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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 5, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. >> now attend the lockdown has been lifted after a night of chaos and confusion at the great mall in milpitas reports of a knife fight in a shooting draw hundreds of officers to the sprawling mall. some shoppers were evacuated while others were forced to shelter in place. thanks for joining us on kron 4 news at 10. i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore. the good news tonight is that police say they have not found any evidence of a shooting and have since cleared the scene.
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>> but those initial reports to a massive police response. kron four's gayle ong has been following the story all night long. she's live outside the great mall with the very latest kale. >> ken and pam. it's quiet out here at the great mall where i'm standing is where all the chaos happened. this is where we saw that heavy police presence earlier in the day. and that to to call simultaneously. milpitas police responded to one call just before 5.30, for a reported fight. the second call minutes later of the reported a shooting inside the burlington coat factory, which is right over here where i am. we want to get to some video of what it looked like earlier, kron 4 viewer sent video all around 05:30pm. that's when police responded to the reports of a shooting that prompted the lockdown. you can see a heavy police presence outside one of the entrance is of the great mall and the lockdown. i was told lasted for about an hour and we want to get to video of of
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what it looked like earlier in the day when police stormed that the also thankfully no one was hurt. and in the end, police say there were no victims and that they did detain 2 to 3 people in connection to that fight. but at this time it is unclear if that incident was connected to the reported shooting. here is the latest from milpitas police and then you'll hear from an employee who was working inside the mall at the time. >> during the course of our investigation, we found no evidence of a shooting. we found nothing inside of the store that indicated that a shooting had occurred there. we did not locate any victims of a shooting during a search of the interior of the entire mall and we have not had any reports of any shooting victims at any local hospitals always really saw was just people running some sort. >> people started closing up their doors. so i just went outside security came in these to me that we have a shelter
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in so the first thing i really just i was a lock. the doors turn off the lights. get everyone to the to make sure they're away from the windows really. >> and police have since left the scene here where they responded initially earlier in the day and milpitas the milpitas police captain, we just heard from said that during the shelter in place. there were allowed at gates inside the mall and that was closing at the time. so that may have been on how someone thought they heard a gunshot. but at this time there's no evidence of any guns found no evidence of anyone checking in at hospitals with gunshot wounds. but they are still investigating the regarding the fight. but at this you can see it's all clear at the mall on the normal hours closed about an hour ago and it looked like some stores did close early due to this incident. we're live in milpitas scale kron 4 news. all right, gail, thank you for that update tonight. >> we're going continue to follow the story all evening,
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but to get the latest updates sent straight to your phone. be sure to download our kron 4 app to scan that qr code on your screen. it will take you straight to the app page. >> and now to washington dc where after a chaotic day on capitol hill. the u.s. house of representatives have passed the bipartisan one 0.2 trillion dollar infrastructure bill. the house passed a measure on a 228 to 200, 6 vote with 13 republicans voting for it. >> and 6 democrats voting against it. we're joined now by a grant lotus to explain how we got here and what this means now for the country. a big, big night for the democrats it or it the senate was on board. the house got on board. the president will sign it. so, you know, things that this country needs republicans and democrats agree. >> you know, stable roads. bridges, public things like broadband internet for places we need those things. and this is a big win for president biden as his poll numbers are
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dwindling it's his build back better agenda. and this provides new money to fix these roads and bridges highways improve internet access and really modernize the power grid which here in california. we know we need it represents the largest single investment of federal resources into infrastructure projects and more than a century. the late night vote came after months of negotiations and infighting among progressive and moderate democrats. but at least for now, they are celebrating moments after the vote. the white house press secretary jen psaki tweeted this out writing proof that delivering for the american people is worth all the painful sausage making clean drinking water for kids. broadband access, electric vehicles, biggest investment in public transit. it's happening and more to come. expect and eric swalwell taking a shot at republicans on twitter following the vote saying, quote, while most of the house gop penders and postures democrats deliver and
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new california senator alex padilla is also celebrating the passage of the infrastructure bill. while also saying, quote, now lets finish the job and pass the build back better act. and that is the next step of all of this. the other part of biden's agenda focuses. more on social spending issues, things like health care, climate change, more controversial issues. it is nearly 2 trillion dollars, but that money will be spread out over the course of 10 years and house moderates agreed to back that bill. if the congressional budget office estimates that, you know, the white house numbers are correct. those numbers have to jive and the concession as what motivated progressives to get on board and pass the infrastructure bill tonight, ken and pam, most of the progressives at least o c some of them didn't. but most of them you had what 6 holdouts did we say on the progressive side. so, you know, they are
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saying all democrats are saying there's going to be a vote on that social. and i guess climate change. bill. you could call it if you want to. the broad, they say it's going to happen sometime later this month. you have to figure there's going to be a of whole battle and a negotiation on that dollar amount before a vote will actually be brought because. it is more controversial. no doubt more controversial is already come down some but have the less, the senate, you know that whose democratic senators are putting up such a fight that i think they just decided to compromise. yes. senator cinema from arizona. obviously senator manchin from west virginia. >> are the 2 democrats that are really, you know, holding the rest of the party hostage because they don't like the price tag and they don't want the debt to to increase and they like some of some parts of the bill, but not all parts of the bill and yeah, the negotiation. there is ongoing. that's what i call it making it sausage, right. it's not
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thank you. other news tonight. back here at home, a san francisco police sergeant is on leave. his attorney tells us he's entering rehab as after he was arrested for allegedly robbing a san mateo pharmacy while he was off duty. >> san mateo police say that they were called to a robbery scene at this rite aid when they encountered san francisco. sergeant devan cole. he is a 27 year veteran of the department officers say cold tried to flee the scene but was arrested for robbery and resisting arrest. his attorney tells us that the incident stems from his clients, ongoing secret addition to opioids a condition that the attorney says started during an on the job injury back in 2000, 10. >> we're doing some what they call non bite work and as he put it, one of the dogs did not get the memo and the dog bit him through the calf's when it comes to holding somebody accountable. it's very important to us and everybody is treated the same.
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>> when it gets to sentence saying everybody is different. >> san francisco police have placed sergeant cole on unpaid leave while they conduct an investigation. prosecutors say that they are still reviewing this case and have not yet decided whether they will press charges. in the east bay a 12 year-old was arrested and cited for threatening a shooting at middle school. that's according to police. the threat was made on monday. police say during their investigation, they identified student as a possible suspect who then confessed to making the threat during an interview, the student was cited and released to the custody of parents. the department is now working with those parents to try and provide resources to that student. >> soon. the city of alameda will be sending clinicians and paramedics to calls of a person in crisis. it is part of a growing movement here in the bay area all to divert those calls away from the police response. well, for
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cell sogomonian is live in the studio tonight to describe what difference is going to make ella the hope here is to de-escalate tense situations and to also coordinate follow-up care. so the person gets help in the long run as well. not just in that. >> immediate time frame of the emergency. so 911, dispatchers are now trying to determine the most appropriate response. instead of just sending police first they can choose to send the alameda fire department. a company by these clinicians either in person or by the phone. so the pilot program will last for 2 years. 12 licensed social workers will be on call 24 7 alongside the alameda fire department. they will be able to enforce a 5150 or psychiatric hold and they are employed by a group called alameda family services. they've been working in the community since 1969 after the initial visit case managers with a follow-up to make sure that the person in need. it's connected with proper resources. >> design as an alternative to police response. so when
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someone calls 911, and it's a mental health situation. the cold to be diverted to the fire department. they are going to be the first responders because they are trained and equipped to be able to respond to any emergency very quickly, the alameda family services, highly trained clinicians. we'll support them in the moment. and then provide the critical after-care services to ensure that the person does not go back into crisis. >> it's important to note that there will still be some situations in which police do make the first response to make sure that it's safe for clinicians and paramedics to that walk in and help the person ken and pam, the pilot program is launching either by the end of this year or by the start of next year. >> all right, we'll be checking in on that for >> the movement to change how health mental health crises are addressed in alameda began much earlier this year. you'll recall on april 19th 26 year-old mario gonzales died while in the custody of
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alameda police body camera video appeared to show the officers pinning gonzalez to the ground while kneeling on his back and shoulders. the police department initially put out a statement saying he died of a medical emergency while in custody as of tonight gonzalez is autopsy has still not been made public and the investigation is said to be still ongoing. >> well, the weekend is here. rain is in the bay area forecast. as we look outside live tonight over downtown san francisco doesn't appear to be a cloudy night kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez in for lawrence tonight and she joins us with a look ahead. yeah, it is going to be a dry one at that lasting. most of this weekend as well. we are tracking though, right now. some low cloud cover right along the coast. but some thin high clouds overhead. >> for your bay area. forecast and then rain arriving early this upcoming week cool dry and cloudy weekend. that's what's on tap through the 1st half of this weekend could see some light scattered showers for those of you in the north
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bay really just about a 10th of an inch of rain or less dry for everyone else in the bay area and then some clearing by the 2nd half of the weekend with those storm clouds billowing by monday. and with that storm door reopening, as we track our second atmospheric river in less than a month. we are going to see anywhere from about an inch to 2 inches of rain for most of the bay area. and we're going to see some light bands of rain arriving. for those of you in the north bay becoming more widespread for the rest of the bay area by around monday night. and it's really going to peak in intensity during the overnight hours and we are expected to see a possible thunderstorm or 2 primarily for those of you in the north bay very unstable atmosphere with this atmospheric river not going to be as strong as october's. but still beneficial. nonetheless. and then by around tuesday afternoon drying out in clearing out was scattered showers and that trend going to continue through tuesday night. so anywhere from about
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half an inch to 2 inches of rain for most of the low lying valleys. but those of you in the north bay. you could easily get up to 4 inches of rain for our highest peaks there and taking a look at what you can expect, though one to 2 inches. not too bad for most of the bay area, especially along the coast and east bay shoreline and we certainly need every drop we can get your full bay area weekend forecast. coming up after the break. back to you. ken and pam, thank of reason now to our coronavirus coverage and big news in the fight against the pandemic. pfizer claims its covid-19 antiviral pill combined with an hiv drug. >> reduces hospitalizations or death by 89%. the hiv drug help slow the breakdown of pfizer's pill in order for it to remain active in the body for longer periods of time. pfizer hopes to submit its data to the fda before thanksgiving. the rollout of the covid-19 vaccine for children continued in the east bay today and there's a big demand all available appointments at the 3 contra
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costa county locations offering the shot are booked for tomorrow. some of the children in concord who had appointment today say they were excited about getting vaccinated. >> how excited are you to get the shot. >> just means that we have more protection. >> children need to get a second dose. at least 3 weeks apart from the first one in order to be considered fully vaccinated. >> well, tonight there is growing concern that fewer people are coming forward for covid booster shots than los angeles times report says fewer going back for that additional dose is particularly a concern for groups, including the elderly or people with weakened immune systems. >> kron four's dan thorn talked with some local health experts who say they're concerned about the low demand and he joins us now live from the newsroom with more than looking up and the low rate in uptake is especially alarming for doctors as we're getting closer to the holidays. >> there have been warnings about vaccine immunity waning after 6 months in seniors in
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the immunocompromised for the first to get their shots nearly a year ago without a booster. those groups are at risk of potentially getting severely ill. numbers from the california department of public health showefewer people than expected are getting covid-19 booster shots. the surprisingly slow demand is alarming for health officials are really disappointed that people are availing themselves of something that's going to offer them further protection. doctor john swartzberg with uc berkeley's school of public health is particularly concerned for the elderly and the immunocompromised. >> those groups who are likely more than 6 months removed from their first doses of the vaccine are not as protected as they could be. those groups are also at the highest risk of getting severely ill or dying from breakthrough infections. the thanksgiving and christmas holidays are quickly approaching which presents another set of worries as people will gather with their families. every bay area county today increasing the number of cases averaged
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over the last 2 weeks. so we're going in the wrong direction. and this is before the holidays can seniors are being urged by public health officials to get their boosters as soon as possible. 20% of san francisco's eligible seniors have received a an additional dose health experts warn that time is now to get a booster shot to avoid risk of exposure. we need to make sure that people who are high risk to yourself. >> maximum protection going into this really pretty dangerous period. >> and just to underscore how important that 3rd shot is for the immunocompromised. the cdc has already come out and said that group could eventually need a 4th shot reporting live in the newsroom. dan thorn kron 4 news. stan, thank you for that. tonight. california prison guards are pushing back on a covid vaccine mandate saying many staff members would rather quit or retire. >> then get the shot. governor gavin newsome, a major supporter of the vaccine says
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join the guards in appealing that mandate. a federal judge ruled in september that all workers who have access to corrections facilities must be vaccinated. many support the measure saying it's needed to keep prisoners and guards safe. we talked to one prison law attorney who says the cramped conditions are unfortunately the perfect setting to spread disease. >> if covid design ideal setting it would be a present. and that's because it's large groups of people sharing airspace often in very, very close circumstances. >> right now. there are 28,000 california corrections officers in just over 50% are fully vaccinated. >> more than half the states in this country are suing the biden administration over the new covid mandate which targets businesses that mandate requires employers with more than 100 workers to insure their workers are either vaccinated against covid or get a weekly test. but at least 26 attorneys
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general argue the federal government is pulling a power grab saying it does not have the authority to issue requirements. they say that that should be left to the states. the biden administration says it is confident the new rules will withstand the legal challenges, the new emergency temporary standard is with well within osha's authority under the law. >> and consistent with osha's requirements to protect workers from health and safety hazards, including infectious disease. >> the new rules are set to go into effect by january the 4th. new tonight at 10 thousands of kaiser permanente employees in california are planning to strike starting next monday, november the 15th union organizers deliver the news to the giant health care company yesterday. they say kaiser is keeping wages low for current employees and cutting pay for new workers while at the same time making billions of dollars in profits. the walk out involves more than 21,000 registered
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nurses, pharmacists and occupational therapist across california. kaiser employees in oregon and washington state say they plan to walk out as well. >> another development in the fatal movie set shooting that left a woman dead. the attorney for the woman in charge of weapons on the set claims that she stressed safety to everyone involved attorney jason bowles says gutierrez-reed repeatedly asked for more days to train the actors in the use of firearms. gutierrez. reed said wednesday that she had inspected the gun before alec baldwin shot it killing cinematographer. alina hutchens. but claims she doesn't know how a live bullet ended up inside that weapon in opening statements georgia, prosecutors and defense attorneys presented dueling portraits of ahmad arbery the unarmed black man shot and killed last year. on one side, arbery was portrayed as an innocent runner fatally shot by 3 white strangers. on the other side. a scary mystery seen prowling around the
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neighborhood. greg mcmichael and his son travis are on trial for arbery's murder. their neighbors also on trial for videotaping the chase and fatal shooting. >> former raiders wide receiver henry ruggs. the 3rd now faces 3 additional charges. prosecutors indicated that they will charge with not only the 2 felony dui and reckless driving charges. but now tack on another felony dui with substantial bodily harm charge along with felony reckless driving. he'll also face a misdemeanor charge of possession of a firearm. rugs is currently on the house arrest after posting bail yesterday. he's being tested for alcohol 4 times a day. members of the raiders organization, including owner mark davis and quarterback derek carr say they will continue to support trucks. still ahead tonight on kron, 4 news at 10, several bizarre at uc berkeley. >> what police say is being stolen from cars that are parked on campus.
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>> this in real carefully. and you might hear our shave. your say call welcome home and here's your starry crowd. >> plus at 10:30pm, tonight, emotional tributes for general colin powell honoring his rise from humble bronx beginnings to making history in the nation's capital. >> and after the break, gas prices in the bay area are some of the highest in the country. why experts say the costs are going to go down anytime soon.
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this way to health insurance. enroll by december 31st at
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this way to health insurance. tonight. from thanksgiving dinner to gasoline the cost of goods is rising in california and showing no sign of slowing down. >> the bay area. some of the most expensive gas in the country. according to aaa, the average cost of a gallon of regular is about $4.80 statewide. the average cost of gas is 4.62 a gallon. compare that to last year when the average cost of gas in california was just 3.18. a gallon. consumer advocates say the high prices are a result of both a global oil shortage and high demand. >> people want to be driving after being cooped up for so and it's people want to take a trip instead of staying at home all the time. >> and with the thanksgiving holiday just a few weeks away. not only will americans pay more for gas this season. the meal itself will be more
10:26 pm
expensive. according to the bureau of labor statistics, the cost of items including meat, fish, eggs and poultry as gone up by about 10 and a half percent this fall. economists say although the prices are higher. there is little to no risk of any shortages. >> plans are moving forward to bring another costco to san jose. the retailer has now submitted an application to the city to begin constructing that new warehouse costco says it will work with san jose to meet all of the deadlines and paperwork requirements needed before construction begins last month san jose vice mayor chappie jones informed residents who live in district one about the plans of the coming to store to the west gate west shopping center will be located at the corner prospect, road and saratoga avenue. there's no immediate word on exactly when that new warehouse will open employers picked up the pace of their hiring last month adding more than half a million jobs. the new jobs report released today
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also shows the unemployment rate fell to 4.6%, some businesses have turn to higher wages and signing bonuses to lure back the help they so desperately need. president biden says the report shows the country is continuing to recover from the pandemic at a record pace. >> a sign that on the right track. this recovery is faster stronger and fairer and wide and almost anyone could have predicted. >> our ashley credits, his covid relief bill and vaccination program for the new numbers. but some republican lawmakers say they're worried that the white house's new vaccine mandates will slow growth. economists say we can expect more high paying jobs to require the covid shot. >> according to the job search website, ladders about 5% of us job postings paying at least $80,000 a year now mention vaccine status. that's double the rate from september linked in also says thousands of the companies that monitors now require vaccines for on site work.
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>> what the is going on. what is going on. this is hate street. this not. the 70's. >> next at 10. a normally quiet san francisco neighborhood rattled by recent gun violence. how business leaders want to make sure this does not become a trend. >> and tracking your cool and dry 10 at 10 outlook. in addition to that, your sierra forecast for this weekend after the break. >> and paying tribute to a trailblazer after the break. hundreds of people gathered to ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪
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♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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>> to honor his legacy. i hope we do more than can sign him to the history books. colin powell was a great lion. with a big heart. we will miss him terribly. >> that was colin powell son speaking friends, family and colleagues all paying their final respects today to the nation's first black secretary of state and first black chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, colin powell. >> funeral services were held at the nation's capital honoring the 84 year-old who died from covid complications last month. kareen wynter has more from today's tributes. >> remembered as a revered leader beloved father and friend everyone from
10:32 pm
dignitaries colleagues and family members. >> gathered friday at washington national cathedral to honor the life of former secretary of state colin who died last month at the age of 84 from complications related to covid-19 while battling a rare blood cancer. >> some to spoke at the funeral said he shouldn't just be remembered for his resume and many accomplishments across the political landscape. but for his character, this person has a quiet but solid sense of right and wrong not only to do good. but to be good to sacrifice elf in the service of others and to live in obedience to some transcendent trust. that was my father. >> former secretary of state madeleine albright also pay tribute to the former 4 star general as i know, and i came to view colin powell as a
10:33 pm
figure who almost transcended time for his virtues were homeric honesty dignity loyalty and an unshakable commitment to his calling and were also in attendance. president biden and first lady jill biden along with former president barack obama and former president george w bush who were there with their former first ladies, former secretary of state hillary clinton was among the invited guest spot. former president bill clinton was not on hand. he reportedly skipped the ceremony on doctor's orders after his recent hospitalization in october for non covid related infection. >> how spent time in the army for more than 3 decades before climbing the ranks to 4 star general. he held various positions under 4 presidents from secretary of state and chairman of the joint chiefs of staff to national security adviser. the first african-american to serve the country in these distinguished roles. again, that was kareen wynter reporting paulsen michael also share that he.
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>> held his father's hand in the icu the night before he passed away. >> the justice department ramping up efforts to arrest a cyber criminals calling them a national security threat. federal authorities recently arrested in alleged russian cyber criminal who they say was hiding out in south korea and they add that there will be more arrests in the days and the weeks to come. experts hpsay the 2 most common types o attacks are cyber theft and ransomware and anybody who uses the internet could be a victim. >> cyber theft is the simple stealing credit card numbers, social security numbers, ransomware is a relatively new type of criminal activity where the criminals encrypt your computer systems and then demand a ransom for you to get your access back. >> the state department is now offering a 10 million dollar reward for any information about the leaders of the cyber group called dark side that organization is blamed for
10:35 pm
ransomware attack on colonial pipeline. that was back in may, which crippled gas supplies for several states in the country. the faa is now turning over information about unruly passengers to the fbi. so far the agency has referred more than 3 dozen people to federal agents and agents that is the result of a new protocol on sharing information designed to help crack down on passengers who get out of line while on airplanes. it could lead to harsher penalties to. there have been more than 5,000 complaints about unruly passengers. so far this year. fines could be up to $37,000 depending on the severity of the incident. >> back here at home. people in san francisco's haight-ashbury neighborhood are on edge after some recent violence in the past 2 weeks, one person has been killed, 2 others injured in 2 separate shootings. kron four's maureen kelly reports on why neighbors say they're concerned this could be the start of a
10:36 pm
worrisome trend. >> there's a growing memorial of candles and flowers here on haight street near masonic avenue with a double shooting took place. there are many stuffed animals left behind for the young man who was killed he's been identified by the medical examiner's office as 21 year-old samuel jessup of san francisco police kept a visible presence nearby. many merchants did not want to go on camera. at least one saying they were scared to talk publicly yeah. i was alone a spray and i heard. >> these things i thought were fireworks but told everyone it's gunshots. nathan. it was all day says he's been hanging out in the haight a long time is still rattled by what he heard and saw thursday. i already guns could do. but like scene. the scene, the one person on the ground and one person that. >> you know, like the ambulance and the police and everything. and just hurt my feelings. and i know is i just don't know how to dealing with the shooting happened at 1 o'clock in the afternoon. a
10:37 pm
second man was also shot and hospitalized. it's disturbing for residents, especially since this comes on the heels of another brazen daylight shooting on october 22nd one block away on the corner of haight and central. one person was sent to the hospital with life threatening injuries. >> bullet shattered the window of the ritual coffee shop and hit several cars. those who live and work nearby say they are shocked this frightening this frightening and it kind of >> could today's the unknown that we're all experiencing because we've got the covid we've got this. we've got that and then when you chris lee lose somebody on your street or next to you is frightening. the haight street merchants association is holding a special meeting in the wake of this violence, its president saying one shooting in this neighborhood is disturbing multiple shootings even more so. >> maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> in the east bay uc berkeley police are reporting a number of gasoline thefts from cars parked on campus. police say
10:38 pm
at least twice this week, a suspect or suspects drilled into a vehicles. gas tank in the upper hearst parking structure in order to steal gasoline. the theft cause damage to the car's gas tank and a gasoline spill in the garage said could be hazardous. >> 3 people were hospitalized following an apartment fire in pittsburgh today. the contra costa county fire department shared this video from the scene. the fire broke out about 4.30 this afternoon on power avenue. officials say 3 residents of the apartment were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. still no word tonight on exactly how that fire started. >> all right. step outside on this friday night. see how things are shaping up in san francisco looks like a nice night near downtown and meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez checking the weekend forecast for us and for the sierra. yeah. going to stay dry for us here in the bay area, mixture of light rain and snow showers for the sierra and then another river inching closer to the bay area
10:39 pm
first arriving. for those of you in the north bay by early afternoon on monday for the rest of the bay area. we're not going to notice the storm until about monday night. that's when it's really going to peak in intensity and this is going to bring us the threat of a pop-up thunderstorm or 2 specifically for those of you in the north bay widespread light to moderate rain. this is going to be about a weak to moderate atmospheric river. >> not as intense as october's but still bringing us possible inches of rain. nonetheless. and we are tracking overall, it's going to peak monday night through the overnight hours very early tuesday morning. but as we wake up and the sun rises. we're going to see those light scattered showers starting to shift an exit to the south and east and still hanging tight. for those of you in the south bay by tuesday night, but dry for everyone else in the bay area. so enjoy the dry weather while it lasts because another storm heading our way one to 2 inches for most of the bay area and radar for we are
10:40 pm
tracking a thin layer of high clouds overhead better clearing for those of you throughout the sierra south lake tahoe and truckee seeing a little bit of that high cloud cover as well. with a mixture of rain and snow showers to start out your saturday. but by sunday drier conditions. but with this storm is going to be a weaker one bringing this year. about half an inch of rain or less, especially for south lake tahoe. but for the highest peaks. a few inches of dusting of fresh powder anywhere from 2 to 4 inches for this year ridgecrest. but the winds will certainly be an issue through saturday morning. we are going to see gusts upwards of 40 miles per hour or less increasing wave heights anywhere from 2 to 4 feet primarily impacting the eastern portions of south lake tahoe and we are going to see, though light scattered showers 48 degrees for saturday's daytime highs that storm's going to exit leaving behind a cooler and drier air mass on sunday. only warming up into the mid 40's with monday's forecast by monday night
10:41 pm
tracking a mixture of rain and snow. that is only going to increase through tuesday. thanks to that atmospheric river but temperatures out there right now in the bay area. pretty uniform numbers. widespread low to mid 50's and we are tracking overall 58 degrees for pittsburgh novato 54 degrees in downtown san francisco at 57 degrees and temperatures tomorrow cooler than today low to mid 60's napa even cooler than that only warming up to 59 degrees. 3 to 5 degrees below average in after tuesday's storm warming up and drying out as well as seasonal temperatures arriving 10 days from now. daylight saving time as well. so don't forget to fallback. i'm excited for that extra hour's sleep. i like that. i just hated of course, when you have to spring forward this. yeah. and oven and microwave always accident turn something on nothing in their car clock is the hardest look and go back through it. i love my brother's deal >> thank you. air bnb is
10:42 pm
already taking steps to try to crack down on parties over the new year's eve weekend as of today, any guest who does not have a history of positive reviews will be banned from booking a one night reservation on any entire home listings that weekend. they're also be more restrictions on last minute booking scots who do have a history of positive reviews on air bnb will not be subject to these new rules. >> still ahead tonight, a bears bold break-in caught on camera. look at this. the homeowner who watched in shock as the bear helped itself to some kfc right in the middle of the kitchen. wow. >> plus in sports, worriers chasing the top spot in the western conference taking on the pelicans at chase center tonight and it wasn't steph curry who led the way for the dup's kylen mills shows us who stepped up in a big way. >> we he had plans to take over the world. you would be speaking german. >> and this veteran fall to make sure that did not happen after the break. the bay area that well, shares his story about
10:43 pm
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>> head of veterans day. next week. we're putting a spotlight on the heroes who fought hard to preserve our freedoms. yes, right tonight. found forcefully chagall shares the story of 98 year-old jacob larsson and east bay that who served in world war 2. >> for jake larson. it has always been about god and country in december want to be
10:46 pm
99. this 98 year-old us army veteran has lived a secret to longevity is don't the retired staff sergeant sits down with us after speaking to the rotary club of pleasant hill recounting his decorated military service overseas going war. 2 was but he survived and some 77 years after storming the beaches normandy, france on d-day. he remembers those with whom he served in the infantry division. i was overseas for 3 years. i we were the first troops over after >> the jeopardy hit pearl harbor. he says he has had numerous brushes with death yet he is still around to tell his story detail in his book titled the luckiest man in the world. we cleared hit but he had plans to take over the world. you would be speaking german now you you wouldn't be
10:47 pm
free. larson will serve as grand marshal for the rotary clubs. veterans day parade this year as he did in 2020 in honor. he cherishes. sadly, he says all of his army brothers and sisters from war have passed people. he thinks about often especially when he returned to france on the 75th anniversary of d-day. there is a god. >> and every i thank him every day, every day. and we thank you. staff sergeant in pleasant hill phillipe djegal kron 4 >> kron 4 wants to shine a spotlight on the bay area. men and women who served in the military. you can submit a picture of a service member. you'd like us to honor on our website. kron 4 dot com just upload their picture along with their name rank branch of service and hometown. you'll find the link right on our homepage kron 4 dot com.
10:48 pm
>> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> the golden state warriors are chasing winds and chasing the top spot in the western conference this season. the dubs looking to improve to 71 with a win over the new orleans pelicans tonight at chase center. let's go to the action in the 1st half. this was a tight battle just 2 minutes ago in the 2nd quarter, trayvon green takes us straight to the hole and the slam. he threw it down with authority. the words bench up. and adam that don gives the dobbs a 5 point lead. >> let's move along to the 2nd half 3rd quarter 9 and a half to go. >> grabs. the board. what a pass to head to jordan poole another slam that bucket makes it 59 52 warriors in the dubs pulled away with it from there. thanks in large part to excellent play by the bench late in the 3rd. check this out behind the back pass but andre iguodala to be elite suffer the finish a thing of beauty draymond green getting funky on the sidelines,
10:49 pm
pulling out his goggles doors close out the game in dominant fashion. one 2685 the final score. >> jordan poole led the way with 26 points and the ducks improved to 71 on the season. forty-niners star tight end. george kittle is back and ready for action. today. head coach kyle shanahan said kittle should be a go for the 49 ers matchup against arizona cardinals. >> kittle has missed the last 3 weeks with a calf strain. he told the media yesterday, quote, i love football playing football is really fun. and i miss my friends, his big personality should bring a big boost to the forty-niners offense. which struggled the last several games at least up until the 2nd half of the chicago bears game the 9 or so certain vision rivals at levi stadium on sunday at one. 25. packers quarterback aaron rodgers was already in hot water after testing positive for covid-19 while unvaccinated now that water is scolding hot today rogers, one of the pat mcafee show defending his decision not to get the shot and his comment
10:50 pm
previously telling the press that he was immunized. take a listen. >> and i go back to like these 2 questions for you know, for this mob like. number one. if the vaccine is so great. and how can people are still getting covid and spreading covid. and unfortunately dying from covid. and i consulted with and now good friend of mine, joe rogan. after he covid and i've been doing. a lot of the stuff that he recommended in his pod casts and you know, on the phone to me and i'm going to have the best immunity possible. now. >> rogers said that he believes he caught the virus from someone who was vaccinated and that this idea that this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated is a total lie. according to him. he faced intense scrutiny for saying in an interview this summer that
10:51 pm
he was, quote, immunized leading many to believe he had received the shot when in fact he was unvaccinated rodgers now has to quarantine at least 10 days. packer second-year qb jordan love will earn his first ever nfl start on su oh my goodness.
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
this is not something that you want to see in your kitchen a
10:54 pm
bear helping itself to a bucket of kfc. >> that was the scene in los angeles county homeowner walked in and saw that. yeah, a very hungry bear thoroughly enjoying that bucket of chicken is things are looking good and showing no concern about being caught in the act. lauren lister has the story. >> this hungry bear on the kitchen counter scarfing a bucket of kfc chicken. not the intruder. john holden was expecting when he arrived to sierra madre home last week for lunch. i came home. my front door was open and i could. >> i can just hear the chaos like my house has ransacked not only that once he started up the stairs to his front door right here is what i know is that there was a very large bear. >> sitting there at the top of the stairs. john yelling enough to get that they're to move. but then when the house that's where i saw the other bears, the bears breaking in through the front door, even getting past a lock to a parent cubs inside. one of
10:55 pm
them enjoying john's fresh kfc. he had scarf. the whole thing. now john says he was able to get all the bears out eventually after making a lot of noise. he says he jumped into action out of fear for his pets dog. woody and his parakeets one bird is still missing. the dog made it out ok. and while john says he is familiar with bears in this foothill area. it was still very terrifying. they went through everything in my house. they went through the covered and they went through my child's toys. they went through our clothes even today, our cameras spotting a bear on the stairs and these 2 in the trees. and john says in recent days he thinks the same bears of come back looking for more. this bear right outside his window after seeing the video of the bold their challenge chicken. one resident tells us they are getting smarter. no one would expect a bear to go inside their house. and john says he has a new strategy to bear proof is house going forward. keep all that. >> windows the doors extra locked and make sure i don't
10:56 pm
have any kentucky. fried chicken around for sure. the california department of fish and wildlife says if a bear is in your home. they recommend hunkering down somewhere safe and calling 911. if it's outside and has room to escape. you can try scaring it off with loud noises and they say to avoid keeping things outside the can attract bears things like bird feeders, pet food and accessible garbage in sierra madre. i'm lauren lyster. >> you know, tahoe there, even putting steel cables outside windows and electrified mats in front of the door like a welcome mat. he said when then step on it, they get a little does app and they they won't come back frightening. they're not dumb. all right. let's go to a more pleasant how about the lotus wasn't right. love them. let's take a look. >> at the walk to end all timers event because weather is going to be great dry mostly cloudy a little bit breezy in the morning. 20 miles per hour less along the san francisco peninsula specifically in the barkett arrow. it's going to start at
10:57 pm
10 o'clock in the morning. upper 50's but then warming up into the mid 60's by the afternoon and radar for. >> dry conditions out there right now could see a stray shower or 2. for those of you in the north bay really bringing traces amount of rain up as dry for everyone else in the bay area and temperatures tomorrow on the cooler side low to mid 60's. so few degrees below average with only warming up to 59 degrees and then an atmospheric river. not as strong as october but bringing much needed rain to the bay area monday through tuesday. thank of brees said thank you for being with us. have a good weekend. the weekend. ♪
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♪ ♪ >> announcer: teacher murdered. >> deborah: the two high school boys accused of the shocking slaying. >> cops believe she was ambushed by it >> announcer: and their drugs or shoplifting epidemic. >> now a police sergeant has been charged with shoplifting. >> we feel a level of sadness. >> announcer: then come out right. >> are piles of uncollected garbage is breeding a deadly virus for humans? and dogs? >> it killed her property. >> clearly, this is a problem. >> announcer: and imagine living next to this nightmare. look at it from the sky. now the big cleanup.


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