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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  September 30, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron 4 news at 6. we not afford the >> 10's of thousands of people out in the streets because they're addicted. >> concern across the bay area for people with unpaid rent. the eviction moratorium officially expires at midnight tonight. thank you for joining us on kron 4 news at 6 i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne, even though the moratorium is ending renders short on funds. still have an avenue to protect themselves from eviction first and herman joins us now live from the city with more. dan. >> that's right. that protection that they have this to apply to the state program for rental assistance as long as they've applied until it's determined whether they can
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get that assistance. they cannot be evicted. concerns among renters and their advocates across california. >> now that the state's eviction moratorium is ending. >> we know an awful lot of landlords that polishing off those, you know, eviction papers and getting ready to push people out who haven't been able to pay its going to be a terrible tragedy for everyone. owners don't want to evict. and that's not their business model. officials with the california apartment association say landlords are not chomping at the bit to evict tenants. >> though they are pleased the moratorium is ending. >> if you are a small property owner where you have to pay your mortgage. >> or your senior and this is your retirement and you haven't been paid for almost 18 months. >> that's a huge problem for small landlords after extending the moratorium several times, the state legislature no longer had the support to do it again. >> but renters still have protections as nong as they apply for rental assistance before the end of march. those
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protections. >> well, tonigh evictions court order prove evictions. if a landlord and tenant seek and apply to get the rental assistance that the state has put aside. >> during a speech wednesday. the governor reference california's covid-19 rent relief program. applying is simply a matter of going to the state's housing is key website. so far this fund is paid out or is about to pay out 1.5 billion dollars in rental assistance. >> there is 2.6 million in our 2 funding rounds. we today we have just shy of 1.5 billion dollars of that 2.6 and there's still money available and any household in need feel free to apply. >> now, we can tell you while the state eviction moratorium is ending some counties and some cities have their own eviction moratorium, alameda county and oakland, for
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example, you should check with your local jurisdiction to see if that also applies to you live in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news stands. thank you. a major move in police reform today in california's governor gavin newsom signs legislation requiring changes in policing practices. >> sb 2 allows the state to decertify a police officer who engaged in serious misconduct decertification would prevent that officer from working at another law enforcement agency, state senator steven bradford of gardena in southern california authored the bill aiming to target the bad apples in police departments. governor newsom says he's mindful that quote, california is a leader in police reform and a leg or on police reform. he says while s p 2 is progress. california still has more work to do. california is asserting itself in certain areas, but it's remarkable that we still struggle in other areas. >> senator reference just on this critical and important
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bill on decertification there's 46 other states 46 other states that established foundational laws to address that issue. why is it so hard? to the right thing. and yet it remains still hard to do the right thing. >> the police unions for the cities of los angeles, san francisco and san jose. this issued the following statement in response to sb 2 signing saying in part, quote, despite the fanfare, senator bradford's attempt to decertify peace officers for traffic tickets unfounded complaints and unsubstantiated allegations was defeated. the biased panel established in his bill has 0 authority to decertify an officer. they can recommend it to the post commission now that the decertification process has been established. we urge senator bradford in the legislature to focus on reducing the rise in shootings. homicides and robberies. each of our cities are grappling with. >> a year and a half long investigation call mondays
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into what is believed to be the largest illegal marijuana bust in bay area history the alameda county sheriff's department served search warrants at 18 different locations in oakland, san leandro and castro valley seizing a massive amount of pots, millions of dollars in cash and assets and firearms. kron four's. maureen kelly gives us an inside look at one of the grow houses. >> working under grow lights and alameda county sheriff's deputy cuts down some of the mature pot plants uncovered in the bust. there were so many they needed gas powered hedge trimmers and chainsaws while others bag up the illegal harvest undercover narcotics agents have already confiscated so many crops. they filled up a dozen tractor trailers to cart it all away to be destroyed. we're going to hold this off to the central valley to the incinerator have burned alameda county sheriff's office p i o sergeant ray kelly says this is the smallest of the warehouses were search. warrants were served so many marijuana
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plants that they haven't been able to count them all. yet. >> they're estimating somewhere between 100,000 and a half million plants. >> spread out between the 18 different locations. >> but the sheriff's office says they uncovered more. the just marijuana crops. we've also seized a upwards of close to 10 million dollars in cash and assets we've also seized 12,000 pounds of processed. ready to be distributed out into the community. that's where we're somewhere in the neighborhood of about 40 million dollars weapons were seized to over a dozen handguns rifles shotguns sergeant kelly says they've taken 7 people into custody behind what's being called an organized crime group. >> although they are still searching for others. this is basically modern day bootlegging like we saw in the 1920's. >> even though pot is legal in california now, what was being grown here was allegedly done. so without state oversight. this is all about money and
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profit greed taxation regulation and come with oversight and penalties and. >> when you when you decide not to operate under those guidelines. the life a lot easier. until you get caught walking the media through one warehouse located in an industrial area of san leandro. the p i o pointed out illegal wiring not up to code and said run often chemical fertilizer was being dumped down the drain. he called these locations both buyers waiting to happen and major polluters. maureen kelly kron 4 news. assemblymember david chiu is making history as the soon to be first asian american to be appointed to the san francisco city attorney's office. >> he has served as state assembly member for the last 7 years. he will replace the current city attorney david herrera has herrera the parts from his 20 year tenure to head the san francisco public utility commission. she is a former civil rights attorney and he says he plans to carry that passion into his new
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role. >> not well, as a former civil rights attorney. i'm very interested in how this office can really fight for all of our collective civil rights in the wake of anti-asian hate for black lives matter or the me too i think it's incumbent on this office to stand up for the values of san francisco. >> again, dennis herrera moves on to the public utility commission. meantime, light of the change. now to start his role at the end of the month and governor newsome will appoint a new assembly member to fill his seat. >> because of the ongoing drought city. livermore has 3 new water restrictions in place. first landscaping irrigation is limited 2, 3, times a week and only on certain days and times residents are prohibited from using their sprinklers between 09:00am and 6 and you have to choose. you have to use a water hose. a watering can or a drip irrigation system if you water your lawn, the city is allowing homeowners with on a number of addresses to water their lawns on mondays,
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wednesdays and fridays, even numbered addresses are allowed on tuesdays, thursdays and saturdays. and this is the latest drought monitor map. most of the bay area and the state under exceptional or extreme drought conditions. >> parts of the northern and southern costar in the that means moderate to severe drought in those areas. crawford chief meteorologist karnow joining us now with a look at these terrible drought conditions here in the bay area. just all that red out there. unfortunately, a scene that now, but it looks like. >> things may begin to change a little bit. let's hope so far. we're just about to head into hopefully a nice rainy season. but right now you've got a long way to go exceptional drought across most of the bay area. extreme in the san jose half moon bay, but not only here all on the western half of the united states looking for problems because of drought conditions as we've had an unusually strong ridge of high pressure not only this past season but really the past 20 years what we call a mega drought now things look like they could begin to change. here's the latest noaa forecast. this is
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for 8 to 14 days out. so that will take us from october 8 to october 14th. and during that period. look, we've got here. we like to see this all this green here. this is above normal precipitation forecast across the bay area in northern california during that period. of course, that's still way out in the forecast but looks like things may finally begin to switch gears right around thursday or friday of next week in the meantime, yeah, we've had some hot weather and i think even a little bit harder for tomorrow. expect those temperatures up in the 90's 80's inside the bay and 6 in the 70's along the coastline. keep your fingers crossed for that rain next week, guys. >> thank you. north the south bay today's the day when all city employees were supposed to be vaccinated under an emergency ordinance that was passed in the south bay and in fact, the vast majority of those workers are now in compliance. but there are some pholdouts and right now it's not clear what if any consequences they could face force route. that brings us up to date. >> september. 30th is the deadline for san jose city
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employees to prove they have been fully vaccinated against covid-19 as a condition of employment. new numbers from city hall show that 92% of city employees are now in compliance of the 7,067 employees 349 people have applied for medical or religious exemptions. 256 have been approved failing to comply could result in consequences up to and including termination. but that won't happen right away says city spokesperson jenny law le those employees who received one dose of the covid vaccine by october 1st will be given. >> every single time to receive their second dose and will not be subject to disciplinary actions unless they fail to receive their second dose. >> roughly 87% of police and 92% of firefighters are now vaccinated, but their unions want the city to allow testing in lieu of vaccine. in a statement thursday. the city manager's office says if there is a need for disciplinary
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action. it could take a few months to implement fully across the organization. our goal is to get employees vaccinated and we would like to avoid disciplinary action if possible. it's no secret where the most and least death police major police permanence country. the peel ways sean pritchard said as many as 100, 60 officers could resign or retire rather than be vaccinated leading the department even more short-handed than it is now. mayor sam liccardo is on record saying the city is considering intermediate sanctions but will be flexible in enforcing the mandate. this point, everybody is being treated. the scent. >> and that is everyone is aware that the sanction. may include termination at its most severe point. but we're hoping we can work with our employees. to avoid that details regarding who is eligible for testing vaccination are still being worked out. >> regarding discipline. the city manager's office says that will be determined on a case by case basis in san
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jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> happening tonight. a large east bay school districts may soon require its staff and students to be vaccinated. the west contra costa unified school district will meet tonight to consider 3 vaccine resolutions. the first would be to mandate vaccinations for employees and volunteers. the second would be mandating vaccines for students, including adult school students. and the 3rd option would be for vaccinations for direct service staff and partner organizations. the meeting starts 6.30 about 15 minutes and will take place at john middle school in richmond. it will also be streaming on zoom. >> coming up emotional and very personal testimony on capitol hill today. the efforts congresswomen are taking to stop various state abortion bills. plus, new efforts to try to prevent crimes against the asian community where you'll see more surveillance around oakland.
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>> in the east bay. new security cameras are going up all around china town in oakland. the cameras come in the wake of a number of crimes against the city's aap. i community members kron four's haaziq madyun shows us how many cameras will be installed. showcasing security program. new surveillance cameras an additional layer of security in oakland chinatown, an area hard hit over the past
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year by criminals targeting members of the aap i community. >> chinatown chamber of commerce. president karl chan says the surveillance cameras will serve ae a deterrent for those wanting to commit crimes as well as an investigative tool to help police identify suspects implementing cameras. we know that there are many people feel much safer, especially seniors who were often the targets of violent assaults during the robberies. we have a lot of scene. you ought to families to station, come down to chinatown to shop. >> we commissioned to can it to ration. so this is very important to make it safe for them to come. 20 surveillance cameras were donated by san mateo cloud-based video security service incorporated. our employees at for cada were heartbroken watching the disturbing rise and and haitian discrimination and violence directed at the ai community wanted to fight
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>> oakland's temple sinai reform. synagogue is also supporting chinatown security efforts by funding the cost to install cameras at 10 street and webster with a goal of adopting cameras being installed from franklin to harrison and 7 to 12 streets. and so we are committed to standing. >> when people in oakland chinatown and we hope that as folks, cameras. those who live and work in this community that they hear the message that there's a community behind them that we stand with them that we care about them we care about their safety as it met you in kron 4 news. >> 3 men were found dead on bart this weekend. 3 separate drug related incidents on monday a man was found unresponsive on the berryessa bound train. >> that train was held at the fremont station where paramedics tried to revive the man. but were unsuccessful earlier that day. a man was found unresponsive at the daly city bart station impairment paramedics pronounced that person dead and then on tuesday, a man on an antioch train was also found
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unresponsive officers administered nabcan but say they were unable to save him. officials believe all 3 men died from drug overdoses in the south bay, a bar in san jose is being shut down after several nuisance complaints and violations of the pandemic, a lockdown orders last got a sports bar is located west elm avenue. >> police say they have received several reports regarding fights narcotics violations and incidents involving weapons to notable cases included a double shooting of 2 females and one fatal crash caused by a driver engaging in activity in the parking lot during the investigation. 3 females were arrested for engaging in prostitution. the bar will close on october. the 17th. in the north bay. police responded to a large brawl at 6 flags in vallejo on saturday. police say about 100 teenagers were involved in the fight at the front entrance of the park. one teen was taken into custody after allegedly
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punching an officer that teen has been released to parents with a citation. 6 flags issued a statement following the incident say they have 0 tolerance for any unruly behavior and we'll work closely with the police department to maintain safety. 3 democratic members of congress offer deeply personal testimony about their own abortions today. >> this comes as a congressional committee examines how to respond in conservative states are passing laws limiting abortion options. congresswoman barbara lee of oakland said she received a back alley abortion in mexico after a teenage pregnancy. >> and my story, even though i truly believe it is personal and really nobody's business and certainly not the business of politicians. but i'm compelled to speak out because of the real risks of the car being turned back to those days before roe versus wade to the days when i was a teenager and had a back alley abortions in a lot of girls and women in my generation didn't make it.
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they died from unsafe abortions in the 1960's unsafe septic abortions were the primary killer primary killer of african-american women. >> the other 2 representatives who testified today are cori bush of missouri and pramila of washington. you can find the full testimony on our website. kron 4 dot com. >> but we want to check on our 4 zone forecast. a live look outside looking out over san francisco today was a warm, sunny day today and a clear evening out tonight. picture perfect out there. chief meteorologist storms karnal joining us now with what to expect. fire danger now. so that's good news. just the nice weather out there and some hot temperatures enjoy. we may not have many more days like this as we head for the fall season, of course, october starting tomorrow. there you go. you can start out sunny side up as we'll have plenty of sunshine around the bay area. look at that up toward the golden gate bridge and then a nice shot out there this evening. these temperatures still running warm 68 degrees in pacifica
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right now. sunday at the coastline 83 over the hill and san mateo. 81 in palo alto 86 in livermore. 80 in san anselmo. 84 in santa rosa. still 90 degrees for our friends in cloverdale these temperatures topping out and the 80's in the san francisco. they really pop with that offshore wind 83 also in oakland, 87 in san jose 89 lemore 90 and hot and kaka to 90 degrees. also in santa rosa cold front start to move in. that front will bring with it some more clouds and you see the fog getting together off the or that fog going to be pushing on shore a little bit later on this evening. so just a couple of patches of fog right out toward the beaches after that. i think it's going to clear we'll see a lot of sunshine across most the bay area hotter tomorrow up in the 90's, the hot spots in the next few days. we're going to change in the weather pattern this weekend. we're going to heat up a big-time cooling, maybe some rain toward the end of next week. that would be nice. thank you, lawrence. coming up, senator ted cruz showing support for unvaccinated warriors player andrew wiggins. despite being
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vaccinated himself. >> the boycott senators now calling for. >> and more than 15 million people have quit their jobs just since april. a survey showing they're all putting for similar reasons. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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mckinsey and company found 40% of workers say they are somewhat likely to leave in the next 3 to 6 months. it appears workers are hitting their breaking 0. 64 1% of those considering leaving said that they would do it without another job lined up more than 50% say not feeling valued by their manager their company or like they belong are the main reasons they are leaving new legislation in congress could allow workers across the nation to collect benefits for up to 26 weeks and also allow part-time workers have filed jobless claims ohio senator sherrod brown is proposing the unemployment insurance improvement act to create federal standards for% unemployment offices all across the nation. but west virginia senator shelley moore capito says instead the bill should be more focused on getting people back to work. >> doesn't pay benefits and time. it doesn't pay enough weeks got job openings. we have people who are not returning to the workforce post-pandemic or if you know now.
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>> capito says states should be in charge of regulating unemployment, not the federal government and benefits should only be extended during emergency situations. the bill will be included as part of the 3.5 trillion dollar legislative package that democrats are trying to get past. >> coming up next in sports and politics. senator ted cruz is throwing his support behind warriors player andrew wiggins and calling for another star player to boycott games at chase center here in the city. the family behind the popular gap brand name in san francisco is selling their multimillion dollar brand. a bay area home. but how much they bought it for is the real shocker. plus a busy day capitol hill. the government has avoided a shutdown. the president biden's infrastructure bill is now in danger. put on a political expert will join us live to expert will join us live to give us some insight. so in honor of my tiny tacos, i made tiny versions of us. i think they look great, right?
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my delicious 15-piece tiny tacos with creamy avocado lime dipping sauce. get 'em regular or loaded for just a buck more. tiny tacos, great price. try my tasty tiny tacos and download the jack app today. >> it was a last minute deal. but the federal government will stay in business for now, congress has passed a stopgap measure to keep the government going for another few months. the measure funds the government through december 3rd. but at that time, lawmakers will find themselves in the same arguments as the past week or 2 when they had to come up with a funding the plan. joining us now to talk about this government shutdown in other political news is donna crane with san jose state university. donna, thanks for joining us. start with the good news. the government's going to keep running for a


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