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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  November 24, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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are served at the day worker center in mountain view and the home cooked meals made from scratch or free and good times. they workers going to view. it is more on mound for the meals unfortunately. now they are able to do it and we are so happy be able to support a ban murray. i'm not is the executive director of the nonprofit, a lifeline for the day labor community which is struggling to make ends meet. the past 20 months off thing. we have people even in cars will for a bit break launch with their home. finally is heartbreaking. but what lifting its the gratitude extended by those who stopped by his for owners that if i am. i have like last year the non-profit provided more than 23,000 meals. many of those being served lives nearby on the streets or in there are fees. >> worry about a says food insecurity is a year-round problem, not just during the holidays. i know it's hard
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finds know that people when do sell through the people time. >> but is the only way that we can succeed. that's like you might think the day worker center is preparing to distribute meals for up to 40 families on thanksgiving. >> in mountain view, fully all kron 4 news. well, it's that time of year again when a stuffy nose or sinus issues might be flaring up again and many are wondering whether it's ok to get a covid vaccine or booster shot. even lot of you feel under the weather, the experts say the simple answer is yes. if you're having mild cold symptoms such as congestion sore throat or stepping nose. you can still get a covid vaccine. a booster shot, but if you have a fever above 101 degrees. you might want to hold off and reschedule your appointment doctor peter chin. hong with ucsf says if the symptoms are more severe trade that vaccine appointment for a covid test and with. >> covid it repaired traditionally right. you wake up in morning uconn somalia
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coffee. you have a fever and you feel short of breath. that's kind of like the classic covid. you probably don't have alterations in taste and smell. you may also get a fever, but muscle aches and probably more of the game. if you are vaccinated, you have breakthrough covid. it's going to very, very similar. so that's why you can tell and you need to get tested to really sorted out. >> and he says the directive is the same for children and adults. doctor chin-hong says if you have active cold symptoms the over the counter test from a pharmacy. a gfnerally very good at picking up whether the symptoms are really covid. >> several ski resorts across the tahoe area. we're hoping to be open for thanksgiving. but the warm dry weather has pretty much melted those plans mammoth is the only california area that is currently open. it's in the central sierra the snow that fell in october was enough that some resorts, including palisades tahoe and
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boreal open for a few days at least until the weather warmed up in the snow disappeared. the owner of parks. no sports in roseville in placer county says he's staying optimistic. you know, as a result, resorts always end up having some kind of ski season. >> it will happen when it happens. you know, we always got to be optimistic. we buy all the stuff back in january going into last year. we didn't even know resorts. we're going to and pray for snow and hopefully get a good snow season so much a product and people go fun with it. >> with the holidays. approaching resort managers are watching the forecast and hoping for the best for now, the best is simply temperatures cold enough to allow for snowmaking. so they can get those runs open. here's a live look right now at palisades. ski resort formally squaw valley and lake tahoe. can see why they along with sugar bowl heavenly and northstar have all had to postpone their reopening dates are just is not enough snow, but you can see the machines right there at the bottom. pam, they're trying to crank it out right and get out.
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yeah. they need to know. we need rain. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow standing by with what's coming. yeah. it looks like the weather not going to change much over the next few days. it is going to get cold of the southern make it snow. now those temperatures overnight lows dropping down right about the freezing mark. so that is plenty cold for them to make snow out there the higher peaks. >> as well and road conditions getting up there. that's probably the best news of all that. it's not bad. if you can get up there, not a problem. but again, not a ton of snow to ski on up there as it's going to get colder around the bay area tonight. yeah. not going to be snow but maybe a little light frost going to show up early tomorrow morning, especially in the north bay. some of those overnight lows tonight. i think with that dry air out, they're going to fall off in a hurry. you're probably talking 20's to mid 30's in the north bay valleys from hillsborough down the mill valley over to the bottle sonoma and up the napa valley as well. in the east bay also frost advisory up to but not going to be quite as cold. we're talking temperatures dropping down the maybe the mid maybe upper 30's
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in a place like livermore and into conquered and a doubling in those spots, too. but that's cold enough that you could easily see some of that frost developing in some of the wind sheltered areas and across the course of many a car in those areas as well. here's some of the look at overnight lows for tonight, down to about 31 degrees in santa rosa now in and around, though, santa rosa and right now in the urban areas. you can see temperatures drop down in the upper 20's about 34 degrees in the napa valley 38 in concord about 37 for low and love more about 38 degrees. pretty chilly for san jose. well, high pressure sitting over head. we've got that offshore wind bringing us that very dry air at this time of year now because of that, we're going to likely see some very cold conditions away from the immediate coastline right now, mostly clear skies couple mid to high level clouds out there. but you see the arrows that offshore wind has already started to kick in. alright cold start to the day. some frost early on. but if you get up, go for a little walk. yeah. by the afternoon. your joints. a beautiful weather out there. temperatures by
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tomorrow afternoon. then on thanksgiving day into the 60's and the 70's. he like gravy with your with your turkey. well, get ready to pay 7% more for brady still ahead, if you've gone to the grocery store ahead of thanksgiving. you likely know you're paying more. there's no debate on capitol hill. the prices are up. but what lawmakers disagree on is why. >> plus how to avoid accidents in the kitchen. the common mistakes that put people in danger on thanksgiving and what you can do to avoid and is force warriors host the sixers tonight hope to make it a family affair. sports director jason dumas says live at chase center. >> and kylen mills has the forty-niners stories. they get ready for a big game against the vikings.
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i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. >> for your money tonight. a stunning low for jobless claims the labor department reports that the claims are currently at their lowest level in more than 52 years. new filings for jobless total, the 199,000. but to put that into perspective, that's a level not seen since the beatles were still together back in 1969. >> but if you are cooking a traditional thanksgiving meal this year. the experts say it is going to cost you more with the most expensive item on the table. the turkey, the department of agriculture says the average wholesale price of and 8 to 16 pound turkey is up 21% from a year ago. republican lawmakers say the
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biden administration is to blame. but some of the democratic senators say is the poultry industry. >> white house officials park and inflation. if you ask it's just temporary. it's just temporary problem. camper area, ranch where we are and there are abundance of turkeys available. there are about one dollar more for a 20 pound bird, which is a huge spurt. if you're feeding a very big family. >> the white house as supply chain congestion caused by the pandemic is the reason consumers are seeing higher prices overall. but democratic senator elizabeth warren accuses the poultry industry of foul play and price-fixing ahead of the holiday. she is calling on the justice department to investigate. thanksgiving staples include turkey mashed potatoes pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce. but safety experts say a fire extinguisher should also be on hand this holiday season. according to fema roughly 2300 house fires will report it on
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previous thanksgivings resulting in an average of 5 deaths. 25 injuries in a whopping 26 million dollars in property damage. this year's expected to be even more destructive. >> people traveling more this year and going to get back together in big groups which involves a lot of cooking. with more people expected to gather this thanksgiving. health officials say make sure that you keep your kitchens clear of crowds don't leave flammable items new year. so they also say to keep children at least 3 feet away from the oven. and don't to this. if you're frying your turkey. >> not good. >> shipping. companies are getting ready for the biggest delivery season of the year. fedex says it's preparing to deliver a significantly higher number of packages this year compared to last holiday season. it expects to deliver a 100 million more packages than last year. that acts as monday's leading up to christmas week and the tuesday after cyber monday are projected to be their busiest days for deliveries coming up
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next, city of san francisco that there's a water shortage and now it's asking people to conserve floor.
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>> the bay area, air quality management district is asking everybody not to burn wood on thanksgiving day. that's a noted to help prevent air pollution from rising to unhealthy levels. air quality is expected to be in the moderate category tomorrow.
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for now. an extensive wood-burning could cause air quality to become unhealthy a spare. the air alert is not in effect and wood burning is allowed, but it is strongly discouraged this year. now to the drought emergency california's drought situation is for san francisco leaders to declare a water shortage. >> mayor london breed in san francisco. public utilities commission voted to adopt a system wide reduction in water use by 10%. >> effective immediately residents and businesses will be asked to cut their water use by 5%. other bay area agencies that buy water from the city will be asked to conserve use by 14%. customers can also expect to see a temporary drought surcharge of
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extreme drought. that's last week on the left this week on the right. the recent rain has helped. but of course we need a whole lot more. >> well, let's check on the weather forecast since we're talking about the need for rain certainly was a lovely day today and a beautiful night tonight looking out over san francisco in the bay very sparkly out there, and a little chilly. yeah. a little cold out there tonight. staying very dry, of course, december january and february. that's really the heart of the rain season for the bay area. so we've got a ways to go here. but clear skies now very dry above normal temperatures that is going to continue tonight will be a cold one, though boy bundle up those temperatures dropping down in the 30's, probably below freezing in parts of the north bay. all courtesy of that big dome of high pressure sending any chance of rain. well to the north up into the pacific northwest all the way into canada and we keep that offshore wind here. in fact, overnight tonight that wind
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will start to ramp up. you start to see some of those colors in the north and the east bay already as we take you through the night tonight. maybe some gusts over the mountain tops over 30 miles an hour while down in the valleys below. not much in the way of wind and that is going to allow for the temperatures to really cool off the air is extremely dry out there. then tomorrow looks like the winds will start to back off as we head through your thanksgiving day. but still staying mostly offshore until late in the afternoon. that means we're in for a beautiful day clear skies for tonight with some cold temperatures frosty conditions inland tomorrow. you're going to see a mixture some sunshine and clouds, especially by the afternoon, but it will be warm. and then as we head into the holiday weekend, mostly sunny and warm and dry weather continues that big dome of high pressure. you see it right there said in the jet stream well to the north in carrying all those storms well away from the bay area and well tomorrow that offshore wind will continue to bring dry weather here and high fire danger in southern california were very fortunate. we got the rain that we did early on in the season. are we talking about
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fire danger here as well. overnight tonight. skies stay mostly clear a couple high clouds drifting up above and then as we head through the day tomorrow. will begin to pick up a few more clouds on the way. then in the afternoon, more of those clouds begin to stink in specially right around thanksgiving evening. right. when you're settling down for your thanksgiving dinner. temperature wise tomorrow. going to be a beautiful day 60's and some low 70's outside that weather pattern looks like it's going to stay pretty steady. may be cooling off just a tad by friday warming up again as we head through the weekend and staying dry for at least the next 7 days. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> the warriors eating up there and be a competition this season on tonight's menu. the philadelphia 76 ers, the dobbs host the banged up east coast squad chase center in just a couple of minutes at 7 o'clock kron 4 sports director jason dumas joins us now live with keys to tonight's matchup. haaziq going. jason.
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>> kiling you're 15 2 warriors are right now what a better time to be a warriors fan. i don't think anyone really expected them to be this good. i think any reasonable person could say, hey, we'll be better than last year. but. >> 15 into best record in the nba. i for one, did not see it coming and at the now famous quote from clay. thompson says i'm not even out there yet. just think of that. >> so the rich are are going to get even rich, rich air when klay comes back and he practiced for the first time in over 2 and a half years yesterday and our cameras were at that practice in clay was moving around really well for a guy who hadn't played an nba basketball in 2 and a half years. but one thing that steve kerr did say he's been getting winded a little quicker than usual now that's to be expected when you haven't played nba level basketball and that law, this is something that no one has
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come back from a torn acl. then a ruptured achilles back too bad. and steve kerr, he's trying to temper everyone's expectations is a lot of trauma that's going on in those lakes. but good thing for the warriors. they aren't in any rush tonight. it will be a family affair here at chase center. seth curry and the philadelphia 76 ers. they are in town. of course, set. if the younger brother of staff and then seth and steph brother-in-law course. damion lee plays for the warriors as well. and it gets even better. the sixers head coach. it's father-in-law also, i think maybe the curry family got it colluded with the nba to have a family reunion right before turkey day. now, i talked to set earlier today at morning shootaround about what it's like to play against his brother. we also caught up with steve kerr to talk about cefs production through the
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league. remember he played for the santa cruz warriors. at one point. >> it's always fun to come back here to pay it and playing it. the lawyers little bit of action. but the buzz in arena we play against each other. fun to those guys >> now by all coming can't wait. it's great to see the last couple years really establishing himself a. the really excellent player in this league. obviously runs in the the shooting part of it, it's crazy to think seth was here in santa cruz. i think 7 years ago great, great run. another last couple years. it's all paid off for happy for him. >> i haven't seen him yet, but i'm sure the entire family will be here and attend and staff and steps sisters. the wives, all of that. so it will be fun to see that now as for
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the game said he didn't play the other night in sacramento. but doc rivers did say he's available. so expect seth curry to play tonight, tobias harris for the sixers is out and of course joel mb. he remains out in covid protocols for the warriors. andre iguodala is still out the gp 2. he should be in the lineup again. so. >> it should be a good one. the sixers are banged up warriors should probably take care of business. but that's why they play. of course, we'll have highlights as soon as this one goes final pilot. >> all right. thanks, jason. the forty-niners back to work today at levi stadium riding a two-game win streak into the weekend looks like san francisco may have turned a corner since destroying the rams at home and then dominating the struggling jaguars on the road. however, head coach kyle shanahan says his team can't get complacent. the vikings come to the south bay on sunday. minnesota is also 5, 5, and fighting to stay in the nfc playoff picture. >> you have an idea of the other teams are stuff like that going into it. but no, i think they've been battling
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back to the season just like we have 2 teams are probably playing better ball of the year right now and so i think our players are very well aware of from the film from what they've been doing on their numbers in a bunch areas could be real tough game. >> in college hoops. cal taking on 21st ranked seton hall in the consolation game of the fort myers tipoff 4 grand to sumich was on fire for the bears scored 10 straight points in the 2nd half putting the bears up 3 with 5 minutes left to 15 in the game. 10 seconds left count on one and to sumich from deep their chest rimmed out looked like he could have done it to take the lead. seton hall made their free throws after that pirates win 60 to 59 cal host fresno state on sunday. and saint mary's taking on wisconsin in the maui classic championship head coach randy bennett, his 21st season. 7 minutes left point guard tommy cousy the drive and the layup to put the gaels up for put the badgers were
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money late, take them to the bank. johnny davis floats in the tear drop. he had 20 points. wisconsin win 6155 to take the maui classic titled saint mary's host uc riverside on monday. i love college hoops and just love seeing the players all too. yeah. it when you see say murray's play gonzaga. that's going to the that's going to be really good game saint mary. so half of the season and so are all the west coast conference team santa clara broncos, usf heading into to
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>> superstar tina turner's life is being portrayed in a comic books. the comic details centers live from growing up in tennessee to her life with ike turner and her powerful resurgence as a solo entertainer. >> the issue is part of tidal wave comics female force series which has featured dolly parton kamala harris and michelle obama. it is being released just before turner's 82nd birthday on friday. >> that's it for us tonight at 6. we'll see it tonight. and they have a good night.
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don't thank them too soon. ♪ ♪ >> announcer: it's over. >> guilty. guilty. guilty. >> announcer: cheers for ahmad arbor's mom. and quarterback aaron rodgers big exposure. he has covid toe. >> he's gone t to the tunnel. >> the real reason he was sidelined. then just in time for thanksgiving, the great getaway. and good luck in finding a parking spot at the airport. >> haven't seen a single spot. >> announcer: and thanksgiving day parade jitters. >> americans on high alert. >> announcer: and angry will be wondering why he was let out of


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