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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  October 28, 2021 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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the 70's, which is just going to be super pleasant feeling especially considering where we've been you view outside from our berkeley hills camera shows you the blue skies up above and definitely a nice view from our berkeley hills. there are spots of fog, though, that i do want to note and it is not marine layer but rather just some fog that is formed within the bay that is resulting in some isolated lower visibility. that's true from san pablo bay up the bay shoreline down to portions of san jose. so be mindful of this low grade that is resulting in pockets of lower visibility radars. otherwise showing sunshine overhead and this low cloud cover that we do have this morning. it's not going to last. we're set up for abundant sunshine already for most areas and for some of our foggy neighbors here shortly santa rosa, our cool spot at 49 degrees while are warm spot at 60 right now. reena, thank you for that. john is going to sell tamala costumes and just give them to die and james and then you guys will be able to say no
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>> as you're traveling along the richmond sandra fell bridge. we've got a whole lot of fog and just settled in. >> so drive times are going up a little under 19 minutes for you. there. you definitely want to be safe as you're traveling heading into the city. we had an earlier stalled vehicle really slowed us down. it was at that freeman street accident traffic times. and that really recovered since then, a little under 26 minutes or so as you're heading into the city, a couple of hot spots. this is in serious 0. 37 eastbound east of lake deal. highway the right lane. there is currently closed. so we're looking at that in keeping a close eye on things here down in gilroy, another hot spot, one, 52 westbound west of one 56 all lanes are currently closed. so 25 would be a good option. we'll have more on your visit thursday commute. darya james, back to you. thanks a lot, ray 81. and right now thousands of hotel employees. >> are protesting all across the country because they say they're not getting paid enough and they're working too much. yes, specially during the they they want more protections in place. there's a demonstration happening right now in the east bay and that's where kron four's will
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tran is standing by in berkeley. >> with their story. well. >> it just wrapped up james and area. but it happened right here in front of their boss is and probably more importantly in front of the guests at the doubletree by hilton. they chose to do it bright and early you know, days getting lighter later. they they did it in the dark, but it was still 6 o'clock in the morning. here's video of it. they actually did it right outside some of the units because they wanted to send a message to the customers as well as their boss is like, you know, we understand that the pandemic hurt you financially. but you can't use that excuse anymore claiming that they have recovered the hotels have recovered pretty well financially, but they're not spreading the wealth or at the very least keeping what they had in place before covid-19 struck. we're talking 10,000 workers, not just here at this location, but in oakland and san francisco across the country. and even
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in canada. so this is a big protests coordinated at many locations. we've got a chance. actually, james and area. the track down a union representative here is at the heart why they are protesting. i mean, we've seen during this pandemic that the rich have gotten richer and everyone else is getting left behind. >> here at the doubletree by hilton, berkeley marina. what we're seeing is jobs getting cut and then we're close getting increased for everyone else will work are still make the minimum wage and the company is now proposing to increase health care costs for new hires. that's unacceptable. and that's why we're out here today. >> so what they're claiming is this. there are a lot of the places have gotten rid of a lot of their house cleaning and that means that the rooms are not being cleaned as often or as well as they should be. and that leaves those who are left behind to do extra work without extra pay and that's
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why they're protesting not just at this location and not just this morning, guys they're also going to do it. also at 4 o'clock this afternoon in san francisco at union square. they plan to march through that particular area downtown. >> lots of hotels, lots of eyeballs and hoping to send a message. their employers that they are looking at the very least. let's keep what we had before. covid-19. >> but definitely we're looking for a pay raise as well. if that's the best case scenario. we will continue to have reaction coming up at 9 o'clock. still no reaction from the hotels that back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. well, it's 8. oh, 04:00am and another big story that we're following is your commute next week could take you longer if you ride muni. yeah, the transit system's going to be suspending some of its services because they just don't have enough workers after san francisco's vaccine mandate for city employees has for some of them off the job. kron 4. sarah stinson is live in san francisco with the effect. hi, sara.
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>> san francisco's vaccine mandate goes into effect november 1st and at last check, there's about a little under 300 muni operators that did not provide proof of vaccination. they have until monday. but if you didn't have done. >> last week, chances are you're not going to have it done in time. so sfmta had to suspend the shoreline routes until they can get more employees vaccinated. take a look at your screen. we wanted to write out everything you need to know off the bat. these are the routes that are suspended. one california short 14. our mission rapid short weekends only 30 stockton short and 49 van a short on weekdays only. >> short service refers to buses that run on a segment of a longer many route to help improved frequency. the long route on these lines will continue to operate as if says it was a hard decision on what to suspend. but the transit agency is hoping the shoreline is the best thing to cut. so the least number of riders are
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or worse terminated sfmta is working with operators to address vaccination status hoping to be able to return to work as soon as possible. the transit agency says there will be no cancellation of unit. muni routes. in response to this staffing challenge. new operators are actually being trained right now, of course, to fill those positions that are open because of those who are put on leave and this all starts again on monday so be aware of that short service suspension and there's no timeline for when they're going to put those short lines back into service. so we all know muni is very convenient and it comes very quickly those different buses. so this will have an impact on riders. but hopefully not too much i'm waiting to hear back from sfmta about an updated number of how many employees are
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still unvaccinated reporting in san francisco. sarah stinson back to you. and sir, i know you said you're just getting into the groove, enjoying the bus. >> do you like you fall asleep on buses. >> and trains. that kind of thing. is that nice for you? that movement now. >> no, i i love a good car ride sleep on the on alert. i'm always afraid about missing stop. yeah. i want to go on very long because the city's not that big. so i'm like, ok, my office. miss it. all right. we'll look at the new sleeping bus tour in hong kong. ok, you get on 5 hours. you go to sleep all night long. yeah. and then you go home and check it might be for you. >> likes to sleep in thank you, sarah. >> all right. 7 is the time now let's go to the east bay where another bay area in and out burger is facing fines now and closing its indoor dining because it violated contra costa counties. >> vaccine mandate. you're supposed to check if people
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have been vaccinated in today can dine and so in some areas that people are feeling supportive of this. >> of in and out and their move against this. there were a handful of protesters showed ceremonies location and we heard from a woman who thinks that they're in the right. >> it's garbage. why are we asking high school years. a lot of these kids are in high school, 1920. why did they have to be the passport police. it's not the company's job. are they going to is the government going to provide a salary for someone to only check passports. it's it's ludicrous. >> it's extra than we've seen businesses complain about that in this case in and out says they just refused to be the vaccination police. that's what they call it. and they call the logo of mandates invasive and unreasonable. >> well in related news up in the north bay. we have city council now extending its mask
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mandate indefinitely for the city itself and it requires everybody over the age of 4 to wear a mask when they're indoors. in public spaces. now the city's decision goes against a lot of county, which is we know has declined to implement any sort of widespread mask mandate and city officials say that the mandate for them in vallejo is going to stay in place until the county's covid transmission rates go down. in the meantime, indoor mask mandates in schools will likely remain in place throughout all of next year. statewide. that's according to state health officials, but that could change it all depends on how many more students get vaccinated against covid over the next months ahead, california's health and human services secretary doctor mark ali didn't want to provide any official criteria for lifting the mask mandate. he says he just wants to make sure there's enough time for students to get a chance to get vaccinated against covid on tuesday an fda panel approved pfizer's vaccine for children between 5.11 years old. but it's unlikely that we'll see that emergency use authorization be approved until at least sometime next
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week. they're getting ready to roll out the vaccine to kids in santa clara county. they have outlined a plan to get the shots in the arms for the little ones, 5 to 11 years old as early as next week and they're going to do it at the county fairgrounds. that's what they're setting up for now. >> this is the same place that they're giving adult covid shots. and the new thing for the kids will be privacy screens so that they don't get afraid of what's coming. especially as a mom of 2 kids already. i know that the fear that they go through when they're getting vaccines. >> the privacy screens are going to hopefully minimize that visual anxiety for them. >> i know some big kids that don't like to i mean, adults look, you don't need the love. they'll give you the chi turn away 5. they are sorry, 55,000 kids doses are expected to arrive in santa clara county next weekend. there are a 166,000 kids in the county that are 5 to 11 years old. in addition at the fairgrounds. their plan to make the shots available at community clinics private, doctors offices, pharmacies and some schools
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and governor newsome is proving see kids look, it doesn't hurt. >> he got is a booster shot at this clinic in oakland. he was there promoting and handshaking and said, all right, go ahead. jab. i said and he's like look that snow from now. we knew some originally got the j and j shot which used to be the one shot deal done. they recommended you get that additional those. >> and that you can mix and match. so at this clinic, david irna. that's what he got all of the experts say you can use whatever shot is handy. they wanted to be the most convenient for you. they say it's quite effective. if you mix and match if you have to. all right. >> it is 8.11 turning our attention to other news this morning. a big story. police now investigating a possible shooting that shut down interstate 5.80 in oakland last night. all lanes are back open this morning. so it's not an issue right now, but officers on scene reported finding rifle casings in the area. we've reached out to investigators to try to find out more information about a possible victim or if the shooter is in custody, they're still tracking down
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information. as soon as we find out, let you know. we'll take a break as we're coming up on 8.12. still ahead, enough people signed a petition to recall san francisco's district attorney. >> we're going hear from some of those who support the recall and from some who support the da will give you both sides and a mountain lion captured in a santa rosa neighborhood. we're going hear from one wildlife expert about this recent rise we're seeing in big cat sightings and we made a little progress with the drought a little bit is the key word here working our way out of the maroon for areas like much of the north bay. san francisco peninsula. >> back into the extreme category. still a long way to go. the sierra nevada also making progress after last weekend's rain down into the severe drought category. i've
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>> 15. okay. i've called you all here with the airport behind his yesterday. we're talking about where we would go in the world would write tickets. so in japan they sell a lot of things out of vending machines had including surprise destinations. so you you put in 40 bucks basically and you pull out your at the airport tokyo ha and you pull out of thing. it says you're going to whatever to local a flight. oh, yeah. and would look like. it's included in there. that's where you go. would you just show have you should cast a to put your money in the vending machine and it says you get to go to monterrey and then you go, ok, if i had like 4 days off for some ryan and just didn't know
8:16 am
where to go. yeah enough and it's called a airlines. they don't run out of sfo. this is only a tokyo going to fly to tokyo just to do that. this you do that if i'm not even see tokyo. yeah. just for the surprise. but looks quite nice john. yes, definitely some really clear spots and then some spots that are still kind gray and what a range. because look at this view in san francisco. oh, wow. or as a right outside right now. so for the most part, we are looking at the sunshine, but some of us are not yet. and this is not even marine layer rather, it's just a very moist atmosphere. we've reached dew point. >> we are seeing some of that water vapor condensing. so you're not going to notice. maybe some do on your windshield as you step out your car, those spots of fog, especially hugging the peninsula side of the bay down to portions of the south bay. as i mentioned, though, most of us are sitting under the sun at this point. high pressure is built up across the region. this is going to keep us dry and really nice come the afternoon. in fact,
8:17 am
i'm going to say today is our nicest day of the forecast. we've got calm winds. we've got ample sunshine in the 70's that i've been talking about today will be just as warm as tomorrow. but the difference about tomorrow is you're going to start to see some cloud cover drifting across the region. that means just a little less bright and a little less sunshiny for you. saturday does offer up a chance of a couple of light sprinkles that's at its best right there. most of us will remain dry on saturday, but don't be surprised if you see a drop of water too, right into the middle of your weekend as far as temperatures go today 60's at the coast in some pretty solid 70's on terror at 63 1 of our cooler spots where some of our warmer spots will be from woodside down into saratoga. los gatos as world as well as campbell each at 77 for your highs today. east bay temperatures a solid range of low to mid 70's hayward at 74 san leandro right there, too. walnut creek, danville and san ramon all in the mid 70's while vallejo at 73 degrees 60's
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right along the coast in stinson beach in point raise. how about halloween on sunday? well, it won't be as warm as today. daytime highs will be in the 60's. it's also going to be a bit cloudier do expect some clouds to be drifting overhead starting tomorrow and taking us well into next week. a more unsettled weather pattern come the weekend that will offer that slight chance of showers on saturday, sunday will be dry for halloween. better chance of showers on monday. and then even better chance yet come thursday of next week bring that. john, thanks for right. let's get a look at our traffic today. we've got a lot going on. let's start here in the maze. >> westbound 24 at 5.80, west. we have an accident there. so we are seeing delays, but it's also pretty 5.18 80's will and 13 just behind that accident. a lot of dense thick fog along the richmond center fell bridge. definitely want to take your time as you're driving because visibility is low here. little under 17 minutes to make it across to war. sandra fell wouldn't be shocked if that picked up a
8:19 am
little under 25 minutes for you to head into the city. 5, 8081 moving along pretty sluggish at this hour. and i don't see any sign of improvement there and the south. they were checking on you along one. oh, one as you're heading towards menlo park about 42 minutes to 37 to 1885 no major issues sears point. you've got a traffic collision there. 37 eastbound east of lake go highway in the right lane is closed starting. james, back to you. >> 8.19 right now. we've got a big one this time. i'm line captured in santa rosa. >> imagine waking up to your front yard and seeing that outside. well, that's what happened for a family. they found it in front of a home late tuesday night and obviously snapped a picture and then called a wildlife experts to come out, make they safely. >> transferred or do you call 911 and then snapped the picture. gayle ong has more. >> you know, i never thought thought of you know, meeting of skunk or something like that on on the sidewalk fund every mountain lion. >> the signing was in the area of saint francis road in de
8:20 am
soto drive in santa rosa eric watch the commotion from his kitchen window around 10:00pm tuesday when this mountain lion was found near his home. >> whole front of the house got lit up by police cars and spotlights. so i called their non-emergency number to find out what was going on. you know, there's a or somebody on the loose or something. they should know. there's a mountain lion. 2 doors up the lion moved from daimler's neighbor's home to his home. >> says he coffee after matt when wildlife officials tranquilized the big cat from the folks here did did a really good job they notified you know, they didn't approach the and they allow the wildlife officials to handle it. tiffany app is a wildlife scientist at the center for biological diversity in oakland. yep says this recent sighting serves as a reminder we are living in mountain lion habitat. it's really important to find ways to safely coexist and that includes making we have enough wildlife conductivity for these lions
8:21 am
to roam freely through our developments and through our roads by. >> wildlife crossings and making. >> developments better suited for animals to move around just last week, one mountain lion, a 5 year-old female was taken in after roaming around schools in rohnert park. >> and later euthanized due to an untreatable illness. back in santa rosa, the recent sighting in an area close to nature. daimler says he will be more aware in his neighborhood, especially if i'm starting to walk this late at night and wildlife experts say if you encounter a mountain line, stay calm. do not approach. it never run away and do your best tip here. intimidating here in santa rosa gayle ong kron 4 news. >> also in the headlines this morning, we have san francisco's district attorney chase now likely facing a recall election next year. more than 80,000 people, including 2 former city prosecutors have now signed the recall petition and that's
8:22 am
more than enough to get it on the ballot in june in june. those pushing for a recall think that the city has gotten less safe under his watch. those in support though, say he's tough on crime in their eyes. >> yes, district attorney has a higher prosecution rate than his predecessors and a higher prosecution rate. other da's in the bay area. find this recall very concerning i believe that he's simply lacks a desire and willingness to do what it takes effectively prosecute crime in san francisco. nothing about me speaking out this personal or with respect to chase a. >> the recall vote next june would happen. just 16 months ahead of blue jeans being well up for reelection. we'll take a break. it is a 22 still ahead on the kron 4 morning news and affordable housing proposal has been rejected by san francisco city leaders.
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>> 8.25 right now. and another big story that we're following is a stunning admission. and the deadly movie set shooting involving actor alec baldwin and the assistant director says that he did not check the gun before he handed it to baldwin and didn't realize it was a loaded weapon. marybeth mcdade has more. >> i think the facts are a weapon was handed mister baldwin. the weapon is functional and fired. a live
8:26 am
round killing miss auctions and injuring mister souza. >> the santa fe county sheriff give updates about what they've learned so far. in the deadly shooting that occurred on the set of the western rust. he says they've collected 600 pieces of evidence including the gun. the film's star alec baldwin fired and the bullet. they believe he fired out of it, killing the cinematographer halyna hutchins and injuring the director. joel souza. they also recovered additional live rounds on set right now. >> we're going to determine how those got there or why they were there because they shouldn't have done that. >> shares. investigators are looking into whether some crew members used the gun that killed hutchins for target practice with live ammunition the morning of the deadly shooting. there's a lot facts that are. >> that are floating around i would say factors may be facts and rumors that are floating around and it's our job to figure out if they're if they are facts are rumors, according to a search warrant, the armor on the set. >> hannah gutierrez-reed told
8:27 am
detectives she checked for dummy bullets the day the shooting. >> to make sure there are no hot rounds and insisted no live ammo is ever kept on the set. this search warrant also reveals that assistant director david halls admitted he didn't properly checked the gun before saying it was a cold gun and handing it to baldwin to use. >> i think there was some complacency on this set at this point. the district attorney says it's too early in the investigation to see if baldwin who's also a producer on the film. >> or anyone else will face charges. all options are on the table at this point. i'm not take i'm not commenting on charges whether they will be filed or not or on him. >> as mary beth mcdade reporting. police say that because the deadly shooting happened during rehearsals. there's no video of the actual shooting, but they still have a lot of evidence to sift through. >> and coming up, there's a lot of festivities happening
8:28 am
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8:31 am
change as well. we know that he wanted to at least talk about some of the framework of it, even though it's not completely flushed out just yet, but he wanted to do that before he heads out for a global trip starting today. so we're expecting those comments while look at the chandelier haha that's what it's like there. >> and what's it like here? you were talking about, you know, the climate summit going to be talking about climate. that's just right up your alley. john. yeah. and this is beautiful. so and prevailing sunshine versus the we can see fire loud. they're low on the water. yeah. just the barely a little bit of fog cloud cover sitting right above the water this morning. this isn't even marine layer, other. that's fog. that's just gathered right at the surface is we've reached dew point. >> so just a very moist atmosphere and that has resulted in those spots of fog right along the bay. most of us are seeing ample sunshine already and something that even our fog year spots can expect later on the day looking outside at berkeley right now. you can see that it is bright right above the east bay even berkeley itself is
8:32 am
looking really nice and bright. we are seeing that sunshine above berkeley and oakland. it's not until you get into the bay and out towards san francisco spots in moran into the peninsula where you are seeing some of that low lying cloud cover in the form of fog. some of those spots do stretch all the way south to san jose. so watch that travel up one. oh, one this morning, especially dense right there on the west end of the bay side shoreline radar shows are clear skies. otherwise and that's the way we're going to stay today. lots of sunshine and some of her most comfortable and temperatures 50's for current numbers with alameda at 59 oakland sitting at 56 rain. john, thanks for that, right. let's check on some of our slower bridges and highways right now it's the fall that's rolling it along the richmond center fell bridge. >> it has a slowing down this morning. a little under 17 minutes as you're making your way across towards sandra fell traveling crockett down towards the maze. we've had hazard's an accident scattered along fine. 1880 all throughout the morning, headed
8:33 am
into the city a little under 22 minutes now for your drive to make it to that fremont street exit and as you're traveling along 80 san leandro to 37 towards milpitas to 37 to 38 towards to 37 will take you a little under 45 minutes could have more on your traffic as you're headed on to the south bay about 40 minutes to menlo park. but for now, daryn, james, i'm headed back to you. all right, ray, we're all getting ready for halloween as up. a lot of people are a lot of people are because not just halloween in san francisco. they have outside lands, which is huge. yeah. and the city's department of public health is encouraging people to please at least be responsible and nobody's going to together. but we're still in a pandemic. so. >> you know, safe protocols. if you can't make the mask a part of your costume numbers. camila barco live in san francisco with a camilla. >> good morning, guys. there's going to be a lot of celebrating and gathering, especially here at outside my golden gate park where there's a lot going on. crews are setting up for this big
8:34 am
weekend. but. health experts say that safety is a paramount. we have halloween. we have outside lands and people are also going to be celebrating that those morning. those now you can have fun, but health experts are urging people to mask up, be vaccinated and wash your hands often. now despite all the celebrations masks are going to be required for indoor spaces in san francisco. like doris said, you might want to make it part of your costume. this goes for bars restaurants stores. public transit and any large indoor event. even if everyone is fully vaccinated now. if you're coming here to the festival, you're going to need to prove that you're fully vaccinated or provide a negative covid test and masks are also required at any of the indoor locations here. but if you're celebrating halloween or the other this morning. those health experts are encouraging people to bring your hand sanitizer, whether to that reading gathering outdoors is your best bet limit outdoor crowds
8:35 am
and continue to wear your mask. >> doctors say it's important that everyone follow these measures to avoid a new wave of covid cases. this winter last year again despite soon after the halloweev weekend. >> granted this year. we do have the covid-19 vaccines, which is why doctors continue to push for people to get the covid shot now san francisco 7 day is about. 50 cases per day and is currently 42 people in the hospital. and if you're coming here to outside lands. >> here's the safety tips for you can text outside lands in cases to 8, 8, 8, 7, 7, 7, and you receive all the alerts it anything should happen at the event team. all right. thanks a lot, hala. >> time now is 8 35. and in san francisco, a new affordable housing project will not be coming to the south of market neighborhood. after all the board of supervisors rejected a proposal to build about 500 housing units near stephenson
8:36 am
and 6th street in an area that's currently surrounded by. well, you can see it here. homeless encampment, a 100 of those units were supposed to be for affordable housing and only 3 supervisors are in support of it. 8 supervisors voted against it, saying they were concerned about gentrification. >> after serving 17 years in prison. a man convicted of assault. several of them in the bay area could soon be released in east palo alto. lamar johnson served about half of his 36 year prison sentence. and now is eligible for a conditional release. he would be moved to a home near beach street in clark avenue in east palo alto. there's a hearing on the release 4 in the san mateo county court. and that's happening. december first. in the meantime, east palo alto. police are asking anybody who has concerns about this to come forward. a surgeon from oakland is going to spend the next 16 years behind bars after being convicted of attempted trafficking of a child cassidy
8:37 am
lover. ini doyle admitted several acts of abuse of children and traveling to cambodia to pay for with children during that trip in 2019 is when police searched his home and found enough evidence to arrest him when he returned. >> in the south bay. a woman has died after being found unconscious in san jose. she was found in the area of geralyn drive and dale drive yesterday morning. paramedics took at the hospital. but unfortunately she died of her injuries. her name hasn't yet been released and police right now are still trying to piece together exactly how it was that she died. the santa clara county da's office, by the way, now charging a san jose police officer with punching a woman in the face in what they're categorizing as a road rage case. 37 year-old george brown. it was the off-duty officer. he was driving with his family when he almost crashed with another car on 6 ad, both drivers pulled over and that is when they say brown punched the woman that
8:38 am
was in the other car knocking her to the ground. investigators say he called police to come to the scene but then drove away before they got there a driver in a test provided recordings of what happened. so investigators are looking over it now. brown. he's facing a number of charges including felony assault. quickly. now let's go to washington where again, we are waiting for the president to arrive. we're expecting him to deliver some comments about the proposed 1.7 trillion dollars, domestic spending bill that's working its way through congress. >> we'll bring it to happen 30. yeah. okay. at 8.38, ways. sander levin 45 9 o'clock.
8:39 am
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>> 40 right now and for your money, we're going to get an explanation. yes, hopefully today from top executives of exxon bp chevron shell. everybody. yet capitol hill wants to know why are gas prices so high. you probably their the rise in gas prices has been pretty astronomical here in the last couple of weeks. in fact, in san francisco, it's reached an all new record triple a saying that. >> price for a gallon of regular gas now is $4.8 essential. and you can see these prices depending when you go to supreme it gets even more expensive. and this time last year, gas was much cheaper. so look at san francisco's average for 80 oakland santa phil san jose. >> all us significantly less money when you're talking about the fact that california has the highest prices in the and the bay area's always the highest among california
8:42 am
cities. >> all right. here, let's get you updated quickly on recreational dungeness crab season is actually set to start next week. but fishermen may not be able to use those crab traps that they always how this was to catch. the question the problem according to wildlife officials with the state is that these traps, they're worried that the lines can tangle up other marine life. yeah. so they're going to be meeting next week. they're gonna hold hearings on monday. as a matter of fact, to talk about now the impacts of the crab traps. but then what do we do if we don't use crab and james and i were early sorry. we started working on this at like 05:00am. we heard about the story. >> we came up with a crab wrangler cut rodeo style. you thought crab whispering might work. right on. those, though, are quickly. i had a water moving idea and we settled on a pluck are sort of like at the carnival class, a crab the clay at the club. she james individually selected. okay. it be a little pricier. but if you really want to grab it 42 is the time right now. let's keep back in president biden's
8:43 am
area at the big monitor waiting for him to come out deliver some comments about his domestic spending bill will be back with that in a moment.
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the x-rays from your urgent care visit look good. just stay off that leg, okay? what about my rec team? i'm all they got. next season. thanks doc. wow, he already scheduled my pt. i love doctors who work with athletes. does he know you tripped over a basketball? that's a sports injury. at kaiser permanente, we make getting care easy so you can get back on the court quicker. interstate highway system. we build a highway to the sky. we invested to win the space race. and we want. were also among the first to provide access to free education for all americans beginning back in the late 1800's that
8:46 am
decision alone to invest in our children and their families was a major part. why we're able to lead the world for much of the 20th century. but somewhere along the way. we stopped investing in ourselves investing in our people. america is still the largest economy in the world. we still on the most productive workers, the most innovative minds in the world. well, we risk losing our edge is a nation. our infrastructure used to be rated the best in the world today. according to the world economic forum, we rank 13th in the world. we used to lead the world educational achievement. now the organization for economic cooperation and development ranks. america 35th. out of the 37 major countries when it comes to investing in early childhood education and care. we know how are children start impact significantly and how they'll finish. we can't be
8:47 am
competitive in the 21st century, global economy. if you continue to slide. that's why i've said all along. we need to build america from the bottom up in the middle out. not from the top down. the trickle down economics as always fill this. i can't think of a single time in the middle class has done well. the wealthy haven't done very well. thank the many times, including now in the wealthy. the super-wealthy do very well in the middle class. don't do well. that's why i proposed investments. congress is now considering in 2 critical piece of legislation. additions iran on as president positions. i announce one eye laid out in a joint session of congress. what my economic agenda was. these are not about left versus right. or moderate versus progressive or anything else. the pits americans against one another. this is about competitiveness versus complacency, competitors versus complacency is about expanding opportunity, not opportunity
8:48 am
to deny spotted leaving the world. we're letting the world passes by. today. my democratic colleagues. we have a framework for my build back better initiative. and here's how will fundamentally change the lives of millions of people for the better. millage of you are in the so-called sandwich generation. who feel financially squeezed. by raising a child and caring for an aging parent. but 820,000 seniors in america. and people with disabilities. have apply. for medicaid. they're on a waiting list right now to get home care. they need somehow you have to be put there not be kicked out their homes. but they need a little help getting around having their meals made a case before them. they want to put them in nursing homes not because of the costs, but because it's a matter of dignity want to stay in their homes. but its heart.
8:49 am
you're just looking for an answer. so your parents to keep living independently with dignity. for millions of families in america. this this issue is the most important issue they're facing. so here's what we're going to do. we're going expand services for seniors so families can get help from well trained. well pay professionals helping take care of their parents at home. cook meals for them. to get the groceries for them. help them get around. help them live in their own home. the dignity they deserve to be afforded. quite frankly. what we found is that this is more popular as poppers. anything else. we're proposing. he's the american people understand the need. it's a matter of dignity and pride for 30 years ago. we ranked number 7 among
8:50 am
in fact advanced economies in the world. as a share of women work. we are today. ranked 23rd. 23rd. 7 to 23. once again. our competitors are investing. we're standing still. today there are nearly 2 million women in america not working today simply because they can't afford child care. typical family spends about $11,000. you know, in childcare, some states is 14,500 year per child. we're going to make sure they all families earning less than $300,000 year will pay no more than 7% of their income for child care. and for a family making a $100,000 year. that will save them more than $5,000 in child care. this is a fundamental game changer for families and for our economy.
8:51 am
as more parents, especially women can get back to work and work in the workforce. looking a lot of significant press people in front of me. a lot of them are working working mothers. you know what it costs. i remember when i got to the senate, i lost my wife and daughter in an accident or 2 boys. i started community. 250 miles a day because i had my mom and my dad, my brother, my sister. how we take care of my kids because i couldn't afford child care and i was getting too serious hour. $42,000 a year. we've also extended historic middle class tax cut. that's what i call moved past tax cut for parents. that is the expanded child tax credit. we passed the american rescue plan. what that means is for folks at home. they're getting $300 a month for every child under the age of 6. $250 for every child under the age of 18. we're extending that. the
8:52 am
money is already life changing for so many working families. the cut child poverty in half of this year. according to experts. that's not all us. it changes the whole dynamic for working parents in the past. if you pay taxes, not a good income. you could deduct under the tax code $2000 per child. from the taxes you owe. but how many families, you know. a cashier waiters health care workers. who never got the benefit of the full tax credit because they didn't have that much to deduct. and it wasn't refundable. so neither came off your tax bill. or you didn't get full credit. why should have somebody making $500,000 year 150,000 or $200,000 year get to write off their taxes. and the people need to help even more. they don't have that much tax to pay. they don't get the
8:53 am
benefit of the same cost of raising their children. 80% of those left out were working parents who just didn't make enough money. that's why american rescue plan. we didn't just expand the amount the middle class tax cut. we also major refundable. this framework will make it permanent refundable. making sure the families in need get a full credit for it. in addition of those who are already getting full credit. they're going to make sure that every 3, 4, year-old child america. go to high quality preschool. as part of the legislation. i just brought up to the congress. study show. and when we put 3, 4, years old. school. school not take your school. we increase by up to 47%. the chance that that child, no matter what their background. we'll be able to earn a college degree. as my wife
8:54 am
chills in the back here. we always says any countries out. educates us is going to out compete us. we can finally take us from 12 years to 14 years of universal education, america. we also make investments in higher education. by increasing pell grants to help students from lower-income families, attend community colleges and four-year schools. and we invest in historically black universities colleges universities, pc hughes, minority serving institutions and tribal colleges, make sure every young student has a shot at a good paying job of the future. this framework extends tax credits to lower premiums for folks on one who are in the affordable care act for another 3 years. for 4 million from 4 million folks and the 12 states that haven't expanded medicaid, all the rest half this framework enable you to get affordable coverage. medicare will now cover the cost of hearing aids. and hearing checkups.
8:55 am
this framework also makes the most significant investment to deal with the climate crisis ever, ever happen. beyond any other advanced nation in the world. over a billion metric tons of emission reductions. at least 10 times bigger. climathon any bill that has ever passed before and enough to position us for a 50 to 52% emission reductions by the year 2030. we will do ways to grow the domestic industry's create good-paying union jobs address longstanding environmental injustices as well. tax credit to help people do things like weatherize their homes. so they less energy. install solar panels and develop clean energy products. help business produce more clean energy. and when paired with the bipartisan infrastructure bill will truly transform this nation. historic investments
8:56 am
in passenger rail. i know everybody says oh, biden's a real guy. that's true. the passenger rail and freight rail and public transit. it's going make hundreds of thousands take 100,000 vehicles off the road. saving millions of barrels of oil. everybody knows all the studies show. if you get from point a to point b electric rail. you won't drive your car. but take the rail service. we also learned that in most major cities in america. minority populations. the jobs that used to have in town are now out of town. roughly 60% of the folks. they don't have vehicles. so they need to have a means to get out of town to their jobs to be on time. that's what this will do that like it did for detroit. 95%. of the 840,000 school buses in america. run on diesel. every day. more
8:57 am
than 25 million children and thousands of bus drivers fried polluted air on the way to and from school from the diesel exhaust. we're going to place thousands of these little electric school buses. and a big batteries underneath it and they know are good for the climate. i went down one of the manufacturers to say saw them got one dry. they do not expend any they they did not to expend any pollution into the air. we'll build out the first ever national network of 500,000 electric vehicle charging stations all across the country. so when you buy an electric vehicle, you get credit for by electric vehicle. you go all the way across america on a single tank gas for you to be speaking. it's not gas. you plug it in. 500,000. the stations along the way. we're going to get off the sidelines and manufacturing solar panels and wind farms electric
8:58 am
vehicles with targeted manufacturing credits. you manufacture, you get them a credit for doing it. he's will help grow the supply changing communities. too often left behind. and we reward countries for paying good wages. for companies that use safer good wages. and for sourcing, the materials from here in the united states. that means 10's of millions of panels and turbines doubling the number of electric vehicles we have in the road within just 3 years. we able to sell and export these products and technologies. so the rest of the world and created thousands more job because we're going to going to be the innovators. we'll also make historic investments environmental cleanup and remediation. that means putting people to work good paying jobs. a prevailing wage. capping hundreds of thousands, hundreds of thousands of abandoned wells and gas wells oil and gas. well, the need to be kept because they are leaking
8:59 am
things that hurt the air. putting a stop to the methane leaks. a new pipeline protecting the health of our communities. it's a big deal. and we'll build up our resilience for the next super storm drought wildfires and hurricanes that represent a blinking code red. 4 american. the world. last year alone. these types of extreme weather events. you've all been covering and you all witnessed or knew of some of you been caught in the middle of. have caused 99 billion dollars in damage. the united states for the last year. 99 billion dollars. we're not spending any money to deal with this. it's costing us. significantly. i in pittsburgh a mennonite bw electrical worker. who climbs up on those power lines and below storm to
9:00 am
try to put transformers and keep the lights on storms hit. he calls himself a 100% union guy. his job's dangers. as he said, i quote, i don't want my kids growing up in a world where the threat of climate change hangs over their heads and that quote. we all have that obligation. to our children and our grandchildren. the bipartisan infrastructure bill is also most significant investment since we built the interstate highway system. and won the space race decades ago. the spot rebuilding the arteries of our economy. across the country now. there are 45,000 bridges. and 173 miles 1000 miles of roads, poor cundition. some of the bridges. you don't even take a chance of going across to shut down. you can't be bill, back to the same standard. because th


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