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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  November 4, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> well, welcome back to the kron 4 morning news a time for you now. 04:30am i'm reyna harvey. thanks for waking up with us. it's a wild one out there. there are some accidents out there on our roadways and our meteorologists on travel has been actively tracking the weather for us. john. so where we sit in at right about now, what people need to know this morning. well, we are definitely wet out there. as you've noticed rain and we have a wet early commute to work for our earliest of risers. here's the good news. the showers that are moving through this morning are about to be working their way out of managed to work its way further to the south in the bay area. now where you're seeing the most widespread of rain is really from the santa cruz mountains through san jose on up through the inland east bay and eventually out into the central valley. let's zoom in first right on the core of the bay. we are seeing some light showers still remaining for areas like the tri valley on up towards san ramon. we've really dried out now for walnut creek as well as conquered and much of the east bay shoreline is starting to dry when she head south of
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hayward 80. and then eventually 6.80 are very wet with some wet conditions down there 92 the san mateo bridge is seeing some light showers especially right along the high rise before you get off into the peninsula. a couple of spots of rainfall as well right there on the upper elevations of the peninsula. as you can see, our heaviest of rainfall as well as are most widespread of showers right now. really are concentrated in the south bay. it's taking the longest to get to the south bay. but now you are definitely seeing the wettest of conditions at this very moment. that's going to have an impact on routes such as your drive along 87 as well as 6.80 to 80 and highway one o one. all these areas are very wet this morning. snow great is also looking at some very wet conditions just some light showers down here, but enough to leave some standing water on roadways and just make for a slick morning commute. north bay. already dried out. you are first to see the rain last night. your first to be saying goodbye to it. now you're going to be looking at a drier morning commute ahead of us than the
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rest of the bay is in the midst of currently right now. temperatures are in the 50's to 60's. so it's a cool start to this day school. it's wet. just give yourselves. maybe that extra 15 minutes to get into work is the last thing you want to be doing is rushing it. when we do have some ponding water and roads. and i know is i was driving in. i certainly saw some of those wet spots. you can see it on that are back here as a foe this morning by the afternoon. it's ample sunshine for us to this really is a brief bit of moisture. continue to track it throughout the course of your morning. first on, let's go over to i know you've got some updates on an incident on the bay bridge. exactly. so we still have an accident. it's 80 east down west of that treasure island exit so the lower deck got an accident. they are 2 lanes are blocked. >> we also an accident. 80 westbound just near the toll plaza on the westbound side of the bay bridge. as i was also traveling into the city this morning on the upper deck once you do reach that final tunnel there. it looks like the lights on the bay bridge or out this morning. so again, as you're driving, you might
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encounter some dark spots, as you're traveling slick conditions. also in the east bay. we're looking at martinez highway 4 westbound east of mcewen road. there's an accident there. let's head over look at the san mateo bridge looks like an accident 92 westbound at industrial boulevard in hayward. so just as your getting ready to hop onto the ridge. there again, slick conditions take your time. a little under 13 minutes as you're traveling also along 8.80 southbound south of 66 avenue in oakland. you got an accident. a little further down and fremont 8.80, northbound south of mission boulevard an accident there says tell me it's slick along 80 this morning. richmond center fell coming as you travel out of richmond. a little under 9 minutes. a slick conditions there and we'll leave you with a look at the golden gate bridge also wet about 20 minutes for your drive. the only seen in the south. bay is a long one. oh, one southbound south of helena avenue. we're going to keep a close eye on your morning commute. please take your time. give yourself a little extra room this morning because a lot going on out there. will democrats got a
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come from behind win in new jersey on wednesday after a surprising loss in the virginia governor's race. that's republican glenn youngkin celebrating his upset victory in the virginia governor's race. he becomes the first republican to win a statewide office there in more than a decade. so some view the race as a warning sign for democrats ahead of the 2022 midterms. president biden says the solution is action. i do know. >> the people want to get things done. they want to get things done. and that's why i'm continuing to push very hard for the democratic party to move along and pass my infrastructure bill and my build back better. bill. >> democratic incumbent phil murphy 8 out a win in new jersey governor's race. but that contest was a lot closer than anyone predicted in the usually blue state of new
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jersey. look at other races asian american michelle wu will become boston's first female mayor. and as we reported last night, new york city has also elected former police captain eric adams as mayor. there. well, today the suspect charged for assault in oakland's chinatown chamber of commerce. president will go to court for sentencing. in addition to us all. he was previously charged with a hate crime that those charges were since dropped call chan says he's going to be there to provide a victim's impact statement. however, groups like the anti police terror project plan to show up in support of dropping charges altogether. they cite mental illness. kron four's. taylor is aqi. has that story. >> a demand for action plan at the alameda county courthouse on thursday. anti-police terror project and its allies are asking that all charges be dropped against 25 year-old james lee ramzy ramzy was charged in may with assault and a hate crime following the
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attack on oakland chinatown chamber of commerce president karl chan. however, the hate crime charges were later dropped several months later, chan says he was walking near chinatown running errands when ramsey suddenly came from behind him and hit him in the head back in april on thursday. the district attorney's office has the option to ask the judge to sentence ramsey to serve his time in a secure, mental health facility or face up to 4 years in state prison. something kept brooks with the anti terror police project considers unethical. james ramsey. >> had not been on his medication for a month at the time of the assault he was in extreme psychiatric. 2 arrests. did not harm mister chan because mister it is an asian men. rate he engaged in in a violent act at the place of said where mental distress setting ramsey's history of mental illness. >> brooks argues prison is not
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the answer. she believes all charges should be dropped and ramsey. should instead be placed in a treatment center. needs help. >> he'd support. he needs wrap around services. he needs a facility that is not mired in violence and pew candidate behavior modification that i guess is what you would call it. and he needs to be put somewhere where you can think you can figure out they can figure out how to stabilize him, but living his life behind the cage and and his only crying being severe mental illness. we all should find that morally reprehensible to chan was unavailable for an interview on wednesday but will voice any of his concerns in the courtroom on thursday. >> he says there he will provide a victim impact statement and ramsey sentencing hearing in oakland taylor kron 4 news. >> oakland police are investigating after a local chefs mobile kitchen was stolen. it happened early monday morning on newton avenue in oakland's lake
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merritt district a little guy says it was stolen right outside his apartment while he was out grocery shopping. he tells us he bought the kitchen with his stimulus money. it started a catering business during the pandemic as a way to provide for his son. >> a lot of my equipment was. what these 2 hands. my passion is also giving back. so. every week i up to 3 to 400 male sports city of oakland alameda county. >> anyone with information is asked to contact oakland police. developing story. there are new allegations that the deadly shooting on a movie set in new mexico may have been sabotaged attorneys for the film armor. hannah gutierrez-reed says her equipment may have been tampered with. they suggest someone snuck live ammunition into a box of dummy rounds. she was using. they claim she did not place to live rounds into the box that day actor alec baldwin accidentally fired the gun that killed
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cinematographer. elena hutchens and injured director. joel, so cent both baldwin and gutierrez-reed are cooperating with the investigation. meanwhile, nearby in san francisco's marina district safety concerns a leading neighbors to hire private officers patrol special police officer alan virat says smashed car windows reports of home burglaries and robberies are bringing in good business for him. pirates says he's at 50 to 60 more private client since the pandemic bringing the total citizens who each pay him $65 a month to keep an eye out for suspicious activity up to about a 165 people. >> since the pandemic from last i've gotten a lot more calls, a lot more e-mails and increased people in the basically scared about what's going on. they see radio reports what's on social media and they don't feel safe in their neighborhoods.
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>> unlike private security patrol police officers have been part of the city charter since the night 1850's. they have similar uniforms to the sfpd and they are authorized to make arrests. police officers stationed at sfo have a new training center is designed. so different agencies can use it and it includes things like a shooting range and an observation tower part of the idea to elevate the level of preparedness at the airport. as spokesman doug cagle says it's all about more security. >> and one of the important things about securing our facility is getting these agencies to work collaboratively together. and that's really what this building is all about. it's about bringing a place where people can train collectively work on their tactics and really foster that collaboration and teamwork. >> well, the facility also includes classrooms and equipment maintenance areas. we'll be right back after the break.
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welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. it's time for you now is here on. >> this november. 4th. >> and it is rainy and wet out there in many parts of the bay area. today's definitely the day will leave early. i left a little early. our meteorologists on travel has been tracking the forecast for
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us. hi, john. it's such good advice because i was also leaving early. i was running into those spots. the water on the road. it may not be our most significant rainfalls, but it still is leaving roadways wet in the midst of your morning commute. so especially for early risers. >> if you are taking to the roads here in the next few be mindful of the fact that we're still seeing rain falling for a lot of the bay. and even if you are seeing radar dry for you. it did rain about an hour ago, at least for some spots and that is resulting in those very slick conditions starting right now with what we're seeing from fremont and livermore down through san jose which is our most widespread of rain right now. 6 ad as well as the great is really looking at some of our most slick conditions. dumbarton bridge and highway 92 still in the midst of some light showers as well. san jose. it's very widespread for you. currently. you can see a little bit more zoomed in the 84 as well as 92 crossing. the bay are in the midst of some of those light showers right now. also seeing that from freeman curtain or down through milpitas this morning.
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so it's definitely an active one out there. half moon bay and highway one you seen conditions starting to calm down as those showers have now pushed on to the east sitting right above the santa cruz mountains about to be dropping over highway 17 as you make your way down to santa cruz, san francisco on the drier side, a couple of sprinkles. do remain, especially out towards daly city and ocean beach. as for the east bay oakland down to hayward starting to calm things down a little bit. a couple of sprinkles do remain just south of hayward. again. that's right. as you're making your 92 crossing bay bridge as well the golden gate bridge in the richmond. sandra fell bridge really starting to dry out much as our northern neighbors already have sonoma and napa counties were for spots to see rain last night and us our first spots to dry out this morning. showers will continue to gradually push out of the region by 06:00am a couple of lingering showers above san jose. but really after that point, it may just see a sprinkle or 2 holding on to some cloud cover late this morning and then towards
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noontime today. we're really going to start tapping into some sunshine and keep that sunshine around into the afternoon as for tomorrow, a pretty sunny day, at least to start increasing clouds towards the finish of the day. some showers up in mendocino county but not expecting those to drift south from there saturday could bring a couple of isolated sprinkles but should be an overall dry one rainfall from this point forward really just a trace for the north bay, maybe a 10th of an inch elsewhere really about to be a dry day ahead of us as the shower activity gradually steers its way out. most of us today will be solidly in the 60's now even though still mild with the sunshine overhead not as warm of a day as yesterday was which was our warmest of the forecast. so today just adjust that attire accordingly not leaving the 60's so that means a be the light jacket even as the sunshine reappears later on. if you're leaving the house here shortly do bring the rain jacket with you, but you're really not going need the rain jacket for much longer. i just keep that extra layer on as for the afternoon looking dry. but cool tomorrow
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will be another dry day, followed by saturday. a sprinkle or 2 monday and tuesday of next week. are very rainiest with monday night into tuesday like that to bring the heaviest of rain, rain. don, thank you for that. all right. you've got a lot of slick conditions out there starting with the bay bridge. you do have an accident. >> 80 east bounce on the lower deck of the bridge. 2 lanes are currently blocked at this hour. also on 8.80, just southbound south of 66 avenue in oakland. we got an accident. they looks like one lane is blocked and i am seeing some delays and some slowing. so you might want to go ahead and take 5.80, or 13 depending on where you're coming from. looks like another new one just popped up in the east bay in orinda, a 24 eastbound north of camino and we're keeping a close eye on that one and another one, a little further up in martinez. highway 4 westbound east of macky one road k lot of accidents out there, a lot of slick conditions definitely want to slow it down out there to driving the san mateo bridge. let's hop over there and check out things an
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accident right here. 92 westbound at industrial boulevard as you're traveling from. hey, we're just get ready to hop on that bridge. you've got an accident there. i'm not seen a delay, but that let you know it's slick as you're traveling so a little under 14 minutes, we'll have more weather and traffic coming up. but for now, let's talk about our veterans. >> because veterans day is a week from today and ahead of the holiday we're honoring men and women who have served our country this morning. we're highlighting a virginia veteran who's helping disabled children and other veterans kerry o'brien has that story for us. >> it's got, you know, special gloves on it, whether it's through his nonprofit reach that provides adaptable bikes to disabled children and or with his dog tag memorial honoring the more than 7,000 troops last in the global war on terror. every single one of the stakes as a story of behind retired army ranger james howard is giving back to his community.
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>> and never forgetting the heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice a my injury, a blessing by misfortune. howard was wounded serving in iraq and ultimately left paralyzed in a diving accident. >> his injury has never stopped him. he founded veterans and athletes united. they built this traveling memorial it's 28 feet wide by 6 feet tall. it recently on display in new york city for the 20th anniversary of 9.11. that's been the 50 plus locations. howard says he get so many requests for this traveling memorial. >> not just here on the east coast, but across the country. he would really like to have a duplicate made that could be stationed in the west. >> we get requests from phoenix san diego, san francisco. all over out west for veterans voices. i'm kerry o'brien. >> all right. take your phone out scan, this qr code because we have more stories honoring veterans all this month. we have a complete page on our
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website to take you there. we're going to talk more about stories honoring our local and veterans. now, the golden state warriors, gary payton plays an impressive game last night in a a 114 to 92 win over the charlotte hornets kron four's. jason dumas has the latest in sports. >> the dob back in action for the first time since saturday mellow ball and the hornets in town. >> tim hardaway made his nba debut for the warriors of this day in 1989 he got the festivities started. and gary payton the second huge am over the former warrior kelly, you break a rude. welcome back. >> steph like play. can't believe it. go to the 2nd quarter. jordan school was on fire. he hits the 3 here he had 22 point in the 1st half. 30 to 40 game. i'll break. it was really the only bright spot for charlotte. he nails the 3 there. 39 9, including 5
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trade. 3rd quarter. the warriors go on a 21 to 3 run area. big n gp 2 big part of that. the fence got buckets. steve kerr was best tiger woods 4th quarter. steph curry. he only had 5 points coming into this quarter. but he woke up that 3 put the warriors up 13 the hornets get to within 7. but steph, what the shot boy. 94 to 84 warriors. he had 10 points in the 4th, then kerry pain offensive rebound. flex on them. check them out. 14 points off the bench. the warriors win this 1 one great did not score in his return after the game. steve kerr spoke on pay and new tonight. >> he game while he was out there just changed everything with this defense is and 3
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i was hit by a car and needed help. i called the barnes firm. that was the best call i could've made. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. >> welcome back 4.56 on this thursday morning. a wet start
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to your thursday. so whatever you're doing leave early getting outside because we are looking at conditions that are quite slick out there right now. getting a look at where we're sitting on radar right now. you do see our most widespread of rainfall from the south bay on up through the tri valley. we've started to see conditions drying out elsewhere, though. so we really are at the tail end of this rainfall do expect slick conditions even for the north bay, though which has been dry for over an hour now. >> reyna john, thanks for that. and still to come, and the next hour. many are mourning alameda county supervisor. >> well, and after an unfortunate accident takes her life will have more details on that in a live report. and children eligible for the covid vaccine may soon have to show proved a vaccination how parents are reacting get back. the retired doctors survives a bear attack. was she saying about the terrifying experience will have that and more in the 5 o'clock hour
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when the chapstick goes on. it's on. get yours on at this morning on the kron 4 morning news 3 major stories that we're covering this morning. first. >> and alameda county supervisor ended up dying after being hit by a car while out for a walk. plus, we've got rain overnight making for a wet commute for some this morning and. and the naira buster posey of the san francisco giants announcing his retirement later today. >> from the area's local news
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station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news far. >> i know how your drive and was james from your dash camera. dash cam video showing me driving over the bay bridge this morning. and as you can see. >> what can a little bit of rain coming down. but wasn't bad. yeah. just basically what john had predicted is nice light rain this morning. nothing too terrible in the wind wasn't all that looks like it would fix your wipers. yes. yeah, that's nice and smooth and quiet. very good job james, because it had been running for a while. it


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