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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  November 23, 2021 7:00am-8:01am PST

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mother nature making things easier for us. this thanksgiving as we are looking at good weather all the way through the holiday looking outside this morning at san jose conditions out there are actually pretty clear. you can see there are some spots of low lying cloud, cover in the vicinity. we are seeing visibility. okay. for most of the bay early as the to leave fog back in play in the central valley. current temperatures are mostly in the 40's, although there's a good share of 30's in the north bay as well as over in dublin at 39 degrees. so jackets on this morning. in addition to those cold temperatures. it is a bit breezy at times so you want to stay warm and cozy on this tuesday. back over to rain. john, thank you so much for that. all right. if you're traveling from the east bay into the sea right now traffic picking up the meteor lights have been on since. >> about 6 o'clock this morning. a little under 13 minutes to make your drive to that fremont street exit in the city. the san mateo bridge in across towards the peninsula. no major issues or delays. a little under 14 minutes along to 37 westbound west of north mathilde avenue
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in sunnyvale. you still do have an accident there. so we are seeing delays. the time we get a look at the richmond center fell bridge crime scene, reports of debris scattered all across several lanes there. and so you've got a slower commute this morning traffic sluggishly making their way across to where sandra fell, we're about 15 minutes for your drive time there. soon as you can get across that and the golden gate bridge about 20 minutes traveling from the north bay into the city will have more weather traffic throughout the morning. but for now, let's get back to some of our top stories. james, ok, and one of the big ones are following this morning. happening right now is that police in union city. you're looking for a missing 13 year-old. >> this is a picture of he was last seen last night about 8.38 o'clock on union city boulevard. he was wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt, blue jeans, black shoes. if you see him if you think you know where he is. let police know. also this morning, another big story, major changes coming to downtown walnut creek after we saw that recent smash-and-grab robbery at the north from there on broadway plaza is
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like every day we've been seeing these images. but now we're learning more about what was taken kron four's camila barco live in walnut creek with new updated details. good morning to me. a lot. >> good morning, you guys see our at broadway plaza where the bold heist took place. as you can see, there's no cars driving up and down the street. instead, police officers have placed these barricades to block off traffic after what happened saturday night and the mayor here in walnut creek says it's going to stay like this through the holidays. now broadway plaza is located here in downtown walnut creek. this is a strip full of stores, including nordstrom. but as of monday, about 10 stores turned off their lights before their normal times. now employees say it was for the safety of customers and themselves after the wild scene that played out on saturday. police say about 25 cars drove up 2 nordstrom on broadway plaza. they got out of their cars ransacked the store jumped back into
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those cars and drove away. police say they ran off with up to $200,000 in merchandise. now on creeks. mayor is adding more police officers to the area is closed off broadway plaza to traffic at least through the holidays and stores are also cutting back their hours looters hurt her 3 employees in nordstrom. police arrested 3 people but doesn't ran away. officials are reviewing videos and are trying to find the people responsible. the mayor of walnut creek says all options are on the table. he wants to prevent another highs like the one that happened on saturday from happening again. one shopper tells us that they were unaware of what happened saturday night. >> but now their guard is up. >> i think this is going to be some serious thought considering that we have, you know, kids, family. i don't think we'll will be moving again. the news will be more often you know, as the
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holidays get closer and closer. >> now rain and james black friday is approaching this is the week where many people go shopping. but if you are planning on doing so here in the bay area, bay area. call ahead because several stores are cutting back their hours after what's been happening in the bay area over the last few days back to you guys. thank you for that update. camilla. >> well, speaking of stores being ransacked. police had a big presence in san francisco's union square yesterday because of the robberies that we saw there over the weekend groups of people robbing and vandalizing more than a half dozen stores. there up friday night or so. the louisville tonn was one of the biggest ones hit their union square. now you're going to need a reservation. if you want to go inside and shop this one of the new policies they put into place. and while some shoppers say they still feel safe around union square, despite the crime. some of the businesses. i don't think so. in fact, they're thinking maybe it's time to just leave san francisco altogether.
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>> everything's on the table right now and we love the city. gump's has been part of san francisco and part of union square for over 150 years. we help build this vibrant area. it would be extremely disappointing for us to have to pack up and leave now, san francisco. police say the burglaries at union square were coordinated, in fact, as of this morning, they've arrested 9 people connected to that crime will see if more arrests to come. >> well, in the south bay. police in san jose are now saying 2 different robberies at 2 malls across the street from one another might have been coordinated as well. they say a group of robbers stole about $40,000 worth of merchandise from the lululemon store and santana row sunday night around the same time police say at least 2 people hit the valley fair mall across the street and they stole roughly $7,000 worth of goods from a sunglass hut. there. >> whoever was waiting outside and multiple vehicles. let me add that it was just wasn't one or 2 cars. it was 4, 5, cars. they're planning to load
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all these cars fully with merchandise. who knows. i tried to stop him, but they indicated they were really run me over. so back off. >> no arrests have been made in either robbery and there's no information on a possible suspect in that there is a large security presence at santana row ahead of black friday. and in the east bay this dramatic video shows a group of 9 people fleeing the sam's jewelers inside of southland mall. this all happened sunday night around 5.30, police say the group use hammers to smash open the display case and grab whatever they could get their hands on. police say the jewelry store was the only one and the only location in that was targeted. no arrests have been made. and this is the 3rd time in the past 2 weeks. a group of robbers use hammers to steal jewelry from the bay area mall. similar crimes. also happened in concord and fairfield. >> well, governor newsome is now stepping in to help protect some of the stores that have been hit. the governor announced that he's
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directing the chp to increase its presence near major retail centers all across the bay area, the increased presence will continue through the holiday shopping season. governor newsome office says it's been in contact with local mayors and police departments and with the stores themselves to try and come up with additional ways to stop these thefts. we want real accountability. >> we want people prosecuted and we want people to feel safe this holiday season. >> yeah. the governor also announced a proposed increase in next year's state budget to try and combat retail crime. well with this rise in thefts, you might be thinking about changing how you do your holiday shopping, local security experts say that in fact how you shop could be the difference in whether your of targeted his victim or not. >> you should be aware of where the nearest exit is getting out of the store is your best option. gain as much distance as you can from the people who are committing the crimes and also put items in for a hard items that poll
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that is attached to the closing 3 feet from you. you might have to grab that thing. you know, snap it off and use it to defend yourself. obviously you want to. that goes back to where it is right. you want to be a personally aware what's going on. >> you know, hopefully it doesn't come to you needing to physically defend yourself. here's video from last week. in fact shows one shopper doing the right thing in the foreground. they hit in that photo booth while in the background teenagers were stealing more than $50,000 from the jewelry store there at fairfield mall. experts do not recommend confronting these criminals do everything you can to get away. that's really good advice. james. now in the south or the east bay, rather, there was an attempted robbery. >> at the bloom dispensary in san leandro happened early yesterday morning, like all the other retail past. we've seen recently. police say multiple people pulled up and several cars but when they tried to force their way and they got into a shootout with the store security. luckily no one was injured. but the gunman did get away and also
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it wasn't just the jewelers in the designer stores that were robbed over the weekend. we're showing you video of a group of burglars who broke into the blood and more dispensary that's near the coliseum. this happened around one 30 yesterday morning and the owners tell us he believes the burglars came from a sideshow that was happening nearby. now people started scaling a fence before storming and rating display cases, about 7 minutes later, security arrive, chase them off. now with these recent attacks on marijuana related businesses owners say they're getting fed up with paying high taxes and not getting much in return when it comes to police response. >> extra security. and the taxes. we talk about tax strike, potentially we're time in the mayor's office. we don't know what we can do, but its top action would kind of talk. >> well, this is just one of several incidents that took place oakland over the weekend. oakland police chief leronne armstrong held a news conference yesterday to address the crimes. we'll have more on that in the next half hour.
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>> well, new this morning, a big rig was hit by a train in san pablo was about 8.15 last night on chelsea avenue, right real boulevard. here's where it is on the map. this big rig was carrying cars when it was hit by that passenger train the cars debris all went flying several 100 yards, part of that rain, in fact, came off the tracks as for the driver of the truck and the engineer of the train. they both had minor injuries but nothing worse than that. and luckily the 30 passengers that were on that train at the time were not hurt. well, despite missing a required blood alcohol test. former raiders wide receiver henry ruggs will be allowed to remain on house arrest. but there will be some changes while he awaits trial. he'll now have to wear a continuous alcohol monitor on one ankle and a gps monitor on the other ruggs is accused of driving drunk on november second and causing an accident that killed a 23 year-old woman and her dog. ruggs is charged with felony counts of dui. resulting in death and he
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faces up to 40 years behind bars if convicted. >> flappy today, the trial of 3 men accused of killing ahmaud arbery in georgia could go to the jury happening right now. prosecutors are wrapping up closing argument, then the judge is going to give instructions to the jury before deliberations begin. barry was shot and killed last year when he was seen running through a georgia neighborhood. the father and son greg and travis mcmichael and their neighbor, ryan or william bryant are all charged for his murder. >> still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news with some new details about the man accused of plowing into a crowd of the christmas parade in wisconsin. more about that person's past coming up. plus some breaking news we're following this morning. the biden administration taking a big step to try lower gas prices as we're heading into the holiday driving season. and then after the break, some sad news from tahoe. we've got another ski resort now delaying its opening because the lack of snow, john. and back to the sunshine we go.
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lots of it above sfo this morning as another busy travel day is ahead of us. >> good news for travelers or if you're just doing some shopping and errands here locally. we've got a comfortably cool, on the breezy and cooler side today, l ough, your forecast is st to come. mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers decorate with the best bargains ever! ross has savings on everything you need to get the party started. because who waits for shipping anymore? or guests?! i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross!
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so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. >> all sadly another ski
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resort pushing back its opening date because of dry weather sugar bowl was supposed to open this friday, but says they're going to postpone until the weather allows for them to start ski and snowboard season yet again. they say they aren't sure when they're going to able to open. but once they know they're going make an announcement and then we'll morning. he will be able to go down there and james show us some of his skill >> i'll show you how gravity affects the human body on a steep incline or now, that's all. that's all i can do is fall down a hill. but i just looked at the calendar were to one week from today may be the last day of november. last. i'm hoping i don't know. john can look far enough out an extended forecast. is there any sign that even in december we might be seeing anything taking shape. >> that might bring some snow. not at the moment. try i honestly so what we had in long-range forecast was chance of rainfall really retreating
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to the first few days of december. you know, that's really fizzling out now. so it's not looking super hopeful for at least the next 7 days. this is a pretty dry stretch of weather ahead of us oftentimes we don't really start to see our significant winter snows until the start of the new year. any ways we love to see that start november december, though, just gets us going a little bit quicker and then we have a less depending on those later. winter months. and even though we did have a great october, a lot of that progress has been lost because it's just been so warm a lot of snow is melting off now. now here in the bay area. what we do have is a nice clear morning. it's going to be a cool start to what will be another comfortably cool day ahead of us today is cooler feel than yesterday, though, cold front swing its way across the region doesn't pack the punch that brings the rain and snow to the pacific northwest. that's activity fizzles before it reaches us all we get is a slightly cooler day and some of the winds from it too. so do bring the jackets with you as you're venturing outside and keep them on into the afternoon
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today and tomorrow do come along with plenty of sunshine. good weather for shopping errands or your travels thursday. we'll keep that trend going temperatures start to climb a little bit climb even further on into friday saturday and sunday eventually taking us back into the low 70's for a few spots today as compared to yesterday 70's for a lot of the bay we're down into the 60's. so there's your cooler weather that i've been mentioning saying, carlos among our warmer spots at 66 san jose at 65 inland east bay as well as the east bay shoreline all in a range of mostly low to mid 60's today. as for delay. how you'll be at 64 degrees in just a couple of 50's near the coastline tomorrow just as cool as today, if not even a little bit cooler thursday. we start to see temperatures climbing a couple of degrees and will continue to climb into the weekend. black friday doesn't look bad. neither does the weekend after the holiday as you're traveling back home rain on. thank you for that. all right. we're checking on the bay bridge right now. we've got a couple accidents there. some hit and runs accidents that have.
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>> started to slowing down process for us as we're traveling into the city this morning. so a little under 14 minutes for your drive time. they are the san mateo bridge, though no major issues on the bridge or law want to one. so still 14 minutes to make that commute out of richmond as a traveling across towards center. phil, we do have some travel hazards here. looks like large clumps of debris that was scattered all over the bridge because of a vehicle on that actually spilt that on the bridge so slowly but surely. it will be about i say 16 minutes to get across towards nfl at this hour. and the golden gate bridge. no issues, no delays. a 20 minute drive into the city. >> 7.18 is the time for your money this morning. walmart planning a star-studded holland online holiday shopping event. and airlines bracing for the busiest day since the pandemic began. we've got jane king live at the nasdaq. >> to explain. you peaked. my interest starts to can't wait for that story. >> good morning to you, james,
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that. let's start with the airports because i mean, thing traffic like this in months and months and but they do expect today tomorrow to be the busiest day before the pandemic for the airlines and they are preparing for this. they say they're able to meet the demand with enough tsa screeners. but a lot of travelers thinking about. we there's thousands of flights canceled. not that long ago and reading and hoping that doesn't happen to them what us home sales on track for the biggest year in 15 years. 6.3 million homes have sold so far this year low interest rates driving a lot of that. and there's also a shortage of homes. so that has driven the price of homes ups. well, now just 8 looking to get into sports betting a bright spot of the company is sports espn plus in particular, they've had a 66% increase in their subscribers to the streaming service. now just sec sinks gambling could help the company create a new revenue stream and also help them attract and keep younger customers and walmart will host more than 30 live
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streaming events in november and december, including one with musician jason derulo that will kick off side week. they're working with twitter on this. they're looking to drive online sales consumers can go on the site. they can learn about a toy or an eye shadow and then they can just put it in their virtual cart right there live from the nasdaq market site. i'm jane king. james, back to you. all right, jane, thank you very much. we'll see them are ok. >> well in national news. we're learning more information about what happened at a holiday parade and the suspect accused of driving that suv that plowed through the parade. meantime, the community in waukesha held a vigil to support the families of the 5 people that were killed and those others that were injured. kelsey card. steen has the latest. >> police tell us that brooks is playing a domestic disturbance call just minutes prior. we're also learning has an extensive criminal history. in fact, he was released from jail just 3 days before the crash. new details surrounding the criminal history of the man police say was behind the wheel of the red suv driven
7:21 am
through the waukesha christmas parade. darryl brooks faces 5 counts of intentional homicide for the deadly incident. we actually had a squad and barricades up. >> and he drove right through the barricades officers when officers tried to engage and stop the threat. he still continued through the crowd. >> but documents provided to news nation show brooks was released from jail just 3 days before the incident posting a $1000 bond brooks was previously jailed on charges of resisting arrest battery domestic abuse and reckless endangerment earlier this month. brooks was also charged in another incident involving a car allegedly running over a woman with a vehicle in a gas station parking lot. brooks also has 2 pending felony cases against him. in addition to the recent arrest, brooks lengthy criminal history leading some to question how he was able to secure such a low bond a statement from the milwaukee county district attorney john reading the state's bail recommendation in
7:22 am
this case was inappropriately low and let the nature of the recent charges and the pending charges against mister brooks investigators are also still working to find out what specifically led to the incident. police chief dan thompson says he does not believe the crash was domestic terrorism but wants to keep the focus on the victims and the 5 victims who died. several of them. members of milwaukee dancing grannies 79 year-old virginia sorenson 52 year-old camera deer and and 71 year-old lillyhanna owen also among those killed 81 year-old hospital and 52 year-old jane kulyk. >> and we do know here in waukesha, a large attendance and the last night's vigil. and we're right here in front of a memorial. you can see the candles, teddy bears and posters. people showing their condolences. and today at 04:00pm brooks is due in court. back to you. >> all right. coming up, black friday is almost here and we have some tips on how to find
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ limited availability in select areas. ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ well, there are some online tools now to help you find what you're looking for. this holiday season, especially if you're looking online and i have been looking or some tips for navigating black friday deals. >> during the supply chain issued been seen. black friday is back this year. but with supply issues, impacting stock, the sales might not be
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as good. >> here are some of the best places to look online for the top deals. black friday is typically one of the best shopping days. but this year the sale signs might not be as abundant forcing some sales that just simply aren't as good as they've been in prior years. nathan borough is senior deals editor at the review site wire cutter. he says this year has words are at work like supply constraints and inflation. certainly there's not a huge incentive for them to discount super deeply this year. don't expect deals on game console. switch can still be tough to get. >> or discounts on the hottest toys and clothes. but there should be deals on audio gear smart home devices, small kitchen appliances. and everyone's favorite helper. robot vacuums also expects shipping delays. so best to shop early and consider in-store benefit of in store this year. >> is if you're comfortable going in there, see it by situation. you know, you do not have to worry about something arriving in a timely
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manner. first stop for deals, wire cutters own deals page. so when we find you a deal for find you a deal. that's not only a great price, but it's a great quality items that we tested other sites to check include 9 to 5 toys with discounts prominently displayed. >> deal news dot-com which uses a team of editors to ensure actual deals from reputable retailers. slickdeals service's top deals fast. thanks to its crowdsourced voting. and of course, amazon dot com slash black friday. we'll start on thanksgiving and run for 48 hours falling. so those apps or mention here just go to my website. it is rich on tech dot tv. i'm rich demuro and you. >> are tech smart. >> well, coming up next on the kron 4 morning news, another plea from the oakland police chief urging the community to stop violence in the city. how police plan to step up patrols out there. we're going to have that when we get back from break.
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>> we are back. 7.30 is the time we've got another fantastic looking shot here from our sutro tower camera. san francisco, all the sun gleaming feelings. he scored just beautiful makes is really inside it. >> i'm happy because although are working to the holiday. my family's all up here. so i get to see them after i get off work your families if your life and in fact, i got some family coming into town. so we're going to be hosting them for this thanksgiving and then. >> will be just like that will be on towards the christmas holidays and everything else in december or it. we're in our final week now, final 7 days of november, john, about that and believe it. it's pretty crazy especially as christmas is just around the corner hanukkah as well. and. >> a lot of gifts to be gotten these next few weeks. i'm sure for a lot of people. so if you're doing errands before thanksgiving, maybe doing some travels this week mother nature's giving us some good weather to be doing all of it with you can see outside that san jose is sitting under some low gray. but we are also seeing some sunshine making
7:31 am
its way through visibility is fine for most areas until you head up into those hillsides where we are seeing some low visibility pockets above the south bay and in parts of the east bay, especially the central valley is back to that to leave fog, which has been regularly greeting some of our central valley neighbors 30's 40's and a few 50's on the map this morning. san francisco among our warmest spots while much colder in the north bay dublin up into the north bay. all in the 30's. so whatever you do, don't forget the jacket as you venture out reyna. >> john, thank you for that. all right. let's get a look at your traffic they're traveling from the east bay into the city right now. a little under 15 minutes. we've had some earlier accidents on the bay bridge slowed us down a little bit. let's head over look at the san mateo bridge. no major delays. i am seeing some slowing along one o one so that has an uptick in traffic. a little under 16 minutes as you're traveling there now, the richmond center fell bridge. that's the bridge we have had the issue on their at has definitely been a slowing
7:32 am
for the past 3 hours along the bridge because of debris spilled across several lanes. they're trying to get picked up so now we're at about 16 minutes traveling across towards sandra fell as you slowly make your way to the golden gate bridge. there are no issues over the air. 20 minutes traveling into the city were not more weather and traffic coming up for now, let's go back to our top stories. all right. and the breaking news this morning from dc. is that just in time for the holiday travel season. gas should get a little cheaper. all right. now we can finally take that road major announcement this morning. raquel martin. >> has the latest from washington this morning. we're going to find out moment. >> good morning. well, president biden today will announce plans to dip into oil reserves in order to balance out the current supply and demand challenges. now the announcement comes as last month we saw the highest gas prices since 2014. with the busy holiday travel now here prompting millions of
7:33 am
americans. they hit the roads. >> the biden administration is scrambling to lower the price of feel at the pump. we know it's tough for families to keep up with the rising cost tuesday president joe biden will announce new steps to bring prices down. the white house says it will now direct the department of energy to release 50 million barrels of oil from the strategic petroleum reserve for weeks now the administration has hinted at the announcement aboard air force one white house press secretary jen psaki said the president is in ongoing conversations with a range of countries the importance of. >> making sure that the supply out there meets the demands. a worldwide problem. >> to make it easier for americans. but it's a worldwide problem. the white house says the release will be done in coordination with countries like china, india, japan and the u k. president biden will be delivering his remarks at 02:00pm eastern time for now in washington. raquel martin, back to you. >> all right. thank you, raquel and for your money this
7:34 am
morning. as we are hitting the road for thanksgiving right now. california has as we know some of the highest prices in the country, right. sometimes i don't gonna make it to work us today say that bridge. >> it's $4.70 a gallon how we talked to a driver in burlingame about what they think about the new plan from the white house to lower those prices. >> well, every little bit helps health specially for the holidays for families and and for travel help saw a little bit we appreciate it. >> goes down. we'll will it affect you to change them. what you've been doing lately. >> if it goes down just actually. yes, but right now i'm still working in wait and see. >> now and see at the moment. we're still on the high side. san francisco on average is $4.87. for a gallon of regular oakland for 79 for 80 in san jose and sarah fell a little more everybody. they're paying for 89 for a gallon of regular gas. well, nearly 2 dozen
7:35 am
illegal guns as well as drugs have been taken off the streets of san francisco. we have a picture showing the 21 guns that police were able to seize san work with the district attorney's office and federal authorities to basically bust a gun trafficking ring in the end, 4 people were arrested for trying to sell these guns online through social media posts. >> to me. it definitely a key networks communicate sell stolen goods, illegal firearms and so, increasingly become a tool for law enforcement to disrupt dismantle and hold accountable those groups that are committing crimes. >> investigators believe several of the seized firearms are stolen. city leaders say that stopping illegal gun sales is crucial to keeping down violence. in the east bay. 3 people have been arrested now in connection with the shooting of retired oakland police captain or c joyner surveillance video. the shooting from back in october. 21st shows what happened at
7:36 am
that chevron gas station in west oakland. joyner was approached, as you can see here by several suspects who then tried to rob him. that is when the shootout occurred. joyner shot and killed one person and the others got away. however, one of those people who got away was arrested in houston. the other 2 were arrested in sacramento. joyner was critically injured in that shootout. but he is now recovering. >> and the east bay oakland police chief leronne armstrong continues to plea with the community to stop the violence. now, again, this as the police department is spread thin trying to handle the uptick in crime that happened over the weekend during a 10 hour period on saturday. officers responded to more than 2 dozen incidents they included an armed carjacking robberies looting, illegal sideshows chief armstrong says the department is already preparing for a possible surge in crime next weekend. >> i want to be clear that we're not going to tolerate this type of activity the city of oakland. we are going to
7:37 am
respond massing council members to step up and start having a conversation about the loss of life in this city beyond the politics with the support police are not. there is a clear problem in this city. >> the oakland police department continues to have staffing problems. the chief says he has to constantly move officers around and approve overtime just to fill in patrol shifts. there. >> also in the news we have governor gavin newsome touring a vaccine clinic in san francisco's mission district as he tried to get the word out and urge people to get their booster shot. now that every adult can get one exactly. california expanded booster shot eligibility to all adults over the age of 18 before the cdc and the fda said adults throughout the country could get an extra shot. yeah. so the governor says that the state has at this moment. the lowest covid positivity rate in the nation, which is great. but he says there's still a lot of work left to do. so here to celebrate. >> that success of sorts. but soberly and humbly and
7:38 am
reminding people of the importance not to let their guard down. >> well, the governor says 91% of all adult californians have received at least one dose of covid-19 speaking of the vaccine as millions of americans get ready to fly this holiday season. there were some concerns about the federal vaccine mandate, how it would affect holiday travel with a lot of federal employees working airport, jack, already saw a bunch of flights already canceled. now, tsa officials are saying to travelers, don't worry, the operations are not going to be affected. the agency says about 90% of their staff is. >> compiled with the mandate and we heard from some travelers who say. >> they agree with the new >> people who don't want to get vaccinated shouldn't be in positions where they deal with the public so closely. so they have to get a different job. i think people should have a choice. but, know, we are in the pandemic saugus. you know, we're working with the public to do it. you have to do. >> yeah. the tsa's estimating more than 20 million people. now will be screened over the
7:39 am
thanksgiving holiday. and so far everything is moving smoothly. we'll take a break. it is 7.38. still ahead. >> a turkey drive under way this morning in san jose to help out sacred heart community services. we're going to take you there in a live report. plus 2 pictures from the giants. well, they're going to stay here in the bay area for just a few more years. we'll talk about the deals they just signed with the season, with the team for next season will be right back. 7.41. is the time in the
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south bay we have elizabeth holmes now she'll be back on the stand today facing more questions. >> in her criminal fraud trial. the disgraced theranos founder is accused of falsely claiming that she had invented a breakthrough blood testing device actually gave investors and patients impressive looking data and test results to convince them that she created something revolutionary. prosecutors, though, say it was all fabricated and yesterday holmes testified that she honestly believed in her company's results and wasn't trying to mislead anyone. if convicted, she could be sentenced up to 20 years in prison. we'll be right back.
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>> we are back to some 45 and happening right now, presentation high school in san jose is collecting hundreds of turkeys ahead of thanksgiving right there in the giving spirit. they are in need of donations for sacred heart community services. that's where we find kron four's aliyah sevice was live in san jose. >> with more. good morning, ali. >> good morning. yes, turkeys, turkey more turkeys. >> is what is needed here goes already a big been full turkeys is a long tradition a presentation has been doing and working with a sacred heart community services
7:46 am
trying to have their turkey day where they focus you know, trying to get as many as turkeys as possible so that they could donate it to the sacred heart so that they could disperse it to the community that talked to and alumni of sake of it. >> presentation. this is grace. high grade. that this is where you get all the turkeys today, you kind of folks this. there's there's been a lot leading up to this date, correct. yes. so this actually started november second. and so it's been a couple of weeks that we've been running drive we have different days and turkey day is just our last day of the drive their most exciting. >> so we're really excited to be out there. i notice that there's a tables. we see freshman seniors. a sophomore says what's going on with that. yes, says students are able to any bringing a turkey. they get a certain amount of poise technically counts spirit points. it's just a fun way. i'm to motivate students will also doing a good thing. it's kind of just some good class level of competition now
7:47 am
somebody wanted to donate. what what's the logistics. so people are interested in coming out to presentation high school today. i will be out in the front of school until 04:00pm today and you're also able to donate directly to sacred heart community services as well. >> and you said this. this will be open until 4.30 or is that someone mentioned 10 o'clock. so 10 o'clock is when the sacred heart check is going to be leaving and that will still accept donations until 4 and bring it over and ok. perfect. thank you. >> so yeah, you know that this is a really like i said, has been a time for presentation, working with taker had heart in effect. take or heart right now that their truck over there as soon as they get enough turkeys out here. they loaded up and try to keep it cold frozen and keep in sacred heart is also told me that, you know, they've been giving out thanksgiving packages starting yesterday. so
7:48 am
yesterday, today and tomorrow they'll be giving up their packages out to the community. so if you want to donate either here. presentation or you can also donate over at sacred heart as well. but the goal is to try to get as many turkeys out there. i know that they do a general goal of 1000 turkeys. and in fact, one year they did 1090. so they're really hoping that they can break that record and try to provide for people because as we all know, the economy covid you name it. it's really hard for a lot of family. so they're really hoping to help out the community back to you guys. looks like it got a lot already out. they got a forklift handy, though, created. got to beat super heavy. >> yeah, it's here. where is that their is the up that hopefully they meet their goal today. more than 1000 turkeys help out if you some of its excellent able back here at home. we're also checking the weather as we preparing our
7:49 am
own turkey that forecast i believe that everybody to enjoy the turkeys. i had a really good one on saturday actually, we are looking outside at conditions that are nice and clear. great to see that for those holiday food drives, really whatever you're doing outside. you just want the jacket for aside from that you don't have to prepare for too terribly much. >> because we just got sunshine and mild temperatures back in your forecast. it is a touch cooler today and a little bit windier, too. so comes along with that cool brisk feel to it. so the jackets definitely necessary conditions. stay dry jet stream situated too far to the north and that is sending ample amounts of rain and snow continually up into the pacific northwest and western canada areas, especially up into canada that are already rain. soaked in are looking at severe flooding risk this pattern does look to continue and that's going to keep the bay area and much of the rest of california dry. not necessarily good news for the drought, but it is good news for any sort of travel or aaron's plans that you do have this very busy week ahead of
7:50 am
us. so today a little cooler than yesterday saw a weak front passing through. this is cooling us down for today and tomorrow. thursday we see temperatures climbing just a few degrees, not a huge change just yet. friday saturday into sunday will be noticeably warmer climbing back into the upper 60's to low 70's know 70's on the map today. it's 60's regardless of where you're talking the late show and conquered up to 64 oakland. fremont san jose at 65 well, nevado among our warmer spots at 66 degrees. tomorrow's temps as well as thursday. stay on the comfortably. cool side of things, some good sunshine all the way into thanksgiving friday for your shopping do expect some mid 60's and a little bit warmer for your travels back home. this next weekend. reyna john, thank you for that. let's quickly get a look at the richmond sandra fell bridge because we do have some issues here. >> there's spill debris all across the bridge there. so drive times of a little under 15 minutes making it across to war. sandra fell. we'll have more weather and traffic coming up for now, let's get back to sports. all right. and
7:51 am
we've got the giants. they move pretty quick. now to resign 2 of their pictures to multi year deals and the forty-niners obviously working hard right now to improve their game before they. >> face off with minnesota vikings this weekend. exactly kron 4 sports director jason dumas has the latest for us coming up in sports. >> anthony and alex staying in thetbay hanging out partying a little longer de signed a 3 year 36 million dollar extension while the lefty alex wood signed a two-year 20 million dollars extension he's slow friday finish the season 13 7. yeah, 3.1 7 in 31 starts. he threw 2 shutout, which was actually tied for the national league lead and he had a 152 strikeouts. great years. meanwhile, would not too shabby either. 10 to 4 record 3.8 3 he struck out a 152 batters this season. let's hear from the gm after the game on his to lose
7:52 am
>> beyond is individual stats. we were 21 in 10 games that he started so the team had a lot of success when he took the ball, which obviously is you know, the of the ultimate importance. we actually think we're going to get hit a sort of. >> really comfortable and secure a pitcher and anthony now that he's on a multi year deal. >> the forty-niners. they have one, 2 games in a row for the first time since september 19th when they beat the philadelphia eagles. now they sit at 500 and you're right back in the thick of the nfc playoff race. but despite the recent success, we start to tighten up a whole lot next week. the minnesota vikings will come to town who are equally as deeperate as the niners. both teams are 5 of 5 both teams also coming off a win and both teams had playoff goals heading into this season. >> there is some things that
7:53 am
we did just way we came out of both sides of the ball. you know, obviously the long drive off and started with just being able to throw the ball like that. and make 3rd been a number of that we need to get better at that. we're fortunate on the last scored a kid. a lot of that. we weren't in beagle formation. there's things are up by no means was a perfect better this week out there. >> how about some college hoops mark fox and the council. bears taking on the 23rd ranked florida gators and this one was ugly. quick. the bears never got to go dn marion jones from uefa from beyond the arc 13 point for him. gators role, 80 to 60 cal will stay down in florida take on hall wednesday there and some sort of holiday tournament down there. hopefully they can get a win before they come back to the bay area. all righty. that is your look at sports. >> that was jason dumas reporting leave. we'll be right back.
7:54 am
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7:57 am
friends. have a good time. enjoy some good food. and you know what? don't be stressed. >> don't be stressed. all right. well, coming up, in the next the looting at nordstrom's going to impact your holiday shopping. the changes the city of walnut creek is making to protect you and the stores. plus, president joe biden announced his plan to make gas cheaper. we'll tell you what that entails. and also new details about the man accused of plowing into a crowd at a christmas parade in wisconsin. well, we're learning about that man's past coming up next.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at >> good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us here at 08:00am we're waking up on a tuesday morning to some pretty. >> well. nice conditions out there right now. exactly. looks radar. be in for daryn fulsome today. this is already celebrating her thanksgiving and we're thankful over here. we are for morning news from anything. and we're thankful that we don't have stormy weather to contend with as we're making our way around grandma's house for thanksgiving. good morning, john. yeah, definitely no worries as far as weather goes travels going to be easy. >> doing that shop under those g errands is going to be easy to. so all you need to know as you're getting outside today as it does feel a little bit cooler into this a little bit windier which only adds to that brisk feel really nice and bright behind me and looking at coit tower. also on a very sunny note this


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