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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  September 17, 2021 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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great is reminded me. i was right. all remind you to create a stretch into friday as one day to get through this morning and we'll take you through it. and then you get to the weekend. i'm darya folsom harvey in for james fletcher who is a really hope enjoying his week on his last. a vacation is will all be back monday morning. >> and john is taking a look at the weather over the weekend. yes, big changes this weekend. it may be the last weekend of summer, but it kind of feels like one of the first few days of fall because we are looking at cooler weather. >> and even a chance of showers late saturday night into sunday morning, mostly just for the north bay now, shower activity. not going to be something we're focused on today because we're just looking at some gray out there this morning. much like yesterday some low stratus has made its way in making for this gray start now visibility is fine for most areas. couple of pockets in the north bay that we are looking at some low fog and even a couple spots of drizzle out there. now radars otherwise looking clear and dry and that's where we're going to stay or friday and skies are gradually going to clear out by this
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afternoon. that sets us up for a really nice day ahead of us. so get the jackets on this morning and then plan for maybe an outdoor dinner tonight. tomorrow looking like another nice day. but for those showers get here, we'll more about still to come, tom, thank you for that. all right. well, we had a hot spot earlier this morning along 6.80 in walnut creek. >> thankfully that has since been cleared. so we're not seeing any delays as you're heading into the city this morning from the east bay a little under 11 minutes might be friday light at this hour, the san mateo bridge is check out there as you head across towards the peninsula. little under 13. no major issues or delays and the golden gate bridge about 20 minutes as you're traveling into the city will have more traffic and weather coming up for now. daryn. let's get back to the news. 7. oh, one and our top story. we are waiting to find out what happens right now. the fda is meeting. they've an all-day meeting considering the ins and outs of booster shots. exactly. but even if they are authorized, there's still a lot of questions about who should get the booster shot. when should you get coffers in kerman has the details.
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>> is it necessary for those who've received 2 doses of pfizer's covid-19 vaccine to get a booster shot. that's the question coming before an fda panel on friday. pfizer makes the case that while its vaccine still protects against severe disease immunity wanes against mild infections after 6 to 8 months. recommend that. >> all the individuals over 60 should be offered of lucerne. i'd recommend that you come rise in the video still continue to get their additional shots. >> ucsf infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin-hong says that recommendation is based on data from israel. however, he says that research still doesn't indicate how long those boosters will last. i'd like to know how long these uses will actually last. >> because that helps me the chairmen tradeoffs in terms of. is it really with while setting up this revolving
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door, many, many blue serious. if overall. my projection is going to be relatively stable over time and all i'm trying to do is prevents. infection, most of which is miles in the vaccinated. chin-hong says the current lack of convincing data. >> is what's keeping him from recommending a booster for those under 60 in my own experience being. >> inpatient wards last 2 weeks. the only vaccinated people i've seen personally who come into the hospital and those well older like 70 and those me a compromise, but more than 90% were unvaccinated. chin-hong says in addition to just more data, he hopes it will come from us studies because unlike israel, which is highly vaccinated. >> close to 80 million people in the u.s. remain unvaccinated. in addition to the fda. the cdc is also meeting next week in hopes of
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narrowing down the age group that possibly could get that booster. >> in san francisco. don kerman kron 4 news. >> teachers and staff at all. california they have to get the covid vaccine. but there's not a mandate for students right now that could change, though, in the bay area next week. the oakland unified school district. their board is going to talk about requiring students to get the vaccine even though there's not it's not clear at this point how the mandate would be implemented and still at this point. not everybody is on board. >> action needs to come from the state legislature. and i just know for myself as a citizen in california. i don't want local school boards making the decision around what to require vaccination and what's not. >> the west contra costa unified school district was also planning to talk about. >> vaccine ban dates for students and they were having a special meeting on tuesday this coming tuesday. but the meeting has been canceled and there are no plans to reschedule it. now on the
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peninsula. the city of millbrae says you do not need to prove you're vaccinated to enjoy restaurants, gyms and entertainment venues. yeah, this is different than what other counties are doing. but in that county actually 95% of people had the vaccinated. so maybe they just figure you don't have to prove it. covers camila barco is live in millbrae. hi, camila. >> good morning, diana reyna c s city council members gave a few reasons as to why they wouldn't implement this type of vaccine mandates and some say it would be tough for businesses too. get back on their feet, especially after this past year. one city council member said that if they were to implement this type of vaccine mandate. it should start with city employees. now the central county fire department serves 3 cities including millbrae the fire chief says 10% of their department has not received a covid shot. however, as diane mentioned, 95% of millbrae residents are vaccinated 93% of eligible
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people in san mateo county have received at least their first dose of a covid vaccine. a spokesperson for the county's health department said that they are not considering a vaccine mandate in the county at this time. now there were people in favor but also against the idea one millbrae resident tells me it's a risky move to not require proof of vaccinations as people enter establishments in a place like a gym where you have a lot of people. >> you come in close contact with people in. they probably don't. i'm sure they don't observe the 6 feet social distancing. more prudent to require. that people enter gyms are vaccinated and all the more should. a city council. the government be behind efforts to require this. >> now council members added that these type of restrictions could be an overreach since the county and state do not have such
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mandates in place. however, individual businesses can make their own rules. and that includes includes instituting their own vaccine requirements. now the city of melbourne millbrae did not move forward with this type of vaccine mandate. however, council members are not opposed to the idea of talking about it in a future meeting. one council member says that it's just a wait and see game dyer reyna to you. >> is encouraging all californians to get vaccinated against covid-19 the state in perry's production company will release a series of videos this month. they're going to dress frequently asked questions about the vaccines, including how to know if they're safe, how the vaccines even work. the partnership with perry's part of an outreach effort for the state's african american communities as of thursday. a 2% of californians aged 12 and up have received at least one vaccine dose. well, 67% are
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fully vaccinated. again, go ahead and stick around with kron 4 for our continuing coverage of covid-19 download kron 4 app when the fda makes a decision on booster. shots are going to be sure to send you a push notification straight to your cell phone with that information. it's 7. '07, and highway 24 near the call to cut tunnel is back open now. but there was a shooting there yesterday that happened in the eastbound lanes just west of the tunnel. when the chp got there, they found a car that had several bullet holes in it. and the right before the tunnel was temporary closed and that caused a big traffic backup in oakland, a driver saw what happened and reported it as what they thought was a road rage incident. they called 911. but by the time they got off the phone. the shots had been fired.
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>> had call >> nobody was hurt in the shooting, but they're still investigating exactly what happened and the south bay the entire vta light rail service is going to be back on track. that all starts tomorrow to spend months since the system shut down following a deadly mass shooting at the rail yard. kron 4. sarah stinson is live in san jose with more. hi, sir. >> yeah, live here at the deer dawn station. a major transportation hub right next to a s a p center. and this is where we're going to see those lines was a light rail lines going yet again. we see the
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buses and they've been in service kind of helping out as the trains have taken a break. letting these workers heal trying to support them during such a tough time. the green line from this station to the winchester station is the last segment of the the light rail system to be reactivated. tt will run tomorrow for the first time in nearly 4 months following the deadly mass shooting at the rail yard back on may 26th a portion of the green line from the old ironsides station to the deer dawn station began running trains back on september 12. so this will really complete it all the orange line reopen back on august 29th as did a portion of the blue line which fully reopen on september 4 says you can see it's been a slow reopening process is the vta has worked to support its workers through the grief of losing 9 co-workers in the most horrific way and on work rounds. if you take trains on the blue line heads up from baypoint station to the santa
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teresa station. it will be running from 5 in the morning until midnight on weekdays every 20 minutes after 08:00pm will run every 30 to 45 minutes. the green orange line schedules are from 05:30am in the morning until midnight weekdays the same thing every 20 minutes, then 30 min intervals after 08:00pm edt a really wants to thank all passengers for their patience and support in the last couple of months the transit agency says it's still a very tough time for employees. they're still grieving because that doesn't happen overnight and certainly not in 4 months. but they said most employees are excited to be back at work and provide a service that is. >> so needed to this community for now reporting live in san jose. sarah stinson back to you. >> thanks so much, sara. time now 7.11 and still ahead, a high school student was arrested in the east bay. we're going to tell you how other students help to prevent what could have been violence on campus. and police in
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fremont have released this new dash cam and body cam video that shows the moments leading up to a deadly police shooting. plus, after the break. the president is trying to rally democrats around is human infrastructure plan. but there are challenges ahead. and this morning it's still pretty gray out there. in fact, even more so than yesterday at sfo right now. but cloud cover is hanging out above us. so visibility hasn't been an issue for most areas. >> later on today. once that cloud cover burn-off, we do cloud cover burn-off, we do have abundant sunshine and you know when you're at ross, ooh! and the fall finds are everything? and those brands at those prices are everywhere? okay, yes! that's yes for less! bring on the fall looks you've been waiting for with the best bargains ever... ross. yes for less!
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>> 7.14 is a time right now and we are checking out the weather on a friday going into the weekend. so yeah. >> it looks candy, about and because it's ok because we do need like rain. we need to kind of switch gears here get some rain gear switch very welcome even if it comes with some gray cooler temperatures. >> and just that fall feel in general. this is your last weekend of summer. technically and it feels a little bit more like fall. this time around. so i think we can enjoy it after what's been so many dry and hot. but you outside of half moon bay is cloudy. that should be no surprise because the coast is oftentimes that way. what may be more of a surprise to you is that's actually pretty familiar view. looking at the rest of the bay, too, because a lot of us are sitting into this low stratus that is pushed in during overnight hours. keeping us mostly cloudy through the morning now skies will clear out today and today's going to be gorgeous. then we work our way into the weekend of this cold front
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pushes through resulting in temperatures falling even more and come saturday night into sunday morning. first significant chance of widespread showers for the north bay in a while now for the very northern tier the state. this is going to be some good rainfall come saturday. so if you do have % plans on heading up to the north coast just in to subpoena rainy saturday as the showers for a further southward into late saturday night into sunday morning. they really start to fizzle out. so by the time they reached the north bay. it is nothing more than a few light sprinkles here and there. and then a few light showers pushing into south of the golden gate bridge year futures pretty uncertain as far as rainfall potential goes, you may see a sprinkle or 2, but don't count on it. this is again sunday morning right here. so north bay expect showers everywhere else. don't be surprised if you see it. specially, don't be surprised if you don't. now as far as our air quality goes today. it's the best of the week so far. we're looking at green indicating good air quality across the region. nice to be seeing that as we work our way into the warmest day of your weekend. comfortably warm one 60's for
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your highs in san francisco and 50's 60's at the coast. not a lot of sunshine at the coast today. so it's not the day to be heading out there. stay by the bay or stay inland because these areas are going to be beautiful and comfortable redwood city at 78 campbell cupertino. 80 degrees each 70's from fremont to hayward and 80's from the tri valley to concord, berkeley and richmond. you'll be in the mid 60's with antioch. a nice 83 benicia. really nice. 76 santa rosa through center fell all in the 70's as well. now tomorrow and sunday daytime highs that our warmest really only rising into the 70's as that cool air plunges in now behind that cold front as it exits the region it's actually going to kick up some offshore winds that are going to warm things up and warm things up quickly with monday and tuesday coming along with the dry warm wind and that will up fire danger on these days. reyna our executive producer jason always says its pumpkin spice weather on the horizon. i'm still trying to hold on to summer, though. >> as you're heading into the
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city this morning. traffic is picking up here. >> on the bay bridge. look at that. a little under 15 minutes for you to make it to that fremont street exit. at least we had earlier hot spot and wanna creek last 6.80, that since been cleared. thankfully as you head across towards the peninsula. you can make that drive in a little under 14 minutes for you. there. the richmond sandra fell commute starting to slow down just a bit. a little sluggish there about 12 minutes as you're heading across and the golden gate bridge. we're checking on conditions a little fall. take your time as you're driving about 20 minutes into the city area. 7.18 for your money this morning. iphone 13 preorders kick off today and retailers are ordering holiday items. >> months in advance to keep the shelves stocked. monica mount passes live at the nasdaq at those stories and more. good morning, monica. good morning, dolly yes, in for jane king today. that you're right. the supermarkets have already started their thanksgiving shopping of the wall street journal says fears of a shortage of holiday staples like.
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>> turkey cranberries, even spices have for some grocers to begin stocking up now the chains have been struggling with supply chain challenges already had what is typically the busiest time of year. they don't want to run out of anything. good news. pumpkin pie appears to be safe. well, mortgage rates in the u.s. slipped to the lowest level in almost a month. the average for a 30 year loan was 2.8, 6%. that's down from 2.8, 8 last week and the lowest since august. 19th. according to freddie mac starting today consumers. you can preorder iphone 13. it's the latest version of apple's popular smartphone. the new iphone will ship september 24th, although due to supply chain and shipping issues again, customers may have to wait a little longer for that new smartphone to actually arrive chinese media reports there is already strong demand for the new generation iphones. the department of education is warning that a surge is happening in student loan forgiveness scams as the covid-19 pandemic has caused financial struggles for many
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bars. they are now seeking relief but students are borrowers. listen up. if you get an e-mail, a letter, even a phone call about student loan debt forgiveness. you are strongly advised to pause and double check its authenticity before sending are confirming any of your personal information. live from the nasdaq market site. i'm monica malpass. back to you guys. thanks, monica. >> the national headlines. president biden is working to unite democrats around his 3.5 trillion dollar, human infrastructure plan before the house returns from recess next week. washington correspondent jessi tenure has the latest for us from washington. good morning. >> the president is leaning on his decades worth of experience of legislating on the hill to try to get all democrats on board, but they may be to split on some issues to ultimately include them in the bill. >> we can build an economy gives working people fair shot this time. >> president biden continues to pitch his 3.5 trillion dollar, human infrastructure plan not only to american
7:21 am
families but also the democrats who are still on the fence. my plan benefits ordinary americans, not those the top don't need to help the president's proposal would provide free preschool and community college and make day care, child care and elder care. more affordable. it would also lower prescription drug costs by giving medicare the power to negotiate prices we can invest in our people. given our families a little help. with through toughness expenses. but other than the plan's price tag. this is insanity. it is fiscally irresponsible. prescription drug pricing has become the latest divide among progressive and moderate democrats. >> oregon congressman kurt schrader was one of 3 democrats to vote against the current provision in committee and criticized the overall process and one month for put together 3.5 trillion dollar bill is no chance of passing the senate. president biden also still has to unite his party over how he plans to fund the majority of his economic agenda, raising taxes on wealthy americans and large
7:22 am
corporations time working people. got a tax breaks this country. >> and the house has also committed to voting on the senate pass traditional infrastructure bill by september 27th. but with all these other negotiations happening that self-imposed deadline could slide in washington. i'm jessi tenure. it's 7.22. and coming up, the fbi in the bay area takes down the heads of ruthless gangs will have all the details after the break.
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>> the 7.24 and the fbi and san francisco helped take down the heads of some ruthless northern california gangs. it was one of the biggest busts in history. exactly in converse ella sogomonian explains how this may help local police departments here at home. >> the 5 year long investigation by the feds targeted violent criminal gangs and their senior members who are behind bars throughout 6 california prisons. dozens of alleged members from west. the familia along with to san jose based not daniel street gangs have been charged with crimes that could keep most of them in prison for life. the physical movement of this leadership. >> was restricted by prison walls. the indictment alleges that their power and influence. we're not so constrained. >> operation. quiet storm targeted gang leaders from as
7:26 am
far north as humboldt county down to kern county. the defendants are accused of a wide range of criminal activity tied to robberies, attempted murder and drug trafficking. >> the arrests made yesterday. most significantly the arrests of the noise a familias leade3ship will severely the ability of this criminal enterprise to continue to facilitate crimes and communities throughout our state and help break a decades old cycle of violence. some of the defendants who are already in state prison. >> have been moved to federal facilities for kron 4 news. i'm ella sogomonian. >> it's 7.26. and coming up next, people in one bay area city are demanding change after several crashes on the same stretch of roadway. we're going to take you there.
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>> 7.29 right now. and it's a great start to the but the rest the day should be okay. and then. >> we're going to see some rain roll in. and i'm saying out loud so that i remember i have to have a cushion regimen. now again, with the outdoor cushions. exactly maybe she should come to the east bay. stay on my side of the bay and get some exercise. and so you won't have to encounter any of the rain i don't know. is that true? >> so not going to get the rain or she living in about my
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going get some rain definitely much less likely to see it. but promise that rain that you definitely could see a sprinkle or 2. >> the north bay much more likely, though, for sure. so, yeah, if you want to do something sunday morning. the further south you get generally, the less likely you're going to be seeing any sort of activity. the further north you get, the better chance you are of seeing any sort of shower activity. so that's going to be the rule on saturday night into sunday for sure as for conditions this morning, it's great. looks like it could rain, but it's not going to today. that's just some low stratus clouds at a in during our overnight hours, santa rosa does have some low visibility i want to know. but other areas are doing okay. radar looks fine. it's dry. we have a couple of drizzly spots in our upper elevations. much like we did yesterday and temperatures are staying cool. thank you. the great for that keeping us down in the 50's all the way into our inland valleys. now, later on today. this cloud cover is slowly going to clear out, setting us up for a beautiful afternoon tomorrow during the day. staying that way and then
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comes those showers, which i've got more about. still to come back over to thank you for that. i actively keeping a close eye on your traffic today heading for the east bay into the city. >> a little under 11 minutes for your drive time there also, as you head in a cross towards the peninsula. it you can do that. a little under 13 minutes. no major issues for uv at the san mateo bridge. let's head over and check out the golden gate. see how things are. they're a little fog. 20 minutes till for your drive times. we'll have more traffic and weather coming up. but for now, let's get back to the news. 7.31 on the peninsula. remember, we told you about this car that crashed into a home in redwood city recently will now neighbors in that area are concerned. they say. >> this whole area is dangerous for drivers. you can see the damage left behind from that neighbors say they see a lot of speeding drivers along the low to road dan thorn has the latest on that. >> it's scenes like this that have haunted people living along the low road in redwood city a speeding driver, losing control and smashing their car through several fences before striking a house. this
7:32 am
neighborhood says they've had enough. >> it's stressful at times having kids. so any. and my efforts kicks are having nightmares about getting our my daughter being hit right there. >> kelly, good intel is the property manager of this heavily damaged home. she says she's complained before to the city about dangerous drivers along followed a road and has even asked for speed bumps to be installed. the city did put in stop signs. but drivers are still blowing through. added her own sign to help curb the problem. as you can see it's not really working. other neighbors say the road may have gotten worse and sunday morning's crash was unsettling. it's a little scary. i it's a little unnerving, especially at night. >> even yesterday i heard a car not on this role, but i could hear them revving their engine. and i was just thinking. >> well, i hope it's not going to hit somebody else's house or something like that. the splintered fencing in the home which has been deemed unsafe to be inside of has been a nightmare scenario for ghetto.
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>> she's hoping there is not a next time. >> this is getting just keeps accidents or reporting in redwood city, the and thorn kron 4 news. >> it's 7.32. and authorities have identified. now the man who was killed when his car flew off of double slide and onto the beach below in pacifica those. they still don't know exactly what happened. 73 year-old anthony colin nash junior drove off the highway and his car is still on the beach now, crews are planning to remove it removing it will help as they'll be able to inspect the car and maybe get more details and clues about what happened. investigators are also waiting for the autopsy results. in the east bay a little more high school student has been arrested after allegedly threatening to hurt somebody on campus where police are not releasing many details as a suspect is a minor. but the
7:34 am
school district superintendent says 3 students came for with some disturbing information. >> came to a few students attention that one of their classmates as making time alarming comments, possibly threatening about hurting someone at school. and so they did exactly what they've been trained in coach to do, which is what a caring adult know. if you're concerned. >> livermore police arrested the suspected student wednesday night and they have not said what charges they will face. there was extra police presence on campus as a precaution as well as some extra counselors as well as a therapy dog. >> fremont police have released body cam video from an incident that resulted in one of their officers shooting and killing a man kron four's. charles clifford takes a closer look. >> well here in fremont on thursday, the police department released new details on an incident last month in which an officer fatally wounded a suspect. >> according to the fremont police department around 5.19
7:35 am
on august 25th officers responded to reports of a shooting here at the southlake mobile home park. >> upon arrival. they found one person suffering from a gunshot wound that victim was transported to the hospital. officers. also quickly identified a possible suspect in the case. he was spotted on surveillance video in a nearby backyard. you may have also stolen this car a short time later, the suspect was spotted by an officer walking along nearby auto mall parkway shirtless and carrying a baby stroller. this is dash cam video of the encounter when the officer confronted the suspect, the man began fumbling with the stroller and a shirt. a gun can be seen falling from the stroller. the man then falls to the ground picks up the weapon and points it at the officer. this is when the officer opened fire and fatally wounded the suspect based on the video freeman acting police chief believes the officer acted well, it's still under investigation. but as you can see in the video. >> i'm confident that the officers acted in accordance with the law in our policy. so. yeah, i think this is pretty clear cut that this was a justifiable shooting.
7:36 am
>> the suspect has since been identified as 22 year-old, kevin johnson of hayward. he had an extensive criminal record and outstanding warrants for his arrest on charges of carjacking possession of controlled substances and felon in possession of a firearm so far investigators have not determined a motive for the initial shooting, but they do say that the suspect and the victim knew each other. we know that they're all associated. we all know that they. >> have hung out in the past. we don't know exactly what led to the altercation which led to the shooting. and we don't even know because everyone is not forthcoming on the exact details of how the car was stolen, how we ended up in mister johnson's possession. >> at last check. the victim who was transported to the hospital remains there in critical condition with life threatening injuries in fremont. charles clifford kron. 4 news. >> 7.36. and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, a young woman goes missing while on a cop, a cross country trip. and now her boyfriend is a person of interest. we have new police video when they were pulled over. and after
7:37 am
the break, a california woman has died from west nile virus will tell you what you need to do to keep yourself safe. and this morning it's gray later on today. we will get back to those sunny skies in some really comfortable temperatures, too. >> just hold on until later and you will definitely get that beautiful afternoon talking rainfall in your forecast this weekend. i'll tell you when. still to come in your forecast.
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>> 7.39 and this year's mosquito season has turned deadly in the central valley a 62 year-old woman has died from west nile virus after she was bitten by a mosquito. her friends say she started to have flu like symptoms, including a really bad now officials are warning everybody to take precautions against mosquitoes, especially at dawn and at dusk, which is when they're most active. >> you can do that by first of all, just avoiding the outdoors during those times wearing long sleeves and of course, fda approved to mosquito repellents. i just don't want another family to lose one so fast in. >> people that think that this is going away. and the cdc says there is no treatment for west nile. they also say that 80% of people don't even have any symptoms. >> so far this year. california has had at least 35 people across 15 counties come down with west nile and
7:41 am
mosquitoes with west nile are here in the bay area. they've been detected santa clara county's vector control district has seen him. they're going to be out tonight. spring parts of palo alto in mountain view to get rid of west nile and the areas that will be in our neighborhoods near west middlefield road and san antonio road. so be aware of that. the treatment can start about 10 o'clock tonight list should last for about 3 hours. >> one. and we'll be right back.
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>> 7.43 is the time right now. and we're taking a look at the weather and. i think it's going to turn he is pretty gray. everywhere is it's going to be a slow go clearing it out today, too, because that gray is pretty much everywhere really is. this is san jose just as great as it is in san francisco this morning. you're north calhoun. the weather center forecast. >> is showing that things will eventually clear out, but it's going to take some time to get there by the afternoon. we got the sunshine bayside in inland areas are going to be looking at beautiful. sunny skies coastal areas. you're going to be hanging on to most of that gray on even into the afternoon. now today is going to be warmest of the weekend. we see a cold front pushing on in the rest of this weekend. that's going to help to drop temperatures into the 70's at our warmest for both saturday and sunday. along with that, some rainfall making its way
7:45 am
in. now for our counties. further closer to the oregon border. this is really good news because they are going to see a good helping of rain. this is going to be really key for those fires burning across the northern tier of the state now for us in the bay area we are right at the edge of where this system is going to make its impact that means some light showers possible for the north bay further south from the golden gate in your shower. potential is a big question mark. don't be surprised if you see a brief showers south of the golden gate also definitely don't be surprised if you don't see anything at all. we love to see this moisture pushing further south because right now you're wildfire hot spot is right around sequoia national park, then they're not anticipating any rainfall from the system. but just some winds from that. now, as far as we go for your air quality today. it's going to the best of the week so far. this is all really good timing right here. we've got cool temperatures as well as some afternoon sunshine and some good air quality really good one to step outside this friday 60's and 50's near the coastline. coastal areas, not your spot to get to today. these are going to be greater
7:46 am
spots. sunshine for be short and inland cities paired with 70's and 80's is going to be where you want to be hanging out redwood city of 78 campbell in san jose each 80 degrees. freeman through hayward in the 70's were as will see some more 80's in the inland east bay danville. our warmest spot today. 86 are normally hotspots antioch in vacaville at 8384 santa rosa through center fell each in the 70's. now tomorrow's highs fall into the 70's where we're going to stay into tomorrow for inland spots. am chance of rainfall on sunday, most likely for the north bay. as i mentioned, as the storm system exits the region. that low is going to kick up some offshore winds monday into tuesday. this is going to help so results in temperatures rising back into the 90's pretty quickly and a dry offshore wind will also up fire danger on these days. something i want you to know on our last 2 days of summer monday and tuesday. reyna john, thank you for that. sad about summer leavin. >> all right. let's get a look at your traffic as you're traveling into the city a little under 14 minutes for
7:47 am
your drive time. there it is slow. a long 5, 1880. we do have a traffic collision. 80 eastbound on the commuter eastbound west of gilman street in berkeley. so things are slowing down there a little under 14 minutes like i mentioned, the san mateo bridge across towards the peninsula. no major issues there. but there is an accident, 8.80 southbound north of west. a street in hayward. 80's pretty slow to 38 would be good option to get on that. let's head over look at the richmond. sandra fell bridge as you head to richmond not seen any hazards there just slower traffic. so about 13 minutes as you're heading out of richmond and the golden gate bridge. 20 minutes into the city area. thanks, ryan. at 7.47 and there is an urgent search now happening across a number of states. >> to find gabby petito she's a 22 year-old young woman. >> who hasn't been seen since going on a cross country trip with her boyfriend who didn't return home and isn't saying anything about where she is. brian laundry is his name and
7:48 am
he's been named a person of interest in her disappearance. he hasn't been arrested, though. and he's not talking to the police. police in utah did released new body cam video. and this is from when they pulled over the couple because their van was seen speeding and hitting a curb near the answer is 7 national park and that the sign county was about 2 weeks before she was last heard from. >> was rising started it. and going >> well, as the reason behind slapping in. well, this was i
7:49 am
>> police separated the count a couple after this encounter. >> but then after that, nobody knows what happened to her police in north port florida, where the couple lived say that the boyfriend laundry won't talk to them about gabby's disappearance. investigation cranks up here locally mark class whose daughter was kidnapped in petaluma says he knows all too well the pain the cabbies families going through right now. kron four's terisa stasio has more on this. this girl right here. this is what matters. >> i'm asking for help. everyone at home. >> missing gabby potatoes. father making a heart wrenching plea for his daughter's return and one that triggers an excruciating memory for another father. her father saying that the absolute only thing that matters is finding gabby. >> was a reflection of the kinds of things that i was saying when my daughter was
7:50 am
missing and the fact that the thing they admit they aren't sleeping. they are takes me back a very difficult time. probably the most difficult time of my life and i feel terribly for our classes only daughter polly a victim of a horrendous kidnapping from her front yard in petaluma. >> class now helping families when they undergo the trauma of a missing child with his class. kids foundation last year answering a 179 calls for assistance from 19 states. as for gammy's case class as the family is laser-focused on the right path. >> i believe that the family has to keep doing exactly what they're doing and work towards this singular goal of bringing gabby home and whether that's putting pressure on his family on they're doing very effectively, particularly with the letter that they wrote class talking about the potato families letter sent to gabby's fiance. brian who saw her last who isn't talking and
7:51 am
has since hired an attorney. we. always expect our children to be there. and for some inexplicable reason. there are no longer there. it it it takes you to probably the darkest place you could possibly go. psychologically and it becomes imperative that you you. you worked incessantly to try to uncover the mystery or to solve the mystery. and until that happens, nothing changes. you're you're going to be in that dark place theresa kron 4 news.
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
>> it will. the forty-niners are getting ready to play the eagles in philadelphia this sunday and the defense has their work cut out for them. they're going to be without linebacker dre greenlaw who will miss 6 to 8 weeks because of a groin injury. yeah. in fact, today he's supposed to have surgery. the niners are going to play the eagles and their offense. the eagles going to be a challenge this week has they have quarterback jalen hurts a dual-threat player forty-niners defensive end. nick bosa was asked to compare hurts to quarterbacks in the nfc west. >> this guy is the thing.
7:55 am
>> and different than it's a game plan thing if the game plan guys like that. and just they do it again. she just getting his feet and feet with lee in the senate. really looking to is cozy looking around and i think you want to get rid of all he has a chance take it. >> is he kind of a beefy bradley cooper's like muscly bradley cooper kickoff for sunday's game and is 10 o'clock. so i guess if it is raining and you don't want to get out can watch all right. let's talk baseball the giants trying to hold off the dodgers. there are nipping at their heels now in the nl west to hold on to the title dodgers are just one game back now. >> because san francisco loss to san diego yesterday. the giants couldn't get any offense going until 6 inning by then. it was too late. in the end, the giants last final was 74 and i hope and to bounce back against the atlanta braves at sears chara starts tonight at oracle first
7:56 am
pitch at 6, 45, >> the a's are in the wild-card hunt here they are planning can city royals yesterday. 3rd inning. and chad pender gets a base hit. and that's good enough to bring 2 runners home. but then nobody scored either on either side until the 9th inning. and that's when the a's got another hit time that drove in a run or and so the a's and it winning the game. final score right. 72 the a's are on the road tonight playing the angels and first pitch is exactly at not 6, 4630 the time. the stuff coming up in the next hour, we can learn today if the recommends. >> covid booster shots from local. fact, these experts say booster shots may not be for everyone. plus, vta service in the south bay finally getting back normal months after the deadly shooting at a rail yard.
7:57 am
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7:59 am
>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning >> good morning and thanks for joining us at 8 o'clock on friday. i'm darya folsom and i'm reyna harvey in for james fletcher who was let me so
8:00 am
graciously. keep this seat was yeah, it's been nice to have you over here as a push to all the way over there and the traffic center right now. let's go close to their the weather center with john shrable. good morning. yeah. we are going to be looking at some temperatures this weekend that are not necessarily feeling like your last weekend of summer were getting really cool out there. >> the warmest of highs tomorrow and sunday. only in the 70's and it certainly looks cool looking outside at any of our views across the bay this morning. this is your view right here from the berkeley hills. cloud cover sitting up above us and we're not seeing a whole lot of sunshine reaching down into the bay just yet. up around santa rosa. we do have some lower visibility want you to note if you're leaving out there radar is showing dry conditions, at least aside from some drizzle and upper elevations. that's the way it's going to stay today before some weekend showers saturday night into early sunday morning for the north bay 50's and now one 60 back on the map for oakland. we are definitely jacket where the this morning ahead of what will be increasing sunshine through


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