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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  December 17, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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cold enough to have lots of snowfall in the sierra. this is a live look at south lake tahoe just say majestic scene on this friday night. it looks so placid. you can't really tell how cold it is in carefully seal the snow that's out there. but we know it's there and no one could be more happy about all that white stuff. >> well, skiers name snowboarders are flocking to the mountain this weekend. and the other guy is super stoked our buddy coop cooper. hey, it's great to see you. my man. >> guys are you doing down there yet and we see the powder puppies in the background as well. yeah, been running around. i mean, it was an unbelievable story. this was a really good system came in as advertised a little bit slower. so people were caught off guard just a little bit up here because it came it kind of slow and wet. >> then within 8 hours we had 3 feet. i went to bed at 9 o'clock walk-up. it's 5 o'clock and i walked outside and i was i was just
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flabbergasted to how much snow fell at lake street. the at lake level 36 inches upper elevations, upwards of 72 to 84 inches depending on what where you are in this year. so it's a blessing for the ski resorts and all the businesses in like outback tonight when i was driving hold, there is onslaught of people coming in off of i 80 and highway 50 to enjoy this friday that we have here this weekend. but guess what, guys, another storm coming in. it's going to set the christmas holiday up better than i've seen it in almost a decade. yeah. you had it. all of yourself for a couple of days. but now you've got to where are you with near lake level. where are you. so we're here my erstwhile about in the county and meyer. so probably a mile and a half from highway 52 coming off after sunsei back. that's where the fire came through burned. just a mile and a half from us this year. so we're right here. this is washoe matter behind me. so it's about 500 acres of national
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forest and not all hope line. so it's great for like i could take the wolfpack here in just head right out cross country over 500 acre. so the county is a great place to be. plus. we got all this great snow. i know it's going to be a mob scene you people are are everybody talked is trying to get the tahoe this weekend to to enjoy. >> what just fell so much obviously a lot of them have to come back to the bay before the storms next week. what's your what's your advice for folks who might want to try to shoot up there for a night or 2 and how bad you expect travel to be next week. i'll tell you what travel tonight is going to be a challenge coming out of the bay area. roads are slick. it's about 32 degrees. the lake level as i was coming over a couple of passes this afternoon. we saw temperatures 28 in the morning. it was 4 degrees here. if they had the asked the lake level. so it's going to be a slick drive on the way. it's what this lawyer all the way at. >> also have patients when you get to the resort that challenging time getting
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staffing and they just got all this snow. so they're trying to open the resorts out as quickly as possible. more trade and skiers and writer. most resorts right now reporting in between 6, 7, list 33 to 43% of the mountain. it's going take little bit of time to get up to full capacity. so this weekend expect lift lines. but just be nice to the teams because they just got on and they're trying to train not. this is going to because we had november it was so dry. the resort's did bring the staff on early like we used to do it during normal winners. they kind of waited pushed it back. so it's gonna be a little bit of challenging time when you get on to the mountain out next week. if you go up this weekend saturday, sunday is going to be great state in writing cold temperatures overnight. keeping that snow nice and jockey really good. midwinter shape. but then you need to get out of here sunday or extend your stay through thursday of next week. we've got a break on monday. and then tuesday wednesday into thursday. another 2 feet expected for this year. you need to be prepared. you know, but you guys know you need to have your shovel, your flares, your water, a charge self saw
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extra clothes. a sleeping bag your chains and tension ers. you need to be prepared when you come up to this year's also a good thing to do. like we do in the back country as we let people know when we lead and we let them know when we arrived just in case something does happen is about passes. they could be treacherous. this is another big storm coming in. but i'll tell you what holidays are set up, whether you're skiing or riding. we're just cross country are walking around snowshoes. they're going to have an amazing time. it's the perfect holidays that i've seen as serious they don't say a decade lightning. that's 10 years. feels really good right now. like back in 2004. wow. so the stoke factor. store. what i woke up to. 3 feet. i think i paid it. 16 that's like drake and 7 red bull support cups of you get that on. well, yeah, i mean, if if if the formulas coffee in the morning. red bulls, the show you through the day. >> it's 5.34 here. cup. the
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red. yeah. it's a way screen there that there was way attic formula. >> listen, you know, you're you're just a great travel agent representative of the area. we know that that everybody got really hammered during the fires. >> that hit very hard. this is a a gift in a sense, you know that folks are going to be coming up. the tourists are going to be bringing you know, life blood back into into the area did did a lot of those businesses folder. they are they ready for that. you know, infusion. >> you're a great we did have some challenging times during the covid the closed down and the fire we did lose some businesses. but most everybody is very optimistic and they're just trying to get through the holiday season. if they think the holiday season. we're back on track again. that's kind of the big measures like we've got to get through christmas and we were very you during the month of november. there was a lot of conversation. what happens if the resorts lose christmas and i know from being in the resort industry for so long. they're really
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challenge. they start scaling back really quickly, which are still local economy hurts the locals that hurts livelihoods and it feels really good right now. i'm the only challenge resort right now. sarah and john rice is doing his best to get up and running as quickly as possible. a lot of the other resorts around the region and nationally have reached out to help us here at. i'll get themselves back on board. a good that it does feel really good at this time, especially with lake level snow as well. that gives other recreational occta opportunities an opportunity that's like grand lombok and down up on the north shore up outside tyler city. they have snowshoeing cross country. that's amazing. lake level cross country skiing. so a lot of great stuff is going to happen in the next several days. and this next system is just, you know, just it just it just frosting on top of the cake. it's going to be great for and the cherry on top to coop cooper, thanks. to go finish up that glass every weekend. >> we're going to get a our local forecast but will also
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talk tahoe weather with meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez. it just keeps recent. it really does, finally getting a break in those snow showers in this year. so if you are heading out. >> for christmas to this year's specifically south lake tahoe take advantage of the dry weather continuing today lasting all weekend long and even through most of monday, we do have a storm set to arrive monday night. so monday morning through monday afternoon. that's going to be the last minute for those of you want to head out to the sierra kuz. several storms returning to this year for much of your holiday christmas week. sierra snowpack right now running 98% of average cooper and myself, not the only ones happy for all that snow skiers snowboarders going to love the winter wonderland weather set in store this weekend. we're going to track dry conditions. so it's going to be great skiing and snowboarding weather for those of you to hit the slopes ard take advantage of all that fresh powder, snow levels will drop below 3,000 feet starting
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monday night and we could see 2 to 3 feet of snow for most of the mountain tops of the sierra and the lower valleys, one to 3 inches of rain. but from now, until then, tracking dry conditions and we are going to see partly cloudy skies temperatures in the low 40's for south lake tahoe and truckee more sunshine on sunday. but temperatures holding steady in the low 40's and even with that cloud cover. back to you. going to keep. >> making the recent governor newsome was in dublin this morning where he announced new efforts to try to combat the recent increase in organized retail thefts across the state. the new program sink lewd more than a quarter of a billion dollars in grants to local law enforcement to advance their efforts to investigate and address the issues eventually trying to arrest suspects the attorney general's office is also establishing an investigation and prosecutorial team that will focus on retail theft. governor newsome will also give 20 million dollars in grants for district attorneys
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to provide resources to help advance efforts to investigate and prosecute suspects and there will be help for small businesses impacted by this. we also are providing 20 million dollars of grants for small businesses that are impacted. >> by damage done. victims of these crimes as a small business myself that has boarded up business in san francisco after the 3rd time you're done paying the deductible. >> the governor also announced a 20 million dollar grant to combat drugs coming across the border and a 25 million dollar grant to support local gun buy-back programs. >> coming up on kron 4 news at 5 today is national ugly sweater day when we come back, we're going to tell you which airline is hooking people up for arriving in their favorite ugly sweater. tiger tiger woods. you all. he is back. there's a son, charlie, 2 of them dunning read once again how the golf great is doing as
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he prepares to compete for the first time says that horrible car accident back in february will be competing tomorrow. we'll be back right after this. tiger woods is making a
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really remarkable return to golf this weekend. this is. >> video here from the pnc championship driving range. there's tiger his son charlie a little clone. they're practicing getting ready for
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the term which starts tomorrow today they played in the program. you know something for sponsors and fans woods is returning to competitive golf 10 months after his right leg was badly injured in a horrific car crash essentially it was shattered pro golfer justin thomas and his father are paired with woodson charlie tomorrow in the opening round and justin thomas, his dad was a golf pro said it's crazy how good tiger is hitting the ball right now. how far he's hitting it for what he has been through and just be able to walk is impressive. the pnc championship will be getting underway tomorrow at the ritz carlton golf club in orlando. >> holiday. joy is in the air at alaska airlines. any passenger wearing an ugly holiday sweater will be getting a priority boarding pass at today in honor of national ugly sweater day. travelers wearing ugly sweaters can also purchase a discount of $25 day pass to one of alaska airlines, 9 lounges across the country.
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you can also buy your own alaska airlines branded ugly christmas sweater at alaska's online company store. if you want to get in the spirit things and make things even cozier. alaska is also partnering with starbucks reusable holiday cups and treats will be served on select flights all this month. >> all right. still to come on kron 4 news. one person is dead. several children are in the hospital after possible carbon monoxide poisoning entresto is the number one heart failure
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monoxide poisoning is the suspected cause of death for a woman who was discovered in pittsburgh, a man and 3 children were also believed to have been exposed to. >> the toxic fumes. several tragedy concourse village. a call reports that they were hospitalized. but all are expected to survive. >> a concerned family member who reached out to the pittsburgh police department requesting a welfare check at a home on vincent street thursday night appears to have saved 4 lives pg and e responded to the house as well. and police say the utility company measured very high levels of carbon monoxide, a disoriented man and 3 children were hospitalized. but all are expected to survive. a woman, however, was pronounced dead. the police department says it appears the 5 people we're exposed to the odorless gas caused by a running heater. unfortunately, it's one of those seasonal risks that
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>> during the holiday season throughout the winter months. the contra costa county fire protection district had crews respond to the scene as well. and spokesperson, steve hill reminds the public of the importance of having properly running carbon monoxide detectors installed required by law for all single-family home sale to be tested every month simply by pushing that test but makes making sure. >> yeah, your unit react properly. the centers for disease control and prevention says at least 430 people in the u.s. die from accidental exposure to carbon monoxide every year. >> it's unclear if working detectors were inside the pittsburgh home. in a statement apg any spokesperson says, quote, our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by this tragic incident phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> all right. weather time. now as we get a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. kind of a dry out day after quite a bit of rain
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again yesterday. let's see what's up for the weekend. meteorologists a recent rodriguez is here with us tonight. yeah, enjoy this bit of a dry spell that we're going to have this weekend because next weekend the storm door going to swing wide open starting tuesday radar for dry clear conditions but storms out in the pacific northwest. >> going to arrive during the overnight hours, very early tuesday morning. could see a slight chance of showers mainly along the bay area coastline sunday night looking like a dry pattern, though. but monday morning by around 5.45, we could see some light showers just clipping the bay area coastline. but we are going to see overall a dry day on monday. but then during the overnight hours, very early tuesday morning at 3 o'clock. we're going to start to notice those light bands of rain arriving first, for those of you in the north bay becoming more widespread all day tuesday, bring a slight to moderate showers and that trend is going to continue on
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wednesday. so as one storm exits, another one right behind it by thursday afternoon. we're going to start to see another round of wet weather. this one, bring us some pockets of heavier downpours with it. santa rosa peaking friday after midnight. and we are going to see, though, for the san francisco. the storm really peaking in intensity during the overnight hours as well. becoming widespread with scattered showers for your saturday that's christmas day. and then sunday still tracking more wet weather and we're going to see inches of rain when it is all said and done. so pretty much all the storms for this upcoming holiday week 2 to 5 inches for those of you in the north bay. one to 3 inches for the san francisco peninsula and for the east bay and south bays anywhere from one to 2 inches of wet weather and no one complaining this is exactly what we wanted. so make sure to pack those stoppers with you know, anything like gloves reindeer, maybe even an umbrella because we are certainly going to use
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it in all of the wet weather gear that we didn't lose use last year. we're certainly going to use it in the days ahead. but enjoyed is drying pattern. we're going to be about 48 degrees below average. all weekend long on saturday. slight warming on sunday. and with that cloud cover temperatures near seasonable in the mid-fifties. but overall dry day for the next 3 days ahead in the bay area. so take advantage of that and head outdoors this n% weekend. back to hugh grant and vicki, thanks for you know, like a piece of pie to polish off a big holiday feast. >> there's an eye-popping modern twist on traditional pies. we've got that next on dine and dish.
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>> nothing like a little pie to celebrate the holidays. right. yeah. there's always room for pie. so in time for the big we check in with our favorite pie lady from pi to history to see what's cooking this season that is tonight's dine and dish. >> and fabulous history pies handmade by pie maker. jay neal, same gene that the pie lady jail opened her first 5 pop up. you know, i haven't gotten over 5. i >> i mean, who could say no, it was slice of like this. it's dark. >> chocolate pie. rollout by hand and you can't tell the life into its brilliant, beautiful red flash raspberry color. and everybody loves it.
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>> now in time for the holiday season. she's open another pop up at town and country village in palo alto the aptly named holiday pie shop packed with the curious in search of comfort food with modern twist with colors that pop bright and cheery every possible type of pie. artfully displayed woven open cocoa crumble. there's something else should say. things like this, like our herringbone pie. that's why would 2 pounds or raspberries and each one of those pieces of chocolate crest and better earl leave out one at a time. hand by hand. >> the pop up wall reads a future memory of pie. you could say this is a a little sentimental slice of pie haven't. >> in palo alto vicki liviakis kron 4 you know, we're always looking for great places to dine in or get takeout. your
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neighborhood. scan this qr code. it will take you directly to the dine and dish web page where you can submit your favorite restaurants for us to feature. celebrating a century in style. america's sweetheart betty white, believe it or not, she is turning 100 years young next month and the golden girl is releasing a star-studded movie. looking back on her remarkable life tickets. for the special fathom event only in theaters though, if they are available now. hard to believe she's a 100 and sassy still sharp as a tack. still hysterical yeah. that whole never thanks for being with us for this hour of kron 4 news. but we have a lot more ahead on kron 4 news at 06:00pm or kim here grant that green light happy to say i love those i've had her fight for to stay in touch with the thank you, vicki. grant. coming up tonight at 6 o'clock, an official state of emergency declared in san francisco's tenderloin district. it comes in response
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to a surge in drug overdose doses. we will hear the mayor's plea and her promise to fight for public safety and tiktok threats in schools across the country to high security mode. >> what parents need to know about their children on social media.
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entresto is the number one heart failure brand prescribed by cardiologists and has helped over one million people. it was proven superior at helping people stay alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby.
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don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. >> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron 4 news at 6. >> the most important job.
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>> have as mayor is that when people walk down the streets of san they should feel safe. now at 6 san francisco city officials have declared a state of emergency in the tenderloin neighborhood in hopes of turning things around there. >> good evening. thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 6. i'm ken wayne. and i'm pam moore. mayor london breed says the drug overdose problem in the tenderloin worsened during the pandemic and that along with the opioid crisis in that neighborhood are all combining to put the lives of san francisco is at risk from force. dan kerman live for us tonight with details. dan. >> well, this emergency plan will allow her. she says to bypass some of the bureaucracy within the city to put her tenderloin intervention plan in place much quicker than otherwise. >> what's going to give us change is being aggressive about what we need to do to


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