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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  November 3, 2021 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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welcome back to the kron 4 morning news the timing now for 29 am as protein 4.30. all right. harvey, thanks for joining us on this november. the 3rd so we're already in the holiday spirit talking about different things that we're planning over the next couple of days to baker like johnson cook and we decided during the last break, we're going to have of cook off bake off, bring some cookies. one morning, bring up higher. i don't know what specialties are, but we've got the holiday music playing and a lot of cars this morning in terms of weather, though. what can they expect? well, it is definitely feel a little a little bit more like the holidays with the cooler greyer skies that we've been seeing. and then of course. >> the rainfall that we've had lately to just kind of put you in that spirit of hunkering down and getting cozy. i feel like something we certainly of needed to see for a long time. is that change of pace that we are embracing as we make our way into the start of november. another round of rain fall is just around the
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corner after what will be a nice and dry afternoon evening hours tonight and early morning hours of tomorrow will offer up some brief overnight showers a look outside right now. does show you clear enough and certainly drying up of skies across the bay area. san francisco's financial district looking good this morning. we are going to see a couple of pockets of lower visibility as as we work our way through the morning. you can expect some dense pockets of fog to form right along the interior of the bay as well as along the coastline. jose up to mountain view at times this morning. we'll see some reduced visibility so keep this in mind as you're leaving some patchy fog is certainly looking likely radar otherwise is clear, dry and that's where we're going to stay during daytime hours today after a cool start to the morning. that is certainly jacket where really nice afternoon with even more of our daytime highs climbing well into the 70's later on after a mostly sunny afternoon do prepare yourselves for some overnight showers, mostly after midnight tonight. hopefully by that point you'll be in bed. but i know if europe right now
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you're an early riser. that means that your morning commute tomorrow is likely to have an impact. i'll be talking about that in the rest of your forecast. john, thanks for means we should leave the house a little earlier tomorrow morning. >> and i'm tracking any accidents out there at this hour. that's the good news. a little under 10 minutes for you to make it from the east bay into the city to that fremont street exit. let's head over get a look at the san mateo bridge as you head across stores and in you can make that drive and a little under 13 minutes. the richmond sandra fell comey. as you travel out of richmond. a little under 9 minutes. traffic starts to move along. there. the golden gate bridge not seen any major fall slow you down or stifle visibility about 20 minutes from the north bay into the city. look, there's a new effort to make high traffic areas in san francisco. safer. these ambassadors are soon going to be walking city streets dressed in bright clothing and they're going to answer questions provide directions it off or any other assistance you might need san francisco. mayor london breed says she hopes these ambassadors or
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help make people feel more welcome. some of the folks who are here that are out on the streets that enjoy this work and what they're doing. >> and that want to help people. because that's going to make all the difference in everyone's experience. 50 ambassadors are going to be deployed in key downtown locations such as union square. >> chinatown, fisherman's wharf. they're going to be on to the daily from 08:00am to 08:00pm. the san francisco unified school district is facing a 125 million dollar budget shortfall for the next school year. but the now the district has a plan to fix entire problem and to try and avoid possibly take over by the state kron four's. jonathan mccall has that for us. >> it's a tough math problem that comes with plenty of variables where to find 125 million dollars for san francisco unified school leaders. they're hoping that a plan released tuesday night.
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we'll provide the right answers to avoid a state takeover. >> schools would experience change and you know, and we this is this would result in reductions at school sites among the ideas for those proposed cuts. >> 50 million dollars in funding would be slashed for individual campuses. 360 jobs at schools and 55 jobs at the central office also cut it 10 million dollars would be cut from student programs like j r o t special education services and community service coordinators administration and operation services would also be cut by more than 20 million dollars. i don't know of one school site. >> that at this moment could say, yeah, we don't need so we don't need this position. >> curio is the president of the united educators of san francisco. the union representing teachers and school staff. >> cuts to schools or schools having to make the decisions around which position to cut
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only exacerbates the trauma that we've been. she believes there are more places the district could cut from first before impacting students and teachers were talking about for men. >> from levels of administration and management. that may be are directly impacting students at this moment, perhaps special projects to can be paused until such a time as grants can be found to send them right now. san francisco unified schools currently has some 49,000 students, but it has seen a steady drop in enrollment over the past 5 years. >> curry l is now calling on state and local leaders to fix a problem. that's not only happening here in san francisco. but one that's happening at schools all across the golden state right. schools across california. >> are suffering from enrollment, especially in large urban districts that didn't see this coming in. san francisco jonathan mccall kron 4 news. well happening today. a joint hearing to address the current congestion at
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california's ports and possible solutions. >> are going to be held at the state capitol. the hearing's going take place at 09:38am. the california state assembly and senate select committee on ports in goods movement are going to be hosting that event. well, it's been a month since the terrible orange feel or the orange county oil spill in yesterday. but 100 deaths were released back into the wild. look at them go. they're making their way into the water. they were originally set to return to the march in huntington beach. but there were still some concerns about will rim. it's being there. so the wetlands and wildlife care center got the green light at this nearby property along the santa ana river and newport beach to give the ducks a new home. >> that was amazing, though, is exactly what we are planned for that. it's always nice when it goes infection. they all are happy. i'm back in their habitat. see some friends over there. there are going to go probably need each other. this is a great it's a great day. this is why we do it. we didn't all the ducks
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are being care for before the oil spill. but the spill forced the center to keep them for an extra month. >> meantime, environmental advocates say they plan to sue the federal government over its failure to review and update plans for off coast oil platforms. >> the center for biological diversity says it's going to sue pointing to the fact the government approved plans for new oil platforms in the 1980's which are still running. they were expected to wind down production in 2007. the group says the plan should have been reviewed periodically and the department of the interior has not commented on that lawsuit. a big story this morning the las vegas raiders have officially released wide receiver henry ruggs, the 3rd from their roster. he faces multiple felony charges following a fiery early morning. 2 car crash and las vegas that left a woman dead. police say rocks car a chevrolet corvette rear ended. another car. both cars were in flames by the time officers arrived on scene. investigators say drugs
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appeared impaired when police arrived the raiders drafted ruggs in 2020 in the first round. his attorneys have released a statement saying, quote, on behalf of our client henry ruggs the 3rd. we are conducting our own investigation as of this writing and ask everyone to reserve judgment until all of the facts are gathered. >> dramatic video of a large side show just 2 blocks away from san jose city hall. this happened halloween night. you can see cars doing donuts and other stones with dozens of people watching sideshows are a well documented problem in san jose neighbors say. >> the show went on for hours. but they're more concerned that police never tried to shut the sideshow down. a member of department tells us they simply didn't have enough officers. >> it was a very busy saturday night. we can't send 2 police cars to deal with the sideshow of this size here you have something the cops didn't show up.
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>> legitimately there are understaffed for a city of a million people that 800 cups is crazy. you know, going 60 miles an hour down a residential block with people standing on both walk mourners. >> they're lucky that something didn't happen. >> well, officials say responding to any site of acquires a large police presence as people participating in the side. so sideshows may be armed. >> the thanksgiving feast this year could be the costliest in the history of the holiday. must say everything from the turkey to the pumpkin pie. the cranberry sauce are going to cost a lot more out of your wallet. kimberly chang has that story. >> no matter what the situation we find ways to get around it you don't have to cut this year. i'm >> if you're hosting thanksgiving in might be more expensive this year. food prices have gone up due to a combination of factors like inflation labor shortages, supply chain issues weather and rising transportation costs by ordered a little pre
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at farmers market poultry owner jim cass county is hopeful to meet customer demand. he ordered the same amount of turkey's us last year and noticed a difference. my costs went up 8 to 15% and depending on the type of bird you're actually looking for. >> if you're looking for organic or heirloom heritage. and we carry those. >> the price is a little bit more higher prices across the board based on data from september. the consumer price index jumped from the same time last year. >> if we look specifically what we call student at home, which is your grocery store prices. that's up 4.5% senior economist steve reed with the u.s. bureau of labor statistics says the largest increases in the category of meats poultry next. that index is up over 10 as up 10.5% for the last 12 months. the index just for be sun. il is up 17.6% so double digit you know, and we typically haven't seen any of those in recent
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decades. >> for poultry specifically. that's up 6.1%. i don't buy it fresh meats as much anymore because of how expensive it is as long my family cooks and i can even put in my sweatpants were good. but at eli hand these houses tradition for him to cook a turkey. >> and i will do it. be doing some cornish hands and some >> and a bump in the bill won't change that. are you concerned about the price is going on. well. >> just like everyone it's all about family. it's all about coming together. >> and that was kimberly chang reporting for us this morning. all right. well, coming up next on the kron 4 morning news a big move from facebook are faced up how the companies trying to ease concerns that it is violated people's privacy. we'll have that story when we get back from break.
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back to the kron 4 morning news it time for you now. 04:44am here on this november. 3rd. >> time is just flying by now that we're in the holiday months in, get ready for thanksgiving and all those things. maybe i'm just a little bit too soon on that here. what i'm not too soon on helping you track your morning commute and your forecast with our meteorologists on travel this morning because you said
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tomorrow's commute is really the woman are going to want to leave their house little bit earlier for right. yeah. tomorrow's commute definitely going to be on the slick side, especially as compared to this morning's dry conditions that we're in the midst of. >> wednesday morning. no big deal. there are some spots of fog out there, especially along the san mateo coastline and then up into portions of marine county. but most of us are fairing pretty well as far as visibility goes right now as you can see from your berkeley hills. cam. really no issues out there just yet. in fact, we're set up for a beautiful day ahead of a skies are nice and clear right now and we're going to stay that way through the day ridge of high pressure sitting to our south is going to provide enough energy to weekend. our next storm system as it makes its approach to the bay. so we're really only going to see a brief line of rainfall tonight and it's going to fall. well, after you've gone to bed even after the stroke of midnight tonight is when most of our rain begins to arrive. 12:30am, of tomorrow morning. you'll start to see some showers along the same. mateo case coastline. a marine county sonoma and napa counties as well tapping into
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it. most of our rainfall is going to be concentrated north of the golden gate south of there rainfall amounts only amounting to around a 10th of an inch heavier rainfall amounts to the north of that showers will be brief. this line of storms pushes through during our pre dawn hours. so we'll have an impact, especially an early morning commuters our leader risers will be dealing with those damp conditions on roadways followed by some sunshine the rest of your thursday and clear skies into friday and saturday, too. as far as rainfall amounts. go. not that impressive from the storm. definitely a weaker one than what we saw on monday. quarter of an inch in sandra fell in santa rosa 10th of an inch possible for most of the rest of the bay area as we do make our way through our overnight hours tonight. now, as far as temperatures go today. a really pleasant one. definitely our warmest of the forecast highs climbing well into the 60's and 70's and a few more 70's in your 4 zone forecast than what we had for the day yesterday for the south. a few mid 70's san jose. campbell most get seat
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at 74 degrees. freeman through hayward in the low 70's today while oakland right at 70 degrees, walnut creek at 74 upper 60's to low 70's across the north bay, even out towards the coastline. point rays. look at all right. at 62 degrees looking ahead at next 7 days. today. definitely stands out at us. our warmest day of the forecast after today. it's all about the 50's and 60's again, we are looking at overnight rain tonight that will quickly move out through course of your morning tomorrow. setting us up for a beautiful and dry rest of the day. thursday, friday and saturday, not looking bad either. got to just those clocks saturday night before you go to bed, though, of course, because we're falling back an hour. then monday and tuesday of next week. it here. and we'll be looking at showers arriving again, this does look to be a longer rain event. and one that you really want to be prepared for into the start of next week. right john, the trying to resist or just staying up even later on saturday i get that our take advantage of and sleep even longer. >> all right. if you're heading from the east bay into
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the city. a little under 2 minutes for your drive time not seen any accidents. 5 8880, no issues traveling to berkeley your hayward or richmond the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. you can make that drive a little under delays long one. oh, one as soon as you reach the peninsula looking at the golden gate bridge about 20 minutes for the as you head into the city and the richmond center fell commute a little under 9 minutes. tear and the nation looks like there's an accident. eastbound south of military west street. but it's so not seen any rain on the mat which traffic is pretty much free flowing at this hour along 7.80. we'll have more weather and traffic coming up for now. >> let's move over to sports and for the first time since 1995. >> the braves won the world series against the astros in game 6, 7, 2, 0, kron four's. jason dumas says it latest in sports. >> good morning, everyone. we had a world series elimination game last night. the braves
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were down in houston with a 3, 2, lead and a chance to win its first world title since 1995 and there was a rock us crowd in houston for this one and have much to cheer for after though top of 3rd, jorge solera. he knew exactly what he hit. it was going over the train track out of the park. watch the watch party in atlanta last night at that list. we're going to be 3 nothing great. >> we go to the 5th inning. dansby swanson. he goes that's a 2 run home run astros hopes to slipping away. it is 5 to nothing brain that is 07:00am here in my favor brain. freddie freeman. he has a great story of you're not familiar with it goal. it and even better. wi fi in kid. they sit and watch and popped to work. the braves do it. they win the world series 7 to nothing. they take this series
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4 games to 2. that is your look at sports. back to you guys. >> i well pg and e has agreed to pay a 125 million dollars over its role in starting the kincade fire back in 2019 investigators say that the fire was ignited by a news power line at pg. e should have removed and are more than 77,000 acres in sonoma county destroy nearly 400 buildings injuring 4 people under the proposed settlement with the california public utilities commission pg and e was fun 85 million dollars moving up to as many as 70 power lines that are no longer energized and would pay an additional 40 million dollars penalty into the state's general fund. the cpu see will vote on whether to approve the settlement next month. ok, jeanne also expects to lose more than 1 billion dollars as a result of the dixie fire. the utility company says it has been subpoenaed by u.s. attorney for documents related to that fire pg e was first
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suit back in september by homeowners 5 counties who say they were devastated by the dixie fire. it was the second largest wildfire in state history pg and e also acknowledges the fire may have been ignited by a tree. fell on its cables. the exact cause is still being investigated. the california department of fish and wildlife are teaming up to increase the state's salmon population. the spying of fall run salmon begins this week at the nimbus hatchery on the american river near sacramento recent years lower water levels. warmer temperatures have made it harder for salmon to survive. now. the hatchery celebrated the completion of the new fish ladder and flu making it safer and easier for the salmon to swim into the hatchery. now facebook shutting down its facial recognition software. the company said it's going to leak the face. prince of more than 1 billion people for more
4:52 am
than a decade. that whole identify a user's friends in photos and suggested tag. and then they've got my photo on the air. at least 7 states and around 2 dozen cities have limited government use of that technology over concerns of civil rights violation, racial bias and invasion of privacy. we'll be right back after the break. welcome back 4.55 on
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this wednesday morning. kicking things off today with some dry conditions but also some very foggy conditions and pockets out there, especially right along those the coastline of san mateo county this morning that highway one corridor. >> has had some big issues as far as visibility goes, hasn't played the golden gate bridge, though. it's looking nice and clear as you make your crossing right across the golden gate just watch out for those patches of fog elsewhere at the coast do expect highs in the 60's later on today. a nice day. with a few clouds. but staying dry during daytime hours. same for inland valleys, daytime highs will climb well into the 70's this afternoon making for the warmest day of this forecast after this will be cooling into the 60's and staying that way really for the rest of the forecast. high temperatures range from the 60's to 70's across the bay today with some of our warmer spots being areas like san jose at 74 degrees, looking for really comfortable day ahead. reyna
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john, thank you for that. >> it will ups. they want to hire 60,000 employees of the holidays. the company is holding a hiring event this thursday through saturday. more than 400 locations across the u.s. and online ups says many of those higher going to be offer permanent jobs soon as the holidays are over and it's also offering current workers. $200 for every eligible employee referral. they now you can stay warm cozy while you enjoy your hot cocoa this winter with this new sweater, the hot chocolate prince was mis-selling. this hot chocolate is fight sweater and even comes with the front pockets being sold on the web site ugly christmas sweater, dot com. i could see a lot of people wear that for like halloween too. today. the safeway holiday ice rink in union square is going to be open for the first time since the pandemic began its going to be open daily from 10:00am to 11:00pm through january tickets are about $19 including skate rentals and sessions are 60 minutes long.
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you can buy tickets ahead of time at union square ice cream can dot com. coming up in the next hour, children ages 5 to 11 are now eligible to get vaccinated. this after the cdc's director approved. >> pfizer shot for kids. more details in a live report. and the walnut creek city council unanimously voted to ban the sale of flavored tobacco and vapes. what city leaders say encourage van and what they hope the outcome will be. -hi mommy! -hi honey!
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news far. >> well, so glad that you in your late apparently do know 03:00am to 06:00am. those are supposet to be the best hours to be awake. so if where court and am right where we're up at that time. you'll have to find out. it's a big secret. lot. a lot of people don't know. this will take it from a 03:00am for me is not my finest hour feeling we'll see how you feel as we work our way through the morning. i'm actually waking up the roads were nice and dry was an easy drive in. yes, it least i'm feeling good. happy anyway. yeah. and looking for some sunshine for how long, because we do have rain later today. right. we do. really doesn't come until well after you got to bed tonight. so we actually do have a gorgeous day ahead of us today. lots of sunshine or warmest


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