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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  November 2, 2021 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news far. >> and happy tuesday to you. i'm darya folsom. and i'm james fletcher and we are enjoying drying conditions today is that raining pretty steadily throughout the day. in my neighborhood yesterday just as john it predicted need to all day and it was kind of heavy to i didn't get the bucket out. can tell like a half an inch this time inside the 18 inches last time. so definitely nice to see that there weren't any flooding risks yesterday, but it did result in some very wet spots on roadways. sure. that slowed you down as you did venture out yesterday. good news is that this morning we are starting that drying process. it is still damp out there, though. so watch for a few slick spots. but overall tuesday morning commute is looking pretty good. we do have some low clouds fog has been very minimal. this morning. haven't seen too many visibility impacts and that is certainly a nice note. for those of you that are venturing out. radar is looking dry, though there are a couple of misty spots like
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just west of san francisco, right there. west of ocean beach as well as in the mountains above san jose and just south of morgan hill towards gilroy. also a couple spots of drizzle really aside from that, though it is quiet out there and a nice way to be kicking off your tuesday morning. 50's and 60's for our current temperatures. very similar feel to what we had yesterday at this time and afternoon hours a little bit more comfortable than yesterday. we're going to see some 70's on the map for the afternoon ahead of the getting to that as well as your next chances of rainfall in this forecast on over to will go. i know roadways are still damp. so that may slow people down a bit. exactly are really wet and damp out there. we had an accident that was a hot spot for at least an hour and a half. >> southbound 1, 1, just north of that connector there and lanes are closed. they just opened up all the lanes here in san francisco because of that accident. so you are still seeing some residual delays along one. oh, one as you're traveling a little under 8 minutes heading into the city right now. a slick
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conditions this morning to take your time as you're driving headed across towards the peninsula. you can make that a little under 14 and the richmond sandra fell bridge a little under 9 darya james, back to you. thank you. rare top story this morning, a cdc panel meeting today to discuss whether to recommend the pfizer vaccine for little kid. yeah. 5 to 11 years old. that's the age range. they're looking at their decision could impact. >> millions of kids kron 4, sarah stinson joining us live from the newsroom now with more on the story. sarah sanders, 2 hours away. this is the last regular tour tory hurdle, the fda pave the way for this last week approving the vaccine for kids. >> and now today the cdc is expected to give pfizer's vaccine. clarence has well, the kid sized doses are just a 3rd of the amount given to teens and adults. if the vaccine gets approved today. 28 million american children could be eligible for vaccinations this week while health officials say children are at lower risk of severe illness or death from covid-19
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and older people. so far with the age group 5 to 11 years old. we still have seen seriously affected children 8300 hospitalized and 146 deaths reported the government has also counted 2000 coronavirus related illness school closures. a few countries have begun using other covid-19 vaccines in children under 12 china just began vaccinating children 3 years old while european regulators are considering pfizer's vaccine for kids still just like us now after the cdc's expected approval today. pfizer is ready to go to begin shipping millions of vials of pediatric vaccine in orange caps to avoid mix-up with the purple cap doses for everybody else. >> over the next couple of days. several million doses will start arriving at local pediatriciano and family. doctors offices pharmacies children's hospitals, community health centers, rural health clinics and other locations. more doses will be
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packed and shipped and delivered each and every day over the next week or so. and more and more sites will come online as we ramp up. >> and once the cdc's ruling goes into effect in doses are shipped eligible kids will get 2 shots. 3 weeks apart today. the cdc advisors will make a more detailed recommendation on which youngsters should get vaccinated in the agency's director will make the final decision. the meeting starts at 7 o'clock our time. we'll be tracking the latest right here from the newsroom. we'll send it back to you in the studio. >> all right. thank you very much. sara. time now is 5. '04, researchers at stanford are working to develop what they call a potential game changer. a covid vaccine in the form of a nasal spray. >> hoped the on the tough down into the lungs. it's already prawn to many pathogens. so many bonuses that we breeze and the time. this would be a much more efficient way of
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generating spike protein. the whole point nation is for us to introduce in the artificial spike protein so that we become induce an immune rapid reaction to that. >> and they say that not only would a nasal spray be more efficient. the vaccine. it would also mean no more needles which of course kids would prefer, you know, they have the regular flu shot. now you can get the nasal spray that's been gone for a long time. yeah. you know, instead of the shot they're hoping that to start testing with the covid spray the next 6 months to a year been nice going forward. well, don't forget, today is election day for some parts of the bay area. here's a look at the counties that are holding elections today. some places have city or counselor school district seats up for grabs. >> other areas are voting on various local tax measures. all polling locations are open at 7 o'clock this morning of course, nationally. all eyes are on the virginia gubernatorial election. many experts say this could foreshadow what we can expect in next year's midterm
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elections. democrat terry mcauliffe is running against republican glenn youngkin who has been endorsed by former president donald trump mcauliffe has been campaigning with president biden and vice president kamala harris, most polls have shown a very close race. so let you know what the result with the returns show. meanwhile, back here in the bay area. a safeway in san francisco's castro district is now cutting its hours because of shoplifting. the location on market street and church street is now closing at 9 o'clock every night. and the store also removed it self checkout lanes. the safeway spokesperson released a statement about the changes saying that they had to make them in order to maintain a safe and welcoming shopping experience for customers and their employees now safely supervisor rafael mandelman says that he's calling on police and the district attorney to do more to stop these thefts. it's 5 or 6. and tonight the walnut creek city council considers banning the sale of flavored tobacco and e-cigarettes. if they pass it. >> businesses would then have
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5 months before the law is enforced. earlier this year. contra costa county restricted the sale flavored tobacco in unincorporated parts of the county in the south bay. some parents are upset after willow glen high school closed several on campus restrooms because students were vaping and them. and now there are fewer restrooms for the kids to use school officials say they are limiting student access to the bathrooms and monitoring them because of the concerns about kids vaping. some parents are outraged, though they say the whole student body should be punished for the actions of a few students. one student says bathroom lines are building up because there are so few to choose from. >> one time i was almost late one of my classes because i ended up spending. the whole passing period. it's 7 minutes, which should be enough time to go to the bathroom and then go to class. >> it's not ok that the kids have to use time that they should be learning and being educated. to stand in line for
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a bathroom. >> and a letter sent out to parents. the school says it plans to reopen some of the restrooms on monday and they're working on they say some other solutions to stop students from vaping. >> well, today the san francisco unified school district will be unveiling its plan to avoid a state takeover of its schools during a special meeting. the district is at risk a possible takeover by the state because of a projected 125 million dollar budget shortfall. the district says that they're proposing cuts now to a number of student programs and services to make up for that budget shortfall. they're also proposing changes to its student funding formula as well. also happening today. we have engineers who work for kaiser permanente in walnut creek there going to be protesting starting at 1130 this morning at the kaiser medical center. the workers say that their benefits and wages are being cut and they want the company to renegotiate with them. the union representing the engineers says that the employees are responsible for maintaining all of the
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mechanical systems in the building, including medical equipment this used by patients. >> time now is 5 '08. and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news open enrollment for covered california has started up again. we've got everything you need to know about whether to sign up or not. how you do that. plus, fire season is over for one north bay city. but there's still a warning that you have to remain vigilant in the months ahead. we'll tell you why. plus, president biden wants to take drastic steps to combat climate change. what does he want to do. we'll have a live report from dc and even though it's not raining right now. you can still see it's very damp looking there at the tarmac as cfo. and that's the same thing. you'll be encountering as you venture on the roads this morning. >> so a little bit slower will help you out even though we have seen conditions dry out now. cool. nice day ahead of us with highs in the upper 60's to low 70's. i've got your forecast to come. and those slick conditions and caused a couple of accidents out here on our highways.
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>> we are back. 5.13 is the time. and while we do. welcome back. the rain. obviously we needed a lot of people still recovering from the last week's storm and the damage that it caused obviously that we're not fully recovered from that just yet. sandra car submerged in water. trees are still, you know, need to be cleaned up poll of mold. i've i've been driving through a roped off, you know, puddles and yeah, that are kind of flooded out. that's just the way it is. one business owner tells us the flood waters did a lot of damage to his place. >> it's taken me a to a clean up remediation company is helping me is point. he says he can't second more water out
5:14 am
when he first came in and did the remediation. he took a 50 gallons of water. and this is a concrete slab with a very thin carpet on top of that. so there was a lot of water that he got up. >> we asked the center public works department about, you know, the response to the clogged drains and everything in the gutters. and we didn't get a response back. a pretty busy. are too busy to answer our questions, which is a good thing. yeah. these are working. it's been getting a little better around samara fell. yeah. >> and the santa rosa fire department, by the way, is also officially declaring an end to the wildfire season as we were talking about and are brought up, you know, all this rain that we saw these couple sundays ago really did a number on foot ending fires like this said it was pretty much and so now we're hearing the official word from santa rosa fire department anyway. they declared their fire season hartman saying people should the remain vigilant into the winter months as we prepare for potentially active wildfire seasons next year. so mike declaration wasnlt official. >> is that what you're saying. because that day i end i said
5:15 am
fire officials are over here by decree and no nothing to you took a while for them to get on board. but you're right, daryn. right. wow, i don't know that hey, john. they just had to confirm seems to and said of radar. i call it dart are starting what like this is enough. must be an apprentice inside. it was a day i think we did it last week, but we have a little on top of that, even last night and yesterday which was certainly welcome. it was definitely not that 18 inches you got and canfield 2 sundays ago. you remember but guerneville did see 2 and a half inches of rainfall over the past 24 hours, mount tam around 2 inches of it mill valley just over an inch while santa rosa and windsor around 3 quarters of an inch over in the east bay orinda right walnut creek as well as oakland receiving around 6707 inch. so these were some pretty impressive totals. these are some of our greater
5:16 am
totals that we saw over the course of yesterday and certainly welcome seeing that now we have dried back out now today is actually going to bring a little bit of sunshine towards the afternoon. a couple lingering sprinkles on the central coast as well as the central valley. can see there really was not a lot of activity up in the sierra nevada. this was a warm storm. so definitely not a snowmaker yesterday for the sierra as far as the bay area goes, a couple of misty spots this morning. few clouds for much of the day by the afternoon. we really start to see that sun peering back out and we're going to hold on to its clear and dry skies on into tomorrow during daytime hours will be until tomorrow after the sun sets that we see our next line of showers making its way. and again, this is well after sunset on your wednesday evening on into early thursday morning and actually going make for a very wet commute to work on thursday morning. so today a little damp out there. still tomorrow. we'll have a dry drive to work. it will be thursday that i'm keeping an eye on as far as wet conditions go as you're making your way into the office on that one. 60's for your highs
5:17 am
in sf today. 60's at the coastline to a lot of us, though, actually do rise into the 70's this afternoon, including burlingame at 70 degrees. palo alto right there, too, in the south bay looking at numbers in the low 70's san jose at 72 degrees today. same for our east bay neighbors from fremont on up to san leandro its low 70's. well, oakland up to richmond in the upper 60's. the you'll be at 68 degrees today. same number. for those of you up in santa rosa now looking ahead of next 7 days. it's an on and off pattern of rain and then dry days today and tomorrow will be dry days before wednesday night into thursday morning. bring some more rain friday and saturday looking dry adjust. those clocks saturday night as will be falling back an hour at 02:00am sunday morning and then the next chance of rain fall after that looking likely sunday night into monday. rain on. thank you for that. we already have some hot spots out there like this one out and alamo northbound 6.80. >> south of love order road. so if you are traveling there on the northbound side, they
5:18 am
just shut down all the lanes. there. southbound side still moving along pretty nicely. if you are trying to get around that. you could take a 24 or you could take 5.80 if you're trying to get to any of those areas here in lafayette. yet another accident. 24 westbound west of alkaline is road. so again, not see much of a delay on the westbound or eastbound side. that's the good news. there heading into the city right now from the east. a little under 9 minutes. we had an accident along one o one earlier just north of 2.80, that has since been cleared all lanes open. that was an earlier hot spot heading across towards the peninsula under 13 minutes. richmond center fell bridge a little and are not. and the golden gate about 19 minutes from the north bay to the tolls started back to you. thanks a lot of 5.18 in a big story that we're following. reverend jesse jackson is in the hospital right now. he fell. >> and hit his head while he was helping students at howard they were protesting living conditions on campus. a scan comes back normal. but he does have parkinson's disease and
5:19 am
he has been hospitalized twice this year, including for covid. >> in other national news, we have president bidin saying that the u.s. will lead by example and take drastic steps to combat climate change and he wants to do that with his build back better plan. however, it is stuck in congress right now and it's unclear if it's going to pass. let's go live to washington, dc now. alexandra milan. >> limon has more. hi, alex. >> hey, darya. good morning. well, it is very unclear whether the build back better plan. we'll get him through congress. but despite the news from senator joe manchin yesterday that he is still not on board. the white house released a statement saying the administration is hopeful they can convince the 2 key democratic senators to sign on to the plan. >> at the un climate summit monday, president joe biden told fellow world leaders. there's no time to waste. will we see the enormous opportunity for us.
5:20 am
>> or you are really can damage future generations to suffer climate change is making droughts wildfires and severe storms worse and scientists warn that without swifter action. the damage to the planet and to humanity could be irreversible. president biden vowed to slash us emissions in half below 2005 levels by 2030. and he said the u.s. will seek to become a net 0 emissions economy no later than 2050. >> we're standing at an inflection point in world history. we have the ability to invest in ourselves and build equitable clean energy future. but the president's vehicle for accomplishing those goals is his build back better plan. >> which would dedicate 550 billion dollars to fight climate change and that plan hangs in limbo. so far president biden has struggled to lock in the needed support from moderate democratic senators kyrsten sinema and joe mansion monday, senator
5:21 am
manchin announced he's still not on board. i for one want are multi. trillion dollar bill. >> without greater clarity about why congress chooses to ignore the serious effects of inflation. >> now today in glasgow, the un summit is already well underway again. and we have heard remarks from president biden on the importance of fighting deforestation, of course, a very critical step in fighting climate change. he and other world leaders have also focused today on the importance of innovation in the green energy sector and the importance for really the world to implement those as well as things like smart technology to help conserve energy and again, help in that effort to fight climate change darya james, i'll send it back to you. i'll just say, alex, thanks, alex haha. >> 5.21 is that i'm coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news american airlines dealing with more cancellations this morning and that has people wondering what to do if their
5:22 am
holiday flights get canceled. we'll talk to an expert about that.
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5:25 am
means issues for you if you're traveling and to cancel about 2000 flights between friday and yesterday. and we saw this happened last month. southwest had to cancel 2000 flights yet and because of the cancellations which included weather and staffing shortages and issues with traffic control to we're kind of seeing that repeated once again with american airlines. and as the holiday season approaches, many are asking what should they do if their flight is suddenly canceled at the last minute cough or spoke to an expert to get some answers. maybe start with the bat backup plan in case something goes wrong because these and seemed to come. >> a bit on unforeseen. it may be a contingency plan. if i have a connecting flight and then for some reason get stuck do i know people in the where might i stay if something happens during my trip. >> member. the old trains planes and automobiles to go 3. yeah, we're to vote. what you need to do. you can book hotel. i guess in case your
5:26 am
flight is delayed and you think, well, i've never been to poughkeepsie. out of the poughkeepsie motel in sounds good right about now. i don't know did is there a holiday inn in des moines. you know. >> just got to keep your fingers crossed that your flights don't get council, we'll see if things fall through. can i come to your house. yeah. 5.26 the time will. >> speaking of canceled, it feel like rap on your thanksgiving menu. you could be running into some problems. explain coming up in a live report. [ sfx: bzzz bzzz bzzz ] [ sfx: ping ping beep beep bloop bloop ] [ sfx: honk ] [ sfx: pop pop pop pop ] [ sfx: pop ping bloop pop ping bloop ]
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♪ like help at 2 am or care that's right at home. ♪ ♪ believe it. ♪ ♪ and caring for them all means ♪ ♪ we're doing healthier right. ♪ ♪ so, let's do it all together people, ♪ ♪ 'cause this is what healthier looks like. ♪ >> 5.29, i really feel good when we do this thank control room up in the sky confirming for towers. still. yeah, i just i like to know quite hours here. it feels like a beacon a light. i should get of i don't know. can i put that on like my tv in the morning as the before you get it. but when we're at home, there's no quite tower lit up. atv will will get or you can text be to good morning. after a rainy day yesterday. hopefully you're getting everything in year today. as
5:30 am
you step out the door. we are looking at some damp conditions still remaining on some of our roadways. but overall, much nicer out there to be venturing out through the course of the day today. that's just because you don't worry about rain and the rainfall through this day. >> looking up there this morning. we do have some low gray hanging out over berkeley. but you can see well down in the bay itself in a visibility is actually holding up. all right. been keeping an eye on it, but it looks like we're doing. alright as far as that goes radar shows you are dry skies that we have right now. maybe a few misty spots. that's all mother nature is offering for us this tuesday morning, though, and our current temperatures are in the upper 50's to low 60's, at least for most of us won't yet further north in the bay like santa rosa saint helene and petaluma a little bit closer to those upper 40's. so just don't forget the jackets this morning and look forward to some sunshine peering through the clouds later on. >> rain. thank you for that. all right. so we've been tracking this hot spot. this is out in alamo. northbound 6.80, south of love order role on the northbound side. all lanes are currently blocked
5:31 am
steel. a good alternate would be 24 or 5.80 if you're trying to get issues on the southbound side here in lafayette to get another traffic collision. 24 westbound west cullen is road not seen any major delays along highway 24 although the accident is here heading into the city this morning from the east. a little under 9 minutes traffic moving along pretty nicely. things are conditions are very slick and wet. so definitely want to take your time as you're out there cutting across towards the peninsula a little under 14 minutes and we'll leave you with a look at the richmond. sandra fell bridge a little under 9 as you travel out of richmond darya james, back to you. thanks it is a lot of work. but i like that. a lot of people enjoy it around thanksgiving time. however, we could be getting through to some problems because. >> it looks like the crab season is being delayed. all right. let's find out why kron four's will tran is covering this live from fisherman's wharf in san francisco. high will. the reason why its to late is supposed to start on november 15th. the reason why
5:32 am
these crab traps are going to sit here for a while because they want to make sure the other. >> animals in the ocean that they're safe. we're talking endangered whales and turtles in an area that they are hovering around right now. and until they leave the area, they are protected and they are not going to allow the fishermen to take the straps and take them to this very abundant area. now i'm not a crab fisherman, but i did my crash course on this. this is an area that you need to know if you are trying to put crab on to your thanksgiving table. this is an area in sonoma mendocino line all the way down to lopez point in monterey county. it's area go out there every year, which typically starts on november 15th. but the state, the department of fish and wildlife. they've noticed a lot of humpback whales in that particular area. so they don't want all those lines to be dropped into the water and the whales are floating around swimming around all of a sudden they get tangled and
5:33 am
all of those lines and then they can get injured or even killed and that's why they're pushing this back. we don't know when they will restart this and this could be a problem. you might say why don't they say say november 22nd, get out there and start fishing. well, the problem with that is it takes in about a week, guys to set up all the the infrastructure to have the votes in place o put their crab lines in the water to do all of the work before they start harvesting and that is why thanksgiving could be in jeopardy. so we'll talk to some fishermen. they're already here mulling around. they're fully aware of this. you know what james duryea. crab is a different tax bracket for me. what's wrong with thanksgiving dinner table wrong about that went wrong with snow and kravis cues really expensive and not filling and it's a lot of work. >> but we're complaining well. but an francisco. it's a generations. we like our crab
5:34 am
out here. all right. thank you very much. well, as well. 5.33 is that i'm a south bay community in gilroy gather to remember a young man was killed. >> over the weekend. there was a vigil to remember 18 year-old michael zuniga plus-a he was one of 4 young people who were shot during a halloween party after a fight broke out at the home of a gilroy city council member rebecca arm and doris, so far one person has been arrested for the shooting. police arrested a pastor in morgan hill on suspicion of molesting multiple children. authorities say 65 year-old carlos castrate han of hollister faces more than a dozen charges including lewd acts by use of force on a child under the age of 14. castro. hahn is a pastor at mysterious as you head rayshawn hosue and investigators believe that he may have additional victims who have not yet been identified. so anybody who has information. you can submit an anonymous report to the morgan hill police. in the north bay.
5:35 am
we have 3 people including 2 air force members under arrest now connection to the murder of a young woman. >> so we have pictures of the victim. this is 19 year-old the line a boat ramp and she was last seen alive saturday morning at the halloween party in sacramento. she left that party with to active duty air force members and then on sunday her remains were found in monterey county police discovered that bowl champ was killed at a home on cascade lane in fairfield where one of the air force members lived a 21 year-old woman is accused of killing her and 2 men are accused of being an accessory to the murder. police have revealed how the victim died. time now is 5.34. >> for your help this morning. covered california's open enrollment period is now. yeah. and health and human services secretary xavier becerra visit sacramento to encourage people to sign up in our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala. >> has his message.
5:36 am
>> health care in america should be a right. >> not a privilege. us health and human services via the set going words from his boss, president joe biden to help launch covered california's open enrollment, period and remind californians it's time to sign up for health insurance. the program is the state's insurance marketplace for those without a group plan but said i noted with help from biden's american rescue plan premiums this year are lower covered. california was created by the 2010 affordable care act which they said i defended in court when he was california's attorney general and it's the program he now oversees 4 americans are getting. >> health insurance coverage as a result of the affordable care act. and here covered california today. we have over 12 million americans. who have insurance, medical insurance because of the work done under the affordable care act as covid-19 continues to be a concern for state and federal leaders. many private health insurers are no longer waving out of pocket costs for covid-19 treatment. but is it
5:37 am
a says the biden administration will continue to support testing and we will not stop our efforts. >> to try to defeat covid and as we've seen co, it's it's a real rascal and this delta variant has made things very difficult. so we're going to on the watch. we're going to be working with our partners and we will do everything we can. >> in his new or position. is the first latino us health and human services secretary. he said his department is boosting outreach in numerous languages and working on expanding access to health services to all regardless of immigration status as is hoping that at some point we can say. >> that health care is a right that everybody can exercise the president has also presented a plan for the reform of our broken immigration system to make sure that we're treating everyone the right way and ice. i hope that we can continue to say under president biden's watches that we will continue to see more affordable care for more people in this country.
5:38 am
>> in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> still ahead on the kron 4 morning news the forty-niners back to work. now after that win on the road and they could have some key players return this week. we'll explain. and recent snow storms, i should say recent storms created a new golden opportunity along the american river canyon in placer county with details on that just ahead as well. people today... they could spend half their lives over 50. that's a lot of living. so, it helps to have a wise friend and fierce defender in your corner. a friend like aarp. so, your health lives longer. this is just slow-mo karate? just slow-mo karate. your money lives longer. hey, i just bought that. huh, i just sold that.
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>> 5.40 in the east bay. you know, middle school was put on lockdown after a student brought a pellet gun on campus while officers were responding school officials detained the student and found the pellet gun in the student's backpack. nobody was hurt. police are investigating why that student brought the pellet gun to school in san francisco. david chu was sworn in as the new city attorney. hsu is the first asian american to hold that position in the city. former assembly member was handpicked by mayor london breed to follow dennis herrera who now serves as general manager. the san francisco public utilities commission. governor newsom will now call for a special election to be held within the next 240 days to fill choose assembly seat. 5.41 we'll be back with more 5.41 we'll be back with more in a few minutes. welcome to this world. you have some big shoes to fill.
5:42 am
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5:45 am
rewards are more than just visual, especially after the rain. this area received last week. >> you know, hope you find you know, keeps you coming back. yeah, we ran into run nelson on the riverbank prospector by hobby concurs with what we heard from some local mining shops. the recent heavy rain has hobbyist excited about their prospects hard rain loosens pieces of gold from the river banks and canyon walls sending them down river essentially restocking popular prospect in spots with gold. >> we will fall into halls of the river was up this high. ron point. best of these natural pockets in the bedrock for gold can become trapped when swollen river water rushes over he was a good sport willing to give this news guy. listen, before we pan, we did. >> but among the sand, there are likely to be some gold flakes. >> we have i now. >> and like fishing pending requires patients, right. he was taken pending hernandez thank 2 pull up and. now. them
5:46 am
on your hands gold. >> the auburn recreation area which mineral bar sits within does not allow machine mining. what more fun. with the more fun fun in the big united front has made some money panning for gold you can come up here and go camping for 3. we can pay for your on this day. we didn't strike it rich, but we didn't strike out either. >> tiny there. that's gold. that's gold. and there. >> it was just a tiny fleck of gold dust. but like a small payout on the casino slot machine. it does make you want to come back. >> as going. this goal them. now. yeah. now. that's how it ever. i won't do that. like i don't fish because it is very
5:47 am
similar. like you just have to sit there and in cold water in. yeah. that looks like a blast does. i blast year would have ton ton of fun doing that. >> when you got i've done it a few one. oh, you did. you did it for a news story back in mariposa county. yeah. and i didn't find anything just got really have a good time doing it. it was fun. okay. but and the story turned out cool and everyone was really excited that it's sort of like that lottery thing. you guys buy the ticket, you dream. you got line able enjoy the feeling of doing it. and then you every time you see something shiny instead of putting buddy in a slot machine right. with your time all right. i change my mind down to the and so the more rain more percent of the more gold that can get stirred up, turning out. you know, brings all that still down roads a little bit more weigh in. >> when you've had rainfall like we've had we had that period last week where we had
5:48 am
the brief flooding because of that inches upon inches of rainfall. we had so that does tend to stir things up. yesterday's rainfall wasn't enough for that. we just saw a nice touch of it didn't result in too many negative impacts were us aside for some slick spots on roads. guerneville saw around 2 and a half inches of rainfall yesterday mount tam around 2 inches mill valley and santa rosa, some pretty impressive totals are in dover in the east bay around 6707 inch. now rainfalls all said and done at this point, a couple of misty spots. definitely some damp spots on roadways. but we've really settled down now a few light showers remain right along the central coast. that's about all we have left across the region. so futurecast shows some partly to mostly cloudy skies this morning mostly sunny come the latter part of the day today and tomorrow. we start the day dry before we see something move in tomorrow night. well, after the sun sets your wednesday evening sees the return of rainfall later on. and this is going to have an impact for us thursday morning as this line of showers drops in during our pre dawn hours
5:49 am
making for some wet and slick conditions for commuters on thursday. today, though, is going to be a nice one dry want to be expected with daytime highs in the 60's to 70's some low 70's out there are very warmest. so just a little bit warmer than yesterday you had in the sunshine that will get on top of that. and there's a pleasant cool feel to it. san jose at 72 fremont on up through san leandro in the low 70's. well, opened up to richmond all in the upper 60's walnut creek at 71 fairfield and vacaville at 68 degrees. same number for you in santa rosa today. here's your look ahead at next 7 days. tomorrow is actually going to be the warmest of the forecast ahead of the cold front and showers that swing through wednesday night into thursday morning that will drop temperatures a bit on into thursday with those morning showers friday and saturday we drive back out and then sunday just make sure to have those clocks adjusted, especially before getting back to work on monday. rain. john, thank you for that. all right. let's start in the south bay to check on conditions. there.
5:50 am
>> traveling along one. oh, one from 85 to menlo park a little under 31 minute. no major issues along to 37 82 or 85. you can see the metering lights on here at the big bridge traffic is slowly but surely starting to build a bit. a little under 12 minutes for you to make it into the city with some earlier hotspots along one o one just north of 2.80, that since been clear. the other hot spot was tracking a lock 6, 8, alamo that also has been clear a little under 14 minutes heading across towards the peninsula and about 20 minutes for you to make it from one 60 along to 2.42 darya. james, back to you. thanks a lot right. >> all right. we have some good news for the forty-niners. a few key players are returning this week as they get ready for a homestand against the cart. all right. and the news just gets better and better that coming off the win. they just at the let's get the sportswrap this morning. >> the forty-niners needed yesterday's win against the bears in the worst way. >> last probably would have meant a last season. but now
5:51 am
we're out can slowly build back up all around the team also got some good news today. george kittle, jeff wilson and rob the gold all slated to return to practice this week. >> jimmie ward will likely be out a few weeks, but you have to take the good with the bad now, i mentioned more out second ago. house and him had someone talk to the team on saturday night to help that morale heading in to the game. general manager john lynch and the same like it worked pretty well. >> i wasn't thinking about all the stuff that we've got to the weekend. i thought to be great just to hear different perspective. john does a great job. we talked to the guys time you can have a guy that the general manager talked also the hall of famer who played the way he did. i i think it goes a long way and just getting him out there that addressed every player, every position and stuff. what he thought about >> real a bunch of people. the good and the air talk to the fire to stop it got a lot of
5:52 am
perspectives i have to do it hoped. it would be was even better than expected. >> the dubs were back on the practice court today after a blowout win on saturday night like the niners and the warriors will get one of their players back on the practice court this week. the team announced that center james wiseman has been cleared to practice his timetable for game action is still to be determined weidman underwent when this gets surgery in april that was him walking off the court when he tore in this case he took part in team drills, but he did not scrimmage today. he said the training staff is monitoring how his knee responds before giving him the full, though, why but also said that his game 7 to 10 pounds of muscle during the offseason game is weighed up and that feels much more comfortable now compared to his rookie season when asked about the possibility of playing in santa cruz for the warriors g league affiliate he said he'd be all in. >> i going on there. so just sharp physically mentally
5:53 am
game. eric. so just like happens within that time. i mean i don't doubt for ever just going take day by just gets stronger getting looking at the planes watching observer. today was my first day out there for practice so i enjoy my so and i'm not just going to get back to my son took. >> all righty that you look at sports. he got cut off.
5:54 am
5:55 am
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save big. order through the app. back at 5.55 check this out. mexico city hosting its annual day of the dead parade a year after the event was canceled because of the pandemic. we've got dozens of skeletons and puppets and motorized floats. as you can see here, carrying images of the dead. that were featured in the event. day of the dead as you know, today's celebration starting yesterday ending today celebrating all the that have come before and they celebrate a lot of people are afraid of death don't have this attitude about it. and and they sell healthy way to level. >> it is 5.56 and coming up in the next hour, the cdc is getting ready to figure out who should get the pfizer vaccxne for little kids when it should be rolled out. we're going hear from an expert about that in a live report. if you're wondering.
5:57 am
>> if you love crab for the holidays. you might have to turn to something else. we're going to tell you what the season has been delayed. >> and president biden is pushing us to set an example in fighting climate change. in fighting climate change. what does he want to do. people today... they could spend half their lives over 50. what are you in for? cholesterol check. cool. make sure your health lives as long as you do. that's why the younger you are, the more you need aarp. join today.
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5:59 am
>> this morning. the cdc is getting ready to discuss pfizer's covid vaccine for kids. the agency is expected to approve it. i'm tracking the latest live from the newsroom.
6:00 am
>> and people across the bay area may have to change thanksgiving plans after the state delays. the start of the commercial dungeness crab season. plus, it is election day here in the bay area. but all eyes nationally are on the gubernatorial race on the other side of the country will explain. >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news at 6. >> good morning. we're trying to dry of lever. be dry you're already of that. i've like i just kind of unsettled into sort of that feeling of. just having a wet fall. just yeah. it feels a little outside the app. i keep the towel by the door because everybody's feet in the dog's paws and everything. it's just not my new life. well, let's find out if we've got anything left for the rest of the week or are we going to start drying out. john, good morning. so it's the on and off pattern for the rest of the week. guys will have a couple of dry days in there, which are necessary to. but we've also got a couple more wet days too.


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