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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  November 2, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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and protect against vision loss. visit and take control of your sight. >> now at 3 one step closer to approval a cdc panel has recommended the covid-19 vaccine for kids. ages 5 to 11. and raiders players involved in a deadly crash in las vegas and will now be charged with dui resulting death. we'll tell you how the team is responding. and a father is shot in the face while holding his baby in oakland. his partner is now speaking out to kron 4 saying he fears it was a hate crime. >> now from the area's local news station. this is kron 4 news at 3. >> we have a total of 14
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yeses, 0 nose and so the motion passes. it's going to be. >> much closer to prepandemic normal but not completely. >> breaking news at 3, a cdc panel oks pfizer's covid-19 vaccine for kids. ages 5 to 11 health officials say once officially approved shots could start going into arms as early as tomorrow. thanks for joining us here this tuesday afternoon on kron. 4 news at 3. i'm sanaz tahernia. all eyes are on the cdc director doctor rochelle walensky to sign off on the panel's vote tonight and get millions of chill school age children vaccinated against covid-19 while the rate of severe illness from covid-19 is much lower in children than in adults. the cdc says the vaccine will give them another level of protection pfizer says it's already begun shipping millions of doses to states doctors offices and pharmacies across the united states. a special kid shots to contain just a 3rd of the dose
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given to teens and adults this vaccine rollout is expected to rely heavily on distribution through local doctors offices and pharmacies. something doctor john whyte, the chief medical officer with wet amd ces is best for kids. >> have different immune systems, but they also have different emotional systems as well. and i would not subject my child or any other child tools online. folks to then get a shot of your arm. >> doctor white says increased vaccinations will lead to a safer holiday season. the pediatric vaccine program is expected to be running at full strength by next week. elementary school students in san francisco got a chance to ask a doctor. some important questions about the covid-19 vaccine kron four's haaziq madyun listened in to that event this morning. i think what types of questions that the students ask. >> in a word of they were very tough questions. the students asked questions that were tough direct and to the point
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focusing on what getting the covid-19 vaccination means for them and their classmates. >> we have to get the vaccine. >> with the inevitability of covid-19 vaccinations being approved for children ages 5 to 11 the san francisco unified school district asked these malcolm x academy elementary school 4th of 5th graders to come up with their own questions about the vaccine little piece of it. i want to ucsf benioff children's hospital pediatrician doctor daniel woolridge had the tough job of answering these important questions. his answer to the first one will students have to get the vaccine. >> with veterans use authorization we activated from a scientific standpoint, but we strongly school. you
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may still attend school. in addition to composing their own questions. the listed them in order of importance. >> this one was among the >> the reason why all of in the background with the fda really giving all of us ring with their vaccine. we've been doing that and we've been actually belong ensure safe. >> now the students asked the same questions that adults have been asking about the vaccines throughout the pandemic and i'm sure their parents an teachers are very proud of them. has it made back to you in the studio. >> as thank you for that. new data from the cdc shows immunity from coronavirus
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vaccines and infections, both last at least 6 months. it's after the agency compared infection induced immunity to vaccine induced immunity. still, the cdc is urging everyone regardless of whether they've been infected to get vaccinated. they say there is a higher and more consistent level of antibody response in people who've been vaccinated than those with previous infections. stay with kron 4 and our website kron 4 dot com for the latest details on the covid-19 vaccine for young kids. ages 5 to 11 as well as a developing story, a nasal covid-19 vaccine. all this and much more is posted on our page designated to coronavirus stories. a big story we're following today. raiders wide receiver henry ruggs is facing a dui charge after a deadly crash this morning. las vegas police say rugs corvette crashed into the back of a toyota suv just before 04:00am the toyota caught fire and the driver died. police say rugs showed signs of impairment. he
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and his female passenger are currently at a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. now the raiders released a statement that reads in part, quote, we're devastated by the loss of life in our thoughts and prayers go out to the victim's family were in the process of gathering information and will have no further comment at this time. in a statement from rugs lawyer. they write we are conducting our own investigation as of this writing and ask everyone to reserve judgment until all the facts are gathered. ruggs is a second-year wide receiver who has 24 catches for a team high 469 yards and 2 touchdowns this season. if convicted, he faces a sentence of 2 to 20 years in state prison. in an effort to make high traffic area safer. today's san francisco mayor london breed announced a new ambassador program kron four's charles clifford was at today's announcement and joins us now with the latest. charles, where will these ambassadors a deeper tolling.
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>> well, they'll be in some of the, you know, really touristy downtown the financial district where there's a lot of people you know, as the pandemic eases up and more tourist start to visit san francisco in people coming back to the office. the mayor and the city really want to make all these folks feel welcome. >> the city of san francisco has committed 12.5 million dollars over the next 2 years to deploy the san francisco welcome ambassadors program. dressed invisible clothing. these ambassadors will walk city street answering questions, providing directions and offering what assistance they can. mayor london breed says the goal is for them to help visitors to the city. enjoy their time here and make them feel welcome. she also hopes the ambassadors will ease the return of office workers who may be coming back to the city after the pandemic. these ambassadors. >> are exactly what this city needs. >> we need people. >> like james and some of the folks who are here that are out on the streets that enjoy this work and what they're doing. >> and that want to help people. because that's going
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to make all the difference in everyone's experience. the plan is to deploy the ambassadors to key downtown locations, including union square around the muskogee center of the financial district chinatown fisherman's wharf. >> the north beach. all right. back live now the plan is to have about 50 ambassadors spread out across the city in the morning to 08:00pm and actually it's a little hard to see you look across the street there, you can see a guy in an orange shirt orange hat. that's one of them right over there. this is along. >> fisherman's wharf here along the embarcadero. so they're already out there that actually did a soft launch this program last month. and also this is a job training program. all these ambassadors are going to be kids out there doing this work to get some job experience. but for now in san francisco, charles clifford kron 4 news. charles, thank you for that. >> the center is the fire department is officially declaring an end to its wildfire season. officials say after receiving nearly a foot of rain in october. the fire threat is minimal eyes to the center as a community, although the season is over.
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the fire department says people should still remain vigilant during the winter months and to prepare for another potentially active wildfire season next year. time now to talk about our weather as we take a live look outside towards sfo. it's a mix of sun and clouds today. but more rain is on the way. so let's check with kron four's erin carry for all the details erica hastened as you're right about that. but look at the difference we saw mostly cloudy conditions and some fog this morning, but it has since. >> cleared seeing blue skies there. we did see rain last night. some parts of the north bay saw over 2 and a half inches of rain from that system has since dried both up and down our state. and we're just seeing some cloudy conditions out for inland areas. i wouldn't be surprised with that moisture out there. we see a little bit of drizzle other than that tomorrow morning. looks like it will be dry for your morning commute in the meantime, temperatures right now are pretty normal for this time of year.
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currently 68 in concord. 71 in san jose. so here's what we can expect for tomorrow. the whole morning should be dry as well as the afternoon. we will see partly cloudy conditions and then here is the band of showers that will be approaching the bay area will hit humble county first and mendocino counties and then it will shift down to the south here. so the north bay is going to get hit first with this system we can expect half an inch to an inch of rain and then around 1 o'clock in the morning this is thursday. it spreads to other parts of the bay area's. well, as the peninsula here with moderate showers when a lot of you will probably be sleeping the south bay will see the least amount of precipitation from this about a 10th of an inch of rain around 06:07am, in the morning on your commute, we could see some light showers popping up here and there. so it could be a wet commute for by the afternoon. it does dry up and we will see mostly sunny skies, but i am picking
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up more chances of rain in the extended forecast. i'll talk more about that later on. back to stun thank you so much, erica. facebook says it will shut down its face recognition system and delete the face. prince of more than 1 billion people. >> according to the vp of artificial intelligence. the company was trying to weig- the positive news cases for the technology against growing societal concerns, especially as regulators have yet to provide clear rules. more than a 3rd of facebook's daily active users have opted to have their face is recognized by the social network system that's about 640 million people. facebook had already been scaling back its use of a fake facial recognition after introducing it more than a decade ago. a san francisco police officer is facing involuntary manslaughter charges for shooting a mentally ill and unarmed man. this is by. 2017 when according to district attorney chase a blue jean officer
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kenneth cha shot sean war while responding to a noise complaint. the bullet damaged moore's liver and colon. when more died in january of 2020. the coroner ruled the death a homicide saying he died from internal obstruction due to the bullet wounds. this is only the second time in san francisco's history and on duty officer has been charged with homicide. and san francisco police officers association released the following statement in response to the charges saying in part officers responded to a call for service and encountered the very hostile. shawn moore, who is accused of violating a restraining order we support officer chazz a constitutionally protected right to present his death defense against these charges. coming up here on kron, 4 news at 3 in the east bay. father is shot in the face while holding his baby in oakland. now. >> his partner speaking out to kron 4 saying he fears it was a hate crime. plus another option to protect yourself
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against covid-19 research underway at stanford university and how soon it could become available. and after the break, no more late night runs to this bay area safely store. we'll tell you why the grocery giant is cutting back its hours welcome
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news at 3 a safeway in san francisco's castro district is cutting its hours because of shoplifting.
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>> the location on market street and church is now closing at 9 o'clock every night. the store also removed its self. checkout lanes safely. spokesperson says the changes are necessary to maintain a safe and welcoming shopping experience for customers and their employees now san francisco supervisor rafael mandelman says he's calling on the police and the district attorney to do more to stop the thefts. go to the south bay now where some parents are upset after willow glen high school closed several of its on campus restrooms due to students vaping in them. now there are fewer open restrooms on campus. school officials say they're limiting student access to the restrooms and monitoring them because of vaping concerns. some parents are outraged saying the whole student body should be punished for the actions of a few students. one student says bathroom lines are building up because of these closures. >> one time i was almost late one of my classes because i ended up spending. the whole
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passing period. it's 7 minutes, which should be enough time to go to the bathroom and then go to class. >> it's not ok that the kids have to use time that they should be learning and being educated. to stand in line for a bathroom. >> in a letter sent out to parents. the school says it plans to reopen some restrooms on monday and they're working on other solutions to stop students from vaping. happening tonight. the walnut creek city council will consider banning the sale of flavored tobacco and e-cigarettes now passed businesses would have 5 months before the law is enforced. earlier this year. contra costa county restricted the sale of flavored tobacco in unincorporated parts of that county. police arrested a pastor in morgan hill on suspicion of molesting multiple children. authorities say 65 year-old carlos castro, hone of hollister faces more than a dozen charges including lewd acts by use of force on a child under the age of 14
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castro is a pastor at ministerio seoane ho-sway investigators believe he may have additional victims were not yet identified anyone with information can submitted anonymously to morgan hill. police. and today the san francisco unified school district will unveil its plan to avoid a state takeover of its schools during a special meeting. the district is at risk of a possible takeover by the state because of a projected 125 million dollar budget shortfall. the district says they're proposing cuts to a number of student programs and services. the district is also proposing changes to its student funding formula. in other news, a wild police pursuit in southwest florida was all caught on camera by a sheriff's helicopter with the dramatic ending. take a look. this was in lee county, near fort myers, sheriff's tempted to pull over the suspect in a stolen van when the driver lost control hit several guardrails on the bridge over the caloosahatchee river. the
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suspect then gets out of the car and then jumps off the bridge. he was pulled from the water and charged with grand theft auto and fleeing. meanwhile, down under police in australia are looking for a swimming pool thief. police say a crane on the truck most likely lifted on to the flat bed of the truck which drove out of a construction site where the pool was being installed. victoria police say the poll was worth $14,000. and back here at home. this is a live look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza got some big clouds over the oakland hills. kron four's. erica caturay has a look and how the rest of the week looks erica hay sanaa's. well, if you're just joining us and missed the beginning of the newscast. we're talking about. >> how tomorrow rain will move through the bay area tomorrow night after about 10 o'clock until then, it should be dry for us. we will see patchy fog return overnight, though temperatures tomorrow across san francisco will be in the
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60's as well as along the coast here, 62 from an tara 66 for half moon bay san bruno looking at 65 for our daytime high temperatures 72 for redwood city down the mountain view also looking at the 70's out in the south. a low 70's 73 in san jose 72 for morgan hill cooler out, hey, we're down to union city upper 60's, 70 in seminole 71 tomorrow afternoon in the east bay there for san ramon, 72 for danville looking at upper 60's for india as well. as oakland 74 castro valley. 72 for concord vacaville. you're looking at 69 degrees partly cloudy skies and 67 degrees for santa rosa. i am picking up more rain in the extended forecast. and i'll have that coming up in just a bit. for now, back to use a knife. thank you, erica. >> still ahead at 3.45 you may
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want to rethink thanksgiving your thanksgiving menu that included dungeness crab. we'll tell you why the state is pushing back crab season. >> but after the break, a nasal spray could be another way for people to get a covid-19 vaccine. why scientists say it could be better than getting the shots.
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researchers came up with several vaccines for covid in
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record time. and now those shots in the arms of our our our main source of protection. but scientists across the world. >> are continuing their research to determine what's next. stanford researchers say the answer might be a vaccine in the form of a nasal spray kron four's. dan kerman shows us how it would work. >> well, a few shots in the arm of become common practice in protecting people against covid-19 researchers at stanford university are working on a potential game changer. a covid-19 vaccine in the form of a nasal spray or we can. >> delivering dna that belongs to the spike protein off the virus of the covid virus directly to the line and all the respect retract, you know, so something knows the names of firearms at the back of them owns the truck he lebron kai and all the way down into the lungs. 2 immunize the
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cells that line the this not only is this more efficient in that it mobilizes the army in the body quicker to fight covid-19. but the hope is he can help prevent future infections as well. so you walking around, you know, instead of. >> picking it up from someone who hasn't been props. this in theory would lessen the chance of you. you have to pick up. because because those receptors all researchers got this idea of a covid nasal spray while working on brain cancer treatments. so far studies have been conducted on mice but clinical trials may not be too far down the line. >> there's going to be a sudden in another 6 months actively if you need up with that. enough to give industry is a big how long the facilities for a bill researchers say a nasal vaccine is also more user friendly than the current vaccines and it will make it easier for developing countries that have had a difficult time getting their hands on existing vaccines.
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dan kerman kron 4 news. >> up next here on kron 4 news at 3 the recent storms have created a new golden opportunity along the american river in placer county will have details ahead. and more than 70% of americans are obese or overweight. why lawmakers say failing to address nutrition in the u.s. and dangers of the country's economic and national security. and after the break, a father is shot in the baseball holding his baby in oakland, his partners now speaking out to us here at kron 4 saying he fears it was a hate crime.
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>> an oakland father who was shot in the face in his home while holding his baby is in stable condition. this as he awaits another surgery after the weekend incident kron forcefully to all spoke with his husband who fears this was a high, a hate crime. >> confusion and anger and fear. those are the emotions jimmy has struggled with since saturday night. that's when he says someone fired at least 10 rounds into his west oakland home. it happened on peralta street. one of the bullets hitting his has been in the face while holding their 5 week-old daughter. he was standing just a few feet away from their 4 year-old daughter watching television in the living room. jimmy was making kitchen at the time. he has requested. we blur his face
3:30 pm
and not share his husband's name while oakland police continue to search for the shooter >> secure, the girls i ran over to him and notice that he was buying a based on a pool of blood and his teeth were over. the floor. jimmy says the baby suffered a few abrasions on her face. but her injuries do not appear to be serious. >> he says his 4 year-old daughter is emotionally traumatized. the oakland police department has not indicated whether or not this case is being investigated as a hate crime. but jimmy cannot explain any other reason that may have motivated the shooting other than them being targeted because they are a couple. i can only think of, you know. >> maybe somebody seeing us or. you not happy having us in the i just i don't know. and now a problem they catch somebody up. played that game for us tonight. meanwhile, his husband is preparing for a second surgery wednesday. >> the couple has been
3:31 pm
together for 16 years. phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> we now know the identities of the 2 people killed in a crash on port chicago highway early monday, the contra costa county coroner's office identified them as 51 year-old, kathryn her and 37 year-old jimmy tello our cone. the crash happened just before 2 in the morning on monday near high school avenue. the caused the accident is still under investigation. this just in. we're taking a live look from the caltrans camera. chp is reporting that there is a severe traffic alert and a crash and an overturned vehicle on westbound. i 80 west of hill. top drive in san pablo all lanes are blocked drivers are advised to expect delays and to use alternate routes to avoid this area. as of right now, there's no estimated time of reopening. but you can always track traffic where you live on the kron 4 mobile app. some
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california leaders are taking part in the united nations climate summit in scotland. this week. and next, our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains what they're up to and what they hope to bring back to the state. >> it most definitely all in governor eleni kounalakis pointing to california as a lead policy maker in the united states when it comes to combating climate change but if there's one thing where we have something like sovereign power it's hot or emissions standards lock us speaking in glasgow, scotland tuesday filling in for governor gavin newsome who is supposed to lead the california delegation at the cop 26 climate conference new some last minute decided to not attend because of a family obligation. according to his office. i'm sure that the person who's got the biggest party over not going as gavin newsome state senate majority leader robert hertzberg and more than a dozen other state lawmakers are heading to scotland for the conference by the end of this week. hertzberg says this event is
3:33 pm
important and sets the stage for global leaders to figure out how to transition the world's economy from one that is part of the solution instead of part of the problem. >> ways to and policies that will incentivize both fixing the environmentally just manner. so we're not just heard in poor communities and create people with good jobs. and there's ways to do it. what is the delegation bring home relationships that are really important. you know, everything is personal in this world. my experience. we will bring home the pride of other jurisdictions taking on some of our ideas that will share with them various conferences and the like. i think you're going to see new bills introduced. and i think you're going to see a more sophisticated discussion of climate change as a result of our efforts there. members of the california delegation are slated to be in scotland until november 12th. >> in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> president biden is telling world leaders at the un climate summit in scotland
3:34 pm
that the u.s. will take meaningful steps to combat global warming. the president says he'll work with the european union. other nations to reduce methane emissions worldwide by 30% by the year 2030, the proposed rule would for the first time target reductions from existing oil and gas wells nationwide rather than focus only on new wells as previous regulations have done the president leave scotland today diplomats in delegates will then work on negotiations for an agreement. limiting rising temperatures around the world. scientists say without those limits heat waves floods and wildfires will become increasingly common and deadly. and it's election day for some parts of the bay area. there's at that are holding elections today. some places have city council or school district seats up for grabs. other areas are voting on various tax measures. all polling locations opened at 7 o'clock this morning. and nationally. all eyes are on the virginia,
3:35 pm
gubernatorial election. democrat terry mcauliffe is running against republican glenn youngkin youngkin has been endorsed by former president donald trump call it has campaigned with president biden and vice president kamala harris and despite virginia trending democratic since the 2008 presidential election. the polls show the race is very tight san jose state political lecture us a political science lecturer donna crane says while the outcome could be an indicator of what's to come in next year's midterms. there's other factors at play. >> the virginia as usual virginia, new jersey elected governors legislators in off years and almost always they tends to favor the party. that's not in the white house. so, you know, that is just sort of the tendency in the tradition. so i would say that we take some lessons. but it's not. it's not a prediction of what's going to happen nationwide next year. >> polls in virginia close in about an hour. and a big story
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we're following. reverend jesse jackson is in the hospital after falling and hitting his head. he was helping students at howard university who were protesting living conditions on campus. a scan of his head came back normal. jackson has parkinson's disease and has been hospital is hospitalized twice this year, including for a covid-19 infection. jackson is 80 years old. talk about our forecast. now as we take a live look outside at downtown san francisco. beautiful out there. it is sunny, but often the distance. you can see those clouds and we are tracking more rain. kron four's, erica carries here with us. what the timing it all look like erica. looks like it's going to hit the north bay first tomorrow around 10, 11 o'clock at night. that same system that's going to bring rain to the bay area will also bring some rain to the sierra. so right now here's a look at our castle peak camera seeing dry conditions and some cumulus clouds out in the distance. >> tomorrow. overall should be
3:37 pm
dry out there in case you happen to be traveling. but we could expect to see those showers thursday morning. if you're heading out in that direction. so here is that system that's going to be heading us for state hits a humble county and on or county up there. and that's when you see around 6 o'clock tomorrow afternoon in that region bringing some moderate to heavy rain up there. but it starts to weaken as it slides down. so it does hit the north as i mentioned at night time overnight spreads to the rest of the bay area by the morning hours. it does start to dry out, but it will be wet on the roads, especially in the south bay. we will see some light showers popping up. >> now that system will continue to slide in this direction towards the sierra there. so the northern portion will get some rain and then elevations over 9,000 feet could see some snow out there so it dries up around 4 o'clock for that region. temperatures across the state looking at 70's for bakersfield and fresno. upper 70's out there here in san
3:38 pm
francisco, 68 degrees. if you happen to be heading out of town to other parts of the country. here is look at those temperatures warmest spots, arizona and miami. they're so bay area temperatures here at home looking at similar conditions as we saw for daytime highs today expected to hit 72 in conquer tomorrow. 73 in san jose and 68 in san francisco. back to you. thank you, erica. >> and world news. now. take a look mexico city holds a hosted its annual day of the dead parade a year after the event was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. dozens of skeleton puppets and motorized floats carrying images of the dead were featured in the event. day of the dead is a 2 day celebration starting yesterday and ending tonight. coming up, we'll tell you why an architect is resigned to building dorms at one california college campus. >> and tesla a test recall to
3:39 pm
let you know about what models are affected will be right
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3:42 pm
activating unexpectedly a sudden stop with no reason could lead to a rear end collision by another car. the recall covers the model s x and the model y and 3 sold since 2017 tesla cancel be update for owners who did not installed yet. and a consulting architect on uc santa barbara's proposed a dorm project has resigned in protest. the architect pointed out the so-called mega dorm concept to that of a prison. dennis mcfadden, a well respected southern california architect submitted his letter of resignation last week he objects to the monger hall concept. a dorm that would be 11 stories tall and how's up to 4500 students. the majority of them would be in a very small room without a window. the idea was conceived by billionaire investor turned amateur architect charles monger. he donated 200 million dollars toward the project with the implicit instructions. but his blueprint be followed exactly
3:43 pm
longer believes the small rooms will coax students out to the common areas and collaborate. critics say the lack of natural light would have a negative impact on students physical and mental well-being. still ahead, your thanksgiving menu may not include and his crowd this year the state is concerned about some of the practices to catch the crab.
3:44 pm
3:45 pm
>> it's just about 3.45 on
3:46 pm
your tuesday afternoon and commercial fishing season for dungeness crab has been delayed off the coast of the bay area. this could have an impact on your thanksgiving plans. kron four's will tran reports from fisherman's wharf here in san francisco. >> you see all those crab traps right behind me. many of them will not be loaded up on to the boats and out to the waters because the state says you can't go to the most abundant place to get dungeon is crab because whales and turtles are in the area endangered humpback whales and turtles and all those lines in the water. well, those whales and turtles can get tangled up. they can get injured or killed in until they leave. they're not allowing them to go crab fishing between sonoma and mendocino line all the way down to lopez point in monterey county. so it's the rich aereo where the fishermen know exactly where to go to lay down the traps to get all the crab that a lot of people enjoy for thanksgiving dinner.
3:47 pm
now it might be an inconvenience to you. but for the fisherman, it's a lot more than that. >> in this industry have to prepare and safe for the future. so i kind of plan from this from last 2 years. so it's not going to be great, but it's something that i planned for. unfortunately someone like my deck hands out there and stuff like you know, i mean, they don't make as much. they can hold on to it. well, financially, it's definitely going to >> you know, expecting to go out on the 15th and not being able to build will be a little bit of a struggle for luckily, i do support fish and stuff that's also being changed and stuff. so the regulations, it's it's pretty tough on us. definitely. so they're at the mercy of the state fish and wildlife or fish or crab for anything that they do in the water. so that's what he was talking about. >> as far as when they possibly could go back out in the water to drop all of these traps in there. while the state says they will reassess
3:48 pm
the situation on november 22nd. and if you're wondering well, that's still ahead for thanksgiving. no, because it takes them about a week to get everything into place to have the lines in the water. so it looks like thanksgiving could be in jeopardy. but the silver lining is they hope that the state could open it up between thanksgiving and christmas. so at the very least they can sell the crab to you for christmas day. back to you. for your health. now us lawmakers are stressing the nationwide obesity problem. they say the preventable diseases consuming the health care system. >> and taxpayer dollars. new jersey democrat cory booker says more than 70% of americans are obese or overweight and indiana. republican mike bron worries. the ramifications are only growing. the senators say die related diseases are one of the biggest rains on taxpayer dollars. but there may be a solution. >> preventable chronic illnesses like type 2 diabetes and coronary heart disease
3:49 pm
continue the plague more and more americans is the greatest threat to the health and well-being of our country right now. >> senator bron adds that nutrition may be something we can get used to avoid use it to avoid entering the health care system booker improv of bron have introduced legislation to hold a second white house conference on food nutrition, hunger and health after the first in 1969 lead to food programs like snap and wick. time now to check in on the forecast as we take a live look outside toward them. read maureen headlands. this is a cool shot showing the clouds moving back in kron, four's. erica caturay is here to tell us more about the rain that's also coming back in tomorrow night here hasten as you're right about that. the north bay will get the most amount of rain from that system will talk more about that a bit. but checking in along the coast here. half moon bay looking beautiful seeing sunny skies out there. >> and light winds throughout the bay area gasol below 10 miles per hour. hour. if you
3:50 pm
had more inland, we do see more clouds out there in places like livermore and tracy, i wouldn't be surprised if you see any drizzle on your commute heading back home. evening. should i say, but it should be dry in the morning that system won't hit us until about 10 o'clock tomorrow night. north bay will get about an inch of rain from that system and here you see it to shifting towards the rest of the bay area around one in the morning to in the morning when most of you'll probably be sleeping. we do see moderate rain cells popping up the peninsula in the east bay could see about half an inch of rain from this system. and then the south bay about a 10th of an inch of rain from that systems around 6 o'clock 7 in the morning. it starts to fizzle out here, but we will see some pop-up light showers on your way to work thursday morning by the afternoon dries out, but cloud cover and leaves our region. so after that system looks like it should remain dry for the next couple of days. and
3:51 pm
then our next chance of seeing rain won't come until sunday night and monday and tuesday also picking up some rain chances as well. son thank you, erica. >> now the rain is making it easier to find gold along the american river. experts say that hard rain like we had last month. liu says loosens of pieces of gold from river banks in canyon walls. those pieces of gold. then flow down the river and restock popular prospecting spots. but just like fishing, handing requires patience. but i do is take a parenting hernandez for thank 2 >> and. now. you go. >> coming up here and go camping for 3. we can pay for your carts. >> experts say a local mining supply stores. a good place to start for advice on where to pan for gold right now. a gram
3:52 pm
of gold gold is worth about $60. up next, a flock of ducks are making their way back home after their release was delayed by the orange county oil spill will take a look at the return to the wild next. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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3:55 pm
>> it's been a month since the terrible orange county oil spill endangered much of our wildlife. and today, about 100 mallard ducks were released back into their wild home. they were originally set to return to talbert marsh in huntington beach. but there are still some concerns about oil remnants. so the wetlands and wildlife care center got the green light at another property nearby along the santa ana river newport beach to make the docks at home again. skews me. time now to check in with newsnation is c, but they're working on for us tonight and on balance tonight live from the nation's capital as result in the virginia governor's race roll in. >> if it goes read, it will be the biggest political surprise since 2016, that's on balance tonight. now. here's a look at dan abrams live. thanks, leland. tonight on dan abrams live on news nation. prosecutrrs make their case against kyle rittenhouse who shot 3 people in last summer's riots. we explore why he may have a real legal claim to self-defense. that's tonight.
3:56 pm
>> and dan abrams live. >> and all of that is coming up tonight on the fastest growing cable news network in america. newsnation. you can find on the channels listed here. we also have details available on our website kron 4 dot com. before we go, we have time for a final rain check erica erica. >> hasen. not as well. in the meantime, it ship it right through tomorrow. the next real chance of showers comes at night time. the north bay is going to get hit first with that system. and as i mentioned, if you're just joining us, we'll get about an inch of rain from that system for the north bay. the east bay and peninsula expected to get about half an inch of rain, south bay about a 10th of an inch of rain. so here we see that system a sliding to the south east and it does bring some rain up to the northern part of the sierra as well. on thursday before it dries out in the afternoon that day. so temperatures here in the bay area tomorrow. be
3:57 pm
pretty similar to what we saw for this afternoon. looking at 60's across san francisco along the coast as well. 72 for burlingame out on the peninsula. also looking at 70's and the south bay as well trying to hurry up here running out of time. but very have our temperatures for the east bay sanaa's. i'm gonna send it back to you. thank you, erica. >> now the news doesn't end here. our coverage continues at the top of the hour on our kron on app. and here's a look at what's coming up. parents in santa clara county can already start making vaccine appointments for their kids and there's some police activity going on in the city of campbell will tell you about kron 4 news at that wraps it up. thanks for watching.
3:58 pm
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>> today on an all new "dr. phil" >> dr. phil: she's 60, he's 22, he's in nigeria. >> she's engaged to the man of her dreams. >> i purchased a plane ticket to nigeria so we can be married. >> her family says it's a scam. >> my fear is she's going to fly to nigeria and not come back. >> i have a crew in nigeria. >> security is a big concern here. the city is considered very dangerous. >> the state department says do not go. >> let's do it. >> have a good show, everybody. here we go. >> this is a safe place to talk about hard things. >> stand by, we'll count you down. >> today is going to be a chng


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