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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  September 17, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> now it's 3 mayor london breed caught on camera defying san francisco's indoor mask mandate. how she's not responding to videos of her partying at a nightclub. also a tiktok challenge is creating problems for an east bay school district. how this new viral trend is encouraging vandalism. and tracking an atmospheric river currently over seattle and it's going to make its way into the bay area this weekend tracking our storm hour by hour might force forecast in just a few minutes. stick around from 4 news at 3 starts right now. >> now from the area's local
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news station. this is kron. 4 news at 3. >> in my drink was sitting at the table. i got up and started dancing and because i was feeling the spirit and i wasn't thinking about a mask. we're thinking about apologizing on a pot of unapologetically herself. san francisco mayor london breed is defending her actions after she was seen breaking local health orders inside at a nightclub. thank you so much for joining us this friday right here on kron. 4 news at 3 o'clock. i'm justine waldman. it was a night out for mayor london breed. and it's now raising questions about the city's ongoing indoor mask mandate kron four's maureen kelly is live for us now in san francisco with more on the mayor's reaction and she also some new exclusive video showing the mayor maskless inside enjoy a concert. maureen, what happened.
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>> well, just and i'll get to that other new video just in a minute. but first let's talk about wednesday night's now. this is when the mayor was caught on video that's been posted online indoors inside a nightclub a night out with friends hanging around drinking watching a band and it turned out to be a surprise performance of us. 2 of the original members of tony. tony tony, their bay area musical royalty. so today the mayor was basically saying, hey, listen, the spirit move me and i got up and started dancing at her table. now this is she also says that, you know, her view. >> she was sticking to the health order. she's vaccinated. everybody inside the club was vaccinated. >> the video that we've seen
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online. no one else in the club was vaccinated. but let's go to the story right now. the video posted online shows the mayor dancing maskless inside the black hat nightclub wednesday night. >> for a jazz concert during what's been described as a rare impromptu performance of 2 of the original members of tony. tony, tony who are considered bay area musical royalty and she was not alone. no one else in the video could be seen wearing masks in the crowded club. the city's health order states that people need to wear masks inside certain businesses except while actively eating and drinking. the mayor called the fact that the video is making news sad. i was eating and i was drinking and i was sitting with my friends and everyone who came in there was vaccinated. >> no, i'm not going to sit and put my mask on cip and put my mask on cip and put my mask on it and put my mask on while i'm eating and i'm drinking. i'm going to keep my mask off
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and yes, in the in time what we're drinking like everyone else. there. we were all having a good time and again. all vaccinated. so the fact that this is even a story. it's sad and it's sad because we're missing out on the fact it we have live performances. we in san francisco. have done an incredible job around covid. yes, we have challenges. but this is now a distraction. >> kron 4 has also obtained exclusive video showing the mayor again maskless inside the neck of the woods live music venue in the richmond district on august 13th sitting at a table with drinks in front of her 10 days after the city and most other bay area counties re instituted mask requirements. the mayor's message today. get out and support nightlife venues go out and enjoy yourself. >> make sure you are vaccinated because of the
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requirements but don't feel as though you have to be micromanaged about mask wearing. >> now we have reached out to the city's department of public health to get their reaction to the mayor's actions. we have yet to hear a response. that's the latest here in san francisco back. you just sing. >> so maureen, it's ok then to be actively. eating and drinking and pulling. you're not having to pull your mask up and down, up and down. is that one of the questions to the health department and the mayor's doing it. does that make it ok then for everyone else to be doing it. >> those are certainly things that we're going to be talking to the health department dot is the mayor's position is that if she is at the table and she is eating and drinking trees down in front of that she doesn't feel like she has to all of up and pull him back down. so we're waiting to hear from the health department. see what they have to say. >> thank you so much morning
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and kron 4 was not given permission to air the video here on television. but we do have a link to it on our website. kron 4 dot com. another coronavirus news today. an fda panel has rejected pfizer's request to administer a 3rd covid-19 booster shot to the general public, but it did vote to recommend it to a smaller group specifically people 65 and older and people who have a higher risk of severe disease. our dc correspondent anna wiernicki has details. >> today. the panel heard from doctors and health officials on whether or not a 3rd booster shot is necessary. ultimately deciding that there's just not enough data to give their approval. >> the fda's independent advisory committee convened virtually friday morning hearing directly from the makers of the covid-19 vaccine shot the full duration of protection of the pfizer biontech vaccine is currently unknown, senior vice president of pfizer's clinical research
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and development. doctor bill gruber argued that a 3rd booster shot is needed would be expected to restore protection and reduce covid-19 spread. but other health officials, including cdc sayre all over said while vaccine efficacy has dropped in the last few months. it is unclear why the reason for the lower effective meant likely include both waiting over time. >> and the delta variant and the fbi cannot assure us of the plate in 2 how can make sure current. >> doctor david wiseman who led the research and clinical trials for the johnson. johnson vaccine question. the science behind pfizer's data, short term. there is no randomized control. there are no clinical outcome baker the advisory panel declined to endorse the booster shot. so we vote will now head to the fda for a final decision and if the boosters are approved, the biden administration says they're ready to jump into action. yesterday the cdc sent a message. >> the state health officers
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laying out the process ahead and offering to help implemented in their jurisdiction. >> the cdc must also give their recommendation on the booster shot. their advisory committee is scheduled to meet on wednesday in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. >> there's a new social media challenge that's calling on kids to vandalize their schools bathrooms and a number of schools across the country have been reporting damages. the question is when not this trend has hit bay area schools kron charles clifford is joining us now live from san ramon with detail. so did you find that this was a happening anywhere here in the bay area. >> it's called the devious lick challenge it on tiktok, which is a social media platform. you can share short videos with people basically kids are going into bathrooms in their schools and vandalizing them were stealing things. we do know that has happened. at least one school district here in san ramon. but it's been happening across the country as well. this is
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video from a high school in san joaquin county. this bathroom had apparently been vandalized by students participating in the devious lick challenge on tiktok. >> this smashed near was at a school in texas and this vandalism was from another school in south carolina and the devious lick challenge has also reached schools here in the bay area on thursday, the san ramon valley unified school district sent out this message to students and parents. they say the problem has been seen at multiple schools across the district. they also include a warning saying we want to be very clear that this type of behavior will not be tolerated on any san ramon valley unified school district campus. we are very concerned about our students and the possibility that they may not fully understand the gravity of the behavior in which they are engaging. we hope that you will speak with your children and remind them that's stealing and destruction of school property or crimes if the students are caught, they will be disciplined appropriately and law enforcement will be involved. >> all right. back live now. those very latest from san ramon charles clifford kron. 4
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news. >> thank you so much, charles. and after the south bay where the entire vta light rail service will be back on track starting tomorrow. this is coming nearly 4 months after the system shut down following the deadly mass shooting at the rail yard. a final section of the green line of the light rail system will be reactivated tomorrow. it's been a slow reopening process over the last few weeks. the orange line and the blue line were first to come back online for riders. the vta is offering free fares for the light rail service. now through september 30th. we'll talk about our weather forecast right now because we are anticipating some rain coming our way. meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now with details. yeah, that's right. just in. we're going to get the tail end of an atmospheric river. well, to our north. in fact. >> for parts of seattle you could actually get upwards of 2 inches of rain through sunday. but we're going to get just the tail end of it as that storm starts to make its track into the bay area. but we could see some light
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scattered showers for those of you in the north bay as early as saturday afternoon. so let's track this storm hour by hour during the overnight hours. we are going to notice some patchy coastal drizzle. but then for those of you in the north bay. you could actually get a stray shower too dry for the rest of the bay area. we're just going to notice an increase in that cloud cover. but futurecast for going to show during the overnight hours starting saturday night through sunday morning. some light to maybe even moderate pockets of rain but not going to be a big rainmaker in fact, we're just tracking about a 10th of an inch of rain or less along the coast and east bay shoreline little amounts, if any, for inland valleys in the east bay and south bay. but every drop certainly does help, but we are going to see some gusty winds this weekend. upwards of 30 miles per hour less than the north bay 20 miles per hour. was everywhere else already tracking that breeze out there for your friday afternoon. in addition to a warm up. details on your microclimate saturday outlook
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in just a few minutes. just seen. back to you. thank you so much for brees. and coming up here during conference at 3 o'clock today. the famous winchester mystery house from the south bay. >> it's now ready for spooky season. high can catch some of the paranormal activity there starting tonight. also people and one bay area city are demanding changes after several crashes on the same stretch of roadway. and east bay. man is not behind bars on federal child charges. police believe there may be more victims.
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>> police in brett would say there may be additional victims of a child suspect. police say 48 year-old matthew pelton from kelsey bill has been accused of offenses involving children and was indicted on federal charges including the manufacturing of child. the investigation into the offensive started back in august and police say their evidence suggests there may be more victims who have not come forward yet health and has been associated with alameda contra costa lake and sacramento counties. anyone with information or if there are any potential victims out there. you're asked to call brentwood police. 2 men accused of stealing dozens of purses throughout the bay area have now been charged with a hate crime. santa clara county. investigators say that evans to showing dare she blanks and anthony robinson targeted the victims because they assumed the women who were almost all of asian descent. we're carrying cash.
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the crime sprees included more than 40 incidents throughout almost all of the bay area and during their arrests. police say that robinson tried to drive away and crashed a car severely injuring a 2 year-old. also today on the peninsula, people living in part of redwood city are speaking out about what they call a dangerous stretch of road neighbors claim they see a lot of speeding drivers and crashes along below to road. they are concerned about safety after a car recently crashed into a home, right there. we can see the damage. one property manage manager has now complain to the city. he says several times about dangerous drivers in the city did put in a stop sign but neighbors are saying drivers are still blowing right through it. that's what times having kids. so any. >> and my efforts kicks are having nightmares about getting our my daughter being hit right there. >> it's a little scary i it's a little unnerving, especially at night. even yesterday i
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heard. >> a car not on this role, but i could hear them revving their engine. and i was just thinking, well, i hope it's not going to hit somebody else's house or something like that. >> neighbors are hoping the city will now add speed bumps along below to road to slow down drivers and prevent crashes and accidents from happening we'll switch gears now and talk about our weather forecast as we take a live look outside at a very gloomy shot here in san francisco hazy out there foggy it's the weekend. we have our eyes on right now in our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is looking at the chances of rain for saturday and sunday. yeah, and we're certainly going to need that rain because just seeing the national weather service just issued a fire weather watch starting sunday night through tuesday. >> for most of the bay area in the north bay and east bay the hills and valleys because of wind gusts, upwards of 35 miles per hour or less dropping relative humidity to as low into the teens. so we are going to notice very dry
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conditions as that storm system passes and we're going to see an increase in those warm dry diablo winds. you know the pattern in the bay area around this time of year fall right around the corner. and with that offshore winds could create fire danger early this upcoming week. but from now, until then, we are tracking hazy cloudy skies stubborn marine layer along the bay area coastline in future cast for going to show some like coastal drizzle during the overnight hours and the stray shower, too. for those of you in the north bay for the rest of us, though. we're going to notice that increase in cloud cover for the 1st half of the weekend. so cooler temperatures under way. we're already in the 50's and 60's even 70's. for most of our inland valleys. but livermore 82 degrees with mid 70's for san jose upper 60's for oakland in downtown san francisco currently at 63 degrees with the petaluma and avato in the mid 70's. but napa and lake a little bit cooler in the upper 60's. so tracking a warmer air mass
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upwards of 5 degrees warmer than where we were just 24 hours ago and wind speeds right now we are on the breezy side. but fortunately not gusting that will arrive by tomorrow. overnight lows. widespread mid 50's with daytime highs. 5 to 10 degrees below average. in fact, most of our inland valleys struggling in the low mid to low to mid 70's and most of our bay area shoreline in the mid 60's with rain, arriving su7day 10th of an inch of rain or less until we warm up into the mid 90's peaking on tuesday of the upcoming week things to those offshore winds. back to you. just in. thank you so much. >> and now firefighters are wrapping fire resistant blankets from the sequoia says the knp complex fire rips through the national park. this photo was released by sequoia and kings canyon national parks showing general sherman wrap their in aluminum and general sherman is the largest tree in the world are trying to protect it. officials fear the fire could reach the giant forest. but
3:20 pm
experts are saying sequoia trees are very fire resistant and evolved to survive flames. lot of 10 file. we did there. there's a stark warning about our atmosphere from the world. meteorology will association at a un conference in geneva. the secretary general told world leaders that carbon emissions dropped last year because of covid lockdowns. but he says they're back to the levels they reached in 2019. >> to be a thing. sever started to happen and the politico interest to me to get climate senses securely growing. but to be successful in the city you have to start acting,sknow. >> it's believed that the earth could be getting warmer than the limit that was set in the paris agreement reports are suggesting that record high temperatures and human caused emissions are directly linked. still ahead. >> are you brave enough for a adventure will go inside the winchester mystery house in
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san jose for a sneak peek of their all hallows eve returns
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>> spooky season has arrived in the south and the winchester mystery house is bringing back its halloween events. kron 4, sarah stinson takes us inside for a preview. >> this is a brand-new paranormal experience that people can get. and this isn't just a gimmick. he haunted house. this house, the winchester house actually has
3:24 pm
paranormal activity. there's been a lot of investigators who have come through here over the last 98 years and actually some of them never walked out alive. that's why you now can be the investigator walking in just like we are right now. this is the type of experience you get. look behind this curtain right here. you can see the people dancing. that's what you think you see. but turned around the corner and nobody's there dancing. what was that about you often will feel or maybe see a flash of ghost or spirit sometimes in this house. that's what people who work here have experience in. this is what this 6, this experience, this new tore you can now do kind of plays off of note. speaking of people who work here. the general manager joins us right now. walter magnus. and thank you for joining us. tell us, you know, a lot of your employees even already told us today that there's been some experiences where you feel the spirits. >> you certainly never feel
3:25 pm
alone here and a lot of our guests and employees have had strange things happen. and sometimes it's just footsteps and sometimes it's a full physical manifestation and this space here on the tor is truly where things are not as they seen it look like there is a beautiful party happening. but now we've stumbled over here and. a little different. i think this tremendous interest in doing actual investigations of the paranormal type. but often they can't really entertain a large number of people. it has to be a very small environment, has to be quiet. the investigators need to do work. so this time of year we really want to have some fun with that and use that as the base. but really, really celebrated in a unique way that speaks to halloween and all things halloween since the 20's people associated us with halloween and especially the locals. they really love coming here and celebrating the season. and i think this year with everything going on inside the house and outside. it's just going to be a a real
3:26 pm
incredible experience. we're not giving away by any means. the end. so you have to actually be here to experience it. of course the lights are dim or. >> and, you know, if people do want to come by and they're a little worried about covid. what are you doing to, you know, make sure people are safe. >> well, of course, for requiring masks. and we're live in the county and all of their safety protocols. and we've also reduce the tor sizing. so you are still in a tour group but they're significantly smaller sizes that we've done in the past. >> very awesome. so if someone wanted to come here they come here soon as tonight through the next month. and how can they get a ticket. they can winchester mystery house dot com and we're doing it for 30 nights started last weekend and goes through halloween. so we can start and will start adding days october. >> while walking on that or you may even be visited by the original owners carol winchester herself. she's been known to visit with people who come by here may feel her or see her past by you never know
3:27 pm
a lot of opportunities here that really haven't been given before like going up to the 3rd floor or the basement, which is rarely allowed at night. so you can definitely feels and colonel activity there. and if you want to do that, you can do it tonight. as soon as tonight through the next month reporting at the winchester house will send it back to you >> up next, the flexion post election. what the lead proponent of governor newsom's recall election has to say following newsom's win. and later, he was one of america's most notorious terrorists will show you the impact one bay area family is still feeling years after a bomb from the unabomber arrived at their home. and right after the break. the u.s. capitol is once again on high alert. what we know about a far right rally taking place tomorrow in support of the january 6 riots. our capitol police prepare.
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>> now at 3.30, will begin with national news of law enforcement is now bumping up security in our nation's capital following threats of violence for tomorrow's j 6 rally a far right group is calling for justice for those who are jailed after storming the capitol on january 6 pence j 6. our dc correspondent paul martin is joining us now live. and the capitol police and dc police held a press conference today. obviously they are saying they're more prepared this time but work. how would we learn about what they're doing now to keep people safe.
3:31 pm
>> well for security purposes. a law enforcement did not detail is specifically how many officers will be on staff around the capitol tomorrow. but they insist that they will have a strong plan in place. they did mention, however, that they do not believe that this protest will become violent. but they say at the end of the day, given what we saw on january 6. they're not taking any chances. >> the u.s. capitol police say their officers are prepared to respond is saturday's far right justice for j 6 rally turned violent when we will be ready to handle anything that occurs at a friday press conference. us capitol police said unlike the violent january 6 attack. this time officers have been trained and briefed on potential threats last 8 months. the leadership of the u.s. capitol police department has been preparing working to ensure that we don't have a repeat of january
3:32 pm
6 chief tom manger said the agency expects a peaceful demonstration. but because of some online chatter were officers and 100 an armed national guard troops will be on call. we would be foolish. >> not to take seriously that the intelligence that we have at our disposal. how credible it is, how likely it is people to make those judgments around 700 people are expected to rally on the west front of the capitol. >> they're calling for justice for those jailed in connection to the january 6 capitol riot thursday. former president donald trump released a statement in support of the protests cause. capitol police don't expect any current lawmakers will attend. and law enforcement say one of her main priorities at this point is counter protest. law enforcement say at least 3 counter protests will be happening on saturday, but they say at least 2 of those groups have no history of violence for now in washington. raquel martin, back to you. >> work. how how long do
3:33 pm
police plan to keep up all those barricades. we know they just put this fence up yesterday and he say if there is no violence, they will immediately remove the fence from around the capitol. so we'll have to wait and see exactly. if violence that will determine whether or not we're going to see a police drawdown and also will see these fences go away. >> raquel martin, thank you so much. a northern california woman has been sentenced to 3 years probation for her role in the january 6 riot at the u.s. capitol. >> valerie, your key sent out this tweet the day of the right saying, quote, we made it inside right before they shoved assault outside took off. when i felt pepper spray in my throat. lol. in june. she pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor count of parading picketing are demonstrating a government building. the justice department, the prosecutors there say that the calusa county woman was only in the capital for about one minute and she didn't damage any property or engage in any violence. military officials
3:34 pm
are now calling last month's drone strike in afghanistan. a tragic mistake. military officials carried out the strike on august 29th on a vehicle. they initially considered to be a threat. they now admit that for the 10 people were killed in that strike were civilians and not terrorists. 7 of the victims were children in a news conference held today. the marine general frank mckenzie apologize to families and friends of the people who were killed. >> i offer my profound condolences to the family and friends of those who were killed. this strike was taken in the earnest belief. it would prevent an imminent threat to our forces and the evacuees at the airport. but it was a mistake and i offer my sincere apology. as the combatant commander. i'm fully responsible for the strike in this tragic outcome. >> military officials say that in the time leading up to the strike. the u.s. had at least
3:35 pm
60 different intelligence reports about that particular car. governor newsom has signed legislation including state bill 9. that limits single family home zoning across the state. the law intends to increase the housing supply and allow for multiple units on properties for only one home currently exists. staple 9 allows up to 4 units on many single family. lots of study by u c berkeley center for housing. innovation found that the new law will add likely 700,000 housing units across california. critics say the law takes away zoning decisions from local governments. and now to california politics. and now the governor, gavin newsom has defeated the recall the lead proponent of the effort is speaking out. his name is orrin heatlie. any spoke with kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala about any possible changes to the recall process. >> i'm feeling, you know, really good about where we've
3:36 pm
been and what we're able to achieve leed recall proponent. orrin heatlie says he's proud of the effort he put together to try to remove governor gavin newsom from office now days after the governor defeated the effort. keatley says this was not the republican recall newsom claimed it was it was a republican. >> power grab or a republican recall where were the republicans during this whole process. they sat it out and they didn't bring in big resources to the table. they didn't happen to their big donor list. >> the didn't send large quantities of money like the democrats did. some experts have said that larry elder who emerged really at the last minute in this whole process ended up. >> in some ways helping gavin newsome, especially with democrats. >> do you think he turned this effort that you launched upside down. people within my family and friends circle. >> and they reported back that, you know, all of their
3:37 pm
democrat friends that they knew of that were in support of the recall. and flipped back around and voted against the recall. larry elder came on scene and because it was because of his you know, extreme views on certain sayings heatley criticized democratic state lawmakers who immediately called for changes to the recall process. but he says he would consider changes to how those on the ballot get elected. i think a runoff between the top 2. >> we're probably be, you know, something that would be considerable. >> in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> let's talk about our weather forecast right now because there's a lot happening this weekend as we take a live look outside right now at san francisco international airport. either they're off for a nice trip. pope clear they're arriving in san francisco. and if you're coming in for the weekend. you want to know the forecast and it's very active and our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now with
3:38 pm
details. you're tracking rain and fire weather watch. a lot going on all in one weekend justine sar unique bay area microclimate forecast continues radar for tracking very dry conditions. a little bit more sun out there. so we're seeing upwards of 5 degrees of warming for your friday afternoon. >> hazy as well with moderate air particles. but we are tracking an atmospheric river. well to our north over seattle could bring one to 2 inches of rain for that area out through the weekend. but it is going to make its way into the bay area by early saturday afternoon. we're going to start out with some patchy coastal drizzle, deepening marine layer during the overnight hours. but we could see a stray shower or 2. for those of you in the north bay. so it is going to be very hit or miss in nature increase in c oud cover for the rest of us dry for saturday. but then by early sunday morning during the overnight hours. we're going to get the tail end of that atmospheric river. you could see heavier downpours out over the pacific wish i could just move that track a
3:39 pm
little bit more into the bay area. but we're literally going to get the tail end of it. just about a 10th of an inch of rain or less for our bay area. coastline. lesser amounts as you make your way inland and we're going to switch from rain to fire weather. watch starting sunday night through tuesday offshore winds also known as our diablo winds. we get this time of year will impact elevations above 1000 feet in the north bay and east bay gusts, upwards of 50 miles per hour could drop relative humidity as low as 10%. your microclimate saturday outlook after the break. in a few minutes. just in. back to you. thanks so much. and we have some news just in. now to the kron 4 news room. >> an update now on rambo. the stolen husky puppy from mountain view. police just announced that they have found rambo and arrested a suspected thief who is also believed to be tied wednesday shooting that injured. 2 people. there's the puppies there. police say the suspect 19 year-old ronaldo medina is a member of a family who owns
3:40 pm
rambo and officers say the suspect and rambo or at a restaurant in redwood city on window night. wednesday night when a restaurant employee recognize rambo and called police officers are still looking into what led up to the shooting and why the suspect then allegedly stole rambo. but the news there rambo the puppy has been
3:41 pm
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new report revealed the negative impact instagram has on kids and teenagers now, lawmakers are putting the pressure on that company to make some changes according to the wall street journal, that report that they put out researchers found that 32% of teen girls who felt bad about their bodies said that instagram made them feel worse. >> instagram is particularly focused on images in a way that some of the other social media sites are not. but even for adults. you know, when we deal with i hear about are other people have perfect family. the perfect children. perfect lives in my life. doesn't look like that and they feel sad. so you can imagine what it's like to a young person who doesn't have judgment hasn't been on the earth for well done. a couple of revolutions and figure out, oh, yeah, they're down times. but you come back up again. >> instagram released a statement saying no social media can have negative impacts and is working to lessen them giving the option
3:44 pm
to remove like counts and nudging users towards different content. some members of congress sent a letter to facebook which owns instagram asking it to stop the development of instagram for kids. still ahead, he was one of america's most notorious terrorists will show you the impact one bay area. families still feeling. >> years after ted kaczynski's bomb arrived at t
3:45 pm
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>> it's almost 4 o'clock on a friday. so let's find out what the weather is going to do for us this weekend as we take a live look outside right now from our mount tam can we can see a lot of clouds have moved in much cooler out there today and our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now with a look at the forecast and exactly when she thinks you might get some rain. yeah. we could start seeing some light showers for those of you in the north bay valleys as early as tomorrow afternoon. but what a great way to end your workweek forecast. >> warmer temperatures saw a little bit more sun compared to yesterday and we're going to notice cooler weather for your weekend. in fact, the storm system is first going to bring some high clouds overhead. downtown san francisco and marina district just warming up into the mid 60's. so we're going to be about 5 degrees below average along the coast, half moon bay and daly city. also in the mid 60's with pacific and el granada in the upper 50's and those onion millbrae and burlingame even cooler temperatures at 68 degrees with low 70's apiece for san
3:48 pm
mateo and san carlos the wind's going to be a stronger seabreeze pushing that cloud cover and things of that storm. we are going to notice widespread low to mid and upper 70's for those of you in the south bay san jose 73 degrees with campbell at 78 degrees for your saturday afternoon. highs. drier weather for those of you in the east bay livermore 76 degrees and hayward in the low 70's. and we're tracking 69 degrees for oakland with mid 70's, a piece for concord and walnut creek a little bit breezier, though, in our north bay valleys, 30 miles per hour or less. and a spotty scattered shower or 2. so it is going to be very hit and miss in nature. really just races amount of rain at best. the storm is going to exit by early sunday morning and by sunday afternoon, plenty of sunshine with slightly warmer temperatures but near triple digit heat, possibly arriving on tuesday for inland valleys. thanks to those offshore diablo winds. back to you. just seen. >> thank you so much. 26 years
3:49 pm
ago this month the manifesto of the unabomber was published in the new york times and the washington post. it was an unconventional move authorized by the fbi in their attempts to capture the domestic terrorist who had killed 3 people and maimed more than 2 dozen others starting the late 1970's. ted kaczynski remains in federal supermax prison serving life without the possibility of parole and several of those bombings happened right here in the bay area. kron four's, maureen kelly talked to the son of one of his victims. this is the face of the man, the fbi describes as a twisted genius. >> before ted kaczynski was unmasked. he alluded a multi-agency task force known only as the unabomber over the course of 17 years starting in 1978 he mailed or delivered homemade bombs. many exploding at universities across the country in the 80's to separate bombs detonated at u c berkeley. we're kaczynski
3:50 pm
had previously been a math. professor some of his other mail bombs went off a computer stores and airlines. the devices themselves. untraceable his reign of terror seem to stop in the late 80's but started up again with 2 back to back attacks in june of 93 one at yale. the other going off in the home of ucsf geneticist doctor charles epstein. the package came in the mail to epstein is temper on home carried in by his daughter when he opened it. the force of the blast blew out the kitchen windows and severely injured. the married father of 4. a lot of interior organ damage and tore into him. he lost. >> fingers on both hands. >> and damaged his hearing. it was just, you know, was a big. masks are required many, many, many surgeries, particularly hand surgery is over. a long period of time to get, you know, much of his function back. >> doctor epstein son jonathan says the attack was the whole
3:51 pm
family, especially since there was no reason for the scientists to be >> mistakenly believed was involved in genetic engineering of some sort and you never touch anything like that is really. focused the biochemistry of syndrome and. and helping nurture their children with down syndrome. so it had nothing to do with that. you kaczynski was not a sane man. >> finally, 2 years later, a break in the case kaczynski said his 35,000 word manifesto against the evils of technology to the new york times and washington post saying that they published it, the bombings would stop. at first the answer is no not to give in to a terrorist. but then the u.s. attorney general and the head of the fbi at the time gave their authorization and that decision paid off the bombers. own brother recognize the writings and tipped the fbi. the unabomber was captured at his remote montana
3:52 pm
and left 29 injured taking a plea deal in order to avoid the death penalty. he was sentenced to 4 life sentences. plus 30 years without the possibility of parole. now all of these years later, doctor epstein son feels that kaczynski's crimes continue to reverberate in the present day. it was a harbinger in some ways of the trends that have surfaced among us in terms of people being anti science. >> and acting out in ways that are inappropriate fine to not believe in but this was strong example of that and you know, the good news out of his that ultimately science has, you know, march star and and my father's work has but i think it's a warning for our times and we need to keep an eye making sure people are properly aware of the benefits of science and afraid of it. >> almost 60 at the time of the attack. jonathan's father did not let his injury stop him. he was able to continue his work into 70's and was
3:53 pm
even able to continue playing his beloved cello. the special modified bo doctor charles epstein died of cancer in 2011 at the age of 77 maureen kelly kron, 4 news. >> next. a feeling lucky today because the grand prize is for this weekend's mega millions and powerball jackpots. they're big. we'll be right bay area homeowners, learn how you can eliminate monthly mortgage payments and improve your cashflow. look, this isn't my first rodeo
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>> for your money this afternoon. there could be some serious cases of lotto fever this weekend as both the mega millions and powerball jackpots are well over 400 million dollars. tonight's mega million is sitting about 400 and 5 million. it's the largest drawing in about 4 months. then tomorrow night the powerball drawing will be worth at least 457 million dollars. of course, the sam is going to his cuts. so you might want to, you know, going get a ticket right after kron 4 news at 3 o'clock today. and don't forget your friends. if you when. now we do have some great news to share with you. as kron. 4 news at 3 is celebrating this week. believe it or not, we have now been doing the show for a full year. so want to thank all of you for joining us every day right here at 3. clearly the a little emotional about it. i don't know why. i mean, i do know. i just like just been such a privilege to be here doing this with you. and it just shows that time flies when you're having fun. so
3:57 pm
here's to many more years together and a big thank you to my breece. obviously sanaa's and dave to cynthia mel sophie kelly, rachel, everyone who's been putting the show on. it's just been so wonderful. i can't believe we're doing a full year of recent i know there. i'm bringing you guys some rain. so just seen. don't forget to wash your ferrari tomorrow as you win the powerball jackpot and also i'm thinking all of us with some rain. so thank you and you're welcome you and thank you again, so much for joining us here at kron, 4 news at 3 o'clock for all of us here. >> have a great weekend and we'll see you back here next time.
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