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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  September 30, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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my delicious 15-piece tiny tacos with creamy avocado lime dipping sauce. get 'em regular or loaded for just a buck more. tiny tacos, great price. try my tasty tiny tacos and download the jack app today. >> it was a last minute deal. but the federal government will stay in business for now, congress has passed a stopgap measure to keep the government going for another few months. the measure funds the government through december 3rd. but at that time, lawmakers will find themselves in the same arguments as the past week or 2 when they had to come up with a funding the plan. joining us now to talk about this government shutdown in other political news is donna crane with san jose state university. donna, thanks for joining us. start with the good news. the government's going to keep running for a while. so we can
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all breathe a breathe a sigh of relief right. >> it. yes, i suppose that's true. i it was an ironclad rule and i worked in washington that you never, ever, ever schedule a to overlap with september 30th because that's the last day of the fiscal year congress hasn't passed all the budget bills the government's going to shut but it's kind of ridiculous that this keeps happening over and over and with a december 3rd date on when this is going to come up again. it would really accomplishing here. why can't they get something that really keeps the government running. i mean, they're couple different reasons. the first reason is that it's actually just a lot of work to pass 12 separate budget bills every year. and that's what they have to do. so, you know, i i was just checking on the numbers and the house is actually pass line of the 12. the senate hasn't yet. but, you know, it's it's a lot of work of the second reason is that, of course, each light is always looking for leverage. each side thinks. >> that's you know, if we either depending on their
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position if we extend spending for a short period of time and we can meet your hand will be stronger and 8 weeks or 10 weeks and the other side thinks the opposite. you know, it's not anything that most people need to worry about. but that is what's going on behind the scenes. well, talking about let leverage our 2 democratic senators who have a tremendous amount of leverage right now. >> arizona senator kyrsten sinema and west virginia senator joe mansion. a lot of people are particularly mystified by the arizona senator trying to figure out what she wants, where she stands in trying to get these infrastructure bills through. what do you make of this. >> it's it's just very, very interesting to watch it's just it's a super high wire act right. these 2 bills together comprise the biden build back better agenda right. this is the core what we see hopeful because major legislative accomplishment his legacy for his first term. and they're
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also very critical politically to show the public that democrats can government can actually make changing get things done. so if these don't move forward, i think this is going to be a big setback for the white house. oh, boy, this is really interesting to watch. so of course, that one infrastructure bill is bipartisan that deals with the roadways and stuff like that. highways. etcetera, the traditional infrastructure, the other one they call the so-called human infrastructure bill. that's the 3.5 trillion dollars measure. >> do you think that the progressives are taking the right. stand by. risking all of this falling apart because they have the they feel they have the power right now. >> you know, i do. i think if i were in their shoes, i would be doing the same thing. this is a very common negotiating tactic. i saw it when i was working on all the major bills that happened while i was in town. and so it doesn't surprise me. i actually do think that there may be has been a little bit of a ray of light in the last few hours. joe mansion actually finally
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mailed himself down to a number for that second, bill. the reconciliation bill. he says he won't support anything above one 0.5 trillion and that he wants to be intimately involved with the construction of any provisions that deal with climate change. those are 2 conditions that i think can be met at the end of the day. so that really just leave senator as as sort of a little bit of a mystery, but that is potentially a huge step forward this evening that that is the big question is where she stands and it's really peculiar because she started out as a. >> green party activist. you would think she'd be very. >> progressive, but she has not been on this partucular fight and progressives are angry. so where does that leave everybody. >> well, i mean, it leaves everybody playing this parlor right here. i do or when she was on the house side and you're absolutely right. i would have classified or as a real progressive. but now that she's running statewide in
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arizona, which is, you know it. it's a quite red state. maybe it's a bit of a purple state. but it's quite conservative. and she has a brand of being progressive to start with. so i think she has some politics. she has to in order look like or genuinely be extracting concessions and not look too liberal for a first date. donna crane, thank you as always for helping with this. we may be talking with you again to see how this all falls out. banks. >> good. thanks. coming up in sports, the giants inching closer and closer to ctinching the national league west. >> for stretches. jason dumas has a live report from oracle park. plus, draymond green returned to practice today and has some very direct views on vaccine mandates. kate rooney has reaction from him. coming up. >> and october marks cancer awareness month after the break, we'll show you how a local surgeon is helping victims.
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then—go see an eye care specialist. visit to get the facts about diabetes, your eyes, and what you can do next—to take control of your sight. brought to you by regeneron. >> a san francisco plastic surgeon is leading an effort to spread awareness to cancer victims and give them hope and guidance. doctor karen horton says many cancer patients don't know the options available to them after they're diagnosed or can't afford reconstructive surgery. this benefit is aimed at helping those women. >> and reconstruction is so important. such an important journey are part of the journey for women that are facing cancer because when
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pass to be removed entire meeting in the sec to me for cancer or one part of the is removed a lot then we really want to help restore the form. yes, studies have shown that if women have an immediate reconstruction meaning they go to sleep. they have the most active and have the reconstruction as part of the same procedure experienced much of a loss emotionally and psychologically as women who have their removed and then wait either after chemotherapy or radiation there be before they have their press restore the website domain name did br a benefit dot com and we are raising money virtually that will go directly to women in need financial assistance to pay for their reconstruction. you throughout california. we are hosting a virtual fashion show where 2 of my patients are modeling a beautiful lingerie line that was. put
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forth more women that are facing changes in their body such as cancer. the name of the line ever >> and it was created by a cancer survivor herself. her name is kerry kotler a woman maintain her sense of being able were close. and, you know, lot of beating too. and for women who've already lost of rest. restoring the form. and it just has measurable benefits. it just helps them feel whole again and it helps them to move on as much as possible after their cancer diagnosis. it's just i had tears running down my face. and so heartwarming. there is grand prizes are out. all there is a lecture, a shopping experience. >> and we are constantly uploading new videos of patients sharing their reconstruction experience talking about why they have reconstruction what it meant to them. and you know what they can share with other women that are may think may
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be facing cancer right now are considering having a reconstruction years after their cancer diagnosis. so it really is going to be amazing. >> the bra benefit fund raiser will last the entire month of october and we've posted a link with details on our website at kron 4 dot com. >> still ahead, one of the most active volcanoes on earth is a rough thing again on hawaii's big island. why it could potentially last for >> a beautiful day around the bay area today. what about friday the weekend? we'll have friday the weekend? we'll have th i've seen how cancer can affect the people i care about. that's why i'm helping protect myself against some cancers like certain cancers caused by hpv. for most people, hpv clears on its own. but for those who don't clear the virus hpv can lead to certain cancers in both women and men. gardasil 9 is the only vaccine that helps protect adults through age 45 against certain diseases caused by hpv, including cervical, vaginal, vulvar, anal, and certain head and neck cancers, such as throat and back of mouth cancers, and genital warts.
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>> one of the most active volcanoes is erupting again on hawaii's big island. the kill away. a volcano began spewing lava at hawaii volcanoes national park yesterday afternoon. officials say there's no present danger to nearby residents like last time scientists detected increased earthquake activity in what they call ground swelling and they raised the alert levels ahead of this eruption callaway is most recent eruption began last december and lasted for 5 months. locals were asked to stay indoors to avoid exposure to ash in clouds. well, let's check on our 4 zone forecast. we're getting closer to friday looking outside. now the golden gate bridge. the sun setting behind the bridge there. not much traffic and that any clout is setting earlier and earlier, lawrence, that means is winter's coming. yes, 6.54 sunset guys tonight. yeah. because of the colors owner skies up above us.
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>> looks like we're for change now over the next couple of days enjoying these last warm days before head in toward those colder months ahead. but here we are looking good out there now clear skies all around the bay area, beautiful sight all the way to the coastline. plenty of sunshine there as well. now overnight tonight, that may change a little bit model starting to pick up on that as well. maybe return a couple of patches of fog right along the immediate coastline and a few high clouds begin to drift in later on that as part of a weak cold front sliding into the state. but boy, there's just not much energy. just a couple passing high clouds by the time it gets here, then that moves out of town. we clear out your skies and we're going to crank up those temperatures with some offshore winds tomorrow. the good news is no fire danger. no red flag warnings. just a great day to enjoy the beautiful weather. 76 downtown san francisco, 68 in the sunset about 70 degrees in daly city about 66 in the half moon bay 84 in millbrae 74 degrees. south san francisco. you're filled with 80's as you make way down the peninsula
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and some parts of the south bay 80's and some 90's begin to pop up on the warm to hot side and then getting hot inland about 90 degrees in pleasanton about 90 also walnut creek 79 in berkeley. 79 also in oakland should be gorgeous all day long. lots of sunshine and hot weather inland warm temperatures along the coastline as well. then things begin to change but not often we squeeze in a nice weekend. should be some hot temperatures saturday and sunday cooling off a little bit on monday. much cooler. the clouds start to roll in late next week, then maybe a chance of some rain. thank you, lawrence. republican senator ted cruz has showed his support for a handful of nba players who are refusing the covid vaccine. >> including warriors player andrew wiggins the texas senator named for nba players in his tweet yesterday and stated that he stood with them in. he quoted lebron james saying you should not get involved in what other people do with their bodies screws and called on the vaccinated. lebron james to boycott playing games in arenas where vaccines are mandated such as
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chase center here in san francisco by the way, ted cruz himself is fully vaccinated. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> 3 wins away. that's the magic number for the giants if they want to win their division and have a guaranteed spot in the league divisional playoff round. but that pesky team down south. the dodgers is still putting on the pressure game tonight. kron 4 sports director jason dumas says out at oracle park for tonight's game with the diamondbacks. jason, what's the vibe like out there. >> it's great people are falling to into their seats right now. kate. and like you said, up to games with 4 games left this game tonight is so important because if the giants win regardless of what the dodgers do. they will make it extremely tough for la to catch them in the standings. and we know that division title is on their mind. now, speaking of that, this is just
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been a crazy division race. i mean, baseball probably hasn't seen something like this in years. get this september 30th. the giants have a 104 wins and they still have not clicks this division is like 2 heavyweight fighters going blow for blow that the giants and the dodgers right now. take last night, for example, the giants win a hard fought game one to nothing. alex wood pitcges a gem and they're going to the clubhouse. all smiles. and guess what, you see you see the dodgers up down 94 and they hit 4 home runs in the 8th inning and they come back and they beat the padres these 2 teams have just been elevating each other all season long. now i asked cape capital are about that. but gabe kaplan was pretty intentional. they don't like saying the dodgers name right here in oracle park. >> i don't think that our club is relying on that. think
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we've done pretty good job of of motivating right. as a group we want know more ourselves and that is question probably less reflection more next steps in. and so. i mean, there are those thoughts i think are are going through a lot of people's this is more of a i i think we're we're pretty good at focusing on the staff, right. right in front of a state. alex wood. i thought it was awesome. i talked about it last night was pretty micro i think that's a spot on description of what we've been and we need to be 2 to >> think gave was being kind of about him not paying attention to the dodgers and what they have been doing is pretty amazing what both teams have been doing. it's a race
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for the ages. as for tonight, this game just got started scott kashmir's on the bump for the giants for the diamondbacks. an old friend, madison bumgarner. he will get a standing ovation. of course, here. every time he comes to san francisco never has to pay for beer reporting live from oracle park. i'm jason dumas scrum for sports. >> thanks to some. yeah. i'm not buying that. the giants aren't paying attention to the dodgers either ok, almost basketball season draymond green showed up at warriors training camp today. that's after he for media day and the first 2 practice sessions he's been out with an excused absence now great shot around that the team, as you see here. but of course. i was most eager to hear from the always outspoken star. the practice session and he didn't disappoint stream on. had plenty of thoughts about the subject that dominated the start of training camp. and that, of course, is teammate andrew wiggins vaccinations. >> you have to people's filler. and their own personal
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beliefs. i think that's been when it comes to that vacinated and not vaccinated. you say we live in a land of the free. well, you're not given any want freedom because you're making people do something essentially it's not my place nor my business on whether he is fascinated or who else is fascinated or if you're fascinated not or he isn't. she is. that's none of my business. it's your own personal choice at the end of the day, what you do with your body and you know, my place to tell him what he should or shouldn't do is. >> well, it's good to have back and also not surprising that he had not okay. thank you, kate. thanks, haha. >> coming up, founders of the clothing chain that gap are selling a summer house. the nation's most expensive area tell you just how much that property value has grown since
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>> a bay area home purchased in 1975 for $211,000 is now selling for 100 million dollars that's crazy. the founders of gap clothing chain donald indoors fisher bought to this house in atherton is beautiful house in 1975. that was a lot of money. if the sale goes through, it will set
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the record for the most expensive home in the nation's most. >> expensive zip code, which is 9, 4, 0, 2, 7 that property is composed of 3 addresses actually and expands a total of 8 acres making it the 9th largest state in atherton. the fisher family has influence san francisco not only by revolutionizing the retail industry, but by their philanthropic support of education and the arts 7 gavin newsom has written a children's book talking about his struggles with dyslexia, the book is called ban and emma's big hit. the words will appear in open dyslexic to make it more readable for people who do have dyslexia. governor newsom says that he hopes that the book help students who are struggling with learning disabilities and whether or not you're in a committed or have a tight knit family or just consider yourself a free thinker. everyone can celebrate national love people day to day the day is dedicated to inspiring and supporting others with the power of
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unconditional. love organizers say there are many ways you can celebrate. of course you can perform a random act of kindness. you can give a handmade gift. even something like a palm or they say any kind gesture to a loved one or friend in your life will do just fine. so that's a nice thought on this thursday. have a good night to clotting. see
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♪ ♪ >> announcer: new covid scare at "w." >> hours after a live performance at "the view" aladdin shuts down after multiple covid breakthrough cases. >> announcer: and gridlock, a thousand cases dead in the water. >> here for days or weeks before they can unload their cargo. >> announcer: and meltdown. neighbor burp it like men versus neighbor, outside of the home of the most wanted man in america. and how come they have not tracked down gabby petito's fiance?


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