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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  October 29, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier. hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. ♪ tension builds... ♪ the plot twist. ♪ the hero prevails. in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. the bay area's local news
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station. you're watching kron. 4 news at know everybody that the outback slated. >> i'd say that force field adds that unity that we need. >> to protect our community. force field all right. we begin tonight with the fight against covid. the fda officially authorizing the pfizer vaccine for emergency use in kids. ages 5 to 11 today. the approved dose is% about a 3rd of the amount given to adults and teenagers evening, everybody. thanks for being here on kron 4 news at 9. i'm grant lotus they are little people. so i'm vicki liviakis. experts say as many as 28 million children could now be eligible for the shot as soon as next week. bay area health officials say it will give these kids much needed protection. >> covid is the 8th leading cause of death in us children are between the ages of 5.11. so it's not an innocuous infection. fortunately, it's
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less severe in children is an older kids and adults, but it's not a knock us. >> although the cdc is still ironing out it's more detail guidelines on which kids should be vaccinated. that decision is expected sometime next week. fda data shows more than 8,000 kids ages 5 to 11 have been hospitalized because of covid and nearly 100 children in that age range have died because of it. >> mayor london breed announced today that the city employee vaccination rate is nearly 98%. fewer than 1000 of the city's nearly 35,000 employees remaining unvaccinated san francisco established a november first deadline for all employees be vaccinated. the mayor's office says in the months since the mandate was first introduced city representatives have partnered with labor leaders on outreach and education efforts in order to vaccinate as many employees as possible. >> several bay area counties are already preparing right now to get shots in the arms
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of kids in that 5 to 11 age range santa clara county has a vaccination clinic set up at the county fairgrounds. they are expecting 55,000 shots to arrive at some point next week. and even though that is just about a 3rd of the total number. a 5 to 11 year olds living in santa clara county. health officials do not expect a shortage of doses. they think as more doses come in. more kids are going to want to get the shot or at least the parents are going to want to get them and not meanwhile, in sonoma county here, they're going to be setting up clinics at school sonoma has 37,000 kids roughly and that 5 to 11 year-old range in the county has set a goal of vaccinating a quarter of them by december. 1st half of them by the end of january and they're hoping to get 70% of that age range collated by the end of february. >> new cdc study suggests
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getting the vaccine will offer you much stronger immunity to covid than natural immunity, meaning even if you previously had the virus, the vaccine will still offer better protection. our first thorne is a taking a look at this study. he joins us live from the newsroom with the little input from local experts. dan, what are they saying? >> well, vicki researchers looked at data from nearly 200 hospitals across the country to make this conclusion local doctors saying the study is good information for vaccine holdouts or people looking to gain immunity by simply getting sick with covid-19. the latter experts say is very risky because it can lead ending up in the hospital or worse death. a new study is boosting confidence in the strength of covid-19 vaccines. the cdc report finding vaccines are 5 and a half times more effective in preventing infections than natural immunity picked up from a previous infection. i think with the study is showing us is
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>> vaccine acquired immunity is superior for in county public health officer. doctor matt willis says people who are protected through the vaccine, get sick less frequently and contracting severe illness is rare. >> for non vaccinated. people who have already been infected with covid-19 and are convinced they have antibodies should understand that the amount and quality of those antibodies is hard to measure. doctor willis argues gaining immunity through the vaccine has been proven to work through clinical trials. when you're infected, you don't know how much you're getting, you know what the doses, what your body's immune system might be at that particular time. and so we find people that have been infected so have no anybody's anybody's there's a lot more variability there. so it's less reliable as a way of acquiring and other studies have also shown that there's the potential for even stronger protection for people who have been infected and vaccinated. doctor willis says the risk of not being vaccinated is not worth it is paris. and those of us that have been infected should get
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vaccinated and people who haven't been infected are fortunate enough to not have been infected. should also, you know, get the vaccine because going protecting much more than that history infections. >> the cdc data shows that more than 30 million californians have received at least one dose of the vaccine and more than 60% have been fully vaccinated reporting live in the newsroom. dan thorn kron 4 thank you, dan witches and warlocks ghosts and ghouls can breathe a little easier. this halloween. >> coronavirus cases here in the u.s. are generally on the decline and trick or treaters can feel safer collecting their candy. even though top health officials are largely giving trick or treating the thumbs up. they say it's still important to mask up. >> it's really important that down. people remember to keep the mask on. and i think it's important to differentiate between those halloween masks that may be loose fitting and falling off and all over the face and really a good fitting. regular covid mast.
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and for those of us that are going to be inside giving out. candy. we need to have a mask on 2 as we open the door to give candy out to the kids. we want to keep. kids in there in smaller groups and basically in their own family groupings as opposed to gathering in large groups of people that you may not even know i'm better traveling along with you. >> good common sense experts also advise people to keep hand sanitizer handy and continue to steer clear of crowded poorly ventilated spaces. san francisco being taken over by music lovers. this weekend outside lands is getting ready. >> to wrap up its first day tonight with the strokes closing out the main stage tonight. the sold out festival is bringing some 70,000 people a day to golden gate park. but once the music stops, they'll all need to head somewhere. kron four's gayle ong spoke with a pizza shop owner who is anticipating a huge post festival. russian gayle is
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live in the city tonight. gayle pizza after thanks. festival says pretty good. >> yeah, he should be busy right about now. he says the rush happens. it usually happens around 8.30. that was the goal. and of course, he's been waiting for this. you know, after being canceled during the pandemic and he has been planning the last 2 weeks and says that this event is actually one of the busiest weekends of the year. outside outside lands. businesses like s of hole in the wall feet. so waiting for the post music festival rush. >> watson, though. yeah. the guy the preparing everything since since this morning. we've places much order products and you can so it have enough product for the for the weekend owner of with says his restaurant, like many others was hit hard during the pandemic and usually bank on events like outside lands, which was also canceled last year due to covid. organizers say the 3 day music festival
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is sold out this weekend and they are expecting crowds of around 70,000 people. i would ellis says he is ready as he can be. i've been talking to my employees about the more 6 hours. >> i brought people that you will not schedule today. but is scheduled to work today and hopes this weekend will make up for lost time. the stay safe and we we have not no increase in the in the pandemic this this whole to love than this in the long run. >> and it's not as the pizza shop. i spoke to the sandwich shop a few doors down in a 2 are preparing for a busy weekend ahead live in san francisco. gayle ong kron 4 news thank you, gayle. thank goodness for good weather out there. let's look at our 4 zone forecast right now taking a live look at that. >> downtown san francisco the pyramid piercing the cloud cover. there sure is. and down
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below in the foreground almost looks like a orange halloween decoration car car, move law. but i don't know. i just go to >> usually go you lawrence. that's okay. got distracted. it's night for you. we're all friends here alright car we are going to be in for a what looks like a very a nice weekend. some changes on the way. there's a chance we could see some sprinkles overnight. if you're headed to the outside lands concert. you might want to bring brelo at maybe as you're going to see a chance of some cooler temperatures and a couple sprinkles out there. in fact, we'll see that starting at 12 o'clock. tomorrow is going to be mostly cloudy. if you're headed there. plus some cool temperatures too. probably some upper 50's low 60's and you can see drizzle, maybe even a light shower as we've got a weak system coming through right now. couple clouds rolling in overhead. you can see more of that overnight tonight and tomorrow and oh yeah, we've got halloween this weekend and there we go. we've got the dancing money out there. yeah.
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there you are. they're the temperature forecast temperatures in the 60's. if you're headed out the a lot of clouds out there, but it looks like it should remain dry on halloween. but this storm system off the coastline. not much of one, but it's helping really to send the ridge of high pressure for the east. that means all that nice weather. we've had our last couple days that start to go away. now we'll see some cooler temperatures, some clouds already beginning to move in to our skies. see the rain, not that far away. there's a chance we could see a few of those light showers moving in the bay area by tomorrow morning. all right. kind of an weather pattern here in this. what we want to see. we don't want to see a big log jam. the big dome of high pressure along the west coast blocking any chance of rain. so we had a few nice days now, the jet stream starts to dip just a little bit. and here comes that front in toward tomorrow morning bringing with it a chance of a couple scattered light showers not going to be much to watch is if you're out the door early on the morning. specially you may see something like this as we head toward the middle of the day. you see a couple showers or light drizzle popping up. that will probably be right to about 2 o'clock or so then by
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the afternoon, looks like things are going to start to dry out a bit. so that's certainly some good news and temperatures well, they take a bit of a hit tomorrow to plan of some cooler numbers still, you can probably see some low 70's. the warmer spots. well inland inside the bocc mixed bag. some 60's. maybe some 70's in santa clara valley and 50's 60's along the coastline next couple of days. we're going to see some unsettled weather return in the next week. halloween looks good. but by monday we've got of the storm, little spooky weather coming in after the trick or treaters are senate uncanny so out this way. yeah. so thanks for arranging shooting thank you, very formal here across 4. >> that will break out the scheme here. look at this ski resorts across california opening way earlier than expected, including. >> palisades, tahoe, which used to be squaw valley. yeah. the last time the resort opened this early was back in 2004 when it was still called swat valley until daily operations start. >> on november 24th palisades will be open fridays through
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sundays. the shows us what you can expect when you do decide to hit the slopes. >> jacob fields hit the slopes today, something he never thought he'd be able to do so early in the year halloween even happened yet. so like it's kind of like mind blowing that unlike skiing already. he was among thousands of grateful writers who came here to palisades tahoe for the resorts grand opening marking just the 3rd time in its 72 year history that it opened in october. that was made possible thanks to mother nature. the storm this week left upper elevations with 3 and a half feet of snow it looks pretty actually like the stuff that people are skiing like everything that's been groomed elects killer like some off the stuff looks keyable, too. some stuff. the resort originally planned to open 3 runs today. but thanks to hard work from crews. they've actually open 7 runs, as you can imagine, that's led to happy writers writers of all ages, including 6 year-old
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jack blockers to his brother alder. i was like going fast, having fun. what he liked about >> it's fun. ready to hit the slopes. hope. i'm ready. i'm so ready. and so was david murray. he got here before sunrise and was the first in line. i just got up before dawn came over from hanging out in life. you know, it's going to be 60 degrees and sunny up there. it's going to be like the last day of the season. >> it's going to be great. great as well for the local economy to open this early means we've got to bring a lot of employees back on a month earlier than we would so that's really great. and the resort continues to hire as attendance is only expected to grow this not be my last time. this season of the here nearly every day. the season already off to a solid start. olympic tom wallace. and those kids are really ready for ski season. they were at mammoth mountain down south, which is
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celebrating. >> it's opening day. the resort has received 32 inches of snow this season. and this is just the 10th time in mamet's nearly 70 year history that it is to open in october. >> other news now. it was a day of climate crisis. demonstrations across 50 cities in this country targeting financial firms today. >> protesters rallied here in the bay area to they are urging the world's largest asset manager blackrock to stop working with companies who contribute to the problem on first the money and is with us in the studio now live with that report l a. >> well. the moment comes ahead of the climate summit in glasgow, scotland this week involving 20 world leaders. this country has produced the most carbon emissions. but today hundreds of people gathered in protest right in front of the black rock headquarters that shut down the corner of howard and first street in san francisco. together. they demand that the world's biggest global investment firm, stop working with companies like chevron that contribute to global warming through crude oil
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production. the peaceful demonstration featured art that included wildfire ash to get their point across. >> we came out to really demand. >> you know, the divestment of blackrock's investment in the fossil fuel industry and the destruction of the harms and really pave the streets of beautiful solutions of what we know exist today with our climate and what's most powerful and impactful is that ash was collected from some of our closest friends from santa cruz and from paradise where they've lost their homes they've lost their in. a lot of people have lost their lives during those fires. it. >> blackrock's website touts a commitment to working with their clients to help achieve a net 0 economy by drastically reducing emissions by the year 2050, but organizers of the protest say that their ongoing investments are a contradiction to that statement reached out to black rock for comment but did not hear back in time for this report. meantime, the rally's organizers say that their team plans to be in glasgow for the g 20 summit. they're going to
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do their best to get in touch with blackrock ceo laurence fink to have a candid conversation live in the studio. ella sogomonian kron 4 news. thank you. la in the east bay teachers in pleasanton are inching closer maybe to going on strike. >> after failing to reach a deal on a new contract this week. teachers union members spent the past week here out protesting at district headquarters. a mediator has now been brought in to try to help broker a deal that is expected to happen within 10 days. the mediator. but if the union and the district cannot reach a deal. the teachers may vote to authorize a strike. here's a look at the district's latest offer for the new contract. that includes a 4.1% salary schedule increase a $1500 stipend for that. 21 for the next school year as post an increase in pre determined stipends salary credit for increased years of service for
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new teachers and increase in professional rate of pay for additional duties. >> barry a fast food restaurant is being called one of the coolest locations in the world and it actually is business insider put out a list of the coolest taco bells in the world. the taco bell cantina in pacifica. number one kron four's amanda hari. >> is there. she. >> i was talking to some customers about what they think of the ranking. >> i spoke to many people here outside of this taco bell. and when i told them that this taco bell here was ranked the coolest taco bell in the world. they told me, yeah, i agree with that as you see the building behind me looks pretty cool. but right over here, just feet away is the ocean. >> it feels like you're in hawaii year and singapore, something one of their coastal restaurants. pretty cool considering it to talk about a taco bell cantina in pacifica
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is gaining attention after business insider. >> as the coolest taco bell in the world. we've always known. it was warning. the best locations around where else can you sit at the table look out the window watching waves breaking in to talk any in diana raymond have lived in pacifica for decades. and i've been to this location many times. they say even before it was a taco bell. little disappointed that group has escaped. the location is right by the ocean. surfers can walk up and even park their surfboards outside people can choose to eat inside or outside on the debt, get the best viet in and if the weather inclement just step diana raman says even on a bad weather day. it's still fun to come to this location. we get storm tides come you can go on the beach but youtcould. you could sit there and they would literally break over go on to the plate glass window and then we see any was like
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really. it's like a show white nailers from the san jose area. it was his first time at this taco bell. he says it lived up to the expectation. but on average on a normal dad say the music probably be pretty the contract supreme is a great not soggy at yeah. i'd say it's a great place. i did speak with some locals that say that they're excited to see this restaurant. >> and the area getting the attention it deserves. >> but that they're worried that it may be a little bit more difficult to find parking year. >> now. that word has gotten out in pacifica amanda hari kron 4 news. >> and get this just a couple days ago or maybe last week it was a reporter. charles clifford. >> he was at that taco bell. to use the restroom. and he stumbled upon a wedding, you know, reporters there out in the field. they looking for free food. they're looking for a place to go sometimes and why not go at one of the best,
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best views. there is a wedding crasher they were setting up for a of the sea. the bottles of wine. it's nice and there. it's really nice us user just incredibly it. he said they'd heaters on, you know, the little outdoor area. chuck posted these pictures to twitter. a lot of the combat me talk about a tweet that went viral. a lot of yeah, i would get married. they're good spot for a wedding receptions. so there you have go moving south now south bay shoppers. you may have a new option. if you'd like to buy in bulk a new costco may soon be coming to san jose's west side of town costco. >> has proposed a store in the west gate west shopping center located at the corner of prospect road in saratoga avenue. costco plans to submit a proposal for a 160,000 square foot urban warehouse center in early november. if the project moves forward costco would replace the old orchard supply hardware building the current even
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allen goodwill and smart and final building among others. >> we will be able to see more affordable housing in the east bay. the bart board of directors has voted to turn the parking lot at the el serino plaza station into affordable housing. barr tweeted out this map showing where the housing would be the number of parking spaces going to be reduced from 740 to just 250 parts is that will allow for 800 housing units and 35% of the housing will be considered affordable housing. >> uc berkeley's lawrence hall of science is is reopening for some halloween fun this weekend after 19 months shutdown from 10:00am to 05:00pm on both saturday and sunday with activities like hands-on science exhibit pumpkin catapulting in creepy critters, general admission, 20 bucks for ages 3 and up children. those 2 and younger they get in for free. visitors and costumes. they get free tickets to the 3 d theater.
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still to come, the armor on the set of the film rust breaking her silence tonight following last week's deadly shooting. >> what she is saying tonight about that accident involving alec baldwin. hundreds of people potentially exposed what we're learning tonight. >> about a c
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when a truck hit my car, the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible.
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let our injury attorneys when a truck hit my car, the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. >> new developments in the fatal shooting on the set of an alec baldwin movie. the woman who was the armor on that movie set. she's now blaming the producers through
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her attorney hannah gutierrez-reed says that she had no idea where the real bullets came from. the live rounds were somehow loaded into the gun that went off as ballot bowl. glenn not rehearsed a scene killing cinematographer lina hutchings and injuring director joel souza. reid says that the set safety would not have been compromised if live ammunition were not introduced. she also blamed the production for safety lapses saying she was actually hired to do 2 jobs on the film preventing her from focusing solely on her duties as an armorer so far no one has been charged in this case is the investigation continues. new york attorney general letitia james is running for the state's governor. she announced her candidacy on twitter today saying i'm running for governor of new york because i had the experience, the vision, the courage to take on the powerful on behalf of all new yorkers. james is the
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first woman elected as new york's attorney general and the first black person to serve in that role. she recently oversaw an investigation into harassment allegations against former governor andrew cuomo that ultimately led to his resignation. cuomo's then governor kathy hochul is currently serving as the state's governor. new york's gubernatorial election. that is set for november of next year. >> tonight to local schools here forced to cancel classes today after getting a threat from outside the bay area, the alarming details school officials released just today and president biden. he is in europe tonight on his second major international trip. what happened with the french president after emmanuel macron. plus furious with bite and a gun scare since travelers racing to the tarmac at la as they were trying to scramble off the plane. what we're learning tonight
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the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier. hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. ♪ tension builds... ♪ the plot twist. ♪ the hero prevails. in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. the big story we're following tonight berkeley high school is trying to manage a covid outbreak. >> this week. the berkeley unified school district learned that 8 people on campus. a campus have tested positive for covid-19. >> kron four's. phillipe. your dog reports that those people are now in isolation. >> 8 students and or staff members at berkeley high school are isolating at their homes after testing positive for covid-19 berkeley unified
9:32 pm
school district spokesperson trish mcdermott says 7 positive cases were discovered thursday during the district's weekly testing on campus in a case was added friday and because several of these cases were epidemiologically lanes and happened within the 14 day window that public health uses to assess cases. >> our local public health partners city of berkeley called this an outbreak. mcdermott says the school district cannot report which cases represent students or staff. >> but add 7 of the cases are associated with the athletic department. we had more than 700 close contacts. >> our school. so that staff and those are students that could be in a variety of classes that can be on sports teams. the district's contact tracing team has been sending notices out to people who may need to quarantine. >> based on the berkeley public health department's protocol, students and staff who are fully vaccinated do not have to quarantine as long
9:33 pm
as they don't get any symptoms they can return to school and work students or staff tested positive have to isolate for at least 7 days. campus was closed on friday as we're all district schools because of a planned district holiday. >> in berkeley believed to be all kron. 4 news. >> and the north bay to sonoma county high schools canceled classes today after a threat was made against them. this threat was made on social media and what officials with the west sonoma county union high school district found out about it. they reported it to sebastopol police. the sebastopol police chief says although the threats were for sonoma county schools. the actual threat came from florida. the threat not only circulated here in the bay area, but also in lincoln, california, and in georgia and florida after figuring out who posted the threat online. police say they made an arrest in jupiter, florida. we don't have any more information about that suspect flights resumed at la x and la after reports of a person with a
9:34 pm
gun. >> 300 passengers self evacuated from an airport terminal. and then on to the airfield that happened yesterday to them. did suffer injuries in the process and 2 people were detained during the security incident. >> the amount of people that were just i was just like. i just pack up and go, you know, like i for things tomorrow and i don'tcwant to it was never an active shooter. no shooting, no weapon. people getting upset with each other. and when philip feeling threatened. >> the faa grounded all flights for a short period of time. and now, of course, the airport reports the runways are open. traffic is moving. normally tonight. >> governor newsome will not be going to the united nations climate change summit in scotland. the governor had planned to highlight his administration's climate change actions, including a proposed ban on the sale of new gas-powered cars by 2035.
9:35 pm
but he just canceled the trip citing unspecified family obligations. governor lenny could unlock use will now lead a delegation of first partner, 15 state lawmakers and some of the state's top environmental regulators. president biden is in italy right now for the g 20 summit. we'll go to scotland later. he arrived in rome last night and then met with pope francis. the 2 discussed poverty, climate change and even swapped jokes about getting old. biden said the pope told him use a good catholic and should continue to receive communion biden's views on marriage and abortion put him at odds with the church teachings. the president later met with french president emmanuel macron to try to sooth ties with the u.s. is oldest ally over that controversial submarine deal with the u.s. and australia. >> i was under the impression
9:36 pm
frey for that he was not but having said that. too much we have. something together. celebrating together. and value. >> that deal prompted australia to cancel a 66 billion dollar contract with france and instead go ahead with the partnership, with the u.s.. so it's now australia and the u.s. with the submarine deal. instead of france and the u.s. the g 20 summit begins tomorrow. >> another big story that we're following for you tonight. a sheriff in new york is defending his decision to file a complaint against former governor andrew cuomo without consulting prosecutors or the woman who says that to cuomo groped her albany county sheriff craig apple says it is moving forward with crime
9:37 pm
charges but had not planned on the information becoming public, not just yet. the woman in the complaint work as an executive assistant for the governor the former governor is due to appear in court next month. >> i don't know if it will go to trial on. i think we an overwhelming. amount of evidence. we have a victim who has been cooperating fully every day, every step of the way. as far as the conviction is something to that effect. that's really going to come down to. is that a jury's the judge. >> and as well as the district attorney's office. >> a spokesperson for cuomo calls. the charges politically motivated. we're honoring our veterans ahead of veterans day. and tonight we're hearing from the bay area woman who served in the vietnam war. >> it was nice to have all that sunshine and temperatures running above the average debt is about to change this weekend. we'll get back to some rain talk. we'll have more on that coming up. and in
9:38 pm
sports, the niners trying to snap a four-game losing streak against the bears this weekend in chicago. white winning that game may have just gotten a little bit easier.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> the world cup soccer may hold some of its pivotal games at levi stadium, at least that is the hope of very officials. key members of fifo that big international governing body
9:41 pm
of football as they call it. they're in town here in the bay. they plan to tour at levi's tomorrow. kron four's terisa stasio attended a special news conference today with the delegation in town. she explains what the group says they're looking for. what would take to give the bay area. the winning not. >> the bi-state has been one of the most successful outdoor venues in this country. generating over a billion dollars in economic impact. we're not done yet. our with the forty-niners talking up at levi stadium and how it could be a perfect fit for the next world cup. >> a delegation with the folks currently touring the united states to see what community should host the games in 2026 and total 16 games will be played among the united states, canada and mexico. the world cup is the world's largest sporting event and the forty-niners believe the santa clara facility could deliver the goods.
9:42 pm
>> so glad to have these 2 gentleman, their delegation. everyone that supports the fa to bring the world's largest biggest tournament. to the san francisco bay area and levi stadium on saturday. the delegation will make its way in and around the stadium. i asked what specifically they are looking for. we start with the pitch. we look at the dressing we look at the competition areas. >> and we know obviously for free for matches and world cup matches how we would place the team's lineups high. we bring the might a plus in all this of vice president says it's obvious the bay area loves. >> both games of football. >> we are very obviously the passion of the area brings only 4 obviously american football that which is very obvious but also our football san jose mayor sam liccardo attending as well and hoping the cop. >> and it's incredible. revenue stream will calm. >> with the leadership, the forty-niners, everybody pushing on this. this is going to be great for the community.
9:43 pm
>> now the group says that they will make a final decision some time after the first of the year. and san francisco, theresa kron 4 news hope it happens that would be fun. the niners. meanwhile, there in chicago this weekend hoping to snap a four-game losing streak. what is going on? >> and winning this week. maybe just got a little bit easier because the bears are going to be without all pro linebacker khalil mack 52 that he can really get to the quarterback has been ruled out with a foot injury. former raider, of course, but chicago. we'll get any sympathy from the niners who have been really just hammered by injuries. this year and now defensive lineman javan kinlaw. he just hasn't been able to stay on the field. it seems since he was drafted and he's now going to miss the rest of the year head coach kyle shanahan says the former high first-round pick underwent knee surgery this week. shanahan, though, says he's still optimistic kinlaw will be a big part of the
9:44 pm
team's future. and speaking of the niners future. shanahan was once again asked about the quarterback situation. you'll remember maybe after the colts loss last week, he said that they didn't go into that match up thinking that jimmy garoppolo is just one bad game away from losing his job. well, you know, the media's today shanahan was asked if we're now just one bad game away from seeing the rookie. trey lance take over for garoppolo and here's what coach had to say. >> i i would never answer a question like you guys can ask a 1000 different ways. i don't think like that. you know, try to get our team out of this losing streak of 4 losses in a row we talk or down this week are trying to get our guys back and go to chicago to play as good as we can. you play good. you play bad. you review the tape after the gaming on monday and tuesday and try to make decisions about when >> that's how it works. when you're a head coach worth noting shanahan did say the trey lance looks good at practice this weekend. he will be the backup quarterback on
9:45 pm
sunday. lance had been battling a sprained knee. so he at least physically looks ready to roll.
9:46 pm
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9:48 pm
marine corps at the time. >> harper's rob fladeboe has her story. >> i was in the first company of women to serve an it can. but some of those who deserve thanks for their service to our country is kathleen wright of santa clara, a former captain in the united states marine corps. every single woman never served in the marine corps was a volunteer. >> and we've been servine in the marine corps since 1918 captain kathleen wright, retired from the marine corps after serving from 1964 to 1976. >> she was one of just 2000 women to wear the uniform during the vietnam war. >> we had a 182 captains. 22 local more. for now. 2 of them women. >> rendezvous with kathleen recently at the veterans memorial in santa clara graced by the names of captain right. in many other veterans. she is honored, but it wasn't always that way. for vietnam era veterans. >> and a lot of not only never
9:49 pm
got thanked for their service. they were degraded because of their service that your spit on a reported blood on it was terrible. again. times have changed for the better, but wright says it was a different world for women in the military in those days. the marines mail did not want the women and the poor. and they didn't make any secret of that. but if you perform. up to the same expectations are better than they did. they would respect you for it. >> despite being held to a higher standard right. through the ranks from admin clerk to computer systems at the pentagon that led to a long career later as an aerospace engineer back here in the bay area. if you don't know what in the world you want to do with your life. >> the militaries of the place grounding. and focus. grow up.
9:50 pm
>> probably wearing her women marines had bearing the medal she earned. kathleen says she never misses an opportunity to thank her fellow veterans for their service. and as always, touched when someone says that to her, a veteran is a person. >> who wrote a check to the united states of america for any amount up to and including their life. and too many of >> and to all of friend semper fidelis. in santa clara. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> to find more stories honoring veterans. all you have to do is scan this qr code. we have a complete page on our website and this will take you there. 4 zone forecast time as we talk weekend weather. this is a live look at the bay bridge toll. plus. yeah. if your weekend takes up to snow country lawrence here to talk about is it sloppy. is it raining? yeah, they they got more storms coming. looks like another warm. one kind of headed in so snow levels about 7500 to about 8,000 feet. so.
9:51 pm
>> i think for the most part you could be looking at rain down lake levels. we get to monday, especially outside, though, tonight, we've got a mixed bag. you got a lot of clouds around. we've had some dense fog along the coastline. some of that slipping in toward sfo right now through the golden gate bridge highs today, though. wow, it was really, really nice. 74 in san francisco, 76 in oakland about an 80 in livermore. 79 in san jose 77 in both conquered and santa rosa, all these temperatures running above the average and that was courtesy of an offshore wind. but things are changing. now. look at the arrows here starting point. more on shores that kicking in off the ocean waters. and we're seeing that fog begin to move on shore as a cold front started rolling toward the bay area. so said a high pressure. now we've got those clouds rolling in and we've got a big change in the weather pattern for the weekend numbers outside now in the 50's. still some mid 60's. well inland. but this front yet once approached ring with at least a chance of some showers here. the bay area for tomorrow. not going to be much but more importantly, it's helping to kick that a ridge of high pressure further to
9:52 pm
the east that's going up in the door for the next storm system in here comes right there as we get into monday right around the middle of the day that storm systems come rolling through the bay area. that should be a nice rainmaker, maybe a half an inch in the san francisco for lucky higher amounts across. of course, the mountain tops and then the middle of the week. there's a chance of yet another storm rolling on into. so things are staying active and that's the best news of all. not seen a big dome of high pressure building really cutting off the rain temperatures for temperatures going off 50's and some 60's a chance some light sprinkles light showers, especially along the coastline inside the bay looking about 62 degrees in burlingame for the southwest temperatures staying pretty mild mainly in the mid 60's there and then you see some 60's 70's in the south bay, maybe squeeze in a couple low 70's well, inland by tomorrow afternoon. but overall will be much cooler than it has been. looks like the pattern is going to start shift gears again, as we get into next week. we're talking about a chance of more substantial rain tomorrow. maybe just some sprinkles, some real rain coming our way as we get into monday looks like more chance of rain as we get to wednesday to probably
9:53 pm
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>> you've been outside right booking decorations. you see him pumpkins. all car businesses in san francisco's castro are gearing up for what
9:56 pm
could be an almost normal halloween and they know how to wear on the castro. it's been a big from this time. >> last year, kron four's maureen kelly talk to people eager to get their costumes on. >> last halloween. people were discouraged from coming to the castro and some businesses like the bar moby were shut down altogether. but now they've got their scary decorations up alongside their signs letting customers know they need to show proof of being fully vaxxed people coming inside the bartender believes his customers are looking forward to a fun weekend they're anxious to be out and about and. >> here withfother vaccinated. people. i think everyone does safe here. most people i talk to have plans this year and are happy about it. it's a big relief. >> that we can go out and hang out and have fun again live again. i feel less i mean, i i don't mind being a homebody. but for year and a half. it was a little much. >> one man says he's got plans tonight, saturday and sunday
9:57 pm
and bought a home covid test kit just in case. after all these parties and get a few of the kids on monday. >> and you know, keep my fingers crossed, but also be pushed out of the weekend. city's public health department has come out with a list of safety tips for those celebrating halloween. they include asking people to consider wearing a well-fitted face mask in private indoor settings, especially if you don't know everyone's vaccination status or in large outdoor crowds and no, they do not mean masks like this one. we've posted that list on our website. kron 4 dot com, maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> and that wraps up kron 4 news at night. thanks for being with us this hour. keep it here, though. our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour. pam moore is here with a look at what's ahead. vicki and grant grants roing to be with me at 10. thanks to you both. and coming up, is the biggest event. the bay area has seen since the pandemic started and local businesses are thrilled. >> the first day of outside lands. now wrapping up at san
9:58 pm
francisco's golden gate park plus just how effective are the covid vaccines. why a new study says getting the shot offers more protective antibodies for people, then those who develop the antibodies from actually catching the virus itself. >> we'll have more on that and much more coming up. keep it here. kron 4 news at 10 is next.
9:59 pm
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