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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  November 5, 2021 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 4. >> good morning and thanks for joining us for the kron 00:00am morning news here on november. the 5th i'm reyna harvey. it's friday and hopefully you had a great night's sleep so you can have some energy to do whatever it is you want to do on the weekend. i think. >> we're going to have a dry one. not too sure. meteorologists. john stray bull is in this morning to get us started. good morning, john. hey, good morning. rain yep. we are holding off on the rainfall until monday and tuesday of next week. so indeed a pretty dry weekend ahead of us. now today we will see a couple of showers in mendocino county, but not for
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the rest of the bay area. so definitely a dry friday. but we will see increasing cloud cover this friday. >> you look outside right now actually show some pretty clear skies looking out from your berkeley hills camera. really nice way to kick off this morning. we are going to see some cloud cover and some fog mixed together at the start, especially out towards our inland valleys. you can see in livermore visibility isn't the best right now. we do have some low visibility spots, especially through the grade out to the central valley. we have some dense to leave fog. that is against again forms formed this morning. radar is showing your dry skies that we're in the midst of we do have a very weak system to our north. and this is what's going to result in some showers really for mendocino neighbors to the north of the bay area. this is just going to skirt just to the north of us. so not offering a city of the rainfall but having a moderating effect on temperatures. so expect some 60's pretty solidly these next few days 40's and 50's for current temperatures. santa rose at 43 nevado petaluma and allay each at 48 well, oakland
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and concord sitting right at 50 degrees currently later on today. look forward to some 60's much like we did yesterday. we will see those showers farther north up in mendocino county. but the rest of us staying dry for a really nice start to the weekend. this friday just get the layers on trust and your fall. best and enjoy what will be a dry weekend ahead of rain next week. rain. tom, thanks for that. all right. let's get a look at your traffic because it's dry this morning not seen any. >> major delays at this hour. heading into the city a little under 2 minutes for your drive time. we do have a traffic collision on 6 ad northbound north of 24. so again, it looks like there is an accident. there. let's go and get a look at the san mateo bridge. no major delays or does look like we do have some construction as you're traveling to 85 and an accident along one oh, one. that's a below park. southbound and marsh road. but again, it's so early. i'm not seeing any delays in connection to these 2 accidents. the richmond sandra
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fell bridge. let's go get a look at that a little under 2 minutes as you head out, a richmond and the golden gate bridge about 20 minutes from the north bay to reach the tolls will have more on this coming now let's get back to some of our top stories this morning. francisco police are investigating after 2 men were shot in the city's haight-ashbury neighborhood. it happened around 1 o'clock thursday afternoon on hate asked street a sonic avenue. authorities say one of those victims died at the scene and the other was taken to a local hospital. police say this is still a very active investigation while people living in that neighborhood say they're just fed up with the violence. >> we have a number of witnesses that have given us information that a number of rounds were shot this last week, there was a different shooting just like one block the other direction. so it's starting to feel like a less than safe neighborhood and i don't i'm not happy about that. >> now that first shooting,
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the that man just referenced happened about a block away that was on october 22nd. it was also in the middle of the day, bullet hit several cars and the window of the ritual coffee shop. one person went to the hospital with life threatening injuries. there's been no update on their condition and police have still not described the suspect. and the south bay police are searching for vandals who defaced los gatos high school. well, the buildings were spray. painted was racist and homophobic slurs. kron four's. dan thorn talk with the school's principal about the hateful acts. >> the vandalism happened on the night of halloween and eggs were thrown and pretty much all of the buildings on campus. the school's principal telling us these acts were hurtful and sad and he's hoping by getting the word out that whoever did. this will be given up security video captured on the night of halloween shows at least 3 groups of vandals defacing los gatos high school. the windows of school buildings were pelted with eggs and a prized
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529 pound pumpkin was smashed. but what was most disturbing for principal. kevin buchanan was the spray painting of racist and homophobic slurs. it feels like a punch in the gut and a step rails a huge step backwards. >> that's what kind of increasing, you know, address equity and inclusion and understanding and awareness. >> buchanan says he understands the mischievous mood around halloween but hate and destruction is inexcusable. the principal has been calling on the high school community to come forward with information. well, police have been investigating the ax. it's a it's a social conscious commute. is an element that we need to stand up to and be a and >> teachers were also specifically targeted by the graffiti buchanan took over the high school as principal in july and says there have been challenges that are being addressed. so far no one has been held responsible for the damage. >> it's unclear whether current or former students are
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the culprits and really sad and really sad. i think we're all when you have a racist and homophobic. >> that was pretty disgusting. los gatos police are investigating similar vandalism found at the homes of some teachers here in the area. >> buchanan says that the social media posts of students talking about what happened here on campus are being monitored reporting in los gatos dan thorn kron 4 news. >> with more than 24 hours after the shocking and sudden death of alameda county supervisor wilma chan. the community is still mourning her loss. there's a growing memorial at the intersection of shoreline drive in grand avenue. alameda. that is where supervisor chain was hit by a car while walking her dog, her death is the for sale traffic accident in alameda county this year. many residents now say they are even more concerned about speeding and traffic safety on the island. >> it's a all throughout alameda pervasive. now element is always had a, you know,
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emphasis on a 25 mile an hour speed zone. you know, i think people are frustrated by that. our officers are focused on. >> people that are driving over the speed limit and engage in any other dangerous vehicle, code violations. >> well, alameda police chief joshi says they're still looking for surveillance video of the accident that killed chan. it would not say whether there will be criminal charges filed alameda city council member john knox white is promising to take action following supervisor chance, death saying in a statement, quote, more people are killed by people driving in alameda than they are through criminal activity as an elected city council member. i will work with my colleagues to do everything we can to ensure our city design streets to help enforce safety laws. now we're talking on a virus coverage. the rollout of the covid vaccine for kids took a step up as multiple clinics are now offering the shot near dozens of schools in san jose. the clinics are targeting schools in areas hardest hit by the pandemic where parents
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have limited resources to access the vaccine. there are roughly a 128,000 children ages 5 to 11 in santa clara county. officials say why they won't be able to reach every child. they still want to make sure the doses are as widely available as possible for them. >> it will keep our children safe from illness and allow them to engage in more and more of typical childhood experiences. need get the combing 9 shot it's people to stay. >> and san francisco health officials are warning parents. it might be hard to sign your child up for dose right away. so far san francisco has received about 12,000 doses for the 44,000 eligible children large health systems like ucsf at kaiser's. well, as pharmacies will also be getting their all vaccines in the near future. well, those are the only 2 counties in the bay area that have already
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started administering the shot for children. you can find santa clara county's clinic at the county fairgrounds while san francisco has nearly 100 clinics across the city. we're in contra, costa and san mateo counties are opening their clinics tomorrow. them are in clinical open at northgate mall and will offer shots tuesday through saturday. san mateo will host a clinic at the county's event center contra costa parents can start scheduling appointments now at county run sites health officials in contra, costa county held a town hall last night to reassure parents about the safety of the vaccines. >> the reality is around 30% of kids who are hospitalized covid did not have underlying conditions. now, that's not a number that has been publicized. a lot of people don't know that. number 2 with respect to recovery after an infection. there's no guarantee that a few weeks out you will still have antibodies that will protect you. >> pediatricians agreed even
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if you believe your child to be healthy. there's still a chance that they can get sick and end up in the hospital. well, as for the remaining bay area counties. napa county will open up a clinic in about 10 days on november 15th alameda county is planning for a clinic about the same time but has not set an exact date. sonoma county will not be hosting one big clinic site but will instead be doing individual vaccination sessions in schools. those will start on tuesday and solano county has not yet set a date for its clinic besides these county run locations. the doses will also be available at pharmacies and pediatricians offices throughout the bay area. meantime, thousands of us military personnel missed a covid-19 vaccination deadline nearly 8500 active duty air force and space force members are not vaccinated. the air force says these figures account for the 800 people who refuse the shot and the nearly 5,000 requesting a religious
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exemption. but about 95% of the branches vaccinated and about one percent is waiting for their second dose. the air force plans to review all exemption request by the beginning of next month. the united kingdom has authorized the use of the world's first covid antiviral pill. it was first developed by merck pharmaceutical and is for adults 18 and older who have tested positive for covid and have at least one risk factor for developing severe disease. mark claims, a drug cuts hospitalizations and deaths by half among patients with early symptoms. now the company has not disclosed any side effects. the medication is still pending review by us regulators. and unemployment across the country has dropped to its lowest point since the pandemic started. the latest job report shows 14,000 fewer jobless claims were filed last week bringing the total number of new claims to around 269,000 nationwide. the number is down from about 900,000 in
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january. analysts say the drop is a good sign that the job market is slowly healing right now around 2.0. 1 million americans are collecting unemployment one year ago. that number stood at 7.1 million. it will. still to come on the kron 4 morning news authorities say a man is lucky to be alive. >> after driving by all of cliff. what authorities to the scene of that crash and the white house is rolling out a new nationwide vaccine mandates that will affect roughly a 100 million workers will have more details after we get back from break.
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>> will. welcome back to the kron 4 morning news a time for you now 04:14am, on this friday. i'm excited. hopefully you're excited because the week is going to be nice the weather is going to be lovely. good chance to get out the house even if you just want to sit your backyard. it's a good time to do all of that. and i know is going to good for you, john, because you were new suit to that. typically means the weather looks good. how are you doing this morning. and the new suit. so what's going on this weekend. >> whatever i wear my purple suit. people are like some it's it's so funny and study. what's up today. they're going where it's friday. why not colored up a little bit. that's like the only head. it is going to be a nice friday. we've got rainfall out of the picture and we're looking at conditions out there today that are going to be nice for
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getting outside. >> maybe doing some dining. i wouldn't do the outdoor dining maybe today could be a little cool for that as well as a little bit cloudier. so. >> just get yourself to warm spot drift, your stretch yourself and your fall, best and prepare for what will be some cloudier conditions, some cool conditions. but overall some dry conditions for your weekend. financial district looks good. it's under some cloud ctver this morning. but staying dry across the bay. we do see this weak frontal boundary to our north. this is going to skirt just north of the bay area resulting in some mendocino county showers later on today. in fact, you can see those showing up here in future cast after what will be partly cloudy skies to start. it's not going to take long for more and more cloud cover to roll over head. you see the showers approaching from the north and west. they're not going to dip into our neck of the woods though, really just skirting northern sonoma county and then especially impacting areas like ukiah up into the humboldt county redwoods and even northern portions of lake county. so bay area were staying cool. we're staying cloudy, but we are staying dry as we work our way through this friday
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saturday. tomorrow could come along with the sprinkle or 2 nothing more than misty conditions holding on to mostly cloudy skies again. as for sunday does look like it should be a dry one for most of us a few north bay sprinkles can be expected later on into sunday. but you really see here. this is a pretty calm and dry weekend ahead. monday we start to see some moderate showers and then monday night and tuesday is when rainfall really starts to come down. today's daytime highs. pretty solid 60's whether you're at the coastline right along the shore of the bay or further in the end, all of us going to be enjoying this comfortably cool. one san jose at 67 campbell 68 degrees fremont on up through hayward in the mid 60's while looking at oakland at 64 walnut creek and concord 67 the late show you'll be at a nice 65 today. just get those jackets on the light jacket in the sweater and you will be to go for day and really on into the weekend, something that's got excited is falling back in our that doesn't mean it's going to get dark a little bit earlier. but it also means you get that extra hour of sleep monday and
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tuesday will be our rainiest of days in particular, monday night into tuesday. a couple sprinkles possible on wednesday but drying out by the middle of next week. right now. john, thank you for that. i'm going to get that extra hour's man. >> i will. as you're traveling this morning. no major issues or delays. a little under 11 minutes to make it from the maze. 2 that freeman street exit in the city in the east bay does look like a little highway 24 west, not east of pleasant hill road. lafayette looks like accident just popped up there. we'll keep a close ene on things but n t causing much of a delay this hour. let's look at the san mateo bridge you had a cross towards the peninsula. no major delays along the freeway 13 minutes for your drive there along one o one, the win them a park. there's an accident, one. oh, one southbound marsh road still traffic is flowing. pretty nicely to that area. the richmond sandra fell commute. as you travel out of richmond across towards nfl pretty quiet see. not the car about 9 minutes for your drive time and the golden gate bridge. let's head over look at things
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there. the north bay to the tolls in the city. about 20 minutes. we'll have more weather and traffic coming up now in national news. opening statements could begin today in the case against the 3 white men accused of chasing and killing them on auberry in georgia. the controversy is already surrounding the perseids after 2 and a half weeks of the difficult jury selection process. the jury which was seated on wednesday is made up of 11 white jurors and only one black juror the jury pool comes from glynn county, georgia, where more than a quarter of the population is black. very an avid jogger was gunned down when the defendant's claim they thought he was a robbery suspect. the biden administration announced more details for the vaccine requirement for large businesses that are soon going to take effect. alexandra limon joins us live with the latest from washington on this friday. good morning, alex. and are. >> good morning. this vaccine
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requirement impacts 84 million americans or about 2 thirds of the u.s. workforce and people are being warned. they have 2 months to get vaccinated. >> it's not a mandate that first and foremost, i think that's very clear. the biden administration announced businesses with more than 100 employees and federal contractors have until january 4th to insure their workers are fully vaccinated is really about creating a safe workplace for people. secretary of labor. marty walsh says those who don't want to be vaccinated can be tested weekly instead. but those workers will also be mandated to wear masks inside the workplace and health care workers will not have the option of testing walsh is pushing back against the criticism that this vaccine requirement could hurt businesses and the economy. covid-19 is right. the spread of the virus has hurt business. and what this this helps us prevent that from happening in alabama were having problems. senator tommy tuberville says it's not that simple. he fears labor and
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supply chain shortages could get worse. we have 5,000 defense contractors. you just can't replace of a rocket scientist. if one doesn't take the vaccine. and senator mike braun says the vaccine requirement is federal overreach. most frightening ultimatum that businesses have had contend with about 2 dozen states are threatening to sue over this vaccine requirement. but the biden administration is standing firm. we're pretty confident the administration clearly has the authority to protect workers. >> now starting on december 5th these businesses will also be required to provide paid time off so that employees can get vaccinated. >> and paid sick leave. if those employees experience any side effects live in washington. alexandra limon. >> thank you for that report. alexandra. well, coming up next on the kron 00:00am morning news dave chapelle's in the bay area yesterday following controversy of his latest netflix comedy special and we have fan reaction.
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we'll have a look at that when we get back. comedian dave
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chappelle kicks off his new tour at the chase center. and this comes after weeks of controversy regarding his latest netflix comedy special, which many people accused of being transphobic, kron, four's. gayle ong was out
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there and got a chance to talk to some fans. >> they've chappelle not sure. i was shocked that youth see what he said back in may 2005 and stop its this. >> some of the same stuff you've always been pretty one with everything he says and i'm honestly a fan of i don't personally think that he said anything super negative fans lined up at chase center thursday for a sold-out show supporting comedian dave chappelle amid controversial comments. >> about the transgender community in a netflix special. the closer lgbtq groups have pushed back against the special and his tour beginning in san francisco for his new untitled documentary who are like they should have who are kicking off. >> to kind of share out. i'm very kind of the trial about the it's friday, march and you never you knit is director of cultural affairs with the transgender district in san francisco deeply saddens on
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that. the tension district our main focus is to empower and to enrich our community is so that folks who do because staff and to make us feel it all. can understand that we are a force to reckon with that. we are not going anywhere >> last month. netflix employees locked down on the job in protest to the special demanding better support for transgender employees. chappelle addressed the backlash and remains unapologetic in a social media video chappelle. >> said that he has been uninvited to film festivals and distributors have shied away from picking up his documentary. we did reach out to his rep for comment about this event but have not yet heard back here at chase gayle ong kron 4 news. >> we'll be right back after the commercial break.
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>> daylight savings time ends this weekend and all excited about fall back on sunday. >> that means we get extra hour. that means the morning team is going to be even more arrested at the time. change continues in california, even though you might remember voters approved a ballot measure 3 years ago to stop the practice. but as it turns out, proposition 7 itself didn't do away with the time change. it just gave the state legislature the power to do and so far that hasn't happened yet.
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>> we have sleep experts. we have some medical professionals who think we really need to go to standard time year-round. and then you have a lot of parents in people who like evening activities who really want daylight savings time year round and authority we have as legislators, we have to get through with 2 thirds of the vote. >> so remember to set your clocks back an hour this weekend because the time change goes into effect at 02:00am on sunday morning november 7 do not forget of already asked. i'm john here to please, if you'll see me in here at normally if you're please call me, just call me kamiyah. it might just overslept. that was sleeping in own eyes and that one time of year we get the 25 hour day. yes, that so nice. do i see like standard time or daylight saving time better. i like the daylight savings time like present. okay. you get extra out. exactly what it confuses


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