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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  October 19, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> the sites. >> and sounds of the burning oakland hills. 30 years ago tell the story. best. it all started. october 19th, 1991 when a small brush fire broke out near the caldecott tunnel oakland. firefighters called in 5 alarms to fight the flames. and by that evening, crews believed it was under control. we had reasonable that the bar with >> but the region was parched in the 5th year of a drought at the time and strong winds fanned those remaining members overnight, causing flames to explode back to life. we interrupt our regularly scheduled program for this news. both the major brush fire has erupted in the oakland hills. >> by the next morning. the fire began racing up the hillside of north oakland and southeastern berkeley. it was a firestorm with 50 mile an hour winds that reduced homes in its path to rubble before you knew it. there were flames everywhere. but then we left
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their apartment public. it was completely surrounded him playing powerless against the fast-moving flames of thousands were forced to flee their neighborhoods down tight windy roads to safety in some areas. firefighters even ran out of water and flames are coming into the cars as we're driving out some refused evacuation orders and tried to save their homes themselves. winds finally died down the night of the 20th. but the fire wouldn't be fully out for another 2 days. >> her house to say it. i mentioned that i mentioned the feeling of that. i mentioned there. is lady is looking your >> people returned to the area. happy to be alive. but devastated at all. they've lost 3,000 homes and buildings have been destroyed by those flames and by the end 25 people have died first responders. among them officer group penske's body was found a few yards up the road. >> his radio still in his
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hands, his body shielding that of a child who also died along with 5 others. he was trying to lead to safety. >> many who fled had to leave their pets behind a lucky few were reunited. >> what was going through your mind. >> and >> it sent out dry. >> 4 years later as the neighborhood started taking shape once again. a memorial wall was the 2000 hand painted tile mural still stands 30 years later at the rockridge bart station in oakland and those who survived the fire storm of 1991 still visit today and the beautiful view i had. >> that i enjoyed until the day of the fire. i lost 30 years of journals. i lost photographs some survivors call it the most defining moments of their life. >> because of the firestorm
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fire departments have made massive improvements in communications response and strategies over the years to this day, the cause of the fire is still unknown. and while mellow kron 4 news. >> i remember flying in from i happen to be on vacation. i remember flying in that night and seen this glow from what, 30,000 feet. and it was stunning to come. it fly in and see that happening. yeah. i covered that fire and i remember going to reggie jackson's house up in highlands and he had a couple fancy cars in the garage or melted. i mean, the aluminum was puddles of metal on the ground and the winds were just incredible. really one of the first urban fires of that size. and it has been such a lesson ever since. and we've seen so many wildfires since then. it was the worst urban fire in. >> history. up to that point, aside from the earthquake 6 and the great chicago fire. but of its kind. it was. some are just 3,000 homes. i believe. but we've broken
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those records many times says that spires sadly, which is why we're so happy it's about to rain. we want to check outside now look at 4 zone forecast. this is a look out over from our camera mount tam and little shaky. they're suggesting that the winds are picking up some we do have some good news on the way. yeah, we do. you know this just that time of year where fire season absolutely critical start to worry about that every year at this time. but looks like that rain is coming in some much needed rain rolling into the bay area. we're just hours away before all of us get into some of those raindrops outside already seeing those clouds rolling on in what a beautiful sight. nice. look at storm system now making its way into northern california. all those beautiful colors out there. even some heavier amounts of rain begin to move in in parts of the bay area. how about that haven't see the doppler radar like this for quite some time and there it is. storm system bringing some heavy amounts of rain. now in parts of the north bay near mount real. also the date the rain is picking up their healdsburg. that rain just
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beginning to pick up. you see these bands are moving through in the yellow on the orange. even the red some heavy amounts of rain. now. >> picked up on the doppler radar. now overnight tonight. it's going to take some time, but it's going to slowly sag down across the rest. the bay area by about 1045 see making its way into san francisco. a little further south in the peninsula still fairly dry in the san jose overnight into early tomorrow morning. some of the showers spreading further to the south kind of breaking up as it moves through. but here's the good news is kind of hung up in the bay area. that means even though the main front will be gone. we're going to see just waves of moisture coming in off the pacific. so we'll have some periods of dry and then periods of wet on and off right there. 02:00am on thursday morning. another wave of moisture comes on shore and another one as we head toward one 30 in the afternoon on thursday and so really just not going to get out of this wet stuff. so impressive amounts of rainfall. look at this as we take this all the way until the following friday. if this all works out right. we're talking more than almost 5 and a half inches of rain in santa rosa. almost 5 inches of rain. the samara fell almost 4 inches of rain
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in san francisco fall. this fall totals hold true. and some of the mountain tops of project as much as 10 inches of rain. we may be looking at an october. worried about rain. we may be sitting about 300% of normal for the year so far. guys. how about that? back to you. all right, lawrence, thank you so much. and you can stay up to date on the latest weather in your neighborhood with live weather radar. solid. >> kron 4 dot com use the camera on your phone to scan this qr code. it will take you to the weather page on our website. and there you will find current conditions and what to expect in the coming days. it's all right. now at kron 4 dot com. >> as early snow arrives and covid restrictions ease tahoe area businesses are hoping to bounce back from the drought and the pandemic in a study released this month. the tahoe prosperity center said this is utter related business increase from 40% to 62% of all economic activity in the basin over the past 10 years.
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but that rate could change the director of marketing and sales at sugar bowl resort says his throw see some snow on the slopes. >> this is exciting. i wasn't expecting this much snow in the wake up with a 12 inches of snow and even down in truckee i had 4 or 5 inches of my house. >> the sugar bowl resort is set to open in late november. but it could open early if the snowfall continues. >> new tonight at 6, a marijuana dispensary is suing the city of south lake tahoe. the dispensary says the city council revoked is cannabis and business licenses after it did not open on time, but the dispensary perfect union s lt blames the delay on the pandemic. the company was awarded one of 2 cannabis licenses in november of 2000, 19 as part of an agreement that gave it a year to open the business pandemic prevented the company from meeting that deadline. the south lake tahoe council voted unanimously in june to revoke
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the licenses. the lawsuit accuses the city of a breach of contract. still ahead, the chp accused or escuse a lost hiker who spent the night stranded in a remote area where that hiker got loss as the temperatures fell below freezing and his force warriors open up the regular season tonight, sports director jason dumas has steve kerr stocks in advance of their game in l a. >> against lakers coming up. spooktacular time of the year could also be one of the most dangerous after the break. a new report on halloween related injuries. i was injured in a car crash. i had no idea how much my case was worth. i called the barnes firm. when a truck hit my son,
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move, look, and feel better. october is supposed to be all about fun and spooktacular right. but this time of year can also be one of the most dangerous, the consumer products safety commission reports about 3600 people ended up in the hospital over the last 3 years because of halloween related injuries and this includes incidents from. >> pumpkin carving outdoor decorating trick or treating and allergic reactions just to name a few experts recommend keeping the scares, the safe by following a few simple tips leave the pumpkin carving to the adults use battery operated lights for jack o lanterns and carry flashlights when going door to door for candy. the experts also recommend using letters when you are trying to hang decoration. the sole provider of blood to more than 45
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bay-area hospitals is asking for at least 1000 people to donate each week for the foreseeable future in order to stem a blood shortage officials with the supplier vital and say that it has less than 2 days of type o blood left type o blood is the type that's most needed and transfuse in critical emergency situations federal regulators are expected to authorize the mixing and matching of covid-19 booster shots this week. >> the upcoming announcement by the fda is likely to come along with authorization for boosters of the moderna and johnson and johnson shots. for example, you got the moderna vaccine. you can still get the pfizer booster. a study found that people who originally received the johnson and johnson vaccine and then received the moderna booster saw their antibody levels increase this all follows the okay. last month of a 3rd dose for the pfizer vaccine for many americans. so ahead tonight, a state group wants to hear from you to make sure people are represented fairly when it's time to vote.
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what are you waiting for? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ with chase security features, guidance and convenience, banking feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. election headquarters in the california redistricting commission is working to redraw state maps for. >> congressional legislative and local officeholders. yeah. and the group wants to hear from you to make sure that citizens are represented fairly in this process especially because this only happens once a decade.
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>> kron four's. ashley zavala talked with one of the commissioners about how the process is going so far. >> this is a process that plays out after the census. and in this latest count, california ended up losing a congressional seat in this state. finalizing district maps is not up to the state legislature but up to an independent 14 member citizen commission. we are doing the best we can. we are we do have a united front. >> to draw the best black lives and drugs. the fair is representation for californians over the next few days. the california redistricting commission is welcoming public comment on how it should set new congressional legislative and local boundaries. alicia fernandez is one of the commissioners out of sacramento. we want to hear from you. please be involved. the cms because it's got this going to affect us for the next 10 years. the commission will update maps to account for california's last congressional seat. but commissioners could not say tuesday. which region might be affected. it's very. >> 30 to say where that's going to be lost because the
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way we to draw districts to have to be equally populated areas close to that as possible. so it's difficult to say that's going to be in a specific area or maybe it's going to be a combination of some areas. we really don't know. the commission is set to release a draft map of newly drawn districts by november 15th the map has to be finalized by december. 27th want to be as equitable as possible. and we have the criteria and the good thing about. >> the independent commission is that it is independent commission. it's 14 californians that. legislature's aren't some sort elected position and we understand the importance of individuals wanting to have representatives that represent them. >> the commission has its next meeting. this wednesday starting at 11:00am. and that's when the public will start to see some of the submissions for ideas for potential maps either regionally or statewide the commission this week is taking public comment through friday reporting at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> new video tonight at 6 a helicopter crew helped rescue. 2 people who got lost while
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hiking the pacific crest trail in the sierra the nevada county sheriff's search and rescue team and a chp helicopter started their search between sierra city and gory out the hikers become separated in last before spending the night in the mountains where snow fell and temperatures dipped into the 20's. one hiker eventually walked out on his own. the other was located near white rock lake north of donner summit loaded into a helicopter and flown to boreal now to our 4 zone forecast as we give you a live look outside at the very pretty golden gate chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here to tell us when the rain is expected to start tonight and not very far away. now some the showers are beginning in the north bay. >> and that's going to be sweeping down across the rest. the bay area overnight tonight. we're all going to see a few raindrops out there and there's plenty more to come. doppler radar, picking up on some of that activity. now, the heaviest amounts right now in the north, a pretty nice line of storms moving through. you can see moving in healdsburg right now. some heavier downpours there, stretching a little for the south. now of a bodega
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bay. but there's more off the coastline and we'll see plenty of this as we head through the next 24 hours. in fact, there's so many storms line up. hard to define all these storms are headed our way right now at there is going to be a significant amount of rain over the next 7 to 10 days. the first front kind opening the door and that really just leaves the jet stream sitting right across the bay area, bringing some rain and some gusty winds outside. in fact, a wind advisory is going up as we're expecting some of those gusts as high as 50 miles an hour. so a pretty gusty 3040 going to be common near the coastline and over the coastal range is even gusty inside the be prepared for that. the wind's going to ramp up overnight tonight through tomorrow morning. start to the callers filling in those winds blowing 30 to 40 miles an hour near the coast and over some of the mountain tops. and as we head through the night, at least in the early morning and will continue then start to quiet down a bit. but this could be kind of a loud storm outside tonight with the rain and the gusty winds and there are plenty more to come. that overnight tonight you'll see the storm system rolling on through bringing that rain
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stretching down across the bay area as we head toward a 10 o'clock tonight, 11 o'clock and 12 o'clock after midnight continue to see showers. they kind of hit miss showers throughout the day tomorrow and into thursday. but you see these waves of energy moving on shore. bring a lot of rain outside not only here but around the state. some heavy rainfall going to continue to pummel the bay area storm after storm kind of lineup out there, one right after the other. another one on friday. then a main event rolling in that atmospheric river extremely heavy rainfall late sunday and into monday. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> well, folks, tonight is the night in just about 10 minutes. the warriors will begin their season. this is team that hasn't been in the postseason in 2 years. hard to even say that and they'll be tested right out of the gate with a road matchup with the lakers. many teams are picking the lakers to win it all, which is not surprising for any team led by lebron james. the does they have higher
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expectations themselves. but steve kerr realizes he will get a good feel for his team tonight as they battle against a battle tested lakers >> they're loaded obviously was better players. you know how to star talent, guys who have won big at this level. my suspected playing possible that the pre season, you >> they've been they've been around long enough to know this pre season game. so mean a thing. so we're expecting their best-ever tomorrow. we've got to be ready for their force. they're going to play downhill. you know, if you if you're not ready to get back in transition and westbrook and lebron are coming down to what you've done. you're in trouble. so that's our that's our goal. tomorrow is too try contain them into in transition. >> the sharks in montreal taking on the canadians. first period charts up one nothing logan couture shot is blocked. but jonathan delon is there
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for cleanup duty. that's his second goal of the game, san jose extends its lead to 2 closing moments of the first erik karlsson ice risk their lights. the lamp there sharks go up 3 to nothing heading into the second period and guess what, they blanked the canadians 5 zip. they'll take on the senators on tuesday. watch out the sharks to a nlcs game 3 brave looking to take a commanding 3 o lead bottom of a 5 to atlanta. but you can't kill this dodgers team. cody bellinger even struggling this postseason, but he ties the game with one swing of the bat. now just 3 batters later, mookie betts. he was great against the giants and. he continues to show why he is one of the best players in the game that double scores chris taylor 6, 5, dodgers. they go on to win by that score. the braves lead the series 2 games to one game 4 is tomorrow in
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la. so yeah, we wish the haha there right now. i mean, it's a good teammate. they won the world series last year. so, you know, they're going to be a tough out. but more importantly, we've got warriors basketball tonight. yeah, he's in is here. >> so it is always fun seeing steph and lebron shared a court. 2 of the best players we've ever seen play and can't wait to get. thanks, jus. thank you. >> but remember this, the fisher-price cheddar telephone but is not like many of us probably remember the new feature that allows you to make real calls.
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>> for 6 years running kids have been making pretend phone calls on fischer price's cheddar telephone and now children turn adults can make real calls. the fisher-price at almost looks like an iphone commercial. the company is cashing in on the new wave of nostalgia by outfitting its cheddar telephone with a functioning smartphone accessory and even though it still has an old fashioned rotary dial. it works as well as a push button phone incoming calls can be answered by talking into the handset or just pressing the speakerphone. but it is selling that some stores for about $60 was it kid's phone still or is it for adults who want to use a kid's phone. i it's both. but you know, some kids have never even seen a rotary dial like what is well, we're having a conversation with some were younger colleagues and they're asking that, you know, did you know
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♪ ♪ >> he got covid on purpose. >> i have covid. >> as vaccine skeptics pounce on colin powell's death. >> colin powell died of covid. what does that tell you exactly? it tells you you've been lied to. >> outrage about what trump said about the late soldier statement. then, really believes this american reporter was sent to distract him? then, the crazy stunts. spewing exhaust fumes right into a crowded restaurant. who would do such a thing


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