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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  November 17, 2021 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at know. >> and by 9 the kids are probably off to school well, you're obviously not off to work. so maybe you're one of the people still working from home and sharing some tips that i got about shore and how to make that a better open the laptop at a certain close. the laptop. >> when you're taking your breaker, when the day is over and even with latest. hi us like throw a towel over and stop checking your e-mail. >> because they said the people check their email on average, 74 times a day. can you believe that said that number thought that was a lot. but you know what, that does make sense because we're constantly turning the saying on during our down time to check stock. so i'm climb on flooding right now. next. we'll catch on to the weather center. fortunately he has to during working hours with the all important forecast to i'm not a big, you know, check of
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8th on the you know what it counts out here. you're scrolling on instagram. i know what you do >> you don't realize how much to do that either of it is definitely good day to maybe for a minute. get outside. enjoy some of the sunshine that we've got. we are looking at a whole lot of fog this morning. at least for the bay area. that is the central valley has been in the midst of some very dense fog and some of our inland valleys here in the bay to have a couple of patchy spots of fog, not so much in san francisco. >> you can see our visibility for the most part is really solid across the bay area. now we are going to be looking at nice mostly sunny afternoon ahead. it's not going to be as warm as yesterday was, but still achieving the 60's later today. in fact, alameda, you're already there right at 60 degrees. well, nearby dublin fremont livermore still hovering around the upper 40's to low 50's santa rosa, one of our cooler spots. 45 right now. rain on the even that busy. all this morning. we've got a new accident this time in fremont southbound 80 south
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84 west. so we are seeing some delays as you're traveling there. >> as you're heading into the city, though. once you finally do reach the maze to make it to that fremont street exit a little under 23 still pretty busy even in the 9 o'clock hour heading across towards the peninsula. we have recovered. we're at 30 minutes. last time i checked in now at 21 minutes. and we have fog here along the richmond, sandra fell commute. and as you can see, traffic is slow. so a little under 24 for your drive time. there. and the south bay along one oh, one 43 minutes from 85 to menlo park. 2 3785 82 is just a little delay along those highways started. james, back to you. thank you. write 9. '02. breaking news this morning. there was of the threat of a strike and then the strike was averted. yeah. all during the air this morning we heard what was happening at uc system's because of the lecturers. they're upset about their pay and other benefits. and so they had threatened to walk off the job. and luckily. >> they're going to stay on the students left to go to class and kron four's will tran has been there all morning long. when first there
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was a strike will and then you broke the news that there wasn't one. after all. >> crisis averted because we found out right before 6 o'clock in the morning that their plan today strike for today and tomorrow. it's been called off, which is why you see the students on a skateboard. their bicycles, their feet just walking to class right now. they've got an e-mail actually couple of days ago to be aware that they might not have class because we're talking about 6500 lecturers within the uc system and in a laymen term, if they're basically working towards tenure to be a professor. but they still make up the backbone about a 3rd of the course of courses are taught by lecturers and that's a big deal when you're talking about all of those professors and the students involved. so here's what they got in their settlement. they are getting job protection. they're also getting a pay raise as they move along. it's basically a 5 to 6 year contract and the pay raises incremental with every couple years or so. but the
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big thing i can tell you they were looking for paid leave. there were looking for 8 weeks actually were paid family leave for a newborn child or an ailing family member. they settled for the middle for weeks of that. so but the bottom line is if your student is probably like, yeah, yeah, yeah. i don't care. do i have class or not. i have proof. here's you're on the way to class. you got the what were you thinking when you found out. but i'm class well, i had to get out of a bed. >> and i had effect this. so it was a little bit shocked. but overall i was really happy. i know that the gs eyes and lectures work really hard and it was disappointing to see them to not like they don't get enough pay. that to know that their jobs were secure. like disappointing that i go to school that doesn't offer that kind of job security. but knowing that this actually does work and that if you protest, you know, results can come from that. was kind of inspiring.
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>> so you're going to use the 2 days, i would imagine to catch up on your courses. but you're good to go now, especially i heard finals. yeah. guys from it. >> i think i had my first final in about 2 weeks. i was going to use the time to work on the problems that haven't started yet. but i'm glad to see you. my professors have to say the so actually kind of excited to go to class today. >> thank you so much. i know you're a little bit late. she was so kind to give us a couple of minutes that professor fletcher, a professor folsom. if you guys are watching, please forgive or she supporting uses right behind you. but this might not be over because here's the reason crisis averted this week, but they will have to get together the union to see they want to ratify or not next week. so they say no, we don't like 4 weeks. we won it 8 weeks where we were going to on that. it could be right back here come next week or even next month, james and area. so the bottom line is berkeley truly. full of class.
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>> yeah, has full class and it's busy there behind him and it's a sunny day and the strike averted for now. so we'll take it. thank you. will. >> 9. '05, is the time in kind of related news. we have happening today hundreds of employees for the hayward unified school district there for plan to hold a rally and protest the district's plan to close a handful of schools. you may remember last month we talked about how the district was planning to close 8 schools in order to address a budget shortfall that they had to try and solve well, teachers and community members are asking the district now to put that plan on hold and give them enough time to properly explore all the other alternatives they also want to make sure that there's a plan in place to help those students who are going to be forced to change schools. today's rally is set for 4 this afternoon at birchfield park. the protesters do then plan on walking and marching on to the district offices to make sure that they hear their concerns. also happening today, san mateo county workers are going to be hitting the picket lines today over wages. the protest will include some health care
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professionals, social workers and engineers and they say they haven't been with. they haven't been in a contract for 2 months now. and that the current offer of only a one percent wage increases insulting in their minds. the strike is set to last all day. it's not clear if the county services are going to be impacted. but we'll look into that, let you know if they are. >> more jewelry. stores are getting hit by fees. in this case. $250,000 worth of jewelry was taken from this store in chinatown. it happened yesterday morning at the longbow jewelers, which is near sacramento and grant. and you can see locks here and damaged the display cases and the mess that the thieves left behind who they believe it is. you are behind. they were in and out in 3 minutes. the united peace collaborators, a group that's been patrolling the area. asian neighborhood says that as many as 4 chinatown jewelry stores were also targeted over the weekend. >> all owners are kind of scared. you they don't know what of tight. they say people problem and there's no question. and the combat.
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they're at the point where they're ready to just give up calls. >> and we're waiting to see if maybe there's any surveillance video from the inside that we can show us that maybe we can help the police try to track down. who did this. and in this case, though, we do. >> have the surveillance video that we were wanting to show you yesterday when we told you about the big stuff that happened at that other the smash grab the dime store in concord at the mall. look, here they are 9 people just brazenly rend went in about a half hour before closing in. there were employees and there were, you know, customers in there. so thank god nobody was hurt because the thieves said you know, anybody tries anything and they're in trouble. and so that is the good thing. but of course they did get away with all of the jewelry in those cases. so police are looking for them now. >> both committee a good effort in san francisco is helping the victims of smash-and-grab burglaries in the city. get back with their stolen items but dozen or so
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car break-ins happened on a daily basis and a lot of that stolen luggage in items end up in the richmond district and now neighbors. there are using social media apps like nextdoor to try post about the stolen items as they find them, trying to get them reunited with people who lost. and one man says he's already helped 50 tourists get their things back. and most recently he helped the group over the weekend. >> the least we can do is neighbors is, you know, help the poor tourists come here on their vacations and we robbed them the least we can do is is you know, we're walking down the street and this is happening in our neighborhood and lots of other neighborhoods is at least you know, scoop up that, you know, the sidewalks littered with with with stolen luggage and trying to figure out how to get back to him. >> in addition to next door. sometimes neighbors will also post things on facebook and twitter. so if you had something stolen check those platforms as well. >> 9 o 9. and sometimes you understand things better. one lock in somebody's shoes in this case it's 6 year-old ruby
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bridges and those are tiny shoes. >> that were a huge step in the civil rights movement. yeah. this was a photo taken back in november of 1960 when she for the first time stepped into an all-white elementary school in new orleans. >> and that was really the beginning of the end of segregation in schools. we take it for granted today that were integrated. but that wasn't the case back. this is where it all started and it continues now by observing her bravery and courage. >> in ruby bridges. walk to school day. it's the first day of its kind in california and maybe it'll be a nationwide think maybe a cropper. sarah stinson has been. >> following the latest out there in south san francisco. hi, sara. >> that's the hope right to get it from the statewide level to a nationwide level. it's so amazing to see that this first state level ruby bridge walk to school day. it kicked off right here where it started at martin elementary school. the kids are in the
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classroom now and a lot of them saying they're just grateful to ruby bridges for what she did. i just 6 years old because now they can go to school with their friends. friends of all colors and that is why they are so grateful to her. they had to make a day for her. take a look. again, at that picture of ruby bridges because i want to explain it a little bit more in depth that pictures her and the couple of us marshals that actually had to scored her to class and that's because people would yell at her following her yell racial slurs at her threatened her life. all she was a little girl wanted to go to school and that school in louisiana back in 1960 was the closest wonder her house. it made sense. but it also she could go into another one. she said no, i'm going to stay to fight for this and we are going to stop segregation within schools and she continue to still alive today. still a civil rights activist today she was probably shocked to find out that here in south
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san francisco of all places students wanted to advocate her for her back in 2000, 17 a class of 5th graders decided there needed to be a day in honor of her in everything she has done and you're looking at the result of it on your screen. kids of all ages walking in her honor in her in the shoes of her trying to just think for a moment what it would be like to be her and they went through every step, every hoop they talk to the school board, they talk to the county and then they worked with senator josh becker to get this approved on a statewide level. let's hear from the 5th grader herself. she's now a freshman in high school, but she was a 5th grader when she posed the question, why isn't there a day for ruby bridges. >> it is important to honor really bridges because she helped bring us all together to go to get to go to schools together and just to be able to have the friends that we have. >> yeah. i mean, talk about the bravery bravery she high. can you imagine at her age having to go through that.
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>> my goodness, i all the hatred that she heard. i would. i would not be able to go through like she did. >> and earlier we heard the teacher of that class the from 2017, she still 5th grade teacher here at warren elementary school miss carlino and she is truly the best kind of teacher you would want your kid to have constantly asking her students every year. how are you going to help the community. you live in outside of the classroom and that is a good question to all all of us adults, no matter what age you are. what do do to help your community. and in this case they made a day to honor ruby bridges. and as we talked about earlier, the next step is for kids all over the nation to to walk on november 14th. it would've been a sunday this year, but that is the day they want to be nationwide everyone wearing orange. >> her favorite color and on of honor of her everything she did. >> james darya. hopefully that happens. i know we'll be
9:14 am
covering it when it does cool, so could have all started a lot of a lot of change starts with kids and their teachers want a great yeah. better teacher 2017. >> 9.13 right now still have couple morning news governor is worried that we could be headed for a surge. this winter will take a look at the state's going to do it. and kron four's launching a new series examining the homeless crisis in san francisco. but from a perspective you've probably never seen before. we're going to take you inside. ho ho ho! not again. oh no.
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>> 9.16 right now and it's clear which is a good news. it's cold, though, which if you don't like bundle up, you'll need some layers. yeah. we've got john in the weather center morning, john. yeah, definitely cold, but it is nice and beautiful out there in the midst of being so cold. san jose is nice and clear right now we are starting to see some budging on numbers. >> but we've actually gotten version should set up across the bay and that is making for some cold pockets. you can see that haze trapped at the surface right there that some of our pollutants that are going to be just wrapped a right and some of our lower valleys and right along the bay and that will make for less than ideal air quality at times skies will remain pretty clear today. a few passing clouds from time to time. but today and tomorrow during daytime hours, at least we'll remain dry tomorrow night. a couple of sprinkles are possible. leading into friday with a few more light showers. the north bay most likely to
9:18 am
see any sort of widespread light rainfall. rest of the bay area may just see a sprinkle or 2 into friday. you can see that reflected in our future cast of rainfall. total santa rosa may see a quarter of an inch of rain. the rest of us. nothing more than a sprinkle. today's daytime highs will be a touch cooler than they were yesterday low to mid 60's out there. and that's the way we're going to stay pretty much the rest of this forecast tomorrow night into friday is our best chance of any rainfall aside from that. we're dry all the way through thanksgiving rain. john, thank you for that. starting with our richmond sandra fell bridge because we have an accident here. 5.80, westbound right near the tolls still at 13 minutes that could change because that accident just happened. >> traveling into the city from the east. a little under 21 minutes for your drive time there and along the san mateo bridge. now down to 16 up to 30 minutes. so we are seeing improvement and in the south bay tracking your conditions along one, oh, one from 85 to menlo park a little under 40 minutes to 3785 in 82. no major delays. story of james, back to you. >> thank you. great as part of
9:19 am
kron four's commitment to the bay area. we are now taking an inside look at one of the most controversial divisive issues in our communiti. homelessness. yeah. and in a new series, the kron 4 is doing a reporter and temperatures to maureen kelly is taking us to the streets to show us this crisis from a new perspective and the main goal in all of this is to get answers. >> i'm from san francisco. i was born and raised here and i still live here. i see the homeless problem in this city every day. and now you're going to see it too. stop with this cell phone. i'm giving you an up close look inside the crisis. well, i try to find out why it doesn't seem to be getting much better. >> we don't have to walk far in san francisco to see it. people passed out on the pavement. tense and garbage taking over the sidewalk. certain streets jammed with rundown arby's. even though i
9:20 am
grew up in the city. there are places i don't feel safe getting out of the car to show you. this is recent video from larkin street in the tenderloin sense of lawlessness just steps away from the federal courthouse. >> the problem with homelessness and drug use is not on every corner. >> you can easily escape while walking on the and began shooting up right in front of me. if you live or work here, the attitudes towards homeless people their there's compassion. there is acceptance. some are just fed up. i don't really know the best way to handle. look at what i what i want to see is people who are violent and aggressive off the street. >> and while it's easy to blame horrific street scenes on the homeless and learning. it's a lot more complicated. that's because i'm not just shooting video. also taking the time to listen reporter with channel for time. some say they were forced out.
9:21 am
>> others on the properties of is we have to get out. >> some can't seem to find a way out. are you trying to get any services. i tried. but really want help me need some tell me they just want to stay put. >> most digging a hole that are usually full impact of twitter's tracks and a bunch of other people. and i don't like if your tattoos like railroad. i think some say they're just passing through for the past 2 writing. >> so now what we've all seen the headlines that changes coming 12 billion dollars to support homeless. a new program after new program. is any of it. a real reason for hope. it's time to find out in the coming months kron 4 will be taking you inside the crisis in san francisco getting answers from city leaders looking into the programs meant to help. figure out what's actually working on the streets. but i can't do it alone. that's why we started to tip line. if there's something i need to see or
9:22 am
know to help understand this crisis email me on the streets kron 4 dot com. maybe by looking at the problem from a different perspective together we can make a difference. reporting on the morning. kelly kron 4 news. >> i can't wait to see the rest of these reports and that was just the promo. maureen is doing and how deep she's delving, where she's going, who she yeah, this will be a multi installment series. it began broadcast begins tonight. 10:00pm. you see that there on your screen. >> marines going to take us inside a in this first episode youth homelessness and trying to figure out why nobody is getting the help they really need. and san francisco thing is she's doing it. >> of her own volition. his cushy cares, makes it extra amazing. 9.22. we'll be right back.
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>> we're back at 9.25, breaking news this morning. one of the most famous faces of the u.s. capitol riot back on january 6 has just been sentenced now to more than 3 years in prison. jacob chansley who went by the name qanon shamann was sentenced moments ago to 41 months in prison for his role in the u.s. capitol riot. he was seen inside the senate chamber wearing face paint. as you can see here and that head dress before he was sentenced this morning. he said that he was wrong to storm the capitol and that it is not. and insurrection or an act of domestic terrorists and that
9:26 am
he was not an insurrectionist or domestic terrorist and that he regrets what he did. >> 9.25 in san mateo county has approved more than $200,000 for a gun buyback program and they'll set aside money as well. from the sheriff's office and local community groups to make that money now where they're going to do with the money they're going to pay you to buy back guns at these events through 2023 people get a $100 for each handgun or shotgun. they turn in and $200 for each assault rifle. the first buy-back event is december 11th. a crash and taco bell parking lot sends a mom and her daughter to the hospital. on the map of where it happened. oakley and police say that the mom for some reason was speeding through the parking lot of that taco bell and crashed into a protective post that's in front of the taco bell and she and her daughter who's just a toddler suffered major injuries and had to be airlifted to the hospital. >> elsewhere in the east bay
9:27 am
plans to create a buffer zone around planned parenthood clinic in walnut creek have been put on the backburner for right now. so far this year as we know, police have been called out 42 times to stop protesters from harassing patients at the clinics, oakland boulevard location. the walnut creek city council was supposed to discuss perhaps the creation of a buffer zone last night during their meeting. but there was a technical issue. the zoom call wasn't working right. and so in the end they decided to just cancel the meeting for now. no word yet on when they'll reschedule it. but we'll let you know when we find out. >> coming up, people could soon be allowed to shoot at drugs at an injection site here in san francisco. i'm live with why mayor london breed says this is a
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>> and we're taking a look here at san francisco in all its glory looks great, doesn't it. yeah, shot are sutro tower. camera looking that's not a million-dollar view. that's like a. 10 to 10 million got. john has been following images like free free for you. absolutely and of all the other views around the bay area as well. they're all looking pretty much the same. nice and sunny out there. yeah, definitely nice and clear this morning we traded in yesterday's mild and foggy weather for today's. >> beautifully clear. but a little bit chillier. get a feel and staff temperatures are starting to rise now as we've grown later in the morning and that is definitely helping us out with what it feels like as you're getting out there. you're look outside at coit tower nice and clear
9:31 am
this morning, we are going to be seeing clear skies for the bay area. you see that gray blob hang out in the central valley. that's to leave. fog has been very problematic for any sort of travel along. i 5 or 99. so be mindful of that. if you're heading out to that direction. radar does show are clear skies across the bay at this point. and you can see temperatures are really starting to rise under that sunshine berkeley san mateo and alameda del back in the 60's. some of our colder holdouts are santa rosa in petaluma still in the 40's reena. tom, thank you for that. all right. well, we have some updates to some accidents. we've been tracking like this one in fremont, southbound 8.80, south of 84 west. they just opened up all the lanes here. so hopefully we start to see traffic start to clear out along a traveling through union city there. >> the richmond center fell bridge. we do have an accident. 5.80, westbound near the tolls drive times have not really gone up, though. we're still at around 13 minutes and there are still pockets of fog along the richmond sandra fell bridge heading into the city from the east. a little under 26 minutes of traffic is busy still at 9.31. the san mateo
9:32 am
bridge heading across towards the peninsula a little under 15 and it stuck on the south bay quickly along one o one 85 to menlo park under 33 minutes. that's a lot of improvement from last time checked in to 8085 to 82 just like conditions at this hour. gary james, back to you. >> thanks a lot, rusty knight, 32 and san francisco could soon allow people to shoot up drugs at a facility where medical professionals would be on hand. yeah. it's for safety. mayor london breed says that in the end lives will be saved with this approach offers come in. the is live for us in san francisco to explain what the mayor is thinking of doing a >> yeah, well, mayor london breed is pushing for what is called safe consumption sites. the idea is for people to go into these buildings safely. inject themselves that monitored by trained professionals like you guys said now state senator scott wiener is also supportive of these venues. i spoke to him and he says more than 700
9:33 am
people overdosed last year in san francisco alone. so that's why mayor london breed introduce legislation to purchase this building on the corner of gary and hyde street. this is where people with substance abuse issues with though, to safely use their drugs in front of medical professionals. those health care workers are the ones equipped with narcan, a medication to prevent people from overdosing. the 8 1000 square foot building would cost 6.3 million dollars. and the mayor's goal is to open the site as early as spring of next year. reid has the support from state senator scott wiener. he says these venues offer clean needles drug testing kits and give people options to get on the right path to sobriety. wiener also wrote legislation late last year to make safe consumption sites legal under his senate bill. the sites would first be implemented here in san francisco, oakland and los angeles wiener's bill is set to be heard in the state assembly health committee some time early next
9:34 am
year. and like i said, the senator spoke to us this morning about the benefits of safe consumption sites used in other countries. however, some people in the tenderloin area are not in favor. here's what they had to say. >> most people who use of and a potentially going recovery. idea potatoes infections gallon. syringe litter goes down in the surrounding neighborhoods. it's a good day or a it's a good strategy. >> goal agree with don't know. maybe not. you you would get in a neighborhood. i don't know that the could be, know, maybe like a pilot program the first to sit down. you know, going to >> now, daryn, james bring needs to get the approval from the board of supervisors to finalize the purchase of that building. mayor london breed's team says that they also plan
9:35 am
to make contact with state and federal government authorities because at this time safe consumption sites are illegal under federal law. diane, james, back to you. see, they can find a resolution to that. all right. thank you very much. coming up. >> governor newsom is warning that we could see a winter surge in covid cases and the state is bracing for increased stress on the healthcare system. if that happens, he says only about a quarter of the state's population still is not vaccinated and he visited a vaccine clinic in the central valley still urging people to get their shots or boosters that they've already gotten the first one or 2 shots ahead of the winter months. >> as we enter into a season. past his pro log. we should anticipate increase of cases increase in hospitalizations. >> he adds that he understands that some people are concerned about the vaccines, but, you know, millions of people have gotten the shots and they're ok and he's so hoping that people will get their shots and cut down on transmission rates as much as possible as
9:36 am
we head into the winter. >> well, stanford is reporting more than 2 dozen covid-19 cases among students since november 8, 8 staff and faculty members have also tested positive to in the last week. now over the past 2 months, stanford has seen an average of fewer than 13 positive cases among students which isn't bad. but after conducting 14,000 tests over the last week that number has now doubled and school officials say that 6 of those students lived in on campus housing. so those tested positive and have been isolated. and those at high risk for exposure have also been told to quarantine the university will also still require surveillance testing for members of the campus community. well, we have a better idea of how many children in the bay area are getting their covid-19 vaccine up in marin county, 30% of the nearly 21,000 eligible children have gotten their covid shots in contra, costa county, where the eligible population is much larger at 92%. the percentage is about
9:37 am
16% 16% got their shots there. same in alameda county. they've got a population of 237,000 eligible children. and then you can see the last bullet point there, san mateo county. they say they've had about 17% of eligible kids get their shots. so far. these the only counties that reported numbers so far. the other county say they're still collecting the data. they'll make it public soon. >> it's 9.37 and today the south bay mayor sam liccardo is going hold a news conference soon. this morning is going to discuss a recent decision to protect coyote valley. the city council decided to protect 314 acres from industrial development. they're going to save that for just recreational use in agriculture and tourism the press conference is set for 1130 this morning. and we've got kron-on. so get that app because it's 24 7 news coverage around the bay 9.37 a new this morning. fire season is officially over in contra costa county. when you look and what happened in the glow of these flames boys and a good thing. it's over. they
9:38 am
just made the announcement that fire district did this morning. it's because the recent storms and there's more rain in the forecast as well. so that greatly reduces the risk of wildfires in contra, costa county so we can about fire season lasted a 193 days this year. it's 9.38. still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news food banks need your help as we're getting into the holiday season. it's the time when a lot of people. feel giving which is great because it's also a time when a lot of people need john. a lot of people going to be traveling to these next few days. good weather to maybe just stay here in the bay area. but if you do need to travel at sfo looking beautiful and clear this morning. >> temperatures will remain in the 60's much as we saw yesterday. we're going to keep t we're still getting a look
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>> 9.41. is the time and happening right now. we are in the middle of day 2 of jury deliberations in the trial of kyle rittenhouse. it's underway as we speak. we're keeping an eye out for a verdict which could come at any moment rittenhouse you may remember shot 3 men during protests in kenosha, wisconsin last summer to those men died. prosecutors argue that rittenhouse went to that demonstration to provoke a
9:42 am
confrontation. his lawyers, though, say the shooting was in self-defense. we'll bring you that verdict as soon as it's announced. we're also following the latest as well with the defense in the trial of the 3 men charged in the killing of ahmad arbery. they're going to begin presenting their case. now that the prosecution has rested their final witness came on the stand yesterday. a medical examiner who performed the autopsy and he testified that opry was in fact shot at very close range. he says he was actually grabbing the shotgun when it went off. it was being held by travis mcmichael and that's when he died cell phone video shows the struggle between arbery and mcmichael and again, we're watching the developments in that trial as well. we'll be right back.
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9:45 am
>> that 45 right now. and you know that we are a week away from thanksgiving and then we have more holidays around the corner and there is more need now than ever in the community, especially with food banks and joining us now to talk about. >> that need and how you can help. is cassidy carmen bates with food, bank of contra, costa and solano county cassidy. thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> good morning. thank you for having well, thanks for being there because we understand that more people than ever seem to need the help.
9:46 am
absolutely guys. exactly we're currently serving about 250,000 individuals. every single month since the onset of the pandemic. we served about a 100,000 new people every single month since covid started so the increase me that we began serving has really become our new baseline. here's where thing, though. there's so i always hear food banks and charities say, you know, don't just give during the holidays. >> but the fact it because we need to help your your route. but the fact is, is you are on tv at the right time because frankly people feel more giving and more charitable during the holidays. and so why not capitalize on that because you can say get a lot of donations of money now that could keep you going throughout the year. >> absolutely. all mentioned, you know, 2 things that you just brought up. one. you're absolutely right. hunger is year it doesn't just happen during the holidays. but when it does come to fund 50% of our annual operating budget. we bring in within these 3
9:47 am
holiday 9. so this is a really crucial time for us to be able to meet the needs of our community all year long. wow. so incredible. so you're open to taking what what types of donations isn't money that you think is the is the most helpful or what can people do. fall in tearing or volunteering. great questions. so there's a few different volunteering your time is always very appreciated. our web site is always up today different volunteer opportunities, whether that's in solano county, contra, costa county volunteering that one of drive-thru distribution. >> and also monetary donations are very much appreciated. we do have the ability to purchase and bowl. and so we can really make the donation. the donated nice stretch very far with the purchasing power the food bank and then finally we have an option for virtual food drives as well. and all the information can be found on the website. what do you want just giving an idea what was a virtual food drive. yeah. so it is something that has been implemented during
9:48 am
covid, but essentially with the amount of money that can raised we're able to tell you exactly how much food is able to be purchased with that. now, right. like this many people are this many, you know, getting and that kind of thing. and i'll ask you to your particular facility is one that i've donated in the past. our car company. >> every year likes to donate time to food, banks and shelters. and every day that experience was absolutely amazing, as are currently bonding. if people are interested in may be suggesting to their workplaces to sign up for shifts and it's like team building exercise. what's the easiest way for people to do that. >> that's a great question. and thank you so much for our web site has different options list and they're updated every day. so it really is a current. you can see all the current listings and we have followed, you know, all at the public health recommendations to make sure that our volunteers feel very safe and comfortable when they do come
9:49 am
and volunteer and come and do fill in for anne hathaway by night. you do the foodbank during the day a new body double for anne hathaway and her movies. >> heard that before. i haven't. but thank you very all right. thanks for giving us all that info and for helping. we appreciate it. all right. as great day. you bet you too. and and hope you guys get a lot of donations. you know what i'm sayin. no, i don't like i can have a sister amazing. she's working canine 49 right now, every head out the door. let's take a peek. you do need a jacket morning. yes, very, very helpful on this but otherwise really clear morning, it is cold out there to start. >> temperatures are starting to rise in some areas. san francisco, for instance, is back into the upper 50's. we've got some low 60's in spots like alameda already and 60's for daytime highs across the board. later today and are all the sunshine that we're seeing now. we are seeing clear skies for the bay. the further inland you get especially out towards antioch
9:50 am
in the east into the central valley. that's where you are looking at some low gray and even deaths to leave fog out there which is posed a problem for out like 99. i 5 the past few days, high pressure built up across the region is going to keep us nice and dry today. tonight into tomorrow during daytime hours. but tomorrow night we will see the opportunity of the first rain of the week. now this is going to be one of the least substantial rainfall as we've seen this season for the north bay. a few light showers for the rest of us. a couple of sprinkles are possible. it's not going to amount to much. so as you are venturing outside thursday night into friday. do you know you may feel a couple of droplets from time to time. maybe a bit more than that for the north bay where santa rosa could see a quarter of an inch of rainfall for the rest of us really just trace amounts. as for today's daytime highs. we're going to be looking at some 60's out there redwood city at 66 san francisco and at 63 oakland. he we're down to fremont each at 65 degrees. here's your next 7 days temperatures aren't budging much from where we're about to be this
9:51 am
afternoon. tomorrow night into friday is our best and only chance of showers between here and thanksgiving. otherwise you've got some good travel weather and conditions remaining dry through the holiday. the next chance of rain fall other than tomorrow night sprinkles is a chance of rain in the weekend after thanksgiving reyna don, thanks to that. okay. another new accident. we are following right now. >> here in oakland, southbound, 13, north of 24 east. so we are starting to see delays along 24 and 13 traveling out of still seen reports that accident being there near the tolls. westbound. it looks like chp may be dealing with that as well. but still a little under 14 minutes as you're traveling across towards sandra fell about 22 minutes heading from the east bay into the city right now. so traffic is still pretty busy. it's a little sluggish along. fine, 8080 as you're traveling crockett down towards the maze a little under 30 minutes for you to make that commute. the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. little under 14 minutes and in the south bay, 29 minutes 85 to the low part. 2 3785 82 major
9:52 am
delays. we'll be right back with more news after the break. everyone needs health insurance. covered california is making sure more people can get it. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more californians get covered. julie and bob are paying $700 less every month. dee now gets comprehensive coverage with no monthly premium and the navarros are paying under $100 per month. check to see your new lower price. covered california, this way to health insurance. enroll by december 31st.
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>> 9.54 and well, kron on is always on. we just told you that. but our show is almost over. so let's go to theresa in the newsroom and get an
9:55 am
update. good morning. good morning, daria. a surprise party is happening this morning at a south bay hospital for a man who was hospitalized with covid for more than 9 months and. >> kron on's charles clifford will be at the special event and he'll bring us some details. plus, san jose mayor sam liccardo will be speaking later this morning about the future of coyote valley. we'll bring you his address live and to see that press conference and much more. and to get real time updates on local national headlines. grab your phone scanned. this code and it will take you straight to the app stores. you can download kron-on for for you, daryn. >> thanks a lot. lets talk warriors. yes, stay had great game yesterday as they all did. big comeback from the loss that they had the week before. but in brooklyn they face the brooklyn nets and kevin durant and they came out smelling like roses. steph curry was dominant 37 points on the night. was another night like roses. what are you saying about katie. he smelled like.
9:56 am
>> what's another haha? what was the score the end of this one 19, one 17 to 19 can't had a great game and some of the other on the bench. but his tough talk about it. >> coming off. and, you know, a or you didn't play well, so. it's not the playoffs, but this is an intensity that, you know, you have to show up. if you're going to beat a team like that. so you definitely lock in and get focused and. you thrive off that competitive. you know, know that there's a lot of town. the floor. >> smell like roses. the smell of victory the stink of defeat. the agony of anyway. they lost not to rub it face the cavaliers tomorrow travelers tomorrow night. cleveland tip off at 4. i would never robin. >> because, you know, looking at and lose the next say, ok, we want stay humbled steph curry. okay. he is all right. what's it's a little chilly. it is. yeah. evening lows,
9:57 am
especially inland dropping into the 40's each year. next 7 evenings. >> daytime high. certainly not bad, though. we're staying in the 60's and one lone chance of rainfall and it's hardly even that guys. that's thursday night into friday, most likely for the north bay couple of sprinkles possible for the rest of us is dana friday, ok, because a big travel day is going to be like next tuesday. yeah, friday could be a big one. and then yes, specially wednesday ok, stay with us. we still got the rest of the week finish out and raise got more cool shoes were right.
9:58 am
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