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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  September 17, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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back. but the white house campaign to offer booster shots to all why an fda advisory committee decided against the recommendation and what it means moving forward. >> mayor london breed caught on camera inside a crowded music venue maskless. and it's not the first time she says she did nothing wrong despite defying the county's public health orders. >> plus, finally, the first cold front of the season ahead of the bay area may not be long. you could see some rain in your neighborhood will tell you when next. good evening. thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at a time can way and i'm pam moore and influential federal advisory panel has overwhelmingly rejected a plan to give pfizer booster shots against covid to most americans. >> but the panel indoors to the extra doses for certain groups grant lotus begins our team coverage with details on today's decision to grant the fda could go its own way and kind of disregard this advice that's highly unlikely they almost always go by.
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>> what this independent advisory committee recommends and that committee did convene virtually this morning hearing directly from pfizer, senior vice president of pfizer's clinical research and development team doctor bill gruber argued that a 3rd booster shot is needed for everyone who's currently eligible, but other health officials said while it's true vaccine efficacy has dropped in the last few months. it's not exactly clear why. >> the full duration of protection of the pfizer biontech vaccine is currently unknown. the reason for the lower affected meant likely include both waiting over time. >> and the delta variant. if the fbi can not assure us of the plate in 2 how can make sure current. >> so the advisory panel rejected a booster endorsement for everyone. citing a lack of safety data on extra doses. instead, the panel endorsed extra shots. a 3rd shot for people 65 and older those at
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serious risk of serious disease as well as health workers frontline workers and anyone runs a high risk of being exposed to covid on the job. people like teachers. so these are nonbinding recommendations today. not the last word on the matter again, the fda, we'll consider this advisory group's recommendations and then make its own decision probably within days, probably next week and the cdc is also set to weigh in next week. so we'll have to see what happens there live in the studio. i'm grant lotus kron 4 news. thank you. grant. well, this decision does hit the biden administration plans hard. the white house continues to push for a booster shot for all people allowed to get vaccinated. right now. we talked with our local panel of medical experts about the recommendation by the fda committee kron four's. terisa stasio live for us in the newsroom to continue our team coverage ken and pam, experts
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>> for the decision by the fda committee but ad. today's decision is a bit more complicated wants. just saying that those storms are on the table for those under 5 over. >> voted no, that no vote to open up booster shots to those 16 and up getting local support. i take on your decision is that it was a good doctor. john swartzberg with u c berkeley school of public health division of infectious disease and vaccinology says bottom line, the committee's decision leaned into data. i think there's sufficient data. >> people over 65 and people with certain underlying are who are at increased risk for that outcome will benefit from getting a so i applaud the decision. >> doctor peter chin hong with ucsf says giving a booster gained a big push following information coming from israel. however, doctor chan hong added israel is very,
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very different from the united states is much smaller is months. >> much. ines may not be generalized. let us situation. both doctors working in the field strongly point out this decision does not mean boosters won't happen for those under 65 rather just now giving priority to those at the highest risk saying this. it's not saying that the fda put a on having booths are from all populations. it's just that it's not an emergency for everyone. yes. so if you're listening. >> to are reading about the fda's advisory committee's decision. i think the way you need to think about this is that it's the reason why these experts really struggle with the question was that we've got really good vaccines and they're really working quite well. >> this is only about pfizer vaccines moderna and j j still waiting to collect their information and submit their data to the fda committee. up
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next for pfizer. the fda and cdc will examine this issue of a booster shot and make an official back to you guys. all right. teresa, thank you for that. tonight we've learned 2 of governor gavin newsom's children tested positive for covid. >> statement from the governor's office reads, quote, yesterday. 2 of the governor's children tested positive for covid-19 the governor, the first partner and their 2 other children have since tested negative. the family is following all covid protocols newsom's continue to asking for unvaccinated individuals indoors to stop the spread and advocate for vaccinations as the most effective way to end this pandemic, end quote. we're monitoring the situation will bring you more information about the news and covid case when it is made available. >> we'll take a look at this. 7 cisco. mayor london breed without a mask while inside a richmond district live music venue. this was taken back on august 13th update exclusively by crown for she could be seen sitting with other guests
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without masks. the problem. of course, the city's health order states that people may remove their mask indoors when they are actively eating and drinking. this is not the case in this particular video. and this was not the first time another video posted online captured her inside the black cat jazz club, dancing and singing in a room crowded with other guests. no one was seeing wearing a mask at that time in the video we don't have the permission to air that video. but we have posted a link to it on our website. kron 4 dot com. mayor breed is calling the news media attention over all of this. these videos said this is nitpicking. this is really unfortunate. and let me tell you. >> when the spirit moves you because you are watching history in the making bay area royalty perform. i don't know about you, but i'm not going to turn around and look for wear. my mask is or look to see him make sure i'm picking up a drink. i'm just gonna let the spirit move me. >> they breezed position is that she was in fact following the health order because she was dancing at her table with
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food and drinks and in a club where proof of vaccination is required. the mayor calls the media attention a distraction to the fact that san francisco has done an incredible job against covid. and that live performances are now allowed in the city once again while the mayor calls mack masks list dancing a non-story infectious disease. doctors say it sends the wrong message because a mask mandate is still in place in the county. well, for san kerman has more on that. >> this is nitpicking. this is really unfortunate in san francisco. mayor london breed may see her decision not to wear a mask at the black cat is nitpicking. but infectious disease doctor see it differently. anybody. >> who goes to a were certainly small size lots and lots of people see your crowded together and people are singing and no one has a mask you're asking for
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trouble. this is a perfect setting for a super spreading event. u c berkeley infectious disease specialist doctor john swartzberg says. >> not only is this behavior risky, but it sends the wrong message to the public that. it undermines public health to lose. this really sends a message to the rest of the public. well, it's american do even though she says you shouldn't. she's doing it. so why shouldn't currently san francisco has issued a public health order. >> saying because of the recent surge in the delta variant everyone, including people who are fully vaccinated must wear a well fitted mask in indoor public settings. the order does allow people to remove their mask while actively eating or drinking. the mayor was caught on video not eating or drinking but dancing without a mask amidst a sea of other maskless audience members. >> the end of the day, london breed is human after all and maybe it was streets. you
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know, all of the frustration we've been feeling all these months ucsf infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin-hong says. >> there are clear lessons to be learned from this if there is virus in cleaning around. you don't know if somebody while vaccinated highs infection. that's asymptomatic when an enclosed space. i think the lesson is you wear until the amount of virus in - the community goes on which heading to bahrain not day quite yet. san francisco has some of the strictest covid-19 restrictions and all of the bay area. >> no word on when those restrictions could be eased in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> now. check on the weather. the 4 zone forecast and a live look outside looking out over downtown san francisco. and we can tell you it's dark. case. you missed that chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here with details on something we really want to talk about. i can argue about that
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observation certainly dark out there. now some dark clouds coming our way. we could be talking about the first rain of the season rolling on in a little early. but. >> no matter what will take it because we've got some offshore winds coming in right behind that cold front now just moving into parts of the pacific northwest. some of that rain already heading in toward the seattle area. also up in vancouver soon be moving into portland as well. we're going to catch the trailing edge of that front as it begins to slide a little further south. you can see california staying dry right now, but it won't be long. in fact, we do have some a flash flood watch is up in far northern california are some of the burn areas in the shasta siskiyou mountain range. it looks like we'll see some pretty good rainfall, at least in the northern part of the state and the chance of rain locally as well as we head through the day tomorrow. you notice those clouds gathering them by about the middle the day tomorrow. rain moving into parts of northern california but not here just yet. most your saturday looking good. but the winds will be picking up and then as we head into saturday night early in the sunday morning. there it is. that storm system
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rolling on through bringing some much needed rain back to the bay area, not a big storm system. middle swiftly move on through most your sunday should be dry. but this will be first. the hopefully the first of many storms headed our way. guys, back to you. all right, lawrence, thank you. >> well, the entire vta light rail service will be back on track tomorrow. this comes nearly 4 months after the system shut down which followed the fatal mass shooting at the san jose rail yard. it has been a slow reopening over the last few weeks. but finally the blue and green lines will be back and fully online for riders. the agency is offering free fares for the light rail service through the end of the month. >> coming up on kron 4 news their parking on a tough road to recovery after getting caught in the caldor fire. plus. >> what the u.s. military is calling a tragic mistake. a drone strike in afghanistan, kills innocent adults and children.
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>> and the bay area helping afghan refugees find a new saf
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>> disturbing details tonight after the military admits innocent civilians. not extremists were killed in a u.s. drone strike in afghanistan. 10 people including 7 children died during the strike last month. according to us central command, the wrong vehicle was targeted and no one killed had any association with the terror group isis k the
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preemptive strike to stop further attacks came in response to that suicide bombing at the kabul airport that killed a 170 people including 13 us service members about a month after the afghan government collapsed. more refugees are being welcomed here to the bay area california is the 17th congressional district representative ro khanna has been working directly with afghan force amanda hari talk with a congressman in fremont. >> after he met with the people he helped evacuate. >> representative ro khanna says right now one of his highest priorities is the afghan people he wants to make sure they're safe and make sure that the ones that want to get into the united states are able to get here. >> we are a nation of immigrants and we have a moral responsibility to people in afghanistan about a month after the taliban took over afghanistan california's 17th congressional district, representative ro >> says the state department
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it's still monitoring hundreds of cases of individuals trying to get to the united states. khan's office has been helping bringing refugees to the fremont area. now he's meeting with those family. it's got to play with his a 3 year-old than that. >> is a a. >> a 7 year-old and was wonderful to see them here. he says it took this family a harrowing 5 days to make it out of afghanistan. they were going to the airport sometimes getting beaten. he couldn't release their names because they still have family trying to get here. we need more charter flights. we need more. >> florida nation would cut chicken stock. pakistan and more pressure on the taliban to let american citizens green card holders and and as special immigrant visa. individuals out cars on a met with representative khan. a. >> she came to california from afghanistan in 2011. but she still has family. there that dennis the government
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collapse. all right. mama to fix it. >> but this happened not on to my farming men and women right now. her mother was living in afghanistan during the collapse. the red cross took her to belgium for safety. now far as ana is working with the congressman to bring her mother to the united states keep in afghanistan is not because. >> they want to be. they have to leave. you know, they have their own house. they have their own life jobs that everything but they they must leave because they want to live like they want to said they like the present of konna emphasized that these immigrants add to our communities. he says he's even going back and forth with the congressman from montana. he says this congressman doesn't want 75 afghan refugees but says to send them here to the bay area and we'll take them in fremont amanda hari kron 4
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news turning to our wildfire coverage. now the dixie fire, which is the second largest fire in california history has grown to more than 960,000 acres. >> is currently 86% contained. meanwhile, the caldor fire is no longer considered an active fire of interest to cal fire. it has grown, though, to 219,000 acres is 71% contained. >> he's a little >> and very cute. this little porcupine girl is getting a checkup at the lake tahoe wildfire care sent a shelter. she and another porcupine are getting treatment after they were burned during the counter fire. the shelter perform a skin grafting procedure because all 4 of her paws were burned. her tail quills were burned off. >> and the rest of her hair was singed. the shelter says the other porcupine rolled up into a ball before being engulfed in flames. his paws were unharmed. but all of his hair, quill hair and quills
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were burned off in his eyes and nose were from shot. the center is optimistic, though, about both of their recoveries in. we certainly hope that they turn out to be just found many of the animals to that of the people. are animals the bill >> all right. friday night and boy, look at the bay bridge toll plaza. i guess all the people who are coming into the city, go into the game are already in their seats and having a good time. >> so it's pretty nice out there right now. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here with a look at what to expect when you're talking about fire danger. yeah, that kind of goes hand-in-hand with these events kind of sounds strange, right. we're talking about some rain, but on the backside of that mall during these fall type come through. we get an offshore when we start talking about higher fire danger. we're expecting that to happen. >> as we head into sunday evening, at least. in fact, the national weather service now start to pick up on that as well. you can see they've issued a fire weather watches across much of the bay area in the north and the east bay above a 1000 feet that starts on sunday evening continued
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until tuesday morning. see some pretty gusty winds. and if we don't see enough rain that for could be concerned. let's say we get less than a 10th of an inch of rain across some of these mountaintops. well, then that's going to be concerned fire danger could be running higher. we've got a quarter of an inch of rain. they may bring these down. so we'll watch that we could see some gusty winds, maybe 40 maybe 50 mile an hour winds over the mountain tops. but here we go. a look at some of the rain expected down the urban areas. but that holds just over a 10th of an inch of rain in oakland and in the hayward. how about that in half moon bay almost quarter of an inch. but if we get to a quarter of an inch. the mountaintops. that would be a fantastic thing. this is not a huge storm system. this just the beginning of the season now. but boy, if we can get that in here that would certainly help us locally. and i think especially in northern california, they're going to get upwards of an inch of rain across some of the fires in the chest or so that will really about their own the thanks lines. >> well, now that governor gavin newsom has defeated the recall the lee proponent of the recall effort is speaking
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out are and heatley kicked off the entire recall process. he says he's proud of the effort he put together to try to remove governor newsom from office now days after the governor defeated that effort healy says that this was not the republican recall that newsome claimed it was. >> if it was a republican. power grab or a republican recall where were the republicans during this whole process. they sat it out and they didn't bring in big resources to the table. they didn't happen to their big donor list. they didn't send large quantities of money like the democrats did. >> heatley criticize democratic state lawmakers to immediately call for changes to the recall process. but he says he would consider changes to how those on the ballot get elected. he adds he is channeling energy into the 2022 election. now for state office holders and public
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initiatives. still ahead, a dates could 2 bucks change your life. we're bringing you the winning numbers for tonight's 405. >> million dollar mega millions drawing. >> and september is hunger action month. kron 4 is partnering with feeding america to help end food insecurity scanned the qr code on your screen for information on how to donate to local food charities here in the bay area. and you can watch all month long as we highlight local organizations making a difference in our communities.
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money. did you get a mega millions ticket jackpot sits at 400, 5 million dollars. the largest amount in about 4 months. so here are the winning numbers 1730 to 4059 61 and the mega number is 18 for those who didn't win. there's another chance tomorrow. the powerball time will be worth an estimated 457 million dollars. >> and if you happen to score that winning ticket online marketplace company zillow share the top 5 hottest zip codes for real estate in the bay area. if you're interested zillow calculated, the share of page views per zip code for for-sale listings to identify which areas affected buyers are searching the most the top 5 in the san francisco metropolitan area of berkeley pleasanton 2 spots and danville and one in sausalito, the typical home values for each range from one and a half million to nearly 2.6 million
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dollars. as for the top 5 real estate zip codes in the san jose metropolitan area. they are in morgan hill. 2 areas in san jose, both altus and saratoga typical home values. their range from one 0.2 million to nearly 3.8 million dollars. >> next to date, more than 2 weeks after gabby petito went missing on a cross country road trip. we're hearing from the sister of the last person to see her. and there's a new twist tonight. plus, security is once again beefed up around the u.s. capitol ahead of a planned protest. those have been charged in connection to the january 6 riot and why new orleans residents are getting restless weeks after hurricane
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>> missing for more than 2 weeks and still no sign of 22 year-old gabby petito. she vanished during a cross country road trip with her fiance. brian laundry. >> investigators gave an update today saying laundry sister has talked to police about the situation. reporter brian entin has more on that conversation. >> and the police now say they've received more than 1000 tips connected to the disappearance of gabby petito, but still no sign of the 22 year-old. certainly there's been progress throughout the last 24 hours. >> and you know. i don't know that we're to the point that we've got it. >> solved by any means. gabby stepped out and family members
8:30 pm
are in wyoming organizing a ground search in a massive area near grand teton national park and law enforcement confirms they are looking into a possible link between gabby's disappearance and the double murder of these 2 women at a utah campsite. nothing has been ruled out. >> however. i have heard of >> definitive connections between those 2 crimes. gabby brian, ok, despite new body camera video emerging showing a fight between gabby and her fiance, brian laundry he's still not talking to police. his sister did talk to abc news and looked. >> typical of both of whenever they fight things. take a little break and come back and win. >> if i'm north port florida. police say they interviewed laundry sister, but there was nothing of substance haven't been in the top >> and the i've cooperated every way that i can. i wish i had information that i would give more. this is all i have is. i think
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>> that was brian entin reporting from north port florida tonight there is an update on this story. we've learned that brian laundry is now missing to a family attorney says, quote, the fbi is currently at the laundry of residents are moving property to assist in locating brian, as of now, the fbi is nop looking for both gabby and brian. back here at home in the east bay oakland police are asking for help to find this woman who is said to have some mental challenges officers say 23 year-old ariel rosenberg has been missing since wednesday afternoon. she was last seen on macarthur boulevard near 72nd avenue. she was wearing a turquoise headband yellow shirt, black pants and holding a black purse in the shape of a box. if you have any information about her whereabouts. you are asked to contact oakland police. >> police are bolstering security in our nation's
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capitol tonight after threats of violence at tomorrow's far right justice for j 6 rally as it's being called demonstrators are calling for justice for those who were jailed in connection to the capitol january. 6 riot capitol police chief tom manger says his agency expects a peaceful demonstration. but considering their some online chatter. more officers in around a 100 unarmed national guard troops. we'll be on call. the last 8 months. the leadership of the u.s. capitol police department has been preparing working to ensure that we don't have a repeat of january 6. about 700 people are expected to rally at the capitol tomorrow. a northern california woman has been sentenced to 3 years probation for her role in the january 6 riot at the capitol. valerie are key sent this tweet the day of the riot. it reads, quote, we made it inside right before they shut this all out.
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i took off when i felt pepper spray in my throat. lol in june. she pled guilty to a misdemeanor count of parading picketing or demonstrating in a government building. >> take a look at this garbage and debris piling up along many streets in new orleans, almost 3 weeks after hurricane ida pound the southeast louisiana and anger, as you might imagine, is rising to some city council members today. they haven't had garbage picked up since a week before i hit council members say the mayor's administration is delivering confusing messages about what will be picked up win. the city says much of the problem is because of labor shortages that we're actually going on before the storm hit. we're following some breaking news out of southern california 4.2 magnitude earthquake. >> the epicenter near the city of carson in los angeles county. we have a live picture from that area that is an oil
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refinery on fire. but it's not clear if the earthquake has anything to do with it. but they're certainly at least some flaring that is going on there. this is a chopper looking at the scene in carson. that rather industrial area south of downtown los angeles. so again, a 4.2 magnitude earthquake in carson. that's enough to get people's attention and maybe cause some minor damage property damage but not really big enough to cause a significant injuries in something. something unusual happened with something. heavy falling. look at right there on the lower left-hand side of your screen. that doesn't look like your typical flaring. that looks like something more than that. so we're working to get more information on what's going on at this oil refinery in carson. and lawrence is here now he's also looking into what's going on with this of quick yet considered a minor quake. but i mean, if you are right there at the epicenter. i mean, 4.2 is you'll feel a huge danger. fairly shallow quake. >> that happened. you can see it's a right here in very latest map here. see all around the area. you've got numerous earthquakes throughout that active part of
8:35 pm
southern california. the very latest, though, in red here. this near carson. and you can see the depth on only 7 miles. so that's a pretty shallow quake that means lot of that energy. from terror in that fall system will reach the surface at full force. and that means and the in there's going to experience some pretty significant shaking. and that's exactly what we've seen happen in that area. of course, you've got redondo beach nearby got marina. del rey, long beach, all those areas certainly probably fell that earthquake as it should just about one half hour ago. all right. here in the bay area. we've got changes coming our way this weekend. of course, we've talked about the rain. now we're worried about this the possibility of fire danger on the increase is we're going to see some strong, gusty winds developing across the mountain tops in the tuesday, some of those gusts, maybe 40, maybe 50 miles per hour. let's enjoy the rain. hope it's a real good soaker. so we don't have to worry about the fires. guys, back to you.
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>> they are still ahead, a day to destructive viral trend is made its way to bay area schools south districts are responding as students destroy property to get likes on line. plus a taste of culture with an explosion of flavor. our celebration of hispanic heritage month continues with
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>> for hispanic heritage month. we are giving you a
8:39 pm
sense of hispanic culture with a taste of the incredible losing kron four's vicki liviakis is taking us to a trendy mexican restaurant with a reverence for the past. >> we take you to california since san francisco for modern mexican cuisine named for the people of mexican heritage who lived in california back in the 1800's california says a michelin star restaurant with mexican food and drink. you have to taste to believe. >> they had 2 missions are several years in a row and that's the highest any mexican national in the world is been awarded. so that's a huge. honor. >> the award-winning chef from humble roots is bell. can too chef can to grew up in a small texas town. his family had a mexican restaurant and he's not so provided recipes and inspiration. >> i was very young. but remember playing with a toy for 2 and just like being around my whole family was really amazing. and that's
8:40 pm
what brings us back to the pristine kitchen at california. what is your favorite dish? >> my favorite probably this one that we're going make but boy, i'm really simple. vegetable you know, i feel like i eat this every single day. shep. let's just jump so yeah, we've got these are beautiful and tortilla press here. >> well, but a >> last paper >> your grandmother did this if you don't have a tortilla press. of course you can always use a rolling pin to her. >> masa. you're so professional with those that practice lot of experience >> so that's that's what this thing fall a little press. yeah. it as these are being montezuma as red beans. you can always substitute reef, right. beans. just put a dab in the center and full of this is something that we can make it yeah, i think you can make
8:41 pm
i you know, it's like a pocket and place it on a come all to heat up for about 90 seconds. >> you can use a cast iron skillet, if you like. and once that warm and slightly browned why you just dress it up. what's pressure. mexican them up. >> and we'll just give it a it'll design. yeah, a little drizzle. fresh iceberg. lettuce. just shredded super. finally, this is that jesus been battered rise a little bit finer. not too much because it was strong cheese. and then here we've got ourselves a so peanuts sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and chewing by see anything at i i censor some hot and coming a little yeah. next, we've got fresh cactus or know bob. something to get out of the art something that we get from our farmers pickled red onions just kind of like. on and looks like the mexican flag. >> it had some tiny pieces of cilantro covid that's it. time to taste test. really about so
8:42 pm
fun to make yet where is success definitely calls for a toast. >> hard day in the haha. >> but before we let chef can to go. he's sharing his recipe with us writing the ingredients and cooking instructions for the california specialty 90 rosa inspired so many rosa, she would approve, i think should approve. yeah. there's lots of roads around the restaurant and. >> my daughter's name is rose as well and her on it. in san francisco. vicki by the way, we have that recipe on our website and a section dedicated to hispanic heritage month. >> you can scan that qr code on your screen will take you straight to that page. >> and we want to go back to
8:43 pm
our breaking news out of southern california right now. that 4.2 magnitude earthquake that hit east southeast of the city of carson. you're looking at an oil refinery in the area. in fact, there are a number of refineries in that area. and we've been seeing flames and flaring. we've been checking with our in southern california. apparently this is a standard procedure after an earthquake. we're still working to get additional information, though, as you can imagine, this happened just over half just over half an hour ago and authorities are still gathering information. we don't have any word of injuries or major concerns of being damaged at this point. but still 4.2 can be serious as lawrence mentioned, if you are right near the epicenter. well, especially when you're in a county you know, 10 million plus people in southern california in the earthquake happens right on your feet and her hand at oil refinery. but we want to point out we just got this from our sister
8:44 pm
station in los angeles ktla. >> and this is from la county fire department saying and we're talking about specifically these flames that you're looking at at the marathon oil refinery in the city of carson. according to la county fire says this flame that you're seeing is normal procedure after an earthquake units arrived on the scene and were turned around by the fire department at the oil refinery. so there indicating this is not a serious situation. it's not as if the oil refinery itself is on fire, but they do have normal burn off, son and flares coming when there's high pressure building up things like that. so that is apparently what is going on even though does look rather unusual. we understand that this earthquake was felt as far away as marino valley in the inland empire in riverside county. that's about and 6080 miles east of los angeles but other parts of the la basin say they didn't feel it. if
8:45 pm
you're not familiar with exact where carson is right off the 4 o 5 freeway there in the area of long beach and redondo beach. >> lawrence was telling us earlier. also this was a shallow quake 7 miles and death. and generally you do feel more shaking when an earthquake is shallow, of course, because, you know, obvious for obvious reasons. so 4.2 might even feel stronger. i want wake this shallow angelenos are of course, are just like us are very familiar with get rather routinely. they haven't had a major earthquake in quite some time >> probably the northridge quake, which of course caused extensive damage and and even some fatalities. this is not that kind of situation. but any time there's an earthquake that you can feel it gets your attention yeah. especially where an earthquake country. so we know that. so again. >> when this is not we're not getting a reports of anything serious happening. right now. we are keeping an eye on developments in southern
8:46 pm
california. again, this is an area with a lot of oil refinery. so that creates another layer of concern for the people who are in that area at this point, there are no reports of major damage associated with this quake. a 4.2, just east of carson, california. we'll keep an eye on it and bring you more after the break.
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>> and now kron 4 sports from
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the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> the forty-niners with a tough test this weekend facing the eagles in game 2 of the nfl season. but many fans are having some deja vu and looking at the forty-niners growing list of injuries this week we learned raheem moster and jason brighter out for the season and drake greenlawn will miss 6 to 8 weeks because of a groin injury and several guys are still question marks for sunday's game starting cornerback emmanuel mostly didn't practice this week. eric armstead d-four javan kinlaw were limited and also be interesting to see how the forty-niners run game shapes up with the absence of most searched rookies, lighter mitchell and trey sermon. bigger roles. but this eagles defense could be tough. they shut down the forty-niners last year when these 2 teams played the forty-niners coaching staff says they need to be ready because this eagles defense even threw in some surprises in week one. >> lot of the same guys. they still play that way, though. i
8:50 pm
mean, it's. but the next 3, 4 last week. you know, they play 4 down in the new play for down there. look, this actions always have. but we also have a lot of stuff we haven't seen also. so they had a big package scheme wise and get you ready for anything. >> so it's very much like last year. but then there's an added layer where they learned to play some kind of to get stuffed. so it's been really impressive to the the coaching staff and on over there. but they they i have a tremendous respect for them off the tape. >> the fresh off a thrilling monday night football overtime win looking to keep the party going on the road in pittsburgh this weekend. both teams come into sunday in the afc after pulling off comeback victories. pittsburgh was the last remaining undefeated team last season. you may remember and they look to be very good once again. despite a 39 year-old ben roethlisberger under center. the steelers upset the bills last weekend, by the way, the raiders now
8:51 pm
will be without running back josh jacobs for the silver lining kenyan drake is a very capable backup who ran for nearly a 1000 yards and 10 touchdowns last season. kickoff is set for sunday at 10:00am at
8:52 pm
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>> listening to the sounds from space space x crew member christopher sembroski showing
8:54 pm
office, 0 gravity ukulele skills. today. another member talked stuffed animal fundraiser. the crews doing for saint jude's children's hospital. this all amateur crew blasted off from nasa's kennedy space center wednesday. they've been in a 363 mile orbit. that's how far above the are their flight ends with a splashdown off the florida coast tomorrow. quite a trip. >> and we want to go back to our breaking news tonight. the 4.2 earthquake in los angeles county just east of the city of carson. as you're looking at a live picture from the area of this is a town that has a number of oil refineries and because of the quake, of course, is extra concern about the stability of those refineries in light of a quake that was shallow at 7 miles, according to lawrence, a shallow earthquake. at 4.2 can really, you know, shake things it's nothing the just, you know, ignore, right. we've
8:55 pm
been hearing from the la county fire and the la county. >> sheriff's department to people. of course, are concerned about what they're seeing here with these flames. but we're told that these are not unusual. they are controlled flares and we counted 6, i counted 6 of controlled players in and around the marathon oil refinery. but as pam mentioned, there's about a dozen oil refineries clustered all around this area just above a long beach and the port of los angeles san pedro. so a lot petroleum products that get shipped out from there are clustered around there. no damage or injuries that we've heard so far emergency crews have already checks been to the locations that you're looking at. and we're told that they were turned away that. >> fire crews and emergency crews that are already on site at these locations have checked out everything in that at this point, everything is ok, nonetheless, this is near the 4 o 5 freeway not far from long beach. redondo beach. and
8:56 pm
this is a densely-populated area los angeles county. lawrence is also checking into some information. you guys. it looks like this may have occurred along the new porting what fault system. and that's. >> unknown fault area not along the san andreas, but an active area where they've seen many, many earthquakes before and they're seeing looks like another this evening in this one. consider minor quake. but it was a fairly shallow quake. so even though may have been minor. you can have a one even if it's minor quake. and if you are on top of that quake, right where it hits the epicenter. but you're going to real food really feel that shaken. so a 4.2 that will get your blood pumping your blood racing as that earthquake shakes that's certainly what they're feeling that in that area tonight in around los angeles. i'm sure they felt into many neighborhoods there, guys. all right, lawrence, thanks for that. and of course, we'll stay on top of this throughout the night. that wraps up kron 4 news tonight at 8. >> vicki and grant here, though, to take us into the 9 o'clock hour good to see you.
8:57 pm
obviously going to be talking about that earthquake and now fire will try to get a live shot out of la, but we'll certainly be on top of that throughout the next. couple of hours. also today, surveillance video capturing this fatal shooting really a wild scene outside of the restaurant. we're learning tonight. >> about the victim. >> and some much needed rain is heading here to the bay area. this weekend. kron 4 chiefmeteorologist is tracking all this when and where we're going to see it crossing fingers. those stories
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
9:00 pm
>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news a very tragic set of circumstances. one. >> murder. one homicide is one too many. now an police are investigating tonight after another deadly shooting. you see it happening there in the city. >> good evening, everybody. thanks for being with us on kron. 4 news at 9, i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis a popular restaurant has been shut down after a man was shot and killed. as you saw there in the parking lot shocking surveillance video. it shows this latest killing happening in broad daylight trust and thorne has the story now from delay. how? >> this horrific scene played out here in the parking lot of this black bear diner thursday afternoon. this unidentified man is now the 12th homicide victim in the city of allay so far this year. and police are trying to find out who


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