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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  September 17, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 6. >> good morning and happy friday to you darya folsom and i'm reyna harvey in for james fletcher who is. >> on a beach somewhere i hope so. you use that expression very closely because it's probably the couch. he'll be back to work on monday. so we'll hear all about it. in the meantime, let's hear all about the weather. we have in store height of, hey, we are looking at a good day for the couch rather than the beach come sunday morning because some showers are just around the corner for that one. as for today, it is maybe a good
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day to stay away from the beach to because it's going to stay a little bit gray out that direction. >> bayside in inland areas on the other hand, that's where we're going to get your sunshine and some pretty nice weather along with it. this morning we're starting off with some low grade. that is very visible here in berkeley hills cam visibility is fine for the vast majority of the bay area unless you're heading high up into those hills right above the bay itself. radar is also showing dry conditions ahead of those showers that starts to move in saturday night into sunday morning and mostly just for the north bay 50's for current temperatures. a cool one cool enough for the jacket to start talking more about where we're headed this weekend. how cool will be in when that rainfall gets here in your full forecast over the tom, thank you for that. so we do have a hot spot this morning. this is 6.80 southbound south of red deer road. >> in walnut creek. the left and center lanes are currently blocked. and as you can see, traffic is slowly moving through there. so what i would suggest it is olympic boulevard to tyson valley boulevard on down to crest avenue. you go ahead and young
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danville boulevard take that. that runs just parallel to 6.80, and you can get around that accident. it seems like a delays are going to be there for some time. let's get a look at our other bridges of the bay bridge as you're heading from the east bay into the city. a little under 9 minutes on not seeing any major issues here. the san mateo bridge as you head across towards the peninsula. you can make that drive and a little under 13. and the golden gate bridge about 20 minutes as you're traveling into the city. the richmond, sandra fell comey also looks pretty nice this morning. we'll have more on that coming up are for now. let's get back to the news. daria 6. '02, right now. and about an hour ago, the fda panel began its discussions and we're waiting to see if they make a recommendation. >> about booster shot. exactly. but even if they're authorized, there's still a lot of questions about who should get the booster shot when you should get the booster shot. the companies pfizer and moderna both saying that their vaccine still protect against severe disease just with the shots that we've had. but they say the immunity
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wanes anywhere from 6 to 12 months after you get that shot infectious disease. experts say there is data from israel that suggests that a booster might be helpful put for people who are over the age of 60, but at this point there hasn't been enough data to make a recommendation for younger people. the only vaccinated people i've seen personally who come into the hospital. >> and those very likely was 70 and those me a compromise, but more than 90% were unvaccinated. everyone agrees that it was some may be helpful. the real disagreement is in the timing. >> the biden administration says it's prepared to start giving boosters to any american over the age of 16 as early as next week. once. >> approved by the fda and the cdc. >> now, although teachers and staff at all. california schools are required to get the covid vaccine. there's no
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requirement or mandate for students. >> but to east bay districts are now considering a vaccine mandate for students kron four's. amanda hari has the details. >> west contra, costa unified school district was supposed to be the first bay area district to address possibly mandating vaccines for all staff and students, 12 and older. but the superintendent canceled a meeting for tuesday. there's no date yet to reschedule president of united teachers of richmond. marissa glidden says their union members are for a mandate. we better and 90% of our members. >> we're in favor of vaccine mandate force all eligible students and staff. she says they believe in addition to the mandate the district should take on the responsibility of clinics and education on the vaccine in oakland, the school board will begin discussing a vaccine mandate on wednesday. there's a lot of questions about
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implementation. >> timelines. what exceptions we need to have vice president of the oakland unified school district board. sam davis introduced the proposal. he says more than 70% of students 12 through 18 years old are already vaccinated. but that's not enough. >> well, i really want to see our students in school. he thinks this mandate will help keep them in school. but oakland unified school board director of district 5 mike hutchinson says he's not for the mandate, but there is a real difference between improving access in education as opposed to dictating something as mandatory. he says he believes this is a statewide issue and shouldn't be left to individual school board's action needs to come from the state legislature. and i just know for myself as a citizen in california. i don't want local school boards making the decision around what to require vaccination and what's not like you heard west contra, costa county canceled their meeting. >> they haven't reschedule
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that yet. oakland will be having their meeting on wednesday. they'll just be discussing the topic of mandating covid vaccines, but it may not be voted on just yet. and harry kron, 4 news. >> it's 6. '05, on the peninsula. the city of millbrae decides that you don't have to prove you're vaccinated to go into restaurants gyms and other places, although already. i think it's like 95% of the people. there are actually a lot of people certainly are there and no raise also taking a different approach compared to other bay area cities like san francisco, kron four's. camila barco is live in millbrae with more. >> on that decision could morning. >> good morning. rain and daria. so yeah, you you said it rain and the city is taking a different approach compared to other cities like san francisco where you do have to prove that you're vaccinated. if you want to step inside a restaurant or a gym, but millbrae city council members said that they are not going to require that same rule for
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establishments here in the city for now. city council members said that implementing a vaccine mandate would be tough for businesses council member urging gina happened said that if they were to consider this idea it should start with city employees. 95 1% of millbrae residents are vaccinated. meanwhile, 93% of eligible people in san mateo county have received at least the first dose of a covid vaccine. a spokesperson for the county's health department said that they are not considering a vaccine mandate in the county at this time council members added that that these type of restrictions could be an overreach since the county and the state do not have have such mandates in place. however, individual businesses can make their own rules and are allowed to institute their own vaccine requirements. now, the city council didn't create a vaccine mandate. however, council members were not opposed to the idea about talking about this in a future. in a future meeting.
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so right now one council member said that it was a wait and see game as they didn't know what is going to happen in the next few months from now. so we're just going to have to see if this changes later on. remain a back to you. all right. thanks a lot. camila. >> actor tyler perry is encouraging all californians to get vaccinated against covid-19 the state and perry's production company war lease a series of videos this month. they're going to dress frequently asked questions about the vaccines, including how to know if they're safe and how the vaccines actually work. the partnership with perry is part of an outreach effort for the states african american communities. as of thursday. 82% of californians aged 12 and up have received at least one dose of their vaccine shots while 67% are fully vaccinated again, take your phone out and you can continue watching the coverage that we have you on covid-19 will be a kron 4 once the fda makes a decision today on booster. shots will be sure
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dissent out that push notification directly to your cell phone time now. 6. '08 and highway 24 called the cove tunnel is back open after a shooting. the shooting happened in the eastbound lanes just west of the tunnel. when the officer showed up, there's a map. they found a car with bullet holes, the right door of the tunnel was temporary closed and that caused a big backup in oakland, a driver saw what they thought was a road rage incident. so they called 911, and reported it. but by the time they got off the phone. the shots have been fired. >> got fired. had response
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from the college. >> shots were fired, but nobody was hurt in the shooting and the investigation is ongoing. well, in the south bay, the entire vta light rail service will finally be back on track. >> and that starts tomorrow. this comes months after the system shut down because of the deadly mass shooting that happened at the rail yard. >> kron 4. sarah stinson is live in san jose with an update. sarah. >> yeah. it's a big day tomorrow 4 vta just a long time. coming months of grieving months of just trying to give their employees the time to heal, but it's going to take more than just 4 months. live here at deer, dawn station in san jose by the sapd station center. you can see behind me there's a vt
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a bus. buses have been running. but the big deal that's happening tomorrow is the green line from this station to winchester station is the last segment of the light rail system to be reactivated. it will run tomorrow for the first time in nearly 4 months following that deadly mass shooting at the really are that actually happened on may 26th a portion of the green light from the old ironsides station to the deer dawn station began running trains back on september 12th the orange line reopened on august 29th and the blue line fully reopened a portion on september 4th. so it's been slow. >> we just lost. we just lost sarah's mike. sorry, sarah, but on. thank you for the update. we will look to that service to resume and hope that everybody of eta is doing well as they continue to cover recover from such a horrible mass shooting. 6.11. is a time right now. and still ahead on the kabul morning news.
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>> a high school student arrested in east. they were going to tell you how other students help to prevent violence on campus and police in fremont released new body cam and dashcam video that shows the moments leading up to a deadly police shooting. plus, after the break. president biden is trying to rally democrats around this human infrastructure plan. but there are still some challenges to getting it passed. >> and we are looking at conditions this morning still on the gray side. but skies will gradually clear throughout the course of the day today. just a little warmer than yesterday but still below seasonal averages definitely cooler than we were at the st
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>> 6.14 right now. and we're taking a look at the weather which is important because after work or school today, i'm hoping that we can enjoy a nice weekend. it's few sprinkles, no big deal. it's a good thing. yeah. exactly. before it starts to get too wet and ruin hikes that. but i'm just happy we're getting some rain that will be great. absolutely. yeah. we might have to move a couple hikes around on sunday morning. but if we're seeing some rainfall out of it. i think it will be worth it for sure. >> you look outside this morning at our cameras situated happen. bay some cloud cover overhead this morning. a starting out the whole lot like yesterday morning was we've got low cloud cover. not a lot of fog blocking out visibility. but this low gray is going to take a minute to burn its way off. so do expect it to be a fairly gray start ahead of what will be some sunshine later on now.
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cloudy skies will stay with us. right along the coastline, sometimes the brightness. but like yesterday, it's going to stay on the greater side bayside in inland areas. plenty of sun and just a little bit warmer than yesterday. now, what we are seeing to our north is this cold front right here. storm system that will push into the pacific northwest tonight and on into northern california starting tomorrow morning. resulting in some solid rain fall for some of our northern counties as it pushes further southward. we begin to see at losing some of that energy. it's packing but still enough rainfall in the north bay to have some light showers making its where direction by sunday morning. couple of sprinkles possible further southward. i would just anticipate at least a few light showers on sunday morning. no promise of them south of the golden gate. but definitely looking at a good chance of them further north of the golden gate and a very welcome change of pace after what has been so many dry months now today is bringing the best air quality of the week so far and temperatures are going to be bad at all. so it really is a friday to enjoy
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no rainfall just yet. as i mentioned, we're saving that for late saturday night into sunday morning. so today and tomorrow are great days to venture out there. enjoy this cooler feel that we already got plenty of yesterday. today's daytime high 70's 80's for most of the bay and really a very pleasant day to start your last weekend of summer as fall as you may know, kicks off on wednesday. sonoma in youngsville at 78 today. pittsburgh an antioch in the low 80's while mill valley at 63 tomorrow's temperatures even cooler than today's and sunday stays pretty cool, too. with that morning. chance of showers. we reversed that cooling trend in spite back up into the 90's come monday and tuesday. we'll also see some offshore winds that could up fire danger on both of these days before we start the new season on wednesday. reyna. all right. john, here come the pumpkin spice lattes on the way. awry. got some good news for you. we've been tracking this hot spot for the past hour or so. >> along 6.80 southbound, 6.80, at red deer road. we had
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several lanes blocked. richest able to open up the highway and still traffic back free flowing again. so again that southbound right near road again, lanes are all clear right now and that hot spot is gone. let's get a look at the bay bridge traveling into the city a little under 9 minutes for your drive time there. things are looking nice. has your travel and the san mateo bridge had across towards the peninsula. no major delays or issues. the richmond sandra fell bridge as you're heading out of richmond, a little under 9 minutes for your drive time there. so things are looking nice along highway 4. if you are traveling there you get a traffic collision westbound at willow pass road out and conquer another one down along 8.80, in fremont that southbound north of 84 east. and again, leaving you with the golden gate bridge about 20 minutes as you head into the city area. back to you. thanks a lot of 6.18 and national news. people are worried about what's going to happen. and that rally that is planned at the u.s. capitol tomorrow. organizers say they are demonstrating in support of people who were arrested for storming the capitol on
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january 6. so there are people that are worried since that and you know that riot january was violent. that may be tomorrow's rally will be violent. allison harris has the latest. 7 foot tall. fencing is back up with the capital as capitol police prepare for potential violence yet again. this time at a rally saturday in support of the alleged insurrectionists on january 6th >> a former president trump who told his supporters to be there and be wild on that day says in a statement that they've been persecuted so unfairly. more than 600 have been arrested in the deadly attack there have been 5 police deaths related to that day. but now the conspiracy theorists who believe the presidential election was rigged are having their own faith in conspiracy theories turned against them. fear has said in that saturday's rally is a setup for right. facebook groups and forums online warning do not attend the fbi rally thinking they'll be
6:20 am
entrapped by federal agents. >> it's a set up. i don't know a single person who's going. i'm not going organizers call for people who go to be respectful of law enforcement. but capitol police say they're concerned about chatter online. requesting the dc national guard to be on standby for support. the pentagon hasn't shared. how big of a request capitol police have made in terms of man power only saying it's not exorbitant. everybody will be ready. >> more ready for them. i believe that there well, equipped handle what what may or may not occur. >> 6.20, right now. president biden is working to unite democrats around his 3 and a half trillion dollar human infrastructure plan before the house returns from recess next week. exactly. washington correspondent jessi tenure joins us live with the very latest. good morning, jesse. >> yeah. good morning to you as well, daryn reyna, the president is really leaning on
6:21 am
his decades worth of experience of legislating here on capitol hill to unite all democrats. but some are just so split on certain issues that they may not end up making it into the final piece of legislation. >> we can build an economy gives working people fair shot this time. >> president biden continues to pitch his 3.5 trillion dollar, human infrastructure plan not only to american families but also the democrats who are still on the fence. my plan benefits ordinary americans, not those the top don't need to help the president's proposal would provide free preschool and community college and make day care, child care and elder care. more affordable. it would also lower prescription drug costs by giving medicare the power to negotiate prices we can invest in our people. given our families a little help. with through toughness expenses. but other than the plan's price tag. this is insanity. it is fiscally irresponsible. prescription drug pricing has become the latest divide among progressive and moderate
6:22 am
democrats. >> oregon congressman kurt schrader was one of 3 democrats to vote against the current provision in committee and criticized the overall process one month for put together 3.5 trillion dollar bill is no chance of passing the senate president biden also still has to unite his party over how he plans to fund the majority of his economic agenda, raising taxes on wealthy americans and large corporations time working people. got a tax breaks this country. >> and the house is also committed to voting on the senate passed traditional infrastructure bill by september 27th. but with all these other negotiations happening that self-imposed deadline may slide live in washington. i'm jessi tenure. thank you for that, jesse time now 6.22 and coming up on the kron 4 morning news governor newsom take steps to help the states. >> housing crisis. but those are the some of the 700 bills on his desk waiting for his signature. we'll have more on what he's doing after the break. it's 6.25. and now that
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the recall is over. hundreds of bills are waiting for the governor to sign or veto and the deadline is coming fast. he certainly has his work cut out for him. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala. >> has that story for us. >> about 700 bills. sit on governor gavin newsom's desk proposals that piled up as he
6:26 am
faced a recall with an october 10th deadline. newsome has about 3 weeks to sign or veto the legislation part of the push to have the recall date as soon as possible was in part to prevent governor gavin newsome from having these policy debates with the democratic majority legislature during the special election but with his victory speech over newsome signed legislation that could boost housing production. which state leaders have said california desperately needs in single family home neighborhoods. sb 9 will allow homeowners to build 2 houses or a duplex per one house is currently allowed. he also signed sb 10, which allows local governments to rezone single family areas to allow more units for those in urban areas and those near public transportation, other legislation waiting on his signature a series of police accountability measures, including allowing the public greater access to police use of force records. >> and prohibiting officer use of rubber bullets and other less lethal weapons protests. newsone will also decide of his signature will land on sb
6:27 am
to the bill that would remove badges from law enforcement officers accused of wrongdoing. >> other bills awaiting the governor include efforts to address covid labor the environment, education and much more in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> it's 6.26 and coming up next, people in one bay area city are demanding change because there have been several crashes on the same stretch of roadway will tell you where. (music) ♪ i think to myself ♪ ♪ what a wonderful world ♪
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>> it's 29 is the time right now. and yeah, that is a great day for sure. it is. oh, my god, you guys i just visited for the first time. you know, nobody's at work anymore just go like they're just coming so my brother has a new office that i had not visited behind this permit reminded me while the views because he's you know, he's here. he's so i it is his office. oh my god. views of the pyramid views of quite how are my favorite quite how it was beautiful. i must say, i want to say you got to take this one day. we should take the city are remote to let me tell you would that mean. i have hard charge ticket. he should maybe pay for a it was so nice observe ation day. probably the only time will be allowed to go next time when you go so you can see that car. so i you a web cam up there has showed
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7. oh he's not >> well, not a bad view here at the station either. we've got some pretty nice ones on the embarcadero of nothing that looks out over the bay, though your view outside right now here at the embarcadero does show your normal gray yesterday. we started off the day gray. >> for a lot of the bay itself. and today we're kind of going back to that. but we get the sunshine later on this is your view out in the east bay hills. and you do see the cloud cover sitting up above it. sitting aloft. so visibility has been fined for most areas. watch for some pockets of fog around santa rosa as well as in the hills above the tri valley. now radar is showing overall dry conditions. we did have some drizzle and mist yesterday in some upper elevations, a marine county and upper elevations on the peninsula. that is certainly possible again today with this low marine layer hovering in some areas 50's for current temperatures. yeah, go ahead. get the light jacket on this morning. you definitely want it later on today, though, we are in for such a nice one and the weekend ahead is bringing both nice weather and even a chance of rainfall that all to
6:32 am
get to still to come, rain a thank you, john, who certainly need the rain here. all right. we're gonna look at your traffic. >> we've been following a hot spot in walnut creek along 6.80 that since been cleared. thankfully. so now maybe we'll have a little bit of friday light as you're heading from the east bay into the city. a little under 11 minutes for your drive time there. let's head over to look at the san mateo bridge as head in a cross towards the peninsula. no major issues or delays highway 4 pretty slow. if you're traveling along highway 4 westbound at willow pass road and conquer. there is an accident there. and so we're seeing some delays also along. 80 in fremont. the left lane. there is blocked if you're traveling along that just north to 84 east the golden gate bridge pitcher ask a little under 21 minutes as youtre traveling into the city will have more weather and traffic coming up. for now, let's get back to the news. 6.32 and a big story in the east bay police to increase patrols at a little more high school. yeah. because a student there was arrested for allegedly threatening to harm someone campus kron four's maureen kelly has that story for us. because the suspect is
6:33 am
a high school student and under 18. >> a lot of the details are being kept under wraps here at the livermore police department. the school district superintendent tells me this all came to a head on wednesday evening when 3 other students at livermore high school came forward with some disturbing information may came to a few students attention. >> that one of their classmates as making time alarming comments, possibly threatening about hurting someone at school. and so they did exactly what they've been trained in coach to do, which is what a caring adult know. if you're concerned when you hear something that could be a problem that parent told the school who in turn brought in the livermore police department school resource officers who made the arrest wednesday evening. police have not released the exact charges that student is facing. police have boosted their presence. >> so kids can feel like this is the safest place to be. there. also extra counselors
6:34 am
available and the superintendent was asked by the students to bring her labrador who has had some training and being a therapy dog. the students have been through a lot here lately 6 of their classmates were involved in a car wreck last month, killing one and putting 3 more in the hospital. it's been an emotional train news been. >> emotional and we still have students from the first tragedy who are recovering in the hospital. and you know, there's services this week for the other you know, it's just his home in this latest incident, both the police and the school district are investigating. >> at this point. we still do not know the exact nature of the alleged threat. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> it's 6.34 and on the peninsula, people living in a part of a redwood city area. they're speaking out about what they think is a dangerous stretch of roadway. neighbors who live in the area say there's a lot of speeding drivers and crashes. >> along the low road. and so they're worried about safety. in fact, look at what happened
6:35 am
recently a car crashed into a house on that very roadway. one property manager has complained before to the city about dangerous drivers and the city did put up stop signs. but drivers are still blowing through them. >> stressful at times having kids. so any. and my efforts kicks are having nightmares about getting our my daughter being hit right there. >> it's a little scary i it's a little unnerving, especially at night. even yesterday i heard a car not on this role, but i could hear them revving their engine. and i was just thinking, well, i hope it's not going to hit somebody else's house or something like that. >> neighbors are hoping maybe the city will add speed bumps along the low road to slow people down and help prevent crashes. well, authorities identified the man who was killed when his car flew off of devil's slide in pacifica. it's still not clear what caused 73 year-old anthony colonies junior to drive off of the highway. the crews are still working to recover the
6:36 am
vehicle even at this hour, kron four's gayle ong has that story for us. >> the california highway patrol is investigating what caused the driver of this car to steer off to the opposite lane. then off a cliff wednesday afternoon the san mateo county coroner's office has identified the driver killed as 73 year-old anthony colonies junior chp says he was heading north on highway one towards the tom lantos tunnel before ultimately landing on the beach near double slide chemical be fixed with the vehicle. >> that also play a role event like this. we have not been able to recover this vehicle yet. so we haven't had a chance to be inspected and take a look to see you that possibly was a factor and the specific lesion. >> this kirby section of highway one heading towards half moon bay is known to be dangerous in recent years. there were at least 3 fatal crashes in august 2020, this car went off a cliff just south of double slide. the driver later died at the hospital in november 2020, a
6:37 am
motorcyclist died after riding over a cliff near the same area in december 2019 video shows an suv going over a cliff. your great will cove state beach where woman died. all these crashes are under investigation. officer mark andrews with chp. francisco says issues on any roadway can be caused by distracted driving and speeding. looking at the so-called >> looking down towards your radio or controls any anything that takes your eyes away from the moment when people are traveling too fast and they don't just their speech for the courage tours of the roadway that they the very severe consequences in wednesday's incident. the man was alone in the vehicle. investigators are waiting for the autopsy that may determine what caused the crash in december 2020 caltrans install temporary concrete barriers and enhanced her warning signs. >> a permanent project is scheduled for the year 20 24 reporting in pacifica gayle ong kron 4 news.
6:38 am
>> 6.37 in the east bay. freemont police have released body cam video from the incident that resulted in one of their officers shooting and killing a man. >> take >> you can hear the repeated warnings there. this was august 25th officers responding reports of a shooting at the southlake mobile home park and when they got there, they found a person who'd been shot later identified a potential suspect in the surveillance video. you can see running from the scene and police confronted that person a short time later walking along the auto mall parkway right there carrying a baby stroller and he fumbled with the stroller before pulling out a gun and pointing it at the officer and the officer then. fire the weapon fremont acting police chief says the shooting was lawful. >> confident that the officers acted in accordance with the law in our policy. so. yeah, i
6:39 am
think this is pretty clear cut that this was a justifiable shooting. >> that man has since been identified as 22 year-old, kevin johnson of hayward. so far investigators have not determined a motive for the initial shooting. the victim of that initial shooting is still in critical condition. >> the fbi and san francisco helped take down the heads of route. listen, northern california gangs and one of the largest bust in history. they call this operation quiet storm targeting gang leaders from as far north this humble down to kern county. some of the defendants were already in state prisons and have been moved to federal facilities. the defendants are accused of a wide range of criminal activities tied robberies attempted murder and drug trafficking. it's made yesterday. >> most significantly the arrests of the noise for a familiar leadership will severely the ability of this criminal enterprise to
6:40 am
continue to facilitate crimes and communities throughout our state and help break a decades old cycle of violence. >> the acting u.s. attorney for northern california said although it's hard to say the exact impact from this operation. they're confident the disrupting these games will curb crime in our streets. it's 6.40 in this year's mosquito season has already turned deadly health officials in the central valley say. >> a 62 year-old woman has died from west nile virus after she was bitten by a mosquito. friends say that at first she experienced flulike symptoms, including a really bad fever. officials are now warning you to take precautions against mosquitoes especially during dawn and dusk, which is when they are the most active. >> you can do that by first of all, just avoiding outdoors during those times wearing long sleeves and of course, fda approved to mosquito repellents. i just don't want another family to lose one so fast in. >> people that think that this is going away.
6:41 am
>> the cdc says that there's really no treatment for west nile and 80% of people who get a bite in get west. now they don't even know they have that. i have any symptoms so far this year. california has had at least 35 people who have gotten west nile across 15 counties. and mosquitoes with the west nile virus have been detected here in the bay area too. santa clara county's vector control district is going to be out tonight spraying to get rid of west nile and the mosquitoes in palo alto and mountain view those areas that they're spraying will be neighborhoods near west middlefield road and san antonio road. >> and that treatment is going to start at 10 o'clock tonight. should last about 3 hours. well, coming up next on the kron 00:00am morning news. we continue to celebrate hispanic heritage month after the break. >> we're going to introduce you to a bay area chef who's doing some amazing things with mexican cuisine.
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>> 6.44 right now. and it's the weekend. so don't let anything rain on your even a little rain about that. i like a >> yes, definitely. don't let the rain get you down at least because we know we need it and the rain that we will be saying it's not going amount to much anyway. so just playing around today is going to be a beautiful clear day daytime hours on saturday. also going to be beautiful getting out there with some
6:45 am
cooler conditions. you're north calhoun. the weather center forecast this morning showing a grey start. we've got an abundance of low level stratus just pushed in right over the bay. this is sitting above us though. so visibility for the most part is just fine. even areas like san jose, though, are looking at views that. yeah, it's a sunny just yet. we will get sunshine for inland and bayside areas come the afternoon. our coastal spots, though. i'm sorry it's going to be a lot like yesterday, which is some bits of sunshine. mostly cloudy skies hanging out at the coast through the day. now when we're talking about rainfall here, we're really talking about saturday night very late into early sunday morning. this system is already having an impact across the pacific northwest and we'll drop into northern reaches of the state come tomorrow morning. this is going to be our biggest impact here in california. right along the north redwood coast right here. some really needed rainfall in solid showers up there. this is going to help with wildfire activity that does remain up to our north now as the shower activity
6:46 am
makes its way. our direction into saturday night and sunday morning really loses steam across the bay area. light showers possible in the north bay don't rule out the potential of a sprinkle elsewhere. but it is looking far less likely south of the golden gate on into sunday morning skies quickly clear out into the rest of the day on sunday, air quality today, our best of the week so far. a green indicating good out there for most areas which is a nice way to do a friday for sure. and temperatures will be the cherry on top of it all. 60's and 50's for san francisco today. cloudy or near the coastline sunnier right along the bay shore and temperatures along the bay shore mostly in the 70's this afternoon. great numbers redwood city and san carlos beach at 78 south bay temperatures in the 70's low 80's san jose right at 80 degrees. freeman through hayward in the 70's while 80's further inland our warm spot today is actually danville at 86 degrees antioch in vacaville. you're taking a back seat on the warmer temperature department at 8384. well, santa rosa and sandra fell in the 70's.
6:47 am
here's a look ahead. next 7 days, not looking bad to start. but we do warm things back up into monday and tuesday with offshore dry winds and hotter temperatures fire danger on the same days is going to be higher so enjoy or cooler next few days and certainly don't take for granted the rainfall sunday morning reyna. thank you for that, john. all right. let's get a look at your traffic as you're heading into the city this morning. >> traffic picking up still pretty light, though. a little under 12 minutes for your drive time there. let's also get a look at the san mateo bridge head across towards the peninsula. no major issues. we have that hot spot along 6.80 and wannacry much earlier in the morning that has since been cleared. the richmond sandra fell bridge as you're heading out of richmond. look at that. traffic is slowing down. but i'm not seeing any hazards there. so still under 11 minutes for your drive time. golden gate bridge. pretty nice light for us. about 20 minutes into the sea. daria. for hispanic heritage month. we're giving you a sense of hispanic culture with a taste of their cuisine. the
6:48 am
key stories always make me very, his warning aca's. it's a chance to visit a high in mexican restaurant with a reverence for the past. >> we take you to california since san francisco for modern mexican cuisine named for the people of mexican heritage who lived in california back in the 1800's california says a michelin star restaurant with mexican food and drink. you have to taste to believe. >> the 2 missions are several years in a row and that's the highest that any mexican national in the world is been awarded. so that's a honor. >> the award-winning chef from humble roots is bell. can too chef can to grew up in a small texas town. his family had a mexican restaurant and he's not so provided recipes and inspiration. >> i was very young. but remember playing with a toy for 2 and just like being around my whole family was really amazing. and that's what brings us back to the
6:49 am
pristine kitchen at california. what is your favorite dish? >> my favorite probably this one that we're going make but boy, i'm really simple. vegetable you know, i feel like i this every single day. shep. let's just jump right it yet. so yeah, we've got these are beautiful start press here. well, but a wax paper your grandmother did this if you don't have a tortilla press. of course you can always use a rolling pin to her. >> masa. you're so professional with those that practice lot of experience >> so that's what this thing fall a little press. yeah. it as these are being montezuma is red beans. you can always substitute reef, right. beans. just put a dab in the center and full of this is something that we can make it yeah, i think you can make i you know,
6:50 am
it's like a pocket and place it on a come all to heat up for about 90 seconds. >> you can use a cast iron skillet, if you like. and once that warm and slightly browned why you just dress it up. what's pressure. mexican them up. >> and we'll just give it a it'll design. yeah, a little drizzle. fresh iceberg. lettuce. just shredded super finally, this is that jesus been batter ice a little bit finer. not too much because it was strong cheese. and then here we've got ourselves a so peanuts sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and to press i i censor some hot and coming a little yeah. next, we've got fresh cactus or know bob. something to get out of the art something that we get from our farmers pickled red onions just kind of like. on looks like the mexican flag. >> it had some tiny pieces of cilantro covid that's it. time to taste test. really about so
6:51 am
fun to make yet where is success definitely calls for a toast. >> hard day in the haha. >> but before we let chef can to go. he's sharing his recipe with us writing the ingredients and cooking instructions for the california specialty 90 rosa inspired so rosa, she would approve, i think should approve. yeah. yeah. there's lots and roads around the restaurant and. >> my daughter's name is rose as well and her on it. in san francisco. vicki >> and that's the that he named his daughter in his grandma's honor. if you want the recipe and that looked really good from california just go to our website scan. this qr code. we'll take you right right to the spot where
6:52 am
we have all of our hispanic heritage stories. time now is 6.51. and we'll be right back.
6:53 am
6:54 am
all right. well, the forty-niners are getting ready to play the eagles in philadelphia all on sunday and the defense has their work cut out for them because they're
6:55 am
going to be without linebacker dre greenlaw who will miss 68 weeks because of a groin injury and fact he's supposed to have surgery today. the taken the eagles against the offense is going to be a challenge because the eagles have quarterback jalen hurts a dual-threat player. you can throw and run forty-niners defensive end. nick bosa was asked to compare hurts 2 quarterbacks in the nfc west. >> this guy is the thing. >> and if it can wrestle, it's a game plan thing if the game plan guys like that. and just they do it again. she just getting his feet and feet with lee in the senate. really looking around like oh, that is cozy looking around and i think want to get rid of all he has a chance to take it. >> kickoff for this sunday's game between the niners eagles at 10 o'clock in the morning. set your alarm. >> person little bradley cooper rush to me. i just saw bradley cooper little bit. i wonder if he's ever 6.55 and for your money. if you haven't
6:56 am
gotten your powerball ticket for saturday night's drawing. >> don't worry about it. neither of i we're not the jackpot an estimated 457 million dollars and the mega million jackpot drawing tonight, an estimated 400, 5 million. so if you play the i'll give you the country. good luck. i don't play we need. we need to do it. know off white. i am not way song. and what is years how much if we win $3 now we can go on a vacation. we're not winning ran a fake haitians. we're not winning. you know, i on a plane. >> 6.56 >> not letting you waste your money. 3 $1 on that. could learn today. what the fda does right now. they're talking about covid booster shot. they just started at 5 o'clock this morning. a big all-day meeting. we're going to have the very latest. and bt a service in the south bay finally getting back to normal. but it is been months
6:57 am
since that deadly shooting at the rail yard. we'll have details in a live report.
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning he's a
7:00 am
great is reminded me. i was right. all remind you to create a stretch into friday as one day to get through this morning and we'll take you through it. and then you get to the weekend. i'm darya folsom harvey in for james fletcher who is a really hope enjoying his week on his last. a vacation is will all be back monday morning. >> and john is taking a look at the weather over the weekend. yes, big changes this weekend. it may be the last weekend of summer, but it kind of feels like one of the first few days of fall because we are looking at cooler weather. >> and even a chance of showers late saturday night into sunday morning, mostly just for the north bay now, shower activity. not going to be something we're focused on today because we're just looking at some gray out there this morning. much like yesterday some low stratus has made its way in making for this gray start now visibility is fine for most areas. couple of pockets in the north bay that we are looking at some low fog and even a couple spots of drizzle out there. now radars otherwise looking clear and dry and that's where we're going to stay or friday and skies are gradually going


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