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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 19, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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visit or call 1-800-princess. >> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading now the storm doors finally opened. here comes the rain. >> how much rain you can expect in your neighborhood. >> coming up next, the definitely a welcome we're just hopeful that we get we for 2 the official wedding. rain. >> fire officials are encouraged by the incoming moisture. but there is a reason they remain on high alert. plus, a mother accused of throwing illegal parties for teenagers is now back in the bay area tonight and now we are learning about her previous trouble with the law. good evening, everybody. thank you for joining us for kron 4 news at 8. i'm pam moore. i'm
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ken wayne. the first major rainfall of the season is now upon us and it brings hope that wildfire season could be at an end. well, here it is in the north bay rain falling tonight in santa rosa and much more is expected over the next few hours. let's take a look at our live pictures around the bay area tonight. you can see the bridge is the bay bridge toll plaza on the left. the golden gate bridge on the right and the good news is the pavement is wet. >> drivers are advised to make sure they wash your speeds when these roads start to get slick. here's a look at the radar right now. look at all that green. we haven't seen. that is so long is really lovely because we've been suffering through this drought and it is well time to get some great. you know, let's move on to the good stuff. we have live team coverage here on the storm that's expected to bring some heavy rain and even some possible flooding from how fire crews are bracing for potential trouble too. the rain system itself. we start with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. lawrence. hey, guys, finally here that rain now moving into the bay area. we waited a long
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time, but this just going to be a one in a series of storms that are going to be rolling on through. so slick out on the roads. remember the first rains of the season. 10 to bring up a lot of the oil on the pavement there. so be extra careful those roads going to be very slick over the next couple of storms that roll through. and here it is beautiful as it is rolling on in. you see a little swirl on the backside. that's low developing on the backside to keep that system on shore bringing rain in far northern california. first. but then draping itself across much of the bay area. now there's plenty more to come in fact, some of spots seeing some heavier amounts of rainfall in the bay area now taking for close look in the san francisco, a fairly strong band. now making its way across san francisco. let's take closer look now. if you see some of the cells are sliding on by in the bay shore. we see some of that activity making its way on through more that likely to continue. but pushing in across the bay and then stretching into parts of the east bay and some that are already showing up in the places like oakland and the berkeley and the piedmont emeryville. you're seeing some nice downpours right now for
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the north. you've got more showers continuing into richmond and even further north. you can see pop-up showers there. some areas is a moderate amounts of rainfall popping up around the bay area. and then you've got this cell that is now making its way across american canyon into they're going to see plenty of rain. but there's so much more off the coastline. this just the beginning. in a series of storms now not only worried about the rain getting some gusty winds reports some gusts very strong, especially along the coastline could see gusts overnight tonight, 50 miles per hour, especially near the coastline advisories in effect starting now until 4 o'clock in the morning. we'll have more on your rain coming up in a few minutes. thank you, lawrence. if you see or smell smoke and sonoma county could be because cal fire is conducting a prescribed burn. it's happening west of magic mountain road and south of kidd creek. this is north of the russian river in a rather remote area. firecracker crews plan to burn about 40 started the fire at 7 o'clock this morning. they say they expect to be done with it within the
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next hour, the north bay is one area expected to see plenty of rain from the system. it will be a welcome relief for fire crews have been very busy battling a number of fires over the last few months, even the last few years. >> kron four's, jonathan mccall continues our coverage now from santa rosa, after talking with fire. officials say johnson. yep and ken, good evening. right now we are exceeding a bit of a lowell in the rain here. >> in santa rosa just a few moments ago. it was a downpour. but once again, things have eased up in the last few minutes. but it is still raining, as you can see right now where we are want to sep out of the picture here. so you can see some of those slick roads see a better, better picture of the rain as it is falling in some of the. conditions that we are seeing here. but we do want to show you some video from earlier before the rain rolled in this evening. the area got a taste of rain from the system that fell over the weekend. but folks here in santa rosa say they are actually happy to see real rain falling. it's also
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welcome relief for crews with the santa rosa fire department and they say while they have not been busy compared to years past. they say any drop of moisture falling from the sky is appreciated to help lower the fire danger in this area. officials say that they are actually getting ready to switch gears because of the rain that is falling. they say just a few days ago they were battling red flag warning conditions and now they're possibly preparing for an atmospheric river from all the rain that is expected to fall and that could cause big problems for a number of burn scars that are still in this area from recent fires. >> we thought especially given the conditions we've experienced the drought. >> the critically dry fuels that we were going to be likely face with another potential devastating season here in the north bay so the rains definitely a welcome sight. we're just hopeful that we get we for 2 the official
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wedding rain. so we get those systems that have the breaks in between enough rainfall where it starts to help deal with the drought helps potentially and fire season but not too much rain. we're starting potentially negatively affect or impact our burn scars here locally. >> and because of that, the city of santa rosa has now set up a sandbagging station at the municipal center here so folks can go and philip their sandbags to prepare for those possible atmospheric river. rains that come in those areas impacted by those burn scars. that is available right now for folks here in santa rosa to go and fill up those sandbags. another quick note. i want to let you pam and ken, just in the last 30 minutes or so as the rain started to move in the temperatures drop very quickly in this area. so not only are folks dealing with the they're also dealing with a big temperature drop as well. coming up, all new tonight on kron 4 news at 9 o'clock talking with santa rosa fire officials. they say
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they are going to be monitoring all 3 of these systems headed our way very closely. i'll let you know which one they say that they will be paying close attention to over the next few days. we're live tonight in santa rosa. jonathan mccall kron 4 news. jonathan, thank you for that. and while the rain, of course, is a very welcome sight. there is a chance it could pose a problem with. >> issues at jonathan mentioned. so just mudslides in those areas with burn scar our team coverage continues now with cal fire captain chris bruno. captain, thank you for joining us tonight. >> well, we're really happy about the rain coming when sure that you are too. if this series of storms holds up and delivers what's forecast with that mark the end of the fire season. and what are you looking for out of the system. >> actually. unfortunately, as we receive the rain that we desperately need throughout the state. that that will not in this year's fire season. we still quite a bit of rain to end this drought season that
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we're in we'll be preparing for the impact of that rain here locally. so where do things stand with staffing. because you had a lot of people out there still mopping up from some of the major fires. >> that we had this summer. how much more rain do you need before you can say things are are good enough to start sending folks home. >> watching quite a bit of rain, too, to take care of a drought season as as were commonly used to having this time of the year. we take the opportunity is when we have the keys storms coming to the general area and they bring in summer rain and some winds are going to be affecting the burn scars. we make sure that we have our equipment and employees going to that area and help support the local unit in those affected areas. >> you must be excited, though, that we're finally getting some precipitation. and that was certainly hoping
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that it will carry over for a few days and that the back to back to back nonstop. is there some way you have to prepare your crews for the potential of mudslides and other side effects from getting a lot of rain quickly. >> absolutely. first of all, we start with the communication to our communities, our workforce is our departments are local government folks that are to help support the need of the community. it is. but we also prepare for those that rapid influence of rain and precipitation that could affect those burn scars. as i mentioned earlier. so we make sure that sandbags and equipment and folks readily available to support the communities during those tragic times should we received a large amount of precipitation in rainfall that could affect those burn scar areas. we usually see in here and talk about cal fire during fire season but it as we've seen in the last few years. >> our season almost seems to be year round. and you have a lot of seasonal workers that
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you bring in to the fire lines during the traditional fire season. are those seasonal workers going to be staying on the job for the foreseeable future and how many are we talking about. >> at the peak of our fire season. we bring in a couple extra 1000 folks and a lot of that was supported by the governors. funding for r workforce during the fire season. time busy time. but what we do is we offset that are are hiring and scheduling of our folks to make sure that our community and our state are supported effectively with the appropriate manpower. needed by our department. >> captain. i know we're getting some rain, you know, the next few days. but what's your opinion about these controlled fires. you know, there's a controlled burn going on right now. a sonoma county near i think the caller magic near magic mountain. also the estrada fire got out of control and lead to a much
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larger fire than officers were able to get a handle on it still burning, i guess almost contain but not fully contained. some people are saying because of the drive, the long drought that we've dealt with that the fire crews should not be doing controlled burns in california right now. >> controlled and prescribed burns are necessary to effectively manage and and reduce some of that fuel that is a dangerous during those high winds and very active portions of a summer that fire season is is is most known for so as that could be challenging. tool that we utilize. it is very effective in helping our workforce is mitigate some of those hazards that are on our communities and homes and kept the real quick. i don't know if you were here during the oakland firestorm. you know, are marking the anniversary of 30 years since then today.
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>> any. if you were here, do you just have any memory or any thing that you want to say that you all have now, even if you weren't here, you probably heard about what is your reflection when you think about this massive urban fire that happened 30 years ago. >> absolutely. that's a very historic fire that's known throughout not only our state but our nation and we learned so much from that. everything from equipment to communications be that we utilize in mitigating. well, let buyers and structures the fence. so i would every fire we learn from we learned so many valuable tools to help support our communities and keep our our public say so the a lesson can be learned from on major incidents. captain chris bruno was cal fire, thanks for your time and best of luck as you switch from fighting fires to. >> keeping the hills from sliding as we get all this rain coming in. captain, thanks again. thank
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>> and stay with kron 4 with the latest weather in your neighborhood. you can use the camera on your cell phone to scan this qr code and it will take you to the special section on our website where you will find live radar current conditions and what to expect in the coming days. coming up on kron 4 news today. rain here. snow. piling up in the sierra why that could mean an early return for businesses got mother accused of hosting drunken parties for teenagers is back in the bay area and behind bars tonight. >> and it is not her first time there. plus, how you can get paid for helping to catch criminals have been smashing and stealin
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>> we continue to track a storm system that's moving through the bay area tonight as moving pretty fast because just about an hour ago was just starting to creep into sonoma county. you can see it's already heavily into the east bay and starting to head down the peninsula into the south bay as well. so make sure that you stay up to date on how the weather may be affecting your commute as well. you can take a look at our traffic map here and where you see green traffic is moving well. >> actually looks like it's moving pretty well in most places on the map right now, which is a good sign. but remember when we get those first rains always brings up a lot of oil in the asphalt in the cement and what not. so they always say be careful kosher more likely to slide around. you can always head to our web site where you can find live traffic conditions where ever you are headed in
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the bay area and that, of course, is at kron 4 dot com. and we want to point out we're going to have the radar up on our in the lower part of your screen right throughout the newscast. we keep an eye as the storm gets tracked on. >> stormtracker 4 and that will tell you where it is as early snow arrives and covid restrictions ease tahoe area businesses are. >> hoping to bounce back from the drought and the pandemic. yeah. in a study released this month hope prosperity center said that visitor related business increase from 40% to 62% of all economic activity in the basin over the past 10 years. but that rate could change the director of marketing and sales at sugar bowl resort says that he's thrilled to see snow on the slopes. >> this is exciting. i wasn't expecting this much snow in the wake up with a 12 inches of snow and even down in truckee, i had 4, 5, inches of my house. >> the resort is set to open in late november. but it could
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open early if the snowfall continues. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here with details on how the system is affecting the you know, the storms little bit warm. so the snow level starting out maybe about 6,006 to 500 feet and we'll see lighter snow overnight tonight. but there are just a series of storms that are going to be rolling in impacting not only the bay area but the high country to we could see a significant amount of snow, especially over the weekend. i'll show you that in a moment. but out there now you see the showers out there. few scout showers out ahead of the main cold front. some heavier downpours moving the east bay right now near martinez. you're seeing some heavy amounts of rain in your neighborhoods, lighter showers in oakland right now. a little bit in the san francisco. but this one of the most impressive so right behind that, though, there's plenty more lingering off the from the main cold front. here it is. >> just lingering out there right now. that's going to be pushing on shore and that could be the real soak overnight tonight. but we've got a long way to go. here's long-range forecast. malia see the first system coming through showers continue in just a wet flow over the next
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wednesday and thursday. another real cold front comes in a soaker on friday. another one on saturday and then we get ready for the main event. this when i was talking about very heavy rainfall expected to move to the bay area, possibly an atmospheric river looks like that's what's going to be setting up. we're going to be talking about rainfall in inches around the bay area. very heavy everywhere you go, guys, back to you. >> lawrence. thank you. but the los gatos a mother charged with throwing wild drunken parties for teenagers is now back in california. forced to resist osseo reports on what happens next as she faces a mountain of criminal charges including possibly coercing minors to have. >> shanon o'connor is now inmate to the santa clara county jail. that is right behind me here in san jose. early this morning, deputies flew from san jose to idaho to bring her back. the 47 year-old los gatos resident known as the party mom charged with 39 counts ranging from providing alcohol to minors. >> endangering the health of a
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child and assault. >> every court date moving forward. these images of her will be. see. i spoke with legal analyst stephen clark about the case, although arrest photos have been released when she appears in court wednesday before judge clark says it will set the tone. >> for this entire case against or which grows each day so that her body language in court is critical tomorrow. and because of wine because you're making an impression, not just on the court but on the community and the people '% that may come to judge. you. >> as jurors. according to court documents teens told investigators o'connor handed out condoms course boys to take advantage of intoxicated girls sometimes watching an ad drunk fest center. 4.7 million dollar home in los gatos that she shares with her husband, a software executive and her teenage sons. it was last october. the owners of this santa cruz home say that they recorded o'connor throwing a
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birthday bash for one of her boys cameras catching at least 20 under age teens drinking and puking in the gardens. there was a trip to toggle as well. and then a joy ride at the high school. we're a team reportedly fell out of o'connor's suv and suffered a concussion bail set at 10 million dollars for o'connor bail is likely to come with strings attached. >> they're probably be additional orders that she have no contact with minors, no contact with alcohol and probably put on gps to make sure she's having no contact with any of the complaining witness's clark adds o'connor also facing criminal investment charges for allegedly stealing a $120,000 from her former employer. >> and possible charges in idaho. investigators now looking in to see if she was holding alcohol fuse fest. there. >> connor will be spending the night in jail and then she will be before a judge wednesday afternoon for her first appearance and we will
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be there in san jose to re says stasio kron 4 news. >> san francisco. police say they believe there are about a dozen car burglary crews responsible for most of the smash-and-grab robberies in the bay area and now they want your help to catch those crews at a news conference this morning mayor london breed and police chief william scott unveiled a new cash reward up to $100,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the vehicle break. ins. the city is also looking to use the reward money to target the organized criminal operations which are driving this problem. >> we have seen throughout investigations that much of this is organized. not all of it. but a significant part of it in the most damaging part of it is organized. >> we're here to target everyone involved in these crimes. because we have to get to the root of what is causing the issue.
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>> the reward is being paid for by private donors in san francisco's hospitality and tourism industry. the fund has about $225,000. so far. >> in national news tonight, a house committee investigating the january 6 capitol insurrection has voted unanimously to hold former white house aide steve bannon in contempt of congress. the longtime ally of former president trump defied a subpoena for documents and testimony. trump is still defending his supporters who broke into the capitol that day. yes. aggressively tried to block the committee's work by directing bannon not answer questions. also suing the panel to try to prevent congress from obtaining former white house documents. >> still ahead at 8, remarkable story of survival for nearly 2 dozen passengers when their flight fails to get off the roadway. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪
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(music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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would not know it from this site, but look at that. nobody was seriously hurt when an airplane carrying nearly 2 dozen people ran off a runway and caught fire. this happened just outside of houston this morning. the flight was en route to boston will see the fire, the flames involved, the. >> faa says that the plane was carrying 21 people when it rolled through a fence and caught fire while it was trying to take off. the only reported injury was a passenger with back pain. investigators are still trying to figure out what caused the
8:27 pm
crash and then take a look at this. this is the race to rescue a woman who was trapped in a burning building. this happened in kentucky, newly released body camera video shared by the louisville police department. officers found the woman on the second floor and surrounded by flames. they got her to jump into their arms to safety. >> this happened. you see that this happened last month. >> all of the involved officers were nominated for awards for their heroic efforts in saving that woman's life. >> next. today. it was storms often come power outages would pg needed today to try to minimize that from happening. plus 3 decades removed from that devastating fire. the east bay hills. take a look back at the oakland firestorm. exactly 30 years ago. that's why a cadaver dog was brought into a southern california building believed to be a cannabis
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but our here, we are just getting started. some east bay mud customers are without water tonight because of a water main break. the utility put out this tweet just a few minutes ago. >> a broken pipe is affecting customers at the berkeley marina on university avenue. east bay mud says it hopes to have the water turned back on by 02:00am. >> back to our top story. of course, tonight is the heavy rain heading our way there is also possible flooding associated with it and gusty winds all expected as a storm system makes his way through the bay area starting tonight.
8:31 pm
in fact, this rainfall happening in santa rosa already. much more is expected over the next few hours. >> a step outside seattle looks along the embarcadero in the city tonight that big glowing orb you see there on the right hand of your screen is the exploratorium a popular spot, especially with children along the waterfront. the streets are wet reflecting those pretty colors out there. let's check in. find out what's going on lawrence is here and got the golden gate behind. you can see the ground with. yeah, then i see that rain coming back you know, this series of storms that are coming through pretty significant. usually we wouldn't see something like this until like january or february. if we saw at that point. >> we'll be talking about major flooding along some of the rivers, possibly the napa and russian. but that look like that's going to all dry, right. so the ground is going soar a lot of that moisture. this for storms to go through just going to be a wedding rain, not huge part of this weekend. that's going to be a different story. pretty slick out there right now going to watch for the roadways and there's the main cold front just about to come onshore
8:32 pm
moving into the north bay right now. you see the heavier bands just off the coastline and we've seen that scattered showers popping up around the bay area now beginning to break up a little bit. we're going to see that on and off over the next few days as this front is going to kind of stall. in fact, most of the system is going to stall along the coastline. so overnight tonight there come the showers on and off through midnight stretching for the south as we take you through the night and then you can see becoming much more scattered around the bay area and then a few waves of moisture going develop as we head wednesday and thursday, another one rolling in thursday about 02:00am that another one in the afternoon as we head in toward thursday afternoon. get the idea just a lot of wet moisture and you start to add up these totals and it gets impressive for the next few days here. those rainfall amounts probably about a half an inch. plus in the san francisco. but over an inch in the north bay as we head through time, though friday. you've got another front that comes through in the morning. then you're talking over 2 inches in santa rosa, then we can get some press and that all looks very good. but watch what happened when that atmospheric river event kicks in. then we start
8:33 pm
talking about tolls. 3, maybe 5 plus inches of rain. some of the mountain tops in the santa cruz mountains, maybe as much as 10 inches of rain. that's impressive for this time of year. all right, lauren, thank storms often come power outages. so p g says it's taken steps to try to minimize the number of those who may end up in the dark and to speed up restoration time. >> the genie is higher crews in the east bay hills there are out there today. trimming trees. it could fall on the power lines. utility says work like this is routine throughout the year. they've been washing power pole. so the rain doesn't turn dustin to debris and into mud that could trigger outages. extra crews are also being brought into the south bay east bay and peninsula areas believed to be most at risk of losing power. for for the latest weather in your neighborhood. use your camera on your phone to scan that qr code on your screen will take you straight to the special section on our website where you can find live radar current conditions and what to expect in the coming days.
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>> well, 30 years ago today, a fury of flames caught thousands of people in the east bay hills by surprise today. the images and memories of the oakland firestorm are still very vivid. kron four's. noelle bellow takes a look back. >> the sites. >> and sounds of the burning oakland hills. 30 years ago tell the story. best. it all started. october 19th, 1991 when a small brush fire broke out near the caldecott tunnel oakland. firefighters called in 5 alarms to fight the flames. and by that evening, crews believed it was under control. we had reasonable short that the bar with >> but the region was parched in the 5th year of a drought at the time and strong winds fanned those remaining members overnight, causing flames to explode back to life. we interrupt our regularly scheduled program for this news. both the major brush
8:35 pm
fire has erupted in the oakland hills. >> by the next morning. the fire began racing up the hillside of north oakland and southeastern berkeley. it was a firestorm with 50 mile an hour winds that reduced homes in its path to rubble before you knew it. there were flames everywhere. but then we left their apartment public. it was completely surrounded. the plane powerless against the fast-moving flames of thousands were forced to flee their neighborhoods down tight windy roads to safety in some areas. firefighters even ran out of water and flames are coming into the cars as we're driving out some refused evacuation orders and tried to save their homes themselves. winds finally died down the night of the 20th. but the fire wouldn't be fully out for another 2 days. >> her house is safe. i mentioned that i mentioned the feeling of that mansion. there. is lady is looking at
8:36 pm
>> people returned to the area. happy to be alive. but devastated at all. they've lost 3,000 homes and buildings have been destroyed by those flames and by the end 25 people have died first responders. among them officer group penske's body was found a few yards up the road. >> his radio still in his hands, his body shielding that of a child who also died along with 5 others. he was trying to lead to safety. >> many who fled had to leave their pets behind a lucky few were reunited. >> what was going through your mind. >> and >> it sent not that great. >> 4 years later is the neighborhood started taking shape once again. a memorial wall was the 2000 hand painted tile mural still stands 30 years later at the rockridge bart station in oakland and
8:37 pm
those who survived the fire storm of 1991 still visit today by the beautiful view. i had. >> that i enjoyed until the day of the fire. i lost 30 years of journals. i lost photographs some survivors call it the most defining moments of their life. >> because of the firestorm fire departments have made massive improvements in communications response and strategies over the years to this day, the cause of the fire is still unknown. and while mellow kron 4 news. in southern california. 2 people are dead, 2 others are in the hospital tonight after an apparent cannabis business burned in the san fernando valley. authorities say the remains of a man were found today in the gutted building. >> and one of 3 burned victims who ran out during the fire yesterday has also died. one victim remains in critical condition. a cadaver dog is being brought in to ensure that there are no other
8:38 pm
victims in the ruins. the local fire captain says hash was found in the building and testing is continuing to determine whether thc or other substances are present. >> still ahead tonight at 8, a menacing message left at a home in the north bay. but the homeowner is accused of breaking the law. we have details. plus, safety concerns at chase center after 2 incidents involving people falling. >> during a concert by one person in attendance as she wasn't surprised i
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>> new details tonight after 2 separate incidents involving people falling during a concert at chase center in the city. concertgoers now filed a complaint over safety concerns. and we are learning more about the circumstances surrounding each of those falls, one of which may have been intentional. kron four's maureen kelly has the story. >> a night that was supposed to be a joyous gathering for fish. fans took a tragic turn after it now appears one fan jumped from a balcony to his death. that's according to sapd based on evidence. they've gathered so far in what is still an open investigation. san leandro resident. erica months says the man identified as 47 year-old ryan prosser of new york landed 4 rows in front of where she was sitting. i thought someone. >> threw a chair from like 88 so loud. >> and then.
8:42 pm
>> realizing was not a chair and it was a person. he was draped over the chair with his head lying and one aisle and his feet in the row behind him. like to me. >> so those really scary. nd man also fell a little later during the same event and landed on another concertgoer. both men sustained non life threatening injuries. according to police. another attendee sitting in the nosebleed section says it happened as the man was walking down a set of stairs. >> and missed his footing i basically knew that that would happen eventually because i was terrified go down the stairs. >> gripping handrail. and it will start. i suspect that building might be built to code that if he coat is not safe, that it needs to be changed. >> architect andre mendell attended both back to back this shows at the chase center this weekend. monday night he filed this complaint with the department of building inspection.
8:43 pm
>> citing what he believes to be unsafe guardrails. he says he noticed them the night before the fatality. when i first arrived at my seat. i almost fell over there that guardrail because of the conditions that is just very as a last step. that's hard to see and to get a guardrail is very low. the san francisco department of building inspection says they will be sending an inspector out in the coming days to follow up on the complaint. a spokesperson for the warriors says the chase center is a safe state of the art facility. >> that was built and is operated in accordance with all applicable safety requirements governing facilities of its kind. maureen kelly kron, 4 news. >> next at 8, several east bay schools are at risk of shutting down for good. what to happen for these classrooms to have a chance to stay open.
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>> let's take a look at stormtracker. 4 radar to see how this storm is doing as it moves across the bay area. you see that big area of yellow on the left side of the screen that is heading our way and is expected to be the overland in the bay area sometime in the middle of the night. and let's take a live look tonight at the golden gate bridge. already the street is wet there traffic moving. well, again, the chp. >> always reminds people the first few days of rain after it's been so dry for so long. really somehow makes all of the what oils and all of the grime come out of the sidewalk and the concrete and asphalt
8:47 pm
and can make driving very difficult. so be mindful of that as you're heading out about on the roads next couple of days in the north bay a home in fairfield which neighbors say is illegally being used as a short-term rental. >> was recently vandalized allegedly happened while the unit was occupied by renters forcefully to call reports neighbors want solano county to step in and regulate this troubled home. >> earlier this month clip meals surveillance cameras captured a person approaching his neighbor's house in fairfield green valley community. then 16 minutes pass. and that same person is seen leaving the property. neil later learned the home was spray painted with this message. a veiled threat for the occupants to leave or else a nightmare for the runners and they should have had a gun through that. neal says the victims were a large group of out of towners who rented the house online. he says their tires were also slashed. >> the home is a point of contention for neil and other neighbors in the he says the
8:48 pm
homeowners remodeled the house with the intent of using it as a short term rental with as many as 10 beds inside and over time neal says the loud parties and debris renters leave behind have become a nuisance. to be clear, this rental is illegal. if they did not have a permit. they were denied a permit in april. >> of 2021. and they thumb their noses at the board of supervisors who voted to deny them that permit. that vote came after at least 120 neighbors signed a petition requesting he denied. >> supervisor. jim sparing it was the only one on the board of supervisors to vote to approve the permit. >> though. he says if the home is in fact be rented out. the homeowners are breaking the law. i don't think county can just look the other way doesn't think that the people in the community are very concerned about it. and so. >> we need to take whatever legal action the solano county sheriff's office confirms it is investigating the vandalism. >> the homeowners could not be
8:49 pm
reached for comment in fairfield phillipe djegal all kron 4 news in the east bay. several schools in hayward may be closing over the next few years. among the reasons declining enrollment that is projected to continue to fall. >> that is one of several findings of the hayward unified school district's own two-year data driven study behind the proposal to close 8 schools over the next 3 years. the district is built to serve more than 24,000 students. but there are about 18,000 students enrolled. >> we have over 900 million dollars in facilities needs. we are facing a 14 million dollar budget shortfall leading into the next school. year and that's directly tied to declining enrollment. >> this month. a series of community town halls is giving parents and teachers and students a chance to be a part of the conversation. this is just an initial proposal
8:50 pm
nothing is final until the school board reviews and votes on the final recommendation. >> golden state warriors got their season under way tonight. and if you plan on attending home games this season and need to commute from outside of the nity. here's an option. ferry service will be available ferries will be running for games across the bay area. the oakland and main street alameda ferry terminals will connect directly to chase center. there's a drop-off appear 48. that's about a 15 minute walk from the arena. reservations are highly recommended. >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> all right. speaking of those warrior there in action right now down in los angeles is the 3rd quarter. they are losing 77 to 72 close game throughout, of course, once that game those final. we'll have those highlights for you. but they're down 5 right now in their season opener to the lakers. meanwhile, it was ring night in milwaukee on us and
8:51 pm
company getting their hardware that some bling right there raising up the banner too. is a good moment for giannis and the bucks. then he went to work there. he gets the block off mix klaxons dunk attempt. now let's go to the 2nd quarter. yonnis doing it on offense. it's still cool. and the harm. and i don't know what happened there. now. we have a hockey highlight. let's go to hockey highlight will go to the next script. it's go down one story. sharks in montreal taking on the canadians right there. logan contort. the shot is blocked with guys and islands there for the cleanup duty. then later on. the shark extended to 2. they go on to win this one. a 5 to nothing. they are 3 on this season. they're nlcs game 3 braves looking to take a commanding 3 o lead bottom of the 8th 5, 2 brave. but you
8:52 pm
can't kill dodgers. cody bellinger he's been struggling all postseason. but he just tied up one swing of the bat. they're going crazy at dodger stadium. now just 3 batters later, mookie betts. he was great against the giants. it's been pretty good against the braves to shows why he's one of the best in the game. he doubles a scored chris taylor 6, 5, dodgers. they win by that score to one series now game 4 tomorrow in l a. all right. that's your look at sports. back to you guys. >> coming up, kolr the toddlers capped off with this precious young girl wants every person to know boyer
8:53 pm
8:54 pm
8:55 pm
health in tough times laughter really is the best medicine. a new study in the journal psychology of popular media found. >> humorous internet memes have actually been helping people cope with covid related stress. researchers say humor can relieve tension counteract depression and even improve the immune system has because laughter apparently helps us shifts focus to the absurdity of the situation. instead of seen a threat and growing anxious about.
8:56 pm
>> this rambunctious 2 year-old wants you to know you are worthy of greatness a family in australia shared this adorable video of it aleksandra. >> her mother says the girls positive message actually came from model. ashley graham who just so happened to share the video on tiktok. she's so determined yet. >> makes us feel a lot better wraps up kron 4 news at 8 o'clock. but our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour with our grant lotus and now of the key be a left is good laugh don't know how funny the 4 of us are, but we make each other laugh. we do he said and lars, the 5 of who fights to haha actual funny. what? good to see guys. happy rain. i was. yeah. it's really raining all powerful. i
8:57 pm
know it's look out the window. hopefully first in a series of stores that are going to the bay area. you see what we're talking about here live radar. >> shows that our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow, the funny guy is tracking when the storms will hit and how much rain will actually sick and the rain could be bringing our fire season to an end, but it could also bring a new concern. what fire crews are preparing for with all this wet weather heading our way. those stories and much more coming up on front 40's at 9.
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency.
9:00 pm
>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at noon. >> welcome in to kron 4 news at night, everybody the first in a string of predicted storms has arrived in the bay area, likely bringing to an end to the long fierce an historic fire season. we are in and all this rain we're expecting this next week. well, not going make much of a dent in our drought. but it is october and for october. this is certainly an encouraging development. thanks for being with us on this hour of kron 4 news at night. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis. this rain is sure. welcome sight for firefighters and those folks are in fire-prone communities. a wind advisory is also in effect for parts of the north bay, san francisco peninsula and bayshore. okay. so we have team coverage of the first storm hitting us


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