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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  October 19, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> and the storm door is open rain hitting the bay area hard tonight for the first time this season promising a potential end to fire season with much mhre wet weather on the way. as for joining us for kron 4 news at 10. i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore. the rain has been falling about 6 o'clock this evening and really started to pick up once night fell our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow standing by with a closer look at the conditions at this hour. guy so need to see the rain finally making a return to the bay area. of course. >> this really are critical fire season. so we need to get the rain in the year and here we go. the raindrops falling around the bay area starting this evening and then continue to move on through. and we're
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going to see just a series of storms rolling into the bay area, not only the next couple of days. i think in the next week and that is fantastic news for all of us. you see that rain moving into northern california sliding into the bay area. and there's where we sit right now. the showers over the last couple of hours focused a little bit further to the north. >> stronger cells. just begin to move in your point raze, the more that on the way up towards santa rosa and more just hanging off the coastline. this is going to be sweeping on shore overnight tonight. everybody's going to get wet at some point tonight now to go along with that. we've seen some strong gusty winds. i was just checking some of the observations around the bay area. we're seeing some gusts 30 to 40 miles per hour. but we could see some gusts as high as 50. i think along some the coastal sections overnight tonight as that front gets a little bit closer so that could bring down some trees and power lines. you could have some power outages shoes to go along with all of that rain out there as well. and there's plenty more to come. this really just kind of opening the door. you can see out ahead of this cold front got a ridge of high pressure that
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ridge kind of breaking down here comes that front rolling on through that kind of opening the door and then you'll notice this all of a sudden you see all these clouds. the stream of moisture coming up from the south that's going to be a little subtropical tap. so even though we're not going to see an organized cold front. the next couple of days. we're going to see the rain kind of on and off. i think through tomorrow through thursday. then we've got another cold front coming through on friday. but the main event likely coming this weekend that we're talking about an atmospheric river event. that's where we could see some of rain amounts in inches around the bay area. thank goodness it's not in the middle of the season. are we talking about major flooding around the bay area and the ground is waiting to soak we'll have plenty of it. i think. all right, lawrence, thank you. okay. well, of course, when storms come power outages often follow pg and e says it is taking steps to try and minimize the number of its customers who may end up in the dark. >> crews were out in the east bay hills today. they were trimming trees that could be toppled by strong winds directly on to power lines.
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workers have also been washing. the power poles. they hope to prevent the rain from turning any dust and debris that has accumulated during the dry spell into mud. that's because mullet on the power lines can also cause power outages. >> it won't prevent them all together because there can always be situations where there's heavy gusts of wind or limbs. just go flying. but as long as we're keeping the vegetation away from our from our lines and making sure we're following all those regulations. >> pg and e says the east bay the south bay and peninsula regions are most likely to lose power in the event of major storms. people should have flashlights and fresh batteries handy just in case you stay up to date on the latest weather in your neighborhood with live weather radar on kron 4 dot com use a camera on your phone to scan this qr code. we'll take you to the weather page on our website and there you'll find current conditions. what to expect in the coming days. it
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all right. now at kron 4 dot com. >> we're here to target everyone involved in these crimes. because we have to get to the root of what is causing the issue. >> a big story tonight. san francisco leaders taking another new approach to try and stop one of the biggest problems plaguing the city right now. those smash and grabs police say they believe that there are about a dozen car burglary crews which are responsible for most of the smash and grabs in the bay area and police say they want your help to try to catch those robbers are grant. lodes joins us now live in the studio to explain grant something has to change. she would think or else the tourism industry is is not going to continue to thrive and. >> that they're speaking up with some folks in that industry. you have smash-and-grab happening all over the place. so come if you live here, if you visit san
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francisco, people are almost always sing courage not to leave anything visible, really not anything at all in your car when you park in the city, but sometimes that just isn't good enough to deter thieves. the break in any way just to make sure there's nothing in today, mayor london breed police chief bill scott unveiled a new cash reward program. anybody who can provide info about a smash and grab that leads to an arrest and conviction could be paid up to a $100,000. as pat mentioned, investigators believe a majority of these crimes can be linked to organized criminal operations. and officials say they hope if enough people start reporting these crimes that could stop those groups in their tracks. >> we have seen throughout investigations that much of this is organized. not all of it. but a significant part of it criminal are committing these acts. >> in broad daylight in this city and they think that they can get away with it and the goal is to make sure that they know eyes and ears are on the streets and we're not going to let him get away with it.
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>> the money the 100,000 is coming from private donors in the city's hospitality and tourism industry. mayor breed says they've already raised more than $200,000. police say any arrests made. well, then be turned over to the district attorney who will then decide what if any charges will be filed. notably san francisco's district attorney chesa boudin was not present here at the news conference near gear, delhi square and the relationship between the da's office and the city's police department has been described as, quote, rocky. mayor london breed was asked today about dean plans to do with these thieves, if any arrests are made in this was her response. >> well, i can't speak for the da's. into he's independently elected district attorney. i do try to work with his office on on these cases because we should all, of course, be working together. i can't force him to do something that
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i believe he should be doing. but we try our best to work together. i can tell you from my perspective, our police officers and our investigators. they are doing a really good job with these investigations and with these arrest. and we of course, need a layer with our district attorney, the courts and others which we don't necessarily have complete control of and this is not to make an excuse, but we need to be working together as one unit to address these problems. we did reach out to the district attorney's office to get. >> a response about today's announcement. so far can up and we have not heard back, but obviously there's been a tension there. and you know, the mayor feels like they're not always on the same page. you know. if you're going to actually prosecute. these people. it's such a quality of life you know, some people say whether no victims involved, but there are of course, our victims involved and in some
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of these cases, people have been shot at. so. >> we know that this can escalate. it's become such a huge problem. in the city. >> you know what happens will have to see a $100,000. a lot of money to enter into the fray. so a lot of this rests on the da shoulders. you think you want to come out and say something about it. >> maybe you will tomorrow. we'll see. all right. thank you. grant new at 10 tonight, a group of attorneys is calling on san francisco's dha dean to do a better job of communicating with the victims of. >> anti asian hate crimes. the california pacific american bar association wrote a letter to moody in regarding the death of 84 year-old beach. i want talk to e he was shoved to the ground this past january in san francisco's anza vista neighborhood. a suspect was arrested and charged with several crimes, including elder abuse and murder but was not charged with a hate crime. the association also accuses boudin's office of not providing an interpreter to the victim's family which is required by california law.
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they go on to say, although boudin's office may have determined that a hate crime charge was not warranted in this case. they argue there must be transparency for victims to trust that adequate attention and resources are devoted to the investigation. >> california attorney general rob bonta met with local leaders and riverside today. it is all part of his series of discussions to address hate crimes across the state bar to talk about some of the strategies his office is taking to try and tackle what he called bias and hate at their routes. according to the state department of justice more than 1300 hate crimes reported in california last year. that's the highest number in more than a decade. >> in 2019. that number was 1017 2018 1065 those numbers include crimes against people and their property. well, developing news tonight a joint investigation between san francisco police and federal authorities has led to
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a major drug bust taking more than a dozen pounds of illegal drugs off bay area. streets. officials also sees 12 and a half pounds of fentanyl. >> plus 3 firearms and 2 high capacity magazines of suspects are accused of fueling a large distribution network in the city's tenderloin neighborhood. first, attack. he joins us now live here in the studio with more taylor. >> well, ken pam, obviously this is a huge bust considering the damage that could have been done from those drugs. but the estimated minimum lethal dose of just 2 milligrams, 12 and a half pounds of fentanyl alone is enough to fear radically kill more than 2.5 million people. >> together, federal authorities in san francisco police seize 17 pounds of illegal narcotics including 12 and a half pounds of fentanyl in a large east bay truck bust investigators say the drugs came from southern california drug trafficking organizations. we're book sourcing, fentanyl and other narcotics to mid-level traffickers based largely in
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the east bay in oakland. they say those traffickers then supplied street level dealers in san francisco's tenderloin district pumping substantial amounts of fentanyl into the neighborhood. the largest open air drug market in the united the tenderloin in any given time. >> on 8 to 10 different street corners. you have anywhere from 8 to 15 dealers selling also in the same product. they're all selling illicit fentanyl. usually in a powder form sometimes are counterfeit pills that look like oxycodone. they're also selling methamphetamine, crack cocaine and powder cocaine as well. former addict and now recovery advocate tom wolf. >> does the opioid and drug epidemic all too well, especially here in san francisco. he was once homeless on the streets addicted to fentanyl and heroin but got clean 3 years ago with this large east bay drug bust and now 10 suspected drug traffickers facing charges. in addition to 8 who have already been charged will says many lives have been saved distributors that they busted for selling what they call color-coded fentanyl.
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>> so all that was coming in different colors. green ink as a way to denote who was coming from and sometimes to denote the strength of the actual product. and that's a practice been widely circulated in the tenderloin. so, you know, but more importantly, that's 12 and a half pounds of fentanyl. that's not going to reach the streets and that's a 12 and a half pounds of all this not going to contribute. 2 more overdose deaths in the city. sfpd says 12.5 pounds or 5.7 kilograms of fentanyl. >> is enough to theoretically kill 2.85 million people with just a small dosage of about 2 milligrams considered a lethal dose records from the san francisco medical examiner's office show within 700 people died of overdoses in 2020. preliminary report shows more than 500 people have died through the end of september so far this year. they need to do 2 things that need to do a lot more to reduce demand for the drug. >> as well as doing what they can to curtail the supply. >> now, this drug bust was the result of a year's long
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investigation. the charges specifically related to the fentanyl seizure were made into complaints both filed last week and unsealed just hours ago, one of the complaints describes a conspiracy allegedly run by 2 brothers. one in alameda and the other in berkeley while the second complaint is centered around a second organization allegedly headed by a man in oakland. until second reporting. ken, pam, back to you. taylor, thank you for that. >> los gatos mom accused of throwing wild parties for teenagers is behind bars tonight at santa clara county jail. 47 year-old shannon o'connor was extradited from idaho this morning faces dozens of charges from providing alcohol to minors to endangering the health of a child too assault o'connor is set to face a judge tomorrow morning and analysts say her court appearance tomorrow could set the tone for the entire case against her. >> her body language in court is critical tomorrow. and because of wine because you're making an impression, not just on the court but on the
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community and the people that may come to judge. you as jurors. >> o'connor's bail has been set at 10 million dollars. investigators are also working to determine she was holding similar parties in idaho. court documents reveal 12 teenagers were in the home when she was arrested on a warrant. >> san francisco. police now say they believe the man who died after a fatal fall on sunday night during a phish concert at chase center actually jumped to his death. that man has been identified as 47 year-old ryan pos or of athens, new york police say less than an hour later, a second man also fell landing on another concertgoer. both men sustain i am not life threatening injuries. a local architect who also attended the phish concert at shea center has filed a complaint with the city's department of building inspection over what he calls an unsafe guardrail. >> me and my friends were sitting in the front row of the balcony and on several occasions we felt physically
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i'm safe up there and it just seems apparent that the guardrails felt a little low and the staircases seem very steep for the elevation above the court that they're at. >> officials say that they will inspect the chase center in the coming days to follow up on the complaint. a spokesperson for the lawyers tells come for the venue is compliant with all relevant safety guidelines and did not share any concerns over the wires home opener which is coming up on this thursday. >> happening know some east bay mud customers are without water tonight because of a water main break the utility agency sent this tweet just before 08:30pm, tonight. the broken pipe is affecting customers at the berkeley marina. >> east bay mud hopes to have their water turned back on by 2 o'clock in the morning. >> today marks a solemn milestone in bay area history on this day 30 years ago, flames caught thousands of people in the east bay hills by surprise. it all started as
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a small grass fire, but it quickly grew into a major disaster and 3 decades later, the images and memories of the oakland firestorm are still vivid. >> force. noelle bellow takes us back. >> the sites. >> and sounds of the burning oakland hills. 30 years ago tell the story. best. it all started. october 19th, 1991 when a small brush fire broke out near the caldecott tunnel oakland. firefighters called in 5 alarms to fight the flames. and by that evening, crews believed it was under control. we had reasonable that the bar with >> but the region was parched in the 5th year of a drought at the time and strong winds fanned those remaining members overnight, causing flames to explode back to life. we interrupt our regularly scheduled program for this news. both major brush fire has erupted in the oakland hills.
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>> by the next morning. the fire began racing up the hillside of north oakland and southeastern berkeley. it was a firestorm with 50 mile an hour winds that reduced homes in its path to rubble before you knew it. there were flames everywhere. but then we left their apartment public. it was completely surrounded him playing powerless against the fast-moving flames of thousands were forced to flee their neighborhoods down tight windy roads to safety in some areas. firefighters even ran out of water and flames are coming into the cars as we're driving out some refused evacuation orders and tried to save their homes themselves. winds finally died down the night of the 20th. but the fire wouldn't be fully out for another 2 days. >> her house is safe. i mentioned that i mentioned the feeling of that. i mentioned there. is lady is looking at >> people returned to the area. happy to be alive. but
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devastated at all. they've lost 3,000 homes and buildings have been destroyed by those flames and by the end 25 people have died first responders. among them officer group penske's body was found a few yards up the road. >> is radio still in his hands, his body shielding that of a child who also died along with 5 others. he was trying to lead to safety. >> many who fled had to leave their pets behind a lucky few were reunited. >> what was going through your mind. >> and >> it sent out dry. >> 4 years later is the neighborhood started taking shape once again. a memorial wall was the 2000 hand painted tile mural still stands 30 years later at the rockridge bart station in oakland and those who survived the fire storm of 1991 still visit
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today and the beautiful view i had. >> that i enjoyed until the day of the fire. i lost 30 years of journals. i lost photographs some survivors call it the most defining moments of their life. >> because of the firestorm fire departments have made massive improvements in communications response and strategies over the years to this day, the cause of the fire is still unknown. and while mellow kron 4 news. >> you know, we talk about fire so much now. but 30 years ago we had never seen an urban wildfire like for i mean, largest in the nation i 1000 homes destroyed a lot of us thought at that time that that was a once in a lifetime and we never see anything like that again. and sadly request followed lot of work to do. one of the thousands of victims who lost their home to the firestorm is our own vicki liviakis. coming up at 1045, we're going to hear in her own words. >> what she remembers the day her family home burned to the
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ground. here's what else is. still ahead tonight on kron, 4 news at 10, no more eating indoors at this popular in and out in san francisco where the company says a dispute over a vaccine mandate led to the closure. plus, the warriors are leaving staples center with a win tonight in their season opener. the concour sports director jason dumas. so lakers have the highlights against the lakers later in sports. also the first step toward criminal prosecution lawmakers vote to hold steve bannon in contempt of congress for failing to cooperate with the investigation into the january 6 riot. >> and the nation's capital. -hi mommy! -hi honey! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby... don't say a word...
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>> we are, of course, continuing to monitor the latest storm system as it moves across the bay area. this is a live look at stormtracker for the green shows where the rain is coming down. but the yellow shows where it is hitting the hardest right now. and you can tell that by just looking over most of the bay area's getting some level of rain right now. our chief meteorologists of course, lawrence karnow will have a full forecast is coming up in just a few minutes now live look at the u.s. capital washington, dc tonight where a special house committee has voted to hold steve bannon in contempt. >> for refusing to testify about the january 6th attack on the u.s. capitol building. today's vote is just the first step before the justice department could potentially take any action such as
10:25 pm
possibly arresting ban and then a lot could happen even before that. our washington dc correspondent jessi tenure brings us the latest. we won't take no on and some house members investigating january 6 when a wide range of white house documents related to the attack on the u.s. capitol we want mister bannon to answer our questions. mister bannon has no legal right to ignore the committee's lawful subpoena. steve bannon, a former aide to president donald trump has refused to cooperate. >> which mississippi democrat bennie thompson and wyoming republican liz cheney say left the committee with no choice but to recommend the full house find bannon in contempt of congress. those in favor say aye. >> those opposed no. >> maryland congressman jamie raskin says bannon must be held accountable to set precedent for future witness is clearly. >> has evidence about what took place and he owes that evidence. united states
10:26 pm
congress and illinois congresswoman jan schakowsky is ready to approve the contempt measure. if we don't hold those people accountable. >> for really trying to take down the government of the united states that it is a dereliction of our duty now president biden waived his executive privilege right to prevent the documents release. but former president donald trump sued claiming the committee's request was too broad and challenge the separation of powers in washington. i'm jessi tenure. new at 00:00pm tonight. federal agents have raided 2 homes lace to a russian billionaire and close ally of vladimir putin. >> the raids in new york city where this video was taken. and in washington, dc targeted russian oligarch. oleg deripaska e officials have not provided any information about the raids. a russian spokesperson said the searches were connected to us sanctions and that the homes belongs to relatives sanctions imposed on the billionaire 3 years ago prevent him from doing business or owning property here in the u.s..
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>> the u.s. army has closed investigation into the killing of a fort bragg paratrooper from southern california who was found decapitated in north carolina. 21 year old enrique roman martinez disappeared in may of last year after camping trip. >> with 7 fellow soldiers on an island off the north carolina coast. his partial remains later washed ashore near the camp. the army closed its investigation after claiming it could not find any forensic evidence in connection to his death. lawmakers are now asking the pentagon's inspector general to look into whether that investigation was flawed. >> and a new navy report has concluded that there were sweeping failures that fuel the arson fire that. >> destroyer the uss bonhomme richard back in july of last year according to the report, the massive five-day fire in san diego was both preventable and unacceptable. one sailor has been charged with setting
10:28 pm
that fire. the report also lists 3 dozen officers and sailors whose actions contributed to the ship's loss. >> take a look at this. almost 2 dozen people lucky to be alive after this happened. their plane failed to takeoff and burst into flames outside a houston airport. authorities say the plane was attempting to take off in route to boston with 2 pilots. a flight attendant and 18 passengers on board young. this passenger was just 10 years old. aircraft traveled 500 feet down the runway. but never made it into the air crashing through a fence and rolling into a field with a full tank of fuel before bursting into flames. all 21 people aboard were able to get out of the plane on their own. >> however, they expected to sell their all and no one is deceased. >> and that is awesome feeling right now. for us as first responders, we can all agree we can celebrate all today that no one was killed in this. >> horrific incident. well, no one was seriously hurt. 2 people were hospitalized with minor injuries. the cause of the crash is still under
10:29 pm
investigation. >> we've got clouds rolling in raindrops falling around the bay area. many more to come will track those storms next. >> says the rains come. so does the threat of mudslides where wildfires wants rage. the new concerns over the burn scar in the tahoe basin also what east bay school district says there are just not enough students to fill the classrooms. what could happen to those school campuses and keeping the a's in the city of oakland. how a group of east bay there's is now getting involved in the campaign to keep the team from leaving. >> those stories and much more coming up ♪ i see trees of green ♪
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>> top story tonight. heavy rain, possible flooding and gusty winds all expected as a storm system makes its way through the bay area. >> kron four's, chief meteorologist lawrence karnow now joins us with a look at where the storm is right now, guys is kind of fun. being able to talk about rain for a change, right. and you're going to see a whole lot of the problem by the time we're done with the republican want to break. but here we go. the first in the series of storms kind of rolling on in and we have the shewers popping up around the bay area looking from the berkeley hills kind of quiet there right now. but there's plenty more to come. here's this beautiful look at storm system just curled up along the coastline making its way on shore. now the main front is just about to come on shore star to make its way into parts of the north bay.
10:33 pm
you see the heavy amounts of rain begin to pop up with that as well as we take you for a close look. you see some of those areas shaded in the yellow in the orange. that's a moderate to some heavier amounts of near in nevado. also in the petaluma area, seeing some of that now at some of the showers continue to move through in the snow was well, not so much as you get across the bay so far. just a few scattered light showers, but some of that moving in along the peninsula headed towards san francisco. you see that nice band. that is just about to move on shore that will likely bring some a decent downpours as it begins to move in. it's really not that far away. so i think as we look towards sausalito about 1038 you see the rain picking up the marina district about 1047, san francisco at about 1051 south san francisco about 1059 and sam brutal about 11. '03, of this holds together. some more significant rain. all right. here's where it gets very, very interesting. the long-range forecast. we haven't seen anything look like this for quite some time. rarely do you see it look like this in october. but the first front is going to come through. it's going to be a
10:34 pm
rain forest, but not a huge storm. but behind that kind of gets hung up in the bay area. the whole circulation see the southerly flow of moisture just kind of pumping that moisture in. so we'll see periods of rain on and off for the next couple of days. and then we get yet another cold front beginning to move in, bringing some heavy rainfall into friday morning behind that catching just a slight break and then another storm system drops in this one also tap into little subtropical moisture should be a decent rain as we get into a saturday night early into sunday morning and then we get ready for the main event. and that looks like it's going to take place on sunday. look at the train of moisture with this storm system all that subtropical moisture. so we're starting to rain by maybe early on a sunday afternoon. maybe not ending until about monday morning or so. so that's going to be of substantial rainfall. if that holds together several inches of rain down some of the urban areas is possible. probably 5 plus inches over some of the mountain tops. so that's a significant storm system after that, we're going to get a much needed break. that's probably some good news. don't
10:35 pm
need excessive flooding the rainfall amounts going to be amazing. look at some of the totals. but first, a couple of days. not so much. maybe half an inch or so in a san francisco, then we start to add up some totals. northern california and then all of a sudden you start to talk about that atmospheric river and that's where things get crazy. start talking 5, 6, inches of rain and look at ben lowman. the salt shoe sometimes they can squeeze out tremendous amount of rain, maybe as much as 10 plus inches of rain and the next 5 to 7 days. guys, back to you. thank you, lawrence. new at 00:00pm tonight, cal fire says some of the snow that's fallen over the past few days is covering portions of the caldor fire burn scar near lake tahoe. and although that helps hotspots from flaring back up. it's creating some new concerns and dennis shanahan explains how the wet weather will make cleanup efforts more difficult and what's being done to prevent mudslides. >> the caldor fire smoke has cleared and more storms are on the way. that's great news for extinguishing any remaining hot spots and putting a damper on fire season. but as caldor
10:36 pm
fire information officer sara wheeler points out the wet weather also presents challenges for the fire cleanup efforts says the flames died down the repair work really and that's where we're at right now. >> we know a lot of weather is coming in. we know a lot of weather is going make some sites inaccessible. so it's this this game that we're trying to strategize about. like where we put our equipment to get the most work done. >> the 4 were kicked out of the area due to weather. >> we found this heavy equipment along mormon immigrant trail after crews wrapped up a busy day and forced repair work. >> those hazard trees, processing them should being and then spreading that out to help. that's that we know will help with >> there's the damage to the forest caused by the fire itself. and then there's the damage caused by the fire suppression efforts such as these dozer lines on the ground. these 2 have to be repaired before the force can be restored to help the state. and so we go in and try to prepare as much as 4. >> could cops where to cover
10:37 pm
over those those are line kind repair some of that that was done. >> the expected heavy rains over the next several days could not only put that work on hold. they could watch a lot of loose debris from the burn areas into waterways and roads preventing landslides within the burn. scar is a very tall task 200,000 acre fire. 218,000 hard to make a dent in the amount of our ocean sediment that's going to be delivered soil. scientist eric necedah is one of the lead members of a team dedicated to limiting erosion in and around the burn. scar kept her career. and that's coming in is going to create a really dangerous situation for every 50. >> that was dennis shanahan reporting tonight. a reminder that you can track the weather in your neighborhood anytime with the kron 4 app. you will find full forecast interactive radar and weather alerts all straight to your device. you can download the kron 4 app right now. wherever you get your acts as we experienced our first major storm of the
10:38 pm
season. new numbers from the state water resources control board show the bay area is doing a better job of conserving water than much of the rest of the state. >> last month. the bay area chief to 9.9% reduction in water consumption. the north coast reduce its water use by more than 18%. the central coast by 5% in the south coast la and san diego. just 3% water consumption across the state dropped 5% compared to august of last year. however, they're still far below the 15% reduction that governor gavin newsom called for in response to the drought today. the governor issued a new executive order expanding california's drought emergency statewide and adding san francisco to the list of counties that are now experiencing severe drought conditions. the order also give state water officials permission to enact mandatory restrictions, including banning the use of water to wash cars planes sidewalks were filled fountains and pools. >> the california
10:39 pm
redistricting commission has started the process of adjusting our state's map for lawmakers at every level of government this is a process that happens once a decade following the census. you may remember in the latest census count. california actually lost one congressional seat. now this map has to be re jumped redrawn to account for that loss is still too early to say which regions will be affected. but members of the commission say they want to achieve the ferris representation for the state and they are taking public comment through the end of the week. >> want to be as equitable as possible. and we have the criteria and the good thing about. >> the independent commission is that it is independent commission. it's 14 californians that our legislatures aren't some sort of elected position and we understand the importance of individuals wanting to have representatives that represent them. >> the commission is expected to release a draft map of the newly drawn districts by november. the 15th and the map
10:40 pm
has to be finalized by december. this 27th. there is a new development in the plan to build the a's a waterfront ballpark at howard terminal, the mayor of oakland is asking fellow mayors across alameda county to support the idea. and tonight one city has answered that call well foretell sogomonian just finished listening to a city of hayward meeting happening online and she joins us now to tell us what they decided tonight l a. >> pam. they wrapped up that meeting in the mayor of hayward. mary, i'm len said that is a baseball fan's. she admits that the waterfront project is complex and may never become a reality. but with mayor libby schaaf's push she and her council just passed a resolution to urge the alameda county board of supervisors to step in and back construction of the new ballpark. the county could do that by opting into what's called an infrastructure finance district that will fund the project. the mayor explained that it's a tool that encourages redevelopment, a vacant are blighted properties like the howard terminal along with the
10:41 pm
ballpark would com a new performing arts center businesses and residential units and she thinks that it would bring economic benefits to the area as well as throughout alameda county while their hands are tied on whether the project may overcome hurdles and move forward to becoming a reality. this is one step to encourage the county to opt into that e eh, the ifb. >> i i you know, thank you to council for, you know, hearing the i realized this was a little bit different and maybe a lesson to be careful what you step into however the you know, i i was after hearing numerous discussions about this project over the last couple of years at various regional bodies that i'm i'm at you know. and and i would say we just got a letter from that was signed by 2 supervisors, including our own who are apparently supporting this and wanting to move that forward as a board meeting.
10:42 pm
>> airlines is referring to this letter written by supervisor. david haubert encouraging alameda county board president carson to opt into that. the f i d saying that the development would benefit surrounding cities too opponents in the hayward council meeting during the public comments argued, though, that howard terminal is already an essential part of the community specifically of the port where trucks trains and ships go through with all the proposed development that it would just draw more congestion to an already congested area and would add supply chain issues as we are already seeing at the port. they want to hear what council to table the vote and get more information first. but as we just mentioned, they pass a resolution and now next week the alameda county board of supervisors may consider a motion to support the ballpark at their meeting on tuesday live in the newsroom. ella sogomonian kron 4 news. ella, thank you. well, there is a new proposal to close 8 schools in the hayward unified school district over the next
10:43 pm
3 years. officials say while some of the facilities are aging poorly. >> the biggest reason for the closures due to declining enrollment. the district is built to serve more than 24,000 students but only has about 18,000 students enrolled. the proposal is far from a done deal, though it must be reviewed by the school board and it cannot be approved until a vote is held on november. the 17th. >> and in and out restaurant at san francisco's fisherman's wharf was shut down because employees weren't properly checking for customers vaccine documentation. the restaurant has since reopened after being shut down on thursday. but indoor dining is still unavailable. in a statement in and out said it property posted signs of local vaccine requirements but will not strictly enforced them adding, quote, we refused to become the vaccination. police for any government. >> coming up is force the lawyers open their season in style against the lakers in los angeles. our sports director jason dumas has highlights and reaction coming
10:44 pm
up. >> ice built the air. it felt like which he wins and had a sense of foreboding like something wasn't right. >> imagine losing your home to a raging inferno that happened to thousands of people 30 years ago this week, including to our own vicki liviakis
10:45 pm
10:46 pm
anniversary. many of us wish we could forget 30 years ago
10:47 pm
tonight, the destructive east bay fire storm ripped through the oakland berkeley hills. 25 people were killed about of about 3,000 homes were destroyed. can remarkable one of those homes that burned to the ground belong to our anchor vicki liviakis. >> 4 san kerman met with vicki where her home used to stand to see what, if anything has changed since that terrible day. >> i will never forget that morning. when those winds came. this frightening. >> kron four's, vicki liviakis is talking about october 20th, 1991 today a small grass fire from the day before reignited killing 25 people and wiping out thousands of homes across the oakland berkeley hills, including hers. >> ice built the air. it felt like which he wins. it's only way i could describe it, which e winds and had a sense of foreboding like something wasn't right at the time the
10:48 pm
fire storm erupted liviakis was at the claremont. >> her husband at the time and her young son were at the berkeley hills home on the edge of strawberry canyon. i called and they said you need to get down here. >> there's a fire up in the hills. there were flames on the hill and they were basically tracking us as we were driving down. you can see them moving. and there were the fingers of flames coming down the coal virts from the from that hill. >> her son and his father made it to the claremont. >> but the house like thousands of others did not survive. >> everything was gone. everything. i'm the only thing left to me in our little boy was sent the flames. toys and things that might be left behind. you did fine a little truck that survive. >> after the fire liviakis and her husband went their
10:49 pm
separate ways. she opting not to stay in the east bay hills. he opting to rebuild. and while he has no regrets, the choice to stay in these majestic hills does come with increased concern. >> if there's a red flag day, if it's high winds, if that high temperature or if there's no fires, which they have been for for years now. i think about that because i know what i went through the wildfires burning all across our state has for liviakis reporting on wildfires has become all too common. >> and she says it breaks her heart when she sees others who have lost everything. but having been through it. she offers some hope to others. >> i want to tell people as long as. he survive. you have your health. you can rebuild. you never quite forget it, though, it stays, if you. >> in the east bay hills. dan kerman kron 4 news.
10:50 pm
>> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> what a way to start the year for the dubs. let's go down to hollywood. the stars were out dubs lakers at staples. don't get no better than that. and check this out before the game. steph curry hit 4 shots in a row from the logo it be amazing for anybody. but it seems like we're just used to watching step. do stuff like that. were jaded late in the 1st stuff like this to craft the staff gets in the lane. finishes of cup does down 6 at the half 3rd quarter, jordan poole. he's going to have big year. i've a feeling he had 4 2nd half threes. they're up as a tie game actually had 20, but on the brake anthony davis finishes it with a slam lakers retake the lead he had 3311 now's lebron's turn. i think you're 18 for lebron still doing that 34 in 11 for him. but steph. on the bench in the
10:51 pm
warriors still. to score. a lot of buckets. they go up. 9890 staff is excited. now curry is back in the game and he said, you know what, let me get in on the party. we're used to that he had 2110 in 10 8th career triple-double and here was the dagger. andrew wiggins there you go. does go 12. they win one 2114 their retooled bench outscored the lakers backups 5529 here, steve kerr and draymond green after the game on their death. >> when you go out there for the first time every year opening night. just some nerves in and you've got to get. you know, get over that first time i did not recognize the team i was watching and they were not the team that i watched the last 3 weeks in camp second. i thought that's who we floor spacing ball movement getting nothing solid
10:52 pm
really we got a lot of and we've got to see a lot of that. we've. >> so well. so a good thing for us. that. the note tonight, some guys go up tomorrow or thursday maybe other you know, so. it does good for some think bode well for us. >> all right. thursday taking on the clippers. all right. the sharks in montreal taking on canadians first period sharks. one logan couture shot is blocked jonathan daily and is there for cleanup duty. his second goal of the game. san jose up to closing moments of the first erik karlsson nice risk there, lights the lamp. 3, nothing sharks. they go on to beat the canadians 5 to zip. they take on the senators on thursday. i we had some baseball game 3 nlcs braves looking to take a commanding 3 to nothing lead bottom of 5 to 2 brave, but you can't kill the dodgers. cody bellinger had been playing for early.
10:53 pm
but. one swinging a bat. he ties the game. they're going crazy at dodger stadium. now later and then couple batters later that's mookie betts. that brings in chris taylor 6, 5, dodgers. they win by that score the to one series now game 4 tomorrow in la the astro's also won the tie their series at 2 to 2 over in the alcs. al
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
when a truck hit my car, the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. call the barnes firm now, and let us help you get the best result possible. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪
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>> here we go. this is what bath time looks like at zoos. victoria conservation in australia. it's always the same no matter what. it is a mother kangaroo trying to make sure that are young. joe is nice and clean. but, you know, kids just don't think he's not too thrilled about it. the mom apparently won't stop until she licked her throat jolie clean from head to toe. there you go into a ball. >> well, lawrence is back. he's got a busy week ahead. yeah. a lot of rain coming see that rain coming down now for the golden gate bridge, things picking up again. the rain falling out there. now you can see pretty slick out there on the golden gate and more to come. overnight. look at the front start to move on through and some heavier amounts of rain just making its way across parts of the bay area now and the north bay. you can see some of that rain as well in richmond, hercules got some of the rain coming whole lot more on the way. in fact, between now in the middle of next week. this was some of
10:57 pm
the forecast models are painting. it's tremendous amounts of rain over 3 inches of rain possibly in the san francisco. that would be amazing. almost 5 and a half in the santa rosa and some of the mountain tops maybe looking to 10 inches of rain over the santa cruz mountains. so here we go with a front coming through tonight and the showers are going to continue on and off tomorrow, on and off on thursday, another front comes through on friday morning and saturday. and then the main event coming in on sunday. expect some heavy rainfall into monday morning to thank you, lawrence. thank you for being with us tonight, everybody. see you tomorrow night at midnight tonight.
10:58 pm
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11:00 pm
♪ ♪ >> he got covid on purpose. >> i have covid. >> as vaccine skeptics pounce on colin powell's death. >> colin powell died of covid. what does that tell you exactly? it tells you you've been lied to. >> outrage about what trump said about the late soldier statement. then, really believes this american reporter was sent to distract him? then, the crazy stunts. spewing exhaust fumes right into a crowded restaurant. who would do such a thi


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