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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  November 12, 2021 9:00am-10:01am PST

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not be in class with him, obviously because of what happened. we'll tell you exactly what happened in a live report and have reaction. >> and we're following breaking news from overnight. 3 babies in 3 separate incidents are safe after the cars they were in or got the latest details each coming up in a live report from the newsroom. >> and a reward now being offered to find the gunman who fired the shot that struck a toddler in a car on 8.80, in oakland. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at know. >> it's the finest hour on finals day friday and daria. >> and and i'm james and we couldn't ask for a better friday to the end. the week on it looks absolutely beautiful outside right now all around the bay stars are aligning, outfits are aligned. it's all worth now. >> and rebecca is here to tell us about the weather for john. good morning. are back. that's right. good morning, food morning, james. today only
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continues to get better and better. whether wise anyways because we're going to start to see the temperatures climb and climb into the 70's, if you like that and sunshine today is going to be awesome for you. so go outside we'll do that right now. i'll show you a nice live shot overlooking at the east bay. we've got a little bit of patchy fog there in the center your screen. but other than that blue skies the way you and those warmer temperatures as we get closer to the lunchtime hour. we have to get through these ones. but hey, they are changing. we're seeing mostly 50's and a lot more 60's. now on the board. so just to grab the jacket as you make your way out of your house today. but later on you're going want to peel that off because high pressure continues to build around the bay area, bringing a sunshine and warmer than normal temperatures for this time of year. i'll let you know just how warm it's going to be in your neighborhood coming up a little bit later. ran a thanks for that, ok, so we do have some accidents out there. this new one just popping up. >> one. oh, one northbound north of 92 east. so we are seeing delays along one. oh, one. but we're not seeing any
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delays across the san mateo bridge just yet. a little under 14 minutes for you to make that drive traveling into the city this morning. a little under 23 minutes we had earlier incidents like the hazards that has since been cleared up in pittsburgh got an accident. westbound highway 4 east of bailey wrote the air and another issue we've been tracking the richmond. sandra fell bridge in the last hour. an accident there that slowed us down. they were able to quickly get off of the ridge. we're still at about 20 minutes and leave you with a look at the south bay. 30 minutes towards menlo park darya james, back to you. thanks a lot. let's get back to those cars that were swiped in 3 different cities to in the bay area and then one up in auburn. as you can see. >> and all of them had children in each car. yeah. luckily, they're all safe. so we tell you right off the bat. these all have happy endings. but boy, they were scary moments for the parents. but yeah, let's start off our team coverage of this by talking about the first 2 are the ones closest to home in concord and in pittsburgh, the question we're asking is is a coincidence just oddly on the same day we had all these are
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or at least these 2 may be connected. sarah. >> yeah. that's a question that investigators in 2 separate police departments connected or not. we now know another baby was in a car stolen right before parents eyes, one being in concord. take a look at the emotional moments a mother reunited with her baby holding her for dear life. can you imagine the 4 month-old baby was in the car last night at 10. '03, when someone jumped in and took off with the baby still inside the parents stepped out of the car for just a moment before they knew it. the car and baby were gone. police say it was a terrifying call to get. but thankfully they got to work and they found that baby in 20 minutes or so later, no one has been arrested yet. we just heard back from concord police. they're working on releasing more information to the media. so stand by on that. we know they're looking for surveillance video in the area. concord police told me they can not believe there was
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2 car stolen with 2 babies inside in just one night. one of the odds the other incident happened in pittsburgh where this suv had a baby girl in it and someone hopped in and took off. >> police are still looking for the woman who stole his suv with the baby inside. >> this is video from those moments when they were investigating, they got the baby. the mom or the dad in the daughter were reunited. police say a woman jumped into that suv took off. she was asking the dad and the guy he was talking to for a cigarette and they said no, no, but she jumped in the running edge engine for the running car, rather and took off. an amber alert was issued right away. police finally found that suv after the woman then did it with the baby safely inside. this was just after 7.30 last night in a parking lot near some apartments in pittsburgh. >> it was weird because they had heard the baby screaming crying, screaming crying and then they looked in their
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last. the life of a missing near the door was open and they got the baby. is is scares me because i >> i mean, question one had to pick up the challenge. this is crazy. this is crazy. this is insane. >> it's terrifying and that woman didn't even know the half of it that there is 2 other incidents, northern california very similar. now the suspected car thief in this case is described as a white woman with blond hair in her 30's with a face tattoo on the left side. she has not been found yet and we're hoping to talk with pittsburgh police to get an update on that as i just said, i talked with concord police they're really working on pushing out that information. hopefully they were able to look at the some security footage and then get some kind of description of the person involved. with that case. so we'll have a report for you in about an hour on our 24 7 news app called kron on for now back to you in studio. like you said, sarah scary and we're that there are those 2 plus a 3rd incident and that's the one that we want to tell you about what happened in auburn. >> it was a 7 month-old child that was inside a running
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vehicle, an offer that was swiped. yeah. the parents were actually in the process of dropping that child off at day care. >> when police say 2 women jumped into the car sped off baby inside. they ended up leading police on a chase down highway. one 93. here's a video. some of the we're talking about in the m a crash in new utility pole. and there's a shot of that. let me ok, baby was fine. so no worries there. one woman arrested at the crash scene. the other one that took off into the woods and this is video from the helicopter. they had to call in with its night vision cameras to track her down. they did about a half hour later. and so now she's arrested as well. also happening today we have the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce expected to announce a reward for any information leading to an arrest of the shooter behind a shot that was fired that struck and killed a 23 month-old who was in a car state 80. the reward is expected to be about $10,000. the incident happened last saturday. and we've been telling you about jasper, wu. he was riding in that car with
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his mom when the bullet flew and struck him killed him. they took him to children's hospital in oakland. but sadly it couldn't save him. the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce again, expected to hold that news conference later this morning. we'll we'll have coverage of it on our 24 7 new streaming app kron on's. make sure you download it. if you haven't already. >> and there's a tragedy that happened outside a school in san francisco in the kids are back in class today for the first time since a teacher's aide was struck and killed by car. yeah. this is that sherman elementary school. we've got kron. four's will tran out there this morning and will. >> well, you actually talked to one of the students who went there that knew him and that was a really heartfelt interview. >> oh, my goodness. i was watching the video of it and it really hit me how strong she was. and that he was a huge giants fan. the vigil james continues to grow this morning with many people showing up because yesterday was veterans day. so there was no school. so the grief counselors are in school today
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to talk to those elementary school kids about andrew zeman, which they knew him affectionately as mister andrew 30 years old. he was standing either. right here waiting to cross the street or literally in the crosswalk at the time. this is at franklin and union. look at how close he was to reaching the school it is literally just yard. a few yards away from him being there. this is around 8 o'clock in the morning when 2 cars collided into each other. careened out of control and then slammed into him. so horrific that he actually never even was able to be taken to the hospital, but he died at the scene. many people are showing up this morning writing notes to his family. the candles are still burning in the overnight hours did get a chance as you mentioned, james to talk to one of his students. she's a 4th grader. here's david morrissey. listen in to her reaction to her beloved teacher.
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>> he was really funny. less the giants schemes. >> and would always take care of of all the kids and talk to them. >> what did your mom say to you about mister andrew and what happened. >> she just told me if i knew mister andrew. say yes and i asked her that was the person died in the incident. and she total. she told she nodded her head. >> and mom did tell me james and area that she was confused. ava was confused by what happened tears were shed that a vote will go in there and i even told her on behalf of crime that i'm sure mister andrew was very proud of her. you can see people still stopping by and i'm sure this vigil will be just probably taking over the sidewalk. eventually people stopping by and writing letters as far as the cause of the crash. here's
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franklin notorious for speeding. they are not saying definitively if speed was a factor in this crash that involved 2 cars, possibly even 3 cars. but that is certainly looked being looked at in the city of san francisco. they're looking ways to slow drivers down regardless if that ends up being the official cause of this horrific accident. somebody came out here and look at this shot. i think this says it off a driver killed our neighbor here. >> thank you very much. well, so that case a car accident killed the crossing guard in this case, a car accident. it was a street sweeper that was hit by a car on the golden gate bridge caused an injury to 5 people. so this was all at a protest was happening on the bridge, the sweets, the street sweepers and the lower core and then you can see the crowd behind it turns out 2 of the 5 were police officers who were injured non-life-threatening injuries and then the 3 other victims were golden gate bridge
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district employees and minor injuries for them and this whole protest started at the golden bridge. welcome center and you can see them here at one point the protesters did try to cross the bridge. but the authorities prevented that hundreds of people were attending this protest because they are upset about covid vaccine mandates. one man has died and another injured in an apartment fire in brentwood. and you can see resuming in on the map of where this happened. the apartment is on nancy street and when fire crews got there, they were able to treat one man. he was revived and taken to the hospital. but the other man died in the fire and a dog did not survive. it's not clear what started that fire. we'll take a break here at 9.11. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news north bay congressman jared huffman. >> we'll be talking with us about the push for clean energy in california. we'll also be asking him about what congress can do. anything to, you know, take down those prices at the grocery store. all that shipping shortages
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and everything else. also, we're following the latest out of oakland to people looking to become opens next. mayor responding to the recent uptick in gun violence and also a bay area woman as we've been talking about giving birth in her own front yard. we'll have more on what happened. >> tracking a lot of sunshine and warm temperatures for this afternoon and it looks like a gorgeous weekend is in store for you as well. i'll have my complete forecast coming up. seen reports of some fog along the richmond sandra fell bridge will get a look at drive times there. >> and your commute across the bay will have long that once we get back.
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>> 9.14 right now. i've got the breakfast of champions today. what its juice with little caffeine and. it's not turkey show it's like a it's a veggie stick things. natural slim jimmy. these are all the fun things are going together here on the kron 4 so, you at this long with you this morning. that open right sugar. let's head over to the weather center. good morning, rebecca. >> we're going never a dull moment on the kron 4 morning news. i can assure you. we'll happy friday, everyone. it is going to be beautiful as you head out of the house maybe you can even see through your windows right now before you're going to be leaving the house. >> just how sunny and gorgeous it is no matter where you are. it's going to be a warmer, too, as we get into the afternoon hours in fact, we're seeing a sunshine everywhere you look with mostly clear
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conditions and this is a really nice shot of sfo. it's a gorgeous day. if you're going to be a traveling. we're just travel outside travel to a park over the next couple of days and take advantage of just how beautiful it is going to be across the bay area temperatures right now really moving 50's and 60's. a lot more 60's now that we're seeing 63 in berkeley right now. san mateo, you're currently at 61 half moon bay already at 64 degrees. we're still looking at some 50's across much of the north bay. but those are going to replaced by those warm 70's. pretty similar to what we saw yesterday. but we are going to be a touch warmer as a matter of fact, today, the more we were at yesterday afternoon, high pressure continuing to build it sticking with us through the next couple of days into your weekend bringing us lots of sunshine and warmer than normal temperatures for this time of year and future cast for showing us no wet weather in store. it's going to be a drive for folks in the bay area. all the wet weather to the far north of us oregon. washington is going to get it. parts of canada as well. and it's going to completely stay
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out of the bay area for now high temperatures today 76 in san jose. that's one of our warmer spots for the day. 75, if you're going to be in redwood city, 74 in hayward downtown oakland, a high of 72 with a lot of sunshine to enjoy and san francisco on. i 70 degrees nevada, you'll be at a high of 74. how long is this going to last. well, 3, your weekend. so it's perfect timing. right to get outside over the next few days and enjoy it overnight lows 40's and 50's. and then once we get into monday, there's going to be a slight cool down and then things are going to start to get even cooler as we get towards the middle of the week. it looks like wednesday is when things are going to get into the low 60's and we're going to see that through thursday as well. that's a look at the weather. let's see how traffic is doing on this friday morning. lower back again. we've been keeping a close eye on things out on our roads. >> first. we're looking at the bay bridge to traveling into the city. i guess we're gonna look at the richmond. sandra
9:18 am
fell bridge. first, i've seen reports of fog as you're traveling out of richmond across 2 or sandra fell. so we're seeing an uptick and drive times and slower traffic in the 9 o'clock hour because of that visibilities impacted. so the commute times are impacted as well heading into the city, though, right now, little under 20 minutes we its earlier traffic hazards that slowed us down in the last 2 hours. we had somebody that was even out of their car on the bridge is what started that slowing that we saw there here in san mateo want to one northbound north of 92 east. you've got an accident. thankfully that is not spilling over on to the san mateo bridge will still nice and light a little under 15 minutes as you're traveling and here along highway 4. we're starting to see some improvement in that accident. westbound just east of bailey road during a james, back to you. >> so this weekend there are well, they're going to be a number of movies in theaters for kids. we've got the live action take on clifford the big red dog. all and no red. and the other movie it's black and and then all the rock is
9:19 am
in a new movie. 2. let's check it out. let's get the read, the rewind and the buzz fvom dean richards. >> we're going to cleanse the community. it wouldn't be the nathan the street. patricia bell fast is a movie that's already getting a ton of buzz about being the one to beat at the oscars this year. >> not sure that i agree with that. but i will say that it's a very touching story, written and directed by sir kenneth about his own childhood growing up in the midst of the violence between the catholics and protestants in his hometown of belfast in northern ireland shot in black and white to emphasize its grittiness this hour and a half film focuses on how one family deals with the unrest and the pressure put on from lifelong neighbors. one thing to read about what happened there. this puts human faces on it told through the eyes of a family with 2 young children, their parents and
9:20 am
their grandparents belfast is driven by the gritty politics of the era, but it's softened by the love and charm of this family and of the irish people through its great acting and storytelling it's about making it through adversity but also fully loving life. it's a dean's list. b. plus now in theaters. >> you casey him so red after a series of children's books. several popular pbs series of musical video games, even a movie over 15 years ago. clifford the big dog is back on the big screen. this time it's a live action comedy with the loveable lad who grows to be 10 feet tall. but more importantly at the center of the story is love and community featuring the voices of john cleese kenan thompson, david alan grier and tony hale. it's a dean's list. c plus now in theaters. now that you've been attacked with red notices. >> you become the world's most wanted criminals. only
9:21 am
>> the others are 3 of hollywood's most charismatic stars dwayne johnson, aka don and ryan reynolds red notice is a predictable heist movie centering around 2 of the world's most notorious jewel thieves and an fbi profiler. the search of the infamous treasure known as cleopatra's jewels. supposedly given to the egyptian princess by marc anthony and i know you've seen ice stories like this a million times before it's a little easier to take now. he's very likable stars going through all the motions. it's another dean's list. c plus in theaters. and this weekend is streaming on netflix where you can always get my movie reviews and home video picks sent right to your phone's every week. >> just by texting the word dean to 9, 7, 9, 9, 9, have a great weekend in chicago i'm dean richards. can i go to the clifford big red dog movie without a kid. >> yeah. that me where to
9:22 am
watch clifford, is there a kid i could sit next we'll take a break now. 21 that i'm coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news, the cdc now warning about a new threat this morning. it's nothing to do with covid. >> what and we'll explain.
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>> 9.24 right now some good things just don't want to wait like no, like this little >> this was a family who experienced something unexpected in the front lawn. the birth of their latest son. emily johnson is the mother she gave birth to thomas right there in the front yard that delivery all caught on the doorbell cam. well, that's what those ring cameras are for right. all the deliveries that show up on the front stoop. >> you could see them come in. but the mom couldn't quite see this coming until it was a little too late. >> you can hear the voices. so that's not only her but her mother right, who showed up within 5 minutes and so did the baby well before you see the flashing lights because the emergency crews got there in 12 minutes. in the show is they just in time, though, to help mom dad, too, by the way, he was out on the front lawn with her. >> it the whole thing he was well, he was able to look a little on. explain what part
9:26 am
he played. >> no one was expecting him to be born that have definitely i dad. got to cut the umbilical cord, the scalpel on the front yard. >> you >> realize forever she says honey, go cut the grass. it's never going to be the same like this. the yard. that's right. yeah. it's still there they're doing great, though. that's the good news here. >> this was all last thursday. so a little baby, thomas, us a week and a day old since he was born on the front yard. could they like make his middle name sprout or like that. clever. >> 9.26 right now. and coming up next on the kron 00:00am morning news ideas for battling climate change. we're going to get some ideas that jared huffman got. he's a congressman who was at the
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>> 9.29 we have breaking news about that case where a car was taken to the baby in the back in pittsburgh. yeah. the baby safe and sound. but we've police have made an arrest. we want to go to the newsroom. kron 4. sarah stinson has been following the story. sarah, what's the latest. >> while. so we just got the information from pittsburgh. police they arrested a woman. the woman they suspected member. we're talking about
9:30 am
the blonde woman, the woman with a tattoo on left side of the face that has been identified as 24 year-old. natalie, i i leah alayah. she was positively identified. apparently just after midnight officers received a call from a concerned resident saying. >> that she knows who this person was matches. the description of the woman involved because of course everyone was posting about this saying do you know this person. can you help. identify her. and she has been identified. 24 year-old, natalie alayah and she has been placed under arrest for kidnapping and vehicle theft. and if you're just now hearing about this story. let me tell you a little bit about what happened. basically a father baby girl reunited. they're safe. but what happened was he stepped out of the car. he was talking to someone. >> and the woman came up to them and said to cigarette, he said no. and then in the meantime, she jumps in his running car. it's an suv gets in that suv takes off and
9:31 am
little did she probably know there's a little girl in the back seat. now little girls, ok. she was found in a parking lot of the apartment complex that's because people heard her screaming crying in suv. so we're happy to report that this woman has been arrested. but meanwhile, in concord, we're learning more information about the case out of there. another child in the car. and you know, the parent let the kid in the car. and within minutes, the car and the baby girl were going. you can see the video on your screen. the mom holding onto her baby. so tight, you know, that was the most scariest feeling in the world and that is just a 4 month old baby and that baby was in the car while the car was stolen and within 30 minutes, officers located the car on gharib then to drive in concord and the child. okay. the cars unharmed, everything like that. but they went to work. apparently they got out the canine. >> they brought out air
9:32 am
support. they started searching for the person who stole his car with the baby in the back of the car. it's an extensive search but unfortunately the suspect was not found. so they're still looking for the person in the concord case. we're hoping to get a description of that. but daria james, at least 10 rest in one of the 2 bay area cases. i all right. thanks a lot, sarah. >> all right. it is 9.32. let's also get a check of weather and traffic before you head out here at the half hour. we'll start the forecast looks back is in for john ttouble. good morning. yeah, good morning, james. good morning, daryn. it is beautiful outside and it's only getting better and better and warm around the bay area. we're seeing a whole lot of sunshine. our live camera network outside right now showing a downtown san jose. look at that shot just beautiful a little bit of patchy fog in some spots, but it's going to get completely clear as we get towards of the lunchtime hour. looks like just half moon bay and along the coast and they'll be sticking with a little bit of that fog cloud cover. but look at these temperatures that we're going to be seeing this
9:33 am
afternoon. 70 degrees in downtown san francisco 72 if you're going to be in oakland and a warm 76 in san jose. the weekend shaping up to be much of the same as this weather. i will talk more about that coming up. rebecca, thanks for that. or i tracking your friday morning traffic that accidents. we have a new one this time in fremont southbound, 6.80, north of mission boulevard. so we are starting to see a slight delay as you're traveling through that area heading into the city right now from the east. a little under 20 minutes for your drive time. there were starting to see some improvement. we had some earlier hazards that really started that slowing down process. >> leaving out of richmond across towards sandra fell. remember visibility is impacted here because we have some fog a little under 17 minutes and we'll leave you with a look at the san mateo bridge a little under 14 darya james, back to you. thank you, anna. >> so california delegates are back from the climate summit in scotland with new plans on how to combat climate change. hopefully some fresh ideas as well. yeah, we have congressman jared huffman here to talk about what he learned.
9:34 am
>> like that. you said you were energized, haha that a joke because so much clean energy >> yeah, clean energy is part of but what i was referring to is the palpable energy that you get when you have a briefing by john kerry. it was our special envoy for these climate talks. he is just unbelievably motivated and constantly in motion and a his energize diplomacy is is really one of the best things we have going for us right now. what did you find? you know. >> cool different interesting things that you could bring back to the bay area that maybe we could implement. >> well, thankfully the bay area is something i was talking a lot about when i was in glasgow because we've got a great story to tell in california where on the frontline of many of the climate impacts that we're trying to address. when it comes to clean energy, clean, transportation clean smart we really i think our model for the rest of the country and
9:35 am
the rest of the world in many respects, you know, one of the messages that you brought forth in the in the time that you had to address the group was that you needed. >> we need action, right. it's one thing to be inspired. it's one thing to be aust ruc with some of the new technology coming out. but it needs to be implemented. we need to take action now because there is no time to not take action was at a sentiment you saw shared with everybody there. >> that was the driving theme of this conference really the fact that, you know, here we are, 2021 the science tells us that this is the decade. so, you know, the next 9 or 10 years will decide whether we still have a chance of holding global warming to 1.5 degrees celsius. if it goes above that we're in a world of the things that we have seen the climate impacts so far. a grim preview of things that will get a lot worse if we allow that to happen. so that was what everyone was talking about. what can we do. you know, maybe not in this one
9:36 am
conference or in this one year us to that trajectory of 1.5, 1 of the things that we can do right now to keep it in reach. this decade. and there's a great sense of urgency about that. well, one of the things that i know just talking to people around that gets them kind of excited when they actually see. >> some kind of progress towards transitioning to green energy, seeing more and more electric vehicles on the roads. for instance, kind of keeps people motivated peaks people's interest. are these the kinds of things that we're we're hoping we'll keep the momentum going. >> that's one of the most important things. i'm glad you mentioned is so, you know, we were in scotland, a country which should used to be heavily dependent on coal and now and in terms of its power sector is over 90% clean renewables so they're generating good clean electricity much like california where about 200% a clean electricity. but that the transportation sector has now become the biggest emitter
9:37 am
of the biggest part of the problem. we're still very dependent on gasoline. and that's why this rapid transition to electrified transportation is so it's the way we're going to knock in that next increment of carbon pollution reduction. and you know, there's more beyond that, we've got to address agriculture and heavy industry and all sorts of other things. but transportation is the next big thing since you brought up transportation and you're now in dc where's my stuff. >> everything stuck at the ports is no bus drivers. there's no, you know, there's no important capacity. what's going on there? how you solving that. we're coming up on of it is the stuff needs to get area. well, look, we're all frustrated. >> that by the fact that parts of our economy are still stuck. a lot of this is a hangover from the pandemic. people that have not been able to get back into the workforce supply chains that have been it become dysfunctional in are still. >> reeling from the pandemic.
9:38 am
a couple things about that. first just know that it's not just california ports all over the world are experiencing as people in the european union are complaining about the exact same problem. so this is really a function of a global pandemic that shut down the world economy and dramatically affected the people that drive trucks. the way we move things in and out of our ports and our supply chains and you are saying president biden, you know, you some of his emergency authorities to try to address it. it is sadly gonna take some time before we get things back to normal and you know, ending this pandemic once and for all is is certainly one of the best things that we can do to resolve all of that. all right. thanks so much for joining us this morning. >> we won't hold our jared >> we won't hold our jared huffman this watch this. can i please get the cheddar loaded cheeseburger combo? wait, i know that voice... (smug laugh) danny palumbo? from high school?! no, it's jack. try my $5.99 cheddar loaded cheeseburger combo
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>> we're back at night 41 to people running to be mayor of oakland are now weighing in on that thought gun violence that we've seen rising throughout the city. we told you yesterday on the kron 4 morning news about 3 different shootings that took place in a 12 hour period. well, now to mayoral candidates are offering their plans to address that gun violence. take a listen. >> it is important that we have a law enforcement presence to hold the line while we are also investing to address the root causes that lead to the public safety challenges we face. i have fought for better public safety. >> we fought for historic
9:42 am
investments in violence. prevention is always important that if we can prevent this from happening before it happens. that is what we should do. >> as of this morning. the city of oakland has had a 119 homicides so far this year. >> 9.41 right now and for your health this morning, the cdc wants to make sure that you get your children vaccinated for the measles because it this is a serious problem. more than 22 million babies have this getting their vaccination for measles because of the covid pandemic and measles is one of most contagious viruses known. the cdc says that measles vaccination programs prevent mare than 31 million deaths worldwide. every year. and i know a lot of people are getting their little kids vaccinated for covid. now 5 to 11 years old in the north bay. want to show you 3 schools in sonoma county that are offering shots today in healdsburg and healed or fix mountain elementary is going to have a vaccine clinic 3 o'clock in santa rosa. you can go to roselyn elementary starting at 3.30, and then at
9:43 am
04:00pm. dunbar elementary school in glen. ellen is going to be giving shots. it's 9.42. and we'll be right back.
9:44 am
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ho. ho. ho. it's santa. we got a problem. ♪ ho! ho! ho! right now. want to check the weather and it sure is looking nice sunny, great day. maybe
9:46 am
have today off because you had yesterday off potentially. and if you're going to be outside, we've got rebecca with your forecast. your look at the forecast. yeah. good morning, guys. very sunny. very nice outside. it's going to get warm into the afternoon and >> even if you weren't able to takegtoday off. hey, you get the weekend to enjoy very similar weather because we're going to see it continue. >> through sunday outside right now we're looking at a nice a clear shot of quite how are right here in downtown san francisco in on see a cloud in the sky here. just a gorgeous, a perfect shot of parts of the city right now. and here we're going to temperatures in the low 70's in the downtown area. looking ahead to what we're actually, that's the wrong a graphic. but we'll go with to your 70 around the bay forecast. you can see exactly what i was talking about. maybe you have a four-day weekend. you're going to continue this warm weather through sunday or maybe you didn't get today off. but like i was you're still going to get nice weather regardless 70's all the way through sunday. lots of sunshine. we are going to see the clouds start to roll through on sunday. but the cooldown
9:47 am
doesn't start until monday. a slight cool down. you can the highs will be low 70's there. and then we're really going to start to see things drop tuesday and into wednesday. so the middle of the week is what we're going to temperatures get back to normal for this time of year. you know, thanksgiving is just around the corner. look at the overnight lows, though the lows 40's and 50's inland around the ban at the coast. so make sure the bundle up over the next couple of days for the evening hours and throughout the morning hours. but then you're going to be able peal those layers often have short sleeves. once we get into the afternoon. well, that's a look at the weather. let's see how the roads are doing on this friday morning. we're back. it seems like the 9 o'clock hour we started to pick up out there because in fremont, we haven't accidents of southbound 6.80. >> north of mission boulevard. so you are starting to see some delays as you're traveling along 6, 8, heading into the city right now. a little under 19 minutes still pretty busy. we had earlier has ers started that slowing process and we really have not recover since then. 5.18. 80's
9:48 am
are traveling along seen just a little sluggish driving at this hour. heading richmond across towards san rafale. you're seeing traffic slowing because we do have fog on the bridge. so a little under 60 minutes as you're traveling there even though we're seeing delays along one. oh, one, it has not impacted the san mateo bridge and that commute a little under 14 for you as you're traveling and the golden gate bridge about 20 minutes from the north bay to the tolls. darya james, back to you. thanks 9.48 sports. the warriors back in action at the chase center to 9 and the forty-niners will be back in action come monday against the rams. hopefully they can pull out of wind. plus a little bit of a stir news. let's go to kron 4 sports director jason dumas us. >> the forty-niners were back at work prepping for the rams on monday. night get this. both teams made roster moves at the wide receiver position. the niners cut jalen hurd while the rams signed this guy odell beckham junior. i think both moves are pretty on par right. the move actually are truly in the cave of the
9:49 am
direction. each team is trending in which begs the e% question, will the niners plays with the sense of urgency to do this. that definitely. there's a big hunger to win, i think is it your sense urgency. >> i think when i think our guys have been through more than that group of and they had more so there's a different type of disappointment, a different type of frustration. but hunger the energy that's all still there. when you do have losses and things like that. it's it hurts. but. >> i don't i don't we're in right way. you are trending in the right direction. could because your expectations are going up. and i think that and our locker room as a whole guys have that mindset have that feeling. and we just have to, you know, go execute now. >> believe it or not, i hadn't even seen that sound bite and i said they're trending in a bad direction. he says in a good direction. i guess we'll see on monday. anyway. buster posey may have retired, but the honors keep coming. he won his 5th silver slugger award posey hit 3, '04 with 18 home
9:50 am
runs this evening helping leading the giants to a franchise record, a 107 wins and a division title. it's 5 silver sluggers are the second most in giants history behind yours truly barry bonds who had 9, no one even close. the warriors put on a show wednesday night at the chase center. >> it looked like at dunk contest. at one wiggins led the way with 35 points that phil, the dubs close out the season. hi, eight-game homestand friday night against the chicago bulls who will be without center nikola vucevic who tested positive for covid draymond green. he's questionable with a thigh contusion. the bulls. they're tied for second best record in the nba behind your golden state warriors. >> they've got weapons now in and the pieces of the puzzle. set really well. no, i haven't watched them a time as i said, all watch the more today. but just a. you know, from afar.
9:51 am
is it. it looks like everything's clicking much going to be great when they're playing great basketball. we're playing great >> i'm sees over there. so i'm i'm i'm glad to the matchup against a c. >> you see that smile. he plays with the unbridled joy of like a kid, you know, on the parkway on. very cool. so anyway, tipoff is at 07:00pm tonight for the warriors. don't forget to root on the niners monday at levi stadium and route on the stanford women. now. yeah. getting national champs and women basketball starting off with a win here. stanford beating morgan state 7 cardinal players scored 9 points or more. yeah. and the defending champs rolling past. you see the final score you did a second ago 91 to was a blowout win stanford those looking for a much bigger challenge come sunday. they're going to be hosting the texas longhorns. i'm sure they're going victory in that 2, 9, 51. we'll be right back.
9:52 am
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9:55 am
>> by brad, you know, all about it. it is now, of course, threatening our holiday gift list. and coming up at 10, we're going to be speaking with the port of oakland's director about the situation and most importantly what's going to be done to fix the problem so we can get all of her gifts to see the interview and to get real time updates on local national headlines described phone scanned the code. we'll take you straight to our app stores. you can download kron-on for frayed. back to you guys. >> thanks. trees up, ok and real quickly, one of my favorite stories today, the fact that the chabot space and science center is going to reopen after being closed for more than 18 months. so today's the day that kids can get back in there. new visitor center is actually built. so they did that while was shut down. so it's remodeled, revamped and nasa's landing and nasa is obviously a big important part of the science center. lot of kids like my kids. going there playing mission control in space shuttle operator is they did a mission together. they all had to work together and that's our goal in part, everybody can't fit in those little
9:56 am
shuttles. oh, boy. are they small now they a way. it's going to open in about 5 minutes. at 10 this morning. big ceremony. so get out there. take the kids. enjoy. well, and we are getting near the holidays. kids. >> i have some bad news for, you know, there's a shortage of santa is you know, santa needs a lot of helpers yeah. halls and and with covid. he's been behind glass he's been buying a mask. it's just wacky and weird. and i rebecca, have you even bother have the kids visit with santa ok. did it last year and he was behind plexiglass see it in you have use like video walkie talkies for the kids to talk with santa. it was not that okay. that's what may be. if you'd like to be a santa volunteer. they would accept that. there's also great stuff happening at disney because when you get into december and i do want to tell you that they start doing the snow, which is yeah, that's a lot of folks. it's not cold enough to snow for clearly. yeah. i
9:57 am
having nice, sunny warm weather. yeah. can you believe in a warm-up guys all the way into the weekend. some go outside enjoy yeah. get to talk on ground at the end of next week. for right. and then i will talk to the beginning of next week. we'll see on monday. have a great weekend. ♪ ♪ have you seen those small bowl---? oh! careful with the... (dishes break) sorry, mrs. c! excuse me, could we-- ♪ ♪ excuse me, i was wondering could we-- ? bedroom! finding the right person for the job isn't always easy... ...but when you have an insurance question,
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>> announcer: today on an all new "dr. phil," a missing child. >> breaking news, an amber alert now issued by the tbi for a missing 5-year-old girl. >> announcer: her parents trying to prove their innocence. >> they turned to social media for help, but online bullies began accusing them of having something to do with her disappearance. you didn't do anything to hurt your daughter? >> no, sir. >> do you know what happened to summer? >> no. >> do you know who took summer? >> no. i can't do this. i'm being interrogated again. there's nothing more to remember. >> we did see some interesting body language. >> i want to go home. ♪ ♪ >> dr. phil: it has been almost four months since 5-year-old summer went missing from her home in rural tennessee on june 15th.


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