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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  December 15, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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>> it is thick. it's been coming down steadily. it's super cold. but everyone here is so grateful that it came down just in time for opening day. take a look. lots of snow behind me and many people coming from near and far to take full advantage. >> it's great. it's ready. >> a beautiful opening day for sugar bowl started with snow and even a little it's been a long time coming as northern california has been without rain and snow for several weeks but mother nature didn't disappoint as the store dump several feet of snow just in time for opening day, this storm came in what we call right side up, meaning the first foot or 2 is really dense heavy snow which was like glue and it's stucked all the rocks in the ground and then the top 2 feet, a really dry light and fluffy, which is perfect for skiers and snowboarders a waiver and
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train for this. and we got it is perfect. it was powder. there is ice cream staff. it. >> heavy enough that you didn't completely sink down and yeah, it's perfect opening >> and the resort's director certainly happy to welcome people back there asking people to take it really nice and slow and be careful getting out here. we heard just within the hour, a fatal has closed both sides of i 80 so. definitely take it easy reporting live from sugar bowl tonight. shout ix kron 4 news. yeah, mean, i just looked at the traffic map and interstate 80 is shut down. as you just mentioned, both directions. so you're stuck there for a while, right. >> definitely. it looks like it may be our 4th consecutive night out here. but hey, we're having fun and happy to bring you the weather. >> making the best of it and doing it in style with a very nice pink snow jacket out ina, thank you so much. and for more on the snow in the country by country where we
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can make a big over. so much snow up there right now, guys, that there's a whole lot more to come. >> overnight tonight. they're going to see another 2, maybe 3 feet of snow the higher mountain peaks for the winds are just whipping up there now. it is a dangerous night to travel up there. you already heard about the accident. you see a couple stragglers coming in donner summit right now. but it's hard to keep roadways open and all that snow is coming down so fast in the winds are just whipping across on the mountaintops. we're going to talk about some gusts as high as a 100 miles per hour. all right. just last week we were talking about the amounts in the sierra nevada down to about 14% or less in some spots. look what a week is not yeah, that atmospheric river. ne got a nice cold storm. we're talking. 73 1% of the northern sierra nevada 87% in the central and now 97% in the southern sierra nevada. what's really interesting, too, seems places in around that whole area. what they'll do is they'll take that snow and they'll melt and we'll find out how much moisture isn't that snow and some places. now
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we're looking at maybe a 122% of normal that is impressive. what a way we've come a long way to go here in the season, but certainly nice to see that happening now. winter storm warnings are up across the high country. you see all that snow coming down. in fact, the snow levels will be dropping tonight. maybe down to a couple 1000 feet or so as we head throughout the night that winter storm warning in effect until 10 o'clock tomorrow in the north. we could see that as well. towards just even mendocino county seeing some snow there. in fact, they're going to see another 2 to 4 inches of snow elevations above 2500 feet there to clear lake. look at some snow in the mountains there as well. and more to come. you can see all that snow just piling up in the sierra nevada. now as things really get going in the afternoon. will continue overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. around the bay area. we've got a lot of that rain coming in now this more of the typical cold front dropping into the state. so it's bringing with it that cold air support on the backside of it. it looks like this will be kind of a night event. and then by tomorrow morning most that should begin to wind down and then we'll
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start to clear things out. it's going to be a cool crisp day around the bay area tomorrow maybe couple rainbows out there as well. scattered showers popping up outside right now. we do expect this to pick up a little bit overnight tonight. some of the dynamics kind of start to pick up as well. scattered showers in and around san francisco toward hayward and oakland more rain toward half moon bay and further south. you can see more of that on the way too as we head toward the next couple days. i think we'll catch a little bit of a break. we need it looks like we've got a much lower. larger weather system on the horizon. we could be talking about the potential for some much heavier rain as we head toward monday, tuesday, wednesday up next week, guys. that's live forecast. back to you. all right, lawrence and staying in the sierra now of the department of fish and wildlife is warning tahoe residents to secure their homes to. >> prevent any unwelcome guests. this winter black bears typically look for dens between mid november and december right now, officials say homes and properties can easily become replacement dens. and once under a house, a bear will pull down insulation to make its winter bed. officials recommend
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clearing vacation, homes of food and securing storage shed see, keep the bears out. the storm system created near white out conditions on mammoth mountain in southern sierra dumping more than 2 feet of snow there. that brings the year's total so far to 92 inches of snow with 127 inches at the summit. >> where chains are required. if you are thinking of heading up to mammoth. and if you want to get your gifts delivered by christmas. today is the last day for standard ground a shipping. but if you're not ready today or want weren't ready to say there's a little bit of time left kron four's. charles clifford has the latest on shipping deadlines. >> well, today december 15th is the last day that you can mail a package through the postal service using standard delivery rates and have it arrive on time for christmas after this. the deadlines get a little tighter and it becomes more expensive for anyone wanting to have their packages delivered by christmas. there are a couple of important dates coming up,
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december 17th is the last day that you can send a first-class package and have it arrive by december 25th priority mail can be sent by the 18th and then a package to be sent priority express by the 23rd and it will still arrive on time. you can check with the usps website if you're trying to send to places like hawaii or alaska. those can take a little longer here in san mateo on wednesday talked to one woman who male up a couple of packages. she has a few more to send, but admitted that they probably won't get there on time. i have to mail at least 3 more packages. >> but unfortunately with the understanding that they won't until christmas until after christmas. only because they are international shipping. the post office here in san mateo. also has some extended hours to help people out there actually going to be open on sunday from 10 to 2 than open late. >> on new year's eve. but that's just here in san mateo county, wherever you live. you might want to check with your local post office to see if they have any extended hours or again, you can go the usps website put in your zip code there and we'll tell you if
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the post office in your neighborhood is going to be extended hours as well. but for now in san mateo county, charles clifford kron 4 news in the north bay. sonoma county has increased its minimum wage to 1675 an hour. >> the sonoma county board of supervisors voted last night said that effective january first the increase will apply to all county government employees that includes private and nonprofit companies. it. our contracted with the county. the county's last wage increase was back in 2015. >> still ahead at 6 extra funds. many parents counted on during the pandemic are ending what the future holds for child tax credits its force. we take another loo at steph curry making history last night, itcluding his locker room speech after the big game sports director jason dumas has that coming up. plus, get paid to make holiday dessert the company that is offering a $20 for people not to make cheese cake during the cream cheese shortage. how you can cash in.
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a breakthrough eczema treatment. >> another live look at stormtracker 4 radar tonight. you can most of the bay area's still getting pretty wet. a open area in northern sonoma county and also down is south of san jose meteorologists lawrence karnow will be with us in just a few minutes to give us an update on what's going on out there. >> for your money. tis the season for holiday shopping. but americans are not quite spending as much as they have
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in the past. new data released today by the u.s. census bureau show that retail sales only group 0.3% in november. needless to say that was not what retailers and economists expected for the season. as you can imagine, rising prices, supply shortages and record breaking inflation did play a roll, a major one, in fact, in slowing down the shopping spree this season. so for the months of november and december combined. the national retail federation expects sales to grow up to 10.5%. well, we've mentioned this before. supply chain problems are affecting everything even causing a shortage of cream now companies offering to pay customers to make a different desert philadelphia brand cream cheese. we all know it's a. >> kraft heinz company won't reimburse 18,000 customers. $20 each for a holiday dessert through its philadelphia spread the feeling offer qualifying customers will have to submit a store or restaurant receipt dated between december 17th and
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christmas eve and the receipt needs to show what dessert or ingredient was purchased in place of a cream cheese based dessert. i don't know why they're doing this. we're trying to figure it out. but there you go. if you want to get 20 bucks. offer starts on friday. >> still ahead, is 6 and less than 50 days. so 43 million americans are in for a rude awakening. the covid moratorium on student loan payments expires. we're going
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another soaker tonight in the bay area. this is a live look at stormtracker 4 radar tonight. as you can see, just most of the bay area covered in green and that indicates. >> there's rain everywhere. however, we're not seeing the patches of yellow and orange which indicate heavy rain. so this is a lighter version of the rainfall tonight. but of course the chief meteorologists around here is lawrence karnow and he'll be back in a few minutes with all the details on the rain totals. parents. if you receive the child tax credit in the bank today. it might be our the government has sent those checks and electronic deposits for the last 6 months as part of pandemic relief. but unless congress extends that program, it will expire in january. democrats want to extend the benefit for another year. virginia senator tim kaine and other say the tax credit has lifted more than 3 million children out of poverty this year. and lawmakers say without it, those children will fall back.
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>> well, i'm strongly in favor of doing what we can to make sure that come january 15. we're not leaving these families high and dry. >> the president's build back better plan would extend the payments for another year, but that stands in limbo as the senate continues to debate. republicans say the plan could actually hurt families, especially those which don't qualify for subsidies. it's unclear if the democrats will meet their goal to pass it before the end of the year because not all of the democrats are expressing support for this and some would rather see federal voting rights legislation become the priority instead, progressives are putting pressure on president biden to forgive student loan debt. >> in fewer than 50 days of covid moratorium on student loan payments expires for 43 million americans. senator chuck schumer wants to cancel $50,000 per borrower. borrower while the president offers a much lower rate at $10,000. >> well, when from about was bar was of color who have
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typically take out more loans than white americans and end up paying them back over a much longer time. >> analysts suggest it will cost 1.6 trillion dollars to forgive all student debt and about a trillion dollars to wipeout. just $50,000 per person. for now the administration is moving forward and preparing for payments to resume. >> a check on our weather. a live look outside tonight at the rainy stormy area of the north bay and the golden gate bridge. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow standing by with what to expect blustery out there right now. we've got some gusts 30, even 40 miles an hour, especially along the coastline. the wind's really kicking up outside tonight and the rain continuing to fall. this. not an atmospheric river event but still strong enough, more rain continuing on off throughout the night tonight. some places already half an inch of rain up in places like santa rosa, no delays being reported, not sfo. they have some trouble early on in the evening. but things cleared out there and around the rest of the bay area to. but the
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rain yeah. continues to come in these waves out there right now. you see it moving on shore and more to come. there are some pockets where you're seeing some heavier downpours. you see that some yellow there, parts of the north bay up toward marine. you're getting some heavier downpours there more. that sliding across toward richmond up in the mountain tops along the peninsula. continue to see the showers moving on shore in toward half moon bay over not of pacifica. and in the east bay continue see pockets of moderate amounts of rain there in yellow near pleasanton and they'll continue to see that on and off throughout the night tonight, probably going to pick up just a little bit as we head throughout the night. so watching that very, very closely. also the gusty winds not only there along the coastline but we've got a wind advisory in effect islam. a county expecting some gusts there, maybe gusts as high as 50 miles per hour throughout the night tonight and tomorrow morning, too. this storm system coming by tonight. it will bring that rain moderate amounts, maybe brief period some heavier amounts of rain. no flooding expected with this storm system sweeps on through. we start to clear out your skies and tomorrow looks like a pretty decent day if not chris around the bay area.
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long range forecast looks a bit more on this. here's the storm system coming through right now. you see that move by. we clear out your skies. we get a little break in the weather that's going to hold. i think through friday and saturday. but then you already start to see this storm system developing and here we go as we get into sunday there. some hit now that may hold off just slightly, but still coming on shore, maybe sunday night. and then here we go on monday. see that pumping in all that. some tropical moisture. this could be another atmospheric river event that continues through tuesday and wednesday see a little swirl in the atmosphere that has me worried that there's a pretty good impulse coming on the backside of that could squeeze out a lot of rain in a short amount of time and then another storm system right behind that right through christmas day. so it is going to be going off for quite some time and look at the rainfall expected amount lighter rain with this first storm system coming through. but after that, we really kind of opened the door again. and here you go. we're talking 3, 5, plus inches of rain in many of the urban areas. we're probably talking 7, maybe 10 inches in the mountain tops of this all comes to pass. we're talking about some flooding in the bay area. guys, back to you.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> the forty-niners were back in the lab gearing up for their matchup against the falcons on sunday. the falcons are 6, 7, on the season. they're coming off of a big win against the panthers. so it's a team that still has a lot to play for him. kyle shanahan, you know them as well as anyone. he was their offensive coordinator during their super bowl season. >> i just don't. that's capable of i mean, you can still see how well he's playing on 3rd down. you know, i think that's the area that they're the best. and then it starts with him. he can doesn't matter how good you block people someone's open. he's going to him. so you got to make sure you cover people. if you want to get to all men. you sell the so things playing at a high level when things are going well around that i'm seeing played a very high level. very good. tackling i think it starts there. >> the front pretty talented. you know, couple guys, you get a pass rush pretty well and also play the run. but solid across the board. the nba
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world is still talking about the history. steph curry made on tuesday night. >> steph put it. i got that baby. referring to being the best shooter in the world. let's relive it one more time. >> distant shooter the game has ever seen. 174 threes. >> that was the call on tnt and nbc sports and here's some of the best moments of the aftermath of the shot staff embracing ray allen then embracing his father who famously taught him out. if
6:52 pm
you remember dell is a great basketball player in his own right played in the nba for very long time. here's his mom. sandra. down on the court. you know, nothing better than a mother's love. and then here is ray allen and reggie miller who are 2, 3, on the list. a gifted with a custom jersey 2000, 974. that was the number that broke the record 3 of the best shooters we will ever see on this planet. steph is soaking it in. he got a little emotional so usually get too emotional. he's known to be a leader by example is not very vocal solos grateful seeing all that and let's see the celebration in the locker room once he went into the tunnel. those 3
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>> i appreciate everybody has had a par and who i am on the court off the court. but this is a career milestone because but i got to sit out with everybody is a screen for mayor, but a or by to believe in offense. and leno winning in the process this is surely a special man. we've got a lot with the reason when the level stuff to go. but i appreciate making a special because it's been a long milestone. reggie ready. it was special, but no more stress and everybody in this locker room. so can you do you're going >> just amazing yeah. love this scene. it sounds cliche close. i feel like people say this so often with people that the meaning kind of gets lost. but he truly is a good do so really feel happy for him. he's in the position where it
6:54 pm
could be a little smug be a little standoff now. but he's not. you know, i've had conversation with him. i when i'm talking to one of the best basketball players of all time. you know, you. >> looking guy. he's very polite. his and you don't have to be that we talk athletes all the time. it's not always the case. so you really are happy for the guy and he's under such an intense media spotlight. yeah. does he is so good. you know, any deals with it. was such crass and great. yeah, you know, and he's just a stand-up guy. yes. how can you not like steph and i love seeing the 3 of them off winners. >> it's nice of them. they then supporting the way, you know, they're all hall of famer going to be cool. but the next milestone is klay thompson will begin in the next month or so. >> we'll be back. predict it will be probably about 3 weeks will have another big time celebration in the previous he celebration in the previous he is that thanks, jason. we'll
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♪ ♪ >> announcer: holiday parties canceled prior to speak it we decided to cancel the n person event. >> announcer: and more covert cover drama on "w." >> as you can see, we are a trio. >> a jury from the jussie smollett trial. >> the common sense didn't add up. >> announcer: then ben affleck while black after what he said about ex jaryn garner. >> i would still be drinking. >> what an awful thing to say. >> announcer: plus, has a smash and grab crime wave really come to this? >> leaving car trunks wide open to show thieves there was nothing valuain


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