let's go and get a look at our weather this morning as you're heading out the door today. people are trying to make weekend plans. john, what they need to know. that's because mats friday's is everyone else's monday, he has
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a funny schedule. we are looking outside this morning and some conditions out there that are going to be pretty nice. we are going to see skies clearing a little quicker than they did yesterday. >> and we're also going to be seeing conditions today that are staying dry. that's not something that we can say for tomorrow night into sunday morning as that will be our chance of rainfall much needed chance of rain at that. i'm going to focus a lot on that. your full forecast. let's focus on right now, though, because as you are stepping outside your berkeley hills cam right here is looking at some low grade much like yesterday. the skies are actually pretty clear on the horizon line is most of our low cloud cover is sitting right above the bay this morning. a couple of spots, especially around the altamonte passwords livermore where you will be running into some of that low lying cloud cover radar is otherwise clear and dry and we're in the 50's right now across the entirety of the bay area brentwood and hayward 58 degrees. we've got san mateo and pittsburgh. 56 while san francisco berkeley in nevado each at 55 later on
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today. daytime highs to rise back into the mid-eighties at our warmest only a couple of degrees warmer than yesterday. plenty of sunshine later on after a mostly cloudy start. i'm talking even cooler weather for the weekend and that chance of rain all still to come, john, thank you for that. so not seeing any major hot spots. there is an accident in san francisco. >> 2 80 northbound at geneva avenue. so again, still pretty not seen any major delays along 2.80, but that accident is there heading into the city from the east a little under 11 minutes. the san mateo bridge. look at that. a little under thirteen's we're making good progress. let's check out the golden gate bridge about 20 minutes as you're traveling into the city will have more on your traffic and weather coming up. for now, let's talk about what's happening today. an fda panel could make recommendations about covid booster shots. but even if they're authorized, there's still a lot of questions. kron four's. dan kerman has the details for us. >> is it necessary for those who've received 2 doses of pfizer's covid-19 vaccine to get a booster shot. that's the
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question coming before an fda panel on friday. pfizer makes the case that while its vaccine still protects against severe disease immunity wanes against mild infections after 6 to 8 months. recommend that. >> all the individuals over 60 should be offered of lucerne. i'd recommend that you come rise in the video still continues to get their additional shots. >> ucsf infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin-hong says that recommendation is based on data from israel. however, he says that research still doesn't indicate how long those boosters will last. i'd like to know how long these uses will actually last. >> because that helps me the chairmen tradeoffs in terms of. is it really with while setting up this revolving door, many, many blue serious. if overall. my projection is
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going to be relatively stable over time and all i'm trying to do is prevents. infection, most of which is miles in the vaccinated. chin-hong says khe current lack of convincing data. >> is what's keeping him from recommending a booster for those under 60 in my own experience being. >> inpatient wards last 2 weeks. the only vaccinated people i've seen personally who come into the hospital and those very likely was 70 and those me a compromise, but more than 90% were unvaccinated. chin-hong says in addition to just more data, he hopes it will come from us studies because unlike israel, which is highly vaccinated. >> close to 80 million people in the u.s. remain unvaccinated. in addition to the fda. the cdc is also meeting next week in hopes of narrowing down the age group that possibly could get that booster. >> in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news.
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>> 2 east bay school districts are considering whether to mandate vaccines for all students, 12 years and older kron four's amanda hari has those details for us. >> west contra, costa unified school district was supposed to be the first bay area district to address possibly mandating vaccines for all staff and students, 12 and older. but the superintendent canceled a meeting for tuesday. there's no date yet to reschedule president of united teachers of richmond. marissa glidden says their union members are for a mandate. we've their survey and 90% of our members. >> we're in favor of vaccine mandate force all eligible students and staff. she says they believe in addition to the mandate the district should take on the responsibility of clinics and education on the vaccine in oakland, the school board will begin discussing a vaccine mandate on wednesday. there's a lot of questions about
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implementation. >> timelines. what exceptions we need to have vice president of the oakland unified school district board. sam davis introduced the proposal. he says more than 70% of students 12 through 18 years old are already vaccinated. but that's not enough. >> well, i really want to see our students in school. he thinks this mandate will help keep them in school. but oakland unified school board director of district 5 mike hutchinson says he's not for the mandate, but there is a real difference between improving access in education as opposed to dictating something as mandatory. he says he believes this is a statewide issue and shouldn't be left to individual school board's action needs to come from the state legislature. and i just know for myself as a citizen in california. i don't want local school boards making the decision around what to require vaccination and what's not like you heard west contra, costa county canceled their meeting.
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>> they haven't reschedule that yet. oakland will be having their meeting on wednesday. they'll just be discussing the topic of mandating covid vaccines, but it may not be voted on just yet. and harry kron, 4 news millbrae city council will not move forward with a covid vaccine mandate for certain businesses in the city. >> the idea for proof of vaccination for indoor and outdoor dining. fitness centers and entertainment venue city. why was shot down wednesday council members cited several reasons including they want to support businesses like not adding further restrictions. one council member said that if they were to consider vaccine mandates. they should start with city employees know ran fishel say 95% of residents are vaccinated. so going to get to our code. your phone out rather scan. this qr code out on your screen. it's going to take you over to our website, kron 4. we can give you more information about some of the changes that are
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currently happening and the bay area mask mandates. highway 24 near the called tunnel is back open after a shooting yesterday afternoon. according to highway patrol. it happened on the eastbound lanes just west of the tunnel when chp officers showed up, they found a car with several bullet holes. the right bore. the tunnel was temporarily closed causing traffic to back up into oakland. all the drivers saw what appeared to be a road rage incident. so they called 9, 1, 1, 2, reported. the time they got off the phone. shots had been fired. >> you know, it. and hear that
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got had call it. >> well, thankfully no one was hurt in that shooting an investigation is ongoing. on the peninsula. neighborhood is speaking out about what they call a dangerous stretch of road there. speeding drivers and several crashes, including a car that recently went into a house have had people along the little to road in redwood city concerned about safety kron four's dan thorn has the details. there. >> it's scenes like this that have haunted people living along the low road in redwood city a speeding driver, losing control and smashing their car through several fences before striking a house. this neighborhood says they've had enough. >> it's stressful at times having kids. so any. and my efforts kicks are having nightmares about getting our my daughter being hit right there. >> kelly, good intel is the property manager of this heavily damaged home. she says
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she's complained before to the city about dangerous drivers along followed a road and has even asked for speed bumps to be installed. the city did put in stop signs. but drivers are still blowing through. added her own sign to help curb the problem. as you can see it's not really working. other neighbors say the road may have gotten worse and sunday morning's crash was unsettling. it's a little scary. i it's a little unnerving, especially at night. >> even yesterday i heard a car not on this role, but i could hear them revving their engine. and i was just thinking. >> well, i hope it's not going to hit somebody else's house or something like that. the splintered fencing in the home which has been deemed unsafe to be inside of. >> has been a nightmare scenario for ghetto. she's hoping there is not a next time. this is getting just keeps accidents or reporting in redwood city. thorn kron 4 news. >> authorities identified the man who was killed when his car flew off of double slide
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in pacifica is still unclear what cost 7, 3.73 year-old anthony colonies junior to drive off of the highway there. crews are still working to recover the vehicle at this hour. kron four's gayle ong has that. >> the california highway patrol is investigating what caused the driver of this car to steer off to the opposite lane. then off a cliff wednesday afternoon the san mateo county coroner's office has identified the driver killed as 73 year-old anthony colonies junior. thp says he was heading north on highway one towards the tom lantos tunnel before ultimately landing on the beach near double slide chemical be fixed with the vehicle. >> that also play a aae to be take a look to see you that possibly was a factor and the specific lesion. >> this kirby section of highway one heading towards half moon bay is known to be dangerous in recent years. there were at least 3 fatal
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crashes in august 2020, this car went off a cliff just south of double slide. the driver later died at the hospital in november 2020, a motorcyclist died after riding over a cliff near the same area in december 2019 video shows an suv going over a cliff. your great will cove state beach where woman died. all these crashes are under investigation. officer mark andrews with chp. francisco says issues on any roadway can be caused by distracted driving and speeding. looking at the so-called >> looking down towards your radio or controls any anything that takes your eyes away from the rowley mile to the mall when people are traveling too fast and they don't just their speech for the courage tours of the roadway that the very severe consequences in wednesday's incident. the man was alone in the vehicle. investigators are waiting for the autopsy that may determine
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what caused the crash in december 2020 caltrans install temporary concrete barriers and enhanced her warning signs. >> a permanent project is scheduled for the year 20 24 reporting in pacifica gayle ong kron 4 news. >> coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news a california woman dies from west nile virus. now health experts are offering tips to keep you safe. coming up on that. and again, a rally is planned at the u.s. capitol continues to raise concerns now president trump has a message for the demonstrators there welcome back to the kron
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4 morning news a time for you now is 04:15am, here on this >> hope you have some good plans. i don't have any plans just yet, but it depends on what john's fable says in just a moment. what plans i'm gonna make for the weekend. john, what can we expect make all the plans rain that is just do saturday night into sunday morning. maybe a just a couple of plans because we do see some much needed. >> light showers across the bay area now, most of these showers are going to stay north of the golden gate. so for a lot of us that are south of the golden gate. it shouldn't actually interrupt what we've got going on, terribly much this morning at coit tower. you can see that we are looking at conditions that are clear enough, much like yesterday. a lot of that cloud cover sitting right above us. so bay area is nice
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and dry for the morning as we work our way through the weekend, though. we are going to see this cold front right here pushing on into the west coast. resulting in rain for the pacific northwest. as soon as tonight. drifting into the north coast come tomorrow. this is 1215, right around lunchtime tomorrow afternoon. seeing some heavy rain at times right across the northern tier of the state showers continue to push further southward. and by the time that we do reach sunday during a predawn hours. much of the north bay is looking at some light sprinkle activity. as we've been talking about the past few days. it does look very clear that this system really starts to dwindle down right on top of the bay area. so we're not going to be looking at at least any widespread rainfall for areas south of the golden gate. but for those of us in the north bay. this is a nice change of pace and some welcome rain. as for air quality, it's good this morning across the board. we are going to be looking at improved air quality to where we had been 60's for your highs and san francisco range of 50's and 60's right along the coastline. don't expect complete clearing up the
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coast. just some bits of sunshine elsewhere in the bay area. it's going to be a slow clearing kind of day with highs in the 70's and 80's a little warmer than yesterday, but still running below our seasonal averages, pleasanton and livermore each 84 today union city at 75 oakland right at 70 degrees. danville, you're up to 86 degrees today which is actually making you the warm spot in the bay area for your friday as for temperatures, the next 7 days. we've got a down followed by an up daytime highs on saturday and sunday. some of our coolest as that cold front pushes through morning. chance of rainfall on sunday. we see quickly see temperatures rising on monday, monday into tuesday. hightened fire danger to be expected. and then the first day of autumn on wednesday. nice to see a new season. hopefully a season that brings us wetter and cooler conditions rain on this means we'll start to see those pumpkin spice lattes everywhere. >> all right. let's get a look at your traffic as ytu're heading from the east bay into the city a little under 11
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minutes. not seeing any major hot spots at this hour, the san mateo bridge, as you head across towards the peninsula. no major delays or issues on the peninsula side. a little under 13 minutes. we'll have more traffic and weather coming up. but for now in national news, there are growing concerns over an upcoming rally planned for tomorrow. organizers say they will be demonstrating to support the people who are arrested for storming the capitol on january 6 and some worry after the riot in january. this weekend's rally may get violent. allison harris has the latest on that. 7 foot tall fencing is back up at the capitol as capitol police prepare for potential violence yet again. this time at a rally saturday in support of the alleged insurrectionists on january 6th >> a former president trump who told his supporters to be there and be wild on that day says in a statement that they've been persecuted so unfairly. more than 600 have been arrested in the deadly attack there have been 5
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police deaths related to that day. but now the conspiracy theorists who believe the presidential election was rigged are having their own faith in conspiracy theories turned against them. fear has said in that saturday's rally is a setup for right. facebook groups and forums online warning do not attend the fbi rally thinking they'll be entrapped by federal agents. >> it's a set up. i don't know. a single person is going i'm not going organizers call for people who go to be respectful of law enforcement. but capitol police say they're concerned about chatter online. requesting the dc national guard to be on standby for support. the pentagon hasn't shared. how big of a request capitol police have made in terms of man power only saying it's not exorbitant. everybody will be ready. more ready for them. i believe that there. >> well, equipped handle what what may or may not occur.
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>> president biden is working to unite democrats around his 3.5 trillion dollars, human infrastructure plan before the house returns from recess next week. washington correspondent jessi tenure joins us live with the very latest. good morning, jesse. >> yeah. good morning to you as well. the president is really leaning on his decades worth of experience of legislating on the hill to get democrats. all of them on board. but some of them may be to split on certain issues to ultimately include them in the bill. >> we can build an economy gives working people fair shot this time. >> president biden continues to pitch his 3.5 trillion dollar, human infrastructure plan not only to american families but also the democrats who are still on the fence. my plan benefits ordinary americans, not those the top don't need to help the president's proposal would provide free preschool and community college and make day care, child care and elder care. more affordable. it would also lower prescription drug costs by giving medicare
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the power to negotiate prices we can invest in our people. given our families a little help. with through toughness expenses. but other than the plan's price tag. this is insanity. it is fiscally irresponsible. prescription drug pricing has become the latest divide among progressive and moderate democrats. >> oregon congressman kurt schrader was one of 3 democrats to vote against the current provision in committee and criticized the overall process one month for put together 3.5 trillion dollar bill is no chance of passing the senate. president biden also still has to unite his party over how he plans to fund the majority of his economic agenda, raising taxes on wealthy americans and large corporations time working people. got a tax breaks this country. >> and the house is also committed to voting on the senate passed traditional infrastructure bill by september 27th. but with all these other negotiations happening that self-imposed deadline could slide live in
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washington. i'm jessi tenure. thank you for that report to see. >> coming up on the kron 4 morning news students at livermore high school avoided a possible threat. why officers arr this year's
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mosquito season has already turned deadly. health officials in the central valley say a 62 year-old woman has died from the west nile virus after she was bitten by a mosquito. friends say she started to experience flu-like
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symptoms, including a bad fever. officials are warning people to take precautions against mosquitoes, especially during dawn and dusk when they are most active. >> you can do that by first of all, just avoiding the outdoors during those times wearing long sleeves and of course, fda approved to this gator appellants. i just don't want another family to lose one so fast in. >> people that think that this is going away. >> according to the cdc. there is no treatment for west nile and 80% of people will not have any symptoms so far this year. california has reported at least 35 human cases across 15 counties and mosquitoes with west nile virus have been detected right here in the bay area. santa clara county's vector control district will be out tonight. they're going to be spraying parts of palo alto and mountain view affected areas include neighborhoods near west middlefield road and san antonio road. the treatment will start around 10 o'clock tonight and it's going to last about 3 hours. still ahead on
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the kron 4 morning news, we're getting a closer look. >> at body camera video showing what led up to a fatal police shooting in the east bay. we'll be right back after the break.
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>> welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. i'm reyna harvey. the time for you now for 29 approaching 04:30am,
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and it's friday. so hopefully you got some plans. well, john, just actually helped me get my plans together because he said the weather was going to be nice. but you talked a little bit about saturday evening into sunday morning. that's the time when maybe we shouldn't be out. there are some things going on that. good morning, john friday night's the night to be out. saturday night's should still be fine. but we do have some light showers making their way into the north bay late late saturday night. >> into early sunday morning. so if you are planning and to be out really late on a saturday night to still be surprised if feel a few sprinkles or light showers out there on that evening. now, as far as conditions go this morning, we are looking at a dry start your berkeley hills camera is looking down at the east bay nice and clear. we do have the cloud cover sitting above us this morning, which means most of our visibilities. it's really just fine as you venturing on the roadways. another dry one this morning. yesterday. we did have some coastal drizzle and today we'll see a similar setup were especially if you're in hillsides up in are in the santa cruz mountains on


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