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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  November 3, 2021 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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you got to take advantage of the dry days, especially a dry days with some 70's just around the corner. that's a winner right there. >> we do have more rainfall ahead of us. the first being a brief round of showers tonight while you're sleeping, more significant rainfall into next week. so you definitely want to enjoy a day like today. your view outside right now does show a bit of sunshine also some fog that i can't look past because we are actually seeing some dense fog in pockets for parts of the bay area. we're seeing especially dense. once you head south of san jose. and then up and down bayside shoreline right along one o one there on the peninsula and then right along the san mateo coastline. all these areas do have pockets of lower visibility. so be mindful of this as you venture outside on an otherwise co-operative whether morning it's dry out there and temperatures are cool but not too terribly cool livermore in santa rosa among our 40 degree places while oakland alameda and san francisco hanging out in the 50's right now talking
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tonight's rainfall and nice afternoon and next week's rainfall i'll have your forecast. john david, that we've been following this issue here in milpitas southbound 8.88, to 37 west. >> for the past hour or so. you've got 2 lanes are currently blocked. so we are seeing delays as you're traveling. if you want to try to get around that 6.80, might be a good option for you. there. also him burlingame north, 1, one, a broadway got an accident. so we are seeing delays along one. oh, one. and that always effects are san mateo commute as you're heading across towards the peninsula. look at that moment. 25 minutes heading into the city to that fremont street exit. hazards in accidents on the bay bridge all throughout the morning. 21 as you're heading across towards the peninsula because that accident along one o one. so it's backing us up a little bit on the san mateo bridge and here bird ill southbound one. oh, one, just south of san antonio road. you've got an accident. so we're going to keep a close eye on conditions here. darya james, back to you. thank you very much. renay to one is the time and our big story this morning, the fact that kids are now eligible to get the covid-19
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vaccine. >> the fda made that decision yesterday and today walgreens announcing that they're going to start giving out the vaccine kits starting this saturday. as you can go to a walgreens near. you come this weekend at that schedule appointment today because they're going to book up quickly more appointment. times will be made available in the coming weeks as well as the store receives more doses. again for these vaccine. specially made for kids and cvs to also jumping on saying they're going to be providing shots as well on sunday at more than 200 locations across the state. they're accepting appointments right now. the pharmacy says that all children have to be company by an adult. so make sure you don't just i don't know why you'd send them in there by >> there are 5 to 11. with your they're going to want to know are they going hit right to the store. san francisco is going to start vaccinating kids as well. they're starting on saturday available at a 100 different sites doctors offices, pharmacies, community health clinics neighborhood,
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school vaccine clinics affect the san francisco unified district is hosting 4 clinics. they know that now take a look. we have the dates and times and the location for those. but we've got all this information, everything james was talking about. i'm talking about depending on where you live. we've got you covered all around the bay on where you can get those shots and that includes up in the north bay to as kron 4. sarah stinson has been following the story as well. we know that up in murray county, they've really been. >> sort of getting all their ducks in a row in advance of this announcement so they can be ready on day one. this is all the boxes from pfizer shipped out while you were sleeping going to places all around the country and in marin county, they already had everything ready know, they're so well. oiled machine that they're going to get those shots in arms today. let's go to a visit with kron 4. sarah stinson. she's up there for us. now with what's going to be happening today. sarah. >> the final approval from the cdc on this pd at rick doses from pfizer. it's a pivotal moment for the entire country
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and for right here in marin county or here at northgate where there's a vaccine clinic and they're ready to go to start serving this pediatric dose 2 children ages 5 to 11 and joining us now is doctor matt willis with a marine county's health department. how thrilled are you to get to this point. this is super exciting moment for us. we've been waiting since the vaccines first arrived in mid december. >> to be able vaccinate all of our residents were one step closer. now we have 20,000 kids 5 to 11 years old in marin county. our goal is to vaccinate 75% of them within a month. that's 15,000 kids we have a lot of partners to make. yeah. that's a lot of kids. but you're ready to go. you guys had a plan in place before it was even finally approved including. >> having thase vaccine clinics like here at northgate. tell me how parents at home can get that vaccine for their kids. yeah, the system is really teed up and ready to go. we've got vaccine appointments available starting early saturday. you know, we're still waiting for the western states finals. we don't have the final approval from marin county even begin
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vaccinating our kids. we're expecting that to come today appointments to start becoming available in the next 24 hours we're expecting if we do get that, that authorization by today. this is one site northgate shopping center starting on saturday will have about 400 appointments by appointment. only for children. it's also open for adults who want to get booster doses and flu shots will be mixing our kids and our adults and this set, then the setting in other places will be doing it just for kids like miller creek school. we have a 1000 appointments on saturday. a 1000 appointments on sunday by appointment only and then other sites throughout the county. >> that's huge to have a 1000 appointments. and i know a lot of people will be interested in grabbing that appointment has pfizer sent you the shipment we did last night got got the shipment has both the vaccines themselves at smaller viles is a different violent. it's different formulation. one 3rd, the dose for kids. it's also a smaller needle another other stuff. technology that goes along with it is also specific to children. we received all that last night and the shipment is like christmas to say you and
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other doctors into a lot of parents. but there are some people still skeptical especially here are in. what would you say to them as a doctor. >> i know yesterday the cdc said ask questions get educated but the risk of this vaccine is far less than the risk you'll get from covid. >> that's right. i think if anyone does have questions importantly, you know, talk to your pediatrician have that conversation. we expect that some people are eager and ready to go. and we've got vaccine operations ready for them. others are going to take longer to make that decision and their their health care provider will be eager to have that conversation with them. we have a forum tonight with our community. so me and some of the other pediatricians in the committee will be offering a town hall on this. we're doing a lot of work to try and help educate our community. it's really important for people to recognize that, especially with the delta variant. we're likely all going to be exposed to this virus over the next few weeks, months, even years. this is something we will be with us forever. so really the choice is whether or not you want to be protected when you're exposed to the vaccine or whether you want to be unprotected when you're
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exposed. if you're on protected when you're exposed the risk for severe outcomes as much worse. >> ryan, we seen that was cases. the pfizer pediatric doses are 91% effective. so you're feeling confident in this. >> absolutely. yeah. i mean, we another milestone for us. we have no people in the hospital in marin county. this first time that's happened. we also have some of the highest vaccination rates across the board and those things are related to vaccine has earned us, you know, much less your case rates lower mortality. and that's a benefit. we want to extend to our kids, especially to keep kids in school as a super high value for us. >> thank you so much. definitely a lot of good information to wrap up. when is that town hall in case people do have more questions. yeah. it's tonight from 6 to 7. and if you go to get vaccinated marine dot org get vaccinated dot org, that's where you can see appointments when they become available. and also see information about the town hall. that's awesome. thank you so much, doctor matt willis with marin county's
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health department. >> and if you need to get your children vaccinated. you heard how you can do that. that is the greatest resource out there here in marin county and it's hard to hear. you know that this is going to stick with us for ever from a doctor. but i think we all knew that in. that's what they're saying is the best way to combat this is vaccinations. so if you want to go are in. we have more details on our website. kron 4 dot com on this vaccination process of marin county. back to you. >> thank you very much, sara. now let's go the say contra costa county health officials say they are going to have plan in place as well for shots in arms. they're going to talk about it tomorrow for vaccinating kids and they say they should be able to get those shots out saturday at city-run clinics. they are saying that parents should check with their doctor. local pharmacy and check back to make sure that that happens. >> in sonoma county vaccine clinics are going to be set up at the county says they have about 37,000 kids in this age range that's now eligible for the shot. their hope is to get
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about 70% of them vaccinated by the end of february. we've got much more on all the bay area counties on our website. kron 4 dot com. so make sure you check that out. and coming up at 6.30, we're actually going to have a live report from santa clara county where officials there have been hinting that they could possibly start issuing shots as soon as today. that's coming up at 8.30, by the way. so stay tuned for that. meanwhile, breaking overnight in the south bay police are now investigating 2 fatal car crashes in san jose. the most recent one happened at 6 o'clock this morning, perhaps before you woke up a truck apparently hit a motorcyclist in the area of north 10th street and commercial street. the rider of the motorcycle died at the scene. police say the morning commute will be impacted by make sure you find alternate routes until their investigation is concluded. meanwhile, the first crash happened just before midnight and that was near the intersection of campbell avenue and prospect road a car crashed into a tree. one person died. not much. other information has been released about this accident. will we'll keep you updated as we
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learn more. >> new this morning. walnut creek has a new law banning the sale of flavored tobacco vaping products. and this is aimed at young people, especially students because been upset about them vaping a city lawmakers are wanted to keep that stuff out of their hands. according to the mayor of walnut creek, a state tobacco survey found 92% of students using tobacco started with a flavored product. walnut creek's new ban is more restrictive than the federal and the state laws. >> this is absolutely a gateway into using using tobacco and we hear about flavored vapes like bubble gum and watermelon blue raz. these are not meant to weed off of tobacco. these are meant to start children into smoking and vaping. and this is something that we looked at with the results of her found. we just have to do something to protect our youths. >> the city council will begin enforcing this ban in 5 months which allows businesses time to comply with the new rules.
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and in the east bay, another measure meant to protect children. the city of pleasanton approves an ordinance requiring gun owners to keep their guns in a locked container or keep a trigger lock on them and what they're trying to do is protect kids from getting their hands on guns. according to one study, more than half a gun owners don't lock up their guns. another report shows that there are more than 350 unintentional shootings by children in 2020 other various cities have already enacted similar ordinances including palo alto and san jose. >> happening today. we have the man accused of a deadly shooting in gilroy. he's going to be arraigned in court today. benjamin cold colder on his name and he was arrested on saturday after a shooting earlier in the morning at a halloween party. the shooting happened at the home of a gilroy city council member. police say they were called after a fight broke out and shots were fired. 4 people were hurt, one of them later died from their injuries.
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>> this just in. s p n reports. aaron rodgers is positive for covid. >> and so he's going to miss this sunday's game against the chiefs. this is a big deal as you can imagine. yeah. i mean, the you know, he's he's it's he e is the key is that case has that as we're talking about in sports. yeah. he's the head of the snake and to be out is a huge deal. so aaron rodgers, we're just finding out reportedly testing positive for covid and we've just been talking about the vaccines rolling out. the doctor just said how you know it eventually everybody's going to be exposed to the so whether or not you want to be protected or not. and i don't know about his vaccination status. i'm going assume you know that even if you're, you know, backes unaided, right. you can again test positive the nfl doesn't care. it just means you have to quarantine. it does not necessarily mean he sick, right. it doesn't mean that he's, you know, not feeling well, but if you're positive, you're positive, you
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>> 15 right now and we are checking out the weather which wow, it looks really nice looks great there. it's funny. are usually foggy spots are really sunny like this view and berkeley ha that our sunny spots like san cloudy overhead. and that is something everybody gets a turn its right. we're just switching off today. it's opposite day as far as mother nature but there actually are some foggy spots further inland in the south bay and then right along the san mateo coastline. areas like half moon bay which are often times foggy to continue that trend a little bit of sunshine there on some of our buildings in downtown san jose. but definitely some gray in the distance. watch out for some dense fog along the bay shore. also along the coast pockets in the north bay and the dense fog advisory in effect, what you head south of morgan hill down into the salinas valley. now we zoom out across the region. we do have showers well, well, well to the north and west of us. it's going to take a long time for them to get here. so we actually do have a really pleasant day ahead of us with lots of sunshine. some of our last
8:17 am
70's in this forecast for a while and we'll enjoy these dry skies all the way till about midnight tonight after that point, we'll see a brief round of rain pushing through most significant for the north bay lighter showers generally the further south that you get. this is going to be smack dab in the middle of the night. so unless you're going to be out past midnight. you're not really going to be running into it are early risers tomorrow certainly will be those early commuters are going to be seeing a very messy commute and those of us getting a little bit later up a little bit later. we'll see some damp roadways as showers have really cleared out really tomorrow after that point shipping up to be another nice day with lots of sunshine, especially towards the afternoon on thursday. what our rainfall amfunts looking like here will could see a quarter of an inch in the north bay for sandra fell in santa rosa closer to a 10th of an inch elsewhere. if we'll even get there, especially for the south bay which isn't going to be tapping into a lot of rainfall from the system. as for today's daytime highs. some of the warmest will be talking about in this forecast. so if you love some 70's love some sunshine get
8:18 am
out there savor every bit of today it is easily the warmest day of the next 7 days ahead of us san jose. campbell in los gatos a beautiful 74 degrees each solid 70's from fremont up through oakland. well, walnut creek. also one of our warmer spots at 74 today. napa how young bill in the upper 60's. same for you in santa rosa as well as mill valley. now today a dry one tonight, a brief stint of rainfall before we dry back out into tomorrow. stay dry into friday, saturday and for most of us into sunday could see a few north bay sprinkles on sunday. now monday and tuesday are the days that all eyes are focused on because this is when it's likely our next atmospheric river. it's going to be setting up shop reducing or resulting in some heavy rainfall possible at times. it's not looking likely right now that it will result in the rain that we did see a week and a half ago and we have some flooding issues. nonetheless, though, a significant system into the start of next week. reyna john, thanks for that good advice tomorrow or leave the house a little bit earlier
8:19 am
today. >> but today we have some hot spots have been following this one up. inverdale one lane is blocked currently southbound one. oh, one south of san antonio road. so we are seeing slowing as you're traveling to lake villa in that area. another hot spot down in milpitas. so to 37 west. 2 lanes. here are lots of 6.80 would be a good alternate if you are trying to get around that. not be stuck in that traffic collision. we're starting to see time's improve on the bay bridge a little under 20 minutes earlier we were almost at 31. so we are starting to see drive times, go down the richmond sandra fell commute as you head to richmond a little under 17 minutes for you. there here in burlingame, northbound, one o one of broadway. you do have an accident. so you are seeing deleys along one on one which means delays along the san mateo bridge a little under 23 minutes. tara james, back to you. thanks a lot. rate 19 the san francisco unified school district is facing. >> a 125 million dollar budget shortfall for next school year. so what are they going
8:20 am
to do. well. they have a plan to fix the problem. the problem is that plan involves a lot. a lot of cuts. let's take a look at some of what they're considering cutting 50 million dollars in funding for individual schools, cutting 10 million dollars from student service programs and cutting 20 million from administration and operations services and also nearly 400 jobs will be slashed. the union representing teachers doesn't think this is a great idea. they wish that this trip will look to other places that wouldn't impacts students and teachers so much talking about for men. >> from levels of administration and management. that may be are directly impacting students at this moment, perhaps special projects that can be paused until such a time as grants can be found to us and that cuts to schools or schools having to make the decisions around which position to cut only exacerbates the trauma that we've been so. >> the state of california has offered 30 million dollars in
8:21 am
grants to help offset the deficit over the next 6 weeks. there's going to be a public hearings on the matter and then a final plan has to be submitted up to the state by december 15th. >> there is a new effort to make high traffic areas in san francisco just a little bit safer and they involve these ambassadors who you'll soon see walking the streets in san francisco dressed in these bright clothes. you can spot them quickly and approach and they want their want to be there to help you. everything from answer questions to you need directions, any assistance they can offer they'll be happy to do it in san francisco. mayor london breed says that she's hoping these ambassadors will help visitors feel a whole lot more welcome some of the folks who are here that are out on the streets that enjoy this work and what they're doing. >> and that want to help people. because that's going to make all the difference in everyone's experience. >> 50 ambassadors will be deployed at first will be in downtown areas like union square and chinatown. you'll
8:22 am
along fisherman's wharf. they'll be on duty every day from 8 in the morning until 8 p i love that idea to love the outfits and i love that you have someone to turn do. you know, just like if your laws or to help. yeah, that it does seem welcome him like. all 21 is the time. we'll take a quick break. >> when we come back. >> some helpful information for you if you're trying to budget out your thanksgiving meal this year. it's going to be more expensive. so we'll talk and really and really nobody's been a turkey that big can't
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8:24 am
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>> a 24 and for your money this morning. let's talk turkeys. yeah, turkey talk specifically the price of turkey. >> this year's going to be the costly us to thanksgiving. we had we've had in recent memory with economists saying everything for the turkey to the cranberry pumped about all of that. and because of this, 2 people are buying smaller birds. they might run out. kimberly chang has the story. >> no matter what the situation we find ways to get around it you don't have to cut this year. i'm >> if you're hosting thanksgiving in might be more expensive this year. food prices have gone up due to a combination of factors like inflation labor shortages, supply chain issues weather and rising transportation costs by ordered a little pre at farmers market poultry owner jim cass county is hopeful to meet customer demand. he ordered the same amount of turkey's us last year and noticed a difference. my costs went up 8 to 15% and
8:26 am
depending on the type of bird you're actually looking for. >> if you're looking for organic or heirloom or heritage. and we carry those. >> the price is a little bit more higher prices across the board based on data from september. the consumer price index jumped from the same time last year. >> if we look specifically what we call student at home, which is your grocery store prices. that's up 4.5% senior economist steve reed with the u.s. bureau of labor statistics says the largest increases in the category of meats poultry next. that index is up over 10 as up 10.5% for the last 12 months. the index just for be sun. il is up 17.6% so double digit you know, and we typically haven't seen any of those in recent decades. >> for poultry specifically. that's up 6.1%. i don't buy it fresh meats as much anymore because of how expensive it is as long my family cooks and i can put in my sweatpants were
8:27 am
good. but at eli hand these houses tradition for him to cook a turkey. >> and i will do it. be doing some cornish hands and some >> and a bump in the bill won't change that. are you concerned about the price is going on. well. >> just like everyone it's all about family. it's all about coming together. >> parents of kids between 5.11 years old. and santa clara county. today is the day you've been waiting for. they are ready for your child. look at that little table right behind me. let you know when it
8:28 am
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>> 29 everybody's all excited because it's our first look at coit tower this whole morning. >> 30 is the first time we've seen she says everybody's all excited. >> i did. tower is still standing tuesday is only me knows that ms. >> i wake every morning and they made me wait till 8.37, that maybe wait so long. >> but it was worth the wait because now the clouds of clear blue sky fantastic. but good morning, john beautiful way really is. we're excited for you daryn. it is gorgeous out there for a lot of us, a little grayer for some of us. so if you are equally tower, thankful for that. also, if you're at the golden gate bridge. it's another gorgeous morning for you. look at all the sunshine that you've got.
8:31 am
it's definitely foggier elsewhere, including along the bay shore, especially highways one oh, one heading down from san francisco to san jose. we've got some pockets of dense fog out there. portions of our inland valleys out to the central valley and then right along the coastline in san mateo county. pretty foggy too. this is going to lift. it's going to burn off and all of us are going to tap into that sunshine here in a matter of time. radar is showing dry conditions and will hold on to that all day long today before showers do arrive after midnight tonight. current temps are in the 40's to 50's oakland at 53 degrees berkeley at 58 a few 40's hanging on up in the north bay. that's a look at your forecast it is definitely foggy for some of us. but where are we sitting otherwise with the commute. it's busy out there with the hot spots in certain areas. but first, let's start with the bay bridge as you're heading from the east bay into the city right now. little under 21 minutes for you to make that drive this morning. san francisco southbound one. oh, one north of 80 west. you got an accident. one lane. there is currently blocked. >> so we're keeping a close eye on that. not seeing much
8:32 am
of a delay along 2.80 are hot spots here. verdell southbound one. oh, one south of san antonio road. about 2 lanes are currently blocked here in this area. so we are seeing some slowing as you're traveling to lake feel and bird out and down here milpitas southbound 8.88, to 37 just west of that 2 lanes blocked a good alternate 6.80. that's been there for the past 2 hours and the richmond center fell commute as you travel out of richmond, a little under 18 minutes daryn, james, back to you. thank you. rate 32 back to the big story which is the covid shot for kids is ages 5 to 11 now eligible to get that shot in santa clara county. they are rare and to go kron four's will tran. >> live with details now on how parents could get the i guess, vaccines for their kids starting today will is that an extra small katie chair. the vaccinations for the kids will begin at 1 o'clock this afternoon. this is new furniture. they didn't have this the day before because. >> they did not needed, but
8:33 am
they brought us in. this is part of the charm to try to reduce some of the fear factor for the kids between 5.11 years old. i mean, let's face it, there are adults who are terrified of putting a needle into them. can you imagine a child. so they want to make sure that the kids have a good time lower their stress factor. you can see there's a frisbee couple of other things. they're still getting in a lot of the supplies because it doesn't start until 1 o'clock this afternoon goes all the way until 8 o'clock at night. this is a day a lot of parents have been waiting for kids between 5.11 years old. more than a 150,000 of them in santa clara county, about 3 million altogether within that age group in california. so they want to get the shots into their arms. they believe about 50 to 55% of population. if they get the shot, they will begin herd immunity as far as this location. they've been doing adults for quite some time. the adult population quite taken care
8:34 am
of. not exactly sure if they have any openings at this particular time. but i can tell you the pharmacist they can't wait to get the shot into the arms as well. you might want to go to the county website to see or in some cases and we've heard of this. they can come down here, get in line. and if there's an opening, they can get your child in as well. these are professionals. the nurses are ready to go. they just had to be reminded that you're dealing with maybe a more terrified audience. so they've been trained to be a little bit more patient, a little bit. gentler and then the ultimate goal is not a lot of tears and if there are tears, i can tell you there's a fast food restaurant ray down the street, try to convey them, try to convince them get the shot and then you get a little toy, a happy meal, maybe a little bit later after back all right. jake, i would do it for milkshake, which you well, whatever it takes. we will really cute great idea for the
8:35 am
kit is. >> 34. and what else we doing today. well, happening today. we've got state leaders are going to try to fix the shipping problems that we know of played a lot of your orders sending prices higher to in recent weeks, there will be holding a joint hearing at the state capitol talking about what you see on your screen here. i don't even ok, my stuff is on the ship's. i don't even think mine is made right here to the port. these are pictures from like port of la. they always are bright. barbara, so that's the issue they're going to be starting their hearing at 9.30 this morning. we'll keep tabs on that. let you know if they come up with a 35 in the east bay and oakland father is going to have a second surgery today because he was shot. >> in the face in his house on saturday and at the time he was holding his new baby infant when somebody fired shots into his home. the baby wasn't hit. the baby's going to be okay. but the family is shaken and wondering why they were targeted. maybe. >> somebody drove up and fired over 10 rounds into our house.
8:36 am
and one of those hit him in the face. >> this is saturday night on for all the street and the husband of the victim wants the family to remain anonymous. the oakland police haven't said if they are investigating as a hate crime. but the family thinks that it should be investigated excess what they think it is. >> we're a couple kids. i you know, i immediately i that's kind of where i jumped to because you know what we do live in the bay area. there are people who are. so not very supportive. >> well, that's different than not being supportive. actually targeting somebody. if that's the case, the couple has been together for 16 years. >> well to pittsburgh, residents accused in a murder that spans multiple northern california counties have appeared now in fairfield courtroom, jessica and canton, the didn't enter pleas in the murder of leilani both champs the investigation into her death is still ongoing. but officials accuse jessica can to of killing. just as brother
8:37 am
marko faces charges of accessory to murder and parole violation. and we've also learned that won power peralta and airman out of travis air force base may not face charges after all. he was initially arrested on suspicion of accessory to murder. but the chief deputy da says that he may be considered now more of a witness. then a suspect. was reportedly missing saturday night after leaving a halloween party in sacramento with 2 men that police identified as active duty air force members. police say that she was killed in fairfield. but the body was found sunday in monterey county. >> for the second time in the history of the san francisco police department, an on duty officer is being charged with homicide. san francisco's district attorney dean is saying that's what's going to happen after this body camera footage that shows the shooting from 2017 officer kenneth che was the one who shot sean moore. the officer was responding to a noise
8:38 am
complaint and more was not armed when he was shot. he died 3 years later. and the coroner has ruled the death a homicide. san francisco police officers association has a statement and it says about chase action and that they support his right to defend himself against the charges that stem from that shooting. >> in a and several key election races are playing out this morning. the results coming in from new jersey and from virginia. big focus on virginia where democrat terry mcauliffe has lost to republican glenn youngkin this in a state that was won by joe biden in double digits last year. but it's a big change that could be a preview of what to expect in the midterms. let's take a look at the percentage in this race. 94% of the precincts in virginia reporting and youngkin the winner with nearly 50% of the vote at this
8:39 am
point. call of having 48%. and let's take a peek at the governor's race in new jersey. but this one is so close. democrat incumbent phil murphy against republican jack ciattarelli. and they're so close. it's with 88% of the precincts are the votes reporting and they call it too close to call. but this morning, then murphy moved into the lead because more votes were counted overnight. and both of the races that we're talking about this morning are key indicators experts say into what we can expect moving into the midterms. we'll take a break. it is coming up on a 14 ounce. still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news the warriors will be back on the court tonight. >> for another home game. we're going hear from one of the players about the matchup against the charlotte hornets. plus, leaders from california are getting ready to head to scotland will tell you why they say the climate change summit there may help address some issues right here in the golden state. we'll be right golden state. we'll be right back. golden state. we'll be right back. only wendy's serves a better breakfast, with a better biscuit. a hot, buttery treasure loaded
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♪ california leaders are taking part now in this week's climate summit overseas. >> our governor spoke in glasgow scotland filling in for governor newsome at that climate conference. more than a dozen other state lawmakers and leaders are heading there as well. and they should arrive by the end of the week having a california presence there at that summit could help benefit us here at home. >> first overhaul relationships that are really
8:43 am
important. you know, everything is personal in this world. my experience. we will bring home the pride of other jurisdictions taking on some of our ideas that will share with them various conferences and the like. i think you're going to see new bills introduced. and i think you're going to see a more sophisticated discussion of climate change as a result of our efforts there. >> yeah. members of the california delegation are slated to be in scotland until november 12th. it's a 43. november 12th. it's a 43. we'll be right back. mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers decorate with the best bargains ever! ross has savings on everything you need to get the party started. because who waits for shipping anymore? or guests?! i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross! from one moment to the next, our kids become the most important part of our lives. and even though the years pass, that never changes. we never stop worrying about them. that's why it's important to have health insurance.
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>> 45. oh, my gosh. can you believe that you're able to skate starting today in units where francisco say this is one of 2 things. i look forward to that. tell me the holidays arrive. but you don't skate. what are you looking forward to seeing this tells me to get the vote. there's this. and when they light up the embarcadero buildings. okay. once those get outlined in lights. i know the holidays are here. and i get super excited and why don't you skate want to join these people who are having so much fun. i have delicate ankles. i i don't do well on blades and you have 20 bucks because 19 now that's the thing. but that includes your skate rentals and that includes an hour on the >> you can have a lot of fun doing that. and of course they're from like 10 in the morning to like 9 at night. i think's or 10 at night actually let me double 1110 11
8:47 am
in the evening. and that's all the way through january and march today. yeah, yeah. so have a whole lot of fun out there. take the kids. we did one year. whose great. >> yeah. i did it just what it was handy of the without when jus in the day like today and you see all that sunshine it looks fantastic. and john today would be such a nice day for that might actually break a sweat out the skating because we are going to be talking such a nice one this afternoon. i know we have the rainfall just around the corner. but that's really not getting here until midnight tonight. and after. so we've got a beautiful day ahead of us kind of hard to believe when you're looking outside at san jose this morning. look at how that fog is really settled in. we've had some dense fog on the bay shore as well as into the south bay. >> right along the san mateo coastline. some of our clear sponsor usual foggy suspects like the golden gate, which is actually sunny right now. a dense fog advisory is in effect right now south of san jose. once you get down the salinas valley, that's where it gets especially bad as well as out into the central valley where a dense fog advisory is also in effect. so be mindful
8:48 am
of the spots of lower visibility as for areas to our north and west. that's where you're seeing the rainfall right now. it's going to take a long time to get here. so we have a very dry and our warmest day of the forecast ahead of us today. rain doesn't arrive until after midnight for most areas and it's going to move in quick and move out really quick, too. so not resulting in a lot. and for most of us will for early risers tomorrow. it - will be a messy commute for some of our later risers still damp on roadways. so you may want to give yourself a bit of extra time on your thursday morning. start the rest of the day thursday after showers exit looks great with lots of sunshine much like today. just a little bit of a cooler day tomorrow then compared to today by midnight tonight santa rosa having seen around 700, 7 inch rainfall really starts to pile up for the north bay after that. but notice our totals are really for most of the south bay as well as the peninsula. an east bay. this is not a big rainmaker that we have ahead of us just enough to keep things wet ahead of what will
8:49 am
be wetter conditions next week. 60's and 70's for high temperatures today. today is easily the warmest of the next 7 days. so if you like the way the 70's feel today is your day to get out there, get some chores done, get some errands out of the way and just certainly enjoy what will be sunshine and 70's this afternoon. something that will be a rarity after this point, especially into next week. the late show and napa in the upper 60's. while sandra fell up to petaluma low 70's. tomorrow we start or trend of 60's. that's going to take us all the way through the weekend morning showers very early on before the sun even comes up tomorrow morning. then we stay dry until next week. an atmospheric river looks likely to set up shop into monday and tuesday and that's going to be the real rainmaker. this forecast john, thanks for that update on the hot spots we've been following like this one up. inverdale. >> that has since been cleared so southbound one oh, one just south of san antonio road. that's the good news. hopefully we'll start to see traffic conditions start to dissipate up there. that area
8:50 am
milpitas the hot spot is still here. this is southbound. 8.80, to 37 west. so 2 lanes are currently still blocked there. i would say if you're trying to get around all of those delays. maybe go ahead and hop on as you're traveling into the city. we go from the east bay. a little under 20 minutes for your drive time as you make your way along and 80. it's a little sluggish at this hour. a little under 20 minutes sitting across towards the peninsula. you can see some crews sitting there working on some things on the bridge just to the left. there and the richmond, sandra fell commute as you're traveling at a richmond, a little under 14. we're staying on top of your drive times this morning for now daryn, james, back to you. 8.50. things are looking great for the warriors as they head into action tonight at the chase. yes, indeed looking to continue their winning ways. charlotte hornets in town. this video. the team practice and. >> getting limber getting ready for the big game tonight. >> yeah. and they have had a great start to the season as they only have one loss after playing 6 games. >> and they're really working a great offense and defense
8:51 am
and the bench. it's all coming against the ball. everybody. pitching. in fact, one of their newest players is the veteran auto port a port or. >> and here's what he had to say about playing for the dubs. now he likes it. >> various of his group. >> you know, making winning plays, you know, the whole learn from my mistakes, cell co each other accountable and you starts at the head of the snake stuff. he's been unbelievable leader. making sure is acclimated go from there. >> i like it. yeah. and he likes it. well, all you have is basketball now because world series is over. this is true. is it a spoiler one jason dumas has the update. >> good morning, everyone. we had a world series elimination game last night. the braves were down in houston with a 3, 2, lead and a chance to win its first world title since
8:52 am
1995 and there was a rock us crowd in houston for this one and have much to cheer for after though top of 3rd for jaisol air. he knew exactly what he hit. it was going over the train track out of the park. watch the watch party in atlanta last night at that list. we're going to be 3 nothing great. >> we go to the 5th inning. dansby swanson. he goes that's a 2 run home run astros hopes slipping away. it is 5 to nothing brain that is 07:00am here in my favor brain. freddie freeman. he has a great story of you're not familiar with it goal. it and even better. wi fi in kid. they sit and watch and popped to work. the braves do it. they win the world ser%es 7 to nothing. they take this series 4 games to 2. that is your
8:53 am
look at sports back to you guys since you know, we're obviously not caring about the world series because our teams weren't in everybody's wondering now the world series is over. one of is going to say because all they said was big announcement after the world series. they were going to say anything until after is all over. so. >> now we wait and see what the a's after that. will they stay or will they go. that's the big question. >> well, we're going. but we'll be right
8:54 am
♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪
8:55 am
(music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
8:56 am
>> and we're back in a 55 the california department of fish and wildlife and the bureau of reclamation are teaming up with. no. this is good news is don't think they're looking looks like they want to get out. they want to get upstream dry and now they're going have a little easier, a job doing that. the spawning of fall run salmon begins this week and the nimbus hatchery there at the american river. sacramento his putting some measures in place to make a little easier for him in recent years we have lower water levels and warmer temperatures and that's made it harder for the salmon to survive. so the hatchery has now celebrated the completion of a brand new fish ladder and flew which you see there is that like an obstacle course, is basically a letter you hop from one pool to the and you have look at them jumping. they really get high and that should allow them to get to the hatchery whole lot easier. and hopefully we'll see a little uptick in the
8:57 am
population avenue. some say steph curry jumps like a fish now because that look at how high they jumped. they do get jump like a fit like that's the thing. i senate get some air. it's adorable and it makes me not want to eat. that's an and that i had. >> last night too late for him. think about to 7 is the time. we'll be right back. coming up in the next hour, children ages 5 to 11. you can now get vaccinated. the cdc's director has approved the pfizer shot for kids will have more details coming up in a live report feel that. i mean, it's a little bad, but it was good and walnut creek city council is taking a move to protect kids by not selling anymore. flavored vapes. [ sfx: ding ding ding ] [sfx: bing bing bing ] [sfx: bloop bloop bloop ] [ sfx: bing bloop ding ding bloop bing ]
8:58 am
the day can wait. enter the golden state, with real california dairy.
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at no. >> 9 o'clock. the finest hour. i mean, it's fine. well, gets the finest. >> it's the finest. it's just that you know what, you don't know is that from 3 to 6 in the morning. great things happen apparently creatively spiritually. i just found this out. we're always of that that i found. so i feel like most creative. yes, full of just bursting id. so the 05:00am you might 04:05:04am, you might want to join us because that's a good that's a fine. our 46 in the morning apparently brightest hour. but i still think 09:00am yeah. because it is our final hour. yeah. sun's coming out, j


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