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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  December 16, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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our top story tonight at 6.30 public health officials in contra, costa county are reporting early signs of a winter covid-19 doctors say thanksgiving gatherings are probably to blame for that. and as kron forcefully juggle explains the public health department expects winter holiday celebrations to actually worsened the problem. >> in the past 2 weeks. active covid-19 cases have increased nearly 12% in contra, costa county and the director of public health doctor lawrence v ellie says the numbers are even worse. dating back a month. our case rate has gone
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up. >> about 20 to hospitalization rain is starting to go. >> so we're concerned. doctor its be ellie says the omicron variant has not yet made it into the county. but expects that to change at some point right now, all of the new cases are tied to the delta variant. the best thing you can do is to boost. unfortunately contra costa health services says demand for a booster shot is waning despite being widely available this week. the county added more open appointments, but people are not taking advantage at the rate public health officials vote within 77% of the county's population is fully vaccinated but only about 30% have received the booster. i'm concerned. i'd like to see that number go up and like to see it come up to. >> 5060, 7080%, it's going to take a lot for doctor. it's the ellie says the sharpest rise in cases has been in the eastern part of the county
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where vaccination rates are lower than the rest of the population. >> richmond conquered and antioch have reported the highest number of cases the past 2 weeks. >> and overall doctorates vili says the virus appears to be spreading most among school-age children and young adults in contra, costa county deleted all kron 4 news. >> and despite a growing number of covid cases across the united states, including those with the omicron variant. the white house says there is no need to anticipate more lockdowns. according to doctor anthony fauci, the nation's leading infectious disease expert 2 shots offer some protection against omicron, but a 3rd brings the vaccine effectiveness up to 75% against the omicron variant so far that strain has been detected in 36 states. health officials say though, with the widespread availability of at home tests. many potential omicron cases are not being sequence nor identified and that means the variant spread may actually be
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greater than we realize early data suggest that omicron is more transmissible than delta. >> with the doubling time of about 2 days. it is the most transmissible virus of covid that we have to deal with those far. >> doctor fauci also says if there is any good news in all of this. it is that a new vaccine is not needed to fight omicron just a booster of the ones we have already available. doctor fauci also said that the current data does not support giving booster shots to children. he says they're immune responses already pretty strong. however, he did not rule out the potential for booster shots for children sometime in the future. right now, kron 4 dot com. you can read about the latest coronavirus headlines just scan the qr code on your screen. it will direct you to our website. >> fresh snow in the mountains. today was a blessing for skiers and snowboarders, but for drivers just trying to get past the summit freezing conditions led to some challenges on the
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road. sate on wallace reports from soda springs tonight after spending the day in the sierra. >> it's amazing. >> amazing is how snowboarders and skiers described conditions on the slopes today at the boreal mountain resort in soda springs. people came from near and far to take advantage of the fresh snow, including this snowboarder who trekked all the way from her life in this so much snow everywhere. fresh pow pow on the mount obey big. >> a fresh coating those at this resort welcomed with open arms. we are so excited. old man winter is back in tahoe. we've got well over 15 inches overnight taking the storm total over 75 inches. and that is good news for the local economy. it's going to bring people into town which were so happy about being able to bring people to enjoy all the local shops. >> get your minute christmas shopping done down in truckee. >> and then you can come up here and have a great time out on the slopes while it was all fun on the slopes for drivers
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just trying to get up the mountain. it was a different story. >> the fire change for most vehicles, traveling on i 80 between alta and the nevada state line for some drivers the snow created issues things happen like me, flat tires your eye and he would be stuck in the mountain for hours. still most important. this truck driver says is keeping safe and staying warm. >> i like a ghost or go get me a cup of coffee. i look at that said $200 paycheck. >> and i'm good to go. >> good to go up the summit where snow lovers definitely like what they see. if you can make it out to the mound, get up here. in soda springs, a town wallace. all right. well, a number of ski resorts are now open 7 days a week, including boreal now rose diamond peak homewood heavenly kirkwood in north star just double check their websites before you go to see which lifts will well, let's just check in on all those snow totals with our chief
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meteorologist lawrence karnow. he has that information lauren stock in a set of any better, you know, fresh pow pow on the mau mau. that's right. >> and there's a ton of it up there. and what an need sight to see and what a change it's been in just a week's time to see all that snow just piling up in the high country. here's a live look at donner summit. but in watching the car just streaming up there tonight. people racing up there. the mountains getting ready to enjoy all that fresh powder up there and that nice cold storm last night didn't bring that summit sierra cement for that nice fluffy snow that skiers love. so yeah, it's up there now. and guess what? instead of 14% of normal just week ago. how about that? a 101% of normal actually above average now in the central sierra nevada of the northern sierra nevada. 91 1% of normal and 99% of normal in the southern sierra nevada. and i'm just checking on what's called the snow water equivalent and that's amount of moisture in some of the snowflake that are developing up there right now. some areas in or around tahoe.
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100. 44 1% of normal. not a lot of moisture from the storm systems. all right. there's more to come. we've got one that's moving south now headed out. we're going to get a much needed break the cold air kind of slipping behind in now you see the temperatures already fallen off around the bay area that cold dry air. the winds are calming down roots for some freezing temperatures overnight tonight, 40's and 50's. now talking 20's and 30's early tomorrow morning by day, it will still be a cool. kind of a crisp day outside, but you'll see a whole lot of sunshine should be the nicest day of the week ahead and then things begin to change as we head in toward the weekend. a few clouds roll in starting on saturday. more clouds on sunday. there's a chance we could be talking about rain on sunday night. the models are still kind of wrestling with the upcoming storm system. but it looks like that will come in at least by late on monday and then tuesday wednesday look very stormy more storms expected on thursday and probably right through the holiday weekend. guys, back to you. thank you, laura. still
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ahead, court productivity. the new initiative aimed at easing the cargo ship a backlog in southern california and in sports, the sharks look to bounce back as they host the vancouver. canucks will have a live report. >> from the shark tank coming for some heartwarming news following those deadly tornadoes in kentucky. one cup managed to find her way
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>> new at 6, a heartwarming reunion for a man and his best friend after surviving the recent tornadoes in kentucky after one of the twisters blew through hopkins county. justin sherman said he couldn't find his dog me low. he said normally when he yells for her, she comes. but this time she did. >> he ran out the door monday say when the door arcade popped open popped up and she but they around or so. it made me feel like you get trapped in any other house that long. my mom and dad's house. >> sherman also said that his sister and brother-in-law found below at their home while looking for their belongings. thankfully below is now back home safe and sound with her family. more national news tonight. president joe biden awarding 3 medals of honor today at the white house has tried to of the medals were awarded posthumously. the families of sergeant first class own cash and sergeant first class christopher ceilings, they accepted the medal of honor on
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there. >> loved ones. we have sergeant cash is the first black soldier to receive the country's highest military honor since the vietnam war. he suffered fatal injuries in iraq while rescuing his fellow soldiers back in 2000, 5 president biden also posthumously awarded sergeant first class christopher cds who shielded a fellow soldier with his own body, his widow accepted his medal of honor. >> well, today we honor 3 outstanding soldiers actions higher ideals of something service. we also remember the high price. military members and their families are willing to pay. we have our nation. remember strength. the second military families caregivers >> and the 3rd medal went to master sergeant earl plumlee. he fought off several insurgents who were wearing suicide vests. they were dressed as afghan soldiers and
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then he carried a wounded soldier to safety following a large explosion incredible will next. it was once considered a fixture. >> but now this decades old riverboat is under water. literally. what caused this boat
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>> the ports of los angeles and long beach are expected to remain busy into the new year. port officials say productivity levels are up and cargo wait times are down the peak holiday shipments are
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done. but the rush is on to beat shipment deadlines before the early lunar new year, which is causing factories in china to close in early february. us retailers say they will spesd the 2nd quarter replenishing their stop and a new initiative was announced today to help ease supply chain issues at the port of long beach. the port has teamed up with a technology company to create a new data resource that what they say will help supply chain participants make better plans and better decisions. the port also announced a good progress on the movement of those container ships, but because just 3 weeks ago there were 86 chips today. there are 28. >> take a look at this. a salvage company will be called in to bring up a dinner boat that sank off the coast of southern california. as you can see here, this is the newport princess we started taking on water and going down on tuesday near long beach. you could still see the upper decks that are above water. fortunately no one was on
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board the vessel at the time the boat was used for events like weddings or corporate parties. those won't be happening anytime soon. it's unknown what caused it to sink. but officials will be seeing if tuesday storm had anything to do withfit. coast guard marked off the area to keep other boaters from running into wall. that's for us on forecast. we're taking a live look now at our sutro tower cam over a beautiful downtown san francisco tonight. the rain out of here, but still a chilly one out there yet. lawrence is here >> we've got a lot coming next week for sure. yeah, it looks like we've got more rain on the way. so we're going to join us. nice break that. we're going to get overnight tonight and tomorrow and probably the first part of the weekend, at least mostly clear skies around the bay area. now the temperatures falling off already in a hurry outside many getting chilly. you're down to 47 degrees now in half moon bay and pacifica 47 in livermore. the idea 47 degrees in san anselmo, 45 in petaluma and 47 the same hole into these numbers going to be dropping off asked tonight. in fact, probably looking at some 20's and 30's for overnight
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lows and even san francisco. it's good possibly drop into the 30's. that is a cold night in san francisco. mid 30's in the san jose. so expect some patchy frost tomorrow morning. when you wake up and watch out for a little black ice underneath some of the underpasses temperatures for tomorrow. going to stay. cool. replied on 50's in the san francisco. but sunny skies tomorrow likely going to be the nicest day. we're going to see in quite some time. but 54 in daly city, 54 also happen bay 55 in millbrae 55 also in burlingame inside the peninsula. things warm up a little bit. some 50's there as plenty of sunshine all day long after a cold start today remaining dry in the south bay. the temperatures come play into the 50's. a cool 53 in pleasanton tomorrow, 53 degrees and hayward about 51 in moraga 56 in walnut creek. get the idea these numbers comfortable, you might want to grab a jacket. if you're headed out the door a little bit cooler than the average and the clear skies going to lead to another cool night for tomorrow night. all right. in the forecast? yeah. temperatures are going to stay on the cool side saturday. the
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clouds on a little bit further and then by sunday there's a chance we could be getting back into some rain by sunday night. think a better chance, though, on monday, tuesday and wednesday of next week. even after that on the thursday, the following weekend into christmas. looks like that rain will continue on and off probably right through the end of the year. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> inconsistency. it's been the story of the shark season. this is a team that just can't seem to string together wins, though, take another crack at it tonight with the canucks in town and kron 4 sports reporter kylen mills. she is there at the shark tank with the pre-game report pilot. >> hey, jason san jose needs to get back in the win column when they host the canucks here, it s a p center tonight. vancouver is on a hot streak. they have won their last 5 straight games san jose. head coach bob uecker said he will rely on rookie or rather a
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young goalkeeper aiden hill who will be in that tonight. booker announced this morning that hill will get the star instead of veteran goaltender james reimer reimer had some big stops in san jose's last 2 games after coming back from a lower-body injury. however, booker said there's no need for any major concern. he's not dealing with any. >> complications from that injury. he just doesn't want reimer to overdo it aside from that, no major line of changes for the sharks following a disappointing loss and to say to the seattle kraken, the brand-new nhl expansion team came to the shark tank for the first time and put up 3 goals in the 3rd period. the shark struggled offensively scoring on just one of 34 shots. san jose for meyer said he thought that he was, quote, getting a little too cute with the cross ice passing on offense tonight. another thing on players minds. reports of the nhl will soon be instilling stricter covid guidelines like getting tested every single day. >> sure. they're upset about it. and i think, you know, i really haven't talked to percent. but because it was all just sort of happened
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yesterday. but you know, at that same point in time. i think that you know, it is a job to be done by the players to try and, you know, not to. to to be able to be healthy enough to play and not have to miss games and, you know, it's a nightmare. so just nightmare for everybody, not just the players and their league scheduling and fans everything else. so it set. >> it's good. take everybody get through this. >> said he wants his team to focus on the task at hand and to just block out any of those distractions. the nhl has not announced what those stricter protocols will be formally. those are just reports coming out last night that players have been reacting to now 130 nhl players have been forced into covid protocols throughout the season despite a nearly 100% vaccination rate across the league 7 30's when the puck drops here to say peace center jason. hopefully the sharks get back in the win column tonight for live at sapd kylen mills. we'll send it back to you.
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>> thank you for that report. highland the wait for clay thompson's highly anticipated return will have to be a little bit longer. many people had hoped it could come next week. but reports have surfaced that it will not be until at least the 28th of december that would be against the denver nuggets. the following 2 home games after that date are january 3rd and january 9th. so you know, it's just a waiting game at this point. everybody is really excited for his return. we're going to be on pins and needles. i think the warriors. >> they just want him to get his conditioning back fully 100% from that injury. but you know, there's a difference between scrimmaging and working out and playing in a real live nba games. so they're waiting for his conditioning to get a little bit up and we'll see him. we're all anticipating him coming back in the warriors been so good this year without him. write him coming in.
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>> forget they're going to go into are on the table in the west. they and they also have the rookie or second-year player james wiseman are waiting to return to. so reinforcemento on the way for the golden state war on sport. you've got to be ready to go. yeah, exactly. and they're already smoke in any thanks, already smoke in any thanks, jason. we'll be right back. entresto is the number one heart failure brand prescribed by cardiologists and has helped over one million people. it was proven superior at helping people stay alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto.
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to cash in on their recordings is the boss himself according to multiple reports. bruce springsteen. >> and so his music catalog forget this 500 million the deal would be the largest transaction ever for a single artist catalog with more than 300 songs from more than 20 albums. >> there's actually continues. the recent trend, the veteran songwriters selling the rights to their songs. neil young, tina turner and stevie nicks and others have done the same. >> kron four's once again celebrating the remarkable women of the bay area and we need your help to share their stories. if you know a remarkable woman making a difference in her community. nominate her for chance to be awarded woman of the year. you can into a nomination and read all about the contests on our website. 4 dot com. it's a good organization. good thing for people to get absolutely good thing. that's it for us tonight at 6 o'clock. >> we'll see here at 8, your for the news at 8 o'clock. >> that's have a nice evening, everybody.
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a christmas crush. a rush to get tested before the holliday gatherings perking ben affleck damage control. going through what he said abou his ex-wife. look who showed up to support him. and stopping a shoplifter. the extraordinary step in the war against shop of. >> if you don't pay for this it won't even turn on. >> teachers enough cash.


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