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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  October 5, 2021 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news, 4. >> good morning and thank you for joining us for the kron 4 morning news on october 5th. this tuesday. i'm reyna harvey. first we have to start this morning with my favorite part of the day. and that's always check in on the weather not know. and if i made the right decision the night before we hear it's what i decided to wear john. i mean, what's going to go on for the next couple of days. yesterday, probably the hottest day of the week. according to yesterday's forecast, if i remember you're remembering 100% yesterday
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easily the hottest one today, a big cool down compared to yesterday. >> tomorrow. going to be even cooler yet. so we're gradually sliding down the temperature ladder feeling a little bit more like fall each day to day is the perfect blend of the summer heat that we were in and the much cooler weather that we do have ahead of us. just a nice in-between of temperatures falling into the 60's 70's and barely low 80's. you outsider. berkeley hills. cam definitely looking different than it did yesterday. yesterday was crystal clear no marine layer today. hey there you are marine layer back with us and you can see that it does have an impact on his ability in pockets from san francisco to the oakland hills and up around the north bay around santa rosa to we are seeing some evidence of low cloud cover and fog that is streaming into the bay this morning. so do expect at least until the pate, the potential of some isolated pockets of lower visibility. as we do see the return of that ocean cool. there 50's for most of our current temperatures. a few 60's for the stimulant like pittsburgh in brentwood, conquered europe. 58 right now
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oakland and alameda teach at 56 after what is a mild but cool start temperatures later today rise into the 60's 70's and just barely the low 80's for daytime highs. cooler forecast than what we had been seeing. i'm talking the rest of this week's forecast all still to come back to john, thank you for that. all right. let's get a look at your traffic on this tuesday morning. heading from the east bay. >> into the city a little under 11 minutes for your drive time. there was also get a look at the san mateo bridge as you head across towards the peninsula. a little under 13 minutes for you to make that drive. let's check out the richmond. sandra as you're heading out of richmond, a little under 9 minutes with chp posted up there. so definitely want to drive the speed limit and about 20 minutes into the city via the golden gate bridge. we'll have more on your traffic and weather coming up. but for now, let's talk about what's happening today. well, the city of pleasanton is expected to declare a local drought emergency. that means water customers will be required to reduce their water consumption by 15%. well, right now it's
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not likely there's going to be any penalties for using too much water. but city officials say that could happen if people don't begin conserving water. you may begin to notice some changes in your water if you're an east bay, a customer. the district normally gets its water from river. well, but that's so much extra water is needed due to our dry conditions and east bay mud is going to start pulling about 11 billion gallons from the sacramento river between now and february water. district officials say customers may notice a slight change in their waters characteristics in says coming from a different source but not to be worry. all are in the south bay building badly damaged after a fire broke out monday morning. it started around 9.30 at taylor and spring streets. that's near the san jose airport and columbus part. the san jose fire department says the fire was so big they had to take defensive action. and that wasn't the only fire they had to do it.
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>> another fire occurred. at the same across the area here. which i'm not sure what that was. may have been a a. >> vehicle fire where mobile home or something like i'm sure it's it's a very busy area for fires. >> no word yet on what caused that fire. both are being investigated for possible arson. and in the north, a marine county fire says they managed to stop a wildfire from spreading to more than 2 acres. what's being called the hill fire broke out on whitehill near what acres. just west of fairfax. no word on how it started. there aren't any active accusation warnings at this time. oakland police are investigating the e% murder of a well-known public education advocate police say they responded to a home invasion on monticello avenue on friday night. police say dirk till to sun was shot during a home invasion in his maxwell park home in east oakland. well, tilda said was an attorney with more than 20 years of experience building
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schools across the country with an emphasis on working with and advocating for underserved communities. my heart sank. because. >> i'm your first. the first things you think about. our how senseless it is to lose someone too, who has done so much for the world. is that so much for the oakland community than york city. new york state community and any place that he touched and to lose his life in such a way as is just heartbreaking currently the incident is being investigated as a home invasion. >> robbery that has gone wrong this 105th homicide in our city is something that this reinforces the need for us to continue our efforts to re imagine public safety to strengthen and support our existing police force. we know that's still hanging out there in the ether is a crater that his legacy left. >> and we also need to figure out a way to fill it. >> the oakland unified school district is mourning the death of tilda sen the district
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superintendent released a statement commemorating the contribute the contributions to the education of students in oakland and the impact he left on them. and oakland families demand answers in the shooting of jonathan court as an fbi agent shot cortez at a corner store in food fell in september. kron four's that will save money and tells us the demands cortez family and the fbi's response. >> family and friends of jonathan court has held a rally outside oakland city hall monday morning in search of answers. they say the court has went to buy some things fruitvale corner store on september 13th and was shot by a lone fbi agent who rushed in with a gun drawn cortez his uncle and partner want to see surveillance video from that store. we. asking and demanding the but and the store. >> we really need answers. my
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heart goes out to the and also goes out to the youth in the community that had to witness the murder of jonathan cortez. >> by the agency. i asked all to reach out and try to find out anybody involved. anybody have any other planets to please let him come forward so we can find out why my nephew was killed. i thank you all very much for your time. i appreciate everybody being here. >> his family said their funeral was targeted by law enforcement who would not let them grieve properly. the fbi, san francisco division responded monday saying they did not conduct any enforcement investigative actions including arrests court as his funeral, nor was any done on the fbi's behalf and released this statement saying in part an fbi agent working with the u.s. marshals task force confronted a subject to make an arrest pursuant to multiple arrest warrants. all members of the rest team were clearly marked as law enforcement during the confrontation. the subject drew a firearm and was shot by
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the agent. they went on to say that the subject was a convicted felon with a history of violence. his past offenses included 2 convictions for assault and possession of a firearm by a violent offender at the sceni. agents recovered, an illegal firearm. any legal high capacity magazine and other firearm components. >> well, cortez family insist they want more clear transparent communication from the fbi and the family claims are being met with silence. the trial of the danville police officer andrew hall is underway. he faces manslaughter charges for shooting and killing a lot of the latest in november of 2018 opening statements were heard yesterday. prosecutors say hotshot are related 9 times as he was driving away from police hall claimed the shooting was in self-defense. the contra costa district attorney's office announced it was pressing charges in the incident after hall shot and killed another man earlier this year. an investigation into that shooting is ongoing.
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turning now to our covid-19 coverage. the vallejo city council will hold a special meeting to decide if they're going to extend the city's mask mandate. that happens today. the mandate specifically requires people to wear face coverings at indoor events. the original measure was passed at the end of august. but now it's up for either an extension or it will expire the meeting starts at 06:00pm. we're going to have the outcome of that meeting for you right here on kron. 4 news. the cdc took down its guidance for the upcoming fall holidays. a spokesperson says the guidance contain outdated information. the agency is now reviewing what the best practices will be in the current state of the pandemic in the u.s.. in the meantime, kron four's terisa spoke with a local expert to get an idea on what this year's holiday season might look like compared to last year's. >> you know, i i'm feeling very comfortable about it.
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doctor peter chin hong with ucsf on the upcoming holidays saying with modeling data reflecting covid-19 cases continuing to go down in the bay area. it is looking up about getting together with some exceptions. first looking at halloween parents going unvaccinated more likely to get. >> something in the community may bring it home. but in general in the bay area. the key going on very rapidly, i think by halloween should be really and an acceptable level with those 5.11 unable to get vaccinated and most likely to want to trick or treat the doctor has this suggestion indicted. the mosque is really kind of interesting for halloween itself. >> and you can be creative and make it look as part of the cost to turning to thanksgiving. the doctor says it is possible host may offer covid tests, especially if someone has a compromised immune system or young children as a way to stay
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safe. yet. get together, which is kind of a modern twist says rapid testing. so you say, ok, big family across the country feel free to come by. but i really feel most comfortable if you're vaccinated number 2, you know, i'm going to you know, reimburse you fe are binaxnow tests. then there is christmas again. the doctor says so much depends on whether guests are vaccinated or unvaccinated and whether children are around or not. if you know who's you know, you have to different territory these times covid and you know, it has to do it. acceptance of science acceptance and belief in vaccines. is no risk mitigation bees a very similar that we fight for the pandemic, but they've come to head more than ever before. right now in this country. theresa kron 4 news. coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news fleet week is back in san francisco. >> the best places to go in
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the city to see the event. plus a state of emergency declared in orange county, the extent of the damage. the county's scene from an orange and oil spill. there and a w istleblower set to testify against facebook. why she says the tech giant new its platform. that's harmful to young teens. will
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come back to the kron 4 morning news a time for you now. 04:14am, a real harvey. thanks for joining us this
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morning. >> and again, the next couple of days. we're starting to see a break in the heat unless you like the heat, then, you know, last couple of days as opportunity to have as much fun. take advantage of that war. our meteorologists john's raible getting a start for this tuesday job. where's the weather landing today. it's landed a little bit lower in the temperature letter. i guess you could say we are not going to be looking at as near of hot of temperatures as what we saw over the weekend. >> nor yesterday. today's daytime highs that are very warmest barely even in the 80's going to feel cool for a lot of us. you outside of the bay bridge this morning is showing clear skies at least a bridge level. you had above the bay bridge. and that's where we're seeing some of this low cloud cover which is resulting in some lower visibility for some of our upper elevation areas such as the east bay hills into the peninsula. some areas also with that lower visibility right around santa rosa, you've had a few issues, too. so it's closer to the coastline. not as crystal clear skies today, further inland. you're going to see ample amounts of sunshine cold
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front having well swung across the region in the high pressure ridge is now out of place and we are going to be looking at some breezy conditions, especially near the coastline overall winds of change. good air quality closer to the coast. look at that poor air quality that does still remain for the central valley. they will see improvements just as we will in our air quality over the coming days. worst temperatures at today well, compared to yesterday 78 mission in financial districts only 66 today is a noticeable change of pace, 50's and 60's at the coastline remaining pretty cloudy for much of the day in many parts of the coast. so big change from the heat and sunshine at the coast the past few days 70's for most of our bayshore cities are really comfortable day along the bay. san jose at 78 today. yesterday. you are at 88. so that is a 10 degree drop in temperatures. pleasanton dublin into the 70's. you are in the low 90's yesterday. so that is an over 10 degree drop in temperatures oakland at 69 while walnut creek at 78 danville as well
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as antioch and vacaville are some of our few low 80's that are on the map. most of us having well falling out of the 80's. the case of santa rosa through center fell. you're in the 70's today. now tomorrow's temperatures inland will call even further. no 80's on the map anymore. it's only going to be 70's for your daytime highs wednesday, thursday and friday look even cooler than that with friday being our best chance of rainfall even that it is just a slight chance, but i'm putting it on the forecast because i want you dissipate it saturday and sunday just in time for fleet week weekend clearing out really nicely, actually does look like mostly sunny skies return and highs will range from the 60's to the 70's reyna awesome. john, you think will be out there roughly probably do a little something for alec may be watching it right here on kron 4. you can do that carry it as well. all right. let's get a look at the bay bridge here heading from the east bay and to the city a little under 11 minutes, no major issues there.
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>> let's also go over and look at the san mateo bridge as you're heading across towards the peninsula a little under 13 minutes for your drive time there. the richmond sandra fell commute a little under 2 minutes as you get a san rafale and check out the golden gate bridge, about 20 minutes as you're traveling into the city. and like john said, fleet week skies and we really nice out there. well, governor gavin newsom signed a bill that was aimed at reducing the disparities and s between black women and women of all other races after pregnancy. black women are more than 6 times more likely to die within a year of pregnancy, then white women. the bill is nicknamed the momnibus. it requires california's department of public health to collect data on the racial and social economical factors that may contribute to these disparities. it also provides funding for guaranteed income as well as health insurance for women who are pregnant. we know the what we know, the lie. this is the how.
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>> s p 65 is the how to really hold ourselves to a higher level of accountability. we've been nibbling at the edges. we've been focused on this issue 3 years. but i had the privilege of being governor. we've talked about every budget are incremental steps to move forward to close these gaps. but this year i feel like we've done something that will break through. >> east bay. state senator nancy skinner wrote the bill. she and other lawmakers say they hope will become an example for other states to follow. and the biden administration is reversing a ban on abortion referrals by federally funded family planning clinics. those clinics such as planned parenthood, provide birth control and basic health care mainly to low income women. former president donald trump issued that ban on abortion referrals in 2018, the department of health and human services says those restrictions lead to as many as a 180,000 on intended pregnancies. turning to a big national story. the woman in
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exposed, facebook's internal data is testifying today. the data shows facebook's new. that is platforms, including instagram had harmful impacts on the well-being of young spteens and society as a whole raquel martin explains why the woman says the tech giant is putting profits over people. this will be the first on the public will hear directly from the whistleblower. >> expect her to call on congress to provide more oversight of facebook. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle following new revelations say they're eager to take action. >> we're going to pressure them republicans and democrats on capitol hill say it's time they step in to hold facebook accountable. we clearly need regulation after recent whistleblower revealed the platform for years. new at site with harmful for young teens and promoted hateful content online. if they change the algorithm to be safer make less money in an exclusive
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interview with 60 minutes, frances haugen a facebook employee who leaked thousands of pages of internal documents accuse the tech giant of betraying democracy tuesday. she'll testify before senators and demand that they get the fortitude and the motivation to actually go put those regulations into place. facebook remains on the defense last week. facebook's global head of safety testified before senators and downplayed internal finding showing instagram, which is owned by facebook promoted addiction and lou self esteem among teen falls research is not >> research is what teens said about their experiences. the platform also announced it will delay the launch of its instagram for kids designed for children under 13 people. see what else we can achieve republican senator marsha blackburn says she's eager to see what more should be done to protect users online monday. white house press secretary jen psaki said president biden supports reforms there that self-regulation is not
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working. >> lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have already thrown out several proposals to try and rein in on facebook. >> in other social media platforms practices. but others have cautioned that they're concerned about going too far in do not want to stifle innovation. expect to hear more on this discussion following today's testimony. for now in washington. raquel martin, back to you. coming up next on the kron 4 morning news september proved to be a violent month in oakland. the pleas from the city's police chief. >> to stop the violence will have that when we come back from break.
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>> wellfleet lee is back at san francisco's waterfront after being canceled last year due to the pandemic. they're going to be events all week long. one of the biggest attractions is the parade of ships. it's going to start friday at 11:00am set your alarm. it's going to be followed by the air show, which goes until the blue angels fly at 3.15. the best places to watch our long san francisco's in northern edge. crissy field in the west and the there, the marina green or the aquatic park in the fisherman's wharf area traffic will likely be an issue. so city officials are encouraging
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everyone to take public transit. but if you don't want to deal with traffic. the crowds. you can also watch our live coverage from the comfort of your own home. plus 4 is your blue angel station. we're going. >> show you a live show on saturday. october 9 at 02:00pm get that cold well, the san francisco bay ferry is celebrating one of its best weekends in years. the agency says. >> before the pandemic it would carry just under 7800 passengers on average weekend. this time of year. this past weekend, more than 10,000 people rode the ferry and that does not include the extra riders for yesterday's special service to oracle park. still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news coyote sightings caught on camera in pleasant hill. the warnings to residents walking their pets late at night. we'll have more on that we come back from break. welcome back to the
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kron 4 morning news a time for you now full or 29 approaching 04:30am, reyna harvey, thanks for joining us on this october 5th. it had to make sure looks like it is a parked over event. it's going so fast and needs to slow down just a bit. all right. our meteorologist john sabol has a forecast
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covered because we have a lot going fleet week. just people wanted to get outside. think someone said yesterday was like international which today by a little bit better day for that. but anyways. john, what can we expect as we're heading out this morning so definitely a change of pace right now. we are looking at temperatures, cooling down a little bit of fog pushing back into this forecast, too. >> we are seeing that low gray having pushed in across the bay during overnight hours pushed in by cool sea breeze that returned late yesterday. and yeah, no shortage of change is getting a look outside at our half moon bay camera conditions out there are on the low gray side. but visibility is fine afternoon bay for the most part, this cloudy blinken is sitting right above us. so it's our hillsides that at least most of us are running into that lower visibility densest a fog from point rays on through santa rosa this morning. well, areas like the oakland in hayward hills as well as portions of the peninsula. also shrouded in some of that gray this morning 50's for our


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