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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  September 30, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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unified school district could become the next east bay school system to require covid vaccinations for all eligible students. good evening, everybody. thanks for being with us tonight on kron 4 news at 9, i'm grant lotus and i'm justine waldman because is off tonight. and right now the school district is in a special meeting. >> debating this mandate and crowd forced to reverse aqi. it's been following the meeting. she joins us now live in the newsroom with more. taylor. what's been said so far tonight, which way are they leaning well, justine after nearly an hour and a half of public comment school board members are still discussing the possible student vaccination mandate. now among themselves. >> where we could see a vote as early as tonight. again, though, they haven't gotten there yet. the board is discussing vaccine requirements for vendors at the school for and for eligible students or 12 years and older so far tonight, parents and teachers have been very passionate about whether or not this proposal should pass on for 6 public commoners spoke out against the student vaccine mandate. dozens of others followed in support of
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requiring students to get shots in order to come on to campus and attend in-person classes. here's what some parents had to say so far. >> we should wait to find out more information. about the vaccine and the effects. there are no long-term studies of the vaccine on young people. i don't believe this mandatory vaccine is the right move at this time. strongly in favor possibly more in favor of any other resolution that were brought in front of his board. >> for these 2 vaccine mandate resolutions tonight. please do not give in to anti-vaccine misinformation, which is not at all science-based and calling in to strongly support the mandate. the vaccine for all who are eligible students and staff. our whole family and my daughter got vaccinated. the moment that we were eligible to. >> for 2 reasons. one was to protect ourselves and the other was to protect the people around us.
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>> now contra conta cat skews me contra costa county's health officer put out a letter earlier today and in part reading, quote, for the safety and health of students staff families and the community and as an effective tool to help keep the students in the classroom. i offer my strong support and each and every school district that takes continued and additional steps to promote covid-19 vaccination for all students and also earlier this month, west contra costa unified was on the verge of becoming the eu for school district to approve student vaccinations. however, that original meeting was pushed back to today. instead, oakland unified became the first of many others have followed. but we're going to continue to follow these meetings for you. and we will provide the very ming up at the 10 o'clock hour. for now. we're live in the newsroom. taylor sackey kron 4 news. appreciate that taylor. meanwhile, 3 other east bay school districts do plan to make covid vaccinations mandatory for students who are eligible right now. >> that is for kids 12 and older. the district's implementing hayward piedmont and oakland unified hayward
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students will need to show proof of vaccination by december 17th in piedmont. students have to be vaccinated by november 17th and the oakland mandate. it won't take effect before january 1st. so some time in 2022, although no official date has been given so stand by. there. also we know the berkeley unified school district is discussing a student vaccine mandate. >> as of today, all state health care workers must be vaccinated. governor gavin newsom signed the order back in august giving workers and hospitals. time to comply. and for instance, at kaiser where records are showing there is 97%. there are vaccinated or have requested medical exemptions or religious exemptions that are also in the process of being evaluated and at sutter health. 92% of workers are vaccinated. doctor peter chin. hong from ucsf says with these high rates of does seem to challenge the concerns over worker shortages
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which had become a growing concern in other states. we're looking at similar mandates. >> ready. have a shortage with and traveling there says. >> at least in the bay those predictions come to light. >> and people are sort of rising up to the challenge. >> vaccine mandates for health care workers are also in place in other states like new york, rhode island, maine, oregon and washington, dc. >> all city employees in san jose are now required to be vaccinated. people who are not vaccinated could face consequences up to and including termination. you see some of the numbers here. the city spokesperson says there enough not to fire people right away because they say that getting closer right now. according to city hall than 7,000 city employees are vaccinated. so now bad. 349
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people have applied for religious or medical exemptions and 256 people have gotten those requests approved when it comes to first responders. now about 87% of police and 92% of firefighters who are vaccinated as many as 160 officers say they might resign or retire rather than get the vaccine, leaving the department even more short-handed than it is right now. another big story we're watching tonight there are concerns across the bay area for people with unpaid rent. >> the eviction moratorium officially expires at midnight tonight even though it's ending renter short on funds. still have an avenue to protect themselves. kron four's dan kerman explains. >> across california concerns from apartment, residents and their advocates about california's eviction. moratorium which ends september 30th. many people are not back to work full time can't get back to work full time. >> and this is gonna hurt on.
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we cannot afford to have 10's of thousands of people out in the streets because they're addicted after extending the moratorium several times. the state legislature no longer have the support to do it again. something the california apartment association was pleased with over 50% of our rental housing stock is in single family homes owned by small owners. >> if they haven't and are not going to get paid soon. many of them are going to have to sell where they face foreclosure. so now is the time. but the expiration of the moratorium does not leave renner's hanging out to dry. >> we extended. >> beyond the moratorium protections that are the strongest in the united states thraugh march 31st of 2022. >> during a speech wednesday. the governor reference california's covid-19 rent relief program, which is already paid out or is about to pay out one 0.5 billion dollars in rental assistance. >> if a household participates and the california covid-19
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relief program they will be protected the eviction process cannot proceed as long as the household is participating in the rental assistance program. state officials say people can go to the state's housing is key website. >> and apply for rental assistance. anytime between now and the end of march until a determination is made as to whether you qualify for rental assistance. you cannot be evicted. well, the state's eviction moratorium is ending several cities and counties have their own eviction moratorium such as alameda county and the city of oakland to name a couple. >> you should check with your local jurisdiction to see if that also applies to you. in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> the city of oakland is providing rental assistance to some tenants through the rental relief program. a household could receive up to $15,000. but the actual amount is dependent on the amount of debt or payment that is overdue and whether the household receives other support for past due rent this
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year. the average payment as of june 15th was $8700 to find out if you're eligible and also to get more information, you can go to our website. kron 4 dot com. new tonight at 9 wild pigs are back and they're terrorizing homeowners in the east bay. people living in lafayette have been complaining about the pigs. they're trampling all over their yards. yeah. officials, though, say they're working to stop these problematic pasts. >> kron four's. dan thorn live in lafayette tonight. he joins us with more on that pig problem. happy alliteration awareness day. dan, what's the deal with the picks. >> well, grande justine feral hogs they are back and they are picking out on people's lawns. this first became a problem back in 2019 the city brought in a trapper. they did end up helping out. but now these invasive animals are back there searching for food. they are searching for water
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and their fight for survival is once again becoming a big issue here in lafayette. a number of lafayette lawns. look just like this grass trampled and tossed about it's the work of some parched and pesky pigs. >> they are here. they're really driven down by the drought conditions. they're looking for food there looking for water jonathan county on ag is lafayette's parks, trails and recreation director. but over the last few years of fielding more than a 100 wild hog complaint calls. he now has the unofficial title as the area's pig professional. it's nice to be able to be in a position right. can information to the community. there's a lot of neighbors that are really upset by the damage that happened. you hear whispers about pigs in a back fence. never had turned to so many pigs in the area. and it's really a sign of the times and these drought conditions that are driving the wildlife. >> further into the neighborhoods and out of the hills. the city has dealt with this pick problem once before in 2019, the invasive animals
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chew through neighborhoods and athletic fields causing more than $25,000 in damage. a trapper was able to get rid of more than a dozen of them. >> but now they're back. we had about 6 or more pigs come last night. our dog was in the window barking about 1230, and looked out the window and pigs were all over. linda morris has lived in the burton valley neighborhood for more than 20 years and couldn't believe what was happening. we came out to scare them and they didn't want to leave. we were throwing stones trying to get rid of them. and they just didn't care charles t and moved to lafayette just over a year ago he sympathetic to the pigs fight for survival, but he also wants the city to stop you know, keeping my fingers crossed that they don't come back in the syrian city will take care of the problem for now sections of trails with in lafayette community park have been closed off to keep people and pets safe from the picks. >> county and he is expecting to get a handle on the hungry
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hot. >> we have currently closed some trails at the north in the park for the safety of the visitors while we work to mitigate the pick problem. we want to ensure that there's no encounters between any hikers and pigs. >> we'll ask for what you can do about the pig problem. there's not really much you can notify the city or you can hire your own trapper. but the city is asking people if you have dogs, keep them on a leash, especially at the lafayette community park to make sure that you don't have any unwanted run-ins with any wild picks reporting live in lafayette. dan thorn kron 4 news. thank you, dan and this pig issue isn't just a problem in lafayette. no, not even close. earlier this month. feral pigs were caught tearing up lawns and landscaping in san ramon. >> the pigs dug up property in the norris canyon estates community that damage cost thousands of dollars to california, department of fish and wildlife says these pigs which have been issues in
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years past as well are just looking for food there. and sand remote as well. happening tomorrow. caltrans is going to be closing highway for this is big. starting from discovery bay boulevard in contra, costa county all the way to tracy boulevard and san joaquin county. closure starts at 10 tomorrow night and will last until 05:00am monday caltrans says highway 4 is going to be closed because crews will be making upgrades and repairs to covert and drainage systems. it's time now to get a check of our weather forecast is they take a live look outside here at the city of san francisco. >> it's really hitting that sweet spot of san francisco weather. september, october chef's left always the the warmest hear chief meteorologist lawrence karnow warm us up with the hot friday. october first. yeah. october. 1st start on the hot side. i think through the weekend to these hot temperatures going to stick around. there will be some minor changes along the coastline tomorrow may become patches of fog start to factor in. i think overnight tonight.
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but right now skies are mostly clear out there looking toward the golden gate bridge, no fog coming to the gauges jet and for the most part, yes, some pretty warm in areas 70 degrees still in 7 tail 50's along the coastline with that ocean breeze. still a beautiful evening in san jose. it 70 to 71 in fremont, 66 in berkeley, 61 in santa rosa and 69 degrees in saint helena. so some very nice numbers out there now show you where we're headed for tomorrow. i think even warmer weather is on the way. weak cold front. you see it's lighting up the pacific northwest falling apart as it moves in the california enough to ramp up that marine layer a little bit and james, winds to more of an onshore breeze at the coastline but not for long. behind that high pressure starts to build in all of a sudden start talking offshore winds. couple batches of fog trying to form out there toward the beaches right now more than on the way overnight tonight. but that ridge is going to start to build an front moves through the front's going to continue to just fall apart as moves on by high pressure going to set itself up. then we start to talk. but more of a northerly component. the wind outside and that's going to be enough to crank up these
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temperatures. looks like things are going to get pretty hot, even hotter by tomorrow afternoon around a good part of the bay area. so numbers tomorrow. the growth in the 90's inland about 90 degrees or so in livermore, 90 in concord, 19 antioch. maybe 92 in morgan hill. lot of 80's around the band along the coastline 60's and maybe a few 70's next couple days. well, there you go. enjoy your nice warm to hot weekend ahead. maybe the last real what we see the season hard to tell so far because by next weekend could be a whole different story. keep your fingers crossed. some of the models are starting to say maybe a chance of rain coming our way. let's hope so. yeah, we need to. all right. thanks a ok. well, kron. 4, of course, is here. local election headquarters right. san francisco supervisor. matt haney has announced by lawrence, his candidacy in the special election to represent california's 17 assembly district alone. that the seat was left vacant when david chu
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was appointed san francisco city attorney this week. >> haney here has already was she's received endorsements from the board of supervisors. president shamann walton, california assembly member ash color and california state superintendent of schools. tony thurmond. and santa clara county supervisor cindy chavez. she wants to be san jose's next mayor and she made the announcement today outside of her home and chavez is joining a handful of others who are vying to replace mayor sam liccardo after he terms out in 2022. >> councilmember raul peralez dev davis and matt mahan joined the race. just a few days ago. also running is former congressional candidate jonathan stepped on. >> national news now with only hours to spare president biden signed legislation tonight to a void, a partial federal shutdown to keep the government funded through at least december 3rd congress had passed the bill earlier
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tonight. it includes 6 billion dollars to helped resettle afghan refugees and 28 billion for disaster relief victims. so joining us now to talk about the averted. a government shutdown is donna crane from san jose state university. thank you so much for joining us. donna. >> great to be here. ok, so why did we get to this point again. i feel like we've been talking about averting government shutdowns down to the wire like several times. why does it have to they have to wait till the last possible minute to pass anything to make this part to keep the government running. >> well, you know, congress is so different from you and me. you know, some other unknown to write my bills at the last every year, congress has to pass 12 appropriations bills in order to keep the government running and the beginning of the fiscal year is october first. so if they don't do it in time. then part or all the government shuts down. and this is a lot of work and they're trying to squeeze this work into the other stuff that they do and you got to get all the
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relevant parties to agree. and so sometimes they just don't get to it. so it's actually quite normal. it maybe sounds scary, but it's actually pretty normal for congress to just give yourself a little bit of an extension. and that's what it's done tonight. >> one of the things that democrats and republicans tend to be able to agree on a little bit is infrastructure and there will be no infrastructure vote on that bill tonight. can you explain to our some of the democratic infighting. and what you think is the future of an infrastructure bill in this country. >> yeah. you bet. there are 2 huge pieces of legislation that that they're sort of their political fates are tied together. the first is the sort of traditional infrastructure bill. it's about a billion the u.s. could be a trillion dollars and it would pay for things like roads airports, high-speed internet, that kind of thing. and the second bill is over
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3 trillion dollars and that would pay for what's being described as human helping with child care community pre k those kinds of things. and there's one group of democrats holding each bill sort of hostage, if you will, in order to exert maximum leverage over the other right. so the 2 have their fates tied together and nancy pelosi is negotiating what i understand furiously between the 2 groups and they weren't able to reach a deal tonight, but she said on away from the capitol just a few minutes ago that there will be a vote on this tomorrow which for them is today friday haha, when we're talking about bills that are trillions of dollars. multiple bills that are trillions of dollars. does the united states really have that kind of money to spend on these projects. >> i mean, yes, we do. we're certainly, you know where the wealthiest country on earth would the wealthiest country
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really in so, yes, we do. and it's all a matter of perspective. of course we spend that kind of money on defense bills. >> we're talking about 3 trillion or 1 trillion over 10 years. so yes, we do. i personally would also argue that most of the projects that are included in these 2 bills investments. these are this is not, you know, throwing money away. this is money that hopefully will improve our economic standing and help people become even more productive. so that's ideally will result in investments. >> and human infrastructure you're talking about that includes climate you know, help for climate change, which obviously is important to a lot of people. we haven't even talked about the debt ceiling. and the fact that, you know, later in october, october 18th is the deadline to raise that which we have always done. but i guess there is some concern that that might not happen this time and that the
9:20 pm
chairman of the chairwoman of the fed, janet yellen said today she's in favor of just doing away with the debt ceiling idea altogether because she calls it destructive. how do you see that playing out. >> yeah. the debt ceiling votes are have become crazy. so they used to be very routine and just to give brief background. you know, congress makes commitments even if we have to deficit spending to have to spend money. we don't have and so the the sort of the the analogy here is imagine you have already accumulated doesn't your credit card and you call the bank an axe ask for the limit to the to be raised in the bank says no. so then what do you do if you're the united states, you lose, you know your full faith and credit. it's a routine vote for congress to lift the debt ceiling, but it has now turned into yet another hostage taking opportunity. so i actually with chair yellen on this. i think that we should get rid of it. i think it serves no constructive purpose
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anymore and just provides another opportunity to terrify all of us observers. >> all right. sounds fun. where adulting here. donna crane, we're out of time, but we thank you so much for your perspective and your explanations here tonight. thanks for joining us. now create a lecture with san jose state university. well, thank you. thank you, governor. >> coming up here during kron 4 news at 9 policing policies are about to change the new law signed today by governor gavin newsom. >> and also coming up on dine and dish one of san francisco's iconic restaurants has made a comeback. we will go to the newly improved boulevard.
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>> tough business restaurants. as we know coming go, particularly during the pandemic, but a precious few indoor and such is the case of san francisco's iconic boulevard celebrating its 28th anniversary. >> and for fans of this famous eatery starting tonight. you can finally make a reservation about that. welcome to 2021 kron four's. vicki liviakis has the story in tonight's dine and dish. >> if you miss san francisco's iconic waterfront restaurant boulevard like i have. you'll be relieved to know that it's back and better than ever and chef. nancy oakes could be happier. love san francisco. it is beautiful city i to wake serving san francisco diners
9:25 pm
for 28 years. boulevard shut down for renovations and several long months later. act. >> chef is able to show off the beautiful refurbished digs whimsical and posh yeah, we do with having some fun with it. votes managed to keep her staff. she considers family the far post new cocktail concoctions reinvented boulevard. menu was always seasonal artistic and mouth watering like this. yellowtail crudo with shave ice or this column. ari with beans and burrata dish or this renewed gorgeous pesto or so with romanesque broccoli and topped off by a deconstructed carrot cake with carrot, sorbet and pecan ice cream and a little bit of purple berry. >> it just sort of more adult that still has the same childhood spin up and love and that pretty much sums up the
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boulevard experience were here around the corner. we're ready we're ready to have you come visit be our guest. >> in san francisco. vicki liviakis kron 4 barred. we're always looking for great places to profile and dine and dish. >> in your neighborhood. let us know you can scan this qr code here on your screen. it will take you right to the dine and dish page on our website where you can submit your favorite restaurants for us to feature. >> governor gavin newsom has signed a bill. what will return historical black skews me a beach back to its rightful owners who happened to be black. how the community in southern california is reacting tonight. plus honoring their data routes. salah south bay event this weekend is keeping indigenous traditions alive and well. plus, changing police practices in california. a new law signed today to better hold officers accountable for their actions. how police unions and family members who people have died while in
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police custody are
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after my car accident, i wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. when that car hit my motorcycle, insurance wasn't fair. so i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. at the barnes firm, our injury attorneys work hard to get you the best result possible. call us now and find out what your case could be worth. you might be surprised. ♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> california is joining the vast majority of states in setting up a way to strip the badges of police officers who acts criminally or who act with bias. governor newsom signed the legislation requiring the changes in policing practices in the new law was driven in part by last year's murder of george floyd. >> by a minneapolis police officer kron four's can wait
9:30 pm
is joining us now. he is live in the newsroom with details on this new legislation could evening can't get in justine grant sp 2 allows the state to. >> decertify a police engage is in serious misconduct. decertification would prevent that officer from working at another law enforcement agency, state senator steven bradford of gardena in southern california authored the bill aiming to target the bad apples and police departments. governor newsom says he's mindful that quote, california is a leader in police reform and a leg or on police reform. he says while s p 2 is progress. california still has more work to do. california is asserting itself in certain areas, but it's remarkable that we still struggle in other areas. >> senator reference just on this critical and important bill on decertification there's 46 other states 46 other states that established foundational laws to address that issue. why is it so hard to the right thing. and yet it
9:31 pm
remains still hard to do the right thing. >> the police unions for the cities of los angeles, san francisco and san jose of issued the following statement in response to sb 2 signing saying in part, quote, despite the fanfare, senator bradford's attempt to decertify peace officers for traffic tickets unfounded complaints and unsubstantiated allegations was defeated. the biased panel established in his bill has 0 authority to decertify an officer. they can recommended to the post commission now that a decertification process has been established. we urge senator bradford and the legislature. the focus on reducing the rise in shootings. homicides and robberies. each of our cities are grappling with newsom. also signed bills limiting the use of rubber bullets during protests and barring a type of restraint hold that has led to deaths live in the newsroom. ken wayne kron. 4 news. >> sounds good. you can look
9:32 pm
forward to the sound of those drums and the site of those dancers. this weekend in san jose. the native community is celebrating. it's tradition and history at a free event is called indigenous peoples day and for many locals, this is one of the very few opportunities to come together and pass along these traditions. >> to the next generation. kron four's. i was like money and is here now to explain. good evening to you. >> just grants. so this event is just one way to share many lessons frtm the native american community as well as the indigenous community of mexico. we do have a lot of both of those populations right here in the bay area. and we are still here. we are thriving. that is the message from the event organizers of indigenous peoples day in san jose this weekend. they're excited to welcome people from all tribes and collectively honor their history and traditions. >> you leave me. plan b lee has been dazzling bay area
9:33 pm
audiences with an aztec dance group for more than 20 years. this weekend. he is hosting yet another event in san jose titled indigenous peoples day. welcoming natives of all tribes to share and observe age old traditions starting with the land recognition and featuring men walk along with aztec dancers and artisan creations. it's important to do this. and not only that, 2 to teach our children which here in the bay area. there's a large population of not only. >> may be quote, unquote native american, but you know, makes again our is what some people call to are making gun latino. some people say, you know, community here in the bay area in most of those children and most of those people have indigenous blood in them. so it's it will also want to empower them with identity, with culture, with community, with traditions many northern california tribes are not federally recognized and without land where they can gather. >> so there has been a growing movement to reconnect to
9:34 pm
ancient routes and proclaim that their people and customs are alive and well today after searching for his own pima and aztec family history to get out of sunnyvale launched the unified indigenous movement page on instagram during the pandemic which quickly amassed 10's of thousands of followers in search of community. i love the fact that i'm able to help people. reconnect. >> i love the fact that i'm able to spread spread awareness. get explains like his own family. many native americans pretended to be mexican. >> taking on new last names to hide from spanish settlers today. he's looking forward to the weekend to instead honor their ancestors and passed down lessons to his own kids. and now that i found out. >> more about my history and my reults. i feel more connected and i feel more at home. that you know, it's i feel more at peace that i know i am and i can raise my kids the way you know, with th with this knowledge, i teach them so they can teach their
9:35 pm
kids how we can keep it going sekera encourages people to move past whatever roadblocks may surface during their search of their identity saying it is totally worth it. >> the did to this people's day event starts tomorrow. it's going to go on through sunday over at the garden at the flea on various in san jose. >> we're going to post those details up on kron. 4 dot com live in the studio. ella sogomonian kron 4 news. thank you so much. righting a wrong tonight returning a piece of valuable land. back to the rightful owners after nearly a century. >> governor newsom signed the bruces beach bill manhattan beach took the land from a married black couple through eminent domain under the pretense of building a much needed public park. but instead the land stood idle for decades reporter mark mester has more. >> sign this bill would turn this property over. >> governor gavin newsome making history in manhattan beach officially granting la
9:36 pm
county, the legal authority to transfer ownership of bruce's beach. back to the descendants of the original owners what we're doing here today. am. >> can be done and replicated anywhere else. yeah, the stunning to parcel property which overlooks the pacific ocean. >> was purchased back in 1912 by willa and charles bruce, they created the first west coast resort for black people during a time of racial segregation. but racism and harassment made it impossible for the owners to operate and for members to enjoy the city eventually use eminent domain to seize the land 12 years later they use the law to commit a crime county supervisor. janice hahn is one local lawmaker who supported the land transfer and talks about what the bruce family can now do with the land. it will be up to the family to decide what they want to do with it. >> they may want to lease the lifeguard facility back to the county so that they have guaranteed income for a while while they figure out what they want to do. they may want to tear down the lifeguard
9:37 pm
facility and and do something else. so i think it's important for me that the bruce family makes those decisions themselves many descendants of the bruce family were present for the governor sign. >> and reacted to the history made and this is not reparations. what we're getting here. this is restitution for criminal act. >> that was mark mester reporting for us tonight. the city of manhattan beach recently condemned the actions of their predecessors but fell short of apologizing. governor newsom use part of his words state to formally apologize to the bruce family. now the legal process to transfer the land back is underway. and officials say that could take about 2 years. still ahead here tonight, new body camera video has been released in the gabby petito homicide case. >> what we know about what petito told officers right before she died. >> a little fog trying to form along the coastline riwht now. could we see change if your friday, it will be hot. we'll talk about it next. and in sports draymond never one to
9:38 pm
be shy. >> he made his warriors debut in camp today had some very direct comments about vaccine mandates. you'll hear from dre. also updates on the giants and the dodgers as the nl west race is coming dow
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as your hepatitis b may worsen or become life-threatening. serious or life-threatening side effects can occur, including allergic reactions, lactic acid buildup, and liver problems. if you have a rash and other symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop dovato and get medical help right away. tell your doctor if you have kidney or liver problems, or if you are, may be, or plan to be pregnant. dovato may harm your unborn baby. use effective birth control while on dovato. do not breastfeed while taking dovato. most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, trouble sleeping, tiredness, and anxiety. so much goes into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato-i did. ♪ >> and now kron 4 sports. >> it's getting exciting. the dodgers trying to outlast the dodgers in this divisional race down to the wire and san
9:41 pm
francisco for now. still 2 games up in the national league west with 4 games to play coming into tonight. so their magic number, is it 3? that's 3 wins needed to clinch the division. let's check the score of this one. the giants got into a 3 nothing deficit after only a half inning. but behind a home or from brandon crawford and an rbi double from buster posey. good stuff. both of their former teammate madison bumgarner san francisco has fought back to tie the score you see right now for 4 right now it's in the bottom of the 8th inning. we got to see what's going on with the enemy to the dodgers have broken their game open against the padres 3 runs in the 6th inning. give them a 73 lead. this one now in the 7th inning. it is 8, 3, dodgers. so it looks like the giants are gun a half to win in order to stay up those 2 games in the division with 3 games left after tonight. let's talk some hoops stream on green showed up that warriors training camp today afternoon. >> from media day monday. and
9:42 pm
then the first 2 practice sessions he'd been out with an excused absence stray shot around the team a little bit. as you can see, that, of course. one was most eager to hear from the always outspoken star after the practice session and he didn't disappoint. fremont had plenty of thoughts about the subject that dominated the start of training camp. that, of course, is teammate andrew wiggins vaccination status. >> you have to people's filler. and their own personal beliefs. i think that's been when it comes to that fascinated the not vaccinated. you say we live in a land of the free. well, you're not given any want freedom because you're making people do something essentially it's not my place nor my business on whether he is fascinated or who else is fascinated or if you're fascinated not or he isn't. she is. that's none of my business. it's your own personal choice at the end of the day, what you do with your
9:43 pm
tell him what he should or shouldn't do is. >> have a feeling we're going to be hearing more about this now the first regular season. is october 21st. so even the preseason begins next week. that is really the date to circle on the calendar in terms of when wiggins will have to get the job or risk missing playing time and
9:44 pm
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>> welcome back. time to talk weather as we have one eye on friday. the other eye on the weekend. i guess our 3rd eyes on the golden gate bridge. a live look at that. >> our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is joining us now look at the warm start to october yet lauren 3. i think you very much. looking right back at you guys. we've got some great weather ahead as we've got high pressure really building in nicely now and after that ridge builds in behind this cold front heat things right back up. the offshore winds are going to kick in and here we go. we're going to start to see those temperatures soaring again as we head toward the afternoon still coming patches of fog may just sneaking along the coastline overnight tonight intonearly tomorrow morning. there comes that cold front rolling on by. but you see just kind of fall apart as it moves on through majors ramp up that marine layer. goes by we clear our skies here comes as temperatures will warm up nicely mid 70's downtown san francisco along the coastline to find some 60's may be getting close to 70 degrees. 83 in millbrae temperatures warming up as you head for the
9:47 pm
south back. those numbers probably get a little on the hot side inland tomorrow. 80's some 90's by tomorrow afternoon. spots inland toward livermore. the tri valley walnut creek. you're looking at 90 degrees. so if the idea is going to be a toasty beginning to october. looks like it will continue that way to the weekend. big changes next week. much cooler. a chance of rain late next week. thank you so much. more. and there's new video tonight and its body camera video from that encounter. police officers had. >> with gabby petito and brian laundry. they ee or hear in the back of the law enforcement vehicles from the moab city police department in utah. this was and august 12th traffic stop. >> you said they were victims or witnesses and even trying very hard is not having any trouble. it does have marks on to say. we're cause. i just
9:48 pm
even use a and i don't have anyone saying he sounds like it was in a manner that was probably more consistent with trying to prevent you from entering the banner for to get space for not to assign a if the tables were turned and he was the night you and your shoving him. of course, we'll look at forces defend yourself away from the sky we're kind of looking at the same with him and we have to treat both fair, even if he's a bigger mail in your small the law doesn't say, hey, officer off and you can treat people different based on gender and it we even if it makes no sense that probably could not a sickly destroy. this man. the way could you we can't reach a different >> meanwhile, the fbi visited the house of brian laundrie's parents today in north port florida laundry who is missing is wanted in questioning with this debt with the death of his girlfriend. gabby petito.
9:49 pm
>> chilling body camera video that another big story we're following tonight. the case of in the arizona desert june 23rd he is a geologist and left a nearby work site that morning has not been seen since reporter nancy loo has the latest now on the search. >> i have faith i really have my son back. a life. >> david robinson is on the biggest mission of his life after serving 2 tours in the desert of afghanistan. the army that has no plans to leave the deserts of arizona until he finds his 24 year-old son daniel. >> treated like a mission like you said on the threat for professional do my job and family he's my son and his father. this >> the job has been filled with frustration. daniel is a geologist who works for a company analyzing sediment in
9:50 pm
the area for a well. he was last seen leaving the work site in buckeye on the morning of june 23rd. a month later, a rancher found robinson's jeep crashed into a ravine. >> his keys wallet and phone were in the suv. but there was no sign of him. >> and i think first thing he would have done if he was in that vehicle is currently scares phone with them i couldn't imagine someone 24 years old. want the test this fall. i'm leaning more towards i don't think 10 the private investigator working with the robinson family suspects foul play is involved. he says there are too many unanswered questions raised by data recovered from the vehicle to vehicle had 11 additional miles on it from the 10 year bags deployed and had 46 additional edition cycles. >> on it after their base to geoff mcgrath. also notes red paint transfer on the right side of the vehicle was tipped over on the passenger side. so there's no red paint in the series. so how that got there. that's why i'm saying that vehicle did not crash or the
9:51 pm
vehicle was its last place of rest was here, but something was going on with that vehicle. the buckeye police department refused an interview request but provided its report in which co-workers said daniel made on comments about needing rest before he left the job site that morning. >> his father describes daniel is always friendly and well adjusted since his birth without a right hand. they don't wear a process that it's, you know, you know, you born without a hand, you know where frost that all try to get them where no mom. i want to, you know, be who i am. you know, the >> is living his dream. he became interested in jail that even if this first year in college, his freshman year. took a class unveiled that to set it off. you know, just like the gabby petito case. internet sleuths are also at work on this one. just seeing the way the car was the jeep was and the evidence to me it actually does support foul play. brian watch hosts a
9:52 pm
mystery and adventure show on you to a recent episode featured daniel's disappearance after then got lots of. >> comments people in and around the area. that's others prime carjackings that happen all the time. and it's it's bad something that they're aware. >> the search for daniel forges on and this man on a mission will remain in arizona until there are answers i don't know the bank and more the skokie watching and keep certain. >> but a mystery that was nancy loo reporting for us tonight. >> next one wrote his iconic song lose yourself you probably did not think that years later would very specific line in that song would lead to a successful restaurant opening. we're going to take you to the grand opening of mom's spagh
9:53 pm
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9:55 pm
>> it will be a star-studded lineup. look at this talking see some hall of famers hip-hop legends could be playing the super bowl halftime show doctor dre snoop evan and mary j blige kendrick lamar will all be performing for the first time together in la. the show is currently produced by jay z's roc nation and pepsi jaycee has a relationship with the nfl j c said the show will be. history in the making. and speaking of
9:56 pm
evan and he launched a restaurant in detroit and it's based on one of his more popular songs. this makes me feel a little all from the early 2 thousands. >> remember that? we thing. and it it it's an ode the restaurant or the i guess it's called mom's that's the name of the restaurant. name of the restaurant is mom's spaghetti and that is an ode to the opening lyrics in the song lose yourself right. yes, his palms are sweaty knees weak arms, a heavy. there's vomit on the sweater already mom's spaghetti at that. you better lose yourself. in the music. the moment. the restaurant never let it go open today. there it is. you're going to get fired. simple dishes like a spaghetti sandwich. and of course, spaghetti and meatballs classics on the menu and was there serving food to the fence. he previously sold mom's spaghetti to pop a
9:57 pm
restaurant in 2017. he also delivered 400 dishes to front-line workers in detroit last year and some fans are speculating. the restaurant is all part of a. >> rollout of a new album. and i ask you this grant you. but there is an 8 mile long line to get the that even like that over the move as a good movie. >> you think you really think they would tie something together to try to sell albums. you got out. they don't do that. >> but could be with you. that wraps up kron 4 news at night. you think your old haha. >> i mean, come early 2 thousands. that's not like yesterday. let's go back to the 60's. you guys. you guys of babies and you might be giants and broadcast. really maybe not. i know one eminem songs slim shady that's it. you want to sing it i'm just saying that's. >> it's too young for me. said at detroit? yeah. set on detroit. i'm not commenting on
9:58 pm
motor and motown is. and right. we'll our hello are talking grant, justine, thank you both. coming up at 10 o'clock just a couple of hours until the statewide eviction moratorium expires. but you still have options. if you are unable to make the rent the program that could let you stay in your home and some feral pigs are going hog wild in lafayette. they're tearing up yards and homeowners just can't figure out how to stop them. >> what's being done to try to get those think
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