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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  November 10, 2021 9:00am-10:01am PST

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know. >> i'm darya this is the finest hour on with the finest anger. the 6 is warning a james we're not starting game. you're not starting that. all right. well, it's already happening. people are voting on kron 4 dot com. and the and the reported tab. somebody just made a vote. so can see some you still have my vote goes to john. all just what we do. a whether competition that will be wait a couple years for as long as we we are looking outside at some conditions this morning that are nice to get back outside. definitely a change from yesterday. yesterday was obviously a need to start things out we did see some damp conditions this morning, but it wasn't from rain much as it was the low clouds that pushed in. >> those clouds are burning off quickly. and this is what you have a berkeley, beautiful clearing skies. further inland. we do have some pockets of low gray still remaining, though, especially out towards the central valley. if you're heading that way, it's been a past couple
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of weeks. they've had a lot of tooley fog having formed after these recent rains radar is showing you some dry conditions. this is what we're going to stay actually for a bit now and temperatures are already on the rise under those clearing skies. san jose alameda and oakland beach back in the low 60's. well, berkeley conquered back in the upper 50's very close to that 60 degree mark, rain on thanks to that. we have some issues as you're traveling through the maze, their accident. >> southbound 8.80, south of 5th avenue here in oakland. but it's also pretty slow long, 5.80 as well. so i would say maybe international if you're trying to get through 13. we're seeing some improvement along there as you're traveling this morning heading into the city. a little under 22 minutes for your drive time still high winds. it's been pretty gusty along the bay ridge all throughout the morning. hopefully we're starting to see the roadways and conditions start to dry out just a little bit because earlier things are really damp and wet out in hercules. you still have an accident westbound for to that 80 connector. and we were starting to see delays along 5, 1880, all the way down to
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san pablo richmond berkeley as you're traveling there a little under 15 heading richmond tore sanner leave you with a look at highway 4 traveling from one 62 to 42 a little under 16 minutes. darya james, back to you. thanks right let's get to a big story that we're following this morning a former raider star henry ruggs is back in court in las vegas is facing more criminal charges. >> accused of driving drunk in las vegas causing a high-speed crash that killed 23 year-old woman and her dog last week. >> prosecutors say that ruggs was going a 156 miles an hour moments before this fiery crash that you see and he also faces 2 charges of reckless driving and possession of a gun while under the influence and the raiders released him shortly after the crash. we have a reporter in the courtroom. >> and if there is a important decision made. obviously we're going bring you that update right away. so stay tuned. other news that we're following breaking news this morning. accused killer kyle rittenhouse. >> is in court taking the stand in his own defense. this
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is a live feed that we've got from the kenosha, wisconsin courtroom. yeah. in the last hour. we know rittenhouse apparently broke down crying. >> on the stand he is on trial again accused of killing 2 men wounding a 3rd during a night of protests there in kenosha in the summer last year. rittenhouse could potentially get life in prison if convicted of the most serious charges against him. 9. '03, and in the south bay, a controversial statue in downtown san jose is coming down after 30 years now, the city council actually voted unanimously to remove its the thomas fallon statute kron four's will tran in front of it this morning to explain the controversy morning. well. >> the statue has been here for 33 years. it probably won't be able to see your number 34 because the city council now has given the green light to do one of 2 things. either melted down or move it to a storage facility owned by the city, but it won't be hearing more ad julian and saint james because
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well, they decided time is up. a lot of people. they remarked on this last night. at the city council and this has been going on pretty much since 1988 ever since they thought about it and then throughout the decades when it was still here saying that it represents genocide colonization murder massacre. now this statue actually represents thomas fallon, the captain of the military back in 1846 and it was originally called grazing of the flag. but throughout the years. many people saw this as a divisive symbol because at that particular time, california still belong to mexico. we all know the history about people saying colonization forcing down, cultures down people's throat and then we've heard this throughout the past couple years, many statues are being removed across the country because it just does not represent the times that people would like to see. i
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got a chance to talk to some people. they say a case by case. i mean, i think i mean, history has a place in our society. >> i don't know that honoring a particular statue is in public areas is probably the best thing for our country. >> you know, i think they should place for them. somewhere in the areas, but maybe not right. downtown. >> san jose's, former mayor tom mccurry. he came out and said wait a minute, when this was thought of back in 1988 it was called raising the flag that had nothing to do with colonization. the also pointed out that the incorporation of san jose into america was beloved less. no lives were lost during that particular time. but a lot of people, not just last night but throughout the decades, they said that it's just too divisive for them and in fact, this was vandalized in 2020 during the
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george floyd protest because a lot of people saying we live in a different here and now and let's revisit some of the people that we look up to the city of san jose. they did not say exactly when they plan to remove this. but again, it looks like the clock is ticking on captain thomas felt. >> all right. thanks a lot. we'll 9. '06, is the time. also new this morning, we have the san mateo county sheriff saying they are no longer going to cooperate with ice. you know, the sheriff says is part of the department's mission to protect all of the county's residents concours camila barco is live in san mateo county with the details. good morning. commute. >> yes. so as of this morning, san mateo county sheriff's office says that they will no longer transfer undocumented inmates to federal custody unless they're ordered by judge. now the decision comes after sheriff carlos bolanos. you can see a picture of him on your screen held a special meeting to hear from residents, many of them criticize the sheriff's office
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for coordinating 15 transfers to ice from county jail last year. they say the practice does more harm than good when it comes to building community relations in the end. sheriff a lot else agreed saying the change we'll bring his department in mind with other bay area counties. he says it will also strengthening the trust between the public and local law enforcement. well on us as ice can obtain a warrant if they believe an inmate poses a serious threat and one and wants his department's help. now aside from residents. the sheriff also has the support from several county supervisors. they too agreed with the sheriff's move to stop cooperating with ice and inmate detention request darya james, back to you. >> so 9. '07, is the time and another big story that we're following this morning. the fact that football players at cal are speaking out about the university's covid testing. yeah. they don't like the covid protocol because they
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can't play in this week's game had to be postponed. the whole thing because they're such a big outbreak. conversar stinson is live in berkeley with the ins and out of these rules. good morning, sarah. >> well, it's interesting. the cal berkeley football team, many of them saying they're frustrated and they don't agree with the covid protocols put in place by the campus health officials and the city health officials. yet city health department is saying the reason that you have an outbreak in the first place because you're not following the protocols. so it's an interesting you know, give and take situation there's about 44 active cases. according to health department on in the entire football program. now, this is all after the football game this saturday against usc. it was for. they forced to them to postpone it because of this. so many players being out and the strict covid protocols actually had the team playing without 24 players last week when they played against arizona among the players forced to sit out
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was the quarterback chase garbers he released a statement on twitter on behalf of the players who sits on your screen. now garber said, quote, we players are frustrated with our university health services city and university officials spoke with us today. they really had notanswers for us. they beat around the bush and deflected are questions defensive back luke back in re tweeted that explaining his own sense of frustration saying, quote, uhs told us we could be arrested for refusing to test has vaccinated individuals with no symptoms. if i understand that correctly, i could go to san francisco. still a bunch of items in a walgreens and not be arrested. however, if i refuse to test and berkeley. i can be according to pac 12 players who are fully vaccinated are not required to get testing cal's athletic director address the media yesterday saying they are just following the protocol set by the school and the city health department. that's exactly what they're doing. and they're implementing these these rules and regulations to keep everyone safe. now
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students are just starting to get in du campus in. i talked with a couple of girls and they're saying, you know, officials say 99.5% of the team including players and staff are fully vaccinated to how many people got tested positive. it's confusing to a lot of students, but they are siding with the players. >> it could be a little too because they're already vaccinated. and honestly, i don't know why there are so many positive cases given that the whole team spots. >> she was telling me she's like i don't get how that's physically possible to have 99.5% of the team vaccinated and then have 44 out of a 117 of them testing positive. she it just doesn't make sense. and she's, you know, understandably frustrated because she wanted to have this game against usc commenced. he was excited to have usc fans in town, but she said that's not going to have
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until december 4 and she's looking forward to the game against stanford on november 20th. we'll see if that happens with this many players out not only for not doing the protocols but also for testing positive. so daria james, definitely a story we will continue to follow. we've been trying to get in contact with the health department last night. all this morning. so we're trying to get him to contact them. you know, kron-on will have your back all day with the story. >> absolutely. all right. sarah, thank you very much for the update. >> its 9.11 and coming up, what's going to happen as we head into the holidays, some bay area. doctors are concerned that we could see a surge if we're not careful. we'll have that story. plus, how are they going to solve the problem of goose pope and one bay area city. unfortunately it's come to a life or death for the >> and we are looking at clearing skies already across the bay started the morning with some cloudier conditions. but as you can see, not so
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much anymore. daytime highs in the 60's later today. for more and more that sunshine your forecast ahead. >> and if you leave your house right now. a few issues out there you need to know about. we'll have a look at your wednesday morning commute. once we get back.
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>> thank 14 is the time right now. our talking weather and the well, it looks like it's sun in up out there for the sky. depends where you look at because of spying over the weather center just got a big shot of san jose. oh, no, no to the golden gate bridge is so much bridge has been really, it's been are inland areas that have yeah, been sitting under some of that cloud cover. that's been a bit more persistent and that's the way it is. this morning clear at the coast, a little bit cloudier further inland san jose. still sitting under a little bit of the gray skies. but we are in the process of clearing out for sure. more and more of us are sitting under sunshine. well, generally are further inland areas are not that way just yet. but we'll get there. we've got a nice sunny afternoon ahead of us in daytime highs staying comfortably, cool conditions, staying dry for your wednesday tomorrow. we're going to keep the dry trend going temperatures are actually going to be little warmer for your day tomorrow as well as into the weekend ahead of us and are continually dry skies into friday. the reason behind this high-pressure ridge now building back in the process
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warming things up for us, keeping us dry and keeping skies fairly clear. so even though today does come along w th similar temperatures as yesterday with that sunshine overhead. it's going to feel. all right. just make sure you bring the jacket with you and keep it with you throughout the course of the day today. no worries about the rain. so no rain jacket or umbrella needed. just something to keep you cozy on a pretty typical bay area fall day mid 60's for the east bay. whether you're by the bayshore or further inland walnut creek at 67 antioch. it's 65 while santa rosa at 65 along with petaluma. our warm spot today. center fell at 68 tomorrow's highs started trend of 70's. that is going to keep it. take us all the way into monday with those 70's. some of our warmer days will actually be smack dab in the middle of the weekend with lots of sunshine and dry skies to enjoy for the next few days. rain don, thank you for that. let's start in the south bay and check on conditions there as you're traveling from 85 towards menlo park a little under 30 minutes to make that drive. we had an earlier accident along
9:17 am
to 37. >> that has since been cleared and 85 in 82. i'm not tracking any major issues heading into the city, though we still have gusty high winds launches backed up 2 about the maze here as you're traveling a little under 19 minutes. we had an earlier accident along 8.80 that has since been cleared. so we start to see some improvement there heading across towards the peninsula. you can make that drive a little under 15 minutes. and the last hour we were up to almost 30. so that's good heading down to crockett from the maze a little under 22 minutes as you're traveling there no issues along 24 and southbound. 6.80 dublin to fremont to 62 a little under 17 minutes during james, back to you. >> rain a thank you. time to talk winners and losers on wall street. now with financial expert rob black joining us as always. and rob. well, i don't even want to begin a consumer prices. going crazy. we'll talk about second home prices going up as well. let's start with the markets, though. they're a little flat this inflation fears. what? what's playing a part now.
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>> i'm really good don't know where to start. people in my industry are free down by the inflation numbers kids. it's not good inflation in cost. we consume are not keeping up with our wages. so that's bad. long term short term and kind of the fed reserve on our side. weekly jobless numbers came in at 267,000 today. that's a pandemic low again. that's nice to see who will last big anti-trust 28 billion dollars eu find appeal that's small potatoes to them. 2.8 billion shouldn't be, but it is. and the fact they've been able to play it for 4 years. kind of a victory without saying it other than to say regulations coming from or these guys. you feel bad about within $10 on occasion must last 50 billion in the last 2 days. so don't feel too bad and very interesting new yorkers only 28% of return to work. >> as of now. and it's only expected be 49% by january of
9:19 am
2022. so office leases should start becoming a little bit cheaper down the road. >> as opposed to home prices will get to that. let's first talk about a consumer prices that. highest we've seen in like 30 years, far outstripping what kind of raise anybody's getting these days. >> and i think you feel i certainly deal. i've got a family of 4. and i to announce more expensive than a foot of my gas lean take is more expensive heating cost my electricity costs. more expensive. that's consumer prices and it's the bogeyman. it's the freddy krueger of investing success. it's a 30 year high year-over-year fuel prices are up. 59% of united states. up 12.3% in the month. that's crazy. i had seen that in my investing lifetime because just 30 years i've been only going for energy costs, up 4.8% month, month. and we're going into winter. that's up 30% year over year to heat our homes used cars up 26% year-over-year, new cars are up almost 12% year-over-year said anything.
9:20 am
we're buying james any. we're consuming. it's more expensive. it feels like to make matters worse when you adjust it for inflation, are wages actually down one half a percent compared to our cost of living through consumer price index. so this is really not good news. and again, what we pay for not today in the markets but or not to down the road. well. >> it just flies in the face of the, you know, the notion that every generation is supposed to do a little bit better than the generation before as you build. but that i it's things seemed to cost more for me today than it did for my parents than specially and did for my grandparents. hopefully you've taken my advice and one way to beat inflation is to investing in your 4 o one for one k should be up 25% this year as the s p 500 has. >> and inflation is up 6.2%, you're doing ok, but writing americans don't have 4, 1, k's our investments. yeah. and i did heed your advice to have been contributing. so that's
9:21 am
at least i got that going for me when i retire, but i'm never at this point just thrown up thrown in the towel. i'm never going to able to afford to buy a house been trying bites can keep up with the prices. just keep going up. they skyrocket. >> come live with me. james lee, time i got to pull in a hot there at this point. home prices are growing faster than incomes. again, this whole segment could be inflation is bad because it's it's rights beating our incomes. >> it was a prepandemic promise continue to be a problem. i saw some data that looks pretty cool to try to explain in the last 10 years. the median home price is up 30%. when adjusted for inflation. but incomes are up only 11%. so again, 30 to 11 in the last 50 years while adjusted for inflation homes are up a 115%. riz income is up only 15%. so again, you're right. it's of generation about our parents and our parents. parents and what are we leaving for our kids as far as affordability is, it's not
9:22 am
looking good. the average home now you need to have a median income about a 144,000 to afford that in the united states. that's not the bay area. the average income in america is about $69,000 as far as median goes. so again, it's just lack of affordability. if there's one thing that i wish biting could get through that infrastructure plan was a more affordable housing being built. i know affordable housing means homes the size of prison cells. but we need low cost options put people in homes built an equity and they can sell that bike it. so that down the road in my home. i'm just a way of getting your foot in the door just get that so hard to get your foot in the door. that's right. all right, rob, thank you as always. >> at reach out to rob his wealth of information. obviously shares it with us each morning. if you have a question or comment. a topic you'd like him to chat about. no facebook, twitter, e-mail and directly. robert rob black dot com, thanks, rob. we'll see tomorrow.
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>> 9.25 and foster city has had and it up to here with the boost ask the last night. he says the city council says the only way to eliminate the problem is too eliminate the geese. the vice mayor says it's kind of a matter of public health. >> levels of bacteria that can be partly attributed scoop in on the and there have been times we have to close the beaches. so that really is the problem. the kids playing in the fields, you know, get gets trapped in shoes in the schools. they bring back to the classrooms.
9:26 am
>> james the try to be they've asked politely and geese diapers aren't practical out. so they smiling poo emoji approaches over because his smiling known to city council unanimously said listen, we've got this mitigation plan and that can include lethal lethal means we they're good at that point. they they their days are numbered. put it this way. their days are numbered. they would have to get a special permit because geese are actually protected a federally protected birds as migratory even though they're in foster city all the time because the lagoon, >> and you know, how long can you live with all that coup and think about your own backyard. you should talk to walnut creek isn't out and have the farms they have the ended. they solve the problem. no, it was a problem. >> 23 years ago when i got married you got married in goldsboro and the geese are still there. yeah, i said to be real careful >> we'll take a break. we'll be right back. it's 9.26 to
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welcome to this world. you have some big shoes to fill. people will tell you what to eat. everyone will have an opinion. and, yes, there will be tears. lots of new introductions. sleepless nights. that's normal. okay. so many new toys. it's not going to be easy. but, together, we got this. kaiser permanente. thrive >> this is fantastic. this is sharing. so we move beyond goose to talking about other hazards like in your way and you're saying that you are
9:30 am
getting married in the rose garden there, heather farms and week before the ceremony. >> a fungus and bacteria this race through the all the road they had to cop cut all the roses down. so, you surrounded it always beautiful roses for a wedding dirt and end its ok and then so would rather have the juice to know roses or lurie said that her kids had. >> a problem with that coop at their weddings because they get where you when you do barn imagine things to think about. john john's been to a few weddings have been none like they've all gone. i had no hazards of winning location. i why i was fine. but my wife haha. it's so what least it would have been on a sunny day hope. yes, it was and sunny there you go. as long as the lightings good james for matter is most you can but some think rose is out there. today the lighting is good. we've got some sunshine reappearing through the clouds. but.
9:31 am
>> we aren't going to be looking at any rainfall ahead for the rest of the week. so we'll take the sunshine, i guess we got the rainfall yesterday and now we have a good chance to drive back out for a few days. your view outside at our east bay hills camera situated about berkeley shows what was once a great view. now increasingly blue and clear. only a little bit of the low gray still hangs out towards the central valley after what was initially a fairly foggy start to this morning radar shows you where some of those cloudier spots are especially to the inland valleys of the east bay and still some cloud cover about the south bay too 50's and 60's for current temperatures. get the light jackets on as we do kick off this wednesday. things will be looking really get into the afternoon and even better come the weekend. i'll fill you in on that. still to come right now. don, thanks for that. all right. let's take a look at the golden gate bridge this morning. we have reports that there are pockets of fog here. >> looks like we're starting to clear out as the sun comes up and people are out. a look at the site's. they're a little under 23 minutes from the north bay traveling into the city to make it to those tolls right there. a busy bay
9:32 am
bridge. it's been busy all morning with the high winds slick conditions a little under 20 minutes for your drive time as you're heading in dublin. if you're traveling from 6.80. >> to last 6.80 south bound 2. so to 62 in fremont of that. take you a little under 60 minutes to make that drive 5.80 livermore pleasanton inhaler. once you get there, that's when it starts to slow down a little bit in the south bay. no major issues along to 37 in the last hour we had an accident there right now. if you're heading from 2.80, san jose along one. oh, one to cupertino 85 a little under 12 minutes started. james, back to you. >> thanks a lot, right with breaking news that we're covering inflation soared during october inflation that we have more ways than you did. you know for sure. for sure. yeah, 30 years. we haven't seen inflation this high and so now we're paying prices. >> since 1990. that's how that's how far back you got to go to find price hikes. this hi, jane king breaks it down. >> well, we know we've been feeling it at the grocery
9:33 am
store and at the gas pump and now the government has confirmed inflation. definitely soared during october that year over year inflation of 6.2% is the biggest jump we've seen since 1990 a lot of this had to do with the food prices rising. we've seeing rents go up energy as well and that it increased at the fastest annual pace in about 3 decades and top 5% for a 5th straight month. now, the numbers we got today were consumer prices. so what we pay at the grocery and the gas station numbers. we got yesterday were producer prices what companies pay for their raw materials. typically those producer prices do get passed to consumers. the eventually go on a monthly basis. the consumer price index increased 0.9% october compared to september. that was a sharp acceleration from september's rise and price increases were broad-based with higher costs for new in used autos, energy furniture, rent and medical care all going up last month from the
9:34 am
nasdaq market site. i'm jane king. back to you. >> thank you, jane. and here we have president biden reacting to this on twitter is issuing this statement in which he says in part, quote, today's report shows an increase over last month on inflation reversing this trend is a top priority. my infrastructure bill will bring down costs by reducing bottlenecks. i urge congress to pass my build back better act which will ease inflationary pressures. >> 9.34 is the time and what is going to happen as we get towards thanksgiving and christmas the holidays. everybody gathering in california and the bay area there are doctors that are concerned. yes, we're getting vaccine of a covid cases are still going up and there could be a winter state officials are now predicting the reported about 6,000 new cases a day and it was 5,000 a day just a few weeks ago. so experts are predicting that things could be bad around the holidays if we don't take precautions. >> it's of concern that the numbers are going up in a time
9:35 am
when we are facing in less than 3 weeks thanksgiving. and we know what happened 10 days after thanksgiving last year and then within a few weeks after that christmas. all the parties around the holidays, including new year's and that's what's very disconcerting. >> hospitalizations are also going up across the state. it's not the same level that we saw last year though, because we have the vaccine now. yeah. >> and speaking of vaccines, doctor anthony fauci join the bay area. congresswoman to answer questions about covid and the upcoming holidays. and one of the biggest concerns obviously was about indoor gatherings. doctor fauci says that the fully vaccinated can go ahead and enjoy time with the family while those who are not fully vaccinated should wear a mask and get tested first. >> the risk there is obviously still present its diminished by the single shot. but it isn't has diminished as if you are fully vaccinated.
9:36 am
>> doctor fauci also says that more people need to be vaccinated in order to reach herd immunity. he says that as of this morning, there are still 62 million americans who are not vaccinated. >> a new health order requires first responders in alameda county to be vaccinated. they have until december 21st to show proof and if they don't, then they have to wear masks around patients and they have to be tested weekly. a booster shot isn't part of those requirements. and today several bay area counties start vaccine clinics aimed at the little kids, 5 to 11 years old to get them covid sonoma county has vaccine clinics it to schools. it's one 30 and mcdonnell elementary in petaluma or you go to 3 o'clock. they'll be a clinic harmony elementary and occidental and san mateo county. they have a clinic at the san mateo county event center. and they superheroes in a red carpet there. so that will be fun for the kids in solano county. a mass
9:37 am
vaccination site is open at the county fairgrounds in vallejo and they're doing that every week from 9 to 4 wednesdays through saturdays until through the middle of december. >> we have some dramatic new video of a violent hit and run collision during an illegal sideshow in oakland. this was early saturday. we frozen the video right at that moment before that pedestrian was hit. this is on telegraph and grand avenue. it all just hours actually after the first friday's events wrapped up. now we spoke to the man who shot this video and here he is in his own words describing how it all went down. >> heard the white car coast region around the corner is a sign that we see with this car door. and so then as i followed them, i actually didn't even know that i caught the video because i was just following them. what i was holding my phone and it all kind of look at what my head and i just >> police say the victim was
9:38 am
taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries so that person should survive. as for the suspect, vehicle is described as an audi four-door sedan with dark tinted windows. >> it's 9.37 and a bay area man has left the country rather than face charges sending from the capitol riots and here he is 48 year-old. evan neumann of mill valley was charged earlier this year with several crimes including assaulting an officer and there are pictures from a u.s. capitol police body cam that show him at the january 6 capitol attack appears to be in this photo here and he's facing several charges including assaulting an officer and engaging in civil disorder, but he instead has left the country and now he is seeking asylum in belarus and he did a recent interview in belarus and he said, quote, i don't think i've committed some kind of crime. one of the charges was very offensive. it alleges that i hit a police officer. it doesn't have any grounds to it. newman is among
9:39 am
600. 50 people have been charged in connection with the capitol riots. >> we'll take a break at 9.38. still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news the bay area is close to breaking records again when it comes to gas prices will tell you how much more you're paying at the pump. and after the break, governor gavin newsome breaking his silence. we're going hear why he decided to cancel his trip to the global climate summit in scotland.
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>> 9.41 and governor newsome is now opening up to him being more specific about why he decided not to go to the un climate summit in scotland. yeah, it was a sudden decision at the time. he said it was because of a family obligation. >> didn't elaborate on that until just recently where he said it was actually his kids basically pressure him and his wife. you need to stay home for halloween. >> the kids literally they interaction. they said. they couldn't believe that i was going to miss halloween, you know, mom and dad missing halloween. for them this worse than christmas missing christmas and i woke up that next morning with. some things probably from a lot of parents that knot in your stomach. choice. i had to cancel that trip. >> a look at this brilliant. now he has that people are talking about like how kids kind of guilt you are you know, you feel like i want to time with his. but now he has this to hold over his kids.
9:43 am
kids, rest of their lives. he like go to bed. now. i miss the un climate summit for you, so be i love it. isn't that awesome for was good leverage it is we'll be right back. 9.42 is the time. 45 taking a
9:44 am
9:45 am
live look here at sfo in talking about travel weather. you're going to be a flying
9:46 am
somewhere or filling are up at the gas pump. yes, there's going to be more company for you out at the airport fact overall. >> tripoli was saying about 53 million americans are expected to head out of town for this thanksgiving. as for flights, though, last year we had about 2 million people flying over the holiday this year. they're expecting that to double to 4 million. so that means de billy good. >> again. good ally. like how you put it, you'll have more company will be together in that's fun. and you will all it's always fun when other people are feeling the same pain. right. like at the gas pump. so let's talk about how much it cost you to fill er up. right now. the bay area always the record highs. you can see we went down to san jose and it didn't take long to find station after station after station with gas prices. >> that were right there. 5 bucks or higher. so basically misery loves company. whether you have to fill your tank or fly during thanksgiving. it's good to know that we're all in this together to take a look at the the prices we're paying. typically san francisco's the most expensive, although in this list it looks like sandra fell
9:47 am
beat out by a penny so got 45, don't drive over the golden gate bridge fell for that penny won't say him. because of that whole absolute told press jose for 77 and oakland right now for 76. that's all for regular gas. be smart. be smart about know, bridge crossing his to save gas money. that doesn't really add we are looking at a great day to be stepping outside of maybe saving some money on gas because you just want to walk everywhere today. >> it's going to be a beautiful day ahead of us. and it's already shaping up to be that way. skies are clearing out really nicely. and at the embarcadero you have a little bit of cloud cover, but skies are increasingly blew the flag moving at all very still wind right alongside the shore of the bay. you can see the faint gray. that is or cloud cover that does remain in areas further inland like our inland valleys of contra, costa alameda county's the south bay then out into the central valley fearing is occurring, though. so less and less of that more and more. this come the afternoon more and more sunshine today. today we are sticking with daytime high
9:48 am
school in the 60's tomorrow. we'll start to see those 70's. that's the way we're going to stay well into the weekend and into early next week, too. all this is due to a ridge of high pressure that's building back in now keeping us dry keeping us increasingly warm in the days to come to now, today's daytime highs. not in the 70's just yet. we're actually going to be pretty similar to where we were yesterday. temperatures at the coastline sharing a range of upper 50's to low 60's mostly in the mid to upper 60's elsewhere in the bay. this is pretty typical bay area, november stuff right here. so get the light jacket on and you'll be good to go as you are venturing outside for your wednesday opened at 64 allay 66 and a warm spot today. only by degree is sandra fell at 68 degrees. tomorrow's temperatures will be back into the 70's. we're going to stay that way through next monday too. and our warmest of days. pretty conveniently timed in the weekend on friday, saturday and sunday. all in the mid 70's rain. john, thank you for that. we are keeping a close
9:49 am
eye on your wednesday morning commute. if you're traveling out of richmond at this hour. and george sandra fell. >> a little under 14 minutes for you to make that commute. also, the bay bridge has been pretty busy all this morning. so about a 20 minute drive at this hour for you to make it to that 3 months to exit in the city still tracking gusty winds across the bay bridge and the san mateo bridge under 14 minutes. but a lot of improvement. and the last hour we were at about 30 minutes as you're heading across towards the 70 oh, bridge. if you're traveling along highway 24 at this hour from walnut creek to find a little under 30 minutes. no major last 6, 8, or highway 4. and let's leave you with a look at 17. if you're traveling from santa cruz, i want to los gatos 85 a little under 23 minutes. all right, james, back to you. >> it's time 49 and the san jose sharks beat the calgary flames, even though we were short players because of covid. yes, and we have a long time analysts player and bay area native retiring kron. 4 sports director jason dumas
9:50 am
has all the stories the shark still short-handed 7 players and. >> their head coach still in covid protocols. none are currently allowed to even enter canada or cross that border where the first stop of their five-game road trip. san jose in calgary. >> take a look at skyline. never been the calgary. we have a tie game in the 3rd logan cut kill the top shelf too. 2, one sharks. all right. now, check out ayton he the goalie. just outside that he tried to prevent calgary from getting control of that some moments. but san jose get out of it. unscathed. great job by hill. the sharks added to empty net goals they win 42. they snap a two-game losing streak. looks like the shark. one of the all-time greats in mls history has scored final goal. san jose earthquakes star chris wondolowski announced his retirement after
9:51 am
a 17 year as well as career on sunday. the organization had a final sendoff for the danville native in de la sal grad. wanda was the league's all-time leading goal scorer with a 171 of those bad boys. he was named the league's most valuable player back in 2012. he's a 2 time mls cup champion and even though he's hanging up his cleats wando. he won't be going far. he is staying with the organization as a special assistant to the general manager. i think that this is this was the right time and again, i think that the way it's all working no regrets having the fans and being able to to experience it with them being able to celebrate with >> that made it special and that mated. you know, kind of give me some closure as well. you know, that this is a great a great import. >> and we have some more sports as well, which is where mining out now. it's going to happen. aaron rodgers, the nfl is finding him.
9:52 am
>> for covid protocol. violations. yeah. and the team to in fact, they're going to find the team $300,000. as for aaron rodgers himself. he's only be in fined 15,000. yeah. which is he nuts when you think about >> hannah and also there another lazard. they both got fine because are they attended a halloween party in the not vaccinated. and that's against protocol. and by the way, not being vaccinated goes against what aaron rodgers indicated in interviews. he said intimated he was immunized and now he's admitting that he's sorry for what he calls misleading people because they thought he was vaccinated and he was and he was not. and now the question is what's going to happen this coming sunday because we know we're going to face the seahawks, but his. >> his ability to play doesn't kick in. >> well, they have attend a protocol. when you test positive for covid. so he it. they would be his first opportunity to get out on the field and even practice sunday's big game in the nick of time, the right and they're going to be a pro. i'm sure. >> and harley a penny we'll be
9:53 am
right back.
9:54 am
9:55 am
>> so i don't know if you know that the people magazine sexiest man alive came out and we have our own thing that we're doing on here. before we go to kron on. we just want to say that we're doing a big campaign. >> for james letter. let's he
9:56 am
was saying he was there working on noel. sign signed oh, my goodness. hey, it is no secret that prices at the pump. but the grocery store basically everywhere in between have gone up over the last year. we're getting new numbers today, though, explaining just how big the inflation surged got last month. here's a hint. >> it was our biggest surge in more than 30 years. we've got a live report on this coming up on kron-on to get those details and real-time updates on local and national headlines. grab your phone scan, the qr code it will take you straight to your app store or you can download kron on for free. james, back to you. sexiest his 60's kron 00:00am morning anchor that was haha and surely from close. yeah.
9:57 am
all right. quick reminder for you tomorrow in honor of veterans day. we have national parks. you so dislike thing you all right. national parks are free tomorrow so that we would any time for that because we're talking about morning anchor live. forecast to the forecast great for getting out there may be a stretch of the what's on the beach. he does. just is warning reason i single ladies sorry taken by buddy goodbye.
9:58 am
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