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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  November 5, 2021 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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died back on october 18th of complications to covid-19 and we're going to continue following this throughout the morning. i want to continue reading inspirational quotes because just the man as a person. >> had some amazing perspectives on life success leadership. let me read you one. if you're going to achieve excellence and big things. you develop the habit in little matters just is something to think about right. yeah. i mean it. and i think when it comes to dream, the dream doesn't become reality for magic. it takes sweat determination and hard work. so that's something we can all embrace waking up this morning on a friday as you got to go to work and school and do all the things that make your life a success the weather is going to play into that today. it let's find out about that forecast. good morning, john. yeah, really nice start to the morning guys and really great way to start off your friday. in fact, we're dry out there and for a lot of the bay area were sitting under some sunshine. >> right now is about to be the sunniest. i'm a day as
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well because cloud cover will gradually rise into the afternoon. golden gate bridge looks beautiful. now there is some fog in or interior valleys, especially out to the central valley. so if you're heading out to sacramento or possibly on up into the sierra nevada. watch for some areas of lower visibility out that direction. cloud cover is evident this morning. it's partly cloudy to start. but increasingly cloudy towards the afternoon. so enjoy those times of brightness, they'll be few and far between towards the end of the day 50's and 40's for current temperatures. and today a little cooler than yesterday was. i'm talking about not just what to expect this weekend, but also next week's rain still in your forecast. rain. john, thank you for that. but we still have this hot spot here in pleasanton. it's been here for the past 2 hours or so. >> southbound, 6.80 just north of 5.80, east. 2 lanes still blocked there. so if you're traveling 84 might be a good alternate to try to get around there, heading into the city right now. the under 18 minutes for you. make that drive from the maze to that fremont street exit leave at
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several accidents on the bay bridge have done a really good job getting those off of the bridge quickly, a little under 21 minutes heading across towards the peninsula as you're traveling along one o one. we are seeing some delays that's why it's a little uptick along the san mateo bridge and the south bay 30 minutes towards middle part from 85 2.37 in 82. no major issues there. daria james, back to you. thanks a lot a 8 '02 and breaking news from overnight pfizer is ready to get its experimental pill for covid out to people they cut study short because they found was so effective. 90% effective in preventing hospitalization and death that they wanted it to get fda authorization as soon as possible. so once they are able to apply and get that office authorization in the few months, then it will be available. and don't forget, this is a pill for home use that you take. in the first 3 days that you get covid and it was such a success that the people who got this pill. nobody died and almost none of
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them went to the hospital and the half of the study that people got the fake pill, which was just a sugar pill. they many of them wound up in the hospital and all of the deaths in that study where people got the fake pill. so they wanted to stop and get the real till out to people who need it as soon as possible. pfizer does at the right now. vaccines are the most important way to keep you safe in covid and now that we children 5 to 11 authorized receive the vaccine we have contra, costa county, for instance, lining up all the supplies they need thousands of doses standing at the ready to begin delivering shots today and camila barco has been following that live from concord at the health center building there with more. hi camilla. >> warning you guys yet today is that some will receive their first covid goes here in contra, costa county and health officials say that they have about 1000 doses on the vaccines are available to kids a 5 to 11 years old at no cost
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and this is happening at the county's a public health vaccination clinics in richmond and here in concord, there's about 92,000 county residents between the ages of 5.11 and county officials expect for the demand to be high. now, it's been known that kids are less prone to the worst case scenario when it comes to the virus. >> but pediatricians agree kids should be vaccinated to reduce the spread of covid others. >> doesn't care about your beliefs. doesn't care about your sister, status cover the cost your skin, your religion. it simply is a virus that wants to get into your body. person and replicate it. so when we talk about covid getting it. yes, we think about the individual, but we also have to think about us. >> the pediatric doses. one 3rd of the dosage given to teens and adults. however, kids must still get 2 shots,
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at least 3 weeks apart. now, county officials say they are working with local schools and heawth care centers to host vaccine clinics at schools. and i just got word that they are beginning to start that maybe next week or the week after. you can also if you are looking to book an appointment. you can do it online. or you can call the county's health services. you don't have to be living in contra costa county. but you do need to have an appointment at because they are not accepting walk. ins guy. james, back to you. >> ok. thank you very much. camilla. >> and that is the case all around the bay. multiple clinics are now offering a shots for kids at schools in san jose. the clinics are targeting the schools in the areas that have been hardest hit by the pandemic where parents have limited resources to access the vaccine. there are about a 125,000 kids in santa clara county that are 5 to 11 years old. so eligible for the shot and they want to make it as easy and convenient as possible for the kids to get those doses.
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>> well, several cal football players are going to have to miss tomorrow's game because of covid-19. they're under covid protocol. kron four's will tran is following this live this morning from cal high will. >> good morning, james and area. fortunately for the cal campus. the game is not being played here, but instead of arizona and that is important because i mean, let's face it. this is a big student population. they are taking these players out of circulations, so to speak. they're not saying if they have tested positive for covid-19, but they are under covid protocols which could mean they are quarantine but definitely not traveling with the team tonight. when they go to arizona to play the arizona wildcats. the team. they say that they're 99% vaccinated. so we're not sure of these players make up to one percent, not vaccinated. they're not releasing the name or the position that they play just to protect their privacy. but the university the
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athletic director, they're saying this is a reminder that the pandemic is far from over. as far as these players, they're not exactly sure not telling us what happened for them to pinpoint these players. this is important, guys because unlike the nfl and professional sports. they are student athletes. so when they're not on the field there walking around campus and inside the classrooms which is why more than likely they're not going to be walking around. the probably have to stay in their dorm or their apartment until this passes, the timing is quite coincidental because cows former football player, the most famous player aaron rodgers. he tested positive for covid-19 when he said he was vaccinated when he wasn't as far as the players going to arizona play the wildcats. they will be tested to make sure that they are negative for covid-19 before they take the field there. back to you. all right. thanks a lot. we'll. >> 8. '07, is the time in more
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than 24 hours after the shocking and sudden death of alameda county supervisor wilma chan. the community is still mourning her loss. there was a growing memorial at the intersection of shoreline drive and grand avenue in alameda. that's where the supervisor was struck and killed by a car while she was out walking her dog, her death is the 4th fatal traffic accident. now. and elamine of this year and many residents there say that they're even more concerned than ever about speeding and traffic safety. >> it's a all throughout alameda pervasive now element is always had a, you know, emphasis on a 25 mile an hour speed zone. you know, i think people are frustrated by that. our officers are focused on. >> people that are driving over the speed limit and engage in any other dangerous vehicle, code violations. yeah. let me just police chief says that they are still looking for more surveillance video of the accident in which and died. >> they will not say whether criminal charges will be filed. that part of investigation is still unfolding.
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>> it's 8. '08. and in san francisco fans lined up for a sold-out dave chappelle show at the chase center even amid the controversy over his latest netflix comedy special, which a lot of people said they felt was transphobic lgbtq groups have pushed back against the netflix special and chapelle's. also his tour for his untitled documentary. >> deeply saddened who are like they should have who are taking off. to to kind of share out. i'm very kind of the trial like about a it's part of march and >> last month netflix employees were so upset that they walked off the job and protested the special and they demanded better support for transgender employees. dave chappelle has addressed the backlash, but he does remain unapologetic. >> happening right now. the house of representatives is getting ready to vote well, 2
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of president biden's biggest proposals. this is a live look from the house floor. they're voting on it separate matter right now. but that some point this morning are expected to vote on the president's infrastructure bill which has already passed the senate and they'll also be voting on the president's social spending bill. if that passes, it's unclear right now. it's going to have enough support in the senate to make it through. but we'll see. we'll keep you updated as the vote turns out. >> it's a 10 right now and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, a woman is upset with southwest airlines because she says they racially profiled her as a human trafficker because she's white and her daughter is biracial. we'll see which is going to do about that man. after the break, we're going to see an amazing rescue of a man whose car plunged off this cliff in pacifica and he's fine. and we are continuing to follow live right now is a dignitaries from all over gather to mark the life of colin powell
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statesman, diplomat army general who died last month at the age of 84. >> a lot of. >> wisdom to share with everyone. this morning through quotes. and so as we go to the break, i'm just going to give you another one. avoid having your ego so close to your position that when your position falls, your ego goes with it. so something from colin powell as we remember colin powell as we remember him this way. i didn't have to shout out for help. because you didn't have another dvt. not today. one blood clot puts you at risk of having another, so we chose xarelto®, to help keep you protected. xarelto® is proven to treat and reduce the risk of dvt or pe blood clots from happening again. almost 98% of people did not have another dvt or pe. don't stop taking xarelto® without talking to your doctor, as this may increase risk of blood clots. while taking, a spinal injection increases risk of blood clots, which may cause paralysis. you may bruise more easily or take longer to stop bleeding. xarelto® can cause serious and in rare cases, fatal bleeding.
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>> 8.13 right now and when you see this car that went off a cliff in pacifica it. you're not gonna believe it. but the guy in there survived. it's an incredible story. the chp when they got on scene, initially saw this just tracks tire tracks that seemed to go right off the edge. they weren't sure what was going on. then they looked over and that's when they discovered that car 50 feet below floating in the driver or in the water. and as for the driver, he was already out of the car. he was out of the car already trying to climb up the cliff. and so they went down they lowered a rope out from the safety. he had scrapes and bruises. but other than that, he appeared to be fine. yeah. >> only want ask him over and over. is it are you the only occupant of that vehicle because as you saw that vehicles in the water upside down and we were noticing kids big concern was it was there anybody else in that vehicle and he kept relaying that there he was only occupant. so it was a huge relief. >> yeah. the chp says they're still investigating the cause of the crash trying figure out how was that he went over the
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edge like that. they've ruled out drugs or alcohol. he seemed to be in full control of his faculties when they rescued him. so we'll see what happens with the investigation. >> hats. an amazing story and it is kind of like i guess you could think 2 things with the drive over there, right. peta full are scary he careful when you're driving along it, you know, the cliffs of highway where it is beautiful. it is especially in the sunshine. now we have no rain or good weekend for especially this weekend because we do have the rain just around the corner yeah, enjoy it before it gets all wet. yeah, that's when it gets a little hairy, that's when i get scared. when drive include double or rain. exactly. exactly. so good day to day to get out there. it's actually pretty sunny out at the coastline. it's our inland valleys that are under the fog this time around again. so dense fog advisories out to the central valley. those of you in the tri valley of also seen a bit of it. well, those of you in berkeley out to the coastline or just enjoying this. it's a mostly sunny start to the morning for a lot
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of us cloud cover does increase a little bit towards the end of the day today, though, as we see this system approaching us. it's not going to result in rainfall for the bay, but it will skirt just to the north of us. and that is going to offer some showers for mendocino county as well as our neighbors up in lake county. potential of a couple light sprinkles in northern sonoma county tomorrow. but really the bay area sitting this passing system out. that is not something that's going to happen into early next week as our second atmospheric river of this is a season sets up shop with us. this one is not going to have near as widespread or as adverse an impact as what we did see 2 sundays ago when we saw that flooding. that's because it's not staying with us is long. nor is the moisture content quite as deep. this is going to take place late monday into tuesday here. you can see that line of showers just off shore. also a good helping of snowfall that rainfall really settles in into tuesday morning. deep snow in the sierra to be accumulated and quite a lot of rain right in the midst of your tuesday
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morning commute. so that's the day you want to keep an eye on. as for the weekend. good one to be getting outside with the jackets and sweaters any sort of rainfall will be pretty limited to the north bay. and at that, just a trace of rain possible in areas like santa rosa. today's daytime highs. we'll be in the 60's yet again like yesterday. not feeling quite as warm as yesterday, though temperatures are a few degrees down. and we also have the increasing cloud cover. so with less sunshine overhead, your feels like temperature is going to take a dip a little bit that just means you want that layer with you to keep you cozy. pretty typical fall staff here in the bay. the lake now at 65 antioch at 67 today. sandra fell. you'll also be right at 67. don't forget this weekend really the most important thing to know will be adjusting your clocks probably before you go to bed saturday night is here waking up on time on sunday morning. you just those clocks back an hour as it is the end of daylight savings time. that means you get that extra hour of sleep on sunday morning and monday as you head back to work,
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you'll probably enjoy the fields. you get up and then you'll be stepping outside of work and noticing. it's a little darker outside because the last hour at night monday night into tuesday will be the rainiest of this forecast as our nest next atmospheric river moves on in the bay reyna. john, thanks for actually extra hour's sleep. always a good thing for me. >> carr fire a law 5 a year. if you're traveling in oakland west of whoville avenue. so we are seeing delays along 5.80, when say take because you're also seeing delays along that highway as well and 13. so it's still pretty busy as you're traveling through the maze. >> heading into right now. no accidents right now. member. we have several earlier. >> they were able to get those off of the bridge a little under 18 minutes making your way into the city. a hot spot here in pleasanton southbound. 6.18, or the 5 in the east. 2 lanes currently blocked. that's been an issue all morning. good alternate to be stay on 5.80, or go ahead and take 84 the richmond. sandra fell commute a little under 14
8:19 am
minutes to make your way across towards san rafale and a little under 18 along the san mateo bridge. you see stalled vehicles there. so traffic is moving well. if you look at the golden gate bridge. 28 minutes from the north bay heading into the city to make it to the toll plaza story. james, back to you. thanks a lot right. 18 right now. and a white mother of a biracial black daughter is accusing southwest airlines of racial profiling because she and her daughter. they won a flight from san jose to denver last month. >> and as they were getting off the plane. they were detained on the jet way by gate agent and 2 police officers. >> tenants were just concerned about what's happening when you board the aircraft over following up on or not says we're not expecting anything. >> but crime for police report. it looks like they did suspect something because a southwest flight attendant contacted authorities with her suspicions that the woman was involved in human trafficking. >> they're claiming that we boarded the flight suspiciously late. we allegedly did not speak to each other during the flight.
8:20 am
and that we. allegedly i allegedly forbade the flight crew from speaking to my daughter. none of those 3 claims are true. >> the mom is now calling the situation racial harassment and she says she's considering filing a civil rights lawsuit southwest issued a statement saying they plan to apologize to her and they are conducting an internal investigation. >> well, photographers are now demanding that camera manufacturers install more safety features into cameras. this after fremont man was robbed at gunpoint when he was followed home by thieves. they apparently started following him all the way from the marin headlands where he had been taking pictures that day. the man says the thieves wearing face masks and once he parked in his driveway. that's when they pounced smashing his window, stealing his camera bag when he tried to stop them. he says that's when they pointed a gun at him here you see him doing exactly that.
8:21 am
now the victim and other photographers have started a petition to demand change from camera manufacturers. >> people like to believe there's something that they can do to avoid this crime or they think it hasn't happened to me because i've been smart enough to do x, y z. and i think the truth is that if you're out there with an expensive piece of equipment. it's a matter of time. >> and some of their suggestions in this petition include maybe installing pass codes are lens pairing so that, you know, only certain lenses can work with certain cameras. once you've purchased them, maybe gps tracking biometrics basically anything that would disable a camera from operating once it stolen. so then they will be one quick would work for him. so in any event, the petition is growing in size or got about 2000 signatures so far. >> a 21 right now. and we have some new surveillance video that shows just how fast the former rate or henry ruggs was going driving when his vehicle
8:22 am
struck another killing out what 23 a woman named tina tintor. yeah. her dog was in the car as well. that animal also died. this is an apartment building. >> near where the accident happened. you can see will highlight again from left to right. that's rugs. his vehicle traveling at a 156 miles per hour. it only slow down a little a little bit 227 miles per hour when it actually rear and the victim's car and her family says this loss is devastating. they say she was the light of her parents life and she loved her 3 year-old golden retriever, who was also killed in that accident. she's just 23 years old. and now the case against drugs moves is facing charges also happening right now we have opening statements beginning in the trial of those 3 men that are accused of killing ahmaud arbery in georgia. this is a live look from inside the courtroom. >> you may remember the story about a father and son who armed themselves and were chasing arbery after seeing him running in their neighborhood and then a
8:23 am
neighbor joined in on that chase and recorded the whole thing caught capture that moment that one of the men took a gun and shot arborist close range. their lawyers say that the shooting was in self-defense. but prosecutors say that arbery was just out for a jog in his neighborhood and he was an art it's 8.22. and coming up after the break. >> a fatal shooting in san francisco's haight ashbury happened broad daylight and it was the first time we'll hear from neighbors who are really from neighbors who are really concerned. what i've learned from so many years . . . . . . of living with hiv is to enjoy every moment. my name is hugo and i'm on biktarvy. biktarvy is a complete, one-pill, once-a-day treatment . . . . . . used for hiv in certain adults. it's not a cure, but with one small pill, biktarvy fights hiv to help you get to . . . . . . and stay undetectable. that's when the amount of virus is so low, it cannot be measured by a lab test. serious side effects can occur, including kidney problems and kidney failure. rare, life-threatening side effects include a build-up of lactic acid and liver problems.
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. . . keep loving who you are. francisco. police are investigating after 2 men were shot. one of them killed in the haight ashbury neighborhood. yeah. this is the scene at hate and masonic avenue. you can see police there. the crime scene tape is up. >> now. investigators say one of the victims died at that scene. the other one was taken to the local hospital where they're recovering and people living in the neighborhood say at this point they're fed up with the violence. >> we have a number of witnesses that have given us information that a number of rounds were shot. this last week there was a different shooting just like one block. the other direction. so it's starting to feel like a less than safe neighborhood and i don't i'm not happy about that. >> for shooting that he was talking about having a block away from the one we just told about this was october 22nd and it was also in the middle of the day. bullet hit several cars. the window of a coffee shop and one person in that case went to the hospital with life threatening injuries. a 26 is the time right now. and
8:27 am
we're continuing to follow. >> services for colin powell. you can see the hearse here and there's his casket inside as it makes its way towards the washington national cathedral where many dignitaries family friends, congressional leaders are coming together now to remember and reflect on the life of the former secretary of state. we'll be right back. [ sfx: ding ding ding ] [sfx: bing bing bing ] [sfx: bloop bloop bloop ] [ sfx: bing bloop ding ding bloop bing ] the day can wait.
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when you have the world's longest list you go to ross so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. >> we are 29 the time. live
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pictures here from washington, dc outside of the washington national cathedral. where you can see the honor guard is standing by as the hearse carrying the casket for former secretary of state colin powell has arrived and we will expect at any moment now for the ceremony to begin as they retrieve the casket from the hearse and bring it into the cathedral for today's memorial service. a concealed. a steady stream of. dignitaries, family, friends, those who knew and respected colin powell arriving now for those services which are expected to begin in about a half hour from right now and we'll see if politicians from both sides of the aisle. and we're expecting to see. >> democrats and republicans alike come together to this statesman and diplomat army general who was also the first black secretary of state. and talked a lot throughout his life and especially the books that he wrote after he retired
8:31 am
about leadership and success and diplomacy. >> and war and peace. and it's interesting because he was secretary of state because he was in a, you know, high up in the military and always kind of wondering about national security and we and ways to defend this country. a couple of the quotes that he wrote about that, for example, are interesting. quote, i always believe you should try to find peace and reconciliation before conflict that has been the approach i've taken and any and so many thank you to say like that. yeah. and just, you know, his attitude, you look at the military and you look at what they do and you look at what his position. did, but he was really considered himself to be a piece, find her, you know, and a student of the world, too. and it wasn't just the military. but obviously as we know, he's. >> served in a number of roles. daryn mentioned he was the first black secretary of state. and in that diplomatic role, he saw the world and met. >> with world leaders and worked to find peace as
8:32 am
opposed to war. and you know, that was one of his great, great us to, you know, legacies considered a favorite of presidents. we've heard him described that way. he served as national security advisor with ronald reagan during the mid 80's and then in the next administration charm and chairman of the joint chiefs of staff with george bush. senior of all president's that he knew. >> he said that he really felt a kinship with reagan the most. and when asked what did you like or admire about reagan the most. he just said his spirit. that's that's what it came down to. so he always kind of looked deeper into people and made a connection no matter who you were and and just i'm going to bring this up because we keep talking about is the first black secretary of state. and this is an interesting perspective from colin powell. he said many this is a quote, many interviewers when they come to talk to me. they think they're being creeped progressive by not mentioning in their stories any longer that i'm
8:33 am
black. i tell them, don't stop now if i shot somebody, you'd mention that. and yeah, i mean, so. so, you know, he did feel that debt his racing at race and ethnicity and where he'd come from was an issue and it wasn't for it was important to him to be an example and to have come from where he didn't achieved all he did. and we will. >> in a moment now when they begin the ceremony to retrieve the casket. we we will stop talking so that you can watch that in silence and and hold your own. remember as well. that is going on. but i will mention as we take a look at the interior here at the washington national cathedral that among those in attendance today will be president joe biden and first lady jill biden. as you know, they just finished a very lengthy international tour where they just finished in scotland with climate talks. there with other world leaders. so they've come back to washington now they are going to be in attendance today. former president barack obama and former first lady michelle
8:34 am
obama there as well, along with former president george w bush and former first lady laura bush and former secretary of state hillary clinton also in attendance to recognize the life and legacy. >> colin powell. and we also have our political expert michael yaki who is joining us now as well for some perspective on colin powell years of service so that he can kind of give us some insight into who this man was and what he achieved in. can you hear me, michael. >> i can't i can't okay. watching you were taking a look at the clintons and the and barack obama. michelle obama right now. >> it is incredible that he had such an impact in so many friendships on both sides of the aisle. michael. >> well, he was a man of honor. and this is a person who exemplified i think the best of the police generation of post war. 2 generation that came up. he he was jamaican immigrants grew up in harlem. encountered racism when he was
8:35 am
rtc student when he was a, you know, officer in the military went to be served honorably got the purple heart twice and rose in the ranks and someone who everyone realize from an early early on. this was a very special person. you don't get to be the national security advisor to the president, the united states because you don't think they don't think you can do the job. and when he became the first week, the was the first black chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and it's funny when you talk about when you're talking about how. it with and was and but i think a lot of us remember our first introduction to him during the gulf war when that famous a press conference what you said with. so what do do about iraq. iranian army said, well, he said, well, right. iraq arby's and what we're going to cut it off. we're going to kill and that sort of confidence coming. and at that chart that jarring lunch. but very confident statement, a
8:36 am
car from colin powell was for us. many of our first introduction to him and his leadership and then you saw with us secretary of state and so on. i think one of the most important things about cold call this affect the key believed in truth. he believed in honestly and nothing. and when you think about it, pained him even to his last days about his speech to the un in 2000, 3. what he basically set the stage for the second gulf war talking about the intelligence and charts and graphs and intel pictures about the those wmds that in infected not exist. he would be eating that. do that deliberately. he did that. do not do that knowing he did based on line to the intel that was given to him. he did not know was falsified, but the fact that he did that helped lead our nation into a war that he believes now is
8:37 am
not just something that what he could be called the stain to is over. and i think a lot of americans will look at that instead go. this is someone who owned up to the truth at a time when so many public officials, so many leaders in this country. former presidents continue to perpetuate deliberate lies about things that happened to other was 2020 election or the insurrection or. covid-19 this is someone who owned up to mistakes into that route. and spoke their truth to his own power. and i think that is something that exemplifies the best of what america has been any can be. and colin powell and someone who represented all of that and and much more with his leadership as as a black american for this country. it's really well put the way you say that michael, about his attitude. >> towards you know, mistakes
8:38 am
where he said that part of success is failure and you have to learn from that failure and he most of you know, he embraced it because he felt it was just it was part of being successful is failing. >> you can't you can't. and i think it's important not only learn from. so you can you can learn from failure and that talk about it. you can learn from failure not owned up to it. and teach people about that journey that you took with that that that he took to get to where he is. i think that's important and that's that's not something that you can under state because, again, you can you can make a mistake. we've all made mistakes and think about in private. but this is someone who understood he had a public responsibility to bring people and who would not shy away from talking about the un speech in 2000, 3 or any anything else that he considered to be. that a short coming in this life. but in
8:39 am
doing so, the example i just exactly how great he was. you know, they rise above that. you continue to learn. he continued to teach. you continue to lead. he's the east took up, taking a lot of flak for the fact that he you're indoors. president obama so forcefully 2008, you know, essential in turning people, not his boss of 4 years ago was for sitting right next that you for president sitting right next to each other with milk. michelle obama between. it's sure he was he was and is an extraordinary american. >> and you saw shell obama and bush talking because they're besties in the 2 of next to each other because they take a check for ever. >> well, have to ask they are the minutes. they're going to pass them in it's sort of thing that they like to do. but i think they both everyone
8:40 am
and when the president arrives, i in just a few minutes this is a you know, you'll see that this is the pantheon of american leadership, past and present coming a great a great american funerals. bring people together michael, stay with us. we're going to take a brief break. we'll be back with more coverage. with more coverage. >> in just a minute. alright, here we go, miller in motion. wha — wait, wait, is that a... baby on the field?? it looks like it, craig. and the defensive linemen are playing peek-a-boo. i've never seen anything like that before. harris now appears to be burping the baby. that's a great moment right there. the ref going to the rule book here. what, wait a minute! harris is off to the races! we don't need any more trick plays. touchdown!! but we could all use more ways to save. are you kidding me?? it's going to be a long bus ride home for the defense. switch to geico for more ways to save.
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>> welcome back. we'll get back to the colin powell memorial here in just a minute. first, though, giving you a quick check of your weather and traffic. we are seeing some relatively clear skies this morning. today is going to start clear that it's going to finish gradual increase in cloud cover towards the afternoon ahead of us golden gate bridge looks beautiful. looks bright to get this friday started. we're going to stay that way for the next few hours. but cloud cover increases ahead of the line of showers that isn't going to drop into the bay or rather it's going to skirt just to the north of us. so northern california mendocino county northward mostly looking at a rainy afternoon bay area just a little cool and a little cloudy. we're saving our rainfall for monday evening. that's when our next atmospheric river sets up shop across the region starts to push on into the bay results in the heaviest of rain for the bay area on into tuesday morning. today. on the other hand, a dry one. just a little on the cool side with some
8:44 am
highs in the 60's and some cloud cover. so make sure to keep the jackets close by and also don't forget to adjust your clocks before you go to bed saturday night as we will be falling back in our of course, that means you get that extra hour of sleep sunday morning. nothing wrong with that and just a reminder about monday and tuesday. our next heavy rainfall. it looks most likely monday night into tuesday. reyna john, thanks for that. if you're in the road on this friday. we do have hot spots. the richmond sandra fell bridge. is that an accident here. >> 5.80, westbound as you're heading out of richmond. so a little under 15 minutes for your drive time now that may possibly go up traveling from the east bay into the city. a little under 60 minutes like the terminator lights off. there. so traffic is free flowing. let's get a look at the san mateo bridge as you head across towards the peninsula. a little under 14 to make that drive that hot spots still in pleasanton southbound, 6 city north of east 2 lanes are blocked. so 5.80, or 84 and that car fire. we've been tracking west bound, 5.80, west of food. bill avenue. pretty slow. also
8:45 am
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8:48 am
time. >> memorial services will begin for former sector state colin powell. >> who passed away back in october. october 18th at the age of 84 from complications of covid-19. he was fully vaccinated but he was compromised. as we know, he had and battling with cancer and parkinson's disease in recent years. so he was susceptible to complications from covid. and in the end that is. what his family announced was his cause of death of a shock. a sudden passing. >> for the world. this is a man who dedicated his entire life to public service and along with james and myself. we health our political expert michael yaki on the line to talk about more of called house life. so as we look here at the obamas in the bushes and the clintons. michael, i want to ask you about colin powell, the possible politician because he considered running for president. >> could have been the first black president before barack obama in 1996. but he decided
8:49 am
against did talk a little bit about why that shoe didn't fit why he didn't run. >> you know, it's it's interesting because there's a lot of there was a lot of talk, a lot of concern in the democratic party. he had you're you're the first 8 months of the clinton there was no, it was certainly no sure thing presiden clinton was going to be reelected in 1996. we're still, you know, climbing of 3 d a a recession at that time and here is someone who was still problem with the american media as a someone who had served country. and in sharp contrast, of course, to all will clinton's lack of any shirts to our for lack of a better word. so, you know, i think that but in the end, it just didn't it just didn't fit. it just didn't feel right. to he did not think
8:50 am
that as much as people were trying to get him to that point of view. that's not the path that he thought. was he is to take instead. instead he. we're still much more comfortable. behind the scenes i think was ultimately the right decision for the big he then became the first african american secure state for for george w bush in 2000, one. but it's one of those things we read of autobiography and stories at the time that it was a very tough decision for them to mate at least from the outside. but on the inside it wasn't. i think it's difficult as people thought he he was even feeling was is is is is is calling and there's much more. they keep talking do otherwise. it's it's interesting, too, because when you think about how he. lot of times when he was in that stood in to recommend between
8:51 am
the the joint chiefs of staff and 2000, begin a devoted himself to the to the times works people don't know this much for developing. working behalf of underprivileged kids and quite frankly, a lot of white minority children getting them. i didn't. you cation. opportunity, things that that he knew that he had a tough time when he was going to be chosen times get started his journey to give back to to his community and something which continued all the way up until is passing what with the foundation that he created for the privileged minority children. so it's it's it's a good nice. what but in the end, i think it turned out the way he wanted it to turn out. >> and, you know, as i'm looking at the the program today and and just reflecting
8:52 am
on how he was able to find friendships and build relationships across party lines. >> those that are going to be eulogizing him today. you know, you've got richard armitage who was for a time his deputy secretary of state madeleine albright on the other side of the aisle who preceded him in that job during the clinton administration and you've got people like that coming together to remember and to honor and that speaks volumes about how he conducted himself and how he treated people yeah. so colin powell, which is going to will be back. michael, a few minutes. we just have to take a quick break, but. >> he's going to have a private funeral that you can actually watch on tv that we're going to be broadcasting its invitation only. but we will be inside and outside to watch the entire thing as it unfolds this morning will be back with more just a few minutes. and we are back.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
>> here with our live pictures from watching the national cathedral. you see president biden first lady jill biden have just arrived taking their seats next to the obamas in the first few. again, this is all in advance of the beginning of the funeral ceremony for former secretary of state colin powell, which is expected to begin in about 5 minutes time. he was the chair of the joint chiefs of staff, secretary of state. >> national security advisor and had a long military career. the general who served
8:56 am
2 tours in vietnam. >> and died at the age of 84 after devoting his entire life to public service. >> we have been continuing to talk about his life and his legacy with our political expert on michael yaki and we'll be back along with michael again to talk more about how he made a difference in this world and what his legacy is. and you can see you know, all sides of the aisle. republicans, democrats who are wanting to remember his life and his son as well is going to be speaking as one of eulogizing his father, you know, michael pollan be he also 2 daughters and so we're going to be remembering his life and what he meant to this country. he spent the latter half of his life after you retire writing books and helping children in trying to can contribu e to his civic duty of giving them an education avoiding violence in the criminal justice system. that was something that was near and dear to his heart.
8:57 am
>> we will take a quick break here because we anticipate the ceremony is going to begin in short order. so we'll take commercial break and we'll come back with live coverage in just a minute. assic hollywo. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier. hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. ♪
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9:00 am
station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at no. >> thanks for joining us. in the 9 o'clock hour as we celebrate the life and legacy of general colin powell who is be memorialized at this private funeral today in washington, dc you're watching it live along with us. they're it to be televised so that we can see this great man be remembered by. the president said he served under. that's right. and we have a number of them. >> sitting in the front pew. we've seen current president joe biden and first lady jill biden will also see the obamas there. we've george w bush and and also secretary of state hillary clinton right as bill clinton could not attend because he's recovering and the only other. >> jimmy carter who is 97 and could not travel and and president trump is not is not as joining us this morning.


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