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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 23, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading. >> now one of the strongest storms of the year is approaching the bay area right now. our radar for is tracking the path and we're going to see just how big this storm is going to get right here during conference in prime time tonight. thank you so much for joining us. i'm justine waltman. i'm jonathan mccall. the storm expected to bring flooding mudslides and even power outages to the bay area. >> kron 4 has live storm tracker. 4 team coverage tonight kron four's them into herring is learning just how many workers pg and e will have staff for tomorrow. but we start with the kron 4
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meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez tracking the timing of where the storm is going to land and this really is going to bring some big impacts for a lot of folks. yeah, and not only are you tracking hurricane force winds, but also high serve. >> and widespread rain. as you could see, our satellite and radar already lit up in green this evening. and that's because of the approaching atmospheric river already making its presence known throughout most of the bay area. >> specifically along the san francisco peninsula. as you make your way into the east bay drier for those of you in san jose. very spotty scattered showers throughout most of the north bay. but plume of moisture why we are tracking it tapping into this storm that is going to bring us inches of rain within the next 24 hours. so let's take a look at futurecast for the storm track has shifted. we're now we're tracking it more of a southerly flow impacting the san francisco peninsula primarily for those of you in the north bay during the
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overnight hours for your sunday morning and then watch what happens when i fast forward to sunday morning by mid morning at 9 o'clock that storm track going to shift back northward into the north bay drier for the san francisco peninsula and east bay. but then we're going to see widespread heavy downpours sunday afternoon through early sunday evening evening, even extending for those of you in the south bay and then it's just going to linger over the south bay as that storm track just remains in the south bay and east bay throughout most of sunday night and early monday morning until we start to clear out and dry out from the wet weather by mid morning on monday. we're tracking anywhere. one to 3 inches of rain for those of you in the south bay, 2 to 4 inches of rain for most of the san francisco peninsula and east bay and upwards of 6 inches of rain for those of you in the north bay highest amounts. santa rosa, you could see as
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high as 6 and a half inches of rain. santa cruz mountains 5 toe7 inches of rain within the next 24 hours. biggest area of concern will be the burn scar areas and also along the coast breaking waves as high as 30 feet and wind gusts. upwards of 60 miles per hour or less. that's what we have flash flood watch is also in effect with the threat of thunderstorms. very active monday morning tracking it all from the kron 4 weather center. my full forecast in just a few minutes. jonathon, just in. back to you. marissa, thank you. tonight pg and e now warning some customers that they could be in the dark. >> that's because that storm that she was talking about expected to bring hurricane force winds along with inches of rain, kron four's men to harry live tonight with us after speaking with pg, e officials. >> and what our pg telling you about how they're preparing for this possibility of power outages. >> pg e is telling it they're very prepared and doing everything they can to get ahead of this. they tell me
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right now they have more than a 1000 crew members on call to deal with any messes that may come up or any outages. >> this is the first major storm of the season. and we're really ready for it when the storm comes power outages often follow. >> but pg and e is confident they can respond to it spokesperson megan mcfarland says they have crews on standby. we are bringing in crews from other last impacted areas to help with restorations pg and e has pre stage crews across the service area. >> there are more than 500 electric crew members. nearly 300 inspectors. >> and 400 pg. any personnel on 911. standby know that as soon as it's safe to do so. our crews are out in the field. >> making repairs and getting the power back on for customers. but they've also been doing work in advance of the storm. this is video of vegetation management crews working to keep trees away from power lines. they also have prepped materials.
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>> one thing that we did is pre staged material. that's often damaged during a storm. so we have extra wires, transformers polls and mcfarland says customers can prepare as well. so they should have their flashlights ready. new batteries cell phones, charged shop. if you lose power, you can always charge your cell phone in your car. >> she also tells me that downed power lines can be a big issue during these types of storms as well. if you see a downed power line don't touch it. assume that it's energized and call 911. live amanda hari kron 4 news. >> into what's the best way for folks to stay informed about outages that could potentially pop up in their neighborhoods. >> yeah, pg and e tells me the best way people can get all the information about the outages that may be impacting them is by signing up notifications. you can do that on pg. e's website that pg e
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dot com. >> all right. kron four's amanda hari live for us tonight in the city with a look at how p jeanne helping to make sure folks are protected and are so informed during these storms. amanda, thank you. >> evacuation orders are going to go into effect tomorrow morning for some people who live in the czu fire burn scar in the santa cruz mountains. officials are urging people to get out by 8 o'clock tomorrow morning. the storm is expected to bring heavy rain and gusty winds that can trigger mudslides earlier today deputies conduct a door to door notifications at high risk home. so people are aware of what's happening and you can stay up to date on this ever changing weather situation by using the camera on your phone to scan this qr code will take you to download our kron 4 mobile app. that's where you can find current conditions evacuation instructions live radar and also up to the date forecast from our weather team. >> tonight. oakland police say they need your help, trying to
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find a car connected to the robbery and attempted murder of a pd captain the car is a 2007 black nissan sentra with tinted windows and custom rims. the car also has a forty-niners license plate with the number 6 a tz 3, 5, 7, again, 6 atc, 3, 5, 7. investigators say that former captain ersie joyner was at a gas station thursday afternoon when several people in that car got out and robbed him joyner and those suspects exchanged shots. joyner was hit by a bullet one of the suspects died at the scene in the crossfire. joyner is also listed in critical but stable condition. anyone with information on that car and where it could be now urged to call oakland police. >> kron 4. we are your local election headquarters and another recall election could be here before we know what that's because there is a recall effort happening against san francisco's district attorney chesa boudin
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and it is now moving forward on friday, more than 83,000 signatures returned into the san francisco department of elections. that is about 32,000 more signatur s than required for a recall. the group safer sf without food. dean said nearly one out of every 10 san franciscans sign the petition to recall do dean city officials now have 30 days to validate those signatures. and if it is certified election will be held at some point next year. now coming up tonight at 9.30 right here kron 4. the organization safer assets without to dean is going to join us live to talk about their recall efforts and peer kron 4. we have reached out to the district attorney's office for comment on the recall. so far no reply. >> investigators. meanwhile, tonight searching for answers into what went wrong on the set of an alec baldwin movie that led to the actor mistakenly shooting 2 crew members reporter steve tells us about the safety issues on the movie set that led to this deadly accident.
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>> in the making of a big budget. hollywood action movie. it's not unusual for actors and crew to fire off guns hundreds if not thousands of times it adds to the suspense and drama that so many of us go to the movies for on the set of those movies. there is supposed to be an incredible amount of safety and precaution that goes into everything surrounding those weapons. that is why all eyes are now focused on a deadly accident that took the life of a woman on the set of a new movie starring alec baldwin. it was a fatal shooting. authorities say carried out by baldwin himself some of the details with all that we know safety experts say investigators will get to the bottom of how this movie scene when catastrophic lee wrong according to authorities, somehow a prop gun that was supposed to be harmless in the hands of alec baldwin killed a cinematographer. alina hutchens and wounded director joel sosa baldwin was filming the scene thursday in new mexico on the site of his new movie titled rushed witnesses told investigators that baldwin was handed the gun from someone in the props
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department who clearly stated out loud that the weapon was a quote, cold gun, meaning it was inspected and was supposed to be safe to use. authorities say baldwin ended up shooting hutchens in the chest during a movie scene. she and susan were rushed to a nearby hospital where doctors pronounced her dead baldwin says hutchins death has left him shaken and devastated, especially for hutchins family. he expressed his remorse over the tragic incident saying, quote, there are no words to convey my shock and sadness regarding the tragic accident that took the life of halyna hutchins a wife mother and a deeply admired colleague of ours and fully cooperating with the police investigation to address how this tragedy occurred. this isn't the first time someone has been killed on a movie set with a prop gun, perhaps most notably actor brandon lee, son of world famous bruce lee was killed by a prop gun malfunctioned while filming the action movie the crow in 1993 the governor of new mexico are baldwin's production was being filmed,
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says steps will be taken now. so something like this doesn't happen again. >> steve could reporting for us tonight. meanwhile, caught in the crossfire, a bay area woman killed in a shootout between mexican drug cartels. what we're learning about the investigation tonight. >> usc fraternity house scandal is growing even deeper tonight. there are new reports of assault and drugging the allegations and the response tonight from the university. and we're already starting to atmosphere river as it inches closer to the bay area bringing us widespread scattered showers for those of you in the east bay shoreline with heavier downpours and possible pop-up thunderstorms for this weekend. more coming up in my full forecast in just a few minutes.
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>> kron 4 staying on top of a weather coverage the saturday night. a live look at the radar as those storms starting to slowly wall into the bay area tonight, things very light right now. but boy, are they going to change in the next 12 to 24 hours. we are watching so many threats talking about of flooding mudslides you know, and a whole lot of other conditions as well. >> and if you're not getting rain now, don't worry. you're going to get some tomorrow. i'm meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is joining us now with tracking this atmospheric
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river bomb category 5. it's got a lot of big names going with it. i know it feels like armageddon is just around the corner, right with all these. >> we're textbook names, river pineapple express. it comes from hawaiian plumes of moisture that taps into a storm. that's why we're going to see inches of rain within just 24 hours. the last time we had an atmospheric river in the bay area was back in the end of january of this year. so hard to believe it was almost a year ago and that was one of the mean rain events up until now. we're tracking widespread light showers for those of you in the east bay shoreline, please drive safely for your saturday night. very slick road conditions out there. and as we take a look at that plume of moisture out in the pacific. this is going to tap into a storm that's going to bring us heavy downpours. hurricane force winds and the potential for scattered thunderstorms sunday into monday. so let's take a look at futurecast for. we're
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tracking the heaviest rain first arriving. for those of you in the north bay by sunday night. it's going to shift to the south and east and then it's going to stay in the south bay throughout the early overnight hours for your monday where we could have our flash flood watch is extended through monday primarily for those of you in the south bay and the southern portions of the east bay shoreline on a count that slower track of that atmospheric river before it eventually exits out of the south and east leaving behind very scattered showers monday night into tuesday. but as you can see, inches of rain expected in just a short amount of time and we are tracking a lot of flight cancellations at sfo this evening on a count of that atmospheric river wind speeds. fortunately calmer could see gusts of 60 miles per hour less by sunday temperatures right now. widespread mid to upper 50's along the coast low to mid 60's inland and overnight lows going to stay on the mild side thanks to that blanket of storm cloud cover, upper 50's. turning
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into low to mid 60's easily 5 to 10 degrees below average and we're going to remain below average for the next 7 days. but we are seeing, though warmer and drier weather back in the 70's inland thursday and friday of next week with 60's. a little along the coast. back to you. jonathan just staying something to kron four's weather team coverage continues tonight on the peninsula where sandbags are now being passed out. >> and final preps are underway for a a is in redwood city where people are thankful for these resources. doncic high is being proactive ahead of this weekend's storm these bags are being helped. he's loading up his car with sandbags. >> the event his home from flooding have a stairwell going outside stir. well going into. basement area where the water has nowhere to run off to be grabbed a few at the grant corporation yard in redwood city. san mateo county is also offering them at the princeton and the honda
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corporation yard. >> as well as pescadero high school. the backs are for county residents in unincorporated areas. >> no, it's fantastic that the you know, providing up to for anybody can just come by and pick up a couple bags on saturday. we've got a look at how these crews filled 6,000 backs. >> the sand is loaded onto this bulldozer. then dumped into this gray machine where workers collect it into a bag crews, wrap them up and place them on these pallets to go to storage to be used for future storms. well, the site sandbags, you should also has some flashlights and batteries on hand if the power goes out and canned goods water a first aid kit extra medication and food for your pets to your list. >> public works. crews will patrol areas prone to flooding and ensure drainage is our clear from debris. if you're worried about flooding, sandbags are your solution simply stacked them outside against your doors where water
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may enter your do >> the sandbags are free and you can get up to 15 bags. they are placed outside the buildings where you can get them at any hour of the day in redwood city. camila barco kron 4 news. >> all this rain is going to end this year's wildfire season. but the burn scars from the past. fires are a problem with this. they are creating the threat of mudslides. >> crews from the california conservation corps spent some time in the burn scars of the river fire and colfax rowena shaddox has a look at some of the work now being done there. >> i think the work we do here is really this very few people are actually willing to come out here and do the hard work that we do. >> scott harrison is part of the california conservation corps have been deployed to the river fire burn scar areas. it's but, you know,
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it's fun. to help with the roshan control. today. there along doer holloway in the chicago park community. >> where it is. what weather conditions there are among you got to do it. corps members have been working for several days now putting up barriers just like this one to stop the toxins from for intel metal structures like this one here and also dozens of empty cars that have been for in town and left on the property. >> and we're trying to keep to the footprint is as close as we can. >> and prevent the heavy rains from moving medals and hydrocarbons into the waterways such as the bear river below until we can actually get the debris off the ground. >> crews have traveled around for months and work previous fire seasons gaining valuable experience.
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>> they get to provide just a really critical. >> service to the people of california. >> threw in a shot. reporting tonight, san jose woman on vacation is killed after she was caught in the crossfire of a shootout between mexican drug cartels. officials say it happened thursday into loom. investigators say that injury riot lived in san jose but was born in india. she was one of 2 tourists killed during that shootout. 3 other tourists were also hurt. investigators say all of them were eating outside of a restaurant when the gunfire began tonight, police in mexico are still looking for those shooters. >> more reports of assault and drugging at the university of southern california. the fraternity parties there all those reports are coming in tonight and there are new allegations from a student who says this happened at a party that she was at in september. the suspect has been identified and los angeles police are saying that he is the president of the sigma nu
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chapter. he has been suspended, but it's not clear if he's been arrested or charged at this point. the student reported that she was sexually assaulted after someone drugged her at a party in september. and now several other reports of drugging and drinks at that same fraternity house and other frat houses on campus are coming in. that's according to the school's newspaper, the sigma nu suspension means the frat cannot hold and the activities at the house. the chapter saying it is fully complying with the investigation. >> still ahead tonight crime for staying on top of storm called storm coverage tonight. san francisco public works know offering sandbags for folks to pick up. we'll let you know what you need to know if flooding does happen in the city and now that brian laundrie's remains have been found. we still don't know a cause of death. how investigators plan to move forwar
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>> we do have some breaking news now just into the newsroom about a pretty significant accident in the east bay. >> that's right. right now parts of headed west near tulsa haro shut down right now. according to chp of a very large crash involving as many as 6 cars. we don't know the extent of injuries at this point. but we do know that chp is there on the scene. they have shut down the west lanes of 5.80. a very large part in that area involving this crash with as many as 6 cars. we do know that there are injuries
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as a result of this. but we do not know the extent of those injuries at this point. we're going to continue to monitor the scene and bring you updates as soon as we get them from chp during the newscasts to map that we're looking at right now is our traffic maps. we can keep that up for you. >> just so you can keep you updated on the situation. this is on kron 4 dot com. and it's letting us know that the road is blocked on 5.80 westbound from exit 47 that santa rita road exit 46 hacienda drive. >> it started about 07:40pm tonight. they're saying it's going to end and about now those still on again, this is on our website. kron 4 dot com. more details throughout the hour tonight. now the discovery, brian laundrie's remains this week ends a manhunt that has gripped the country for weeks. police found laundry in a florida nature reserve wednesday, but that they are still looking for answers on exactly how he died. >> also sahady has more on the investigation.
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>> tonight. many unanswered questions following the death of brian laundrie. according to north port pd the remains were 40 minute hike north of the footbridge leading into the carlton reserve hours after the discovery, the fbi making a positive id using dental records video captured the officers who broke the news to brian's heartbroken brian reportedly left his home september 13th. >> for more than a month. no sign of the 23 year-old fugitive on wednesday. his father found the dry bag as nearby. >> officers discovered brian's remains and backpack jacksonville state university's joseph scott morgan is a forensic expert. >> is it possible to determine the time and date of death. when you have skeletal remains. >> very difficult, very, very difficult. i've never seen it be able to be narrowed down that sharply. that's still not
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stroman's. >> morgan says authorities may be able to narrow down the week. brian died since this is a high-profile case involving the most skilled experts. >> do you anticipate authorities will be able to determine a cause of death here. that is going to be heavily dependent upon the trauma if they have trauma that they can appreciate on the body. >> that society reporting for us tonight. >> here's what's coming up tonight during kron 4 news 8 o'clock democratic governors are going to capitol hill to press federal lawmakers for help will go over what they're asking for tonight. also, lake tahoe getting ready for ski season major ski resorts have just released their opening dates. but there are some changes if you're going to tahoe this. ski season. snowboarding season. we're going to go over some of the changes lets the other thing you do when you're on the snow, the bunny hills sledding that said, our team coverage of the storms is also going to continue throughout the hour right here during kron. 4 news in prime time. we're going to better look at the radar. so we'll see where rain is going to hit your neighborhood. stay
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with us here
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>> kron 4 staying on top of breaking news tonight as we just told you a few moments ago, a major crash has shut down the west lanes of 5.80, near dublin. according to the kron 4 traffic map. the road is blocked. the west lanes of i 5.80 from exit 47, which is santa rita road to exit 46, which is seeing the drive
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according to chp, this all started just around 07:30pm, tonight and this crash will involve does involve as many as 6 different cars. we do know that there are injuries associated with this crash. but right now it is unknown. just exactly the extent of those injuries. so but also according to the kron 4 traffic map. it seems like this is starting to clear up. but we do know that because the area has been shut down for a significant period of time that there will likely be residual backups for folks trying to get to their destinations tonight. >> and the roads are wet. that is an issue that we're dealing with tonight and they're going to be. even wetter our 4 zone forecast is what we want to talk about right now as we take a live look at the conditions here along the richmond, sandra fell bridge. you can see just how dangerous the conditions are. the roads are slick. it's hard to see even the camera here on the bridge here is getting covered with raindrops. got to have the windshield wipers on full blast. the headlights on and stay focused because the rain
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is really coming down tonight. and we've got even more coming tomorrow. yeah. just a friendly reminder. also, if you don't need to be on the roads tomorrow. stay home because as you can see. >> just these light showers already having an impact on our saturday commute. and it just takes 6 inches of rain to lift a car and we could see record breaking rain in downtown san francisco specifically for the month of october. when this atmospheric river is all said and done. if we do get 3 inches of rain that will certainly break records and possibly be in the top 10 category of what some of the wettest october as we've ever had in the bay area for downtown san francisco. but we are tracking though, most of the wet weather in the east bay. but as you can see, more moisture behind that. we are tracking this plume of subtropical moisture out of white. it's going to tap into this storm, this comma shape right here. and that's what's going to bring us our atmosphere river to the bay area. first arriving along the
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coast and specifically for those of you in the north bay. the heaviest downpours during the overnight hours very early sunday morning. cannot stress that enough. just how dangerous this weather is because we are going to notice for those of you in the north bay. it's just going to linger all sunday morning a little bit drier, though, throughout most of the rest of the bay area. but then look at how this storm track to shifts to the south. within a few hours by early sunday afternoon. it's already making its way back into the san francisco peninsula. but then extending eastward into the east bay. for those of you in the south bay widespread light showers. but then it's just going to blow up and really peak early sunday evening at 5 o'clock. everyone in the bay area moderate to heavy downpours. and this storm is just going to linger over the south bay and the southern portions of the east bay in san francisco peninsula. so we could see flash flood watch is extended through monday. most are expected to expire by sunday night until that storm exits
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by monday mid morning but future rain totals inches one to 3 inches in the south bay, 2 to 4 inches for the san francisco peninsula and east bay and up to 6 inches for most of the north bay valleys just seen in. jonathan, back to you. >> a lot of rain and flooding downed trees and power lines. that's what's expected to happen in the city of san francisco through this major weather event across forcefully. gaulle shows us how folks here in the city now getting ready for tomorrow's big storm. >> at the san francisco public works operations yard. residents offered up to 10 free sandbags for pickup in demand is high. they're pretty worried and they're pretty handy to make sure that we when all the all the floors and and with that animal into the feeling is the weather event will be as power as expected. they're talking like 0.2 inches per hour. that's pretty intense. rainfall with 50 miles per hour wind gusts rejected a high surf warning has been issued sunday night.
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>> we have crews out of on the streets who are clearing catch basin. so with their rakes brooms and shovels just to try to keep those clear to prevent localized flooding. we also have tree crews on standby. >> ahead of the high winds and downpours are in the mission district. larry sweeping up in front of score, friends at 17 and folsom streets in san francisco. we've been working on this corner for the flooding over the past 20 years. so we're used to it. he works in the area and knows the routine when rain falls, the city dropping pallets of sandbags at the corner for small businesses to use flood barriers host in-state in front of buildings to prevent the widespread flooding the neighborhood has experienced in the past. if this gets clogged and on the on dreams. >> it make it harder for the water to recede. and remember, you don't want to be outside when it's coming down hard. you don't want to be hit by a tree limb or branches. stay inside if you can in san
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francisco phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> right kron 4 dot com. you can stay up to date on the very latest weather conditions outside your door. just use your mobile device to scan the qr code on your screen and you will be taken to the kron 4 mobile app. so you can download it there you can find current conditions live radar and up to date forecast from a and the kron 4 weather team. are you ready for the storm johnson. i would you do to prepare. i just or down in the world tried to stay inside as much as we're going to be here tomorrow. this is true noel will be here in the morning to make sure that you guys that everyone will be tracking this as well because it's going to be moving in through the morning hours as well. so
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>> the president's so-called human infrastructure proposal bill better known as the build back better plan has stalled due to a disagreement among democrats kron 4 washington correspondent alexandra limon reports that democratic governors from across the country actually went to washington, dc to ask federal lawmakers to stop the infighting and approved the help needed for states. >> well, congressional democrats struggled to come together. democratic governors say their states are falling apart in my part of the state. the mine is river bridge collapsed. you know, many people died night row over that bridge just a few hours before it collapsed. connecticut governor ned lamont joined other democratic
8:41 pm
governors at the white house this week to call for action. the governors want congressional democrats to stop arguing among themselves and pass the bipartisan infrastructure package along with the president's build back better plan. new mexico governor michelle lujan grisham says the president's bill includes billions for human infrastructure like money to help families pay for child care and universal preschool. that makes all the difference. >> and having workers today and workers tomorrow with house progressives are battling senate moderates over the size of the bill. >> rhode island governor daniel mckee says pick a number. any bill is better than nothing. they find that compromise spot, get the money out to us now we will make sure that gets invested. well. >> and then you always can come back. but house republican leader kevin mccarthy says any additional spending will make things worse. whether this bill is 4.5 trillion three trillion or 1.5. the democrats proposal. >> worsen inflation. continue to harbor and harm our labor
8:42 pm
shortage. democrats insist they're close to reaching a compromise. lawmakers say vote on the infrastructure legislation are possible next week in washington. alexandra limon. >> as lake tahoe has seen plenty of snow. officials there say they are looking forward to making snow plans for the upcoming season. will talk live with the spokesperson about the new
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>> we are taking a live look right now. the dark camera. but this is the soda springs area along 80. and as we could see some cars here driving on the road. there is snow on the sides of the roads are slick again, rain in the sierra as well tonight. winter has arrived. but there's area to get a whole lot more snow as the storm system rolls in over the next few days as well. >> the lake tahoe ski season is off to a significant october snow. all the major ski resorts are already. welcome to ready guests back starting next to tell us more about hike. how lake tahoe is preparing for the busy season. >> is kevin cooper with lake tahoe tv. but we're not we won't call you. kevin. i like that. that was in there as kevin. this is coop. he always joins us to talk about what's going on in tahoe with the
8:46 pm
weather and the ski slopes and how's how's it going? so what's it like where you are how to ski season look, so far this winter. >> start to look really good right now. we just went through 3 major wildfires here in the region. so mother nature's come back. she's really put a damper on those fires were a 100% contained on the caldor predicts a and the tamarac fire. and we're getting ready for the winter season. it's raining right now at lake we're looking at is a significant atmospheric river coming into the region here as the next 72 hours. if you really take a look at this as 8 to 10 inches of moisture packed into this which could lead to the wettest october in recorded history. so we're waiting watching and seeing right now it's 39 degrees here at lake level. but the upper elevations 9, 10,000 feet. they're starting to see snow. we've seen kirkwood up to 4 inches at this point down towards venice about which opened up our will be opening up on october. 29 and what
8:47 pm
we're waiting for the temperatures to drop here at lake level and kick off a great season like 2004. >> cocaine. talk a little bit about what the last few months have been like for everyone living in that particular area, especially for the resort you go from one extreme of, you know, those wildfires coming real close to south lake tahoe and to some of those resorts. and now you're preparing for this and you have a a huge storm system that's going to bring a lot of snow came just talk a little bit about how the folks there are feeling about this just those last 3 months. >> i'll tell you what, there's a there's a big sigh of relief just because mother nature's come back. we just come out of the driest summer and lois winter in recorded history. 3 major force wires that came through here wildfires too. the caldor and the dixie that cross the sea, a crash that hasn't happened in it is it's a wild ride. it's an emotional wild right here in our house right here south ago at the base of after sun that we had
8:48 pm
to evacuate for 2 weeks. the fire came less than a mile away from the house. it just surreal feeling to be here sitting in rain right now knowing that it's going to start snowing versus a backing away. t just about 4, 5 weeks ago. so it's a big sigh of relief. unfortunately, our good friends up at sierra at all. that's a major damage. significant damage its year. they're taking a look at it says and how they're going to open this winter. but i'll tell you what, alright, we're very resilient here in tal. we are to host wrong. and what we're looking at right now is the start to a great ski season hoping is that this is the perfect start to see rain come down and soak the base really get down into that ground. that moisture sets down, then what happens is as the temperatures drop, it will slowly start laying out the perfect base for this upcoming 2021 22 winter season. i'm really excited and i know all the locals are and the resorts are as well. everybody is
8:49 pm
getting out. we're getting ready to go. we're ready to fire up hopefully thanksgiving or even earlier here in tahoe. >> so the preference i think would be for people not to drive up tonight. tomorrow, maybe even monday because the roads are just going to be a mask. but if we do go up this winter season since brought to such a good start and you've got so excited. what are all the resorts doing. whether it's covid or drought, that might be different this year. >> straight question. so really what's happening is they're following along with the cdc guidelines state of california and the county. so this year vail resorts. the difference is last year you had to make a reservation this year. all the staff is mandated to have vaccines. there are no reservations effect at those resorts. they will follow the county. the city and the state rules and the cdc also employees will be required a mascot, but they're also required to be vaccinated. so it's going to be a good season. we'll just have to wait and kind of watch and see what happens along with the delta variant that how that works. but it's much
8:50 pm
different than last year we're really trying to step out of the covid-19 get into a great winter season. so the resorts are prepared. they're ready to go. you go to their respective websites where you can go. the vail resorts are one of the out icon passes or will have all that information right there. ready for you to come on up and enjoy a great winter skiing season of riding or skiing. cookie got us excited for winter. >> i know. i'm excited. i'm ready to go to get muskies and had great to get my hot chocolate on. that's for sure. he is always we appreciate the time here on kron. 4 news. >> fingers crossed for snow this year. thanks. coop. thank guys. have a great night. thanks. >> let's talk about our 4 zone forecast. a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. the streets very as we're seeing light showers right now across much of the bay area. but as we've been saying over the last few days and even
8:51 pm
tonight, things are really going to change in the next 12 to 24 hours big-time. i wonder what this camera's going to look like and 09:00am tomorrow. 9 o'clock tomorrow night. it's going to be. >> well, basically, tell us one what is the heaviest of the rain approaching on sunday well for the san francisco peninsula. it's going to start overnight. and then that storm track going to shift into the north bay until it makes its way. >> back into the san francisco peninsula by early sunday afternoon won't really see much of that storm at the coverage because of that camera going to get just soaked and drenched with this atmospheric river. so this storm right now starting to see some bands exiting out of the east bay. but as you can we're tracking some more rain off the coast making its way inland with the main event that atmospheric river arriving during the overnight hours. but we are tracking rain and snow showers right now, more rain then snow for south lake tahoe. but let's take a look at futurecast for
8:52 pm
because remember an atmospheric river taps into plumes of hawaiians of tropical moisture. so it's a warmer court storm, but we are tracking, though more rain then snow and we're going to see some pretty heavy downpours, not just at south lake tahoe but also for donner summit as well. even bear valley. we're going to track a lot of widespread moderate ahead, even pockets of heavy downpours winter storm warning starts at 5 o'clock sunday evening 12 to 18 inches of possible snow at mount rowe summit. 48 inches at donner pass. and just one to 2 inches of fresh powder for lake tahoe because we are going to see more rain then snow on sunday. but that cooler drier air mass as that storm exits going to produce some morning snow showers. but unfortunately not a lot and temperatures still going to stay in the 40's because of that very cold and drier air mass by tuesday. back to jonathan just staying
8:53 pm
marisa, thank you. all right. still to come tonight. if you need a date for a wedding. >> we'll tell you about the new tender feature that will make it easier to find one still to come.
8:54 pm
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don't worry, ma. we'll be there soon. “we?!” is this “the one.” well...let's say i found the one who takes me to another level. always stays calm under pressure. most importantly... the one that helps me discover the coolest places. this sounds wonderful! come outside. i'll introduce you. definitely the one! introducing the all-new nissan frontier. everyone. tender has launched a new feature for folks who may be looking for a day to a wedding event or some other social event. the feature called plus one allows folks
8:56 pm
that their either looking for a day to take to a party or are available to go 2. one. the new ad on is available on the apps. explore page wedding experts say it's actually a good way to get folks comfortable with going to weddings again. however, others say it is desperate saying that they would never bring a stranger to a wedding, especially. as a first date. i can see why. >> all right. let's talk about squad games and its popularity right now there's a new alarm that's going to scare you straight out of bed in the morning and it's that creepy clock that's going viral online in the wake of netflix's latest hit show. so let's check it out. i'm sure you if you've seen the show you some idea what it might be. it's a version of that deadly doll from squad games episode. there was the second episode says first book because the second. >> it was the first episode was first upset. alright. so she also plays that eerie song. and as the alarm goes off the doll turns its head and starts to fire small pellets at the sleeper. the
8:57 pm
way keep you from getting the snooze button. too many times. the miniature nightmare can be yours for just $42. if you want to spend on amazon. so far the clocks are only available for preorder. >> and they hope to begin shipping it. mid november. >> i mean, merry christmas the creepy sound and itself that's just enough to do it. but i watch squid games. i have to tell you, admit something to you. so i everyone's talking about it. i watched it but 92 what you need to go so i decided to watch it and i started playing it. i didn't know at the time, but i was watching the last episode. i don't like people really like the show. all they do is talk about how great it is. i should give it a chance. i'm so confused. i have no idea what's going on. but i thought maybe it was doing word plays like a little bit of the end and then you go back in time. yeah. oh no. i watched the whole last episode. totally confused about what was going on. and then i had to go back and watch the beginning. so already knew how it ended when
8:58 pm
i started it. i thank you for letting me share your welcome. we're going to start this over again from the start on kron. 4 news at 9 that way. >> back in the for these people. are they fighting. we don't know. still good show but just start from the beginning.
8:59 pm
9:00 pm
>> when fun time from the bay area's local


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