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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  October 28, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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ad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 1.877.only.att. our top story now at 5.30. it's about to get a little tougher to get around in san francisco. the city's municipal transportation agency will be suspending some services because of a shortage of workers and san francisco's vaccine mandate for city employees. >> yeah. as of today, 87 transit operators remain either unvaccinated or they haven't reported their vaccination status and they are presumed to be unvaccinated these people will be terminated beginning november first unless they are fully vaccinated by that time. so that's a day to keep in mind, there are also 66 transit operators who are
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partially vaccinated. so take a look at that. what routes are suspended starting on monday. short service reforms to bust refers to buses that run on a segment of a longer muni route to help improve frequency the long routes on these lines will continue to operate connecting riders to where they need to go as fmt. a says it was a tough decision on just what to suspend. but the transit agency is hoping that the short line is the best thing to cut. so the least number of writers are affected. thousands of hotel workers are protesting across the bay area today. the second protest of the day started about an hour ago in san francisco's union square. this is video hear from the group's first protest of the day was this morning outside doubletree hotel in berkeley. they're all demanding higher pay, better working conditions and they're protesting job cuts. workers are upset claiming hotels are recovering financially from the pandemic but still using covid as a reason to increase workloads
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for people who still do have a former wnba champion is now on board to help lead oakland's effort to bring women's basketball to the east bay at a virtual press conference today. she explains why now is the best time for professional basketball to return to oakland kron four's haaziq has the story. welcome to atlanta. i'm so excited llano, we appreciate you coming and taking the lead on this project on some very excited about being a part of it. and i cannot wait to work with each and every one of you. there is a buzz surrounding former wnba champion elena beard partnering with the african american sports and entertainment group to lead a sce g's. all female ownership's effort to bring a new w nba expansion team to the city of oakland. >> beard talks about why now is the perfect time for the wnba to take advantage of the bay area sports market and i can pull from many examples think about kansas city and
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what they have done sort of, you know, in terms of dedicating an entire arena that cause 70 million dollars. women's sport for the increasing here we have sent in this 25 in 20 years. i cannot think of a better time. right. right then right now we are ready. >> we have the venue. we have the community. we have the support and we have the basketball oakland. vice mayor rebecca kaplan led the effort to secure a unanimous vote from the oakland alameda county joint powers authority. >> for a non-binding agreement to use the oakland arena as the new home of wnba basketball. i do want to make clear they the only applicant for the arena there were not 2 competing bidders for the release. acg submitted the proposal for the and it was unanimously approved. the next % steps will be obviously us starting to go through the process of communicating our proposal with the. >> league ownership are league leadership. >> has it made you kron. 4 news. alright international soccer officials will be
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touring levi stadium tomorrow as part of the bay area's bid to host games for the 2026 world cup. big deal here. members of fifa. we'll be greeted by the mayors of san francisco oakland and san jose as well as folks at the forty-niners and leaders from big bear area businesses, including google and sales force all the big guns coming up for this one. the men's world cup will be hosted across 16 locations in north america in 2026 the bay area is one of 22 locations still under consideration. the winners will be announced next year. oakland unified school district will require most students 12 and older to be vaccinated by the spring semester or they'll be forced to take independent study courses online. the mandate will cover both in person learning and events held by the school district for students. exemptions can be made for medical reasons because of personal belief or
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if a person received their first or second vaccine but is not yet technically fully vaccinated usd students can take classes through the district's sojourner truth. independent study program. >> also in the east bay alameda county is easing the some masking requirements next week starting on monday, certain indoor settings like offices gyms, fitness centers and small religious gatherings can allow people inside without a mask as long as they can prove that they're fully vaccinated against covid san francisco-marin sonoma and contra. costa counties recently issued similar orders easing mask requirement. meantime, in the north bay mask mandates will stay in vallejo, at least for a city council voted yesterday to extend the city's mask mandate indefinitely. the mandate requires everybody over the age of 4 to wear a mask in indoor public spaces. it doesn't matter if you are fully vaccinated or not. the city's decision goes against solano county which has declined to implement a mask
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mandate. the city council says the mandate will remain until there's a change in the county's covid transmission are whether time as we take a live look outside boy, just a magical day here in the bay area. warm. >> clear blue skies. this is a live look, of course, san francisco. you see the east bay hills there be on the bay. yeah. that big rain just really scrub in that nice. i mean, just beautifull the air quality is fantastic, but they probably is nice. it's going to be we're going to see some cooler temperatures the next couple days in a few more clouds. >> going to begin to move into our skies but not today. just gorgeous weather out there. what a day it's been all the way to the coastline. lots of sunshine temperatures up in the 70's in some spots out toward the beaches. something to watch out for. we've had some big-time swells, 1520 footers moving in along the coastline. those should begin to subside over a 6 o'clock this evening. so be prepared. those waves will be large the warnings come down temperatures around the bay area. we've got 70's right now inside the bay. civica 69
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downtown san francisco still 74 in berkeley. beautiful 73 in oakland. 75 in the bottle and 72 degrees in san anselmo. so gorgeous weather out there right now, but changes on the horizon. you see a couple of clouds lurking off the coastline and beginning to see return of a sea breeze that will be the key is we're going to see a weak weather system approaches the coastline but should be a nice day tomorrow. we'll just see a couple passing clouds and some cooler temperatures 60's in the san francisco a little cooler coast side to see more fog up toward the beaches tomorrow, 50's and 60's there inside the bay. a mix of sunshine and a couple passing clouds about 65 millbrae 61 south san francisco about 73 in san carlos 69 in mountain view. lot of 70's in the south bay tomorrow with some sunshine and a few high clouds east bay going to see those numbers generally in the 70's by tomorrow afternoon. so be nice and warm again and then as we get the weekend, everything is really going to start to change. there's a slight chance of showers by tomorrow night and into saturday morning. not much. and then we dry things out for halloween a
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more substantial storm possibly headed to the bay area late in the day. >> it's big night in the bay will be a live shark at chase warriors eyeing their best start since that magical 2015 season. can they stay undefeated. >> but first, barely took a week to sell this east bay home. how much sold for and how that compares to the asking price after the break.
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>> how much do you think this home is worth. nice. nice nice little. you know, stone wall. if you said a million and a half over asking. >> you'd be correct hear originally was for 2.7 5 million bucks. the house was on the market for only 10 days. so here's a look inside the is at 5. the uplands in berkeley got 9 offers a all but one of them was over the initial asking price. the winning bid 4.2 5. million bucks. meanwhile in the midwest, the town in indiana is selling for historic buildings for just a buck. it doesn't sound right. but there. yeah, there is a catch, of course, there is where takes a deal is going to need a plan and the means to redevelop the buildings for new business. the buildings are located in the town of stinesville. it's about 50
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miles southwest of indianapolis. they date back to the late 1800's when stinesville have a thriving limestone industry. >> all right. what other local news station do you know? we'll have live coverage from the shark tank and chase center tonight. i give you a hit. not one. coming up after the break, we have a live report from the shark tank 44 in 2 sharks also have one from chase for your undefeated chase for your undefeated why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis under control? hide our skin? not us. because dupixent targets a root cause of eczema, it helps heal your skin from within, keeping you one step ahead of it. and for kids ages 6 and up, that means clearer skin, and noticeably less itch. hide my skin? not me. by helping to control eczema with dupixent, you can change how their skin looks and feels. and that's the kind of change you notice.
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>> all right. a big night for home games around the bay area. the warriors are home hoping to keep their undefeated winning streak alive. well, the sharks need a win to break a streak sports director jason dumas live for us at the shark tank in san jose. >> but first we're going highland mills at the chase center >> good evening grant and vicki, a big game ahead here at chase center. the warriors will host the memphis grizzlies looking to improve to 5 on the season. the ducks are off to a very hot start the season because they have been playing team basketball and also playing high intensity defense. that's exactly what we saw from the warriors on tuesday night when they it. we're able to come from behind and beat the oklahoma city thunder on the road. the words were down 11 at half, but they came out the 3rd quarter and really buckle
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down on defense. the dubs finished with 36 defensive rebounds. 9 blocks, 8 steals and they were just locking it down the does also have a score to settle in this game tonight, the grisly is eliminated the warriors during the postseason play in tournaments. so they're looking for events. they also want to start a long, long stand off on the right foot. >> just don't go stir crazy being at home for 2 straight weeks. that's the main goal. are honestly, it's a it's too long of a time to be the only 8 games is a lot so we're going to have to mix it up a little try to keep the players. in a good frame of mind to not get stale. so i'm not sure what that means yet, but we'll think of something. so we got off to a good start i always i'm placing. you know, we've got heat. you keep things a team can go keep going at it. you know, and keep playing, you know, winning basketball. >> they get home. stretch. so we've got a chance to some special.
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>> tip-off here. chase center at 7 o'clock. also, if you're poor and you won't take around on the internet tonight marks 12 years since stepped curry made his nba debut and there are all kinds of photos floating around social be faced assassin as he called back at the time. this case is going up a little bit. he's still an looking for a big night for him ahead here at chase center. for now we're live at chase center kyle mills, the 7th pick in the draft is a good when they got steph curry, probably it. >> they are the best player in franchise. history. still in his physical prime island. it's amazing. you know, how exciting is it for fans and warriors players that we still have klay thompson is going to join the squat. yeah. oh, boy. great game. >> thank you kyle and and writing that klay thompson could be back soon. thanks,
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kyle. thanks allocate, let's go south now. jason dumas sports director standing by very patiently. >> at the shark jason. >> hey, guys, nobody has come in the shark tank yet they're not letting people until about 6.30, but people are getting excited about this sharks team. this was one of the worst teams in the nhl last season from a record standpoint, their biggest issue goaltending. but this year they've use of goalies by committee to have played and they've been pretty good. they've also been pretty good at home there to win one at the shark tank this season. tonight they're taking on the montreal canadians. of course they are led by logan who has been one of their main contributors for the last couple of seasons. he leads them in points, but they're young guy timo meier. he also has 9 points like a tour. he had been a bright spot for this team. the one issue with the sharks so far, both of
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their losses have been essentially one-goal games. their last loss was to the predator predators and technically they lost 3 to 1000 empty net goal at the final seconds of the game. so head coach bob buckner has been preaching taste team. we have to close out in windies nitty-gritty games because we're not going to blow everyone out. our team is is not going to be a team or. >> we're going to out teams on a nightly basis. we have to win the one-goal games. we have brian for points and. you know, so therefore defense is so important. i thought in the first few games. we really defended hard well, and manage the pocket you know, didn't give up a lot. and i think we've got to get back to that. i think at times last couple games, it will spread out and we did manage a pocket as well. and i think you know, there's there's too many too many turnovers. and i think we've got to get back to playing that more responsible way. we're playing in the first 4. >> believe it or not, greek
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vicki and grant. i haven't been here in the shark tank for almost 2 years. the last time i was here, the 2019 western conference finals. the sharks were playing the blues. so i'm happy to get back out in the tank. they have some of the greatest fans in hockey as you guys are well aware. and of course we'll have highlights won. the game goes final in another pre-game report in the 6 o'clock hour. but for now, i'm live from the shark tank. jason dumas scrum for sports. >> all right. jason, found that he'll thanks for thanks, jason. >> heading outside right now as we give you a live look at that giant cruise ship that is been parked at the embarcadero for a few days now, just because the weather's so great here. why would you want to leave. exactly. yeah, i mean, it's so nice. i mean, today this was. >> one of those really some 70's 80's around the bay area. nice all the way to the coastline courtesy of that offshore wind. look at the golden gate bridge, beautiful out there this evening. no fog to speak of their cleared out along the coastline. but likely see a little fog return
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tonight. temperatures today above the average in san francisco, 74 degrees 74 in oakland. 79 in san jose 76 degrees in livermore, 77 in concord, in 81, in santa rosa. hey, we've been tracking the storm system working its way across the country's midsection. this is all part of that same storm that brought us the very heavy rainfall this past weekend. some tornadoes across texas in the florida today. now looks like that is going to spin up all across the northeast causing all kinds of problems. remember, they just have a nor'easter go through dropping tremendous amounts of rain. they're going to see some extremely heavy rain across the northeast for tomorrow and into the weekend 2 guys. thanks. alerts. >> heavy is the head that wears the crown kristen
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and is the pumpkin-iest pecan pie drizzliest and most gram-worthy of them all. new! pumpkin pecan pancakes. this month's spotlight stack. see you at dennys that too early to talk oscar buzz because kristen stewart e praising her portrayal. >> of the late princess diana. spencer hits theaters next weekend and it follows diana's decision to. >> leave the royal family entertainment tonight spoke to stewart about the challenging role. michelle turner has the story. the shell. >> grant christians transformation to diana is a ward where the end it all begins with her royally replicated wardrobe. >> jack connick wedding dress look. and it was very close to the original. what was it like for you to put that on when we put that dress on it. it embedded in a montage that kind of flashes her life before you putting that on was
5:55 pm
a spooky day. take everything you learned about that day. all of your. emotional responses that you have accumulated. put them. all right. here. it's kind of just like that. you're heartbreaking moments like okay, got it. let's go from got to do the joint. >> kristen wears over 100 costumes in the film. many are replicas of what princess diana actually war. >> you have to change the royal family might see this members of that. they watched the crown. what do you hope they take away from it if they want to spend their time in indulging their own curiosity is about ours. i would say that we led with love twins are opens in theaters, november, 5th and many are predicting. kristen is in the running for an academy award. >> congrats on the oscars. thank you, phil. okay. it does more than better than ok like >> and tune in to e t tonight. david arquette is our very special guest goes the
5:56 pm
spilling secrets of his new scream movie for entertainment tonight. i'm shelter. >> all right. that wraps up kron 4 news at 5. keep it here, though. a lot more news coming up next on kron 4 news at 6. pam moore and justine waltman are here now with a look ahead at that. all grant and vicki, thank you both so much testing and i coming up next. and a disturbing day air outrage tonight after an east bay high school student is seen on campus. >> wearing a kkk robe. the consequences. he's now facing. also breaking news we're following a is manager. bob melvin is leaving oakland where he is going as the a's future in the bay area is up in the air. i'm justine waldman. i'm pam moore. the news at 6 is next.
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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 6. >> didn't you shouldn't do anything like >> now it's 6 o'clock outrage and the east bay a high school
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student is in trouble tonight after wearing a ku klux costume to school. thank you so much for joining us. evening right here on kron. 4 news. i'm justine waltman in for ken wayne tonight. and i'm pam moore. the principle of pittsburg high school come farms. a photograph of the student posing in that race is out that with other children is making his rounds on social media for dan thorn is live at the high school tonight. he joins us with more on the story. dan. >> well, if anything could be taken out of this situation. it would be, you know, not being involved in anything racist or wearing anything races to school and also not caving in to peer pressure. the pittsburg high school principal todd with more telling us that the student wore this kkk costume because of the day there. and he wore to school yesterday and was able to get through for periods before he was eventually stopped. the principal telling us that the costume confiscated in the student and a family member were met with photograph has been making the


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