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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  November 5, 2021 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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just figured out the whole capital trade. why would work in our house. even if we had eiklor, you can't have a trade, a pick at your house. it just wouldn't work. proportions. you know, we continue to sell a look at 4 a nice weekend where you can get a lot done if you're getting ready to start to maybe decorate, maybe if you want to be an early decorated for the holidays, be careful and put anything out there, too fragile to the elements because we do have some rain on the way next week. john. yeah, it may be holed up until the middle of next week. if you don't want your stuff to get wet. it's nice and waterproof. go ahead and get out there and put those lights and step up this weekend. >> we are going to be looking at conditions today, tomorrow and sunday that are dry rainfall holding off until monday later in the day on into tuesday. it's looking like so that bodes well for your weekend plans. your view outside right now at the golden gate bridge is looking pretty clear, actually those spots that are normally foggy and marine layer day are certainly not the case this morning, pretty clear at the coast as well as in the interior of the bay. we've had fog for inland valleys
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especially problematic for the central valley enough. so that the central valley, including solano county is under a dense fog advisory current conditions out there are dry increasingly cloudy through the day and for mendocino county, the possibility of a few late day showers. but for the bay area itself not really looking at that potential 40's and 50's for current temperatures to get the sweaters in the light jackets on and you should be pretty well off for the rest of your day to day. i will be talking that rainfall into early next week. in your full forecast. first, though, on to the roads with is it pretty slow out there. you know what it's low and a lot of areas out there wish i had better news for you, but idol. we do have an accident here at the bay bridge right near the toll. so as you're traveling there are no you can see the emergency lights there from that accident happened the last hour. so it's going to take you about a little under 22 minutes to head from the east bay into the city. if you're making that drive currently. >> we also have another hot spot in pleasanton southbound,
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6.80, north, 5.80, east. we have 2 lanes here. that is blocked as stan lee boulevard in 84 would be good options for you out in san ramon northbound, 6.80, south of a costa boulevard. he got another accident. so we're seeing delays there heading out of richmond across towards sandra fell a little under 15 minutes and fremont south on 8784 east another accident. so we are seeing delays. we'll have more on your friday morning commute. the darya james, back to you. thanks a lot right. 7. '02. and we have breaking news about pfizer's pill. if you get covid the one that you can take at home. it's not out yet, but it could be soon because they've decided affective. they stopped the trial and they're sending it straight to the fda for approval. they say it prevents hospitalizations and deaths by nearly 90%. if you take this pill in the first 3 days that you come down with covid when they gave they had about 750 people. the trial, half of them got a dummy pill and haven't got the real pill and nobody who got the real pill and up dying. all of the
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occurred in people who got the fake pill and almost all the hospitalizations were people who didn't get the real pill. so it's that effective pfizer still says, though, in the meantime, the best thing you can do is get vaccinated and now that kids 5 to 11 can get vaccinated. we're seeing effort to really ramp up locally. >> to get everybody. the shot who's eligible to get the shot contra costa county, a prime example. they're going to start vaccinating kids between that age range today. yeah. the county has thousands of doses ready to go into arms. kron four's. camila barco is at the concord health center building now with more on that. hi camilla. >> good morning, guys. yes. starting today. some kids will receive their first dose of the covid vaccine here in contra, costa county county officials say they expect to have weny a 1000 of these doses available. health care workers will begin providing the vaccine to kids at 5 to 11
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years old at no cost and this is happening at the county's public health vaccination clinics in antioch richmond and here in concord, there's about 92,000 county residents between the ages of 5.11 county officials expect for the demand to be high. the vaccine is said to be 91% effective at preventing could traction with mild side effects if any. the attrition is agree, even if you believe your child is healthy. there is still a chance they can get sick. >> the reality is around 30% of kids who are hospitalized with covid did not have underlying conditions. now, that's not a number that has been publicized. a lot of people don't know that. number 2 with respect to recovery after an infection. there's no guarantee that a few weeks out you will still have antibodies that will protect you. >> pediatric doses one 3rd of the dosage given to teens and
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adults. however, kids might still get 2 shots at least 3 weeks apart. county officials say they are working with local schools and health care centers to host vaccine clinics at schools. however, at this time. no dates have been set in stone. but if you do want to book your appointment. for your child. you don't have to be living here in contra, costa county. all you have to do is just go to county website and then a book, an appointment from there. or you can also kind of call the health services and making a book. for you. however, they do say that you do need to have an appointment to get your child vaccinated. they won't allow any walking. so today is a special day for kids. some might be happy. others might not. but either way, plenty of kids will be rolling up their sleeves and getting team show me a kid was happy at the shot in the arm. and like i said, if we some chicken nuggets after maybe that will help ease the pain a little. thank you very much. camila doing this all around the bay. multiple clinics are offering the shot for the little ones in san jose.
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>> those clinics are targeting the schools in areas that are hardest hit by the pandemic or parents have a limited resources to access the vaccine there. about a 125,000 kids aged 5 to 11 in santa clara county. >> and officials say how they would really is. they're probably not going to able to reach every child. but that doesn't mean they're not going to try. >> 76 that. i'm speaking of covid, we've got another story here for you. we've got several cal football players. now they're going to be forced to miss tomorrow's game because they are now under the covid protocol kron four's will tran has been following this live from cow this morning and he has the details. hi. well. >> they're not playing here. there will be in arizona. but here is where it impacts the entire student body because these are student athletes. and that is why james and area. they're under covid protocol just to make sure that they're safe because let's face it, if they're not on the field. there's a good chance there in the classrooms and then other people could get sick as far as what's
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going on with the cal football players. they've been sacked the university is not saying whether or not they tested positive for covid-19 just that they're under covid protocols so they will not be traveling to arizona. the rest of the team will. but before they take the field, they will be tested to make sure that they are negative with covid-19 to protect t emselves from each other and the other team. the university says 99% of their players have been vaccinated notice not 100%. so we're not exactly sure if these players have been vaccinated, their names, their positions not being released because of privacy. they don't want to give out, say the certain position linebacker or cornerback just in case somebody might find out who they are. the timing is pretty coincidental. the nation. the sports world they are talking about aaron rodgers, cals. most famous former player. he tested positive for covid-19 when he said he got vaccinated when he was not vaccinated as
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far as this particular situation, they're going to monitor the student athletes just to make sure that they're safe before they return to the field and of course we turn to the classrooms. back to you. all right. thanks a lot. well. >> 7 '07, is the time happening right now. we've got live pictures here from the house of representatives in dc they're going to be voting at some point here on 2 of president biden's suggested proposals. and again, the live look shows there voting on a motion to adjourn at the moment, not the president's actual bills. there's an infrastructure bill. much, i people this is a has of their 2 bills that you've got the president's infrastructure bill and then also his social spending bill too. so we'll keep you updated on when those votes actually happened. what the result is. funny. that they vote on everything, everything. so was she's a so procedural. we'll take a quick break. i should say before we do that. also happening today we've got a memorial service. expected to be held for former secretary of state colin
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powell. and we're going to have that for you live. he was 84 when he died from complications of covid-19. he had also been fighting cancer to and parkinson's disease. he was the first black secretary of state. and we know that president biden is expected to attend today's service as well. and again, we'll have live coverage for you when the memorial starts at 9 o'clock. we're actually going to start a little bit earlier will begin our coverage at 8.30, as we anticipate the funeral services to begin at 9 this morning. >> 7, '09, is time right now. and at more than 24 hours now since the shocking and sudden death of alameda county supervisor wilma chan. >> the community is still mourning her loss is a growing memorial at the intersection of shoreline drive and grand avenue in alameda, which is where supervisor chan was hit by a car while she was out walking her dog, her death is the 4th fatal traffic accident in alameda this year. and a lot of people who live there are concerned about speeding. >> it's a all throughout
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alameda pervasive now ellen always had a, you know, emphasis on a 25 mile an hour speed zone. you know, i think people are frustrated by that. our officers are focused on. >> people that are driving over the speed limit and engage in any other dangerous vehicle, code violations. >> the alameda police chief says that they're still looking for surveillance video of the accident and they would say this point was is or will be any criminal charges. >> in san francisco fans lined up for a sold-out dave chappelle show at the chase center. you may know this comes amid controversy over chappelle's latest netflix comedy special in which many people said he was being transphobic lgbtq groups in fact, a push back against that special and repels new tour, which for which he's a showcasing. his untitled documentary. >> deeply saddened who are like they should have who are taking off. to to kind of share out. i'm very kind of the trial like about the it's hard an ally.
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>> yeah. last month netflix employees walked off the job in protest of that special and they demanded that netflix better support. they're transgender employees. chappelle did address the backlash. but to this day he still unapologetic. >> 7.10, is the time. and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. we're going to hear from a woman is accusing southwest airlines of racial profiling because she says they accused her of human trafficking. >> of her own daughter. >> who is she's white or daughters biracial. so you can imagine she's pretty upset about that. and staying dry this weekend. so the biggest thing you have to worry about is adjusting those clocks before you go to bed saturday night. >> as we will be gaining in our that means that you have that extra hour of sleep waking up sunday morning. nice little treat. especially when you go back to work on monday. i'm talking about monday and tuesday's rainfall, though. still to come. >> and far from like conditions out there on your roadways on this friday. we've
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got an accident on the bay bridge. even following another one out in pleasanton. we'll have a look at that once we get back. [ sfx: bzzz bzzz bzzz ] [ sfx: ping ping beep beep bloop bloop ] [ sfx: honk ] [ sfx: pop pop pop pop ] [ sfx: pop ping bloop pop ping bloop ] the day can wait.
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hey, john. hey, guys. yeah. nice weekend ahead of us were saving the rain for early next week. so the weekend and today, for that matter. >> are looking pretty good. we are looking at some fog for inland valleys. but at sfo as well as near the coastline or even right along the east bay shoreline conditions out there. certainly not foggy just a little bit of cloud cover overhead. it is our interior valleys like the tri valley and the central valley, especially that are in the midst of some dense fog at times. so possibly if you're heading up 80 getting up into the sierra nevada this morning to watch for some spots of fog out that direction as far as rainfall potential this weekend goes. that's going to stay pretty limited to our north up in the mendocino humboldt and del norte counties as for the bay area rainfall potential is pretty limited to a few sprinkles in sonoma county late tonight into tomorrow morning. we are going to tap into some cloud cover from this passing system. but any sort of moisture from it is just tapped well to out of our region to be really getting in the mix with it. if you do want some rainfall, though,
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wait until monday into tuesday. that's when our next atmosphere river take shape across the bay area. you'll be able to see that, especially starting to advance into the bay late monday. so here we go. monday 10:30pm, starting to see some heavier rainfall pushing into the bay. you can see that line of showers that stretches offshore. that's the moisture plume. that results in the atmospheric river really taking aim right at the bay area. so it really does look like it's going to be a tuesday morning impact, especially during our commute. we're really going to see that heavy rain and a solid dose of sierra snow from this one as well in the meantime, the weekend ahead. does look nice and dry rainfall in santa rosa could amount to 207 inch. that's really just a trace of a few sprinkles in those very for this northern reaches of the bay. the rest of us. a little bit of cloud cover and a little bit of a cooler feel 60's for most of our daytime highs with millbrae at 64 south san francisco at 65 foster city through redwood city each at 67 while looking at some upper 60's for the
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south. tell the south bay as well as for much of the east bay to pleasanton livermore each at 66 oakland 64 today. while the late show and nice 65. and for you in novato 66 degrees. so you be your daytime high tomorrow's highs right around the same as today sunday will be a little bit cooler. you also get that extra hour's sleep sunday. don't forget. monday into tuesday. our best chances of rainfall, especially monday night into tuesday itself. reyna john, looking forward to that extra hour of sleep. we got some hot spots. let's start with the bay bridge. we have an accident there. it's been there for. >> maybe the past 25 minutes or so. so drive times have gone up about 22 minutes. once you leave the maze heading into the city to that fremont street exit looks like they're still working on trying to get that off of the bridge there. that's right. near the toll plaza. other hot spots and accidents like this one out in pleasanton southbound, 6.80, north, 5.80, east. that's the hot spot there with 2 lanes blocked and another accident. northbound 6.80, south of a casa boulevard. san ramon. so you're seeing delays along
7:18 am
6.80 heading across towards the peninsula. no accidents, no delays gear. 15 minutes for your drive. another traffic hazard. this time it's 80 westbound. just east of university avenue in berkeley and we are seeing delays all back up through richmond and berkeley. so san pablo avenue would be a good alternate living with a look at the richmond sandra fell commute as you head to richmond a little under 15 minutes. darya james, back to you. thanks. right. 7.18 for your money this morning. nfl makes a big move to educate fans about responsible betting and the monthly jobs report was just released. jane king is live at the nasdaq with those stories and more. hi, jane. >> hi, daryn, good morning. a pretty good report over also 531,000 jobs added last month. it was more than expected unemployment rate fell to 4.6% in that job growth was broad based manufacturing in leisure and hospitality and in fact, we sell the dow, s and p nasdaq all hit record highs this morning based on this better than expected report. well, 21,000 nurses and health care professionals will strike
7:19 am
against kaiser permanente. that's will start on monday. november 15th registered nurses and healthcare professionals are striking over proposals to depress wages for current employees and then slash wages for incoming workers during a national healthcare staffing crisis. well, american airlines has pushed back its deadline for employees to get covid vaccinations by more than a month. and that was after the white house released updated rules that align with the mandated start for both federal contractors and big businesses. so americans employees now will have until january 4th 2 turned in their proof of full vaccination or filing some shun and the nfl is playing an active role in shaping the country's emerging sports betting business. the league made a 6 million dollar pledge to the nonprofit national council of problem gaming, which over 3 years. we'll help them support their helpline also boost their website and help people detect the early signs of gambling addiction sports betting ih expected to be a huge and growing business over the next few years as more states
7:20 am
legalize it live from the nasdaq. i'm jane back to you. all right. thanks. a lodging. >> it is 7.19 and happening right now we have opening statements beginning in the trial of 3 men for the killing of ahmaud arbery in georgia. this is a live look from inside the courtroom where a father and son back when the shooting happened had armed themselves and chased arbery after seeing him running through their neighborhood. then a neighbor joined that chase a recorded video of one of the men shooting arbery at close range. the lawyer for the men says that the shooting was in self-defense. prosecutors, though, say arbery was just out for a jog and it was an art. we'll keep watching the trial for you. meanwhile, photographers are now demanding that camera manufacturers install more safety features in cameras. this comes after fremont man was robbed at gunpoint when he was followed home by thieves. those thieves followed him all the way from the marin headlands where he'd been taking photographs. the men say they're the man says the thieves were wearing face masks and once he parked in his driveway. that's when they
7:21 am
seized smashing the window of his car, grabbing his camera bag. when you try to stop them. that's when he says they pointed a gun at his face. and you can see that here in the video. now the victim and other photographers have started a petition to demand change from camera manufacturers. >> and people like to believe there's something that they can do to avoid this crime or they think it hasn't happened to me because i've been smart enough to do x, y z. and i think the truth is that if you're out there with an expensive piece of equipment. it's a matter of time. >> some of their suggestions in that petition include baby and saw it pass. codes are lenz pairing so that lenses can be used with just any camera. but the ones that they're paired with gps tracking biometrics basically anything that would disable these cameras from working at their stolen. so far they've collected a couple 1000 signatures on that petition and that number is growing list. a lot of money like in their stuff and lost a lot of safety. i'm sure the scary. >> time now 7.21. and coming up talk about scary. a man
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7:25 am
guy card coached plunging off here. you can see that i this is what came for spot at near double slide like these tracks. look, we're one of the go straight to the berm of the cliff. >> and then they looked over and they saw what was below that car 50 feet down in the water. >> and there is there's the driver. and and that's when they saved him. he actually was already out of the car. can you imagine it's incredible. he only has some minor scrapes bruises of it. i don't know how it happened. it's amazing and they asked him, were you the only one of the car. yeah. yeah. i met. >> kept asking him over and over. is it are you the only occupant of that vehicle because as you saw that vehicles in the water upside down and we were noticing kids toys floating in water. so our big concern was it was there anybody else in that vehicle and he kept relaying that there he was only occupant. so it was a huge relief. >> wow. well, the chp says they're still investigating the cause of the crash that at
7:26 am
this point, though, they don't think drugs or alcohol were involved. he didn't seem impaired. so kind of a mystery will keep you updated. >> 7.25 is the time and. >> coming up next on the kron 4 morning news. we have new video of the moments before former raider star crashed his car into another car and killed a woman. we'll have that after the break.
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>> 7.28, this looks like a bob ross painting. doesn't looks like a yeah. the colors in the sky a few little capping happy clown. yeah, i think so get out. do some of this weekend. enjoy the fact that those clouds are not bringing rain quite yet. not good morning, john. hold enough of the rainfall for now. we'll save that for next week. mother nature has been offering us a couple of dry weekends. now we had a dry halloween last weekend and now we'll get a dry one as you get your extra hour of sleep this time around on sunday morning this morning it is pretty clear out there. as you can see in that camera view from center tower rather was mount tam just a minute ago. this is your center tower view. also looking at clear skies right. above the golden gate bridge this morning. we have fog advisories out into the central valley. some very dense fog out that way. even some spots here in the bay area are looking at some patchy dense fog right into our inland valleys. so the
7:30 am
further inland you get do. watch out for those lower visibility spots. otherwise it's a nice start to the day. gradually increasing cloud cover today and a bit of a cooler feel than yesterday. so bring the sweaters and the light jackets with you. but as we mentioned, no chances of rainfall just yet. i'll talk about that still to come in your full forecast. john, thanks for that. he will be looking at hot spots on this friday morning when it's supposed to be friday light. so we had an earlier accident on the bay bridge just saw another new one pop up 80 westbound. >> just west of grand there. so as you're approaching exiting the maze. another accident. there were at 21 minutes for a drive time as you're heading into the city. this morning. another hot spot in pleasanton southbound 6 city nor the east he had an overturned vehicle blocking 2 lanes. a good alternative would be 84 if you're trying to get around that. no major delays along the san mateo bridge, an uptick. those 17 minutes because we're starting to see slowing along one. oh, one, an accident here in mountain view southbound one. oh, one south of moffat
7:31 am
boulevard and in berkeley it slow along 5, 1880, as we get a traffic hazard, 80 westbound east of university avenue remember, san pablo avenue is always a good alternate darya. james, back to you. >> thanks a lot, right. 7.30 right now and we are monitoring what's going on in washington, dc because we're just about 90 minutes away now from the services for secretary of state colin powell who died last month at the age of 84. you're looking at live pictures from inside the washington national cathedral where. >> services are expected to begin at 9 o'clock this morning. of course we will start covering it at 8.30 leading up to that and then we'll bring it to you live. and uninterrupted while it is occurring. and again, we are expecting a number of dignitaries family, friends, numerous military congressional leaders to be in attendance as well. we understand it. former secretary of state madeleine albright will be speaking offering a tribute as well as many others. so stay tuned. we'll keep up to. you know what else we're going arrive.
7:32 am
what it we're going we're going to give you little colin powell gem he he is written so many books about his life and wow. we've got to he wasn't. >> i'm just gonna give you one right now a dream doesn't become reality through takes sweat determination. >> and hard work a little something to give back to colin powell this morning to help the world. it's 7.32. right now and. the white mother of a biracial black daughter is accusing southwest airlines of racial profiling. >> she and her daughter. we're on a flight from san jose to denver last month and they're actually going to a funeral as they got off the plane. they were detainedaon the jet way by gate agent and 2 police officers. >> tenants were just concerned about top of the when you board the over following up on or not says we're not expecting anything. >> so it's just prom for obtained this police report no. and it indicates a southwest flight attendant did suspect something in contacted authorities. they believe the woman was involved in human trafficking.
7:33 am
>> their claim that we boarded the flight suspiciously late. we allegedly did not speak to each other during the flight. and that we. allegedly i allegedly forbade the flight crew from speaking to my daughter. none of those 3 claims are true. >> so now the mom is calling the whole situation racial harassment and she's considering filing a civil rights lawsuit southwest issued a statement saying they're conducting an internal investigation and they will apologize. they say to the mom. >> 7.33. is the time we have new surveillance footage showing just how fast henry ruggs the 3rd was driving moments before he struck an suv driven by tina tent or killing her and her dog. it was early tuesday morning and you'll want to watch that streak of light that goes from left to right. a screen. so fast he drove by an apartment complex and they had the video going. >> prosecutors say that at the
7:34 am
time, use going 100 fist 56 miles an hour. so when he hit the woman's car. the impact was a 127 miles an hour. now 10 tours family says that the loss has been devastating for them. you can imagine that. they also say that she was the light. her parents life and loved her 3 year-old golden retriever max. they were both killed and that accident. san francisco police are investigating because 2 men. >> were shot in the haight ashbury neighborhood and one of them died. this is at haight street masonic avenue. is video of the scene. once police arrived. they say one of the victims. >> died there. the other was taken to a local hospital. people living in the neighborhood say at this point pthey are fed up with the violence. >> we have a number of witnesses that have given us information that a number of rounds were shot. this last week there was a different shooting just like one block. the other direction. so it's starting to feel like a less
7:35 am
than safe neighborhood and i don't i'm not happy about that. so you talked for shooting what he was talking about happened about a block away october 22nd was a shooting again in the middle of the day. >> bullets hit several cars, the window of a coffee shop and one person went to the hospital with life threatening injuries. we don't have any information about suspects or the conditions of that person right now. >> an employee of the san jose police department who was arrested last month on suspicion of gun crimes was arrested. again this week, this time for possession of child. denis shevchenko worked as a civilian service officer for the police department. investigators say they discovered a photo and videos of child while they were examining his electronic devices as part of the other investigation that was delving into gun crimes. both investigations now are moving forward. police say the sfpd officer dave davin cole is accused of trying to burglarize a rite aid in san
7:36 am
mateo officers got a call saying someone is trying to steal from that pharmacy and when police showed up, they say the man tried running away, but the officers were able to catch him and arrest. >> it's 7.35 in the south bay. police are looking for a group of vandals defaced los gatos high school and the vandals were seen. as you can see there on the caught on surveillance video halloween night. the egg, the campus. and they also spray painted walls with racist and homophobic slurs. the principle of los gatos high calls the ax hurtful and sad and he's hoping the community comes forward with any information to find who did. >> feels like a punch in the gut and a step rails a huge step backwards. that's what kind of increasing, you know, address equity and inclusion and understanding and awareness i'm really sad and really sad. i think we're all when you have a racist and homophobic. i was pretty disgusting. >> it's unclear whether current or former students are
7:37 am
the vandals. but this is just all part of the investigation. 7.36. and still ahead. >> don't forget to set your watch or o'clock back an hour this weekend and in the meantime, the debate is going on on capitol hill about whether or not we should do this little time dance every year we cleared >> he had plans to take over the world. you would be speaking german now you you wouldn't be free. >> we're going hear from an east bay veteran who served in world war 2 ahead of veterans day. and we are seeing conditions today. that will be pretty nice. we're staying dry. but increasingly cloudy come the afternoon and a cool feel to it with daytime highs in the 60's. the rest of your weekend forecast in our next chance of rain. in your forecast account. >> hot and slow spots across the bay area on your friday morning commute. we're seeing all of that this morning. we'll have a look at that once we get back.
7:38 am
>> and here a live picture once again of washington national cathedral where in about 90 minutes from now. we will bring you the funeral memorial service for colin powell. again, it is expected to bring out a lot of congressional leaders, family and friends. and again, live coverage in about an hour and a half.
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7:41 am
clock. we do. yeah. gaining that extra hour of sleep. it's the one we prefer as opposed to out for the time change continues here in california. you may there think yourself into vote to end daylight saving time. seems like it's a constant debate like if we should set the clocks up and back just leave it in one place. we we did vote on something related to this. but it was a vote to give the state legislature the power to end daylight saving time with the state legislature just hasn't acted on it yet so far. so we still do it this weekend. don't forget to set your clocks back an hour. >> sleep experts. we have some medical professionals who think we really need to go to standard time year-round. and then you have a lot of. >> parents in people who like evening activities who really want daylight savings time year round and authority we have as legislators, we have to get through with 2 thirds of the vote. see the o'clock right there. that my clock, i don't know how to set it so
7:42 am
just all year after year, it's wrong. and then it's right. so i can just leave time all year long. it's not the one the wakes me up, though, because this is a good one. like when we fall back, it doesn't matter on monday morning. you'll just barely. but when we spring forward, if you have the wrong time, that's when you're going to be late. so problems happen. that's when clock is a little problematic. >> we'll be right back.
7:43 am
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>> this morning we're getting a big bust or hog to buster posey because his time with the san francisco giants. yelp has come to an end. we previewed yesterday morning saying he was going to go out -% to oracle park and announce to all the fans that he was. >> hanging it up hanging up the glove, hanging up the face mask and that he was going to bring to an end the 12 years that he spent with the giants his entire difficult time here time diaper duty from now on from now, although i don't know if the little ones because we're almost to maybe they're out of diapers. now. >> so he has 4 kids a little twins at dinner babies and then the older twins that are going to be 11. i think. yeah, take a listen to what a little bit of what he had to say yesterday. >> it's about the time spent with family. the countless nights and days. pulling for your team riding the emotions of the highs riding the
7:46 am
emotions of the lows and ultimately enjoying the people that you're west along the way and making great memories together i'm so very humbled to play the part and some of those memories. the fans. thank you for all your support. i received the last >> the soccer practice and little league now for him going forward. think about so he's only 34. i mean, looks like a kid still. >> but east. think about how much time he spent. crouching down of the needs that about my kids would have been destroyed yeah. he had. i want to show you this. what? he had a 1000 hit. richard. how long, richard, a big fan. how long to game like welcome couple hours. least i'm not. i'm in
7:47 am
position you're in addressed that i could do this. no, don't do for a minute. snow for the entire he did this for a 1000 games for 12 ago asked whether jive impressed are you might might ease the to get lower go ahead a lower as she's she's still she's still a goal, still corruption. all right. so weather today we this is great. we're looking at conditions out there that are going to be a little bit cloudier come the afternoon ahead of us. some sunshine peering through those clouds this morning. it is actually are clear its time right now you can see to the north and west. we do have some rainfall that is situated. >> right off the humble coastline right now. this is going to drift into mendocino county later on. but it's not going to do so for the bay area. in fact, we're going to stay dry this weekend. today. tomorrow, sunday should be dry for most of us. a couple of north bay. sprinkles are possible. but as you can see here in future cast that rain stays to our north. it really is not intel. next week. a
7:48 am
monday night into tuesday that we tap into a lot of rainfall, a lot of moisture coming in with our next atmospheric river. it's not going to set up shop as long as the previous one did. so it's not going to have as adverse of consequences like of course, the flooding that we did see in parts of the north bay that moisture plume pretty evident offshore atmospheric river bull's eye in the bay nto tuesd morning. so do expect a rough tuesday morning commute. also some good snow up in the sierra nevada from the system. as for rainfall this weekend, santa rosa may see a trace of it. and i think daryn might be given up. no, no, she's good. she's good. i'm trying to wrap this one quickly. daria. >> she's she's good. 200 squats. a have to do squats i can just stay down here. okay. i'm i'm still working my way through this forecast because i feel for you right now. that is some impressive squatting. okay. 64 degrees in over 65
7:49 am
and then santa rosa 63, ok, we're on the seven-day. daria were close here of some 60's a little bit to this forecast earned his first monday night into tuesday is our rain. >> and daria. >> that's and is going to track. i'm just going to go right to honest. okay. haha, i think i don't know what we're going to do. >> okay. we'll figure it out dariaz. those megan, the stallion she's doing a great job over there. we're looking at highways. 5, 1880, pretty slow as you're traveling crockett down towards the maze a little under 32 minutes for you to make that drive. now we have an accident on the bay bridge that is since just been cleared off. so it's a little under 20 minutes as you're traveling into the city to that fremont street exit that hot spot in pleasanton southbound 6.18, or the 5.80, east. that's still there. so look at that delay along 6.80 as you're traveling stan lee boulevard or 84 will be get alternate for you to take that and a 20 minute drive as
7:50 am
you're heading across towards the peninsula. look at that vehicle pulled over to the side there. so you're see traffic hazards that are slowing us down. we'll have more on that. but for now diet, let's check in how you feel and how those needs for their it was a squat stick the show goes on. it does 7.49 right now and we want to talk a little bit about. >> veterans day, which is coming up next weekend, we're going put a spotlight this morning on one of the heroes that fought hard to preserve our freedoms that we enjoy today. kron four's phillipe to call shares the story of 98 year-old jake larson. >> for jake larson. >> it has always been about god and country in december. 1989. this 98 year-old us army veteran has lived a secret to longevity don't die. the retired staff sergeant sits down with us after speaking to the rotary club of pleasant hill recounting his decorated
7:51 am
military service overseas going work to was but he survived and some 77 years after storming the beaches normandy, france on d-day. he remembers those with whom he served in the infantry division. i was overseas for 3 years. i we were the first troops over after >> the jeopardy hit pearl harbor. he says he has had numerous brushes with death yet he is still around to tell his titled the luckiest man in the world. we cleared hit but he had plans to take over the world. you would be speaking german now you you wouldn't be free. larson will serve as grand marshal for the rotary clubs. veterans day parade this year as he did in 2020 in honor. he cherishes. sadly, he says all of his army brothers and sisters from war have passed people. he thinks about often especially when he
7:52 am
returned to friends on the 75th anniversary of d-day. there is a god. >> and every i thank him every day, every day. and we thank you. staff sergeant in pleasant hill phillipe djegal kron 4 >> and find more stories honoring veterans just scan. this qr code will take you right to that spot on our website and talk about honoring veterans. right now. we're waiting for the memorial service for former secretary of state colin powell dignitaries are starting to arrive now powell was a statesman and diplomat army general i'm just sharing some quotes because putting all the politics aside and the military side just as a person. just what he learned in his life. here's a quick little quote, get mad and get over it. just talking about, you know, he has so many great quotes on life and leadership. i will share those with you
7:53 am
throughout the morning. some 52 is the time. we'll be right ba
7:54 am
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7:56 am
walk its role in a 10 is mister lotus busy because don't forget grant lotus and his wife maker justine waltman. >> they will do the new year show. on to which we're bringing back this year as well. so we're all looking forward to that time. now 7.55. and coming up in the next hour. now you can get your kids vaccinated to protect them from covid just 5 to 11 years old and all of the school districts are starting to roll it out. we have a live report. >> plus i'm cal football players have covid so they have to sit out the game this weekend. we'll have a live report on that too. >> and here we have live pictures of washington national cathedral inside as more and more dignitaries and attendees are arriving in advance of the memorial service for former secretary of state colin powell. we'll have live coverage that looks like on a lease or ice there on the left hand side. yes, it does form a national security advisor for the george w bush administration. we'll be back with more coverage in just a minute.
7:57 am
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at >> good morning. 08:00am the time here on this friday morning. and you're looking at live pictures from washington, exterior shots here. the washington national cathedral where inside in about an hour's time funeral and memorial services will commence for colin powell,
8:00 am
former secretary of state who died back on october 18th of complications to covid-19 and we're going to continue following this throughout the morning. i want to continue reading inspirational quotes because just the man as a person. >> had some amazing perspectives on life success leadership. let me read you one. if you're going to achieve excellence and big things. you develop the habit in little matters just is something to think about right. yeah. i mean it. and i think when it comes to dream, the dream doesn't become reality for magic. it takes sweat determination and hard work. so that's something we can all embrace waking up this morning on a friday as you got to go to work and school and do all the things that make your life a success the weather is going to play into that today. it let's find out about that forecast. good morning, john. yeah, really nice start to the morning guys and really great way to start off your friday. in fact, we're dry out there and for a lot of the bay area were sitting under some sunshine. >> right now is about to be the


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