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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  November 1, 2021 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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seeing some of these more widespread showers for early risers that are getting on the road right now. this is what you have to look forward to its really not bad out there at all just yet. skies are nice and clear at this point and conditions out there are dry as you're venturing onto our roadways but only temporarily. this is where we're sitting on satellite and radar looks very quiet. it indeed is having yet to rain for most of the region. we're starting to see those showers, though drifting into portions of sonoma county. this is especially true bodega bay northward. the point arena through sonoma and mendocino counties. cloverdale northward up to you, kyra, on highway one. oh, one, we've seen a couple of sprinkles around santa rosa. just south of santa rosa around rohnert park down to petaluma it really has been nothing more than sprinkles in these areas. so far, though, so it still remains very quiet out there. obviously a lot of rainfall still situated to the west of us that will be drifting into the picture here in a couple of hours. so good news for commuters this morning is that if you're leaving here soon, you should be good to go past 08:00am things start to get dicey in the north bay and
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then past 09:00am for the rest of us. as for temperatures were in the 50's and 60's. so focus on the rain jacket this morning. not so much about all the layers underneath that it's a mild day, a cool and mild day just a rainy and grey one rain a down day. so that all right. things are getting busy here at the bay bridge. now we had an earlier accident there was we travel into the sea around 4 this morning. >> that slowed us down just a tad bit. i don't see any hazards there at this hour. but traffic is picking up. look at a little under 22 minutes. once you do hit the may's to that fremont street exit a little under 15 minutes heading across towards the peninsula. no accidents along one a one or 92 to back us up there as you're driving. we had an accident in the last hour along 6.80 and but that has since been cleared. so you are seeing residual delays. southbound 6.80 dublin to fremont just change the 21 minutes to make it to 2.62. and in the south bay, no major delays about 31 minutes from
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85 towards menlo park darya james, back to you. thanks this is scary and put your head around. if you put together the populations of san francisco and l a that's how many people around the world have died of covid upwards of 5 million. so it's pretty incredible. think about when you put it in those terms here in the u.s. we've had upwards of 740,000 deaths. and unfortunately that number continues to rise. and this is why it is so serious that you get vaccinated and certain businesses in contra, costa county. >> are going to require you to be vaccinated if you work there. yeah, that's going to be impacting high-risk businesses like restaurants and gyms and kron four's will tran is on that story for us live now in contra, costa county in front of an jim just like oh, we're talking about their will. >> orange theory is right behind me and it's unlike other gyms james, where it's big area you've been to jim's they're very vast. this one is just a small store. i mean, as far as equivalence of space. and that is why they are requiring that the employees
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here they either are fully vaccinated or undergo weekly covid-19 test because you're so close to each other and just as importantly, you're sweating, you're breathing heavily so starting today and here's video that i shot a little bit earlier this morning. in open 5 o'clock in the morning. so it's safe to say the employees inside right now. they've already proven to their employees that they're either fully vaxxed or that their negative with covid-19 as a term of their employment. what they want to do is to continue down the number of covid-19 cases in the summer. they were very concerned. it looks like we're heading in the right direction as far as contra costa counties coneern that they want to make sure they put out this fire completely,oso to speak, end one way to do that is to get as many people as they possibly can to get vaccinated. i got a chance to talk to some of the people working out this morning in their thoughts about the employees being vaccinated and required to be vaccinated.
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here's their reaction. >> now that the smaller businesses can do this. hopefully that kind of ripples has a ripple effect. everybody like that. the required. yes. yeah, i like it. i definitely feel safe and then it just it makes sense to me because we all have to be vaccinated. >> so james duryea, basically they're saying we're all in the same boat. if i'm going to be safe, you need to be safe as well. it's not just the gyms we're talking about. we're talking yoga places, dance studios and even restaurants that are smaller because obviously you have to take down your mask while drink. so they want their employees to be fully vaccinated as well. it looks like things are going good right now in contra, costa county about 73% of the population in contra, costa county already vaccinated. the goal is obviously 100% and they can possibly get it. but if he goes up and up and up will start easing back some of the restrictions. personally i
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think they're not even human. i love working out. but to work out at 5 o'clock in the morning. you better believe they are bulletproof and they have the cards to prove they are determined. thank you. will. >> 7 o 4 is the time. and speaking of vaccination mandates, that's partly why muni service is going to be impacted today in san francisco as the sfmta is suspending some routes because of driver shortages because of the city's deadline today for all city workers to be vaccinated. and at last check there were about 87, many operators still haven't got their shots yet. and so for that reason some routes are going to be cut back or suspended altogether and they include what you see on your screen. the number one california short route. the 14. our mission rapid short route. the 30 stockton short route and the 49 van ness short route, short route service refers to buses that run on just a smaller segment of the longer muni route along routes, by the way, of these very lines will still be running so you can get from, you know where you are to where you need to go. but you're going to give yourself more time to do it. meanwhile,
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happening today, 3 bay area counties are easing some indoor mask requirements for people who are fully vaccinated and they include contra, costa county. where will tran was just reporting from alameda county and marion county as well. people there are if you go into a controlled spaces like offices and gyms and places of worship. you can now take off your mask if you're fully vaccinated with one condition. there have to be fewer than 100 people inside anything more and you've got to keep the mask on one local gym manager, though, says he's excited about these easing of the restrictions. >> just very excited for our members were really excited for our staff were excited to get people back to the gym that have been waiting for a long time to get the mask off. a lot of people have kind of avoided coming back to the gym and we're really excited to see the rest of our our regular members and people return to us. >> all right. so james and i represent a san francisco marin contra costa county. so there you go. so i work out in san francisco and all small
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and i'm seeing. >> it was about 50 to 50 people choosing to wear a mask because you have to write and now it's a little last little less like class yesterday only the teacher had a mask and me, haha, but everybody else. how about where you are, the more i go to everybody wears a mask stay do. and they don't have to know. know. everybody had to register their vaccination right at the front desk, right when we get our some print, it just comes up to >> clear to go in. but he still to wear is i i just want on the treadmill or something that is tougher. and then what about the kids want to get their shots. the littlest ones could get them soon because cdc advisers tomorrow are going to talk about whether they recommend that kids get the pfizer vaccine. this is for 5 to 11 year-old. the fda already gave the green light on friday once the cdc advisers weigh in, then the cdc's director makes the final decision. and then after that, the shots will be given into arms of up to 20 million kids
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want to get that dose of a dose, by the way, kids. don't worry. it is a 3rd. the amount and it's a smaller needle. and the the adult dose. well, a little more pain to talk about for you this time at the airports because as we know, american airlines had to cancel a lot of their flights this past weekend. >> about 1500 or so had to be scrubbed looks like there are some more cancellations today, but they're trying to do something to to ease the situation. yeah. get more workers. back to you or just talk about muni been affected. so think about american airlines is there's many, many more employees and with those covid rules, a lot of them are out now they're expected to come back. so we'll see if it's going make a difference. stinson. >> is following this live at sfo heiser. >> halloween weekend turned out to be a mess if you are flying on american thousands of those flights canceled hopefully not too bad. today. the spokesperson for american airlines said there could be some residual fact that we're
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starting to see a little bit of that locally and a lot of it nationwide. take a look at your screen. you can see what we've been tracking. we've been tracking the latest for you and not a ton has changed for us here locally. we checked on flightaware. the flight tracking website sfo. about 5 flights have been canceled so far, 0 at oakland airport and one at the san jose airport across the country, though 301 flights have been canceled by american airlines. that's up from 2.89. we started the show this morning at 5 o'clock over 1900 flights in total by all airlines nationwide have been canceled during halloween weekend. as i said, people were stranded at airports across the country after american airlines canceled over 1600 flights therecline pointing to weather conditions in texas. >> a shortage of flight attendants. southwest also have cancellations yesterday. this to have some today as well. the airline just 3 weeks ago canceled thousands of flights as well, citing ieather and shortage of staff with thanksgiving just around the corner. a lot of people are asking is this going to be
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a trend is going to continue to happen. the good news is a spokesperson for american airlines says starting today the airline has 1800 flight attendant returning to work after being placed on leave during the pandemic. do that low travel demand that we saw there also hiring 600 new flight attendants who plan to start in december. the hiring more pilots, more staff in general to keep up with not only the increased travel demand but also just keep up with you know, having more people out there flying it's it's definitely a big change from 2020, hopefully, you know, staffing up helps with flights with the fact that they have been canceling flights. it's it has not been easy for people. nobody likes to sleep in an airport now and 30 minutes. we'll have a report for you and i'm talking about how much you could cause you to fly. >> for thanksgiving and for christmas and like prices are going up. don't buy today. i'll have more details about
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30 minutes. for now live at a falls and back to the studio. >> hitting much like what we saw southwest go through. right. remember i don't know, maybe a month ago. yeah, they had the same kind of crunch. >> yeah. through weeks ago. exactly saying so a lot of airlines struggling right now hopefully we can get together because it's november 1st we're heading into holiday season. >> all right. i guess airline by airline. they go through this and, you get back on track to 7.11 right now and police in san jose are investigating a deadly shooting. we have a map of where it happened. great oaks parkway in the e to unveil neighborhood. but other than that, we really have very little information from the police other than this is the city's 29th homicide of the year. and an arrest is made in the south bay for a man is facing murder charges now for a deadly shooting that happened in gilroy. police arrested 19 year-old benjamin david calderon saturday afternoon. the shooting
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happened early saturday morning at a halloween party at the home of this gilroy city council member. her name is rebecca armand are as police say they were called because there was a fight and at least one gunshot was fired when they got there, they found that 4 people have been shot. one of them ended up dying. the rest went to the hospital. >> 7.12 is the time. and still ahead after the break, the global supply chain issues could impact the cost of your next bottle of wine will have details coming up as to why in just a minute. and we are looking at some shower activity now working its way back into portions of sonoma county. >> still dry from healdsburg. the santa rosa right along one o one. but you head north of healdsburg some light showers guerneville monte rio from the day up highway one all these areas looking at that light to moderate rain that the rest of us can expect
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they can give you personalized advice and could help you save hundreds. who wants some dress shirts!? for expert help with all your insurance needs, get to know your local geico agent today. >> there's surprises anymore. i'm just looking at get a lot of mail today. you've got preview of when the storms come. is anything left. there's no surprises on find not being surprised by the problem that we can see exactly what is coming. that's what i want to know, john, i'm down for 2022 with no says they have that right to i would love that, especially with this rain. just keep an on going with this because it is definitely welcome to see this change of pace after so many dry months now are working our way back into what has been a wetter weather
7:16 am
pattern. we saw a couple of sprinkles there on saturday. and today it's going to be a bit more than sprinkles. just have to wait for it a little bit and i don't think too many of us are minding the dry commute so far this morning. we're looking outside here at berkeley, with just some cloud cover overhead. no rainfall for the breath vast majority of the bay area just yet. we are starting to see those showers are right around the very northern end of point, rays on up through bodega bay, through northern sonoma county for our neighbors right along the russian river that rain starting to come down healdsburg northward up the cloverdale. you're also seeing it santa rosa down to petaluma. it still dry. we had a couple of sprinkles around rohnert park earlier. those of really even die down. so not a lot of activity just yet. but there is plenty on the way that a sitting to our west that is about to be rolling its way on inland across the bay area. we still got a couple hours of the show and you know, that will be tracking it over the next few hours as it gradually does make its way towards us. this is 08:45am starting to see him some showers right along the
7:17 am
coastline on the peninsula. more widespread for marine and sonoma counties, then it really starts to roll in mostly after 09:00am towards 1011, noon and into the early afternoon after that, most of our rainfall is going to be concentrated north of the golden gate. that's where we're going to see light to moderate showers. pretty widespread. it will be on and off light showers for the rest of us across the bay area on through one 30 pm eventually into your evening commute. still looking at those light to moderate showers. so it's a good soaking rainfall. not going to result in any issues aside from some slick roadways. and of course, if you're not prepared for it. some wet clothes. you want the rain jacket and of course you want the umbrella with you too. showers. really taper off by the time you get up tomorrow morning. likely to have a few wet spots on roads still for your tuesday commute. rest of the day tuesday looks dry and then into wednesday, a dry start before showers arrive wednesday night back into thursday. rainfall amounts today will be over half an inch for parts of the north bay. most of the rest of us anywhere from a 10th of an inch to a quarter of an inch
7:18 am
of rain. so this is definitely the lighter variety of rainfall right here, not having too many negative impacts. you add on top of this what we'll see later this week. wednesday night into thursday and through the week, santa rosa could see around an inch and a half for rainfall. sandra fell around 3 quarters of an inch closer to a quarter of an inch elsewhere. today's highs pretty solidly in the 60's. and honestly, that's where we're going to stay throughtthis forecast cool fall forecast for your first 7 days of the new month. reyna. john, thanks for that. a couple issues you need to know about as you're leaving your house this morning. >> an accident out in fremont this is southbound. 8.80, stevenson boulevard. so we are seeing delays to 38 adjacent to that not seen much of an issue and hercules, you have an accident. westbound 80 along highway 4. so we are starting to see things slowing down as you're traveling through hercules heading into the city right now from the east bay a little under 23 minutes for your drive time there. no traffic accidents we have earlier the air along the bay bridge a little under 17 is heading across towards the peninsula leaving with a look
7:19 am
at the richmond sandra fell commute a little under 15 minutes. darya james, back to you. thank you, dana. 7.18 for your money this prices are going up for everything bananas pineapples. all kinds of fresh fruit let and their increases for low-wage workers in pay, which is good. but will they meet that. i don't know. jane king is live at the nasdaq. i don't think they could pay us enough everythings going up. >> i notorious so, you know, the national pay has increased by 4.2% in the past 12 months. but workers in those lower wage sectors like restaurants, hotels. they're seeing bigger bump up in pay that average. so it's helping them catch up a little bit of those wages are up about 7 per cent little more than 7%. the past 12 months. well, toys r us and macy's released a list of the top 2075 toys for the holiday season. geoffrey's hot toy list. it includes dollhouses toy cars scooters board games.
7:20 am
some highlights are the a g i joe origins ninja role play said and the bumblebee cyber verse adventures die. no butts unite role in charge 22 being very long about 57% of survey tech executive said the labor shortage is their main concern. 26% said supply chain issues are the biggest worry. 70% of tech companies have expanded their searches for job applicants by increasing the amount of work from home jobs that are available as well. and inflation is pressuring del monte to hike fruit prices. those price effect said this price increases do go into effect today. they'll be on bananas and pineapples and fresh cut fruit company didn't say exactly how much those prices will go up that live from the nasdaq market site. i'm jane king. all right. thanks a lot. j will to. we'll talk to later. >> well, issues with global supply chains could impact your next bottle of wine who got ryan areas right here in northern california trying to figure out how to distribute their wine without raising prices. really takes a closer look.
7:21 am
>> we've got a fun one day to go back to the old days. we used brought your own big jug and we just fill it up. >> not such a bad idea since local wineries will soon be feeling the effects of the global supply chain breaks down. we all may be expected to be a little slower when expected to be out and you know, as one of the bombers told me today. >> we don't want to panic anybody but we can't find the glass. >> if you're a smaller winery, it really hurts because the bigger ones come out. they can buy everything up. they can hold it for the small ones are going classroom. i my chart name. i cabernet. where am i gonna fight. >> typically wineries get their glass from the u.s. mexico and china while the supply shortage can lead to delivery delays. adam housley of housley winery. those says for now they're in good shape. since they've already their wine for the season. >> the good news is for us. we bottle before he supply chain breakdown. and like june. but
7:22 am
we're going to bottle again this winter at some point. >> with bottles of wine ready to sell but will the glass shortage mean customers will have to pay more glass prices have tripled in what they normally are. so even the bigger wineries that usually absorb those costs will have to raise the price of the bottle. if the shortage with the holidays upon us. adam says it's a good idea to stock up now with your favorites before the prices change we're pivoting when it's whether it's covid, whether it's the supply shortage we're all having to. it's kind of wade through this. and it's not just glass. what's next. and being told are. >> the capsules to go on top the courts to go in the bottle. >> but through adversity. adam says continue to shop local wineries who are grateful for community support. they employ people in your area. >> we support people in in this area. it's a great any kind of support we can get is going help us in the long run.
7:23 am
>> what was already a shot. reporting. let's hope the price wine doesn't go too high. >> 7.22 and coming up, the supreme court is hearing cases challenging the new restrictive texas a
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[ sfx: ding ding ding ] [sfx: bing bing bing ] [sfx: bloop bloop bloop ] [ sfx: bing bloop ding ding bloop bing ] the day can wait.
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enter the golden state, with real california dairy. -hi mommy! -hi honey! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby... don't say a word... but if slow upload speeds turns your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 1.877.only.att. the u.s. supreme court is hearing cases challenging that very restrictive texas abortion law. yeah. that texas law is one of the most restrictive bans on abortion
7:26 am
banning the procedure after a heartbeat is first detected. our dc correspondent alexandra limon has more from capitol hill. >> good morning. the cases the supreme court will hear today are not about whether the texas heartbeat ban itself is unconstitutional. instead, the justices are being asked to decide whether the state of texas can even be sued over its abortion ban. the abortion ban in texas has virtually ended abortions in that state. after 6 weeks, one heartbeat can be detected. >> health care providers say the law is dangerous because it will lead to unsafe illegal abortions. that kind of unsafe risky that kill my patients. >> nearly 50 years ago and will likely kill many more in the future. supporters of the ban say it's saving lives. we estimate that the texas heartbeat act saves between 50 to 100 lives every single day on monday. the u.s. supreme court will hear arguments in 2
7:27 am
cases that focus on whether texas can even be sued. >> over at abortion ban. one of the most restrictive in the country. the texas case will not focus on the difficult issue of when safe ban abortion, the texas case of focus and a very narrow question. procedural question. texas lawmakers argue the state can't be sued because it isn't state officials enforcing the law. instead, the abortion law is enforced by private citizens who can sue anyone. they think assisted a woman in an abortion. >> well, the state of texas argues it can't be sued because it isn't state officials who are enforcing the law, those who are suing texas say it was state officials who approved the law and therefore the state can be sued reporting in washington. alexandra limon. >> thank you, alex. 7.27 on the clock. and here's a quick look at stormtracker. 4. we're still tracking light showers are expected to blanket the bay area as we get deeper into
7:28 am
the morning commute. john trouble with full forecast in just a minute.
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7:30 am
>> okay. this is this is not budging. i've been looking at the same satellite map. >> to that green wall there on the left side of the image is what we're tracking and john, it's not moving too >> will it be here. you guys what a wet he's got a good
7:31 am
point. well, again, we time it out running the morning commute will be done before it really device. everybody will get to work and yeah, i mean, we write the rain that we did have was like horribly time because every morning remember was, oh, yeah. and mother nature's actually kind of like helping us out this town. this is like, okay. we'll save it for maybe after you've got to work already. that's kind of what the way it's going this morning. but darnya's, right. but it hasn't budged much. it's still sitting right where it was during the last time i checked with which is right along the coast. a are in counties. it will eventually make its way our direction. this next round of rainfall mostly after 09:00am this morning, though, and that's just the way it's going to go today. just means that you've got to plan around it. so leave the house early still travel slowly as you're getting to work. we've had a couple sprinkles in the north bay. this is what you have to look towards as you're getting outside. really not bad. looking outside at the bay bridge right now. just a little bit of cloud cover overhead. >> rainfall is definitely concentrated still just right across portions of sonoma county from healdsburg up to
7:32 am
cloverdale our viewers up there. you're definitely in the midst of some lighter showers traveling along one o one right now. russian river corridor right. they're also having looked at some showers and from bodega bay up one up to point arena. you're also seeing lighter showers. of course, our neighbors up in mendocino and lake counties are in the midst of it. the rest of us, though. still pretty quiet. i would come outside today with the rain jacket in hand. the umbrella maybe pack the lunch with you today because instead of getting outside on your lunch break. stay inside on it and stay dry because by that point rain will be widespread. current temperatures are in the 50's to 60's. so a light rain jacket is your best bet as you venture outside today. reyna that's advice. john, stay inside and stay dry. okay. down in menlo park. we do have an accident. >> northbound, 2.80 north of alpine road. a good alternate would be one on one. if you're traveling there. >> a little under 22 minutes making your way from the east bay into the city. and earlier traffic has or right near the tolls. it looks like they were able to get that off of the bridge. but we're still seeing
7:33 am
delays up in hercules along highway 4 westbound, 80 do have a traffic collision there. so we are seeing just a little slowly along 80 as you're traveling heading across towards the peninsula. now traffic is picking up about 20 minutes heading across the air along 1, 1, in 92. i am starting to see some delays about 14 minutes heading out of richmond across towards sandra fell charnee james, back to you. thank you. ray. 7.33 right now. and for your money. if you want to travel for the holidays and you don't already have a ticket you're in for it. yeah, i quickly because prices are expected to jump to explain. we've got calm for sarah stinson out at sfo this morning. good morning. starting today. ticket prices are expected to jump 40%. so you better after watching this head online and buy your ticket. >> you plan on traveling for thanksgiving. >> or for christmas. heading out to sfo are some other airport in the bay area. definitely a good heads up. take a look at what you could
7:34 am
be paying according to hopper the company that analyzes travel prices. they say that domestic flights thanksgiving are averaging about $300. and for christmas. they're averaging about $430 hopper found a 23% jump from 2020, but it's still 11% lower than 2019. and i think they're still trying to you get people to travel. people are still very nervous after not doing so for so long, christmas travel travelers that was a 71% jump from last year and only a 10% jump from 2019 and that's for domestic flights apparel. if you fly on thanksgiving, you can get some pretty good deals. but. >> nobody likes to do that. maybe you can catch an early flight may get to wherever you want to go for that feast. but aaa says the airlines are offering fewer flights last year in years past because of the staffing shortages caused by the pandemic. we saw a lot
7:35 am
of cancellations and delays. both that has a full. and across the entire nation yesterday specifically with american airlines having rough time of it. not only due to weather but because of those staffing shortages. so be prepared for less flights, be available to some airport last la last half hour. learned that at least american airlines are starting to hire more flight attendants. so that's going to help with some of those flights. hopefully they can offer more and more. but. best for you is get that play. if you plan on traveling because it is just going to go up and up and up today's november. 1st you can believe it and it is starting to get closer and closer to those holidays. carya james definitely something to be aware nodar is already on top of that, she's lights. hopefully others are as well. i do. i know i'm just looking in. they're already, you know, 5 to $700 to go to sfo new york. thank you, sarah. >> it is 7.35, and tomorrow the walnut creek city council's going consider
7:36 am
banning. >> the sale of flavored tobacco and e-cigarettes. if they pass it, then businesses would have 5 months before the law is enforced. earlier this year. contra costa county restricted the sale of flavored tobacco and e-cigarettes in parts of the unincorporated parts of the county. >> well, elsewhere in the east bay. we have 7 people now hospitalized after a major 2 car accident in concord. we have video from the scene and here you can see police and investigators on site. this happened early sunday morning. he was at the intersection of willow pass road and port chicago highway 3 of the victims had to be taken to the hospital by helicopter. they were in such grave condition. the other 4 went by ambulance unclear what the injuries are that they suffered how severe it is. police are still trying to piece together what led up to that accident. meanwhile, deadly car crashes across the u.s. have risen significantly this year. the u.s. department of transportation effects is more than 20,000 people died in accidents within the first 6 months of 2021 and that
7:37 am
represents about an 18% jump in that time period. this is the largest 6 month increase in traffic deaths since the fatalities analysis reporting system started tracking these numbers. >> happening today. the city of oakland opens a new tiny home community called lakeview village. it will house up to 65 homeless people. this is video of other tiny homes that have been built in oakland. officials say that the village is the first of its kind of the city and the grand opening. is it 10 o'clock this morning. >> all right. let's talk football. the forty-niners snapping that four-game losing streak feel pretty good as they fly back to the bexar. yeah. come back chicago after beating the bears. jason dumas has more. >> shanahan's every move being questioned. jimmy garoppolo his reputation within this fan base. it's never been at a lower point. their backs were against the wall. how would they respond? let's head out to soldier field and find out
7:38 am
this jump straight to the 3rd quarter. this plane turned around the momentum in this game. >> deebo samuel 84 yards later gets pushed out of bounds at the one yard line and that sets up this folks. a broken play d both opposed to get that off. going on. said the heck with it. >> he gets in 1615 because they missed the p a t. let's go to the 4th quarter now. check out this effort come alive to mitchell and his offensive line. and we can't forget jimmy goal come running in here at the end, a for effort. i think the deal was already done and niners take the lead on that play. now, this was probably to play the game might be one of the plays of the season. they have justin fields dead to right. this was 4th and one switches fields. no pun intended and get into the end zone. now the forty-niners trying to make it 3 straight scores in 3 straight possessions. run-pass option from jimmy garoppolo
7:39 am
off. take it. he had a phenomenal day 17 for 28 322 yards and those 2 rushing touchdowns forty-niners win 33 to 22. they snapped a four-game losing streak. hear from head coach qb after the game. >> i think our team just knew when i mean losing far like that. you got it come do something about it. i think our guys that, you know, we came ready today. there's a good mindset and sideline guys were talking. you you can feel each other when playing like that is when we get dangerous. you know, we had a hunker down. we knew we had to battle this week. we knew that would be a fight against a really good team that we just beat. and you can just see the how important was to all 11 guys out there because we need it all up and get him in the end zone. >> yeah. i like the end where they're all it takes a team. sometimes to get across the line. 7.39 is a time right now and we've got lots more ahead. we're following some rain john. yes, we are still pretty boring on the radar at the moment because we're still dry. but this is what it's going to look like a little
7:40 am
bit later on at 10:15am, for our leader risers. obviously showers becoming more and more widespread across the bay. you can really expect them to pick up after 09:00am for most of
7:41 am
7:42 am
>> 7.42 and this morning president biden is in glasgow scotland for a big climate change summit. but a 130 company countries that is are there talking about what we can all do to stop climate
7:43 am
change and i find it ironic that many of the world leaders. i think there are 400 private jets and helicopters and all of that sort of thing that we're taking. big green ceo is. yeah there. governor newsom, he was supposed to go. but then he canceled all they said was he had a family matter. so he won't be there. >> meanwhile on the home front, we have a vote on president biden's social spending and infrastructure bill potentially happening tomorrow. final details are still being worked out. but we know it's a nearly 2 trillion dollar bill and its goal is to provide some of the biggest funding so far for social and environmental issues which include health care and also the climate crisis. senator bernie sanders says that even though the spending bill has been scaled back. he still thinks that more progressive policies like lower prescription drug prices can still make it in. we are paying the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs. the pharmaceutical industry has spent hundreds 100's of millions of dollars to make certain that americans
7:44 am
pay 10 times more office on drugs and the canadians and the mexicans, the that fight continues. the democrats are still hoping to include some provisions for paid family leave and medicare coverage for things like dental and health. all ahead of the vote. sanders says negotiations will continue today will keep you updated on the progress. we'll be right back.
7:45 am
7:46 am
7:47 am
>> some 46 right now and we are tracking a storm. it's not a huge one. but rain is rain. yeah, and we're going start the month of november on slightly damp note thing is number all. so okay on friday, i kept saying when do i put the sticky stuff down so that i don't still love my outside got to be dry and i didn't have enough so i have like 6 tears, race and there have to ask when will it stop all we'll have to wait too long for this one. so tomorrow the stairs tryout. yes, but it on maybe when you get home on wednesday, wednesday. because tomorrow we will have a dry one and then wednesday night. it kind of starts all over again. the showers this week are not going to be anything that will remember a few months from now. it's on the lighter side of things. but hey, that is exactly what we need. >> don't really need another day full of rain like we had not this past sunday. but the one before it, as you remember when it just didn't stop raining all day long this morning. it's actually pretty
7:48 am
dry san jose looks good. got some sunshine trying to work its way through that blanket of clouds that routing the bay right now as you can see on radar. most of us are dry. as you can see behind me though that's where the rainfall is and it's working its way already into portions of sonoma and northern marine counties. some light sprinkles from a day up towards point arena right along the russian river in from healdsburg up to cloverdale still dry from healdsburg down through santa rosa in petaluma have had just a couple of sprinkles around rohnert park really has been nothing. that's your even really get a notice as you venture out there just yet, though, as you can see, that rainfall is still situated. well to the west of us having to make its way in just yet. let's time it out for you because it will have an impact later this morning into the middle of the day. here's 09:15am starting to see light showers on the peninsula as well as into the north bay. some heavier rainfall working its way into the sonoma and mendocino coast after that towards 1045. and then especially through the noon hour. we'll see pockets of moderate rainfall widespread
7:49 am
lighter stuff. so my advice for you today is to leave with the rain jacket in the umbrella pack. the lunch with you. see, you don't have to venture out and all this rainfall when it does arrive midday. but honestly mother nature's kind of cooperating with this timing here giving us that dry commute this morning towards the afternoon. we will have some wet conditions as you drive home from work. but generally rainfall starts to diminish after the evening commute tonight. setting us up for what will be a few sprinkles during the evening hours tonight. but nothing super widespread by the time we move npinto tomorrow skies will dry out some afternoon. sunshine. and as i mentioned a minute ago, rainfall will arrive again into wednesday evening. today's rainfall totals will be most significant for the north bay amounting to around a half an inch for some of our north bay neighbors on the peninsula from sf down to half moon bay. more like a quarter of an inch. then 10 to 1507 inch for areas like the east bay down through the south bay. you add on top of this, what we'll see wednesday night into thursday in areas like santa rosa could see nearly an inch and a half of rainfall to the course of this week.
7:50 am
nevado and center fell amounting to around 3 quarters of an inch possible closer to one quarter of an inch from hayward oakland over to san francisco. today's highs will be in the 60's across the bay area. this is a nice start to november right here. your typical fall weather, some cool temperatures, some light rainfall and more rainfall expected later this week. just the way we need to start the month reyna john, the view that a couple issues out there and some accidents like here in the south bay. >> 2.37 eastbound just west of lawrence expressway. we also have a traffic hazard. looks like a stalled vehicle along southbound 6.80, at rock avenue in san jose here in san francisco. one. oh, one northbound just north of 2.80, that connector ramp there. we've got an accident. so we are seeing some delays along one. oh, one as you're traveling in the sea heading across towards the peninsula. we had like stalled vehicle here on the san mateo bridge and that's what has been causing that backup in that delay that were seen a little under 22 minutes for you to make your way across towards
7:51 am
the peninsula headed into the city. we've been pretty backed up here along the bay bridge yet earlier accident around for a and that really started that slowing a little under 23 minutes for us. there. and if you're in santa rosa 1, one northbound south and east todd road. you got an accident looking at the highways were not seen much of a delay. darren james, back to you. thank you. ray. 7.51 and of building story is now we're hearing from actor alec baldwin after. >> he ended up shooting and killing someone on the set of his movie by accident with what he felt was a prop gun. yeah. first time. >> speaking publicly about all of this. he's calling the misfire a one in a trillion event. we've got chris wolfe now with more on what he's saying. >> we are hearing from embattled actor and producer alec baldwin for the first time in person since the deadly onset shooting during the filming of his western rust, a photographer in vermont caught up with him. baldwin's wife actually tried to get him to stop speaking. but he pressed on. it's an
7:52 am
active investigation in terms of a woman dying. she was my friend. she was my friend. >> alec baldwin is speaking out. it may be the biggest drama of his career. one that was unscripted. the deadly shooting of cinematographer haleena hutchins on the new mexico set of the western rust alec baldwin accidentally fired the fatal shot from a revolver serving as actor and producer of the film aside from an early tweet after the tragedy on october 21st the 63 year-old performer has gone into seclusion until now. a photographer and for months caught baldwin out with his wife hilaria and started asking questions. the actors immediate response was to say he was ordered by the santa fe, new mexico sheriff's department to keep quiet amid an ongoing investigation. but baldwin could not keep quiet even telling his wife basically to back off when she tried to intervene. we were a
7:53 am
very, very, you know. well oiled crew shooting a film together. and then this horrible event happened asked about his meeting with hutchins husband and 9 year-old son baldwin said, quote, i wouldn't know how to characterize it. they're mortified overwhelmed with grief. he goes on. there are incidental accidents on film sets from time to time. but nothing like this. this is a one in a trillion episode. it's a one in a trillion event. but remember how many bullets have been fired and films and tv shows in the last 75 years. this is america. how many bullets have gone off in movies and on tv sets before how many billions in the last 75 years in nearly all of that without incident. so what has to happen now is we have to realize that when it does go wrong and it's this horrible catastrophic thing. some new measures have to take place rubber guns, plastic guns. no live, no real armaments on set. that's not for me to
7:54 am
decide it's urgent that you understand. i'm not an expert in this field. so whatever other people decide is the best way to go in terms of protecting people safety on film sets. i'm all in favor of and i will cooperate with that in any way that i can. so that was the latest from chris wolfe and there've been no charges filed at this point. the investigation continues. we'll be right back. time now 7.54.
7:55 am
7:56 am
♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
7:57 am
>> 76 saying coming up, some workers in contra, costa county now have to prove they're vaccinated. >> if they want to go to work. we'll tell you where the requirement holds and you can tell just one place plus, thousands of flight attendants are returning to work today. hopefully that will help american airlines get back on track. we're live at the airport.
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> from the area's local news
8:00 am
station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at >> 8 o'clock and still waiting and then the storm is moving a little. it is. but as we talk about time, i would like to tell you that time is nature's way of preventing everything from happening at once. >> i like actually collins take on we need this. you know, this is just are everything has its time and we're and we're getting some time this morning to get to work before the rain. so we can be thankful for slow moving. i think time stop last week for the big storm because it all happened. it was yeah, i'm stopped in the middle of big storm and it did not go away. for a but yes, yesterday for halloween. we had a nice dry day so mother nature time cooperating with us on this round. in fact, even cooperating with our morning commute. that means that as you're leaving the house this morning. >> you're doing so on a dry note looking outside behind me, the bird seem to be enjoying it. i got a lot of birds flying out there at the embarcadero this morning. nice to see so much activity. >> this is your view at the


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