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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  November 16, 2021 9:00am-10:01am PST

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home. time for me to be more than a weekend wife mother and friend. it's been an extraordinary privilege and honor to represent the people. the san mateo county and san francisco at almost every level of government for nearly 4 decades. >> so it's 71 she's like, you know, i want to spend time with my family and kind of which made me think james attacked. our family kron 4 had a birthday yesterday. we didn't even say it. we did. we were 40 48 years old. no matter how are to 72. so this is the article of the day. we went on tv or as they call it. what do they call it video screen. that is a new a new channel on your video screen. this is november 15th 1949 about that with the headline. adam war at adam were civilizations surviving blast
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dorm prototype for san francisco and at state universities, how this all ends have change every day since news that we're talking about a comedy and a and a musical show is not the very beginning, a television here in san francisco. and was part. i remember it and i mean it was fantastic. i was like, you know, they put me on. i did know point my lines and i talked you know, the hottest it was it was exciting the fbi attack and in the kaplan case for like it was yesterday. yeah. it was just a good time at sea for think ron 72 that meeting like 3 years will be celebrating. our 75th. >> you know, you crime should do. we should start planning now for something big them. we've got to do something. well, we'll all dressed up and what's the weather going to be like when we're yet. john. great weather years from there. but you know what is probably going to be foggy probably going to be cool. >> maybe a little i think we could be with one of those things at least today is not bringing the rain, but it is cool and a little bit on the
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gray side to start later on today. sunshine comes right back out. you're already seeing it really starting to reappear right over the east bay. berkeley looking good. still the evidence of that low lying cloud cover that we've had throughout the morning. visibility is already improving for most spots but do watch for some low clouds, especially further inland. current temperatures are in the 50's later today. we're set up for the 60's. it's going to be a nice and comfortably. cool. one much as we've already been seeing so far this week. i'm talking or loan chance of rainfall later this week. still to come in your forecast, rain. john, thanks for that. we have certainly been busy on this tuesday. got an accident here in oakland southbound, 8.80, south of market street. so you are seeing delays along 88 5.80, not because of this accident. >> or other accidents. just an uptick in traffic. there. he's 14th might be a good alternate if you don't want to stay on 8.80, heading into the city right now want to reach the maze a little under 60 minutes. we had earlier accidents there almost 30 minutes heading across towards the peninsula because of slowing along one. oh, one,
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one. oh, one. southbound north of alum. rock avenue in san jose. you got an accident there and we'll leave you with this look here in hercules, 80 westbound east of willow avenue tracking a traffic collision there. darya james, back to you. thank you. ray to our top story. so some kids got their covid shots. and it turns out they were kid doses. you can imagine their parents are worried they are. this happened out in antioch out a sutter health. >> and tough. tell us more about exactly what happened, what's going to be going forward here from this. we've got call for sarah stinson in the newsroom. they're going make sure this doesn't happen again. but what about the kids? are they going to be ok. >> so far. that's what we're hearing that, of course, parents in the east bay are extremely concerned about this after finding out sutter health cape 14 kids the wrong dose of the pfizer vaccine. but to check in for you. parents. i just talked to a ucsf infectious disease expert who assured me on a zoom call. the kids given a higher dose on accident will be just fine. he knows that because kids were given the adult dose and
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the pfizer's trial, just how it got approved in the first place. and then no adverse effects. but we'll get into in a second. let's talk first about what happened and that is in a statement from sutter explained exactly what happened from doctor jimmy hugh, the chair of the hospital's covid-19 vaccine task force. it's also a pediatrician. he said, quote, this weekend 14 patients in aac pediatric vaccine clinic received vaccines with an incorrect amount of dilution. and as soon as we learned about this we contacted the parents and advise them of the cdc guidance in the situation. doctor hugh continue to say the safety of our patients is our top priority and we immediately reviewed our processes to make sure this doesn't happen again to break this down for you a little bit. the vaccine is supposed to be diluted before being administred. but sutter health did and a little bit properly giving the kids are over. a dozen kids the wrong dosage the vaccine for kids ages 5 to 11 years old. it's supposed to be a 3rd of the amount given
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to teens and adults. so that's where the concern live with parents but ucsf infectious disease doctor peter chin-hong says during the pfizer trial, kids were given the higher dose that kids 12 and older are getting no deaths, no smaller dose was chosen because it had the same benefit using less of the vaccine. >> i think it will inspire confidence in paris and know that. this has happened before, but not very often and more than a million kids have vaccines already in the country in the last week or so. so, you know, i'm i'm hoping that it will continue to be seamless. and we can all be vaccinated. and i definitely understand the anxiety. and fear of but luckily in this case there is some data and using these higher doses in in the areas in the original charges.
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>> now, when this does happen, though, according to the cdc patients who received the vaccine with incorrect dosages may experience just more arm soreness fatigue headaches or a fever in response to that dose given now kids have been given the wrong dosage at other clinics across the country. if you even just google it for second, you'll see it's happened in several other states. but this is really the first mix-up in the bay area. so it's really important that we did talk to peter chin hall. sutter health has declined to do an interview with us. they refused to give any more information that statement is all they really gave. and that is on our website. kron 4 dot com. if you'd like to review it again for now, reporting live in the newsroom. back to you. all right, sir. yes, thank you. and that's reassuring for a lot of parents to hear the kids are going to be just fine. >> you know, a reassuring is adding the kids be able to get their shot in a atmosphere that makes them feel a little more comfortable. this is the kid friendly area of the santa clara county fairgrounds where they're getting covid shots to the 5 to 11 year-old group and
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they transformed it kind of into a jungle playground area. they have toys games scavenger, hunts, all the stuff designed to distract the kids from the fact that they're about to get a shot and it sounds like it's working really nice to >> environment where kids are afraid to. get their shot and just feel so cool to be here. >> so far about 34,000 young people have gotten their shots at this location. their first dose. and parents and students together. meantime, outside the capitol because they're upset that there is a vaccine mandate for kids k through 12 to go to school. they want to go to class. the governor announced last month they must be vaccinated. well, this is the second time in the last month, the protesters have gathered at the capitol and they say that they're not anti-vaccine, but they are anti mandate because they would prefer to have a choice. >> will san francisco doctors are concerned that the closure of walgreens pharmacies could start impacting vaccination
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rollouts walgreens is set to close 5 stores in the city by the end of the month due to rampant theft and shoplifting. 2 locations closed yesterday. we know there's another one that set to close tomorrow and these closures are already affecting people's abilities to fill their normal prescriptions, let alone getting vaccines. in fact, one local doctors worry that kids and adults now will have less access to it. now as we approach the holidays again, they're also encouraging people, especially those 65 and older to sign up to get that booster shot if they haven't already. now that everybody's getting vaccinated in san francisco. let the music play the vaccination rate is 80% in san francisco in thanks to the high number, the city is getting ready to have. >> a new outdoor concert series. so what they're doing is the mayor announced a mayor breed announced sf live initiative and what they're going to be doing is they're using money for various parks and outdoor areas to have big concerts have 2 and a half million dollars and that money will go to cover things like performer fees and permits.
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what we're talking about is being able to support outdoor performances in and around these incredible live music venues. >> to really remind folks of the magic of music and to ensure that we are keeping folks employed and bringing people back to these incredible establishments. >> they're still working out the details. but they're figuring they could get these concerts under way in the new year to all right. let's turn our attention now >> big story out of the east bay concord police now investigating a jewelry store robbery that was extremely brazen. this was out of sun valley mall. yeah. and when you've got people with hammer smashing and the store is open and customers are there. it's amazing. >> nobody got hurt. covers will tran has been covering this live this morning. we'll let you know. >> well, i do know that they are searching for as many as 9 people. james and area. this happened at a time when the mall was open, 07:00pm. so not even a time when it was starting to close, it was fully open at the mall and inside the jewelry store. let
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me show you the damage. look at all those cases that were destroyed by the hammers when they came inside broke the glass and quickly grabbed whatever jewelry that they could and took off from the scene. and they should know everybody has ever been inside a jewelry story knows they have plenty of cameras so we're still waiting to get our hands on that footage from the concord police department, but they took off with an undisclosed amount of jewelry, their security guards at this location, but they. >> did not make an arrest at this particular time yet. and yes, darya. you are right. nobody was injured because as you can clearly see in the video. this shutdown the place iceberg diamonds. they clean up all the debris. they might not even be open today one because the cases are broken too. who knows if they have anything left his cell to the customers because perhaps they were completely wiped out as far as the description of the suspects. well, obviously that will have to be determined by the concord police department
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and the footage that they have. i'm sure being 7 o'clock. they talk to the employees and they probably were able to already get their hands on that footage inside the business. so they probably looking right now and deciding whether or not to release it to us so we can show you exactly what happened and perhaps a minute to recognize the multiple suspects and give the concord police department a call that you said it earlier area. it's a heist when you come in there with as many people with hammers and the you just went through there and pretty much wiped out the place according to that video. >> back to you. yeah, clearly an organized coordinated job for sure. thank you. will. >> 9.11 right now and coming up, be afraid. be very afraid. will the turkeys be there for your thanksgiving and you know, we'll have to be afraid. the turkeys themselves. we're going to see the impact up the turkey business on turkey's sad supply chain problems. you know, rise gone. that's what i'm talking about. local businesses. how are they being
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affected here in the bay area. him. we are a little foggy this morning, but we will be getting clear clear towards the afternoon. >> highs climbing into the 60's, holding up and rain for now. i've got the next chance your forecast. we've got a few accidents out there to tell you about and some improvements now that we're finally in the 9 o'clock hour. we'll have a look at your
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when a truck hit my car, the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. what makes salonpas arthritis gel so good for arthritis pain? let our injury attorneys help you salonpas contains the most prescribed topical pain relief ingredient. it's clinically proven, reduces inflammation and comes in original prescription strength. salonpas. it's good medicine. >> is a time and we're checking out the weather on i
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was kind of an remarkable to me that it's not a special day because it's gray. even the weather. the day is the weather, ok today is wonderful. the day. a special it's just another day. but it's but the weather's, you know, why not? not fire weather today. it's it's a pretty standard bay area day in its own right is remark. day. you can wear shorts outside if you want not many parts of the country can. that's pretty good. exactly. exactly. so we'll take the 60's a little gray for this morning. it is pretty standard, though. we saw this kind of weather yesterday. we'll see more of it tomorrow. bay area, keeping things pretty steady for us these past couple of days. >> you're looking outside at san jose right here at some low cloud cover for sure, but skies will clear out later on still in the midst of some dense fog advisories for inland valleys as well as portions of the north bay due to some of this low lying cloud cover resulting in pockets of lower visibility. you can see some of that gray
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faintly hear showing up in radar. what you're not seeing is any rainfall just yet. we have a weak frontal boundary making its way across the region last night didn't result in much except for a couple of sprinkles up in the sierra nevada couple of those sprinkles still hanging out in those higher elevations. but most of that energy has shifted out of the region. mostly sunny skies briefly this afternoon mixed in with partly cloudy conditions at times tomorrow will be much like today times the sunshine times of cloud cover. it won't be until thursday night that we see our next best chance of precipitation. again, that pushes through into the later hours of thursday. you can begin to see some green on the radar just offshore on towards around. 09:00am on thursday. this isn't going to result in next couple of days. thursday night into friday gets here could see a 10th of an inch of rain for most areas. santa rosa could see nearly a quarter of an inch of rainfall. other than that, it's a dry and cool forecast as i mentioned, we've got some sunshine later today. 60's and low 70's that our warmest for daytime highs today. tomorrow
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will be a repeat of today. then comes thursday night into friday your next been specially anse of showers. after that, we stay dry all the way through the thanksgiving holiday next chance of showers. after that is looking likely towards the end of the weekend after thanksgiving reyna. john, thank you for that. well, we do have a disabled vehicle on the san mateo bridge 92 westbound right near the high rise. >> you can probably see some of the lights there from the cruise that we're going to try to get that off a little under 26 minutes for your drive time the year the bay bridge a little under 15 is traffic starts to improve what we were earlier today. a long 5, 8080 were also starting to see some movement as well. as you're traveling through berkeley and emeryville do still have an accident southbound 80 south of market street here in oakland. so we're seeing delays all along 8.80. you might want to go ahead and take 5.80, to try to get around that in the south bay want to one south and north of alum, rock avenue, an accident there and steal this one in hercules. and we've been tracking 80 westbound east of willow av darya. james, back
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to you. thanks, right. 09:17am, going tell you right now is that if you are at apprehensive about being animals, turn away. well, well, the stories about their potential shortage of turkeys. for this thanksgiving >> we want to what's going to happen to the turkey. want to go to a turkey farm to see what what the issue was. the karma karma dickerson standing by with that story. >> i'm here with thousands of local turkeys headed to a store near you. this thanksgiving. but just because there are plenty of them doesn't mean you might not have trouble finding the one you're looking this holiday. >> you know, a lot of the very large or players didn't have the labor in the summer or maybe didn't have supplies. what have you are a multitude of things in the summer time to process all those small frozen turkeys. that's still out for 4 generations or family has been raising turkeys in sonora and yes, there and is managing some of
9:19 am
the same shortages seen worldwide we've struggled to get boxes and packaging. and, you know, co 2. but despite the cea birds diesel. turkey rant is considered small by industry standards and that's where to their advantage in a few ways. for example. when we visited last friday, 13 days from thanksgiving. these 3300 hands were about a day away from heading to the refrigerator section, not the freezer aisle. the are smaller, you know, we have a lot of programs that are more fresh are, you know, deep chilled programs versus strictly frozen programs. so a lot of that inventory reporting is based off of like a frozen inventory where our inventory wouldn't have been put up get. that means is harvesting turkeys in the fall where as many medal farms or packaging turkeys in summer. >> so heidi and her family had a heads up about the struggles to come. we kind. of some of the challenges because we
9:20 am
produce later. so we saw some of the challenges that the end she was facing at large. and so we got extra vendors on hand to help supply. we kind of pivoted on a few packages that were in greater supply. meanwhile, demand is up. heidi says while diesel overwhelmingly cells to stores concerns about supply has customers. contacting diesel directly. i think that will be enough product as long as we have drivers to get them everywhere that they need to go. >> you know, there's there's probably going to be a unique. >> variety of sizes and maybe, you know, if you're waiting. >> a few days before thanksgiving or, you know, even a week prior you may not get exactly the size. you're looking for. so as seems to be recurring advises holiday season if you're particular about which turkey ends up on your table plan ahead. now palm of and i just watch that. i would say i will go to the grocery store is a mile where she said. >> all of these turkeys were going to be here. where are they? >> and they're in the freezer. this horrible and but i know break
9:21 am
>> i don't feel bad about your bad about the salmon that use year's season and text pictures of saying this is the best look good or yeah. by the way, it's going to cost a little more to get one of those turkeys this year. about 20% higher they won't be free and will be free when you get them. 9.20
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>> 9.23 in national news. president biden's new infrastructure plan is now a deal. it's going to create this a lot to do job to do and a boost to the economy. both republicans and democrats were there. the signing ceremony saying this is going to have something for every american. >> basil john explains from d c. good morning. democrats and republicans said even though it took months to come to this conclusion. >> the result is worth it for millions of americans. despite the senate's democrats, republicans and together and deliver results monday, president joe biden surrounded by both democrats and republicans signed the bipartisan infrastructure deal into world has changed. we have to be ready. the more than 1 trillion dollar bill will put 550 billion dollars in new funds for transportation broadband in
9:25 am
clean water. senate democratic leader chuck schumer says this will make the u.s. more competitive this infrastructure bill. will help us meet the challenges of our time. strengthen our crucial supply chains and lay the foundation for another generation of economic prosperity. some republicans were in attendance for the signing such as ohio senator rob portman who emphasized the infrastructure deal will benefit every american. there were plenty of bumps along the way. but we got there because we are all committed. >> to ultimately delivering results. for the constituents we represent. portman says the improvement to infrastructure will lead to an economic advantage for the country and more importantly, counters inflation. >> which is so important right now. as american families. are facing higher prices on everything from gas to groceries with the infrastructure deal done. the president and democrats shift their focus entirely to the larger social spending bill.
9:26 am
americans will also see more than 100 billion going to roads and bridges. >> more than 60 billion into freight and passenger trains and nearly 40 billion into public transit reporting in washington. i'm basil john, thank you bays on the coast closer to home. we have local leaders celebrating this is well, san jose mayor sam liccardo, for instance, says the president's infrastructure deal is going to hopefully help bring an end to the rolling blackouts in the public safety power shut-offs that we've seen all too often here. the mayor says this money from the bill is going to help make the state's electricity grid a lot more reliable and it could also help bring cleaner energy to san jose. >> that seems to be an issue that not a lot of folks pay a lot attention to, but it's really critical for us as we make a transition to a clean energy future. if we're going to be able to tackle climate change. it's going to require electric grid that's ready for that. >> so the money will also help improve public transportation in san jose as well with city leaders saying a lot of this money is going to be focused on improving the deer dawn station which they hope by the
9:27 am
and fund a better operating system. and in the end what they say it means is that you won't have to wait at last long on the platform. for your train. will that be nice coming up next on the proper morning news, a new effort in oakland. >> to stop this just piles of stuff sticking outside just hung out there to dry weight in and dirty enough neighborhoods will tell you about what they're doing to stop illegal dumping.
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>> 9.30 is the time right now. i was talking about highs than 30% of your time at work like of your life. yes. so you should enjoy it. so for example, is the little things like i quite how or love it. see, that's all part of how great it is to be working showing you the weather and traffic right. helping you get on your day on the rats funds. it is fun. yeah. and john's a big part of that. obviously we've gotten in our feet today and everything else. good morning, john today is an easy way. fortunately, we just got a light jacket kind of morning ahead of us in this afternoon. >> you may be able to actually get away without the jacket for a little bit sunshine coming back out already for parts of the bay area after
9:31 am
what has been a pretty gray start your view of the berkeley hills right now looking increasingly bright and clear. now fogg cast does show some pockets of lower visibility still. and we actually do still have a few dense fog advisories for inland areas. you look really closely at radar, you can see the faint gray, especially further inland. that's that low lying cloud cover. that is still hanging out with us 50's for our current temperatures oakland hayward in san mateo all at 58 degrees. a little cooler up in the north bay reena. john, thanks for that. so we've been keeping a close eye on the san mateo bridge because we had a disabled vehicle there. 92 westbound looks like they were able to get that vehicle. >> off of the bridge. now we're down to little under 20 minutes for you to make that drive heading into the city right now. little under 15 minutes. we're not seeing the major delays were seen along 5. 8080 so improvement there. and this accident here, south of market street. they just were able to get this off of the highway. so hopefully we start to see some improvement along 8.80, richmond center fell commute, a little under 9
9:32 am
and we'll leave you with a look at the golden gate bridge traveling into the city from the north bay a little under 23 minutes. darya james, back to you. thank you, ray. >> so breaking news here at the half hour, congresswoman jackie spear who represents san mateo county and a good bit of san francisco has announced this morning she will not be seeking reelection. she's devoted a lot of her life, if not most of her adult life to public service. >> so now what will she do cover. sarah stinson is in the newsroom with more. >> well, the rest is still unwritten, right. but congressman jackie spear has served on different levels of government for nearly 4 decades. she's decided not to seek reelection in 2022 going to head back here to the bay area for some relaxation representative spear is known for fighting for women's and the lgbtq rights she brought the me too movement to congress in 2017, sharing her own experiences with misconduct. eventually she helped get the ca reform act passed and signed into law helping assault survivors in
9:33 am
the workplace spears a san francisco native she was an aide to representative leo ryan in 1978. they were on a fact-finding mission in ghana about the jonestown shooting when she was shot herself 5 times. ryan was assassinated this was 43 years ago this week. she survived clearly spear decided from that day on. she started. she was. she survived his healing. she vowed to continue to serve the people of her country. she won her first election in 1980 when she ran for the san mateo board of supervisors spear into the california state assembly 6 years later. since then. she served in both chambers of the california legislature. she in 2000 age spear got elected to the u.s. house of representatives. now spears says it's time to come home, spend some time with family. but she still has one year to serve. >> there's still another year of representing your interests in congress and i intend to do my level best to support you
9:34 am
in every way. there's also another chapter or 2 in my book of life. and i intend to contribute to you the communities. i love on the peninsula and in san francisco. and the country. it has given me so much. >> congressman spear currently serves on the armed services committee and is the chair of the military personnel subcommittee, social continue to serve in the house and on those committees for the next year and then she'll come here to the bay area where she will definitely continue to be involved in some way. i highly doubt she's going to hang up her political had her involved in this hat for good. she is so involved. so we will continue to see what she does next. darya james can and wants a public servant, always a public servant see what the next chapter holds for. thank you very much, sara. >> 9.34 is the time in the east bay oakland city leaders are calling on the police to solve more of the violent crimes that happen. there's
9:35 am
been an increase in shootings. for example, like so far just over the weekend there was there were a mother and daughter in this home in oakland, a drive-by shooting. you can see the bullet hole right through the front window there. this is on sterling drive sunday night. they're in stable condition. no suspects yet lake merritt has seen a lot of violence was a man and woman were shot along the lakeshore yesterday morning and then last thursday, a low shot and killed near the lake. one city council member says that police need to do more. >> this is happening way too frequently and it is maddening. we have to engage with family members who we know have a weapon and, you know, may be considering using it. that we really pleased with them and convince them that there are other ways to resolve issues challenges that they're facing. >> kron. 4 did reach out to the oakland police about the latest shootings and they haven't given us any more details, though, about suspects or anything. happening camaro. the shaft is
9:36 am
going to give details about stopping homelessness. he's trying to prevent it with a new launching a new rental initiative. it's called the rental assistance pilot program where they would help people people from being displaced in the first place and they're not supposed to come at 1015, this morning. more about this plan. and we've got kronon to keep you posted on that. so get that out. >> well, oakland. speaking of it is trying to stop illegal dumping like you see here on the screen, the seas actually trying to make it easier for people to get rid of some of this bulky unwanted stuff with the city giving people a way to schedule drop-off and appointments with waste management at no charge and he's drop-offs will go to the davis street resource recovery complex and sanding and row so they can be processed. the expanded service will also cut out the middleman for oakland renters who now will no longer have to wait and coordinate with their landlords to get these bulky items picked up. >> as a 25 year of as id. and i know i'm happy to have this extra free service. that having been a former mentor.
9:37 am
i'm just really happy that other renters can now reach out directly to waste management to set up their appointment. >> if you want more information on the dates and times for these free bulky waste removals are drop-offs just head over to our website at kron 4 dot com. also happening today in the east bay. the walnut creek city council is thinking about creating a buffer zone around planned parenthood clinics to prevent clashes between protesters and patients. so far this year. police have been called out 42 times to stop protesters from harassing patients at the clinics, oakland boulevard location, oakland nap and san francisco already have buffer zones in place and tonight's meeting in walnut creek to think about their solution is set for 06:00pm. >> it's 9.37. and still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news actor danny glover coming back to san francisco, his hometown to help the community out. we'll tell you what he wants to do and the forty-niners blew out the rams. what a game. we'll have the highlights coming up.
9:38 am
>> and some bits of sunshine making its way down to sfo now, but still a mostly cloudy start to the state's skies grow clear through the afternoon and eventually we'll get to some 60's later today. i've got more on your forecast to come. >> and we still have some slower spots on this tuesday morning, but also have some morning, but also have some areas of improvement when i was diagnosed with dupuytren's contracture, i waited to get treated. thought surgery was my only option. but then i found out about nonsurgical treatments. it was a total game changer. learn more about the condition at
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when a truck hit my car, it was a total game changer. the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. i was hit by a car and needed help. i called the barnes firm, that was the best call i could've made. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. ♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> 9.40 is the time breaking news this morning. jury deliberations in the murder
9:41 am
trial of kyle rittenhouse are still underway behind closed rittenhouse as you may recall, shot 3 men during protests in kenosha, wisconsin last summer. 2 of those men died. prosecutors say that he provoked a confrontation and sparked that shooting defense lawyers, though, say that he shot in self-defense as he was afraid for his life. 18 jurors have been listening to trial this whole time. 12 of them have now been drawn. randomly and it wili be those 12 who will decide rittenhouse's fate. they are the ones behind closed doors right now. hundreds of national guard troops by the way, are on standby as the city awaits the verdict businesses have also boarded up their windows just in case. >> 9.41 and actor danny glover came home to san francisco where he's from to raise awareness about helping the black community glover and other community leaders are asking san francisco to give the fillmore heritage center to a new non-profit and they say that would serve as reparations. 2 black communities for what they
9:42 am
argue are races programs designed to remove black families from the area. glover spoke to a crowd to raise awareness. >> we have to recreate re imagine the possibility all we're just at a weather. we working class. what we have to rebuild this place that and that's what they had, that that would have been if not delivering on the promise, promise, >> and glover says the city needs new leadership that will help fight for diversity. >> it's 9.42. and we'll be right back.
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>> 44 right now. take a look at the weather. it seems to be growing in most places just about. yeah, we've got to johnny the tracking all morning long. are these clouds going to go away at any point today or is just going to great. the rest of our feels like that in area. but today we will get some good sunshine in there ever a time or 2. it's going to be partly cloudy at times and then the subtle. pete back out in fact, we're already seeing that going on in a few spots across the bay. obviously not so much of of quite our just yet. still pretty gray and those gray areas on this map. those are dense fog advisories that are still in effect for much of the north bay as well as the inland east bay. now you can actually see faintly hear where that gray is still hanging out with us more so than not the north bay is one of our clear spots right now.
9:46 am
actually, though, cold front sliding across the region last night did result in this increasing cloud cover. a couple of sprinkles up in the sierra nevada. not a lot besides that, though. high-pressure ridge to strong keeping us dry as we saw this past weekend, keeping us pretty steady. the next couple of days to. but futurecast does eventually take us back to some rainfall. not until thursday night, though. and you see that popping up here in just a second. that line of showers trying to form off shore. that is only going to result in some light showers for the bay area. so we're not looking at any sort of heavy rainfall this week. most by the time that we reach thursday night into friday. santa rosa could see a quarter of an inch of rain. the rest of us really checking in around a 10th of an inch. today's daytime highs. familiar territory here. we're staying in the 60's where we've spent the past few days. we're going to spend tomorrow, too. daytime highs barely making the 70's for only a couple of spots such as areas like novato castro valley, san leandro walnut creek and sonoma our warmest spots today. and as you can see on
9:47 am
the map, each only making it to 70 degrees. tomorrow's temperatures do rise a little bit for a few spots and partly cloudy skies. stay around thursday and friday. a little cooler and that best chance of rainfall thursday night into friday morning. reyna don, thank you for that. all right. let's get a look at the traffic on this tuesday. we're looking at northbound 8.80. >> and san leandro as you're traveling from san leandro to oakland will take you a little under 20 minutes to make that drive. we had several delays along 8.80 today and as a result of that, you seen residual delays traveling into the city right now. a little under 14 minutes for your drive time at this hour, heading across towards the peninsula. we had a traffic hazard on the bridge near the high rise. a stalled vehicle. now we're back down to under 14 minutes as you're heading across the air along one o one 85 in the park a little under 30 minutes to 3785 82. no major delays. and we'll leave you with a look. the richmond center fell commute as you travel out of richmond. a little under 9 minutes. darya james, back to you. thank you
9:48 am
a night. 47 ye forty-niners finally won and a big one. yeah. first time at home that they want or near. yeah. and then of course it was against the rams divisional rival. but we have a pretty good track record winning against him. so it was true to form last night a blowout victory actual and i like the victory dances actually check this out. kron four's, kate rooney. >> 393 days. that's how long it had been since the forty-niners last won a game at levi stadium and that one back on october 18th 2020 was against the rams. so could the forty-niners pull up a much needed repeat on monday. turns out they not only could but they could do so in dominant fashion, the fog was rolling in at levi stadium for monday night football and jimmy played. well, the last couple weeks looking to silence all the critics and keep the niners season alive first possession for the rams. matthew stafford. goes for the deep ball. right into the arms of forty-niners safety, jimmie ward full was nowhere near
9:49 am
odell beckham junior and that set the tone for this one early in suing forty-niners possessions. garoppolo finds george kittle, one of his favorite targets kennel. second touchdown of the season. he had 5 catches for 50 yards. 7. nothing niners. so the rams got the ball back their own 24 stafford looking for tyler higbee. and if that is out of his hands right into the he's got another pick. >> and this time he takes it to the house. a pick-six makes it 14. nothing san francisco. more coming up, a quad injury has the best game of his career. we go to the 2nd quarter. same score stafford looking for higbee again. and this time he connected be just getting in there for the 10 yard touchdown. the rams right back in this one just down by 7 next, forty-niners drive garoppolo looking to answer the handoff to deebo samuel. there he goes. making guys miss and he gets in for the touchdown. that's where the the celebration. go ahead.
9:50 am
deebo levi's stadium. meanwhile, going nuts for that. when i heard the even did the wave in there. one point. >> 2721 7 niners at the half 4th quarter. now forty-niners up by 11 4th and goal. garoppolo fires divo. >> he gets away from the defense said he is off to the races. how about this 5 carries 5 receptions a 133 total yards and 2 touchdowns for samuel. he's so good. niners. just pouring it on now. next rams possession. check out this play throw appears to be picked up by king juan williams who makes an incredible catch with his end. but a pass interference penalty on sf ultimately gave la the first down still had to leave that one. and this is what sealed the deal for the forty-niners on monday. stafford getting trucked by arden key. yeah, that would do it. the defense held the rams at bay. all game in the forty-niners win. 3110. they have now won 5 in a row
9:51 am
against the rams. san francisco improves to 4, 5, and just like that, the playoffs are still a viable option. let's hear from head coach kyle shanahan jimmy ypgaroppolo line. >> we take a lot this year. personally someone just say taking something personally is what leads to that. but we were very embarrassed about last week and every aspect and. you know, we should have been few things this i know that some of these to death. but we definitely played best game all around. i think being gunther down i just heard what we work that really helped everything just. >> we can convert stand the i've said before a like all my football defense like we did night. it's a good recipe for us. >> best game for jimmy and one of the best games for the forty-niners of the season so far. can they keep it up their next opponent is jacksonville that's a road trip will see if they can build on this momentum. i do like all the you know, victory the touchdown dances with a very tame because it's illegal. it's too far, right. right. to can't push it to
9:52 am
unsportsmanlike on. i see, ok party and then moving along cool. that's right. cool and the warriors, by the way, also on the road tonight. don't forget kd. the brooklyn nets. >> we'll be in their territory tip off at 4 to 31. it's tough to, you know, the little shimmy thing he does this little he does this to me. and then by shoulder saying work on that. we'll be right back.
9:53 am
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9:55 am
>> 9.54 almost down with kron 4 morning news, but they never stop on kron-on. and noelle bellow is changing the de i mean, up in the hey, daria, i know you guys have been reporting, congresswoman jackie spear. she's not going to be running for reelection were working to speak with her this afternoon about her decision and the impact she's made here on the bay area. so definitely tune in with us for that. plus, despite a covid-19 vaccine requirement for students and staff at stanford university is reporting an outbreak right now. right before the thanksgiving holiday. more than 20 students affected by this will have live reports throughout the day on that outbreak to get those details in real time updates on local and national headlines. grab your phone and scanned the qr code to see on your screen. it will take you straight to your app stores. you can download kron on for free. all right. back to noel is up there. i but she didn't want quickly before we go, just want to be a quick reminder that since we are
9:56 am
getting to about a week from thanksgiving. second harvest food bank in san jose says they need a lot of your help. this coming holiday season. >> they serve a lot of people about 450,000 a month, which is a big jump from what levels were like before the pandemic. and that just tells you there's a lot of people in need right now. yeah. i what they really need is cash because that way they can by the different types of items that they need or your time. >> so volunteer, if you can also, we're taking a look at what's going on and because they've gotten storms video. and boy, i miss that corridor. right. but they don't that yet. cut junk as it's been to we got the first snow, which is great. we had really heavy snow. 3 weeks ago. everyone was so excited. they were talking about opening earlier, at least i think just began they were going open and now heavenly and northstar said no. yet, even though we've had storms, they've been to war okay. and the problem. so it's not looking like that we're not releasing. yeah, not really seeing a significant storm in sight just yet. they
9:57 am
see something towards the end of the weekend after thanksgiving. all right. the best chance of rain we have in the bay area this week is this thursday night into friday morning and for us and this year it's not going to result in too much. >> so actually got a pretty cool calm week ahead of us daytime highs remaining saw the in the 60's very i mean, don't say it like it's a nice. all right. that's it. we'll see them on ice rationing. it is i'm telling you, know. [ sfx: ding ding ding ] [ phone buzzing ] [ sfx: bing bing bing ] [ sfx: bing bloop ding ding bloop bing ] the day can wait... enter the golden state, with real california dairy. ho ho ho!
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not again. oh no. for the gifts you won't forget. the mercedes-benz winter event.
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