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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  September 18, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> now at 10 o'clock rain is now popping up on the radar for here in the bay area this saturday night. something we have not seen around these parts in a long time. the north bay the first place, getting that round of rain. more is on the way as we move into the night. this is kron 4 news at 10 o'clock this saturday night. thanks so much for spending part of your night with us. i'm jonathan mccall. justine enjoying the night off. let's get straight over to kron 4 meteorologists mabrisa rodriguez to track the timing of these showers and when they'll pop up in your
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neighborhood. >> yeah. it is going to be very weak scattered hit or miss showers in the bay area bringing us tree says amount of measurable rain. so, hey, that's a win for us, especially in september when we really don't see much rain unless it's in the form of drizzle during the early morning hours. but radar for actually tracking showers from an atmospheric river toward north. the tail end of that sweeping through the north bay out there right now bringing us scattered showers and santa rosa. and for those of you in petaluma as i speak future cast for is going to show the bulk of the wet weather arriving for the north bay shortly before midnight. so within the next half hour to hour or so. and even along the coast we could see some showers out in the pacific making its way inland. but look at how it just breaks apart and fizzles out as it starts to trek to the east bay and then to the south bay eventually by 3 o'clock in the morning by sunrise. we're already going to start to dry out still tracking some partly
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cloudy storm clouds overhead. but then plenty of sunshine for your sunday afternoon. and with that, nice bump in temperatures vote really just tracking about a 10th of an inch of rain or less if any. so nothing to brag about. but hey, we're in san francisco, we've been in a drought here in the bay area. we have extreme to exceptional drought. so any drop will certainly help. and it is going to slow down our fire season just a little bit. any amount of moisture. so taking a live look outside san francisco international airport tracking that high cloud cover. but then we're going to switch to a fire weather. watch by sunday night because we're going to see some gusty offshore winds for most of our valleys in the north bay and even along the bay area coastline tracking wind speeds 30 to 40 miles per hour and elevations above 1000 feet could see gusts upwards of 50 miles per hour. less tracking the windy weather and how much it's going to influence our daytime highs
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with well above average temperatures trying to flirt with triple digit heat more. my full forecast in just a few minutes. jonathon random bag about all will definitely. thank you. >> san francisco police tonight investigating more sideshow activity that has popped up in the city in the last 24 hours, kron 4 made aware of 2 incidents that happened overnight. one in the mission district. the other near the i 80 on ramp in downtown kron four's amanda hari live tonight talking with folks about what they say they would like to see happen with this kind of activity here in the city and >> everyone i spoke to hopes to see this activity go way. one man i spoke to is >poriginally from san jose. and he said he was surprised to see this activity in san francisco. he says the streets here are much more congested and narrower. so when this happens, it's just so much more dangerous.
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>> engines, revving and tires. screeching. these are sounds that are becoming more common throughout the night in san francisco. this is video from viewer monte of an incident around 2.30 saturday morning. >> near dubose avenue and market street. one car, even caught on fire yeah, it's pretty scary. tom id just moved to san francisco 6 months ago from los angeles. >> she said she wasn't even familiar with this type of activity. i did. and now she says she's only seen video of it and hopes to never see it in person. it. >> sounds like very, very at that. i think if somebody is actually at the site. another incident happened near fremont and harrison streets. >> near the ramp to i 80 police say officers arrived on the scene. >> and observed multiple vehicles involved in a stunt driving incident.
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>> this is citizen video from that incident. it happened around 02:00am saturday morning. officers closed traffic around the area and the vehicles left as fpd says they received calls about an accident involving a pedestrian but didn't find any evidence of that. this incident happened in supervisor. matt haney, his district. >> he says he's already reached out to sfpd, quote, i spoke to the police this morning about the side show and again offered my support in any way to stop them. they're dangerous and can be deadly and should be stopped. >> police tell me they are investigating these incidents, but there haven't been any arrests just yet. live in san francisco. amanda hari kron 4 news. amanda, thank you. right now, san francisco police are also looking for answers into
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overnight homicides. >> this is citizen app video of one of those scenes at grove and webster in the western addition. >> meanwhile, the second incident happened at 22nd and bartlett in the mission district. so far sfpd has not released any details. but they are asking anyone with information on either or both of these crimes to give them a call in the east bay tonight, oakland police chief along armstrong says he is adding more officers on the street this weekend because of a recent spike in violence. police have reported 6 homicides in the past week. most recently a hayward man who was shot and killed thursday afternoon outside of a supermarket in east oakland chief armstrong says there will be once again, those added officers on the streets of oakland throughout the entire weekend. there has been a rise in the number of unexpected power outages for pg and e customers in marin county. the company blames those outages on sensitive sensors in the area. the utility giant says when the sensors are tripped, they
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automatically shut off power. folks in that area say they've actually seen plenty more outages in the past 6 weeks pg adjust those sensors, to prevent those unnecessary outages crews, meanwhile, are working around the clock to save the giant sequoias from the knp complex fires. this picture from the sequoia and kings canyon national park shows crews wrapping the general sherman and aluminum the tree is the largest on the planet. the fire has already reached the edge of the giant forest. but experts say that sequoyah trees are very fire resistant and have evolved to survive flames at last check. flames have burned nearly 18,000 acres. the fire is still 0% contained. fire crews are still making good progress on fully containing california. second largest fire the dixie fire, which has now burned more than 960,000 acres and is now 88% contained. more folks forced to flee their homes from the caldor fire in el dorado
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county are now getting a chance to go back home as evacuation orders are downgraded. the fire near south lake tahoe has burned more than 218,000 acres and to 71% contained kron 4 dot com right now. you can find more details to get you ready for the wildfire season to scan the qr code on your screen and you will be directed to our website at kron 4 dot com. a big milestone today in the south bay, the valley transportation authority has resumed all of its services. the move comes nearly 4 months after a disgruntled worker killed non workers before killing himself as workers returned back to the job. some say they're not quite ready to return to the scene of that tragedy. kron four's camila barco takes us there. >> the dta is back on track. the green line here at the daraa dawn station is up and running and it's the last part of the light rail system to be reactivated in. >> saturday morning marked the first time the vta light rail
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system ran all lines i can't overstate the significance of having or light rail operations. >> fully back on track. the company suspended services after a gunman killed. >> 9 of his co-workers at the guadalupe railyard. some people are still struggling. some people are eager to get back to work. the majority of workers are back on the job. some transfer to other positions because tiey couldn't return to the site where the mass shooting happened, a small number of employees have not set foot in the building. some feel that they can't come back to work and feel that they're just not ready right now. the company has gradually brought back service since the incident and no one will ever forget them. >> some people for some people getting back to work in getting into normal routine is important operators are running the blue line from the bay point to santa teresa station from 05:00am to midnight during the weekdays. >> trains come around every 20 minutes until 8 at night. it's
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every 30 to 45 minutes after that, the green and orange lines run every 20 minutes from 05:30am, until 08:00pm on weekdays. >> and it's 30 minutes until midnight we're back on track as far as pandemic service. we have not returned to pre pandemic service. vta is working to increase their ridership. but most importantly, they're bringing in more specialized counselors for their workers. we want to make sure that as our employees are back to work on a regular basis. >> they don't have setbacks. the company is offering free fares for passengers using the light rail system through september 30th. >> in san jose camila barco kron 4 news. >> elon musk makes history more of the all amateur crew that just finished a four-day trip around the planet. a better way to predict hurricanes and tropical storms in the gulf coast. why 2 college professors believe that could help better plan for hurricanes. the southeast
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has seen yet another destructive hurricane seasons. >> with storms like ida and nicholas battering the gulf coast. 2 professors at louisiana state university have now developed a study
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that can help better protect how many hurricanes could hit the gulf of mexico in one season. shannon heckt to talk with one of the researchers on how the process works. >> each year. the national hurricane center releases a prediction of how busy the hurricane season will be. but that is for the whole north atlantic basin. doctor paul miller at lsu found that the gulf of mexico is a little different from the atlantic as a whole that the seasonality of hurricane season, the gulf of mexico kind of start a little earlier. and as we've seen from either even nicholas earlier this week. >> they can get. they can escalate very, very quickly. he says that storms that form in the gulf almost always hit land. unlike some storms in the ocean that may spin out without any impact. they found some of the usual forecasting methods don't always accurately portray the unique attributes of the gulf. what what we developed was a system where we would about 6 kilometers above the ground. about 20,000 feet. and we would look at the temperature
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at that level and we noticed this relationship that the war that temperature wise that we saw more storms and the gulf of mexico now that the study has been released. they hope to use it with the state as well as the national hurricane center to help better prepare for storms and also help with the offshore gas and oil operations. and so the more that we can kind of improve that the time and anticipate the amount of tropical cyclone activity will see on a seasonal scale to help us prepare for some of those rapidly developing. he says the system is in that would be easy to make a forecast. every hurricane season in baton rouge. i'm shannon heckt. back to you. >> let's talk about our 4 zone forecast. the saturday night come from meteorologist marisa rodriguez is tracking rain and showers popping up on radar for this saturday night. yeah, that's right. jonathan. very light scattered showers. so walla walla, walla. >> already starting to dry out for those of you in the north bay. let's zoom on in, though, because. >> we are seeing some showers off the coast just to the west
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of mill valley and we're trying to track some rain there, but starting to dry out already for those of you in santa rosa and petaluma. it's looking more like a dud. hopefully get some more showers off the coast making its way inland throughout the bay area coastline even into the east bay shoreline shortly before midnight. but then look at how just evaporates by around 1 o'clock. 2 o'clock in the morning. those of you in the south bay could see little to no rain from this storm. but we are going to notice cloud cover increasing tonight. but then plenty of sunshine by early afternoon and warmer temperatures as well. thanks to that extra sunshine. but not anything worth bragging about because really just tracking traces amount of rain at best. but we are tracking, though temperatures warmer. for those of you along the coast valleys and even east bay shoreline still in the low to mid 60's half moon, bay, 59 degrees.
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upper 50's for those of temper on so holding steady temperature wise still tracking a warm air mass out there because of that blanket in storm cloud cover. so anywhere from about 49 degrees of warming for most cities out there this evening. very pleasant temperatures. if you are heading out the door. this it this evening. but tonight we are going to see temperatures not really cooling down all that much. upper 50's to low 60's for your overnight lows and temperatures tomorrow warming up into the low 80's for those of you in concord and livermore low 70's for oakland in hayward with mid 60's for downtown san francisco pleasant. for those of you in mountain view and san jose in the low to mid 70's with nevada warming up into the low 80's. but we're going to switch into fire season mode. starting sunday night. we'll have a fire weather watch going into effect at 11 o'clock shortly before midnight winds really going to ramp up and we're going to notice the increase in wind speeds and a change in wind direction instead of out of
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the west going to shift more from the north moving south and that's the typical textbook diablo wind pattern re could see sustained winds in that 20 to 30 miles per hour range with gusts upwards of 45 miles per hour possible from tomorrow afternoon through sunday night and then we're going to have a huge impact on our weather as far as temperatures go peaking on tuesday. mid 90. so 5 to 10 degrees above average and fall just around the corner starting on wednesday. so still tracking above average temperatures there. widespread 70's 80's along the coast and east bay shoreline. but jonathan, this storm. i was expecting more. i'm not going to live very disappointed. and you've got rainfall and heat. and i know i have like fall summer and then back to fall on one 10 day forecast will come to the bay area. you may need some oxygen from all that work. >> on the sideline. take a break right. thank you for a
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>> take a look at this. everyone pretty cool scene today of the space x dragon capsule containing the first tourists space crew which splashed down tonight in the atlantic ocean with 4 space tourists on board. the spacecraft has been traveling in space for the last few days since launching wednesday from cape canaveral in florida. the 4 crew members on board trained for 6 months before they took off space. x, though, already has contracts for at least 5 other private missions. meanwhile, elon musk's new starlink satellite internet service is set to launch in october. there was hope to provide service by the end the month, though, the worldwide broadband network has been in test mode for a few months now it will be operated and maintained by space x. the starlink constellation is made up of 1600 satellites with thousands more planned as the network expands. the satellites could
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help close the gap for developing countries and rural areas that currently do not have broadband internet access. no matter how long it's been since you were in school. we can all remember the frustration. a tough math problem. we just couldn't get past rich demuro shows us apps now available to help. >> as a pair. there's nothing more frustrating than not being able to explain how to do a math problem to my kids, especially the way that their school teaches at today. i'm taking a look at several math apps that can not only solve problems but explain the solution just by taking a picture. >> math can be tough to explain and typing equations into google can be challenging these apps solve math and explain the process just by taking a picture. did you know snapchat can now solve math problems. it's all about making the camera down one article hold your phone over one. then tap the new scan icon under the shutter button in seconds. you'll have an
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>> so, yes, these apps could be used to cheat and solve homework problems fast. but their primary purpose is to teach and they could be a big help to mom and dad. i've got more information. all these math solving apps on my website. just go to rich on tech dot tv. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. california hits another milestone as part of its fight against covid-19. the new news tweeted out by the governor today.
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>> california now has the lowest covid case rate of any state here in the united states. governor gavin newsome tweeted the news today saying that 70% of the folks here in the golden state have received at least one dose of the vaccine. it's part of his tweet. he went on to say that vaccines are the way to end the pandemic. an fda panel has given the green light for a covid-19 booster shot for some americans while rejecting it for others as part of 2 separate votes yesterday. the committee ok, the extra pfizer dose for americans 65 and older and those at high risk. but it did say no to boosters for most other americans in the vote members say they made the decision based on a lack of safety data. >> out of the question about
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with what support that work of working without pay that. >> the fda is expected to make an official decision on the pfizer booster shots in the next few days. the cdc says it will also formally weigh in both agencies would have to take separate actions of the moderna and johnson and johnson vaccines. california health and human services secretary doctor mark ghaly responded to the decision saying, quote, the committee underscored the safety and effectiveness of the covid-19 vaccines. the research continues to clearly demonstrate how effective the covid-19 vaccines are and reducing the risk of severe disease hospitalization and death. stay with kron 4 for continuing covid-19 coverage scan the qr code on your screen with your mobile device. and you'll be directed to kron 4 dot com, where you can find the latest headlines on masking and vaccinations. >> and tracking warmer and drier weather for the 2nd half of your weekend. details at on your microclimate sunday outlook after the break.
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>> friends and family gathering today to say goodbye to 20 year-old kareem nikoui. he's one of the california marines killed in the terror attack last month. the kabul airport in afghanistan. chris
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wolfe has more. loss. >> tempered by love and an overwhelming faith. this was time to say goodbye to a fallen hero. 20 year-old us marine lance corporal kareem grant of nick who gave his life serving god, his country and saving those in need in war torn afghanistan on august 26. >> a terrorist bombing killed him 12 other us service members and dozens of afghans outside the airport in the capital city of kabul. >> during the turbulent us withdrawal after a 20 year war in response to the 9.11
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>> cream have been talking about being a marine for as long as i can remember. we were told that just before cream past hits a 3 families. he passed up a child and ran back into the crowd with his life was taken. >> family, friends, comrades and community members packed the harvest christian fellowship church in riverside. how do you begin a eulogy for your 20 year-old nephew. how do you convey to the world wouldn't amazing. young man. he was. prima been telling us he wanted to be a united states, for instance, who but young. >> and of course, anyone who knows me knows i would try to steer him in another direction. not because i wasn't proud of his choice but out of fear of losing
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>> his faith shaped who he was as a man and as a marine keep >> when you go to happen. you look for my son. and he won't be hard klein. has a will be read that and, you know, candy to children. it was. but chris wolfe. >> state. he'll lay 5 news. funeral services were also held today for marine sergeant nicole gee. >> ge. also one of the 13 military members killed in that attack at the kabul airport during her services today in roseville family and friends remembering her for her bravery. a week before she was killed. this now viral
10:33 pm
picture to her instagram account that showed her cradling an afghan infant with the caption. that said, i love my job. those who spoke today say the picture embodied how she lived her life. several afghans left behind after the u.s. withdrawal from the country say they are now in hiding scared that the taliban will fund. many say the group will throw them in jail or even kill them because of their ties with the u.s. one green card holding family from california says they now take turns sleeping with someone always awake watching their 3 young kids. the couple says the u.s. state department official contacted them several days ago tell them that they were being assigned a case worker. but so far have now received an update sense. switch gears to talk about our 4 zone forecast. the saturday night at 10 o'clock we've been tracking rain for you here on kron. 4 since we started in primetime at o'clock tonight. reese's here tonight with a look at where those showers are right now and what you can
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expect as you head out the door. first thing in the morning. >> there, jonathan. yeah. let's take a live look outside at half moon bay and we're noticing the storm clouds overhead. very dark ominous clouds. but not really seeing that much rain falling to the ground. in fact, still dry for those of you in the north bay barely any rain out there in the bay area. but just to our north and atmospheric river that brought us the tail end of that storm tonight is still bringing light to moderate and heavy downpours for seattle, portland and even eugene oregon so they could easily get upwards of 2 inches of rain through tomorrow. so jealous of this area right now. wish i could just move that storm track and shifted them or little bit more southward here in the bay area. but we're going to be under a high fire danger concern starting sunday night. but from now until then, let's take a look at your sunday micro climate outlook because we are going to see a lot more sun with that pretty warm temperatures, mid 60's for
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downtown san francisco and the marina district even mission district flirting with 70's but 69 degrees in daly city at 67 degrees. winds will be on the breezy side. so we are going to notice that shift in wind direction. going to see more of a northerly flow arriving by sunday afternoon along the coast could see gusts in that 20 to 30 mile per hour range for most of the san francisco peninsula low 70's for millbrae and burlingame. 72 degrees. there as is foster's city and those of you in redwood city, 73 degrees for your sunday afternoon highs. the 2nd half of the weekend looking great, in fact, are going to see a lot more sunny still have outdoor plans that you can take advantage of sunday morning and afternoon san jose 74 degrees with more. pete also in the mid 70's low 80's. for those of you in livermore pleasanton and son all at 75 degrees and the renda and moraga in the mid 70's with walnut creek in the low 80's
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for your sunday afternoon highs and for our north bay valleys going to see some gustier winds in that 30 mile per hour range with gusts upwards of 40 miles per hour or less starting sunday afternoon and early evening hours. so just keep that in mind. napa and allay in the mid 70's with mill valley. also in the mid 70's at 73 degrees. so we're going to be under a fire weather. watch starting at 11 o'clock sunday night. mainly for elevations above 1000 feet for north bay mountains, east bay hills and diablo range could see gusts upwards of 50 miles per hour or less dropping relative humidity to as low as 10%. so extremely dry out there. and because of these northerly winds really increasing throughout the day on sunday. we are going to start that fire weather watch sunday night. look at what it does to the temperatures monday into tuesday. big warm-up, 5 to 10 degrees of warming each day peaking on tuesday, little change on wednesday. but fortunately cut tracking
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calmer winds when fall officially starts. jonathan can't believe we're going to say it's fall goodbye. some or all right. don't put your summer clothes, >> we're going to these for a few at least or shorts right. thank you. tonight there are new developments in the ongoing saga of a powerful south carolina family officials now say that the attorney general's office has launched an investigation into a 2019 boat crash involving paul murdaugh. investigators say he was behind the wheel of a boat that crashed that killed one person and injured 2 others detectives say everyone on board was intoxicated at the time. but now one of the passengers says the murdaugh family is trying to pin the crime on him. >> i was brought in by the cook family because there appeared to be an effort to blame conquer of wrongfully to achieve an arrest for so many mysteries. so many a misleading things that have occurred in this case. >> paul murdaugh and his
10:38 pm
mother maggie killed back in june. his dad alex arrested thursday as part of an insurance fraud scheme to a range murders. so alex and surviving son and paul's brother would collect a life insurance now to the latest on the search for missing florida woman gabby petito who vanished on a cross country trip. her fiance who police named as a person of interest is also missing tonight as well. earlier in the day, authorities comb through a florida wildlife area where they believe he's now hiding out. brian into has more. >> the search for gabby petito's fiance. brian laundry is now focused on a wildlife preserve where police say brian's parents say their son might be had drones in the air. we've bloodhounds canines. four-wheelers, the lodge the family home is only about 10 minutes away from the area. the police are searching called the carlton reserve. it's hundreds of acres of swamp and yesterday police
10:39 pm
showed up to the family house after they say laundries parents called them concerned that they hadn't seen their son since tuesday today detectives confirmed the parents would not discuss gabby petito and only talked about their missing son. their attorney was on the phone with us >> you know, was giving them council as we spoke and all of the conversation was only about the whereabouts. brian. >> a search is also happening in wyoming where the fbi says they're conducting ground surveys in grand teton national park. the last place gabby and brian may have been together. >> i love that in the couple documented their travels on social media is happy shots shared in their van life. youtube video. >> now social media users are flooding platform searching for gabby on sites like tiktok, twitter, reddit and others. one reddit board devoted to her disappearance has commenters scouring yellowstone web cams for sightings doing deep dives into possible leads and combing through the pairs instagram posts for clues. police fear if they don't find brian they may never find
10:40 pm
gabby. >> the moment you believe ryan might be >> i think that's fair to say. i mean, you have somebody. there's an enormous amount i'm sure on hand to provide answers and what's going on. >> a man is set to spend the rest of his life in prison for his role in the deadly 2019 school shooting in colorado friday, a jury convicted devon erickson for killing his classmate and wounding 8 others. erickson was also convicted on several gun charges. the victim's father shared his thoughts on the apology that he received from erickson's family. >> what i saw there was not genuine, but more theatricals. that's my feeling. that's why clinton got up and walked out of there. >> the judge in the case says she hopes the sentence will make sure that nothing like this ever happens again. millionaire real estate mogul robert durst, now a convicted
10:41 pm
man. he'd been under the microscope for decades as part of his own wife's disappearance. a jury convicted him earlier this week of killing his best friend in order to keep her silent about his wife's disappearance. jennifer mcgraw brings us what comes next in this saga. >> after a five-month long trial. the verdict is in. >> if our fears. >> the real estate tycoon robert durst was a no show at today's critical hearing after being exposed to covid. but regardless he will remain in jail for the rest of his life after 20 years. the rumors confirmed by a jury durst killed his best friend susan berman fearing she would tell police how she helped him cover up his wife's murder and disappearance in 1982. >> she helped him get out of g o. and she got was to get a bullet in the back of her head. he chose wisely. he knew
10:42 pm
she would help them given how fiercely loyal she was, although throughout the trial denies any involvement. >> if you kill says now. >> for years, durst got away with murder. then in 2000, 15, the case taking on a whole new life after participating in a documentary on hbo of his life and the mysteries that followed him for years. it was what he said in the final episode that did him in seemingly unaware he was still miked up and being recorded. durst uttered these chilling words. it's. >> of course. a smaller crowd than expected today in the nation's capital during the justice for j 6 rally will explain. plus. us postal service says it needs thousands of workers for the upcoming holiday rush let you
10:43 pm
know how you can apply it.
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after weeks of anticipation and preparation supporters of the january 6th riot flock to the nation's capital today for another rally. but this time the u.s. capitol police were well prepared. in fact, there are more officers on the ground and then participants that showed up fewer than a 1000 folks actually did kron 4
10:46 pm
washington correspondent basil john has more. >> good evening. smaller crowds of protesters gathered at the rally, then organizers were hoping for. but those that did show up said they came to send a message. this is about equal treatment under the law. a few 100 demonstrators. one of their voices heard at the justice for j 6 rally in washington, dc because we have a real issue with transparency in the aftermath of january 6 event organizer matt braynard and other demonstrators say this event has nothing to do with the election or who was president. i want to fight for what i believe in and i want to teach my kids to believe in something strongly. do what you believe in. that's why i'm here. those in this event is about getting a message out to all americans. the need for fairness for nonviolent offenders from january 6 breach. the capitol. and you should get prosecuted nobody disagrees with but it should be it should be are fair. legal system the counter
10:47 pm
protesters say those who were arrested and may still be in custody. >> are getting fair treatment these people were breaking into the capitol. >> they were areas where they were should not have been and they were directly threatening there are the fundamental democratic process. >> we have people who attacked the capitol who threaten the lives of lawmakers threaten the lives of law enforcement officers and threaten the government's. so they're getting far better treatment than they deserve despite earlier concerns about potential violence. law enforcement work to keep protesters and counter protesters separated and only 4 people were arrested in connection to the event. >> reporting in washington. i'm basil jot. >> a woman from california inclusive county has been sentenced to probation for joining the mob that stormed the capitol that day on january 6, the judge who sentenced valerie are key noted that she played a relatively minimal role in the deadly january 6th riot justice department say they
10:48 pm
recommended a probation sentence for her because she was inside of the capitol for only a minute. only stepped about 15 feet into the building and did not engage in any violence or property destruction work is now the 7th defendant from the riots to be sentenced haitians by the thousands have been gathering in southern texas in the past week after entering the country illegally. president biden says he now plans to deport them back to their island country to help ease that situation. that's unfolding. there. video from media shows haitians crossing the rio grande freely and into a steady stream friday going back and forth between the u.s. and mexico through knee-deep water. the u.s. had paused deportation flights after he was struck by a devastating earthquake and tropical storm grace. but tonight u.s. officials are now saying those flights could resume as early as tomorrow. michael shure is in del rio, texas with more. >> the biden administration
10:49 pm
announcing friday plans to ramp up deportation flights for the more than 10,000 mostly haitian migrants camp beneath the bridge in del rio, texas waiting for processing. >> it's essentially a bottleneck. because of the. inability to process as many people as quickly as needed by the border patrol the sheer numbers of haitians were not anticipated to have a country that is not stable. >> haiti's been going through so much miami based haitian journalist james pierce is that this exodus is the product of a series of unfortunate and tragic event and his former country in june. you have the u.s. a summation of about 12 people on the streets in july. dejesus mission of praise moise and in august we have an earthquake. many of these migrants of traverse from south america across some of the most challenging terrain and dangerous borders like that between colombia and panama overwhelming immigration courts and aid
10:50 pm
organizations. >> in numbers are higher than anything that we've ever experienced that surge prompting political rhetoric. >> cull the and joe while unlikely the texas republican senator ted cruz is thursday tweet prompted the change the biden administration is now planning 8 flights to haiti this week. that number going up to 10 in the coming weeks giving pause to many observers. >> let's talk about our 4 zone forecast the saturday night. let's get you a to head out the door for the start of your sunday. his call for meteorologist marisa rodriguez with a look at rain showers where they're popping up right now and where they'll fall tonight. while you sleep. >> yeah, not really seeing that many showers out there dry out a little bit seeing g y- stray showers trying to make its way from the coast into our inland valleys. but it's just so dry out there. none are really developing or forming. we have seen traces amount of rain in the north
10:51 pm
bay. very slight chance for us to see some rain during the overnight hours. but future cast for. don't let all that green for you really just tracking traces amount of rain at best, hopefully get some showers off the coast in the pacific making its way throughout the san francisco peninsula and into the east bay until it dries out significantly with that storm track really not exist in. for those of you in the south bay of san jose, especially so we are going to see that drying trend continuing through your sunday morning and afternoon slightly warmer weather as well. but we are tracking some high cloud cover with those storm clouds overhead and also low clouds and fog that we are starting to pick up right now along the bay area coastline, half moon bay up to 3 miles visibility up to 4 for those of you in santa rosa. but all clear right now for the east bay and south bay but future cast for going to so. some low clouds and fog along downtown san francisco in even napa. we are going to see better lifting and clearing by
10:52 pm
midmorning temperatures out there right now. still in the 60's low to mid 60's to be exact. so very warm air mass. even half moon bay warming up into the low 60's after being in the upper 50's throughout most of tonight temper on though 59 degrees only city out there right now in the 50's, santa rosa, you only reach a daytime high today of 66 degrees about 15 degrees below average and you're still in the low 60's out there right now. it's a little change from your afternoon highs. but novato double digit warming thanks to that blanket of storm cloud cover, upwards of 11 degrees of warming and overnight lows tonight, upper 50's to low 60's slightly cooler temperatures along the coast santa rose in the low 50's there. but low 60's for conquered and livermore in san jose and daytime highs tomorrow. low 80's for conquered in livermore still about 5 degrees below average but holding steady for downtown san francisco at 67 degrees oakland at 71 in san jose in the mid 70's. and
10:53 pm
we're going to be under a fire weather. watch starting sunday night because of those warm dry mountain breezes and take a look at what it does to our temperatures, ramping them up into the low 90's by monday for inland valleys mid-nineties as it peaks on tuesday and then cooling down by wednesday with seasonal weather. not really arriving until a week from today on sunday. so remember, fall starts on wednesday and it's going to feel more like summer with above average temperatures. so quite the roller coaster ride 5 to 10 degrees below average. much of this week and now we're tracking temperatures 5 to 10 degrees above normal monday and tuesday. so got to give ourselves some time to roll into fall. so i know right away it's very deceiving with this weather. i'm not complaining that. you love it. warm. there you go. >> thank you. we'll be right back. for
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
10:56 pm
your money tonight. changes are coming to disney world star wars rise of the resistance ride the current virtual queue system to hold your place in line will be pause at the end of the month. for now. this is the only at the florida park down to disneyland. riders will now be able to stand in their traditional line kuz had complained to the virtual queue which made them request entrance before actually being able to get in line. change comes just days before disney's new remains read a to e adventure opens at epcot. the ride will start off using the virtual queue system. also
10:57 pm
tonight, the u.s. postal service says it needs 40,000 workers for the upcoming holiday shipping season. officials say that is looking for folks to deliver during the busiest time for mail and package deliveries seasonal opportunities include mail carriers, mail, handlers and drivers agency says the jobs have competitive pay and offer on the job training. that does it for us here tonight. on the saturday edition of kron 4 news live in primetime at 10 o'clock. thanks much for spending part of your night with us. we'll see you tomorrow at 6 o'clock. be sure to join will end well for the morning news starting. >> right now the o'clock have a good night,
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
11:00 pm
>> cisco didn't expect. the 41. >> the forty-niners cut things a little close during their week. one victory in detroit's it's really hard to get wins in this league and really can't come here. tenants that says that we're looking at it burning us and no major burns, but the injury bug didn't bite. jason rettinger of t


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