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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  December 15, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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♪ ♪ >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. >> tonight on kron 4 news at 5 were lit up again 2 days after river. we're tracking another albeit smaller storm that is rolling through the bay area here. a live look at our stormtracker 4 radar. good evening, everybody. thanks for being with us tonight on kron 4 news at 5. i'm grant lotus and vicki liviakis. some light rain started in the north bay this afternoon and now the rest of the bay area, seeing some light to moderate rainfall.
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>> let's go and take a look outside to see how the weather is impacting traffic sfo did experience some weather-related delays today. it was sloshing out there on the kron four's, chief meteoroaogist lawrence karnow here to talk about how long it's going to last this time. yeah, well you mention you didn't have a long enough break between for you from the last storm really not much right and start to get right back into the good news is this not a huge rainmaker some places could see maybe an inch of rain, especially the coastal mountains. but the clouds been rolling in the temperatures of state cool. the winds have been whipping to. we've seen some gusts over 3040 miles an hour around the bay are going to continue to see that. so. >> this one a little bit of different nature to this storm system, not the atmospheric river event doesn't have a subtropical tap to it. but a lot of cold air behind it. so it's diving in now. and you see dropping into the bay area, bringing the more rain, a developing out there right now across much of california and the bay area. you've got some pockets, some heavier bands of moisture moving in. as you look toward the north bay, you can see another round of some heavier amounts of rain just beginning to make
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its way on shore headed to the northeast here. this band right here is going to start to move in this direction. and so that means folks living in those areas can expect that rain to pick up the mill valley about 5 o 9 to her hills. so tar heels are going to see that rain at 5.32 so going to be as the system comes through as well, especially along the coastline we've seen some a stronger gusts out toward the beaches today. the santa cruz mountains that took a major hit from that atmospheric river. they were counting almost 10 inches of rain in some spots. they're now getting hit again and there's plenty more to come. there's a lot more that will drop in overnight and into tomorrow morning. this model right now is picking up on some of that rain. the heaviest in the north bay. watch as take you through time here as we get through the evening hours about 7.30 or so you start to see some heavier storms rolling through parts of bay area in the san francisco pacific and the oakland slowly working its way down across the rest. the bay area overnight. it's tomorrow. looks like tomorrow. maybe a few lingering showers, but things we'll begin to calm
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down. we'll see a little bit longer break, but they're stronger storms on the rise. we'll talk more about that coming up in a few minutes with forward to that. thanks. alerts. the state's new indoor mask requirement went into effect today. but. >> most of the bay area will be allowed to keep their exemptions any county that already had a mask mandate apparently will be able to keep it kron four's. rob. ned nesbitt joins us now to break it all down for us. rob, it could be a little confusing. very much so. vicki. >> if the county allowed you to take your mask off inside with proof of a vaccine. you'll be able to continue to do that. a sigh of relief for business owners trying to navigate changing mandates. >> yes, we are able to the rules the same in contra, costa county. no masks changes in contra, costa county as well as san francisco and alameda counties. the state allowing them to keep their current mask mandates and exemptions limited exceptions for fully vaccinated gyms with private offices where people can take their mask off. if everyone is verified to be fully vaccinated public
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information officer for marin county lady hendricks says the state is allowing moraine county to re implement their mask mandate that was removed last month mask required indoors. but with some exemptions for fully vaccinated. people closed settings where there's a sequel can work people. so that office settings where we have the same. >> coworkers or maybe private gyms gym owners like danielle rabkin are breathing a sigh of relief after finding out that current mask mandates will be able to stay in place. it really feels like they're shooting from the hip. a lot of the time she's old cross that golden gate in san francisco for 9 years and says the pandemic has come with a roller coaster of rules and mandates. she says there's been no transmission of covid at her cross fit gym or any said, jim, that she knows of and very high ceilings. i have windows in front door. we have lots of fresh air coming in. i even have a co to monitor acts as a proxy for ventilation giving peace of mind to gym members concerned about the spread of covid and its variants when it's safe to as much as we can to be normal. we need that. thrown at us.
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the only county in the bay area that did not have a mask mandate in place and will now have to fall in line with the state is the lonoke county. >> the health officer there is not happy that the state won't grant the same exemptions to everyone here what he had to say. coming up on kron 4 news at 6 grant and vicki. all right, rob, thank you for that. meanwhile, the warriors and chase center have updated their covid protocols for. >> young children starting friday to enter chase kids ages 2 through 11. we'll need to provide either proof of full vaccination or a negative result from a covid test taken within 24 hours for an antigen test or taken within 48 hours if it is a pcr test previously fans under the age of 12 were granted entry by providing a negative test within 72 hours of the event, the policy remains that anyone who is over the age of 12 or 12 or older will need to be fully vaccinated. a negative test
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result will not be accepted for entry for that age group. today marks one year since san francisco administered its first covid vaccine. it was given to doctor antonio gomez said zuckerberg san francisco general hospital, mayor london breed. mark the anniversary on twitter today saying we've now delivered almost 1.4 million doses and vaccinated 80% of our residents. new data shows that covid-19 vaccines will protect you from the new omicron variant white house chief medical adviser. >> doctor anthony fauci says 2 shots of the vaccine provides some protection. but a 3rd booster shot increases the vaccine's effectiveness. 2.75% against omicron as we are heading into winter. so far. the omicron variant has been detected in 36 states and continues to spread at a rapid rate. the world health organization issued a warning on tuesday to not underestimate it. >> even if does co's less see
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that this is. the shared number of cases could once again all that when health systems at this point there is no need for a very unspecific booster. if fully vaccinated, get your booster shot. >> the cdc director doctor rochelle walensky says most detected omicron cases are mild, but it's more transmissible than the delta variant. this week. us hospital admissions are up 7% from last week as the county hits another covid milestone right now on kron 4 dot com. you can read the latest coronavirus headlines just to scan the qr code on your screen there. you'll be directed to our website and you can read more on the latest on the chrome studies that statewide indoor mask mandate and exemptions around the bay area. and you can find a vaccination site for you. lifts. now to the south bay where san jose police have arrested and charged 6 robbery suspects who officials say.
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>> have been targeting dozens of asian women for nearly a year. kron four's, noelle bellow has the disturbing details. >> there is no doubt that the suspects believe that they could pray on these victims. because of their ethnicity because of their gender. san jose. police say this robbery crew targeted more than 100 asian women in san jose and across the bay area. officials say the 6 men all in their early to late 20's targeted the victims from october of 2020 until their arrests began in september of this year through. >> search warrants of their phones through interviews. it was very, very clear. that they were targeting asian women specifically again, they believed that they were going to be easy targets and that they were going to have large sums of cash. many of those robberies happening in little saigon in san jose. that's where officials gathered wednesday to announce
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additional hate crime charges against the robbery i decided to charge also as a hate crime. >> for a few reasons. number one, it adds additional time. >> in custody, which is appropriate for a case of this magnitude. san jose. police say after a yearlong investigation they determined more than 177 robberies. >> burglaries and thefts have been committed by the 6 men at the time of their arrest. investigators say the suspects had several firearms in their possession, including at least one ghost gun a fairly organized. >> again. their worst terrorist stretching areas from all the way up through saint clair county and all the way into the into the east bay. each suspect is facing multiple charges with the most severe charges carrying a possible 95 years behind bars. 3 of the men are currently in custody prosecutions for the rest are ongoing in the newsroom. noelle bellow kron 4 news in the east bay alameda county sheriff's deputies need
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your help in finding a woman. >> this is selena come leo. the 27 year-old was last seen on saturday at a valero gas station on his period boulevard in hayward. investigators say that she was seen with 2 unknown men in an unknown caller, toyota camry. they say that selena was recently discharged from saint rose hospital and maybe confused to she was temporarily living in the heritage and in hayward. if you happen to have any information on where she might be. you're asked to call police. >> san francisco mayor london breed's recommendation that amendments are needed to the city's surveillance camera ordinance is being met with some opposition privacy rights advocates tell our current course that unit. the city should try following the current surveillance ordinance before making any changes. >> where there were multiple robbery cruz hitting multiple stores. they couldn't even access those cameras. >> which is ridiculous. but if
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a new proposal by san francisco. london breed to of been the city's current surveillance camera ordinance. isn't that good sfpd officers will be able to access surveillance cameras in real time. the hands are not tied in all the surveillance ordinance is deemed by expressly. >> to distinguish between appropriate use an inappropriate the executive director of the secure justice organization. brian hofer said no. he co author at san francisco's 2019 surveillance ordinance. his concerns with the men to get, you know what guardrails are being put into place. what 3rd parties might have you know, other analytics included and scammers. you know how long to reach a data for. >> all those questions need to addressed. using technology. >> real time technology of surveillance cameras. that is what san francisco police chief bill scott wants access to in order to put up a better fight against crime. >> if we can use the technology we have in a way to protect civil liberties the steel addresses, the current
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that the crime and the criminal issues that have been this lows. >> then why do we have it. we believe that there's a process that has already in place. that should be followed hussein as an attorney representing 3 people in a lawsuit against the city of san francisco for allegedly breaking the ordinance using a business district surveillance cameras during black lives matter protests. she says the existing ordinance already covers how police can access cameras in circumstances and what the mayor is trying to do is do an end-run around this ordinance by. >> the changing parts of the ordinance as it is to allow the unfettered access led u kron. 4 still to come for news at 5. it's opening day at sugar bowl. we'll have a live report on what conditions are like for skiers and boarders on their first day back on that map. >> and president biden is in kentucky today. surveying storm damage from last week's deadly tornadoes. his message on the recovery effort.
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>> area. now lots of snow in
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>> welcome back. storm tracker. 4 is all lit up as we're on storm watch once again here in the bay area, not an atmospheric river. it's not going to rain for 3 days straight. but another nice soaker here moving through the bay as we speak yet as the kids say it's let chiefmeteorologist what they're saying. yeah, like your tie. yeah. there we go.
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the lights. here we go all that up. and yeah, we are going to see plenty of color here in the bay area. as far as rain is concerned on the doppler up in the high country about that just a ton of snow. this is donner summit. >> of course, they're chained up on 50 and on 80. we're getting that nice cold air moving in tonight. so instead of getting that real thick kind of the sierra cement tonight we get that real fluffy powder from the storm system as it comes in. so kind of a tough go getting up in the high winter storm warnings are up there. look at that in just a moment. but yeah, the sierra snowpack has really improved just in a week member last week. we're looking these in some of these are down in the teens percentage wise. now we're looking at 73% of normal. now in the northern sierra nevada 87% of normal in the central sierra and 97% in the southern tier. in fact, there are some places now in the central sierra nevada in around the tahoe area. they melt down the snow. they figure out the water equivalent. you get some of these wet storms that come through and they provide a ton of moisture and it will you
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get some of these colder storm. so they're just not much moisture. so they melted down the figure out the content. there are some areas now in and around the taller area. we're looking to water equivalent running now a 122% of normal. that is great for our water supplies as we head into those dry summer months. alright, it's a tough go getting up there. i know a lot of folks want to head to the high country. but this is rough. you're looking at all that snow coming down some places down to maybe a 1000 feet or so in the foothills there of the sierra. so it's going to be a rough time getting up there, not only there, but up across northern california, you've got plenty activity as far as that snow coming down to some very low levels and those a winter storm warnings in effect until 10 o'clock tomorrow. rain continuing to fall all around the bay area. we're going to see that on and off throughout the night tonight it will be picking up here and they're still more storms to come. we'll have more on that coming up in a few minutes. thanks. alerts today sugar bowl ski resort celebrated its opening day and skiers and boarders. >> we're thrilled to see all that fresh powder can only imagine how excited they are ruining the shot joins us.
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>> now live at sugar wow. it's really coming down on you again like that park a row enough. hope it's keeping you warm. >> thank you so much. and i hope for from the expression on my face that i looked thrilled as well to be here. it's hard to imagine guys that just last week this was all bear and no snow. but as you can see, plenty of it and people came from all around for today's opening day taking full advantage. >> a beautiful opening day for sugar bowl started with snow and even a little the sugar director says with all the new fallen snow on the roadways traveling to the resort can be treacherous at times. so they say take your time and get here safely. ski and snowboard lovers. enjoy their first day welcomed with dry light and fluffy powder, which the
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resort says they haven't seen that kind of quality for opening day in a really long time. super excited. you know, 4 days ago we have any snow at all. >> and then now they're 60 inches on the ground on the upper mountain. we're open for business at the snap of a finger. the excitement came. >> and guys, they are hoping here at the resort to have at least 2 more feet of snow by the morning reporting live from sugar bowl tonight. rowena shaddox kron 4 news. >> thank you. really now to national news and president biden traveled to kentucky today, too survey. some of the damage you see him here last week's deadly tornado still have people trying to sift through the rubble our washington correspondent basil john reports on his trip and the federal effort to help the area recover. >> good evening. after multiple tornadoes ripped through the area. the president promised a full federal response for those affected the scope and scale
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this destruction is almost beyond belief. president joe biden says the damage he witnessed is unlike anything he's seen before back around from rooster hurricanes and floods and high water. but tornadoes or just something totally different wednesday. the president's survey, the tornado damage in kentucky and expressed concern for those affected. this is one of those seas with. i think the vast majority americans know what you've been through. just looking on the television. >> president biden emphasized his administration is working quickly to do everything it can to help. there's no. >> red blue tornadoes is no red states or blue states. to happen with the loss of life and homes. the president promised ongoing federal support. >> don't hesitate to ask for anything he can to tell you. can't. we'll tell you from experience. how you can maybe get it done. if you can't get them through the federal way. >> the president also said areas affected may need a door resources weeks or months from now and says his staff is
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prepared to help reporting in washington. i'm basil john. >> still ahead on kark 4 news. what some bay area post offices are doing to make it easier for people to send presents to their loved ones in time for christmas. >> and taking a live look here is stormtracker 4 radar. a lot of the bay area getting get another soaking chief meteorologist lawrence karnow will time it out and tell us when this round of rain will and we'll be right back. everyone needs health insurance. covered california is making sure more people can get it.
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>> welcome back. we're taking a live look at stormtracker 4 radar. all lit up like a christmas tree with people trying to get home from work here on this wednesday. yeah, we're less than. 10 days. so way from christmas and for anyone wanting to mail packages to friends and family. time is running out our kron four's charles clifford was at a san mateo county post office little earlier today he fills us in. well, today, december 15th is the last day that you can mail a package through the postal service. >> using standard delivery rates and have it arrive on time for christmas after this. the deadlines get a little tighter and it becomes more expensive for anyone wanting to have their packages delivered by christmas. there are a couple of important dates coming up, december 17th is the last day that you can send a first-class package and have it arrive by december 25th priority mail can be sent by the 18th and then a package to be sent priority express by
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the 23rd and it will still arrive on time. you can check with the usps website if you're trying to send to places like hawaii or alaska. those can take a little longer here in san mateo on wednesday talked to one woman who male up a couple of packages. she has a few more to send, but admitted that they probably won't get there on time. i have to mail at least 3 more packages. >> but unfortunately with the understanding that they won't arriving until christmas until after christmas. only because they are international shipping. the post office here in san mateo. also has some extended hours to help people out there actually going to be open on sunday from 10 to 2 than open late. >> on new year's eve. but that's just here in san mateo county, wherever you live. you might want to check with your local post office to see if they have any extended hours or again, you can go the usps website put in your zip code there and we'll tell you if the post office in your neighborhood is going to be extended hours as well. but for now in san mateo county, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> the next it's been lawless
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>> welcome back, everybody. we're taking a live look at our stormtracker. 4 radar, plenty of rain happening. according to a lawrence well into the night. >> and according to this here you see people getting home and they're doing so in the wet meteorologists lawrence karnow is here. as we're this is like a normal storm. >> this a cold storm coming right out the gulf of alaska this, not an atmospheric river event. but here we go. it just comes on the heels of that huge storm that we had go through just a couple of days ago and now we're talking more rain and more rain long range forecast. 2 problems out of sfo today. yeah, they've had some gusty winds there. and that's been an issue. and so you get the rain coming into some delays there of nearly a half an hour. no delays being reported at oakland or san jose. but that rain continuing to fall outside. you see all
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that rain making its way across the bay area. and you've got some pockets of some some orange begin to show up. those are moderate downpours. so if in along the peninsula in the san francisco. you're seeing some heavier downpours move in those directions. you see some of those cells now moving into san francisco as we take you down to some street level now and you could see those downpours coming right through. so right there along 2.80, and the daily city, of course, that could be an issue. got to watch that very carefully. a lot of ponding out there on the roadways. also, as you get a little bit closer toward coma. you're seeing that heavy a storm come through. they're stretching over the and the southern parts of pacific. you've got another cell that's just about to come onshore. so you get toward a shelter kolbe of valley there are plenty more rain storms come your direction and then just over the hill in san bruno. more light showers that continues across the bay. now as we're seeing some of those showers begin to be picked up in places like san leandro, a san lorenzo. you're seeing some rain in your neighborhoods and now is get more prevalent arod


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